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This page covers tropes in Dragalia Lost.

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  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Among the changes in the November 28, 2019 update is a change in the GUI. Home and Quests are separate buttons, while everything else moved over, with the menu moved to the top corner instead of the bottom corner. It takes a bit of an adjustment for veterans used to the original layout.
  • Dangerous Phlebotinum Interaction: During the Fire Emblem Heroes crossover, it turns out that the Askran and Emblan dimensional powers from Fire Emblem interact very badly with the Dragalia world. The Prince and his allies already deal with rifts to the space between worlds on a regular basis, and the presence of Alphonse and Veronica together causes these rifts to open and shut uncontrollably, tearing the world apart. Emblem villainess Loki even set up the crossover for this very purpose, in order to mess with everyone for laughs.
  • Darkest Hour: So far, the end of Chapter 5 and the first half of Chapter 6 deliver. See Wham Episode below.
    • Nearly the entire ending of chapter 10 is this, as the only thing keeping it from being an outright Downer Ending is Alberius' Heroic Sacrifice.
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • Adventurer and dragon stories give focus to that particular character, detailing how they joined the Prince's group, shows a bit of their time at the castle, and may reveal some of their backstory.
    • Events can bring some characters to the forefront, like the Halloween event "Trick or Treasure!" giving Althemia and Edward a starring role.
    • Wyrmprints also have stories based on one or more characters on the card.
  • Dark Secret:
    • Chapter 12's Interlude reveals the one that Elisanne found out in Chapter 11's interlude. The actual Euden died 10 days after being born from Wyrmscale and King Aurelius and another person named Finlorda made a pact that led to him adopting the Euden we've been playing as.
    • Gala Alex's story has one for the Ilian Church which involves the "Key to Perdition," something that the former archivist wants nobody to know about. That secret implies a deeper relation besides the goddess Ilia and the Other and the Key would release the seal on the rest of the Scrolls of Perdition. The only way to open the Key is the sacrifice of a maiden, in this case, Elisanne the Grand Paladyn.
  • Developers' Foresight: Tier 4 Elemental Orbs of all flavors are available via a Rare Random Drop from certain Void Battles (such as Void Zephyr Strike.) This, despite the fact that initially the only adventurers to have the Mana Spiral are Flame or Shadow attuned.
  • Dialog During Gameplay: Certain quests have characters converse about recent story events. During single-player, your party might make some general comments during certain events as well.
  • Difficulty Spike:
    • The game gets progressively harder with each quest cleared. However, the last boss of Chapter 5 recommends an staggering 5200 might, 500 more than the previous quest and 150 more than the last boss of the next chapter.
    • The Advanced Dragon Trials are significantly harder than the Imperial Onslaught and Dragon Trials on Master difficulty as the dragon bosses have much more HP and stronger attacks, some of which can kill your adventurer even if they have full health. To demonstrate how hard the Advanced Dragon Trial is, having a max unbonded 5* elemental weapon is almost a requirement for your main damage dealer, and 5* weapons utilize materials that can only be obtained from events. Cygames introduced Void Battles to help fill the difficulty gap between Advanced Dragon Trials and Imperial Onslaught/Dragon Trials, with some weapons craftable that help newer players to easily transition into High Dragon Trials (such as 5* weapons that deals bonus damage to high dragons and a Flame facility to help players start off in High Midgardsormr).
    • The "Dream Big Under the Big Top" facility event introduced a new difficulty level for challenge battles, Master difficulty. This is almost the same as other facility events' challenge battles where the player needs to face 5 waves of enemies, except the difficulty is jacked Up to Eleven, as normal Mooks are capable of dealing 200-300 damage per attack while all of the bosses' attacks can instantly kill your adventurer.
    • In the "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes" event, the normal and hard versions "The Alberian Front" are manageable, even if some errors occur. The Lunatic version, on the other hand, requires your team to be agile and coordinate well, as the enemies are far more hardy and strong. One wrong move and you'll find yourself failing the level in short order.
    • In the "Resplendent Refrain" re-run, Sabnock fell easily on all returning fights, even the EX one. The Nightmare version, however, has loads more HP and is very hard to take out within the time limit.
    • There are two points when the Mercurial Gauntlet becomes much harder all at once. Starting from level 41, the time limit is doubled, and Fafnir Roy III gains a massive boost in HP to match. Then, starting from level 51, his attacks can no longer be blocked by using skills, so a healer must be brought along. This massively reduces DPS, all while Roy III continues to gain HP each level, even faster than he did between levels 41 and 50.
    • The Agito Uprising boss fights are harder than Advanced Dragon Trials at Master difficulty, as the bosses can inflict two Standard Status Effects, meaning Gala adventurers are almost required for this fight.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Soloing hard content and boss fights (especially timed ones) using one adventurer, it requires the player to have some of the strongest wyrmprints, weapons, and dragon to do this effectively. But this requires precise timing on dodges, skill activation, and animation canceling in order to solo a boss while still maintaining DPS. For ranged characters, this is generally easy to do, but much harder to perform with melee-based characters. The awesome part is that soloing hard content is generally more viable than taking an AI team with you in some cases due to massive Artificial Stupidity of the AI. And keep in note that ANY adventurer with reasonable DPS can solo anything, even 3 star rarity ones.
  • Diminishing Returns for Balance: Only one copy of a co-ability can be active on a team. If multiple characters have the same co-ability, only the highest value will be used, while the others will do nothing.
  • Doomed Hometown: While the prince is off completing his task in the first chapter, the kingdom of Alberia falls and reforms as the Dyrenell Empire. Most of the soldiers protecting the kingdom have similarly converted.
  • Double Unlock: There's quite a lot that needs to be double unlocked in terms of building units in your Halidom and also in crafting weapons.
    • For leveling up your main Halidom, it involves your Facility Level, your cumulative upgraded buildings as well as having money and materials needed.
    • For enhancing weapons to new tiers, it first involves having the previous one be fully Unbound to its tier 4, then having it maxed out in level as well as having materials needed to create it.
    • To make a High Dragon weapon depending on class and element, the respective 5.3 (5 star tier 3) weapon has to be made, along with making the second tier of its void weapon from its opposite void dragon (e.g. water weapons needing parts from Void Agni).
    • The 6 star weapons from the Agito Uprising first need the second tier of a Chimera weapon to be made before the Agito weapon can be crafted. The Chimera weapons themselves require a tier 3 Manticore weapon of the same element to be crafted first before they can be made.
  • Draw Sword, Draw Blood: The flavor text of the 5 star tier 3 shadow sword, Dáinsleif, tells that it's an evil weapon that it cannot be returned to its scabbard until it has tasted human blood.

  • Easter Special: “The Hunt for Harmony” is an Easter event involving not only a spring event, but also the Sylvans as a race of bunny people.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Water beats Flame, Flame beats Wind, and Wind beats Water. Like Cygames' Granblue Fantasy, Shadow and Light are weak to each other in a fashion that always benefits the player (e.g., Shadow players deal more damage and take less from Light monsters, and vice versa).
  • Elite Tweak:
    • A March 2020 update changed the way co-abilities worked in co-op so that your party's co-abilities applied instead of the co-op party's, and added chain co-abilities to everyone, which usually gave more niche or conditional boosts. This added another layer of character building, as certain adventurers can greatly benefit from certain co-abilities, e.g. stacking buff time boosts on a buff-centric adventurer.
    • A May 2020 update added shared skills. You can use certain skills from other adventurers in place of weapon and helper skills, provided the adventurer you're receiving skills from is either a story character or is level 80 with completed mana circles. With very few exceptions, adventurers can greatly benefit from shared skills that complement their build.
  • The Emperor: Part of the backstory told in wyrmprints and in Jupiter's backstory involves a formerly kind Prince Dane who, after being shown the sights of the world by Jupiter and told to forge his own path, took it to mean "create an empire." With that, he became a bloodthirsty emperor who went onto conquer the world until his death.
  • The Empire: The backstory of the game has the Dyrenell Empire as its evil empire as it was infamous for crushing countless peoples underfoot. Alberia suddenly renaming itself after this empire and declaring war on the world is the first sign that something has gone seriously wrong with the status quo. Chapter 10 reveals that the original Dyrenell Empire originally started as a religious retreat from the rest of the world with a currently unknown gap in-between the people who wished to isolate themselves from the world to followers of Morsayati who wished to Take Over the World.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: As of late, the known Agito include Volk (human,) Kai Yan (Qilin,) and Ciella (Sylvan.)
  • Equipment Upgrade:
    • Weapons and Wyrmprints can level up by using dedicated itemsnote  or different weapons or Wyrmprints on them respectively.
    • Weapons can be upgraded into a new form once they're fully unbound and reach their max level.
    • Wyrmprints gain stronger effects if they're fully unbound. After the April 2019 update, it was buffed so that they have upgrades every two unbind levels, making a fully unbound version even stronger.
    • As of the July 2019 update, Dragons, Adventurers, Weapons, and Wyrmprints can be upgraded using Augments earned from Astral Raids
  • Evolving Credits: Starting with Patch 1.12, the login screen changes depending on story progress. The first time, it has all the main cast along with Zethia. The second screen has Zethia removed though adds in Mym and Alex. The third screen after Chapter 10 changes Euden to his Gala form. The fourth screen after Chapter 11 adds in Laxi. The fifth screen after Chapter 14 adds Zena to the login screen.
  • Excuse Plot: In homage to the older Mega Man games, the crossover plot can be pretty much summed up as "Dr. Wily crossed over to another dimension and brainwashed the Greatwyrms. Go beat them up with Mega Man who is also here now." There is no dialogue from any of the Mega Man characters or any significant interactions between them and the Dragalia Lost cast.
  • Expendable Alternate Universe: Audric's adventurer story reveals that no one is safe in his Bad Future. The worst case is even Notte, the innocent cute fairy companion, gets a death by angry mob along with Cassandra. By the time it's over, literally everyone shown on-screen that Zodiark and Audric have met is dead.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: In "Chalice Raiders," Pietro and Marty do this after the former steps onto a trap.
    Pietro: "Say Marty? If you don't mind me picking your brain for a quick sec, what was that sound just now?"
    Marty: Why, it was the sound of a trap-activation switch! ...Oh, right. GET DOOOOOOWN!"
  • Experience Booster:
    • The prince has an unlockable skill that increases Player experience received if he participated in the quest. This effect can trigger in co-op even if he isn't the lead character by having him in the same team as the chosen character.
    • Some wyrmprints increase Player experience, but they don't stack with each other or the prince's skill.
    • The Bronze Fafnir increases Adventurer experience for everyone in the party, and its effect can stack with other Bronze Fafnirs, especially if each one is max unbound.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: The Dáinsleif and Mistilteinn, the Infinity Minus One Swords for shadow sword and lance, respectively, have eyes on their bodies as well as dark backstories.

  • Face Death with Dignity: Nidhogg's Dragon Story tells the tale of a noble who was cast out and exiled to Nidhogg's toxic swamp. Rather than despairing over his situation, he uses his last moments to ask the dragon about the afterlife. His last words before he passes away are of excitement as to what may come next.
  • Face Doodling: The "Hanetsuki Rally" Wyrmprint has this happen between Luca and Euden doing it to each other as they trade victories against each other by marking one another with X's.
  • Fairy Companion: Notte, a faerie the Prince and Zethia met when they were young.
  • Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables: In their Valentine's story, Ranzal and Luca look for somnium apples which are meant to be sweeter than any apple. Turns out they have better luck looking for them at night since they glow with moonlight. Now they just have to avoid eating them all before Euden gets a taste.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture:
    • Hinomoto is a fantasy version of feudal Japan. It's an island nation like Japan, it has a hierarchical structure reminiscent of its country of inspiration, samurai are everywhere, and if the Boar Clan is any indication, the Twelve Wyrmclans are based off the eastern zodiac.
    • The land of Taiwu, where the people of Peng Lai come from, is based on China.
    • Svenitla, the country Victor, Noelle, Kirsty and Joachim come from is strongly evocative of Russia.
  • Festival Episode: "Rhythmic Resolutions" takes place during the Bon Festival in Quinbell, which borders Hinomoto.
  • Fishing Episode: The Castle Story "Anglers' Day Off" has three of the Halidom's best fishers in Musashi, Thaniel and Jiang Ziya in a contest. Musashi starts Dual Wielding fishing rods, Jiang Ziya uses Qilin artifacts to bring the fish into the bucket and Thaniel uses his maritime knowledge to fall into a spot where he just grabs them by the handful. By the time Ebisu gets there, they've caught every last fish.
  • Flavor Text: A lot of the world's lore is found in weapon and Wyrmprint descriptions or in unlockable Dragon Stories.
  • Foreshadowing: Characters like Noelle and Kirsty hailing from North Grastaea has been slow buildup for their homeland's entrance into the main story, as chapter 13 reveals that the Dyrenell Empire as led by Valyx will clash with encroaching troops from the north.
  • Friendly Local Chinatown: Peng Lai (the place, not the dragon) is an Alberian town established by Taiwu immigrants and modeled after Taiwu cities.
  • Funny Background Event: The refined vestige for the "Such High Spirits" wyrmprint has Ebisu pulled into the water by a Sunrise Snapper.

  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • While you sell weapons and Wyrmprints, you part ways with dragons instead. Parting ways is functionally identical to selling, but it maintains the idea that the dragons are just lending you their power.
    • Mym is the human form of Brunhilda. Therefore, it makes sense that she shapeshifts into Brunhilda regardless of what dragon she has equipped.
    • Comedically, in Dragalia Life #129, when Mym tries to wait in the Prince's bed to make him sleep with her, she falls asleep first since she doesn't have a Sleep Res ability.
    • Laxi is one of the commander units of the android army. The Elite Imperial Soldiers in the Imperial Onslaught quests have an attack wherein they send shadow clones of themselves to perform an attack with a purple indicator, a technique that Laxi also uses in her boss fight. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the former has the technique programmed into her, based on the latter.
    • Unlike other event welfare characters, Sharena in "Fire Emblem: Kindred Spirits" instantly joins your permanent roster, without having to max out a friendship meter. Fitting, given that she wants to be friends with everyone.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation:
    • Especially with regards to the gacha mechanics. For instance, gameplay-wise, you get most adventurers by summoning them. Story-wise, they join the Prince's group through a variety of other circumstances.
    • "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes" concludes with all the Fire Emblem characters returning to their world. However, you can still use any Fire Emblem character you have without issue.
    • Just like with the Fire Emblem characters above, the epilogue of "Mega Man: Chaos Protocol" details that Mega Man returns to his world with Dr. Wily in hand. Again though, if you managed to max out his friendship before the end of the event, you can continue to use him regardless.
    • Both Stribog and Vodyanoy are shown being killed in chapter 11 cutscenes. Despite this, they both remain attainable and usable even after their deaths. Then again it might be that the ones who were killed are just one of many of their species of dragon.
  • Gag Series: As a counterpart to Grand Blues! from Granblue Fantasy, this game has Dragalia Life which also focuses more on comedy, particularly various character and event-related gag skits.
  • Genre Roulette: While it's normally a High Fantasy game, the themes in each event are where the roulette comes in from holidays (Halloween and New Year for example), horror (The Accursed Archives) and on literature (Echoes of Antiquity).
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere:
    • The antagonist of "The Accursed Archives" is taken out in a story sequence. The boss you fight in the repeatable quests at the end is one that doesn't show up anywhere in the event's story and has no explanation for its presence.
    • From Chapter 10 of the main story onwards, there have been inexplicable giant cubes that can be found off the beaten path, all of which have bizarre attack patterns, come in different elements, and have names solely consisting of question marks. Their attack names appear to be utter gibberish, but using the Epithets for fully clearing their fights as a hint reveals that all of them are actually ciphers. They're all named after spacecraft and have vague ramblings about themselves, which muddle the mystery even further.
  • Goldfish Scooping Game: The wyrmprint "Indelible Summer" has Cleo trying and failing to play this while her unknown companion, most likely Euden, has gotten seven of them.
  • Guest Fighter: Dragalia Lost occasionally runs collaborations with other series like Fire Emblem or Mega Man, which can also bring characters from those series as playable adventurers.

  • Halloween Episode: The "Trick or Treasure" event is a Halloween event with Althemia, Edward and Elisanne getting dressed as vampires to get closer to the fiends attacking them.
  • Harder Than Hard:
    • The rerun of "Resplendent Refrain" introduces the Nightmare difficulty for the raid boss Sabnock, where he's even tougher than his EX version. This has now become a mechanic going forward as it was also used on Qitian Dasheng as well.
    • The first anniversary added the Omega difficulty, which is even harder than Nightmare.
    • The second run of Loyalty's Requiem added a second level to Omega difficulty.
    • The higher levels of Mercurial Gauntlet are this where you need to have a gameplan to beat the short amount of time given to beat Fafnir Roy III.
    • Patch 1.12 does this to the Advanced Dragon Trials which were already harsh enough even with the best teams possible adding in Expert and Master difficulties.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The main character, canon name Euden, is re-namable, though he is often referred to by his title of prince.
  • Hidden Elf Village:
    • The “Hallowed Mountains” wyrmprint show that the Qilin clan are heavily isolated and rarely make contact with humans.
    • The Sylvans are very reclusive due to their lifestyle of living with nature. Due to the Dyrenell Empire attacking Luca and Sarisse's village, the siblings are aware of the danger of this isolation and try to warn other Sylvans of the potential threat as seen in "The Hunt for Harmony".
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Notte's hitbox in Notte's Slumber Shot is only the size of the dot centered in her. This is necessary because the higher difficulties are Bullet Hells where the gaps in the enemies' attacks are smaller than Notte herself.
  • Holy Ground: The player's base of operations, the Halidom. Its name is even literally an archaic word for holygrounds.
  • Holy Water: Holy water is a common material used to upgrade wyrmprints; each bottle grants 500 exp to a single wyrmprint.
  • Horned Humanoid: Besides dragons that have a human appearance, there are two races that have horns.
    • The Qilin have antler-like horns.
    • The Rokka have curved horns.
  • How We Got Here: The whole Flames of Reflection event is Ramona reminiscing on how she and her sisters joined the Halidom. It provides the in-universe explanation of how the Smithy facility is added to the Castle Grounds after completing Chapter 2 of the main story.

  • I Don't Like the Sound of That Place: An Evil Empire named Dyrenell.
  • I Have Many Names: In Mistilteinn's flavor text, it's described as not the name of a single weapon. It's been a sword, a lance and the sprout of a plant.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: In Cupid's dragon story, he is approached by a lady who wants to fall in love with an amazing man. When Cupid learns that the lady wants to be with a gardener, he's about to object, but stops when he realizes that he was only going to mention himself, and knowing fully that the two were perfect for each other. He hooks the two up as promised and redoubled his efforts to spread love to others.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels:
    • The difficulty levels in Notte's Slumber Shot are Sweet, Sassy, and Molassy, named after a phrase Notte said back in Halloween.
    • The difficulty levels in the "Lost Heroes" event are Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal, like Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Indy Escape: Discussed as a case of Tempting Fate in the Castle Story, "Chalice Raiders" until it happens to Pietro and Marty.
    Pietro: "Oh come on! There's no WAY something as cliché as a rolling boulder would ever— AAAAAAAAGH!"
    Pietro & Marty: "RUUUUUUUUN!"
    • Later on in the same story, they trigger ANOTHER boulder trap while a stream is blocking them. Marty plans to use Pietro's tank skills and his own to climb onto the boulder and ride it over the stream.
  • Infinity -1 Sword:
    • The Fólkvangr sword that you can get during the "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes" event is outright stated to be just a replica of Alfonse's sword and is only slightly better than a fully unbound and leveled up 4-star sword. It does have the bonus of increasing strength once the wielder has their HP under 50% health.
    • The 4-star strength dragons obtained by summoning (Ifrit, Vodyanoy, Roc, Lindworm, and Juggernaut) provide a 45% strength boost when fully unbound, making them very effective for late game content while being fairly easy to obtain and power up.
    • The Chimeratech weapons lack a weapon skill, but they're fairly easy to obtain since Chimera isn't a hard boss, and tier 2 Chimeratech weapons actually have higher stats than tier 1 High Dragon weapons, which are already stronger than tier 3 5-star weapons.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: While each weapon class and element has a 5* tier three weapon, the highest weapon is currently those that can be obtained by fighting the Agito bosses which are stronger than the Void Chimera and High Dragon weapons, but are the only weapons that start at 6* and when fully unbound, their maximum level is 200, and then that becomes even stronger by unbinding once into their Master form.
  • Interface Spoiler: All the Agito Uprising weapons require the second tier of the Chimeratech weapon of the same element to be crafted beforehand. Therefore, when a new element of Chimera is introduced, you can be sure that a new Agito Uprising quest is on the way.
  • Interspecies Romance: It's not unheard of for dragons, even non-humanoid ones, to be attracted to or fall in love with humans or Sylvans, and several dragons you can summon will express attraction to or fall in love with the Prince.
  • Invulnerable Attack: Special attacks, such as the Prince's Blazing Circlet, leave the user mostly invulnerable during the attack animation. This can be exploited to power right through most large area-effect attacks without harm. However, attacks marked with a Purple area indicator will bypass your invulnerability and must still be physically avoided. The only way to tank through those specific ones is timed dragon transformations.
  • Item Crafting: The game's stronger weapons can be created at the smithy by using materials and money.

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