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This page covers tropes in Dragalia Lost.

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  • Actor Allusion: Megumi Han voices Jeanne D'Arc in this game as she also does for the incarnations of Jeanne from other Cygames franchises such as Rage of Bahamut, Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse (even though said incarnations aren't technically on the same universe).
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts:
    • From the Teams -> Collection menu, you can sell extra weapons, wyrmprints, and dragons for cash or Eldwater. However, aside from the Eldwater the bounty for doing so is a pittance and is almost completely useless for contributing to actually getting the funds for buying anything stronger than the thing you just sold.
    • The Crafting menu lets you build weapons for cash and resources, and later Enhance those weapons into stronger forms. Actually doing so, however, is enormously expensive. You'll need five copies of the weapon you intend to enhance (four to Unbind the one you will be Enhancing), plus a load of Whetstones and scrap weapons to level up the weapon to its maximum level. Then, after spending more resources to actually do the Enhance, you will be left with one copy of the new weapon, with no unbinds, at level 1. Be prepared to repeat the process all over again in order to make extra copies of the weapon for further unbinding, and of course, the new weapon will be mostly useless until you feed it more whetstones and scrap weapons to get that level up too.
    • In order to progress in Chapter 12, you MUST upgrade your Halidom level. To do THAT, you have to level up your facilities 300 times for the first check, and then 100 more times for the second. Say goodbye to your Hustle Hammers, and then to your Wyrmite once those are gone.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: In the Castle Story, "Chalice Raiders," this is how Marty goes into describing Agatto.
    Marty: Wait, Agatto's memoir? As in a document penned by the legendary master of tricks and traps? The baron of bamboozlement? The dean of deception? THAT Agatto?"
  • Advanced Ancient Acropolis: In Chapter 7, Mym mentions that some ruins near Saint Loiter used to be part of an advanced civilization long ago. Its destruction came about because the dragons were angry that the civilization's development of technology was disrupting the flow of mana, so a vast number of them descended upon the area and laid waste to everything.
  • Advertised Extra: Subverted. The character Leif is usually presented in loading screen tips like he's important along with characters like Euden, Notte or even Harle despite only showing up for all of one chapter segment in the entire story. The only other time he's shown up is in Dragalia Life and in wyrmprints. He finally returns in Chapter 8, revealed to be biding his time doing the Dyrenell Empire’s bidding waiting for an opportune moment to join Euden and strike. Then in Chapter 9 he has a significant role. It's after Chapter 13 he finally joins Gala Dragalia, allowing him to join the playable ranks.
  • Aerith and Bob: In such a fantastic setting, one would come across names such as Ezelith, Cibella, Ranzal, Elisanne, Sarisse, Joe, Sophie, Vanessa...and that's just a handful of the characters.
  • A.I. Breaker: High Zodiark once suffered a flaw where if a player constantly circled around him, High Zodiark would spin in place and never attack. This was eventually fixed.
  • All Chinese People Know Kung-Fu: Parodied, as Xuan Zang is baffled to learn that Lin You (who is herself an Anime Chinese Girl) is fully convinced of this and thus will not stop pestering her for kung fu lessons.
    Wu Kong: So now she assumes everyone from the tribe has the exact same skill set?
    Lin You: Bingo! Which is why I wanted to get Xuan Zang here to give me a few lessons in the ol' kung-fu department.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: If a character has a crush, it will invariably be on someone who either isn't interested or too Oblivious to Love to notice.
  • All There in the Manual: The history of Alberia is detailed in two pre-release videos, including information of the Dyrenell Empire and the name of the sixth greatwyrm. The website also includes two relationship charts, one for the story characters up until the middle of the second chapter and another for the royal family. Notably, it shows Euden's relationship with even his siblings that have yet to be properly introduced.
  • And I Must Scream: In "The Accursed Archives", a village's residents are transformed into books through a ritual. From what can be read on the books, it's an agonizing experience.
  • Angels, Devils and Squid: On the angel side, you have the Ilian Church and the holywrym. For devils, you have Morsayati and his army of fiends. And then there's the Ancient One, who's very, very heavily implied to be literally Yog Sothoth, as well as the 5-star Shadow dragon Nyarlathotep and 5-star Wind dragon Hastur.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Failing a quest won't cost any stamina (or Getherwings, if you do a co-op quest). This is helpful if you accidentally use the wrong team, have connection issues, or get saddled with a bad player.
    • The AI behind your computer-controlled allies is staggeringly bad and tends to just sit there and die instead of making any effort to avoid the danger indicators of area-effect attacks. Thankfully, if you use one of your special attacks, the invulnerability frames you gain during the attack animation will also protect your AI companions from harm.
    • Complete a time-limited endeavor but forget to turn it in? Fear not, as any completed endeavors will remain even after they've expired, so you won't miss out on their rewards.
    • If a co-op quest is abruptly interrupted by either disconnecting or the host giving up, you'll be switched to solo play. This might not be enough for the tougher ones, but otherwise, you still have a shot at finishing it.
    • Your first summon of the game will always give you a 5-star adventurer. Even if your subsequent pulls get you junk, you'll at least have something cool to start with.
    • Any characters that join through the campaign will have shared skills available to equip right away, giving you a chance to tweak your adventurers' movesets from the start.
  • Animal Motif: The Boar Clan of Hinomoto has boars and pigs for their clan, based off of the Year of the Pig in the Eastern Zodiac.
  • Arbitrary Mission Restriction: Some levels fix the stats of your party. On one hand, this means you can't cheese the quest by bringing in high-level adventurers; on the other hand, this means you don't have to miss out if you only have low-level characters.
  • Apocalyptic Log: During "The Accursed Archives" the heroes stumble on the diary of a deceased priest stationed in an ominous village. It starts off normally, but as they go through the diary, its entries become more deranged, up to the last few pages where all that is written are Madness Mantras.
  • Appeal to Tradition: The “That Special Day” series of Castle Stories focuses on a cultural conflict, with Wedding Elisanne saying an Alberian wedding is best while Wedding Aoi insists on a Hinomoto wedding. Wedding Xania, however, is stuck in the middle.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: "The Hunt for Harmony" reveals that Luca keeps a variety of Trick Bombs with him for pranks. This comes in handy when he has to stop a rampaging dragon, as he happens to have a Calmbomb DX for that moment.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • In 2019, starting up the game brings players to Notte's Slumber Shot, a top-down shmup in which Notte takes on fiends, with Midgardsormr as the boss. The difficulties available? Sweet, Sassy, and Molassy.
    • 2020 has the Wagabond Pupper event where a puppy wanders into the Halidom and everyone goes into Cuteness Proximity over it. It has a Bond Level it can be filled up like it was a dragon and has a level called "Walkies" which allows you to take pictures of any character in the roster playing with the puppy.
  • Aristocrat Team: You can make up teams out of Adventurers who are/were nobles.
  • Aroused by Their Voice: Elly has a very strong reaction to Louise reading her romance novels out loud.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The description for the void wind staff weapon, Skypainter Staff, starts off apocalyptic and then veers into this trope.
    “A staff imbued with the mana of Void Poseidon. It uses the authority of a grand ruler to birth gales that blow across the world entire, causing the atmosphere to tremble... before creating a lovely rainbow!”
  • Artificial Stupidity: Your AI partners at launch left much to be desired. They did't attack nearly as frequently as you did and they rarely got out of the way of attacks. Thankfully, the creators worked on them to the point that many quests are doable with just you and your AI teammates now. That said, the AI can still have trouble avoiding certain attacks, such as running in the same direction of the attack when just moving to the side would be more effective.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Certain bosses reveal a weak point when charging up a powerful attack. For example, the Volcanic Chimera will do this during its Searing Circle attack. Fail to destroy the weak point before the purple attack indicator around the arena charges up, and it unleashes the attack, insta-killing any party members unfortunate enough to be in the circle, and temporarily shrinking the arena by replacing the borders with lava. Destroy the weak point, and the Chimera gets stunned, and you ger a huge boost to your Dragon Gauge.
  • Audience Participation: To celebrate 100 comics of Dragalia Life, the creators made three Twitter polls to decide which panel will be adapted into new stickers for the game. The winners are labelled "What you said!", "Boom.", and "Hee hee!".
    • Another one was held after 200 strips were reached. The winners in that cycle are "Hello there...", "Eh? Eh?", and "IT'S UP TO YOU!".
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • Five-star characters. Because of the astonishingly low rates for summoning five star anything, a rate that is divided between characters, dragons, and wyrmprints (That is, until wyrmprints were removed from the gacha from April 2019 onwards), it's very rare to find any five-star character. It's simply a better strategy to build a team of four-star or even some three-star characters and train them well than hold out to get five-star characters.note 
    • The status effects that immobilize or severely hinder enemies (Blindness, Frozen, Sleep, and Stun) make fighting mooks and lesser bosses a breeze, but because they're so powerful, all of the game's strongest bosses have Contractual Boss Immunity to them to prevent them from getting too easy. This causes any character that inflicts these statuses to be far less useful against these bosses than others. Bog and Paralysis get this to a lesser extent; since their effects aren't as crippling, there are more bosses that are vulnerable to them than the ones above, but they still impair movement in some way, so it's still possible for bosses to be resistant or immune to them.

  • Bad Future:
    • A doomed future is featured prominently in the "Fractured Futures" event. In it, the Halidom is in ruins, and most of its inhabitants either are dead or have fled elsewhere to continue the fight.
    • The second Fire Emblem Heroes crossover reveals that the consequence of the black mana-infused Alfonse opening up rifts everywhere in one timeline causes Euden to accept the power of the Other in a desperate bid to close them all. Chrom is sent back from that future into the past to prevent this.
  • Bait-and-Switch: In "Doomsday Getaway", a Cliffhanger makes players believe that Elisanne was Scylla as she approaches to remove Amane. The following part reveals that Elisanne actually becomes yet another victim of Scylla's killing game. In addition, it was revealed that Scylla was never in disguise to begin with; instead, there was a curse that responded to returning someone's trust.
  • Balance Buff: Mana spirals are an attempt to power up weaker adventurers by giving them more nodes to increase their stats and enhance their abilities.
  • Bare Your Midriff: A common trait in Sylvan fashion, both to male and female characters of that race. Cleo is the only Sylvan shown to not show her belly (and this helps mark her as an oddball among Sylvans), although she does bare hers on her alternate skins.
  • Barrier-Busting Blow: Certain barricades such as fallen trees and piles of rubble can be destroyed in dragon form, grating access to shortcuts and hidden areas, or just clearing out more room to fight.
  • Beach Episode: The "A Splash of Adventure" event sees the crew go on a beach trip, with Summer themed versions of the main cast as well as Summer versions of Julietta and Celliera. There's one for Verica but she's not playable in this event.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Svenitla, a country north of Alberia, wished for their own dragon so they could have power equal to them. What they got was Juggernaut, who promptly proceeded to cow them into submission and terrorized the people of the kingdom.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Jeanne d'Arc's dragon story focuses on a woman who was falsely declared to be pactbound to the dragon of note. She leads an army to a nest of fiends, but everyone gets separated in a fog generated by the fiends. When all hope seemed lost, a hand breaks through and guides the woman through, and the army miraculously manages to rout all the fiends. While the others mention they were able to find their way by the faint image of a flag, only the woman knew the whole truth - that Jeanne herself came to their aid.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: The current crop of Alberian royalty have various issues that need to be ironed out but Aurelius' death and the power vacuum that's left behind has them doubling down on their issues rather than fixing it. Also none of them but Euden show any concern for the fact that their youngest sister's been possessed by a demonic force hundreds of years old.
    • Leonidas's shown to care very little about Euden because of his lofty ambitions and belief that only those equal to him in prowess are worthy of his attention. Chapter 12 reveals that his mother died in his childhood in a dragon-caused accident, giving him a massive complex over dragons and power.
    • Phares is far too engrossed with feeding his curiosity and carrying out his experiments to actually interact much with everyone else or care about the ongoing war. He claims that morality doesn't matter to him, merely facts and the quest for more knowledge. He's suffering from the incurable disease of wyrmscale and is willing to do anything to avoid succumbing to it completely. Later chapters reveal that he's teamed up with his younger brother Beren and that he's potentially played a hand in the release of the Other and the creation of the Empire all just to cure his condition.
    • Chelle is obsessed with social class and maintaining her image of glamorous princess holding balls for her fellow nobles as the Dyrenell Empire viciously annexes the continent one bit at a time. But she is the one sibling who tempers their hang-ups for the sake of dealing with the bigger threat instead of stubbornly sticking to what they were doing. Though she did frequently bully Euden when he was younger. She then turns on Euden in chapter 10 to side with Morsayati, only to be revealed later on to be working on her own agenda all the while still trying to maintain that political image of power and classiness as much as possible.
    • Valyx is a lot less screwed up than his siblings but has decided to side with the Dyrenell Empire because of rigid adherence to his oaths.
    • No one even knows what happened to the fifth heir, or at least, by Euden's time has bothered to explain to him who they were before they disappeared. Chapter 12 indicates that they are The Dreaded as both Leonidas and Chelle are disturbed at the mere notion of Phares bringing them back into Alberian politics. Chapter 13 introduces him as Beren and he's the one who corrupts the void dragons that the player has been fighting.
    • Emile being long overshadowed by his siblings with only his pact (which he loses) as his distinguishing accomplishment has led him to take out his anger at Euden when he can. It's also hinted that something terrible happened to him a while ago to add even more fuel to the emotionally troubled fire.
    • Euden is the most well-adjusted, though he's a bit too obsessed with protecting his twin sister at all costs and has a hang-up over being the youngest child, and therefore neglected by most of his already grown siblings. And then Chapter 12's Interlude reveals he's not even the real Euden, the real one having died of wyrmscale at only a month into his birth, with the Euden we all know and love being an adopted child. Which brings up the question: How does this Euden still have dragonblood?
    • Zethia is the one exception because of her Incorruptible Pure Pureness and having no claim to the throne by being the Auspex, with no desire to contest this status. But then she gets possessed by the Big Bad and becomes the primary threat which the other siblings must choose to ally with or oppose. In addition, her alternate Bad Future self acts rather distant to Euden because of vaguely alluded to events.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: Like their draph counterparts, male rokkans are huge, hulking mountains of muscle while females are child-sized but stronger than any human man.
  • Black Bead Eyes: Anytime someone in Euden's imagination has gone through Celliera's training, their eyes turn into these.
  • Bonus Boss:
    • The Advanced Dragon Trials, featuring a High version on one of the Greatwyrms. They're much more fierce than their regular counterparts, with souped-up versions of their regular attacks and many new and tricky moves. They require a high amount of Might to unlock, and even then if you're not careful you'll find yourself downed in short order. Taking them down requires high-end equipment and an incredibly powerful and coordinated team, but if you win, you'll be able to use the High Greatwyrm, who is on the same level as the summonable 5-star dragons, as your shapeshift dragon.
    • The "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes" event adds Alfonse as one to the event, making his attacks hit like a truck and also using force strikes like the players can, letting everyone know why he's called “the Benchlord.”
    • The Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Event also adds the Blue Bomber himself as one too and he shows no mercy as he uses every move he had in his second game, including some that not even his playable counterpart can do. He definitely shows us why he's Dr. Light's greatest robot!
    • The Agito series now introduces a new set of them. Unlike the High Dragons who were testing Euden's might, this group is out for blood.
  • Bookcase Passage: Chapter 4 of Nevin's story involves Nevin watching the butler in the mansion of Count Dian reveal one of these by moving "The Archer of Spellcurve" from the fifth to the first shelf.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • While 4-star weapons and 5-star Void weapons aren't as strong as 5-star elemental weapons, they're much easier to power up. Not only are they much cheaper to fully upgrade than 5-star elemental weapons, they only require materials that can be obtained infinitely, while 5-star weapons need materials that can only be obtained from events in limited quantities. In fact, there are some 4-star weapons and 5-star Void weapons that are actually better to equip on certain adventurers than their 5-star elemental weapon counterparts.
    • Having a skill that boosts the team's strength doesn't seem that exciting, but boosting the entire team's strength can improve damage output far more than a skill that just deals damage, especially if it's the primary skill, which charges faster than the secondary skill.
    • The Damage Over Time status effects (Burn, Poison, and Frostbite) just inflict a small amount of damage periodically and nothing else, but nearly all of the game's strongest bosses are vulnerable to them, making them much more reliable and consistent than the other status effects. There are also wyrmprints with punisher abilities that deal increased damage against enemies with these status effects, which can stack with characters who have these abilities naturally to greatly increase damage.
  • Break Meter: Bosses have a separate meter that builds as it takes damage. Once the meter fills, it enters an overdrive state, becoming much more aggressive. Attacking the boss while it's in overdrive depletes the meter, and once it's empty it enters a break state and becomes vulnerable.
  • Breaking Old Trends: High Mercury differs from the other High Greatwyrms in that her opening attack is significantly weaker, to the point where melee adventurers can survive it without her associated Wyrmprint. High Mercury also lacks unavoidable attacks besides her first one and has around twice the HP of High Brunhilda, meaning the challenge is based less on surviving and more on beating her before time runs out.
  • Breather Episode:
    • "New Years Tidings Fortune from Afar" can be seen as one, airing after the release of an eventful Chapter 7 and having no real antagonist, unlike the previous raid events.
    • The Valentine's Day Episode, "Valentine's Confection," is all about the main characters and the representing Valentine-variation of the adventurers and their business. Unlike other events, it has no storyline nor bosses, and the resource for the event is acquired by just completing quests.
    • “The Hunt for Harmony” is a lighthearted Easter themed romp compared to the Lovecraftian horror of “The Accursed Archive.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: You can pay real money for a variety of boosts, currency to perform summons, instant enhancement materials, and more. DL does stand out, however, for having a few of the cheapest options for this on the market (like a daily paid-currency pull that is one-fifth the cost of a usual pull, and options for getting paid currency that reduce the cost of this to as low as 36 cents a day).

  • Calling Your Attacks: Adventurers will call out the names their personal skills. Subverted with characters from the Fire Emblem Heroes crossover, who say a Pre-Mortem One-Liner instead, and weapon skills, which adventurers say a more general line when using. Also averted with Mega Man, who doesn't say anything.
  • The Cameo: Several Rage of Bahamut characters appear in wyrmprints like Forte in "Lord of the Skies", Cerberus (with Coco and Mimi) in "Fireside Gathering" and Albert in "Levin's Champion". The Jeanne d'Arc dragon also takes some obvious cues from the Jeannes in Rage and Granblue Fantasy, including being voiced by Megumi Han in Japanese.
  • Cap:
    • Adventurers, weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints all have a level cap, which depends on their star rating, mana spiral progress for the former, and unbind level for the latter three.
    • You can have at most 999 Stamina and 99 (was 50 at launch) Getherwings in reserve.
    • Boosts from Wyrmprints have a maximum value by which they can be increased, e.g. bonus skill damage caps at 40% and skill haste caps at 15%.
  • Cast Herd: The many characters can be put into groups that could overlap/intersect with other groups that one would need a Venn, Euler and/or spider diagram in 3D to comprehend.
  • Character Portrait: During story scenes, the characters use their illustrations which are slightly altered. There are a few characters who use entirely different illustrations as their portraits, like the Prince, Elisanne (regular and Halloween), Luca, Elias, and Vixel.
  • Character Select Forcing: Or Wyrmprint Select Forcing.
    • Early events included Wyrmprints that gave event-specific benefits, like dealing extra damage to the event's raid boss or getting more event items. Usually, this meant that the event Wyrmprint was all but required in order to get the most out of the event. Boss-specific Wyrmprints were phased out in later raid events and the ability to equip a second Wyrmprint was later implemented to encourage more diverse usage of Wyrmprints.
    • There are Wyrmprints that reduce damage done by a specific High Greatwyrm. Most Advanced Dragon Trials will require the use of those Wyrmprints, as the High Greatwyrm's opening attack will deal enough damage to take you out if you don't have it equipped.
  • Charged Attack: Force strikes are of the hold type. By tapping and holding on the screen for a bit, you can unleash a stronger attack that can break enemies' guards.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Having ninjas and assassins like Jurota and Vice allows Euden to find out in Chapter 5 of Durant's story that Dan is an assassin sent after him by the Dyrenell Empire.
  • Christmas Episode: The event "The Miracle of Dragonyule" is one, with Cleo, Nefaria, and Xander donning seasonal attire. There is even a Yuletree to add to the castle.
  • Circus Episode: The “Dream Under the Big Top” facility event focuses on a traveling circus troupe.
  • Cognizant Limbs: Raid bosses often have at least one.
    • Some bosses only expose one during certain attacks.
  • Company Cross References: The device Nadine carries around with her looks suspiciously like a Sheikah Slate.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Crosshair Aware attacks come in two types. Red and yellow ones can be avoided by performing a skill, and purple ones will hit anyone within its area regardless of what they are doing.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: The game is mostly playable with other people. Raid battles, in particular, require you to play in co-op.
  • Cool Horse: "Scorn the Destrier" is a wyrmprint that tells the story of the horse that Emperor Dane rode on, that whoever broke him in would be king.
  • Cooldown Manipulation:
    • Skill Prep and Shapeshift Prep pre-fill your respective gauges by a certain amount at the start of a quest.
    • Skill Haste and Dragon Haste boost the fill rate of their respective gauges.
  • Corrupt Church: The Ilian Church isn't evil or irrideemable, but it is a hot mess of political backstabbing and hypocritical or exploitative clergy. "Agents of the Goddess" reveals that the Scrolls of Perdition were enough to split the SOUTHERN half of the church into factions.
  • Cosmic Horror: While The Accursed Archives was more on the side of Lovecraft Lite, the Stirring Shadows story event is basically a Lovecraft short story starring Curran and Heinwald.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: The "A New Year's Challenge" has Taro, Emma and Joe climb a mountain so Taro can see the first sunrise of the new year and make a wish. While they make it, he learns from Emma that she prays to Apollo. With that, he vows next year to pray to Apollo instead.
  • Critical Status Buff: The Last series of abilities give a substantial boost the first time its user's HP falls below a certain amount.
  • Crosshair Aware: Some of the enemies' and bosses' stronger attacks will have colored areas appear on the ground indicating where and how soon it'll hit.
  • Crossover:
    • A crossover promotional event occurs between Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes held on April 2019. During the event, players could summon Marth, Fjorm, and Veronica, while Alfonse is the Guest-Star Party Member requiring friendship points to be a permanent member. The event returned on April 2020 to coincide the series' 30th anniversary.
    • An event held on late November 2019 involving Mega Man features the Blue Bomber as the Guest-Star Party Member who requires friendship points. Rush also appears as Mega Man's exclusive dragon form.
    • An event held on February 2020 involving Monster Hunter note , making it the second Capcom crossover. The Rathalos makes an appearance as a recruitable character with its Dreadking version being obtainable in the gacha. During the event, Fatalis is also recruitable through the gacha as well as a raid boss. Hunter themed versions of Berserker, Vanessa and Sarisse were added to the gacha as well.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: The Ilian Church is basically the Theme Park Version of Christianity if Jesus were a woman and also had a pet dragon. It even has denominations/sects: the northern Ilian Church (the Ilian Church of Grams; the original sect) and the southern Ilian Church (the Ilian Church of Alberia; the newer sect). The southern Church is separated further with perditionist and conservatives.

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