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This page covers tropes in Dragalia Lost.

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  • King Mook: Some bosses you face are souped-up versions of regular enemies.
  • Keep It Foreign: All characters from Taiwu have their name transliterated as pinyin rather than romaji. Thus the names Suou, Kugai, Hourai, Sanzang, Gyokuryuu, and Goku become Su Fang, Ku Hai, Peng Lai, Xuan Zang, Yulong, and Wu Kong.

  • Let's You and Him Fight:
    • During "Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes", the Prince's crew come across Alfonse escorting Veronica. As the Prince's crew saw someone resembling Veronica leading Dyrenell troops earlier, they assume Alfonse to be part of Dyrenell and demand that he and Veronica surrender to them. Alfonse, on the other hand, saved the real Veronica from Dyrenell troops pursuing her and assumes the Prince and crew to be part of Dyrenell as well. As neither side refuses to submit to the other, they square off.
    • "Fire Emblem: Kindred Spirits" has three battles against other Guest Fighters. First, the prince and crew have to break Peony out of a black mana-induced trance. Second, they have to halt a rampaging Tiki. Finally, they are tested by Chrom to see if they possess the resolve to proceed with their plan.
  • Level Grinding: Leveling up dragons, wyrmprints, weapons, and adventurers in general. As their levels get higher, so do the amount of EXP required, to the point that it's more convenient to use specialized items to level them up instead (i.e. Crystals and dragonfruit for adventurers and dragons respectively). In the case of weapons and wyrmprints, it's generally better to level them up using Gold Whetstone and Consecrated Water respectfully than using weapons and wyrmprints obtained from drops at higher levels.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up: Raising your player level will fill your current stamina by an amount equal to your new maximum stamina, and you gain 12 Getherwings. If this exceeds your maximum stamina and Getherwing count, excess stamina and Getherwings will be stored.
  • Limit Break:
    • There are skills each character can activate once enough damage is dealt, which can range from more damaging attacks to healing and buffing the team.
    • Transforming into a dragon is controlled by a meter, which builds by killing enemies and damaging bosses.
  • Little Bit Beastly: All members of the Sylvan race have ears that look like a cross between a cat's and a bunny's.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: The game launched with sixty adventurers and thirty-five dragons. As of 2020 it has added nearly fifty more dragons and over a hundred adventurers, and there's a whole lot more to come. It's a big cast.
  • Locked Room Mystery: At the end of Gala Alex's story, a Templar informs her that Archbishop Magnus, the mastermind behind the events in her story, was found stabbed to death in his cell, and it was locked from the inside.

  • Madness Mantra: One of the people-books the Prince's group read in "The Accursed Archives" repeats "MAKE IT STOP" and "STOP ME" intermittently.
  • Magikarp Power: Almost all Adventurers fall prey to this trope in some form or another, as they come at level 1, no Mana Nodes unlocked, and with a very bad weapon, all of which you have to power up or obtain yourself. The prime example would be Xania. She starts out as a 3-star Adventurer. Six Void Seeds, several Flamewyrm's Scales/Scaldscales, metric tons of Mana and Elemental Orbs, many High Brunhilda and Very Hard campaign runs, and a whopping 98,000 Eldwater later, you have an extremely powerful Squishy Wizard with stun resist that specializes in Burn-inflicting skills that hit like a wrecking ball.
  • Male Gaze: Whenever a female character switches to a new outfit, you can expect a sequence where your view pans over their new duds. For example, in "Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis", Vanessa changing to a Kirin armor set is shown in a scene where she equips each individual piece. In contrast, Berserker changes to a Rathalos set with little fanfare off-screen.
  • Marathon Boss: The Astral Raid versions of bosses on Master difficulty are this as they not only attack faster, but also have more HP, with the time limit being 10 minutes instead of 3.
  • Meaningful Echo: The original version of Euden has a home screen line about how he needs to practice his instrument more, as it sounds like a cat being strangled. His Gala version's home screen line states that it's really good now, reflecting his growth. Audric also has a home screen line referring to the instrument, as it was a gift he gave Euden a long time ago.
  • Mercy Invincibility: Getting hit by an attack that launches you into the air or knocks you on the ground will grant invincibility until you get up, even against purple area attacks. Enemies used to be invulnerable when they were knocked onto the ground, but this was later removed.
  • Metal Slime: Rare enemies sometimes show up during levels. These enemies are much stronger and more aggressive than the other enemies in the level and can disappear if they aren't killed in time, but the rewards they drop are also better.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Most of Gala Mym's adventurer stories focus on her Imagine Spots of a married life with the Prince. The last episode takes a turn for the somber when she curses being born a dragon, as she'll eventually outlive all her human companions.
    • The epilogue of A Clawful Caper ends in a happy note welcoming the new year, for New Alberia's side at least. Meanwhile in Hinomoto, Semei the Ox Wyrmclan leader had gone missing with grave implications if foul play was done by a certain suspected party.
    • The epilogue of Rhythmic Resolutions, reveals that Marvelous Naoto is the servant of Seimei speaking some ominous foreshadowing about the Prince.
  • Moon Rabbit: Played with in the "Moonlight Party" wyrmprint as Laranoa has Linnea turn mochi that he pounds, with the refined print showing them eating dango at night.
  • Mutually Exclusive Party Members: Adventurers cannot be on the same team as an alternate version of themselves. The only exception is co-op, e.g. Regular Ranzal with Gala Ranzal via two or more different players controlling either.
  • Mystery Episode: "Doomsday Getaway" involves a murder mystery plot starting with the death of Luca.

  • Never Trust a Trailer: The "Fire Emblem: Kindred Spirits" trailer shows a moment where Sharena tells the prince she's been a fan of his for decades, suggesting that the event might involve some time travel shenanigans. Come the actual event, after saying that, Sharena clarifies that it only feels like it, and she was being hyperbolic.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: Sunlight Stones and Damascus Bricks also exist in this game, with their names unchanged, and icons looking like their Granblue Fantasy counterparts.
  • New Year Has Come:
    • The "New Year Tidings Fortune From Afar" event is western New Year mixed in with Lunar New Year. It has Ieyasu, leader of the Boar Clan, visit the prince to deliver gifts and good fortune.
    • A proper Lunar New Year raid is in the “Skyborne Spectacle” event.
    • The "New Year Tidings A Clawed Caper" is the sequel to Tidings from Afar which formally introduces two new Wyrmclans; Mitsuhide, leader of the Mouse Clan and Nobunaga, leader of the Horse Clan.
  • No Casualties Run: invoked Many quests grant a bonus award if no one in your party is incapacitated.
  • No-Damage Run: invoked Some quests grant a bonus if the character you control never takes damage. Cast From Hitpoints abilities don't violate this condition.
  • Non-Combat EXP:
    • Crystals can be used to level up adventurers outside of combat. They come in bronze, silver, and gold varieties.
    • Dragons can only level up by giving them dragonfruit or sacrificing a different dragon to them.
    • For weapons and wyrmprints, the player can use weapons/wyrmprints obtained as loot to level them up, but the player can also use whetstone and waters to level them up respectfully, which can normally be obtained from events or certain starter packs.
  • Not the Intended Use: While Damascus Ingots and Steel Bricks are supposed to be used to upgrade weapons more easily, they can also be used to quickly obtain rare materials. By unbinding a weapon and then dismantling it, the player receives all of the materials that would've been needed if they tried to unbind the weapon without Damascus Ingots/Steel Bricks. This is helpful if the player is trying to make a different weapon or upgrade certain facilities.

  • Obvious Rule Patch: To prevent players from using Damascus Ingots to unbind them and dismantle them for the highly limited materials used to make them, weapons crafted from materials dropped by the Advanced Dragon Trials on Expert and Master cannot be dismantled.
  • Oh My Gods!: Most characters use Ilia's name for such excalamtions. One conspicuous exception is Lathna, who instead calls out to a nonspecific "savior"/"kami-sama" when distressed. This is because she worships the Ancient One.
  • Ominous Cube: In the main campaign, there are bosses in the shape of cubes with no real explanation of what they actually are.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: "Fractured Futures" has a good sign that one future is in dire straits. Notte is normally a cheerful fairy who's unflinchingly loyal to the Prince. It's a good sign that something went seriously wrong in the Bad Future when future Notte lashes out at the Prince.
  • One Stat to Rule Them All: Of all the stats in Dragalia, dragons and wyrmprints that boost the strength stat or adventurers that can boost the entire party's strength are highly valued over defensive-based adventurers, as the Timed Mission nature of certain quests and battles means the player needs to kill the boss as quickly as possible before time runs out.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons come in all shapes and sizes. Some low-rank dragons are called imps, for example. Some dragons can also assume a more humanoid form, with this setting's Jeanne d'Arc being the most obvious example in the gacha. Brunhilde proves it goes even further at the end of Chapter 3.
    • The only common trait that is shared by all dragons is to have horns and a tail.
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same: Rokkans are archetypal dwarves in every way except they have horns.
  • Our Elves Are Better: Sylvans are archetypal wood elves in every way but one — they have rabbit ears instead of simply pointed ones.

  • Palmtree Panic: The summer events, "A Splash of Adventure" and "A Crescendo of Courage" all invoke this with the heroes fighting fiends on the beach.
  • Peninsula of Power Leveling:
    • The Avenue of Power is intentionally designed to help players level up quickly by providing lots of crystals that can be used to level up adventurers.
    • The Preludes for the Advance Dragon Trials are toned down versions of Bonus Bosses meant to teach the mechanics, but the weekly bonus provides a lot of Succulent Fruits and Crimson Cores, especially if it's combined with the Double Daily Quest buff. However, those bonuses are only available three times a week.
    • "A Sweeping Retrospective" included three quests, "Fafnir Clean-Up", "Treasure Slime Clean-Up", and "Gold Slime Clean-Up". They were the best ways to gain experience, materials, and money, respectively, while they were active.
    • While "Monster Hunter: Primal Crisis" was active, the boss fight against Rathalos was the best quest to grind. Not only was the experience payout much higher than any other quest, it also dropped tons of basic materials that allowed newcomers to get a major jump on weapon crafting and facility leveling.
  • Phantasy Spelling: Holy knights in this game are called Paladyns, not paladins.
  • Piñata Enemy: Black Dragon Fatalis's raid from the Monster Hunter collab event is a subverted example of a Pinata Boss. The minimum Might needed to challenge his highest difficulty is a meager 7,800, and he drops tons of event currency, enhance materials, Elemental Orbs, and all types of Dragon Scales.
  • Pintsize Powerhouse: The "Flames of Reflection" event shows that even though Lazry is a rokka about the size of a child, she's strong enough that she can wield a giant blacksmith hammer one handed and also pick up a giant sword that even Ranzal had trouble holding.
  • Play Every Day: There are plenty of incentives to check in each day, like rotating dungeons, login bonuses, and daily missions.
  • Power Creep: This is expected in every gacha game, as later banners release stronger characters to the point where newer characters (especially higher rarity ones) makes the older characters nearly obsolete. The most blatant example is Gala Cleo, who happens to be so much of a power creep to all other Shadow adventurers to the point where players without her are locked out from doing High Jupiter Expert or Master altogether. Cygames address the issue of this trope with the introduction of Mana Spirals, which allows the player to further level their characters and unlock additional abilities for them; hence allowing the older characters to be on the same playing field with the newer characters.
  • Power Levels: Might is used as a rough indicator of how strong a character is. It's determined by the character's rarity, skills, and stats, along with the rarity and stats of their weapons, Wyrmprints, and dragons, with a dragon's Might also being determined by its bond level. Each stage has a Might requirement that has to be reached before it can be entered.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Knockback immunity is useful for keeping up the offensive without being slowed down by stray attacks, but it also removes Mercy Invincibility, meaning it can cause attacks that normally hit once to hit multiple times, likely resulting in death.
  • Precious Puppy: April Fools' Day 2020 presents Wagabond Pupper, an event where the Halidom is greeted with a puppy. Visiting the Dragon's Nest lets you feed and pet the puppy, while there's a quest where you give it a walk and (after forming a strong enough bond) play fetch with it.
  • Protection Mission: The first part of a Defensive Battle requires you to defend a key location from advancing enemy troops.

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