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Critical Existence Failure / Web Animation

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  • In a project for a Japanese class, known to many as the flash hit Final Fantasy A+, the main character continuously hits the Big Bad's weak point, the multiple choice section on the tail with his pencil sword. Every time he hits the tail, he hits a Wrong Answer, which takes twenty points off his "health", which are shown as his grade score (0-100). He hits every wrong answer at a grade of 50, which leaves him with -10 health. Possibly hanging a lampshade to this, the boss wonders how he's still alive when he makes the final blow, hitting the Right Answer for 9999 damage.
    • After the fight, players see that the protagonist is wiped out, with a double F grade on his forehead. The Headmaster comes in and tells him to move his hair over to show that it's not a FF but a FFA+, which stands for Final Fighter A+. Not only did he get a full heal, but he graduated.
  • In the internet game "Need For Madness", the object of the game is to race a car against other cars, or "waste" all the other cars so your car is the only one left. Since your car can also be wasted, there is a guage at the corner of the screen that indicates how damaged your car is. You can have an extreme amount of damage and still be alive, but if your damage reaches 100%, you are wasted.
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  • In The Adventures of Bayou Billy, you can be suplexed, stand up, then instantly fall over dead. Lampshaded by Spoony in his review.
  • Parodied in Star Crafts, which at one point shows a Medivac with 1 hit point left as little more than a dented metal slab with a single sputtering engine that is somehow still able to fly.


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