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Takuya Eguchi (江口 拓也) is a seiyuu affiliated with 81 Produce. He was born on May 22, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. His characters are mostly teenage boys of the Nice Guy variety, often with Determinator qualities. Quite a few of his main roles happen to be blue-eyed blonds.

Some facts:
  • He is 187 cm tall.
  • He loves curry.
  • He is friends with seiyuu Yuki Ono. They have a web radio program together called YuuTaku Doratsuku.
  • Part of "Trignal", which consists of Ryohei Kimura, Tsubasa Yonaga and himself.
  • He won the Best Rookie Actor award at the 6th Seiyuu Awards in 2012.


Notable roles by Takuya Eguchi:

Tropes associated with him and his works:

  • Animal Motif: Giraffe.
  • Badass Baritone
  • The Big Guy: He's 187cm/6'2 tall.
  • Dye Hard: He frequently dyes his hair a multitude of colors, ranging from blonde to pink. Fans had joked about this one time, leading to this infamous statement:
  • Gentle Giant: He's among one of the tallest seiyuus and is considered to be an overall saint by his juniors, especially by Soma Saito and Kōtarō Nishiyama. Hiroshi Kamiya has joked that his bank account is in trouble because of his overwhelming kindness.
  • Large Ham: Voices a couple of them and is definitely one, considering that there are contemplations of him yelling randomly.
  • Nice Guy: Voices quite a few of these.
    • He's known to be one himself, with many of his fellow voice actors saying that he's too nice as he's known for throwing his money around for his juniors.


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