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Koei Co., Ltd. 『株式会社コーエー』 is a video game company best known for its historically-based (and loosely-based) video games, especially those set in feudal China or Japan. They made their name in Japan with Turn-Based Strategy games such as Nobunaga's Ambition, but outside Japan their most known and successful series is the Warriors (Musou) franchise of Hack and Slash games (which includes Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, the crossover Warriors Orochi, and all the licensed crossovers).

The company also distributes games from Nippon Ichi's catalog in North America and Europe. In 2010, Koei merged with Tecmo, and the resulting parent company became known as Tecmo Koei Corporation. Its name was changed again to Koei Tecmo Corporation in July 2014 to be more in line with its "KT" logo, similarly to Bandai Namco changing its name from Namco Bandai Games Inc. the same year.


Yoko Kanno worked for Koei in the late 80s and early 90s, composing scores for many of their games.

Games created/developed by Koei:

Dating Sim

Hack and Slash

Role-Playing Game

Simulation Game

Turn-Based Strategy

Other Games

1 - published or developed as Tecmo Koei/Koei Tecmo Games
2 - developer; published by Nintendo
3 - developer; published by Bandai Namco Games
4 - publisher; developed by Gust Co., Ltd.
5 - developer; published by Square Enix

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