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Hear me Kings of Eire! Cowering on your thrones!
Hear me Queens of Eire! Cringing in your rooms!
Hera me Champions of Eire! Crying in your drink!
The mere sound of my name strikes fear into all!
Bone Crusher! Battle Master! Blade Breaker!
The Balor of the Evil Eye!
The island of Eire is mine now!
There is nothing - no one who can stop me!
Defiance means death!
Fomor Chief Balor, game intro

A long time ago, the proud people of the island of Eire lived peacefully under the watchful eyes of goddess Danu.

But one day, Eire was invaded by fomors, conquering the island, scattering the tribes, razing everything in their way, all under the evil eye of their leader, Balor.

By Goddess Danu's request, your task is to unite the tribes, become their High Ruler and free Eire by killing Balor and banishing his fomor devils back to the underworld from which they came from.

Made in 1995 by Koei as part of their Imagination series, Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye (Celtic Crusade in Japan) is a Turn-Based Strategy with RPG Elements set on Ireland during the times of Celtic Mythology.

Available on Abandonia, though some of the sound files are missing.


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