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"My voice never let me down"

Isaac Bardavid (Rio de Janeiro Brazil, February 13, 1931-February 1, 2022) was a Brazilian actor, voice actor and poet, best known for his vast career in Brazilian dub. He's especially known as the most prominent voice of Wolverine, having voiced him on both the Animated Series and all of Hugh Jackman 's films, and associated to the characters of Skeletor, Captain Haddock and Robotnik.

In addition to his long-lived career as V.A., he was also a prolific TV actor, having participated in classic Brazilian soap operas in the 1970's and 80's, such as the original versions of Escrava Isaura and Gabriela.

As of 2021, he was still active, until his pulmonary emphysema he'd been suffering for years started to take a toll on his breath, limiting his ability to dub and eventually led to his death, twelve days prior to his 91th birthday. Even then, he still appeared in a few more dubs and work on his last poetry book and by his own words "(his) voice never let him down".



Live-Action Films

As John Hurt's characters:

As Anthony Hopkins' characters:

Other roles:

Live-Action TV

Video Games

  • League of Legends as Corki, Karthus (Original voice before rework. Replaced by Walter Breda)

Western Animation


  • Actor-Shared Background: He was of Turkish descent (his grandparents immigrated from Turkey) and played a Turkish character in the Brazilian telenovela Brave Woman (originally "Salve Jorge").
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: His raspy voice often served for villains, particularly older ones.
  • Vocal Evolution: As he aged, his voiced became more guttural, and it showed as he continued to voice a young-looking Wolverine in the X-Men film series (though it perfectly for the declining depiction of the character in Logan, which he recorded just a few days after his 86th birthday).