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After the success of last season's national ranking constantly in the Top 10 shows, The Amazing China is back once again with a new batch of celebrity racers and a bunch of twists: the Starting Line for this season is located at the first country teams traveled to (i.e. Australia), access to water are now limited to a water stand per Leg, introducing the risk of dehydration especially in physical challenges if water is not conserved, the concept of Intruder Teams where they only begin their Race in later Legs & must finish in first or second place to avoid elimination and a leg that consists a series of Intersection+Versus tasks where 2 teams of 2 must battle each other to avoid a final versus against each other.


The result...Teams travelled to more countries (8 in 10 compared to last season 7 in 11), the challenges are as difficult as the last (also giving tasks for the teammate that sat out the Roadblocks), and the teams getting first place are slightly less predictable. However, the cast is competitively weak, getting a huge amount of penalties & letting the stronger teammate do all the Roadblocks and the major twists ended up not mattering at all. Overall, this season has both significant improvements and flaws.


Han Geng & Wu Xin

Friends. Han Geng is known for being in a boy band Super Junior, while Wu Xin is a co-host for Happy Camp. Refer to Hankyung in here for individual tropes involving Han Geng outside The Amazing Race. They manage to get a decisive lead for not struggling to use the giant chopsticks to eat the spicy jelly, and get 1st for their efforts.

  • Accidental Aiming Skills: After several attempts with Wu Xin failing to shoot to the point they think of switching, she manages to shoot near the bullseye at her first target.
  • Born Lucky: Let's just say that if they were in another season where they have to compete with more competent set of balanced teams, the "intruders" actually being their competitors from the start and the equal Roadblock Rule is implemented, they (especially Wu Xin) will never get as far as they did and even win the race.
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  • Epic Fail: Their entire leg in Thailand. They had a major setback in finding the chicken the contains the clue, causing major exhaustion for Han Geng since Wu Xin is scared of chickens, and to go along with the setback that they are unable to catch up, Wu Xin managed to release her chicken (which is supposed to travel with them for the entire leg) to god knows where while Han Geng went to the toilet, earning them a 30 minute penalty. They are quite lucky that this is an Intruder leg, and the intruders does not finish in their target placement.
  • Interface Screw: Wu Xin after failing her first attempt, appears visibly shaking and giddy at Leg 4's Horse Detour the camera view from her perspective shakes accordingly.
  • Gratuitous French: Wu Xin at Leg 6 which takes place in Southeastern France.
  • Heroic BSoD: Han Geng during the Square Dance task in Sydney, when they repeatedly failed to pass the challenge (due to one of the dancers being unfamiliar to the song) despite being in a boy band where dancing is a necessity.
  • Lethal Chef: In the cooking challenge in France, Wu Xin put too much salt in her dish. Since Wu Xin boasted her cooking skills off-screen, Han Geng naturally called her a liar when he wrongly identified her dish after this.
  • The Load: Wu Xin only did 1 Roadblock, and that Roadblock is getting drenched in tomato juice while Han Geng needed to fling the tomato to a target.
  • Stunned Silence: Wu Xin after realising that by being ahead of the other teams, their U-Turn on Yang Qianhua & Ding Zigao worked. Han Geng to a lesser extent after trying to reassure her about it.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Lampshaded by Wu Xin as she's about to tear up, nervous about riding a horse.

Yang Qianhua & Ding Zigao

Hong Kong actress and her husband, while started off strong in the first 3 legs and Zi Gao got everybody feared his skills. Their subsequent performance got worse, even getting non-eliminated once. They ended up in 2nd for being beaten by Wu Xin & Han Geng.

  • Call-Back: To last season's Zhong Hanliang & Jackie's U-Turning of Jin Dachuan & Liu Chang who won the Express Pass. Teams this season figured to make them also waste their Express Pass too but the Chopstick Brothers as the deciding vote wound up U-Turning Feng Zhe & Zhu Zhu instead, leaving their pass safe.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In Leg 4 Cave Story Route Info, especially when they at first didn't see the Chinese names in the first pictures, dropping them from a comfortable 1st to 3rd.
  • Fatal Flaw: For Zi Gao, being too rash in decision making
    • Leg 3, where Qian Hua chided him for not trying to earn more money at the Detour, since that is their only task that gives them their allowance for the entire leg.
    • Leg 4, he simply choose to use the Express Pass at the Detour simply because Qian Hua fears water. As a result, the next task is a Double Battle where they have to wait for another team to arrive, and they struggled more at the Cave Story Task.
  • The Load: Qian Hua, while it's justified after she's hit by a bull, she only Roadblock is the same as Wu Xin.
  • Mistaken for an Imposter: A Chinese passer-by does not recognise Qianhua as Qianhua during Leg 3's Detour until she checks with her iPhone.
  • Precision F-Strike: Zigao, upon being U-Turned by Han Geng & Wu Xin who truly think they were falling behind them.

Xiao Yang & Wang Taili

Chopstick bros. Collectively behind the viral video "Little Apple" which appears several times throughout the leg. Their performance would make Dandrew proud, given that they managed to be in the finale despite being in the bottom 2 for 7 of the 9 legs.

  • Creator Backlash: Played for Laughs to their viral hit "Little Apple" when it's used as the routine and choreography for the Square Dancing task in Sydney. Since they found out that there are changes in the choreography, and having to do the task with strangers.
  • Failed a Spot Check: During the Ship task in Sydney, it took a boat trip back to the shore to realize that they needed the clue to proceed, which took them time back to the ship and subsequently, taking the hardest option to get the clue (having to climb up).
  • Groin Attack: Taili in Leg 5's Tomatina Festival roadblock, accompanied with a gag sound effect!
  • Non-Action Guy: Taili, who evaded the first three physical Roadblocks and even forced Xiao Yang to quit Leg 2's Roadblock after they were both required to bungee-jump. Wu Xin also easily ripped off his belt during Leg 4's Double Battle. In their entire race, Taili only did one Roadblock, in the penultimate leg.

Deng Ziqi & Zhang Yunjing

Singer friends from Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively. Despite having a leg win, they constantly scrapped behind the pack, surviving 3 non-elimination legs. They were eliminated in Marseilles, France.

  • Apologises a Lot: Towards the Chopsticks Brothers after the Double Battle in leg 4, given that the Chopsticks Brothers decides to throw their battle after Yunjing's freak out. They dedicate their first place for that leg to them in the end.
  • Asian Drivers: Both of them had some difficulty with the GPS from the start, and Yunjing nearly damaged the car tires for not releasing the car break in Sydney.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Received in Leg 5's Double-Battle despite using an "appropriate" weapon.
  • Elimination Montage: They receive an unsually long one summarising their turbulent progress in the Race.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Ziqi is in her early 20s while Yunjing has just started her 30s.
  • Joke Item: Their Weapon of Choice, fake jousting lances, in Leg 5's Double-Battle turns out to be this due to their poor technique and lack of force applied.
  • Title Drop: Ziqi with the Chinese title upon their elimination.
    Ziqi: 可是,在我们以后的未来,我们才刚刚开始极速前进Translation 
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Accidentally done by Yunjing in Leg 4's Double-Battle as she was driven to tears at how rough Xiao Yang & Wang Taili were while trying to rip off their belts.

Zeng Zhiwei & Zeng Baoyi

Father and Daughter. Both prevalent in the Chinese entertainment industry, Zhiwei is especially more known for hosting popular Hong Kong variety show Super Trio for over a decade. Old age doesn't get in the way for Zhiwei and for the first 3 legs never in the risk of the bottom two placings. In Leg 4, Zhiwei sprained his wrist in the Double Battle forcing them to wait for other teams and a penalty. Despite using the Express Pass Yang Qianhua & Ding Zigao gave them at the beginning of the leg and initially finished in 2nd, the penalty at the Pit Stop that they had to wait out from skipping the homestay task cost them the Race with all teams checking in within the penalty time.

  • Cool Old Guy: Zhiwei. Despite being 4 years older than last season's Tielin, he's much more invigorated and sprinted the fastest at the Starting Line.
  • Heroic RRoD: Zhiwei overexerting himself in Leg 3. Part of the reason they quit the homestay task and ended up getting 1-hour penalty at the 4th Pit Stop, ultimately granting their elimination.

Feng Zhe & Zhu Zhu

Dating. Feng Zhe is an Olympian gymnast with multiple gold medals but despite appearing to be a promising team, he and his girlfriend were U-Turned in Leg 2 setting them far behind the pack. They had a close opportunity to beat the Chopstick Brothers who quit their Roadblock to the Pit Stop but they inputted the wrong location to their car's GPS leading hundreds of kilometres away, wasting their time and eliminating them in 6th place.

    Intruder Teams (Spoilers Ahead) 

Throughout the Race, there are several teams that would join in as intruders. These teams would only stay if they finish 1st or 2nd place in Legs.

Yuan Zihui & Yuan Heyu

Siblings. Despite winning the leg they debuted and getting themselves to compete in the race, the next leg saw themselves in an experimental leg of a series of Versus along an Intersection with the Chopsticks Bros which they lost. They were eliminated in the final Versus against the Chopsticks Bros due to being a "knowing your partner about other teams" challenge.

Kim Jong-kook & Lee Kwang-soo

Bros. Both frequenting Running Man. Their sole race in Thailand is strong despite some setbacks, but were eliminated in 2nd as they needed first to be in the race.


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