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The second installment of The Amazing Race Asia did nothing to improve on the negative aspects of the first season. Despite having the most ambitious travel course note ,there were still an overabundance of non-elimination legs, and a lack of Confession Cam footage and voiceovers that caused the show to dragnote . At the same time, the course was much weaker than the first season's, with many overly simple and straightforward tasks. The erratic placement of equalizers evened up the teams multiple times on some legs, while leaving them hours apart on others, leading to several legs where the eliminated team was fairly evident early on in the episode. Nor was the season very competitive, as two teams dominated the others, finishing as the top two teams in nine separate legs. Not to mention, none of this was helped by how the season ran almost simultaneously with The Amazing Race 12, which was busy reinventing many aspects of the series, making Asia Season 2 feel archaic in comparison.


Adrian Yap & Collin Low

Gym buddies from Singapore, Adrian is deaf. They spent much of the season in 2nd place behind the dominating Marc & Rovilson, finishing second to them seven times over the course of the season. While both teams excelled at the game, they could not have been more opposite personality wise. While Marc & Rovilson stood out because of their antics, Adrian & Collin were more contemplative and stoic in their gameplay, being all business compared to Marc & Rovilson's fun. Despite nearly making a fatal mistake in the finale, letting their cab go after finding the clue at the Raffles Statue, forcing them to immediately have to hail another one, Adrian used his childhood knowledge of world flags to breeze by Vanessa and Rovilson at the Final Exam Finale flag Roadblock, winning them the Race.


  • Always Second Best: They had six 2nd place finishes to Marc & Rovilson before winning leg 9.
  • Chekhov's Hobby: As a child, Adrian had a passion for world knowledge and his mom bought him a book containing all the world's flags, and so he blasted by the other two teams at the final Roadblock, despite them arriving last.
  • Disability Immunity: Adrian was barely affected by the Jump Scares in the Spookers Haunted house in New Zealand, as he could not hear the screaming.
  • Failed a Spot Check: They had trouble starting their car in the penultimate leg. Sure, they were used to turning a key to start the ignition, and not pushing a button, but as Marc said, the button said "Push to Start" right on it.
  • Flawless Victory
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Adrian was deaf.
  • Loophole Abuse: Forced to wait several hours for the Petrin Lookout Tower in Prague to open so they could climb it and count its steps, they and Ann & Diane went and Googled the number of steps.
  • Out of Focus: Mostly due to the fact that neither of them were the biggest of talkers, Adrian due to being deaf, and Collin's mastery of the English language was weakest of any of the contestants. Most of their charicterization in the final legs came from Marc & Rovilson talking about them.
  • Read the Freaking Clue: They got turned away from the 9th Pit Stop because they had not parked their car in the marked area. This did not effect their overall placement, as they still won the leg.
  • Reality Show Genre Blindness: They almost made a fatal mistake in the finale, letting their taxi driver go upon reaching the Raffles Statue, and forcing them to hail another one, dropping them out of a virtual tie for 1st with Marc & Rovilson and into last place.
  • The Stoic: Marc & Rovilson nicknamed them "The Terminators" due to their lack of emotion.
  • Underdogs Never Lose: Not exactly underdogs in general, but they underdogs to Marc & Rovilson.

Pamela Chong & Vanessa Chong

Sisters from Malaysia. After winning the first leg, they would spend most of the season scrambling along behind Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin, struggling to stay in the Race while the two male teams excelled. They appeared to be an afterthought going into the finale, but the mid-leg flight to Singapore allowed them to catch up to the other teams. They went into the final flag Roadblock in 2nd place, and though Vanessa was able to pass Rovilson on the task, Adrian blew right by her, and they ended up 2nd.

  • Big Eater: They got their lone leg win in the first episode when they downed their eight balut quickly, easily outpacing Marc & Rovilson next to them.
    Marc: Those girls are inhuman.
  • Consolation Prize: While they lost in the finale, they also were just happy to have at least beaten Marc & Rovilson and not been left behind in 3rd place again.
  • Drives Like Crazy: After spending much of the race annoying her sister with how slow she drove, something about the race car Roadblock in leg 11 unlocked this in Vanessa, as she drove much faster for the rest of the leg, then drove in the break down lane in the finale to circumvent a traffic jam.
    Vanessa: Why am I driving like a race car driver again?
  • Driving Stick: Vanessa had driven stick before, on and off, but driving on the other side of the car in the Czech Republic and Hungary threw her off.
  • Easy Amnesia: Vanessa suffered this in the Czech Republic after jumping into a pool from a 10-meter board, repeatedly forgetting the task she had just done.
  • Elevator Buttons Mash: Pamela did this at Shibuya Mark City, when she accidentally hit the panel with her bag.
  • No Sense of Direction: They were actually in the lead halfway through the penultimate leg, but got lost looking for the Intyatyambo Community Project, dropping them to 3rd.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with Pamela & Vanessa from the 1st Philippine season. The first case where two teams from different editions of the Race share the same names.
  • Read the Freaking Clue:
    • Leaving the carabao Roadblock in leg 2, neck and neck with Marc & Rovilson for 1st, they failed to read the part of the clue telling them the gas station they were looking for was in Manila, dropping them to the second bus and costing them a chance for their second straight leg win.
    • They got turned away from the 9th Pit Stop because they did not parked their car in the marked area. This did not effect their overall placement.
  • Reality Show Genre Blindness: In leg 7, they were told to look for a "holey statue" on the Charles Bridge in Prague. It took them forever to find their clue inside a hole in a statue. Noted, they were not the only team to take a long time to find the clue, but it did take them the longest, and they were the only team not to get the hole-y part right away.
  • Sex Sells: In leg 2, Marc commented how the sisters had an easier time getting their bus to leave than they would have.
  • Sibling Team
  • Spanner in the Works: While driving to the Spookers Haunted House in leg 3, they got side swiped by a lady who insisted on calling the cops, delaying them by over half an hour. They survived the leg due to Aurelia & Sophie and Brett & Kinaryosih's navigation errors.

Marc Nelson & Rovilson Fernandez

Friends from the Philippines, they ran the most statistically dominant season of any team in the franchise, winning eight legs and never finishing below 2nd place prior to the finale. Aside from dominating the gameplay, they also dominated the airtime, their goofy antics being focused on frequently throughout the season. They looked like locks to win in the finale, and even led for most of the leg, but Rovilson fell apart on the flag Roadblock, getting passed by both Adrian and Vanessa, and, for the first time all season, they finished in 3rd.

  • Asian Drivers: Joked about by Marc in South Korea, where he said that he was used to driving in the Philippians, where you can drive on any side of the road. Later in the leg, when they were stuck in traffic, Rovilson said how annoying it was that South Korean's were obeying the traffic laws, as that meant they couldn't weave through the traffic jam.
  • Bald of Awesome: Rovilson.
  • Batman Gambit:
    • At the Fast Forward in leg 10, they were racing against Collin & Adrian to count the fence posts on the Erzsebet Bridge. When they failed their second attempt, the decided to act like they had gotten the clue in order to make Adrian & Collin give up, This failed, as Adrian & Collin would keep going and get the clue on their next attempt.
    • They tried faking out Adrian & Collin again in the finale, while doing the extra Luck-Based Mission quad bike task. Each bucket that didn't have a clue under it had hour-glasses of various sizes they would have to wait out before moving on. Knowing that Adrian & Collin were watching them and not checking under every bucket, after finding the clue, they sat there and waited out a fake timer while waiting for Adrian & Collin to pass them by. Once again, this did not work.
  • Born Lucky: Rovilson acredited their win streak to them being in the, "retarded luck zone," which had some basis, as they always got the best cab drivers, and on the lock Roadblock in leg 5, Marc found the correct lock on his first try.
  • Call It Karma: What they said would happen to Adrian & Collin after the friends stole their cab leaving the Tae Kwon Do studio in leg 5 .
  • Catch-Phrase Spouting Duo: Most prominently they had, "Money," which they used during tasks, and, "Base," for checking into the Pit Stop, usually accompanied by a dance.
  • Comical Overreacting: Their part of the title sequence has them overly celebrating Rovilson sinking a one-foot putt.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: From legs 2 through 8, they finished 1st place seven times, the only blip during that time being Daichi & Sawaka dominating them in the first half of the leg 5 double leg, in their home country of Japan. They were only beaten to the mat 6 times the entire season, one of those being by a Fast Forward, and two of them being in the finale, and only three teams managed to score victories over them (Adrian & Collin three times, Pamela & Vanessa twice, and Ann & Diane oncenote ). Their 1.42 finishing average remains the best in franchise history, with only five other teams coming within half a placement point of them. If it weren't for Rovilson falling apart in the final flag task, they would have finished the season without ever placing lower than 2nd.
  • Directionless Driver: Averted. Rovilson wore a shirt saying, "Real Men Ask For Directions."
  • Drives Like Crazy: Marc, in general. He complained in countries where people actually obeyed traffic laws (See Asian Drivers), and spun out his race car at low speed at the Roadblock in leg 11.
  • Face Palm: Marc, in the finale, upon seeing Vanessa pass Rovilson at the flag Roadblock, dooming them to 3rd place. Each subsequent failure by Rovilson caused his to escalate his Face Palming.
  • Failed a Spot Check: At the Fast Forward, they counted 2376 posts but Marc accidentally typed in 2276 into the safe. It ended up not mattering as the number was 2377
  • Follow That Car: While directing their rickshaw to the Sony Building in Tokyo, they just directed their driver to follow the Japanese team of Daichi & Sawaka.
  • Fun Personified:
  • Fun T-Shirt: They both wore several over the course of the season, such as Marc's "Dropped as a Baby" shirt.
  • Heads or Tails?: How they decided between the goldfish or dry cleaning Detours in Tokyo.
  • Honor Is Fair Play: They said that when they finished they race, they wanted to be proud of the way they had played, which was not dirty.
  • I Was Beaten by a Girl: Rovilson said it was embarrassing when Pamela & Vanessa crushed them in eating balut in the first leg.
  • Large Ham: A lot of their airtime was taken up by various bits and antics, like wearing fake mustaches through the sixth episode.
  • Look Behind You: Rovilson attempted this on their soccer goalie in the finale, yelling, "Look, it's Superman."
  • Mobile Shrubbery: They both grabbed branches that they "hid" behind while running up to the 9th Pit Stop.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Both of them. Rovilson even made some extra cash in Frankfurt by dancing on stage for the local women.
  • No-Damage Run: One of the most impressive, as prior to the final leg they never placed lower than 2nd and won 8 legs.
  • No Sense of Direction: Rovilson, according to their comments and shirts.
  • Nothing Personal: Their decision to Yield Ann & Diane in leg 10 was not for reasons personal or gameplay, but because Paula & Natasha asked them to.
  • Oh, Crap!: In leg 10, when they saw that they had just wasted an hour at the Fast Forward, only to lose it to Adrian & Collin. However, as there was no equalizer on the leg, this only allowed the trailing teams to catch up ot them, not pass them.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Their decision to "disguise themselves" by wearing fake mustaches during the second half of leg 5.
  • Pretty Boy: What Vanessa & Pamela called them, saying they were too prissy to use their hands to pick up the elephant dung in the leg 11 Detour.
  • Read the Freaking Clue: While looking for Cape Point in the finale, they failed to take the funicular up to the lighthouse, and just started following signs pointing down to the water, allowing Adrian & Collin to pass them.
  • Reveal Shot: While running to find the fourth Pit Stop, being made to look like they were in a footrace for 1st with Adrian & Collinnote , the camera showed them worriedly reading their clue, only for them to then leap forward onto the mat, and the show then cut to another angle to show they had done this whole act in front of Allan and the greeter.
  • The Rival: They saw Adrian & Collin as this, seeing them as their biggest competition, and using them as motivation to constantly perform better.
  • Rubber-Band A.I.: They got hit with this four times in leg 7. Four times they managed to get a lead, only for an airport, a train, an hours of operation point, and another train to equalize them up with most of the other teams each time.
  • Shirtless Scene: Marc, at the mud pit Roadblock.
    Rovilson: Come on, this isn't a calendar shoot.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Due to their domination of the game and being Large Hams, they got a lot of airtime, and (for better or worse) were relied on to provide much of the entertainment for the season.
  • This Is A Race: They apologized for being rude to a bus driver in Manila by saying this.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: When told to fly to Japan:
    Marc & Rovilson: Konnichiwa, bitches!
  • Too Dumb to Fool: When they were worried about the other teams playing mind games in the penultimate leg, Rovilson said mind games didn't effect them, as they had nothing in their heads to fool.
  • Troll: When Marc had to do the mud pit Roadblock in leg 4, Rovilson was overjoyed at the prospect that Marc had to do it and not he, and would not let his partner hear the end of it. He even made up an extra task, a two minute Maori dance, that he told Marc he had to do.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: "Ghosts and creepy dark places" for Rovilson.
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On: While they were spending the day in Frankfurt, waiting for their train to Prague, Rovilson decided to try to make some extra money by going into a club and dancing on stage. Cue local women stuffing dollars in his waistband, and one even trying to pull off his pants.
    Rovilson: Man, stripping is hard.
  • You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!: Rovilson, upon seeing the room full of gemstones they'd have to search through for the Detour in the finale.

Ann Tan & Diane Douglas

Dancing mums from Malaysia. They spent most of the season hovering in 3rd and 4th place, eternally stuck behind the domination of Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin. They were also curt and businesslike in their gameplay, enough so that most of the other teams disliked them and were gunning for their elimination. After surviving a Yield to make it to the top 4, they were the only team to secure tickets all the way through to Cape Town, South Africa before leaving Hungary. However, the other teams would find a faster flight upon reaching Frankfurt, dropping the moms almost an hour behind to start the leg, and they were unable to make up that time, eliminating them in 4th.

  • Batman Gambit: In the second half of leg 5, while in last place and searching for the clue at the Nurimaru APEC House, they decided to lie to Sawaka & Daichi that they had already found the clue. It worked, as Sawaka & Daichi proceeded to argue over whether the moms were lying to then, giving them time to backtrack and find the clue, and putting Daichi & Sawakwa in last.
  • Conflict Ball: After spending the first four legs almost conflict free between the teams, the fifth leg started with Paula & Natasha, Henry & Terri, and Sawaka & Daichi talking about how much they hated Diane for being sneaky and cutthroat. While there was some basis in this, the way it was suddenly sprung, at the beginning of the fifth leg without anything to set it up in the first four, makes it this trope. This would continue on after that episode, with the teams continuing to see them as the least trust-worthy team, despite almost none of these acts never making it to air.
  • Driving Stick: Ann had not driven a manual in years, causing her to be nervous when she was forced to drive in Hungary and South Africa.
  • Invented Invalid: While trying to get tickets on the sold out flight to Frankfurt, Ann invented a sick aunt.
  • Loophole Abuse: Forced to wait several hours for the Petrin Lookout Tower in Prague to open so they could climb it and count its steps, they and Adrian & Collin went and Googled the number of steps.
  • Mood Dissonance: In the seventh leg, the contestants received video messages from loved ones at home. This is obviously done by the show in an attempt to get an emotional response out of the contestants, who have not seen their loved ones in weeks, and most of the time it works. However, Ann's reaction to seeing her husband pop up on the phone screen is to tell Diane to skip the message, because her husband is long-winded and will talk forever.
  • No Sense of Direction: They got lost repeatedly in New Zealand, preventing them from running with the front of the pack in those two legs.
  • Read the Freaking Clue:
    • At the bean jar Roadblock in leg 6, instead of just lifting the lid and looking under it like the clue said, Diane started digging in the bean jar until a woman told her to stop.
    • At the zipline Roadblock in leg 9, Ann drove off to familiarize herself with the stick shift on the car before being released by the judges. As she was not there, Diane could not start the task, and they lost their lead on Marc & Rovilson.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Heights for Ann.

Paula Taylor & Natasha Monks

Childhood friends from Thailand, Paula is a well known television hostess and presenter in Thailand. They ran a mostly unremarkable Race, with much of their airtime taken up by their dislike of Ann & Diane, and their plotting to get the moms eliminated. They finished last in leg 9 due to No Sense of Direction, but were non-eliminated. However, as the next leg stayed in Hungary, and there was no equalizer on the leg, they never saw another team, even with Ann & Diane getting Yielded, and were eliminated in 5th. Paula would return as the first leg Pit Stop Greeter in Season 3.

  • Call It Karma: At the swan boat task in leg 6, they said Ann & Diane would be hit by karma for the horrible crime of not saying anything to them when they passed each other.
  • Don't Look Down: The trope in general was discussed by Paula after passing between the Suntec Towers via wire in the first leg.
  • Driving Stick: They only took one manual lesson each before coming on the Race, and it showed in the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: They called Ann & Diane "arrogant" and said they had "no sense of team spirit" in leg 6 just because the moms didn't say "hi" to them.
  • Foregone Conclusion: They started their final leg in last place, an hour behind the next team, Marked for Elimination, and there was no equalizer to catch them up. Even with the Yielding of Ann & Diane, they never saw another team on the leg.
  • The Glomp: To Alan when they were saved by non-elimination in leg 9.
  • No Sense of Direction:
    • They got lost looking for the town square of Beroun, Check Republic, but had a large enough buffer on both sides of them that it didn't effect their placement.
    • Leg 9, they left the Roadblock in 3rd place, but got lost looking for Hercules Fountain, dropping to last place. but were saved by non-elimination.
  • Oh, Crap!: When they drove up to Prague Castle in leg 8 and saw the Intersection. They were in 5th place at the time and the only team behind them, Terri & Henry, hadn't even started the leg yet at that point.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Leg 7 at the Incheon airport, they were so upset at Ann & Diane's gameplay that they actually went to both Marc & Rovilson and Pamela & Vanessa to create a Final 3 alliance. They wanted to Yield the moms instead of the dominant Marc & Rovilson, or even Adrian & Collin.
  • Rubber-Band A.I.: They got hurt badly by the Intersection in leg 8. Due to being the only team to have to count the stairs at Petrin Lookout Tower multiple times, they fell to 5th place, and had to wait for Terri & Henry for 5 hours.
  • Sex Sells: Collin said they had a much easier time begging for money on their bus in leg 2 because they were women.
  • This Is A Race: Randomly invoked by Natasha, with no context, in the first episode.
  • Unknown Rival: Ann & Diane, They could not stand the moms, while the moms never showed the same level of animosity towards them.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Heights for Natasha, but only short heights, like wall climbing.

Henry Reed & Trinidad "Terri" Reed

Married couple from the Philippines, Terri spent much of the season yelling at Henry, abusing him to the point of tears. They also spent a lot of time at the back of the pack. Of their nine episodes, they finished in the bottom 2 seven times, including a dreadful three straight last place finishes. Their poor navigation in South Korea put them last into the Pit Stop in the 6th leg, only for them to be saved by non-elimination. This put them as the last team into the airport in the following leg, putting them last on all the waiting lists on the overbooked flights to Frankfurt, Germany, and they ended up on a flight twelve hours behind the other teams. They were saved by non-elimination once again, and even had the benefit of an Intersection to help make up the five hour gap between themselves and Paula & Natasha. Unfortunately, that same Intersection kept them paired with Paula & Natasha for two tasks, and with only a short Roadblock following the split up, they had no chance to survive, and were eliminated in 6th place.

  • Angrish: Terri was very hard to understand during her tirades
  • Born Lucky: They finished in second-to-last in four of the first five legs, surviving due to two teams falling apart at Detours, and another team's bad navigation. They would then finish last in three straight legs, getting non-eliminated twice, before finally being eliminated in leg 8
  • Death Glare: This seemed to be Terri's standard expression.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Averted, as no one was happy with the way Terri treated Henry.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Subverted in their final leg. Though they started 6 hours behind the team in front of them with a Marked for Elimination Penalty, the Intersection caught them up to Paula & Natasha, giving them at least a sliver of a chance to survive. However, once it became clear that the only task following the Intersection was a simple Roadblock where the team member just had to do a 10-meter dive, their elimination became fairly obvious once again.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Terri went off at the drop of a hat.
  • Henpecked Husband: Terri often reduced her husband to tears with her tirades.
  • I Heard That: While Terri was doing the bean jar Roadblock in leg 6, they naturally started arguing, after which Henry complained to the camera about how she had to do things her way, dropping a pair of f-bombs in the process. Terri stopped the task to stare at him, while saying how she heard his "bitching" in a Confession Cam.
  • Ironic Fear: Henry, a former U.S. Navy Petty Officer, was afraid of water.
  • Jerkass: Terri, due to her temper and abuse of Henry. Henry wasn't exactly the nicest guy either, like with how he stole Pamela's clue at the mud pit Roadblock, but he was nothing compared to his wife.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • At the mud pit Roadblock in leg 4, Pamela found a clue before Henry, but she was having issues pulling the stick they needed to trade for their clue out of the mud. When she took a break from pulling, Henry just swooped in and grabbed the stick for himself.
    • In leg 5, when Vanessa finished the ice bar Roadblock, Henry just looked at city she had given for the correct answer, and copied that.
  • Manipulative Editing: They were Marked for Elimination in their final leg, but this was never brought up during that episode, making it look like their race to the Pit Stop with Paula & Natasha actually was to avoid elimination.
  • Motor Mouth/No Indoor Voice: Terri talked a lot and she talked loudly, at least when she wasn't yelling.
  • No Sense of Direction: They got lost looking for the soy bean farm at the beginning of leg 6, dropping them to last place. Further navigation troubles over the rest of the leg would have gotten them eliminated if not for it being a non-elimination leg.
  • The Nicknamer: They started off the second leg by listing off nicknames they had for the other teams.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Terri.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Terri, to go along with her Death Glare.
  • Rage Quit: Terri did this on both the Flax and Sticks Detours in leg 4, when she was not immediately able to get either task. Only Sophie & Aurelia being so far behind saved them from elimination.
  • Shirtless Scene: Henry, at the mud pit Roadblock.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In their last leg, Henry talked about how they had been "crushing" everyone by making up a 12-hour deficit due to being unable to find a timely flight into Frankfurt, except all the time they had made up was due to the other teams waiting around at bunching points.
  • What an Idiot!: Invoked by Paula & Natasha in the fifth leg, when they questioned Terri & Henry's decision to Yield Rovilson & Marc, wondering why they would waste their Yield on a team they all assumed was in front of them.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Heights for Terri and water for Henry, despite having served in the U.S. Navy.

Sawaka Kawashima & Daichi Kawashima

Siblings, they were the only Japanese team in the show's four seasons. After spending the entirety of the first half of leg 5 in 1st place, leading the other teams in their own country, everything went wrong for them in the second half of the double leg. They got two bad cab drivers who dropped them to the back of the pack, and were the only team to attempt the longer Delivery Detour, instead of just reaching into a tank of octopi for two coins. What ultimately did them in though was when they were lost and searching for the clue at the Narumuri APEC House. Ann & Diane made sure they overheard a lie about them having already found the clue. While Daichi did not believe them, Sawaka did, and the time they spent arguing over this dropped them to last place, and they were eliminated in 7th.

  • Brother–Sister Team
  • Follow That Car: In their final leg, when their cab driver was lost leaving the airport, they just directed him to follow the other teams.
  • Out of Focus
  • Rubber-Band A.I.: They lead for entirety of the Japan portion of leg 5, but a equalizing point right before the Virtual Pit Stop caught up all the other teams to them, dropping them to 5th place at the mat.
  • Shirtless Scene: Daichi, at the mud pit Roadblock.
  • The Smart Guy: They would often excel at the more mental tasks, but the poorly placed equalizers would kill the lead they had.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Heights for Daichi.

Aurelia Chenat & Sophie Teng

Former house-mates, they were friends again after having a huge falling out several years previously, though they clearly had not worked out all their issues before coming on the Race. They argued from the very beginning, with Sophie constantly complaining about Aurelia's spacy and childish behavior. They drove 200 kilometers off course in the third leg, only to be saved from elimination by Brett & Kinaryosih's even worse navigation. However, any chance they had of catching up to the other teams was immediately dashed when the next leg stayed in New Zealand, and as there was no equalizer to close the gap between them and the other teams, they were eliminated in 8th place.

  • Foregone Conclusion: Their final leg started with Allan saying they had finished the previous leg seven hours behind the other teams, and they were never given a shot to catch up after that. They did not collect their second clue until three-fourths of the way through the episode, and it took them ten on-screen minutes to fill their car up with gas to collect said clue.
  • Manchild: Aurelia played the rare female version of this trope, as Sophie complained about having take care of Aurelia as well as herself.
  • Motor Mouth: Sophie's biggest complaint about Aurelia, as she talked through everything, including the balut task.
    Sophie: I have never seen anyone who can talk and swallow and chew at the same time.
  • Never My Fault: Sophie blamed Aurelia for everything they did wrong.
  • No Sense of Direction: They got hopelessly lost in New Zealand, driving to the wrong Matakana, 200 kilometers off course, but were saved by Brett & Kinaryosih's bigger navigation mistake.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: Of the Mercy Kill variety. By the time they hit the first task of their final leg, it had already closed for the day, and Allan came out in the field to eliminate them.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: It became very apparent why the two of them had a falling out as roommates, as Sophie constantly found fault in whatever Aurelia did, and treated her like a child, which sometimes sadly seemed justified.
  • Tempting Fate: In their intro, Aurelia said that they had lived together and had their clash, and it was done, and it could never happen again.
  • With Friends Like These...: Sophie was relentlessly harsh to Aurelia, treating her like she was at fault for everything. Even in their elimination statement Sophie just said how horrible Aurelia did.

Brett Money & Kinaryosih

Model/actress and her boyfriend of two years. After an unremarkable first two legs, they got lost looking for the Howick Historical Village in New Zealand, falling far behind the other teams. Things would get worse for them as Kinaryosih broke down into tears at the wall climbing Detour. They tried to switch Detours, only to find that the rowing club had already closed for the night, and were immediately taken to the mat to be eliminated in 9th.

  • Broken Tears: Kinaryosih, after failing the wall climbing Detour
  • Meaningful Name: Averted. Brett Money didn't win the money.
  • No Sense of Direction: They got so badly lost in New Zealand, they could not even catch up to Aurelia & Sphie, who drove more than an hour out of the way following the Detour.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: Of the Mercy Kill variety. They fell so far behind that the rowing Detour closed by the time they arrived, and as all the other teams had already checked in, they were taken straight to the mat for elimination.
  • Out of Focus
  • Security Cling: Kinaryosih to Brett after she kept falling during the wall climbing Detour.

Monica Lo & Edwin Lo

Dating couple from Hong Kong. They started off the first leg by struggling to find their marked cab, during which they got into a fight over Edwin having to carry Monica's bag. Things did not improve from there, as they took so long to find the cab, they ended up stuck on the second flight to the Philippines with only one other team, and ended up losing the leg and being Marked for Elimination. They never recovered, as, though they managed to catch up and pass to fellow tailing team Terri & Henry in the next leg, the lack of an equalizer meant they had no chance to win the leg, and the Marked for Elimination penalty would almost surely doom them. Their slim lead on Terri & Henry vanished when they struggled to assemble a bicycle at the Detour, and they were eliminated in 10th.

  • Cluster F-Bomb: Edwin during the bicycle Detour, after which he switched to telling Monica she was useless.
  • Jerkass: Edwin heaped a ton of abuse onto Monica both while they were searching for their cabs, and when they were trying to assemble their bike.
  • The Masochism Tango
  • Opposites Attract: They described themselves as complete opposites.
  • Tempting Fate: After fighting through the first leg and coming in last, they said tomorrow had to be better, because it couldn't be worse.


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