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Justice Society

The Justice Society was the world's most prominent team of Heroes before their disbandment following the emergence of Quirks. The leaders of the team, collectively known as "The Magnificent Seven Supers," unofficially came together to protect the world from Starro the Conqueror, but they and other Heroes officially formed the Justice Society when President Roosevelt decided to create a team of government-backed superheroes to help combat the Axis Powers.

  • Adaptational Name Change: From "Justice Society of America" to just "Justice Society."
  • Badass Crew: They were most renowned and powerful superhero team in the world, stopping global threats even before the Heroes Association was founded.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: Its members went their separate ways prior to the events of the story both to make way for the Heroes Association and because they didn't like how President Truman wouldn't explain how they could bomb Japan twice when they only had one nuclear bomb ready. Some of them, like Wonder Woman, continue to be active Heroes, while others have gone into retirement or have died of old age.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: All of the founding members have a 6/5 in one or more stats.
  • Composite Character: Though they're called the Justice Society, the members and hierarchies also take inspiration from other superhero organizations, primarily the Justice Leaguenote 
  • Fire-Forged Friends: How both the founding seven and the rest of the team first came together.

The Magnificent Seven Supers

    Bruce Wayne - Batman I 

Bruce Wayne - Batman I

The original goddamn Batman. Bruce Wayne trained his mind and body to the peak of human potential as part of his never ending crusade against crime. He became the de facto leader of the Justice Society despite not having any superpowers himself, but is still recognized as one of the most dangerous among them.

  • Accomplice by Inaction: He considers himself responsible when he meets a young boy who was orphaned in the bombing of Pearl Harbor, prompting him to reconsider his previous refusal to start the Justice Society (then referred to as the Magnificent Seven Supers).
  • Amazon Chaser: He had feelings for Wonder Woman back in the days of the Justice Society.
  • Badass in Charge: He's the de facto leader of the team
  • Badass Normal: He's Quirkless and remained so even after Quirks became widespread. He was still one of the foremost inspirations for modern Heroes.
  • Genius Bruiser: He has a 6/5 in intelligence in Lexi's files and a master of hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Leader: He's The Strategist of the Justice Society as well as its disciplinarian. When the others are at each other's throats, all he has to do is raise his voice to get the others to freeze and sit down.
  • Passing the Torch: His current status is unknown, but there have been at least three other Batmen prior to the events of the story as well as Batman Beyond.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Inverted. According to Alexis' files on the Justice Society, Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) is a redhead in this universe, and the only reason he had black hair in the cartoon was because he was Bruce's son, implying that to not be the case here. The author later confirmed that the two weren't related, since Damian's existence and Bruce having his own family would eliminate the need for Project Batman Beyond.
  • Secret Identity: He is the only member of the Justice Society to continue to keep his identity a secret through the Golden Age Act. Popular theories for his true identity include Bruce Wayne, John F. Kennedy, an actual bat, and a time-displaced Michael Jackson.
  • Ship Tease: Gets a lot of it with Wonder Woman in the Justice Society side story. It's confirmed in Wayne's World that in the present day, they ended up marrying and having fifteen kids together.

    Diana of Themyscira/Diana Wayne née Prince - Wonder Woman 

Diana of Themyscira/Diana XXX née Prince - Wonder Woman

The third-ranked Hero and a founding member of the Justice Society. Wonder Woman fights for truth, love and justice around the world, stopping Villains with her prodigious skill in hand-to-hand combat, incredible speed and strength, and her various magical artifacts.

  • Action Mom: One of the theories for Diana's apparent aging is that multiple child births have taken a toll on her, implying this.
  • The Ageless: Subverted. The Amazons are able to live for millennia without aging after reaching their prime and Diana is still active and healthy as a superhero despite entering the scene around the time of World War II. However, Diana has started to show signs of aging, developing gray hairs in the modern day, which has led to conspiracy theories about the discrepancy.
  • All-Loving Hero: Diana was blessed with overwhelming compassion for others, making her an ardent supporter of civil rights for women and the LGBT community in the modern day.
  • All There in the Manual: The fact that she's married was only revealed by the author in a comment on the Spacebattles thread.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: She's the third highest-ranked Hero and has been kicking ass for decades.
  • Been There, Shaped History: She is a founding member of the Justice Society and participated in many battles that decided the fate of humanity and Earth itself.
  • Born of Magic: She was sculpted from clay and blessed by the Olympian goddesses, which explain her prodigious abilities even among Amazons. Her other origin story, that she is the child of Zeus, was peddled for years by theorists and even Wonder Girl, but it was eventually disproven as a convoluted attempt to make her commit deicide.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Lexi notes that Wonder Woman was everyone's first crush, herself included.
  • Famed in Story: She's one of the most beloved and powerful Heroes in the world. Her name is a household one and her merchandise pops up everywhere.
  • Flying Brick: Super fast, super strong, super tough and can fly.
  • The Ghost: She's been mentioned many times, but has yet to make an actual appearance in the present day. However, she does appear in a prequel sidestory, "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys and Girls".
  • Happily Married: According to the author, Diana's married to someone in present day. The Wayne's World short story confirms that it's Bruce.
  • Heroes "R" Us: Wonder Woman merchandise is very popular among women and Ochaco carries around a tattered, old scarf with Wonder Woman's colors and insignia.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She's incredibly fast, strong, and durable, going toe-to-toe with literal gods on occasion. Lexi's stat ratings give Wonder Woman a 6/5 in power, speed, and technique and a 4/5 in intelligence.
  • Made of Indestructium: Her Bracelets of Submission and her Lasso of Truth are both virtually unbreakable.
  • Official Couple: She was dating Steve Trevor when the Justice Society first formed, but it ultimately didn’t go anywhere as Wayne's World confirms she's married to Bruce.
  • The Paragon: Much like All Might, Wonder Woman is celebrated around the world for her strength, kindness, and valor. Numerous Heroes, including Ochaco, are huge fans of her and are inspired by her example to do good.
  • Ship Tease: Gets a lot of it with Batman in the Justice Society side story. Wayne's World confirms they're married in present day.
  • Warrior Princess: She was the Princess of Themyscira when she began her work as a superhero and the world's preeminent kicker of ass until she was unseated by All Might.
  • World's Strongest Woman: She's the highest ranked and most powerful female Hero. When the Heroes Association was created, she reigned as the Number One Hero for decades until All Might hit the scene. All Might surpassing her in rank caused an uproar around the world and an even greater one when Endeavor managed to unseat her as the Number Two Hero.

    Jay Garrick - The Flash I 

Jay Garrick - The Flash I

The original Scarlet Speedster. His heroics inspired later speedsters, including the "Flash Family" who would inherit his title as the fastest men alive. He later became the first chairman of the Heroes Association.

  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: He and Joan end up adopting a teenage Giganta, a frequent enemy of Wonder Woman in the comics, in the present day.
  • All-Loving Hero: Batman says what set Jay apart from other superheroes is his seemingly endless compassion for his fellow man and ability to see the best in people.
    "Like Batman, he had a brilliant mind, like Wonder Woman, he had incredible power—in this case, super speed—but what Batman thought set Jay apart from other Heroes was his heart, his seemingly infinite capacity for seeing the good in people. He was kind, he was speed, he was The Flash."
  • Genius Bruiser: He's lightning-fast and a scientist who can conduct research just as easily as he can pummel you before you blink.
  • Hand Wave: Any questions about the nature of his abilities are brushed away with, "Speed Force". Lampshaded by Lexi.
  • I Owe You My Life: Tenya's great-grandfather, Tenka Iida, found Red Lanterns about to kill Jay after neutralizing his speed and immediately ran to rescue him. It kickstarted a generation-spanning friendship between the American Flashes and the Japanese Ingenium family.
  • Irony: Despite his Super Speed, he was infamous for being late to meetings. Lampshaded by Jason.
    Jason: And how were you, of all people, not the first one here?
    Jay: [sheepishly rubbing the back of his head] Hey, what can you do, right?
    Jason: Be on time, maybe?
    Jay: That's the dream, Robin. That's the dream.
  • Promoted to Parent: For Giganta.
  • Super Speed: He was the original Flash and has a 6/5 in speed.

    Alan Scott - Green Lantern I 

Alan Scott - Green Lantern I

One of Earth's most venerated Heroes, Alan Scott gained his abilities after discovering the Starheart. By fashioning part of a magical green lantern into a ring, Scott gained the ability to emit green light from it that he could fashion into virtually any shape he could imagine, becoming a founding member of the Justice Society. After the Lantern War, Scott became incredibly xenophobic and distrustful of aliens, leading the charge to oust them from the planet or force them into hiding. Now he orbits Earth in the Green Palace, a massive construct he created to observe all possible threats to Earth's safety from otherworldly beings, shooting down any spacecraft that even has a chance of approaching Earth.

  • Absolute Xenophobe: He will not allow any aliens to come to Earth without a good reason after the Lantern War and will oust or exterminate any who cross his path with extreme prejudice. This characterization of him in this story is a giant Mythology Gag to his depiction in Kingdom Come.
  • The Dreaded: Midoriya is more scared of Scott than virtually anyone else in the world. In the few times he's been mentioned so far, even All Might is worried about what would happen if Scott decides that Midoriya is enough of a threat (just from being an alien, let alone one that somehow evaded his fortress' detection or what Midoriya is capable of doing) to hunt him down personally.
  • Fantastic Racism: The racist among all the Heroes. In his mind, all aliens sans the Green Lantern Corp or those they vouch for are aren't welcome on Earth and moves to either contain, oust, or exterminate them whenever possible. It's a miracle that Midoriya's ship made it out in one piece with him patrolling the skies.
  • For Want of a Nail: His character profile heavily implies that, for whatever reason, Doctor Manhattan didn't stop him from becoming Green Lantern.
  • The Ghost: He's been mentioned many times, but he has yet to make an actual appearance. He appears as he did prior to his turn to extremism in the story "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys and Girls".
  • Kill Sat: Lives in one called the Green Palace that shoots down any alien spacecraft in sight. It's so large and glows so brightly that it can be seen from Earth at night.
  • Hard Light: His ring generates green light that he can shape into any object he can imagine.
  • Light Is Not Good: While he is ostensibly good and has good intentions at heart, his xenophobia has made him the bane of every alien on Earth or passing it by, even aliens who don't mean any harm like Midoriya.
  • One Steve Limit: Zig-zagged. The Green Lantern Corp of Oa is still active, but Alan Scott has far more fame and is much more active as a protector of Earth while the Corp remains distant after the Lantern War. So when people think of a Green Lantern, they think of Scott instead of Hal Jordan.
  • Red Baron: The "Emerald Knight".
  • Ring of Power: His powers originate from a ring he fashioned from a magic lantern.
  • Wham Line: Nothing he says, but this line from his character profile: "Claims to have seen a strange blue light the day he first obtained his Lantern."
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Alan Scott seeks to oust, kill, or contain any alien that comes to Earth in the name of defending it from another alien invasion.

    Arthur Curry/King Orin of Atlantis - Aquaman 

Arthur Curry/King Orin of Atlantis - Aquaman

The boisterous and fun-loving king of Atlantis. He was forced to retire after developing a Quirk that turned half his body into lava and now spends his days under the sea to govern his kingdom and to keep himself alive.

  • Blessed with Suck: His Quirk turns half his body into lava, preventing him from walking around freely on land and forcing him to retire from superheroics.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Batman notes that Aquaman is goofy, gallant, and boisterous. At the same time, Aquaman's power is not to be underestimated, possessing the same power rating as powerhouses like Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter.
  • Retired Badass: He was forced to retire form superheroics after developing a Quirk that turned half his body into lava.
  • Sad Clown: He's introduced jumping out of a corner to try and spook Batman, only to get punched in the face for his troubles. Despite the joking nature of the scene, Batman notes that Aquaman plays the fool to avoid feeling like an outsider because of his Atlantean heritage.
    Of course, you wouldn't think he was particularly strong with how much he played the fool, but Batman figured he did that so people wouldn't see him as a freak or a monster.

    Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate I 

Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate I

The first host of the Lord of Order, Nabu. Kent Nelson was an ordinary archaeology before he uncovered the Helmet of Fate, becoming an agent of order against the encroaching forces of chaos.

  • Adaptation Personality Change: Doctor Fate is depicted as The Quiet One in this story, a character trait that's never been present in other versions of the character.
  • Empathic Weapon: It was hard to tell where Kent ended and Nabu began, as the latter would completely possess the former. Nabu eventually developed the ability to produce his own body to interact with the mortal plane, forgoing this entirely.
  • Legacy Character: Like in the comics, he was the first in a line of Doctor Fates.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Nabu is the preeminent Lord of Order against the forces of chaos. He joined the Justice Society less because of its vision, but more because he felt it would lead to a more orderly society.
  • The Quiet One: The narration of the Justice Society side story comments that he barely talks, and sure enough, he only says one sentence at the very end of the story.
  • Token Wizard: While he isn't the only magic user of the original seven, he's the only sorcerer on the team, as Diana relies on her magical gifts and artifacts bestowed upon her by the gods.

    J'onn J'onzz/John Jones - Martian Manhunter 

J'onn J'onzz/John Jones - Martian Manhunter

The Alien Atlas. He was the heart and soul of the Justice Society right up to its disbandment. His kindness and immense power endeared him to Earth's residents and he's one of the few alien heroes still spoken of fondly.

  • Ambiguous Situation: He's officially listed as KIA after a furious battle with his brother, Ma'alefa'ak, who had become a Red Lantern. However, only Ma'alefa'ak's corpse was found in the aftermath.
  • Combo Platter Powers: He could fly, shapeshift, pass through walls, use telepathy and was just as strong, fast, and durable as Wonder Woman.
  • Flying Brick: He could fly and could throw and take punches as well as Wonder Woman.
  • Intangibility: He could modify his body's density in order to pass through walls.
  • Telepathy: A standard of the Martian race.
  • You Are a Credit to Your Race: His powers and kindness made him popular on Earth as one of the few aliens people still speak about fondly.


Other Members

    Jason Todd - Robin II 

Jason Todd - Robin II

The second boy to hold the mantle of Robin. Jason was adopted off the streets by Bruce Wayne and trained to become the Boy Wonder. Cheerful, outgoing, and a bit of a wisecracker, he loved his role and longed to succeed his mentor as Batman until the events of World War II, which turned Jason into a much grimmer person who would eventually become the Red Hood.

  • Badass Normal: Unlike his peers and friends, Tempest and Aqualad, Jason had no superpowers as Robin, getting by with his street smarts and training with Batman.
  • Child Soldier: He participated in World War II as a thirteen-year-old. The things he saw there while fighting as a costumed superhero changed him and put him down the path towards becoming the Red Hood and Renegade. According to Lexi's files, Jason's case is frequently presented as one of the many reasons children shouldn't be Heroes.
  • Giver of Lame Names: He suggests calling the expanded team the "Legion of Doom" for the doom they spell for their enemies. Batman, predictably, shuts the motion down, but not before breaking his usual stoicism out of sheer disbelief.
    Robin: I got it! The Legion of Doom.
    Batman: What? Why would you even—you do know that we're the good guys, right?
    Robin: Yeah, and we spell doom for our enemies, duh!
    Aquaman: The boy makes a good point.
    Batman: No he doesn't, don't encourage him.
  • Happily Adopted: It's clear that he loves being Robin and adores Bruce during "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys and Girls".
  • Harmful to Minors: Being flung into World War II as a thirteen-year-old put him on the path to become Red Hood. Nowadays, people are holding him as one of the reasons why Heroes have to be grown-ups.
  • Jumped at the Call: He's extremely happy to be Robin and excitedly states that he would like nothing more than to become Batman when he grows up when Blue Beetle asks a rhetorical question. Batman is touched by the sentiment but doesn't let it show.
    Batman: Yeah, but not everyone can be Batman.
    Blue Beetle: I do my best! Besides, who here actually wants to be Batman?
    Jason: I do.
  • Mouthy Kid: He's quite a smartass who loves snarking at his friends, teasing Garth about his breakup with Lilith by saying he wasn't good enough in the sack.
    Garth: [gripping Jason by the collar] I will end you, little man.
    Steve Trevor: Hey, knock it off, Tempest!
    Jason: Relax, he won't do anything. I'm too lovable. [gets tossed to the floor after a few seconds]
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Implied. Lexi's notes say that his personality fundamentally shifted because of what he witnessed during World War II, turning him into a much grimmer person.
  • Totally Radical: Purposely used. Jason uses odd slang like "killer diller" in a manner akin to Burt Ward's portrayal of Robin in ''the Batman TV show.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: While he was a bit of a smartass, Jason was upbeat and a jokester during his time as Robin. Given that he eventually became the Red Hood and Renegade, it's safe to say that he didn't stay a sweet kid forever.

    Garth - Tempest

The first Aqualad and Aquaman's former sidekick. He joined the Justice Society after his relationship with Lilith fell apart.

  • Blue Is Heroic: His outfit as Tempest.
  • Heartbroken Badass: His relationship with Lilith fell apart and she began dating Miss Martian, which hurt Garth so badly that he left the Titans for the Justice Society. Even there, Jason can't help but tease him about it, which instantly pisses off Garth.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Possibly, as it's never made clear if Lilith's Adaptational Sexuality made her a lesbian or bisexual in-universe.

    Carter Hall - Hawkman 

Carter Hall - Hawkman

A former archeologist turned superhero after discovering an ancient knife that killed him in a past life. Using the properties of Nth Metal to fashion himself a gravity-defying belt and mace, Carter protects the innocent under the guise of Hawkman with his partner/reincarnated lover Hawkgirl. Despite his aggressive personality and mild racism, he was recruited as a member of the Justice Society due to his skills and power.

  • Adaptational Jerkass: Carter had never been the nicest of Heroes, but here he objects to the non-powered members of the Society, openly expresses his disgust of the Japanese, and mentions to Black Lightning that the only reason he doesn’t have a problem with him is because the United States isn’t at war with Africa.
  • Anti-Magic: Carter’s Nth Metal mace can nullify magic, which aids him when he tries to pick a fight with Doctor Fate. It also prevents Zatara from transmuting it into a harmless bouquet of roses, sprouting flowers all over it instead.
  • The Brute: While Carter may not be the strongest of Heroes in the Justice Society, his tenacity and strength are very useful in a fight.
  • Eagleland: A heavy Type 2 interpretation, as Carter is extremely patriotic and speaks down of the races comprising the Axis.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: He calls Johnny a retard (but it's not unjustified), accuses Zatara of being a spy for the Axis Powers solely because he's Italian, and only manages to avoid picking a fight with Black Lightning because the U.S. isn't at war with Africa.

    The Shadow 

Kent Allard/Lamont Cranston - The Shadow

The dark avenger who sees the evil in the hearts of man. His known identity is Lamont Cranston, known millionaire playboy philanthropist who has made it his life’s mission to stamp out the bitter fruit evil produces in the form of criminals. He joined the Justice Society after promising Bruce Wayne, a former student he trained under a different identity, he would tone down his methods. His actual identity is Kent Allard, former French WWI pilot who, after indulging in many unsavory vices, found redemption in South Africa where he trained to become The Shadow. Due to his training, Allard is immortal and uses the identity of one of his agents to get information from the upper class’ social circles.

  • Adaptational Personality Change: The Shadow is a lot more friendly than usual in his introduction and does not kill, which is noticeably different from a majority of his characterization throughout his history in fiction.
  • The Dreaded: Is considered a Vigilante who makes Batman sociable in the future, and is known to kill and mentally torture his targets.
  • The Ghost: It’s mentioned that The Shadow is immortal and likely still performing his Vigilante acts during the events of the story in the shadows. Kent Allard was still performing his usual methods with the backing of the Allies during World War II, with Lamont Cranston posing as him in the Justice Society and actual his location a secret even to Batman.
  • The Gunslinger: Wields two pistols, which he uses with deadly accuracy.
  • The Man Behind the Man: In an officially recognized side-story, it’s revealed that The Shadow in the Justice Society is the real Lamont Cranston who was hypnotized to believe he is The Shadow by Kent Allard. Kent Allard keeps the identity of The Shadow but performs his usual acts of espionage and brutal vigilantism to subvert the Axis while the rest of the world is paying attention to the Justice Society. Lamont acting as a ‘nicer’ Shadow allows for Allard to take advantage of the fear criminals experience by the discrepancy of the Shadow that the public knows and The Shadow in front of them.

    Ma Hunkel - Red Tornado I

A vigilante based in New York City, she was recruited by Batman to join the soon-to-be named Justice Society. Her motherly attitude and husky-looking armor belie her incredible prowess in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Ma Hunkel is an old lady in the comics, but here, she's the spitting image of her granddaughter, Cyclone.
  • Adaptational Badass: In the comics, Ma Hunkel is just a big-hearted lady who decided to put on a costume and crack the heads of neer-do-wells. Here she's one of the most gifted hand-to-hand combatants on Earth, second only to Lady Shiva.
  • Age Lift: She was far younger when she joined the Justice Society here than in the comics.
  • Chef of Iron: She's an excellent cook and an amazingly skilled fighter.
  • Cool Old Lady: In the modern day, she helps All Might foil T.O. Morrow's attempts to devastate the midwestern United States with a massive earthquake.
  • Hidden Buxom: In her glory days, she hid a stunning figure underneath her husky-looking armor, knocking the socks of Citizen Steel.
  • Inexplicably Awesome: It's unknown how she got so skilled, as she explicitly stated to not have superpowers.
  • In Name Only: This version of Ma Hunkel is closer in characterization to her granddaugher, Cyclone, than her actual counterpart in the comics.
  • I Was Quite the Looker: In the modern day, she's a grandmother taking care of her superpowered granddaughter. But in her prime, she left Citizen Steel speechless once she took off her helmet and costume. Jason also has to ask how old she is because of her looks.
  • Younger Than They Look: In her prime, she was youthful enough that Jason and Citizen Steel were instantly smitten with her once she took her helmet off.

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