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Warning: Due to some spoilers regarding characters' identities, all spoilers on this page are unmarked.

Main Characters

    Carmaine Fallsmyer
Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (drama CD and II)

The main character of Growlanser. He was adopted and raised by the Court Sorceress Sandra, 17 years prior the beginning of the game. He lives with his sister Louise.


    Louise Fallsmyer
Voiced by: Rika Komatsu

The daughter of the Court Sorceress Sandra. She is a Growsian, a being born through eclipses and granted with extraordinary magical powers. Her mother is teaching her the principles of Growshu magic.

Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi

A fairy created by Sandra to test Carmaine, and is also a teacher for Louise in her formation to Growshu magic.

    Julian/Julia Douglas 
Voiced by: Chiharu Tezuka

An Imperial Knight of Burnstein. In Growlanser II, becomes the founder of the all-woman Unicorn Brigade.

Voiced by: Tessho Genda

A mercenary who lost his eyes in a fight against some mysterious masked dark knights. He used to be known as the "wandering warrior". In Growlanser II, he fights on the front lines of a war against Burnstein as a general.

  • Cyborg: Lost his eyes and dominant arm in battle, but was given artificial replacements by Sandra Fallsmyer.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the sequel.
  • I Owe You My Life: Accompanies Carmaine on his journey because of what Sandra did for him. He also used to work for Belgar Langley after being saved by him as a child.
  • Luke, I Might Be Your Father: Depending on the canonicity of "Sandra's Story", an Extra feature in Growlanser II, he might be Louise's biological father.
  • One-Way Visor: Gets one to replace his lost eyes. He can only discerns forms, not faces.
  • Weapon of Choice: He has two of them: His bionic arm who can create electric waves, and his boomerang-sword.

    Xenos Langley
Voiced by: Koichi Tochika

A strong mercenary protective of his sister, Karene. His hometown is Grandshill, and he was a champion at the arena. In Growlanser II, he accompanies Wein's group; initially to help prove their innocence when they're framed for a False Flag Operation, and then to help defeat the true culprit.

  • Paper-Thin Disguise: As a Shadow Knight. Apart from some clothes, virtually everything about him seems rather obvious.

    Karene Langley 
Voiced by: Ruri Asano (I), Yuko Mizutani (II)

Xenos' sister, who is very knowledgeable about herbs due to their medical properties. In Growlanser II, she is an NPC, tending to a hospital in Grandshill.

Voiced by: Machiko Toyoshima

A student at the Magic Academy, and friend of Louise. She is a spunky and clumsy girl. She has fond memories of Maxwell, the Headmaster of the Magic Academy who took her in when she was an orphan, and thinks of him as a grandfather.

  • Artificial Human: She is actually a homonculus.
  • Buxom Is Better: Louise wishes she had a body like her's.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Especially with her encounters with Carmaine.
  • False Memories: Due to her artificial nature, she was implanted false memories.
  • Manchurian Agent: Entering the village she (was told to) came from trigger a spell, which forces her to hide somewhere and leak information about the party.

Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki

A researcher at the Magic Academy. He has a laboratory where he conducts his studies and develops technologies. Appears as an NPC in Growlanser II, where he is continuing his work.

Voiced by: Tomoko Ishimura

A boy who, along with his parents, were targeted by Oswald. Carmaine and his party rescued them. He is told by his parents to deliver a letter to Rosaria before they must leave. He is the true king of Burnstein, having been replaced at birth with a duplicate. In Growlanser II, he is ruling Burnstein as its rightful king.

  • Capture and Replicate: He was subject to this as an infant. Gevel made Venzern abduct him to copy his DNA to create a clone of Eliotte.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the sequel.
  • Distinguishing Mark: As an infant, he got a small burn at the back at his neck. His real mother acknowledges him as the rightful king thanks to it.
  • King Incognito: Does this should Carmaine choose to take him as a playable character.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: Upon learning the truth of his kidnapping.
  • Royal Rapier: He has a rapier among his main weapons.
  • Twin Switch: With Richard. Eliotte, the true heir of Burnstein, was adopted by a normal family in a village, when the latter, a clone, became the heir.


Other Characters

    Sandra Fallsmyer 
Voiced by: Shizumi Niki

The Court Sorceress of Rolandia. She is also the mother of Louise, and foster mother of Carmaine.

    Oscar/Kenshin Reaves
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda

One of Burnstein's Imperial Knights, who had a close friendship with Ernest Lyell.

  • Dub Name Change: Originally named Oscar, but his first name was altered by Working Designs' localization for a recently-deceased fan.

    Ernest Lyell
Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu

An Imperial Knight of Burnstein. In Growlanser II, he has been banished from Burnstein, but can still be persuaded to join Wein's party.

Voiced by: Tomoko Ishimura

The current king of Burnstein. He's also the strongest of the Imperial Knights.

  • Achilles' Heel: The presence of a Growsian makes him very weak and gives him massive headaches.
  • Informed Attribute: Said to be the strongest of the Imperial Knights, but didn't show his real talent because a Growsian was near.
  • Manchurian Agent: When Gevel takes action, he uses Richard's mind to make his moves.
  • Teen Genius: Manages to be an Imperial Knight at 14.
  • Twin Switch: With Eliotte. Richard, a clone, became the heir when the latter, the true heir of Burnstein, was adopted by a normal family in a village.
  • World's Strongest Man: The strongest of the Imperial Knights, who are considered the best of the best of the knights. He also knows the deadliest spells in the game. Subverted during the fight against him, because the proximity of Louise (who is a Growsian) weakened him. See Informed Attribute above.

Voiced by: Hisao Egawa

The former court sorcerer of Burnstein, and Sandra's magic teacher. He is the ancient ruler of the Growsians and actually wants to subdue humanity to his will. After hiding as a normal human for centuries, and being forced to work with Gevel for 20 years, he sets in motion his plan to reclaim his past days as a king.

  • Chekhov M.I.A.: He disappeared some time before the beginning of the story. He was actually hidden in Ranzack.
  • The Chessmaster: The rescues of Eliotte and Louise were part of his plan. He convinced everyone to unite against the fake king Richard, put Eliotte as the rightful heir and stole Louise's Growshu off-guard when everyone were enjoying their victory.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Wears a black hat and cape after The Reveal.
  • Evil Old Folks: Once it's revealed he was up to no good.
  • Healing Factor: It makes him unbeatable. However, the Power Stone can remove it.
  • Join or Die: He was forced to help Gevel to create a clone of Eliotte aka the real king Richard, to take over the Burnstein Kingdom. He also gathered a lot of info from him, for 20 years.
    • He is also on the giving end after he regained his true powers. From his flying tower, he threatens humans to subdue to him and will destroy each town should the citizens refuse.
  • Mr. Exposition: Unveils a lot of answers about the existence of Richard and Gevel.
  • Mysterious Protector: Towards Louise. Subverted when it was revealed he needed her alive to take her Growshu.
  • Time Abyss: Since he is the king of the Growsians, he existed before the world of humans and Growsians merged 500 years ago.

Voiced by: Naoki Imamura

General of Ranzack. He's said to be a man of few words but warm-hearted. Wallace says he was a mercenary comrade of his, a vice-captain.

Voiced by: Tomohisa Aso

Official of Burnstein Kingdom. He was also a vice-captain of Wallace's old mercenary unit.

    King Arcadius 

The king of Rolandia. He gives duties and missions to Carmaine's group.

Voiced by: Yukiko Mannaka

King Arcadius' daughter, and Rolandian princess.

    Belgar Langley 
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada

The father of Xenos and Karene, and a strong warrior who led the mercenary group that Wallace was a part of.

  • Capture and Replicate: Gevel took him as model to create his army of clones.
  • Escaped from the Lab: After being experimented on by Venzern, Belgar escaped and stole the Power Stone, used it to travel through time and end up in the current era.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: He was actually born in the past where Growsians used to rule.
  • Time-Travel Romance: He comes from the ancient world of Growsians, and ends up marrying a woman in the present world.
  • World's Strongest Man: Due to his modified body, he gained in immense strength, and he was considered as one of the strongest warriors of his time. So much that Gevel created his entire army of clones based on his DNA.

    Sierra Langley 

Karene and Xenos' mother.

Voiced by: Airi Yoshida

A Growsian woman who works at the Rashell health clinic as a doctor. She took care of Karen and saved her life after she was seriously hurt by Oswald. Marries her lover, Nick, after the first game. In Growlanser II, it's revealed that she also makes regular trips to Comsprings to treat Maximilian Schneider's mentally ill mother.

Voiced by: Osamu Ryutani

A swordsman from the village of Medis. After losing to Carmaine in a tournament in Grandshill, he gave up on becoming an officer and patrols the Rashell area to protect his lover Irene.

Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka

The Headmaster of the Magic Academy. He helps the heroes multiple times during their missions.

  • Fantastic Racism: He was a descendant of a Growsian royal family and looked down on humans. He sought to regain Growsian power which was lost in his generation, and performed research on Growsians on the surface.
  • Hidden Villain: He's responsible for the whole kidnapping of the Magic Academy's Growsians. He also hired Grengar to extract the crystal in the mines.
  • Mad Scientist: Created a machine to artificially make a Growsian.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Superhuman Trafficking: To supply his artificial Growsian machine, he needed as many Growsians as possible.

Voiced by: Tamotsu Nishiwaki

The vice-chancellor of the Magic Academy. He did a lot of research about the Growsians.

  • Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge: Most of his discoveries involve Growsians-related technology, usually dangerous for humans. The heroes learned he is responsible for most of the knowledge gained through expeditions in the Growsians Ruins.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Red Herring: The fact he hid most of his research to the public made him very suspicious from the start. He studied Growsian technology to know how to counter their various curses.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Became a Growsian with the Power Stone.

Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai

An eyepatched weapons dealer who schemed to prolong the war for personal income. He was involved with Maxwell by participating in the Growsian disappearance case.

Voiced by: Kazunari Tanaka

A bandit leader who tried to make trouble with Karen and Eliotte.

Voiced by: Mako Morishita

The current Queen of the Featherians. She hated humans because they persecuted against Featherians and drove them away from land.

Voiced by: Tomoko Fujino

Ariost's mother, a Featherian who fell in love with a human. She was put in isolation for 20 years for violating Featherian rules.

    Ralph Howell 
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima

A man that looks identical to Carmaine, claiming to be his long-lost brother. Is actually a clone created by Gevel to kill Louise.


A good-natured old man, a Growsian, and the chief of Clain village, a village in Burnstein. He took care of Wallace after the mercenary lost his arm and eyes in battle. Is attacked and killed by Shadow Knight Xenos, under Gevel/Richard's orders.

Voiced by: Chieko Atarashi

Burnstein royalty, the mother of their king.

Voiced by: Osamu Ryutani

A legendary monster used in an ancient war between Featherians and Growsians, and sealed into the crystal mines. Wants to control human society and eliminate all Growsians. Created the Richard clone to rule humans from the shadows, and after fighting Belgar Langley, created younger clones of the warrior for his own personal army, one of which is Carmaine.

  • Achilles' Heel: Growsians, after being captured by them and repurposed against the Featherians, to prevent any rebellion.
  • Big Bad: Not at first. Later events prove he was behind the whole war between Rolandia and Bernstein, the creation of Richard, the Yungs and the flesh golems, while gathering a lot of intel from the Court Sorcerer Venzern, in exchange of his life.
  • Creating Life: He can create humans clones by copying the DNA of the people he captured. He did so for Belgar and Eliotte.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Before the beginning of the game, he was the last Gevel sealed by the old Growsians in the crystal mines. Five of them turned themselves into crystal to trap and torturing him while keeping him alive, since centuries.
  • Last of His Kind: The last of the Gevel weapons still alive.
  • Living Weapon: He was one of the mass-produced weapons of the Featherians, with a will on its own.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Gevel is the source of his creations' life energy, so they start dying when he is defeated. Including Carmaine, until he and his friends used the Power Stone to restore his body and Richard's.
  • Organic Technology: Was originally created by Featherians to fight against Growsians.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He is trapped within the walls of the crystal mines.
  • Spontaneous Generation: He can produce smaller strains of him, called Yungs.

    Amelia (PSP ver. only) 
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura

A girl researching the space-time distortions. She is an excellent researcher who receives special treatment at even the Magic Academy. However, outside of research, she is clumsy and will blunder on crucial situations.

    Melfie (PSP ver. only) 
Voiced by: Maho Tomita

A girl of the race of people with wings on their backs, the Featherians. Although she is among the Featherians, which highly regard cooperation, for some reason she is acting independently. She bears a strong hatred for humans, especially Growsians.

    Justin (PSP ver. only) 

A man who always accompanies Melfie. He holds Melfie in high esteem although they are of different races. Every time Melfie starts a quarrel with humans, he peaceably intervenes.


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