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This is the character sheet for Disgaea Gehennas Holy Queen. It's heavily under construction. Major spoilers will be hidden, but minor spoilers will not, and may in fact be put in without warning to capitalize on those overattentive folks who like planting Epileptic Trees for Wild Mass Guessing.

Gehenna Residents

Konoka Konoe

The main character of the story—finding herself forcibly transformed into a demon, and a powerful overlord at that, Konoka must adjust to her new life while dealing with both new friends and new enemies, as well as put herself under control before she might doom the world.


Satsuki Yotsuba

The only other 3-A graduate. She wasn't close to Konoka during the Mahora days, but quickly befriended her afterwards, and is concerned about her welfare. Due to her concern, is a bit less laid back than in canon.


Lunzard Torque

The mad scientist, and the reluctant third part of the Power Trio. Since he was number two to the previous overlord of Gehenna, who was more or less a charismatic but dangerous despot, his goodness is in question.


A heartfelt heroine. She and Konoka get along smashingly, and Flonne is always ready to help with pet projects. She, Konoka, and Priere make up the only three known practitioners of holy spells.


Along with Kyoko and Asuka, Beryl also visited to check on Konoka, and made quick friends. Feeling that Konoka was threatened by Priere's presence, Beryl and her cronies moved in. She also seems to encourage Satsuki whenever the latter is concerned over Konoka's changes.

Overlord Priere

A vicious overlord who likes fighting. Intrigued by Konoka's power, she stuck around, interested in seeing her fight and perhaps training her—in her own twisted way. She's not very popular, though. It could be questioned on just how evil she is, having been reminded of her human years when around Konoka and Friends' camaraderie.

Anise (The Cat Witch)

An axe-wielding witch with a major crush on Laharl. Is apparently good friends with Lucas.


Minor Original character, plays the stable, idealist foil to Anise's more volatile but cynical antics. Has a secret crush on someone.

Turmeric of the Phoenix Clan

A boastful but weak human warrior. Very fond of speaking with italics.


A hulking demon that serves as Gehenna's Dimension Guide. She once looked closer to a cleric before Zegnant cursed her appearance. She is actually thankful, as she is now deadly competent enough to open portals with just one well timed fist.


The former Big Bad that ruled Gehenna... until Konoka sent him packing with a one-way trip to non-existence.

Ars Goetia

The Obstructive Bureaucracy that barely survived Konoka's rampage three years ago. There are only nine surviving members, with three of them being the only ones serving court. But there's quite a few familiar faces here...

King of Dust

The de facto leader. A zombie dragon, although far different in looks than the Disgaea variety. Frighteningly immortal and lawfully evil.

Yui Shizuka

A playful spider woman who nevertheless keeps everyone at arm's length.


Birdbrained but powerful demon lord. She's very similar in looks to someone...

Prinny Konoemon

Mysterious but highly powerful Prinny. Fought and defeated the King of Dust 1 and 1/2 years ago to earn his place in Ars Goetia. Seems highly concerned about Konoka's welfare.


Actually from the Disgaea 3 manga. A very matronly and elegant demon, her motives for joining Ars Goetia are unknown.

Mana Tatsumiya

Left Mahora some time ago to continue her studies at the demon academy, though she frequently visits Mahora. Opted to serve Ars Goetia to pay respect to Konoka.

Wilhelm Von Hermann

Apparently, still a well-mannered demon, who believes Konoka still has the power to restore the village he stoned 9 years ago.


Greeted Konoka with a miraculous punch to the face. While good at heart, he's probably neutral to Konoka's plight.


Adell's significant other, and also joining Ars Goetia more for job necessity than any real motive. Is probably not going to understand this yuri business at all. ("Who the hell likes yuri in a Nippon Ichi game?")

Ala Alba

Negi Springfield

Not as much main character as he used to be, and puberty is absolutely cruel to a man who must stay pure. Still, he keeps going.


Thinks Mahora is a playground too awesome for his own good, but nevertheless becomes concerned with helping Ala Alba once he figures out that Raspberyl has been in contact with their presumed dead friend.


An Enigmatic Minion who joins Mao shortly before he discovers Mahora. And it looks like he's up to something—to the point that Mao lets him join solely because he wants to find out what that something is. Something of a Straight Man to Mao's meta-posturing about evil whenever it comes up.

Nodoka Miyazaki

While she's still a shy bookworm at heart, her courage points have only grown in three years. The bad news is that Haruna rubs off on her from time to time.

Asagi Asagiri

You bet this lead-in-game seeking fourth wall breaking heroine has wormed her way in. Unexpectedly, though, after getting beaten for a hostile takeover attempt, she decided to stick around and develop her character. One of the few Ala Alba referential that still regularly breaks the fourth wall.

Ala Umbra

Not wanting to be left out of the conflict, Laharl sets up his own base of operations nearby, and even picks up some old faces along the way.


Same old awesome Evil Overlord, same old goals of being a jerk and getting away with it. However, upon meeting certain people, he realizes that perhaps he might need to lay off his cameo personality and remember what he learned from the first game.

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Has taken over Cosmo Entelecheia and Ala Rubra despite their differences.
  • Beneath the Mask: Etna notes how he's showing more maturity when he talks to Imamiah.
  • Berserk Button: Most of them remain, but he doesn't like taking a smack from his subordinates, even if that got him a powerful ally.
  • Celibate Hero: Not all pleased about walking into Iza and Nami....
  • Evil Laugh: He wouldn't be Laharl otherwise!
  • Tsundere: Claims not to be worried about Flonne after she's been elsewhere for a while. Etna doesn't by it.


While still Laharl's faitful number 2, she is restless and isn't impressed by his latest plan (until Laharl explains why he had Flonne visit Konoka as an emissary). She's more or less along for the ride now.

Nagi Springfield

Where has the great Thousand Master been all this time? Fighting demons of course! So much that he hates them, especially after they've targeted his son. Leave it to Laharl to change his ways! ...oh, and Arika too.

  • Idiot Hero: Being over forty hasn't notably matured him? Takes this in stride when talking to Ozonne.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: His initial hatred of demons approached Super Hero Aurum levels before Laharl, and then Arika, smacked him sense into him. Resentment still remains, though.
  • The Lancer

Arika Enteofuschia (Springfield)

Due to unknown events, Arika is no longer human—but much of her personality has remained. She pretty much upends Nagi's loathing of demons for the most part, and has been quietly serving Etna (and Laharl) during the events of Disgaea 1 and 2. She's now a scout class, and has toughened up her sword skills to boot.

The Erinyes

A band of odd fallen angels, who seem wholly different from Flonne...

They have some tropes that apply to all of them, which includes:


Leader of the Erinyes movement, who boasts inconceivable powers and dangerous intelligence. She develops a crush on Konoka after the latter shows an act of mercy on one of the former's troops.


The Erinyes who failed to assassinate Konoka. For failing at her job, she seems rather relaxed. Maybe...

  • Assassin Outclassin': No, she did not expect Konoka to catch her poison arrow and render it useless by outhealing the damage.
  • Expy: While the personality is more meek, looks and powers are a nod to Akemi Homura.


Poised Erinyes who blows off Turmeric and challenges Raspberyl. Went down suspiciously easily.


A ruthless Erinyes with frightening punching power, and thanks to a certain magic, uses Elemental Powers with her fists. Did not take Lirael's defeat very well at all.


She encountered Flonne, but fled to destinations unknown, seems polite and less inclined to fight.

  • Expy: Personality-wise, Madoka to Houki's Homura.


A quiet servant who's a grade stronger than the other Erinyes. Attacks Konoka directly.


The seemingly jolly opposite to Iza. Highly affectionate to her, highly vicious to Konoka.


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