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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot  

  • Barry's last excuse for being late is car troubles. He does not own a car.
    • The sheer Irony that is the Fastest Man Alive showing up late.
  • After waking up from his coma, Barry Allen notices a very nice benefit of being struck by lightning:
    Barry: Lightning... gave me abs?
  • The first thing Caitlin does when Barry wakes up is to ask him for a urine sample.
  • When they're testing Barry's speed, they put him in a red outfit that looks like it was designed to minimize wind resistance while still providing padding for falls, with a helmet to boot. The result looks completely ridiculous. The only consolation that Cisco can give is that he'll be (at that point hypothetically) moving so fast nobody will see him.
    Cisco: How's it fit?
    Barry: [embarrassed] It's a little snug.
  • Barry's upset that the first time he tried to help someone, it went wrong. The look on Oliver's face...
  • Oliver giving Barry some helpful advice that Barry once gave him:
    Oliver: Wear a mask.
  • And each of them making their showy exits.
    [Oliver jumps off a building and rappels to the next]
    Barry: Cool.
    [Oliver watches Barry zip off]
    Oliver: Cool.
  • Though it's played up as a serious moment, the scene of Mardon believing he is God was lightened by Detective West's snappy "Shut the hell up."
  • Soon after getting caught up to speed on the fate of the particle accelerator and STAR Labs, Barry makes a hasty exit to catch up with Iris after learning that she frequently visited his bedside during his 9-month coma. He ends up doubling back to ask Wells if he could keep the STAR Labs sweater.
    Wells: [exasperated] Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.
    • Even funnier is the tweet from Grant Gustin, stating that he did keep the sweatshirt and has it in his closet at home.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive  

  • Caitlin being the "stern older sister" walking into Cisco and Barry's super heroics.
    Barry: [unconvincingly cheery] Hey, Caitlin! How's your day?
    Caitlin: Get back to STAR Labs. Now. [Death Glare]
    • Barry looked like he nearly stumbled when he heard Caitlin's voice on the line.
  • "Captain Clone"
  • Barry's reaction to the clone of Multiplex standing motionless in STAR Labs; Caitlin grew it.
    • Caitlin's Motor Mouth explanation of how she grew the clone. She sounds like a Technobabbling Genki Girl.
  • Cisco calculating that Barry needs to eat roughly 850 tacos. This is said completely seriously.
    Cisco: Unless we’re talking cheese and guac, that’s a whole other set of equations…
  • Barry Leaning on the Fourth Wall in the opening narration, saying he won't bore us with the whole origin story from last week.
    • Unintentionally, it becomes even funnier as the audience just sat through such an introduction seconds earlier.
  • Barry leaving his civvies behind in his rush to a crime scene, to which Harrison wonders how long it'll take him to notice. He has to buy a new outfit before heading in.
  • Just as the STAR Labs team figure out why Barry is suffering dizzy spells and fainting after using his super speed, Barry passes out... whilst running on a treadmill at super speed. Cue this blur of arms and legs suddenly stopping as Barry flops to the ground, then gets launched backwards into a pile of boxes filled with packing peanuts.
  • Barry learns that Danton's cells replicate in a way only found in babies.
    Iris: So what, your killer's a newborn?
  • Barry analyzes the scene of a robbery at a gun store, noting the perpetrator wears a size 10. Which he points out is just like the Captain. Cue him babbling to try and cover up what could have been perceived as trying to accuse the captain of armed robbery (Which he didn't mean)
  • Harrison Wells sarcastically applauding what he believes to be a two-faced Simon Stagg who had just said that he hopes Danton Black comes looking for trouble.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun  

  • Iris asks Barry what he could see in her phone's photo of the red blur. Eddie calls at that moment.
  • Cisco messing up codes.
    Cisco: Code two-thirty-seven on Wade Boulevard.
    Barry: ...public indecency?
    Cisco: Wait, I think I meant a two-thirty-nine.
    Barry: Dog leash violation!?
    Caitlin: Bad man, with a gun, in a getaway car, GO!
  • Eddie goes to the Wests' to meet Iris, but unfortunately runs into Joe, and had to quickly come up with an excuse that he wants to re-investigate the crime scene.
  • Barry asks which one is the north wing in the mall.
    Wells: It's the one with the Big Belly Burger.
    [Cisco gives him a weird look]
    Wells: I eat.
  • Iris and Eddie finally tell Joe they're dating... and he reveals he already knows. This conversation results:
    Eddie: So you're not mad?
    Joe: Oh I'm mad. If they hadn't confiscated my gun we'd be having an entirely different conversation right now.
    Eddie: ...I'll give you two some space. I'll be outside, looking into the Witness Protection Program.
    • He then gives his blessing on the relationship by promising Iris he'll do his best not to shoot Eddie.
  • "So, we're supposed to get used to living above a makeshift prison. Housing violent criminals with SUPERPOWERS?"

     Episode 4: Going Rogue  

  • Barry and Joe making fun of the name "Leonard Snart". Barry says that "Leonard" is almost as bad as his full name, "Bartholomew".
  • This episode guest stars Felicity Smoak, which means these come pretty fast and furious.
    • Barry is so eager to show off his powers for Felicity that he forgets his sneakers can't handle the friction.
    • When Barry brings Felicity to the lab, she promises Caitlin and Cisco that she can keep a secret. Barry immediately elaborates that she works with the Arrow. Felicity is understandably annoyed.
    Felicity: "...And apparently, you can't."
    • And then later, she makes an "...I'd be as rich as Oliver Queen" analogy, and immediately starts backpedaling in such a way that she actually makes it more obvious that the Arrow is Oliver.
    • "My team's setup is a lot like this...but with more pointy objects."
    • When in the lab, Barry is on the treadmill showing off his speed, and says "Want to see how fast I can run backwards?" He immediately crashes.
      Caitlin:...he heals fast, too.
    • Eddie Thawne doing a Jaw Drop when Felicity walks into the trivia contest wearing a Little Black Dress.
    • Barry names the trivia team the incredibly dorky "E=MC Hammer," to the confusion of Eddie and Iris. Felicity gets it instantly.
    • Felicity is at a bit of a loss at an excuse for Barry's suddenly leaving—being used to saying Oliver is "on a date", or some other appropriate fib—and comes up with Barry having bad diarrhea. And then she berates herself for continuing to talk to the air after he runs off.
    • Her failing to dramatically crack her knuckles.
  • Joe and Eddie having a bit of an awkward time in the car while discussing Iris. Eddie turns on the radio...and gets "When a Man Loves a Woman". He switches stations...and gets "Let's Get It On". He promptly turns it back off.
    Eddie: ...quiet is good.
  • A blink and you'll miss it one: Wells proudly says that Barry (running a few hundred miles per hour) isn't even close to his top speed...before hastily tacking on a "Theoretically, that is." Yes, he forgot to hide his knowledge of the future for a second there.
  • Barry and Leonard Snart bantering in full-costume makes for a fun moment.
    The Flash: If you wanted to get away you should've taken something faster than a train.
    Captain Cold: That's if I wanted to get away.
  • Cisco threatens Snart with the prototype cold gun, which is so huge that Felicity and Caitlin have to carry around the power source behind him. After Snart leaves, Cisco mentions it's actually the lab's vacuum cleaner with a bunch of LEDs stuck on it.
  • Snart smiling at the "Captain Cold" moniker.
  • Iris telling Barry that Felicity likes him, since (in her own words) she's the only girl who sees him for the great guy she's always telling him that he is. Think about that for a second.

     Episode 5: Plastique  

  • When Barry realizes he can't get drunk (while they're having a pleasant night out at a bar), Caitlin squees about doing experiments and starts scrounging through her purse.
    Barry: keep a blood test kit in your purse?
    Caitlin: Hey, you have your hobbies.
    • Caitlin's reaction to Barry saying he can't get drunk is to immediately administer a blood test. Cisco's is to grab more shots
    • Then in a Brick Joke at the end of the episode, Caitlin reveals that she's cooked up a very potent alcoholic beverage (she calls it roughly 500 proof, while 200 proof is pure alcohol) for Barry. When Barry says that he's gotten buzzed from it, Caitlin gets all giddy—and then it wears off after 30 seconds.
  • With Central City constantly in danger, Joe at this point simply expresses nothing but exasperation.
  • When Eddie gets an emergency call interrupting the night out at the beginning of the episode, everyone else instantly pulls out their own excuses as to why they need to leave as well.
  • Barry tells Joe the Streak met with Iris, and Joe warns that Iris would have easily been able to recognize his voice. Barry demonstrates his ability to vibrate his vocal cords to produce a reverb effect—and Joe bursts out laughing.
  • Plastique blows up the suit in her first encounter with the Flash. Cisco begins sulking like a child and declaring her to be pure evil because of this, until he sees her.
    Cisco: Nobody blows up my suit and gets away with it...unless they look like that.
  • Whilst the team are explaining meta-humans to Bette/Plastique, Cisco comments that none of them have looked like her. He immediately begins backpedaling, whilst a snickering Barry facepalms and Caitlin threatens him with a lobotomy.
  • Whilst testing Plastique's abilities by giving her objects to throw and explode, Caitlin holds up a boomerang and gives Cisco a blank stare.
    • Could that possibly be a nod to the last question in this What-If XKCD?

     Episode 6: The Flash Is Born  

  • When asked what he hit to damage himself as he had done, Barry simply says "A man." before making sure to clarify "A big, bad man." a few seconds later.
  • When Barry says the new metahuman can turn his skin into metal, Dr. Wells calls him a "man of steel". Doubly funny because said metahuman is called a "big bad man" just prior, so this might be a jab at the very divisive Man of Steel film.
  • When Barry recognizes the new metahuman as a childhood bully, Caitlin and Cisco starts reminiscing about theirs as well.
    Caitlin: I had a childhood nemesis, Lexi LaRoche. She used to put gum in my hair. [pouts]
    Cisco: Jake Pocket. If I didn't let him copy my homework he'd give me a swirly.
    Barry: Now that we've established that we're all uber-nerds, what are we going to do about Tony?
  • Caitlin interrogating Barry whether he is secretly meeting Iris in costume while preparing to set his dislocated shoulder.
    Barry: ...No.
    Caitlin: Good. [snaps his shoulder back in place with a loud crack]
    Barry: ARGH!
  • Cisco calculating the speed and the angle with which Barry has to hit the Girder (animated on a screen) while Caitlin looks worried.
    Cisco: [Technobabble] Bam.
    [Animated Flash explodes on impact]
    [Caitlin glares at him]
    Cisco: ...Ouch.
    Caitlin: "Ouch"!?
  • Cisco seriously wanting to also hunt down his and Caitlin's childhood bullies, regardless of whether they also have powers.
  • Cisco and Caitlin are exchanging some technobabble when Wells wheels in and asks what they're doing. Cisco answers with that they're calculating the average amount of bugs Barry swallows when he runs. Wells comments he'll look forward to him receiving his Nobel Prize.
  • This exchange after Barry and Iris land blows on Girder, successfully knocking him out:
    The Flash: Nice cross.
    Iris: I think I broke my hand.
    The Flash: [weakly] Me too.

     Episode 7: Power Outage  

  • The testing after Barry's been depowered.
    Cisco: He's slow even for a normal person...
  • After buying a cup of coffee, Barry - out of costume - gets pulled into an alley by a mugger who demands he give up his wallet. Naturally, the mugger gets a bit confused when his victim finds this hilarious instead of terrifying. Barry literally spends the whole "mugging" laughing at the mugger's terrible luck, telling him how much this is going to suck for him and advising him to just walk away, while the mugger has no idea why he's acting so nuts. When the mugger refuses to take the hint, Barry then grabs his gun and then pulls a cop over there from somewhere at superspeed, but not before stripping the guy down to his underwear for good measure.
    • A bit of Fridge Funny: the cop takes only a second to wonder "How did I get here?", before realizing that the guy in underwear is probably a criminal. Has Barry done this before?
  • When Barry tells Joe that he's lost his powers, Joe randomly tosses Barry's coffee mug to the floor in order to see if Barry will catch it. Barry is annoyed at this, both because Joe didn't just take his word for it, but because he "loved that mug". And when Iris comes in and sees the broken mess on the floor, she also bemoans it, citing Barry's love of that mug.
    • What makes it funnier is the implication that Joe did this mere moments after Barry told him about his power loss.
  • Eddie's last scene, high as a kite on painkillers.

     Episode 8: Flash vs Arrow  

  • "You mean the bank that was robbed of 1/2 million dollars, where a dozen people tried to murder each other, and you think our attention should be focused on catching Santa Claus."
    • Captain Singh meticulously preparing lunch while Eddie makes his proposal. Barry would later steal it right under the poor captain's nose.
  • Diggle and Cisco get into a "Who would win" argument about whether Arrow or Flash would win in a fight, while Felicity watches the two in what could possibly be a battle to the death.
    Felicity: Please tell me you're not actually having this conversation right now.
  • After his first look at the Flash, Diggle just stares slack-jawed for a few seconds before saying "You're fast." He remains completely obsessed for a while afterwards, including wondering if Barry can do everything fast, like going to the bathroom.
    Diggle: I had a cousin who got hit by lightning once. He just developed a stutter.
    • At the beginning of that scene, Diggle is eating a box of french fries. When Barry shows up he panics and the fries go flying everywhere. Meanwhile Felicity, having seen it all before, doesn't bat an eye.
    • When Barry offers to give Felicity a lift to S.T.A.R. Labs and grabs her, she barely has time to get out a yelp before Barry speeds away.
  • Barry carries Felicity to Star Labs and moves so fast that her shirt catches fire. They quickly tear it off leaving her in just a bra as Cisco and Caitlin walk in. Felicity even stammers that she's glad that she decided not to go braless.
    Barry: You guys remember Felicity?
    Cisco: I'll always remember this.
  • Cisco playing around with a carbon fibre boomerang, and accidentally wrecking the lab. Made funnier by Caitlin screaming and trying to run from it.
    • His reaction afterwards when the others rush into to see why Caitlin is screaming.
    Cisco: (emerges, hands raised above his head in a mea culpa gesture) My bad. This one's on me.
    • Later he has it stuck in a clamp and tells it to stay.
      • And his hand is bandaged.
  • Iris gushing to Barry over Oliver visiting Jitters and telling Barry that Oliver is on her freebie list, which she calls a "three list".
  • In a darkly funny way, Oliver telling Barry how he doesn't mind his surroundings while they're training. Barry doesn't seem to understand what he means until he's shot in the back by two crossbows Oliver had hidden in the grass.
    Barry: You shot me!?
    Oliver: I heard you heal fast. [Cue him tearing out the arrows and making Barry scream in pain]
  • After Oliver parts ways with Team Flash on good terms, particularly Joe & Dr. Wells, he tells Felicity what the audience already thinks of the latter.
    Oliver:: There's something off about that guy.
  • Oliver says they're going to have to discuss Barry "giving [his] enemies silly code names." Barry responds accordingly:
  • Oliver calls out Barry on being late:
    Oliver: Barry, how can you have Super Speed and still not be on time?
  • Immediately after this, Oliver explains how he went to every crime scene that the Flash visited and looked at Iris' blog. Barry's response:
    Barry: Don't you sleep?
  • Caitlin learns that the bank being robbed is the one she uses. Cisco's opinions on banking?
    Cisco: Once super-thieves showed up, I went mattress.
  • Cisco going into his Motor Mouth fanboy mode when he learns the Arrow is Oliver Queen. Apparently, he was on Cisco’s list of 150 possible suspects. Then Diggle shuts him up with a hard look.
  • Ollie doing seriously the usual speech about how his secret identity must stay a close-guarded secret, and then Felicity "translating" that he had a lot of fun working with Team Flash, and can't wait to do it again.
    Oliver: My identity is a closely guarded secret known only to a few, and if it were to get out, would endanger my family, my friends and it would embolden my enemies to retaliate with me through them.
    Felicity: What Oliver is trying to say is that he had a lovely time working with you and getting to know each of you, and he can't wait to do it again soon.
    Oliver: ...right.
    Cisco: You know, it didn't sound like that's what he was saying.
  • When Cisco announces they've spotted Bivolo on traffic cams by facial recognition...
    Caitlin: Since when have we had facial recognition software?
    Felicity: Happy Hanukkah!
  • When Oliver sees where Team Flash keeps their captured meta-humans in the Pipeline:
    Oliver: I have a prison like this. Mine's on a nearly inhospitable island in the North China Sea, but this works too.
  • Cisco gets an especially funny line when he rolls his eyes at Roy G. Bivolo raving about how he'll kill them all while he's in his cell:
    Cisco: "Blah blah blah. No fortress can hold me." I've heard it all before, pal. Adios, Prism.
  • This is immediately followed by an exchange between Caitlin and Cisco:
    Caitlin: I liked "Rainbow Raider"
    Cisco: Ok, you don't get to decide the names.

    Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 

  • Barry trims the tree at superspeed...until Joe glares at him, and he untrims the tree at superspeed.
    • Immediately followed by Iris chiding them for taking so long with it. Yeah, Barry was so done with this that he risked exposing his secret to her just to end it.
  • The repeated mentions that the old family eggnog recipe isn't as light on the bourbon as grandma pretended.
  • Cisco calls the man in yellow "Opposite Flash." A few minutes later, the man says (where Cisco can hear him) that he's nothing like the Flash. You might even call him the reverse.

     Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues  

  • Wells commenting that Reverse Flash isn't such a bad nickname.
  • Cisco excitedly telling Barry that the remaining training drones have lasers; Caitlin & Wells both immediately say no, as if they're telling a child not to do something stupid.
  • Snart making Mick wear a seatbelt.
  • Wells offers Star Labs' help in order to "catch Cold." Cisco is clearly about to make a Lame Pun Reaction, but Wells cuts him off:
    • Made even funnier when Cisco dubs Rory "Heatwave" and Wells tells him to cut it out.
  • Joe looking around at the mess Iris made and pointedly telling Barry they both know she's never going to clean it up, then simply turning and walking away when Barry protests he isn't going to do it.
  • Barry notes that to take both guys down, he's going to have to essentially recreate the climax of Ghostbusters (1984).
    Cisco: That movie was surprisingly scientifically accurate.
    Wells: And really quite funny.
  • Really, Mick Rory in general is just a treat to listen to. It's as if the more fire there is in a scene, the louder and hammier he gets, leading to...
  • Though it's played completely straight, the reveal that "Firestorm" is actually a very long acronym. You can almost hear Agent Ward saying "Somebody really wanted their initials to spell 'F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.'"
  • When Snart and Mick are being dragged through the station, Mick is thrashing like a wild animal and threatening to burn everyone in the precinct, while in the background Snart just has a deadpan look that mutters "Just calm down for once, Mick."
    Joe: Partner's a real hothead.
    Snart: That's funny.
    Joe: You know what's hilarious, Snart? We got you.
    Snart: Congratulations.
  • Somewhat darkly funny, but in the past, Barry has been shown to be as gentle as possible when pulling innocent bystanders to safely (usually they only look a little confused and maybe a little off balance.) When he pulls Eddie out of the way of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Eddie ends up getting thumped against a wall... pretty roughly. Clearly Barry's petty jealousy isn't going anywhere.
  • Joe returning Iris' favorite stuffed toy from her childhood, after Iris says the only reason she stopped sleeping with it was Joe taking it away as punishment after she broke one of his vinyls.
  • After Iris moves out, Barry and Joe discuss the idea of Barry moving back in; Barry leaves, packs his belongings, and returns, within seconds.
  • Every time someone suggests Barry use his super speed for Mundane Utility (such as to clean the house after Iris leaves or when Caitlin asks him to read an 800 page report), he rolls his eyes.

     Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury  

  • The Flash captures the Royal Flush Gang in a chess-like manner (blame Wells' strategizing). And then Flash makes sure that they won't escape by exclaiming "Got their keys!". You can hear the enthusiastic tone in Barry's voice when he said that.
  • Offscreen, Iris gets an excited reaction about getting invited to join the Picture News crew. Joe's response?
    "Was that a good scream or a bad scream?"
  • After getting captured the first time, Hartley is escorted in handcuffs into S.T.A.R. Labs by the Flash.
    Hartley: "Being scooped up by a guy clad in head-to-toe leather is a long-time fantasy of mine, so thanks."
  • Flash taking a selfie with all his friends, to 'document' for the people of the future. It's funny because not only Caitlin agrees to it, but so does Wells!
    Wells: If you really think that people in the future would care about what we do here... I suppose we should document it.
  • Cisco's opinion of Hartley.
    Cisco: He was mostly a jerk, but sometimes, (beat) he could be a dick.
  • Cisco is offended at Hartley making his own supervillain name, then admits it's pretty good in the same serious tone.
  • After his second bout with the Pied Piper, Barry's temporary hearing loss causes him to go No Indoor Voice, until Caitlin finally tells him to stop.
  • Barry demonstrates resonance to Joe by blowing up a wine glass. He thinks it is awesome.
  • Hartley converses with Cisco in Spanish, talks to Caitlin in French, and when he and Wells are alone in the Pipeline, they speak Latin to each other. Barry is watching on the camera, and regrets not taking a foreign language in high school.

    Episode 12: Crazy For You 

  • Barry and Cisco having a friendly argument about to who the Flash suit really belongs to. Harrison Wells looks on amused.
  • Drunk Caitlin.
    • She goads Barry into joining her onstage for karaoke, aiming to embarrass him. Turns out that he's actually a great singer while she isn't.
    • Barry having to hold her hair back when she vomits (after superspeeding her outside so she doesn't do it in the middle of the room).
    • Having Barry take her home and asking him to help undress her at superspeed.
      • After which, she asks him if he took a peek at "the goods", and when he denies it, she says it's okay if he did.
    • Coming to work the next day hungover and bundled up.
  • Barry interrogates the prisoner who beat up his dad by taking him out of the prison, which would lead to his sentence being extended if caught. Then he leaves without putting the prisoner back.
  • Caitlin giving the Metahuman of the week her codename, Peek-A-Boo.
    Caitlin: Come on, don't I get to name one?

    Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 

  • "So how does a superhero get ready for a date? Same as everybody else..."
    • He has "Uptown Funk" on in the background.
    • And after several high-speed clothing changes of Barry at home to try and get the right look for his date with Linda:
    Joe: You change one more time, I'ma shoot you.
    • Joe is an audience for Barry's wardrobe changes. The only reason Barry finally made a "decision" was because of the threat above and that Joe finally lost interest.
  • Apparently, very spicy foods are exempt from Barry's accelerated metabolism.
  • Barry is guilt tripped by Cisco into stopping a robbery while he is on a date.
    Cisco: Fine, but when you read in the paper tomorrow about the poor little old lady being robbed.
    Barry: How do you know it's a little old lady?
    Cisco: Please. It's always a little old lady.
    Barry: Okay, alright. (superspeeds) No little old lady!
  • Barry stops a man threatening to jump off of a building and drops him off dumbfounded in front of Eddie Thawne.
    Man: Are you going to let me go back up there?
    Eddie: ... No.
  • The jokes about The Flash being the "Fastest Man Alive" in bed? Well, Cisco and Caitlin bring up that it might be canon.
    Cisco: Aren't you worried about moving too fast?
    Barry: No, what do you mean? It's a second date.
    Cisco: No, no, no, no. I meant going too fast. Hurrying. Look, I mean, you're fast, but there's fast and then there's fast. Am I being subtle enough?
    Barry: No, you're really not.
    Caitlin: Cisco is right. With your increased blood flow and increased heart rate, theoretically, your speed could cause you to...
    Barry: (eyerolls)
    • Cisco's tips are just as glorious.
    Cisco: You're gonna need to think about a lot of dead puppies. Like, we're talking about a whole kennel. And baseball. Cold showers. You know what? Nuns.
    • Even funnier, when he is making out with Linda at home and he starts vibrating.
    Linda: Whoa! What's wrong? That felt amazing.
    Barry: I just... got a little excited.
    Linda: (giggles) I would hope so.
    Barry: Sorry, Linda, I'm just, um, a little worried about moving too fast.
  • The flashback with Barry and Prof. Stein is picked with jokes about Barry's nerdiness, his age and his awkwardness to tell a complete stranger about him visiting the particle accelerator with his "not-girlfriend".
  • The old Allen house is now occupied by Sherry, a very attractive middle-aged divorcée who promptly starts hitting on Joe. Cisco tells him with complete sincerity, "I will not judge you."
  • Wells is adorkably excited at the prospect of having a stakeout at the Steins' house, and spends most of it pigging out on Big Belly Burger takeout.
  • Barry fumbling through out of the door and making awkward excuses when he's forced to cancel his make-out session with Linda at Joe's house.
    Linda: Your shirt is on backwards...
    Barry: Yeah, I got it. I will text you, alright? Uh, no, I'll call you! I'll call you. Or how about I just, I'll just do both, okay? I'll do both! I'm so sorry!
  • Barry confronts Firestorm:
    Barry: Hey, I'm not here to hurt you, and I know you don't wanna hurt anyone else. So if you could just not...
    (Firestorm's body starts igniting)
    Barry: ... Flame on.
  • Cisco comes back to S.T.A.R Labs and sees Ronnie!Stein:
    Cisco: Ronnie! ... Not Ronnie.
    Ronnie!Stein: Martin Stein.
    Cisco: (leaves the room) That's not freaky at all.
  • When Barry has a little smalltalk with Prof. Stein:
    Ronnie!Stein: This body's taste buds would obviously be different from my own. Perhaps I'm now a light beer man.
    Barry: There are worse things to be.
    Ronnie!Stein: You mean like a living nuclear bomb?
  • How Barry convinces Linda to go out with him again is both funny and heartwarming:
    Linda : I don't wanna date someone who's into someone else.
    Barry: I'm not into anyone else. I'm gonna prove it to you. This is the Naga Jolokia... or the ghost pepper. It is the world's hottest pepper measuring 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. If you do not agree to go on another date with me, I will eat it right here, right now.
    Linda: You're bluffing.
    Barry: I never bluff. (eats the pepper)
    Linda: Are you okay?
    Barry: I'm fine, yeah. (crunches)
    Linda: You sure?
    Barry: (starts crying) Mh-hm. Mmh...! (spits the pepper out)
    Linda: Yes! Yes, I'll go out with you! That pepper could have killed you, nerd. (hands some milk over to Barry)

    Episode 14: Fallout 

  • In the beginning of the episode, Cisco asks Ronnie what it's like to fly, who says it would have been awesome... if he had been holding the controller. That sets the tone, and the rest is Stein and Ronnie arguing like two brothers about who screwed up in their latest video game.
  • Stein, ever the snarker, ruins a tender moment between Caitlin and Ronnie by asking for clothes.
  • As a side-effect of the Sharing a Body situation, Professor Stein now has cravings for pizza.
  • The fact that Stein, the stodgy, stuffy, proper old professor who insists on calling Ronnie "Ronald", has not only researched time travel but has actually thought about where he would go if it were possible.
  • Cisco helps Joe through the time travel theories being discussed by referencing movies that used them, causing Wells to geek out about Back to the Future.
    • The look on Joe's face when that last part happens.
  • Iris walking in on Caitlin and Ronnie coming to stay with Barry and her father, forcing all four of them to come up with a tag team excuse. Even better if you take her saying Ronnie looks familiar as a meta-joke about Robbie Amell's resemblance to his cousin Stephen.
  • When Stein gets captured, Team Flash realize that they have a way of tracking him down, all looking at Ronnie. Ronnie has no clue why.
    Ronnie: What?
  • Discussing the impossible things that happen this episode.
    Cisco: I'd say this was impossible, but we have a guy in our basement who can turn into poison gas.
    Ronnie: Really!?
    Cisco: Dude, that was like, week three!
  • When Ronnie is introduced to Joe.
    Caitlin: Detective West, I'd like you to meet Ronnie.
    Joe: Wait, you're her...
    Ronnie: Dead fiancé.
    Joe: (Beat) Want a beer?

    Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Barry tries asking Joe for advice regarding his feelings for Iris. Joe instantly cracks up, and lampshades the complicated relationship the four of them (Eddie included) currently have.
  • Barry's bewildered expression after he broke the time barrier and wound up one day in the past.
  • Iris and Linda feeling uncomfortable after their respective dates left them at the bowling alley.
  • Wells, for once, chuckling at one of Cisco's nicknames, specifically, the "wizard's wand", and how Caitlin comments that it's subtle.
    • And then Barry starts swinging it like a lightsaber, which it resembles.

    Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • Cisco and Barry at a bar, and get picked up by a hot chick. When Barry gets brushed aside, look at his face as he leaves.
    Barry: Make me proud.
  • Heatwave just can't resist adding his snarky two cents when being bound to a chair with Cold.
    Cold: Oh. Love the paneling. Mahogany?
    Heatwave: So glad your house is made out of wood. It's going to be a pleasure to watch it burn. (getting punched by goon) Refreshing!
    • Heatwave even corrects Cold's declaration of claiming Central City.
    Cold: This is my city!
    Heatwave: ... Our city.
  • Cisco ends up in a disappointing and dangerous situation when he finds out that his hot date at the pub turned out to be none other than Leonard Snart's sister, Lisa Snart.
    Cisco: Oh, COME ON! I should have known better, I am not that lucky... (beat) Please don't kill me for kissing your sister.
    Cold: (to Lisa) You kissed him?
    Lisa: You're not Dad, Lenny.
    Cold: I know. Dad's in jail. Sterling role model.
  • Lisa Snart's reaction to being shot at? Diving behind cover and grinning like it's the most fun she's had in ages.
    Lisa: This is sick!
  • When Cold walks in and finds Mick beating on a prisoner, he just tells him to knock it off and calm down, in a tone that suggests this is nothing new for him.
  • After Talking the Monster to Death, Snart asks the Flash if he could give Snart a lift back to Central City. Barry of course refuses.
  • The look on Barry's face when Eddie, after decking him earlier in the episode, suddenly threw his arms around him and offered him sympathy.
    • The reason for this is equally hilarious, in that Caitlin told Iris and Eddie that Barry's recent behavior is because of a medical condition (that she made up).
  • Barry heading straight to Mardon's apartment and throwing him in the Pipeline. The sheer offhandedness of how the guy who caused so much trouble last time gets dealt with is pretty fun.
    • Not to mention how, when the Flash meets him, Mardon is lying down on his bed chilling out.
  • The line Cold uses to reveal himself to Cisco:
    Cold: Hell-o, Cisco. What exactly are your intentions with my sister?
  • Joe tries asking Barry for his strange behavior. Barry says that he's always been weird. Joe, on the other hand, replies "Weirder."
    • Then Barry tries to get out of the embarrassing situation by going on his date with Linda, leaving Joe alone with Wells; Joe asks him if he's going to fill in the blanks, Wells replies a blunt no.
  • Cisco's brother reveals he got a girl who liked Cisco during high school to date him instead by telling her Cisco wanted to be a priest.

    Episode 17: Tricksters 
  • James Jesse's description of his "perfect trick."
    Jesse: I've had 20 years to come up with the perfect trick. It's going to be my masterpiece. My Mona Lisa. My Breaking Bad Season 5.
    Axel: [gives him a look]
    Jesse: They gave me cable in prison so I'd stop killing the guards.
  • The Trickster also compares a lack of casualties from an attack during his heyday to the Chicago Cubs winning the pennant.
    Jesse: It just doesn't happen!
  • The line Mark Hamill's been waiting 35 years to say, played for as much Narm Charm as humanly possible: "I am your father."
    • To make it funnier, the line is backed by music that sounds similar to the Empire music.
    • And followed by Hamill's "Yeah, I just said that" nod.
  • At the episode's climax, Barry manages to rush in and cure everyone who the Trickster has poisoned, ruining his plan. His reaction? Comment on how unsanitary it is to use the same syringe on everyone.
    • And then there's his reaction afterwards. Given the character, you'd expect a hammy Villainous Breakdown. Instead, we get a look of bored "Oh great, now I have to go to jail again" annoyance.
  • When Cisco is mocking the Trickster speaking about himself in the third person ("That's never a good sign,"), Caitlin comments that he's just mad he didn't get a chance to come up with his own name for the villain.
  • The Trickster checking out Iris as she walks past him.
  • When the Trickster introduces himself during his big entrance at the party, most people just look at each other in confusion.
    • His jokes warrant a polite laugh from the audience. His attempt to explain it? Not so much.
    Jesse: Huh. Tough crowd.

    Episode 18: All Star Team-Up 
  • Joe and Eddie chasing some crooks, so they decide to call in the Flash. He gets into the cop car...with a guy he caught for "indecent exposure" (in other words, The Flash caught a flasher). And Barry's all being Smug Super again during the whole chase.
  • Felicity introducing the Atom to Team Flash:
    Harrison: What exactly are we waiting for, Ms. Smoak?
    Felicity: [points to the sky] That there!
    Caitlin: Is that a bird?
    Cisco: It's a plane...
    Felicity: It's my boyfriend.
    Ray: Hi! [lands in the Atom Suit] I'm Ray.
  • Eddie meets up with Felicity and Barry at Jitters. He tries to dance around the fact that Barry is the Flash which leads to....
    Barry: Felicity knows.
    Eddie: Wow. So everyone but Iris.
    Barry: Feels that way.
  • And as they're leaving for the scene of another attack.
    Felicity: Bee careful.
    Barry: Wow, seriously?
    Felicity: I'm sorry, bad joke, just don't die.
  • Ray's first attempt to explain the problems with his suit came out wrong, and Felicity's attempts to clarify just make it worse. Caitlin's response: "God, there's two of them."
  • Cisoco's reaction to finding the Villain of the Week uses bees:
    Cisco: Bees. Why did it have to be bees? Y'all know I don't do bees, ain't nobody got time for bees!
  • This wonderful Freudian Slip:
    Caitlin: You're so lucky. Ray's nice, and smart, and hot.
    Felicity: Yeah. It's like I'm dating Barry but in Oliver's body. [realizes what she just said] A sentence you'll never repeat to anyone!
    Caitlin: Your secret's safe with me.
  • Felicity's description of Brie Larvin:
    Felicity: She's like my nemesis. [beat] I've never had a nemesis before. I kind of like it.
  • During their hacking war.
    Brie: You want to bring it? It is brought!
    [Felicity's computer bursts into smoke and sparks]
    Felicity: Rude.
  • And when Felicity takes out the swarm:
    Felicity: Boom! Drop the mic! (to Wells) It's metaphorical, of course, because I don't have a... mic.
    • Even better is the smile on Wells face when she says that.
  • Ray's flying on his first mission for the Central City superheroes in a suit that they haven't finished debugging yet, while Cisco and Caitlin play mission control from inside the (moving) van. When Ray's suit does malfunction, Cisco quickly comes up with a plan...
    Cisco: We'll catch you.
    Ray: [surprised] You will?
    Caitlin: [looking at Cisco like he's lost his mind] We will?!
  • Cisco high fives Ray for landing inside the van safely, only to hurt his hand.
    Cisco: The Atom lives!
    [High-fives Ray]
    Cisco: [in pain] Let's work on some softer gloves for next time, okay?
    Ray: [sheepishly] Sorry...
  • Ray and Cisco come up with a name for the villain. At the same time.
  • Cisco isn't very impressed with Ray's superhero name, or is at least disappointed he didn't get to come up with one.
    Cisco: So are you married to that, or...?
  • When Jone, Barry, and Wells go to meet Dr. McGee:
    Tina: Have you finally found my tachyon device, or are you here to blackmail me for another one?
    Wells: ...Do you have another one?
  • Eddie complaining about the tension between him and Iris means they haven't had sex for two weeks... and realizes that he's saying this to Joe.
    Eddie:...And you did not need to know that.
  • When one of the Bandit's bees gets loose in STAR Labs, Cisco (who is afraid of bees) starts shooting up the place with lasers.
    Cisco: (blows away half the desk) "Did I get it? I think I got it..."

    Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? 
  • Joe asked Barry to pick up some pizza, so Barry went to Coast City since they have the best pizza on the West Coast.
  • Laurel confiding to Cisco that she's the Black Canary, leading Cisco to have a Fan Boy moment. It's so bad that Laurel has to ask him to calm down.
  • Cisco couldn't stop smiling after receiving a picture of himself with the Black Canary.
    Laurel: Hey. You show this to anyone, I'll kill you.
    Cisco: (Grins) That's just an expression.....right?
    Laurel: (Matter-of-factly) Nope. (Leaves with a cheeky grin on her face).
  • Caitlin's reaction of being kissed by Fake Barry is quite priceless when she's caught off by surprise.
    • Speaking of Fake Barry, Wells nonchalantly tasing him is at the very least chuckle worthy...
    • Just Fake Barry's smug, arrogant attitude and the way he was checking out Caitlin is funny in comparison to what real Barry is like.
    • When the real Barry puts a hand on Caitlin's shoulder later, she gets a reflex action...
  • Barry being found Bound and Gagged. He says Bates was there, as if that wasn't clear.
    • Not to mention that Caitlin slaps him hard to wake him up, causing Barry to ask why she didn't use some smelling salts.
  • Admit it, you laughed when Fake Caitlin kicked Barry's ass.
  • Hannibal Bates puts up a futile effort in persuading his jail wardens to let him out of his cell.
    (Hannibal shapeshifts into Caitlin)
    Fake Caitlin: (to Barry) Hey cutie, wanna let me out of here?
    (Barry and Wells turn to the real Caitlin)
  • Caitlin goes to Dr. Wells' pad to confront him with the secrets he's been hiding. She rings the doorbell, but Barry whisks her away to another place. When Wells opens the door and nobody's there, he seems genuinely puzzled.

    Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco's joint shock at learning that Iris and Barry will marry in the future is priceless.
    Cisco: ...Mazel tov?
  • Cisco is alerted to Wells entering the building by a tracker he secretly placed on his wheelchair as a precaution. When he explains this he continues with; "Which, if we're wrong about him and he is paralysed, I'm going to Hell for that one."
  • Cisco's reaction to seeing Gideon's Operating System, which he planned on erasing the memory databank of them being in the room. It was much more advanced then he anticipated.
    Cisco: *laughs* Yeah... No, that's not gonna happen.
  • Captain Singh is talking with Barry in the police station, and after Barry asks if he's all right, he says:
    Singh: Yeah, since Rob and I have been planning the, you know, wedding ... between the florist and the hundreds of kinds of cake filling, and who can sit next to who... [beat, places hand on Barry's shoulder] Never get married, Allen.
  • In the middle of CCPD, Eddie shows Barry the ring he's planning to propose to Iris with. For a moment Barry covers his face, thinking that it might get misinterpreted by anyone passing by.
  • Just as Cisco falls asleep from the effects of the dream glasses, Joe quips "So that's how you get him to shut up."
  • While inside his flashback dream of the alternate timeline, Cisco pauses to admire the shirt he is wearing at the time. He thought the dryer ate it, apparently. Joe can't stop himself from giggling when he hears it.
    • He also poked himself, resulting in a hilarious expression on his face.
  • Cisco reverses the containment field to keep speedsters away from inside, so Barry tests out the barrier, only to crash and ricochet.
  • A Black Comedy Rewatch Bonus, sure, but the way Bates acts as Wells, including how he just keeps his arm up without vibrating it deserves mention and appreciation.
    Wells!Bates: (growlly; after Cisco trips) Oops...
    • Seriously, it looks less like he's (pretending to) about to stab Cisco through the chest, and more like he's about to engage in some karate chop action.

    Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • A cathartic one for sure, but Iris just abruptly appearing at STAR Labs to reveal she knows Barry's the Flash.
  • Cisco and Caitlin convincing themselves to listen in on Barry and Iris, who has just discovered he is The Flash.
    • After Iris walks out on them, Cisco and Caitlin so obviously fail at trying to keep their eavesdropping a secret.
  • A shipment of gold getting delivered by the police. They use an armored van...disguised as an ice cream truck.
    • Joe suggests the driver to turn off the truck's music after denying nearby kids some ice cream.
  • In an otherwise terrifying scene when Joe is with Grodd he offers him a banana. Of course this being Grodd it doesn't work at all.
    Grodd: GRODD... HATE... BANANA!
    • It later turns out this was Cisco's idea, and he eagerly asks Joe if it worked.
    • Just the fact that when they go hunting the huge, terrifying, telepathic gorilla, Cisco thinks it'll help to bring a banana.
  • Joe gets fed up with Cisco's constant movie references:
    Joe: You and your movies.
  • Barry's very casual response to learning Grodd was a gorilla, suggesting he was so done with the comic book stuff.

     Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Cisco tells Caitlin to stay on guard at the laboratory while Barry and Joe went to check the particle accelerator. Shortly after leaving, Cisco scurries back to retrieve his drink.
  • Caitlin is offended that Lisa calls her uptight. Nobody from Team Flash comes to defend her as they silently agreed.
    Caitlin: I AM NOT UPTIGHT!
    *awkward silence from the others*
    Caitlin: You don't get to call me uptight.
  • Lisa is not pleased that she's the only one inside Star Labs that doesn't know the Flash's secret identity.
    Leonard: And I promised I wouldn't tell anyone, that includes my sister.
    Lisa: [retorts] Jerk.
    Leonard: [to Lisa] Trainwreck.
  • Lisa Snart's and Cisco's reunion:
    Lisa: Hey Cisco.
    Cisco: Oh, hey, Captain Cold's evil sister!
    Lisa: Ah, you're not still mad at me, are you? I really did enjoy kissing you.
    Caitlin: [turns around with shock] YOU KISSED HER?!
    Cisco: Under duress, calm down...
  • Pretty much every scene when Cisco tries to resist Lisa's flirting antics in a futile fashion:
    Cisco: Really not enjoying being one of the good guys this week. Really not!
  • Lisa of all people have a legal truck driver's license when the plan requires a truck driver to escort the prisoners.
    Lisa: What? I have a class A CDL.
    Caitlin: You do?
    Lisa: We can't all be doctors.
    [Caitlin scowls]
  • Cisco being relucant to give Lisa a supervillain name:
    Lisa: How come you haven't given me a code name? I heard you came up with Captain Cold. What do you think I should be called?
    Cisco: Female Inmate.
    Lisa: Ah, come on. You made my gun, the least you can do is give me a badass alias. Please?
    Cisco: Fine....Golden Glider.
    Lisa: Smart is sexy, Cisco.
  • Snart's choice of music when Barry comes to talk with him? "Cold as Ice".
  • Snart's reasoning for why he shot Deathbolt in the face? "He owed me money". Even funnier, Bivolo seems to think that's pretty reasonable.
  • Mardon questions Snart's motives on why he sabotaged Team Flash and rescued the prisoners.
    Mardon: What, you want a "thank you"?
    Snart: Who doesn't like a "thank you"?
    Bivolo: [hesitant] ...Thank you.
    Snart: You are so very welcome!
  • Bivolo uses his powers on Caitlin, making her lash out at Cisco. After the whole escape scene, Caitlin is implied to still be under the Raider's spell. She apparently has a lot more bottled up anger than the Flash had. Hell hath no fury...

     Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • Eobard is disappointed that Barry didn't bring him a Big Belly burger, stating he likes it so much because they don't have cows in his future. The next time Barry visits his cell, Thawne is just finishing up takeout.
  • Cisco's irritation at Eobard ruining the name Dr. Evil for him.
  • Cisco isn't interested in helping Barry go back in time since he could kill himself, until...
    Barry: We're gonna need something else too.
    Cisco: Really? And what's that? 'Cause I don't know about you guys, but I'm not at all interested in helping you get yourself killed.
    Barry: I need you to build a time machine.
    Cisco: Go on.
  • When Stein tells the team there's a chance the wormhole could change into an unstoppable blackhole
    Cisco: So long and thanks for all the fish!
  • When Cisco is alone with Thawne he can't resist asking how he got the Reverse-Flash costume into the ring.
  • Eddie tells Stein about Thawne's newspaper from the future, citing it as evidence that he will never amount to anything. Stein's response?
    Stein: And I have a mug that says "World's Best Boss"...I doubt my teaching assistant would testify to its authenticity.
  • Ronnie has some doubts about Stein's authority to perform a marriage:
    Ronnie: Is this actually binding?
    Stein: My father made me become a rabbi before he would send me to MIT. This will be "legit" as the kids say.
    Ronnie: No kids say that.
    Stein: Let's not fight on our wedding day.
    • The "rabbi" tells Ronnie and Caitlin to kiss. Ronnie says not to tell him what to do, to the guy who spends time inside his head when using their powers.
  • There is something very comedic about how Jay Garrick's helmet simply fell out of the wormhole. It's the reactions that it causes that cements it; they mirror the reactions of the viewers.
    Joe: [ie, viewers out of the know] And what the hell is that?
    Thawne: [ie, viewers in the know] That's my cue to leave.
  • This is especially funny if you realize that, somewhere on Earth 2, Jay is probably pissed that he lost his helmet.
  • This exchange between Cisco and Eobard when Cisco reveals Eobard killed him in an alternate timeline.
    Eobard: Cisco, I'm sorry.
    Cisco: Yeah. It sucked!
    Eobard: Not for killing you. I'm sure I had a good reason.

Season 2

     Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City 

    Episode 2: Flash of Two Worlds 

  • Cisco getting annoyed at Jay naming Sand Demon, but letting it slide because it's a sufficiently awesome name.
  • Oliver's broadcast from the last episode of Arrow shows up here, and Cisco is annoyed that he insisted on adding a color to his name.
  • Jay made a comment about why nicknames like "Scarlet Speedster" and "Crimson Comet" has to be in alliteration:
    Jay: [Lampshades] What is it with alliteration and nicknames?
  • When Prof. Stein starts rambling about the multiverse, Joe basically goes Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
  • A Brick Joke about Jay's helmet. It tumbled out of the wormhole in the last episode of the first season, and upon getting it "I thought I lost that."

    Episode 3: Family of Rogues 

  • Jay's utterly resigned tone when Barry takes off to try superspeeding through the breach in STAR Labs.
    Cisco: He isn't.
    Jay: Yeah, he is.
  • When they finally manage to stabilize the breach and successfully send an object through it, Stein exclaims "Excelsior!" Looks like he finally made his decision.
  • When Lisa talks about her, Snart and Heatwave knocking off a horse track, Catalin asks if it "causes your family physical pain not to rob people?"
  • Barry confronts Snart at his hangout. After a short exchange, Snart leaves Barry with the bill.
  • Cisco's spot-on impression of Stein getting irritated with Caitlin constantly checking up on him.
  • Undercover Barry introducing himself to Lewis Snart, portrayed by Michael Ironside, as Sam.
  • Barry calls the lab right as Cisco is about to take Lisa's bomb out, freaking them out enough that Caitlin almost calls him Barry in front of her.
  • This Exchange between Barry and Snart.
    Barry: Snart!
    Snart: *Comes out of hiding* Barry!
    Barry: Are you ok?
    Snart: *Shrugs* Peachy!

    Episode 4: The Fury of Firestorm 
  • When Barry and Professor Stein walks into the autobody shop to find Jax, Stein was quite disappointed in Jax's taste in music and has allergies.
  • The slight resemblance between Gustin and Andrew Garfield becomes a whole lot funnier when Barry weaponizes You Fight Like a Cow in the face-off against Hewitt.
  • At the end, Barry is watching Patty as the Flash, clearly considering romance, and the 20 foot shark-man she's been harping on all episode appears out of nowhere and grabs him.
    Patty: It's real!?
    • Followed immediately by this gem:
    Patty: Hey, put him down! Put your hands…fins in the air!
    • Just how suddenly it happens is absolutely hilarious. An entire episode focusing on Firestorm, and suddenly a giant shark man comes out of absolutely nowhere. Sure, there had been some foreshadowing, but most viewers probably expected it to be a simple Mythology Gag, especially after Barry's tests seemed to disprove Shark's existence.
  • Detective West asking "What is it with you, Iris, and my partners?"

    Episode 5: The Darkness and The Light 

  • Earth-2!Wells comments that it's strange to read your autobiography when you didn't write it and it isn't about you.
  • All the deliciously awkward interactions between the team and Earth-2!Wells.
    Barry: Cisco Ramone, Caitlin Snow, this is Harrison Wells. From Earth-2.
    Earth-2!Wells: Hey.
    Cisco: ...hey.
    Caitlin: *raises eyebrow*
  • Earth-2!Wells idly asks if this world has Big Belly Burger. In later scenes, he is eating or slurping a soda at awkward moments.
    • That request has a secondary level of funny given that Earth-1!Wells made a similar remark in "Fast Enough", which (understandably) creeps out Cisco.
      Cisco: This isn't happening...
  • Cisco summarizing Earth-2!Wells: "Our Wells may have been evil, but you're just a dick!"
  • After Cisco tells Earth-2!Wells how Thawne killed him in an alternate timeline, how does Earth-2!Wells react?
  • When Iris was shocked to see Earth-2!Wells, he reacts with much chagrin:
    Earth-2!Wells: Let me guess, my counterpart did something to offend her?
    Cisco: Her fiance died because of him.
    Earth-2!Wells: Oh... [leaves]
  • Barry has to go on his first date with Patty after being temporarily blinded by Doctor Light, forcing Cisco to be his eyes through a pair of sunglasses. Grant Gustin proves to have slapstick skills up there with the silent greats, and Cisco's commentary (including complaining when Patty figures it out and Barry puts the glasses away) is gold.
    Cisco: That's me, creepin'and peepin'.
    • Before the date, when it's mentioned that Dr. Light may go after Linda (her Earth-1 counterpart), Barry decides to go and keep an eye on Linda... and apparently manages to forget that he's currently blind.
  • Caitlin and Cisco summarize how Earth-2!Wells isn't really the counterpart to the Wells they knew, since he wasn't really Wells but Eobard Thawne impersonating him. Afterwards, Wells admits that he couldn't follow any of that.
  • Aside from being heartwarming, the discussion about Cisco's powers in the end of the episode are very amusing. Barry and Caitlin bring up that now that he has powers, he needs a cool name, something he takes very seriously.
  • Barry's facial expression when Earth-2!Wells and Garrick's argument devolves into a fistfight. And the fact that he doesn't break it up quite as quickly as he could have.
  • Barry wonders why Earth-2!Wells saved him in the previous episode, reasoning that he wouldn't just come over to meet him. Wells responds that, no, that is what happened.
  • Doubles with Fridge Brilliance: recall how everyone was concerned regarding how fast Barry's relationship with Linda was progressing, as he would have troubling controlling the vibration of his molecules triggered by excitement. Here, Barry's eyesight is conveniently restored at the end of his and Patty's date. After they kissed. Barry's healing was accelerated by his hormones!

    Episode 6: Enter Zoom 
  • Dr. Light escapes by turning herself invisible and tricking Cisco into opening her cell. She can't turn her clothes invisible.
  • When Joe wonders why Barry is so gung-ho about going after Zoom right away, Barry quotes some advice Joe once gave him. Joe reminds him that the context of that advice was Barry's high school football tryouts, at which point Barry indignantly insists that Joe promised never to bring that up again.
  • Linda's Training Montage includes blasting the wrong targets (and Cisco), having her power glove catch fire, and blasting things while high-fiving.
    • The ridiculous face Cisco is making in the selfie he used to make the cardboard target of himself.
    • When Linda asks if the gloves are safe, Cisco says yes, but Wells adds ish.
  • Linda's first thought upon being told Barry's secret: that she'd made out with the Flash.
  • Linda and Barry's Bad Bad Acting when "Doctor Light" faces the Flash.
    Cisco: Next time we're doing this, I'm writing better dialogue.
    Iris and Caitlin: "Next time?"
  • Team Flash waiting for an hour for Zoom to take the bait made Barry lift his leg due to his awkward posture on the ground. Barry commented how he should have been in a better position due to his leg falling asleep.
  • Caitlin protests that Cisco's anti-Zoom weapon could become the next Cold Gun and they might end up with "Sergeant Slow." Cisco has this to say:
    Cisco: I would never let that happen. "Sergeant Slow" is a terrible name.
  • Linda's bummed out that she can't keep the power gloves from her Training Montage. When Iris asked her what she would do with them, Linda replied she would use them for raves.

    Episode 7: Gorilla Warfare 
  • Cisco is asking Caitlin about bird-men, and she laughs it off as ridiculous. He just rolls his eyes.
  • This exchange:
    Caitlin: He wants more like him.
    Cisco: He wants kids? Because I'm pretty sure one telepathic Grape Ape is enough for this city.
  • Cisco tells Iris & Barry about his plans for his date with Kendra, capping it off with breakfast. Barry & Iris then express confusion over this, leading to Cisco to stumble over an explanation, at which point Joe steps in & tells Cisco that they're just messing with him.
  • After its discovered that Grodd moved locations:
    Cisco: The reason we couldn’t find him before is because he graduated from a bachelor pad to a penthouse, like a baller.
  • Albeit, it's funny in hindsight, but: When its discussed what to do now that they found out Grodd's new location, Wells-2 comes out... dressed in the Reverse Flash costume. Barry, understandably, proceeds to slam him against the wall.
  • Earth-2 Wells pretending to be the Reverse Flash to try and rescue Caitlin from Grodd, saying that they don't need her any more. Caitlin is terrified, and then confused when he winks at her.

     Episode 8: Legends of Today 
  • After all the times Barry decided to just randomly let someone know he's the Flash, this time Cisco is the one who blows it for Kendra. Barry just says "Dude?"
  • Felicity greets Barry with a hug, then smacks him for not telling her Zoom broke his back, then hugs him again.
    Barry: [to Oliver] So that's what it's like dating her?
    Oliver: More bruises from her than from Deathstroke.
  • Damien Dahrk's flabbergasted reaction to the Flash interrupting his latest fight with Team Arrow, quite fun after he's been completely unflappable over on Arrow.
    • Before that his childlike glee and and genuinely being impressed with the magnet arrow.
  • Diggle throws up in response to Barry speeding him, Thea, and Oliver out of the warehouse they were fighting in.
  • Thea lampshading how she was never actually let in on anything regarding the Flash last season.
  • Thea seems to have grown attached to "Speedy," as she denies Cisco's attempts to come up with a better nickname.
    Cisco: Maybe you need to familiarize yourself with my body of work.
    Thea: Why don't you get a haircut, then we'll talk?
    Cisco: [twirls hair] I think you just mad 'cause my conditioner game is on point.
  • After Malcolm's second Stealth Hi/Bye entrance into Arrow HQ (with half the damn League):
    Barry: Is this the only way he knows how to enter a room?!
  • Felicity and Cisco attempted a high-five, only to fail spectacularly.
  • After Carter pushes Kendra off a building to try to activate her powers and she only survives because Barry caught her, Carter just shrugs and suggests trying again, to the protests of everyone else.
  • Felicity is gloating to herself about getting the magnetic arrow to work when everyone said that she couldn't, only for Oliver to pipe up that the communications lines are still open, and she's distracting them.
  • Cisco's attempt to explain the vision he had of Kendra with wings.
    Cisco: The first time I kissed Kendra, I got a vibe.
    Barry: *raises eyebrow*
    Cisco: No, not like that kind of vibe.

     Episode 9: Running To Stand Still 
  • The opening scene has Earth 2 Wells being chased down and caught by Zoom. Normally this would be Nightmare Fuel, and it is, but then Wells begs him to let his daughter live and demands for Zoom to say something while Zoom's strangling him. Zoom's response?
    • No really. It still manages to be creepy since, well, Zoom said this, but at the same time, it's hilarious because Zoom said this.
  • Cisco's response to Jay and Caitlin's blatantly obvious attraction to each other.
    Cisco: Oh dear lord, just kiss already. The thirst is real.
  • Catilin's explanation of what Christmas is when Jay feigns ignorance of it.
    Jay: What's Christmas?
    Caitlin: Oh! Ah, well, it's this holiday we have where we cut down trees and sing songs to celebrate the birth of a baby two thousand years ago and then the Romans killed him so we give each other gifts.
    • He later pretends to not know what mistletoe is, having Snow explain again.
  • All the comments about the seemingly random snowfall being a "Christmas miracle" become darkly hilarious when the Weather Wizard weaponizes the snowfall (which he created) to break into the prison and he announces "Let it snow!" in the most villainous tone of voice possible.
  • The Trickster is again a blast every second he's on screen, the toppers being his Oh Crap! expression when his leverage over Barry disappears, and getting choked up by Barry talking Patty out of killing Mardon.
    Trickster: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of... C4!
  • Cold just rolling his eyes at the Trickster's antics is hilarious as is the sight of him casually drinking hot chocolate out of a Christmas mug in the West's home.
    • He also mentions that he prefers the little marshmallows in his hot chocolate, which he says he searched the house for.
  • When Barry confronts Mardon on a roof, Mardon says he needs Barry's help to decide how to kill the people below: hail or acid rain (which he notes is "a little trickier").
  • After Harry makes a reference to The Godfather, Cisco is surprised that Earth-2 has the film. Harry tells him that every Earth has The Godfather and Jay nods that it's true in "Yeah, duh." manner.
  • Barry's reaction to Mardon using his powers to fly, followed by Wells cutting off Cisco's explanation of how it's technically not flying to say yes, it is.
  • In an attempt to get one of the Trickster's bombs, Wells shows up at a child's house and delivers this gem of a line:
    Wells: Your toys, give them to me.
  • Even though it's a pretty dire situation and we've had a pretty heavy scene what with Wally West and all, the Snark-to-Snark Combat between Iris and Snart is pretty funny.
    Snart: Read your article on the disappearing middle class. Strong point of view, nice prose style.
    Iris: Yeah, well, who needs a Pulitzer when you have a homicidal maniac's seal of approval?
    Snart: Didn't you hear? I had a rough childhood.
    Iris: Everybody in this room had a rough childgood, get over it.
  • The Trickster's reaction to when Barry manages to talk Patty out of killing Mardon for revenge:
    "That was beautiful!"

    Episode 10 - Potential Energy 
  • When Barry rushed his way to a dinner date with Patty, the bouquet of roses he's carrying is on fire from the Super Speed friction. Patty just laughed it off as "it's the thought counts".
  • Cisco has been tracking the Turtle for months. Barry has never heard of this, but everyone else has.
  • Every Earth may have The Godfather, but apparently not Moby Dick, as Jay is just confused when the Turtle is called a White Whale and asks if he's some whale/turtle hybrid.
  • Harry gets irritated at something in his equations, and knocks a bunch of things off a table in frustration. Cisco shows up at this point, and tells him that he can't just throw other people's stuff around when he's pissed. Harry's only response to this is to walk over to another table and rather pointedly knock a bunch of stuff off that one as well.
    • What's even better is that Cisco uses the same tone most people would use for scolding a naughty puppy.
  • Iris making fun of Joe enthusiastically showing Wally around CCPD.
    Joe: There is my desk, upstairs is anti-crime and CSI - that's where Barry works, and we have the open files...
    Iris: And that is a pencil. That? Stapler.
    Joe: OK, sorry Wally. Obviously, your sister got the funny gene.
    • Then later making fun of him when Patty wants to talk to Iris.
    Iris: Yeah. You're not needed.
    Joe: I am needed. (beat) Imma go there.

    Episode 11 - The Reverse-Flash Returns 

  • In the beginning of the episode, Barry is running all over town doing the Samaritan act as hard as he can. Wells, true to form, laments that they're not doing enough to prepare for Zoom, and Cisco's response is even more childish than usual.
    Cisco: Aaaah, I see. You haven't had your coffee this morning...
    Harry: I had my coffee this morning. Don't slurp.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Don't.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Don't.
    Cisco: *slurp*
    Harry: Doooooon't...
    Cisco: *sluuuuuuuurp*
  • Cisco Screams Like a Little Girl when Harry jumps him in the Time Vault wearing the Reverse-Flash costume.
  • Thawne is pretty chill that he dies in the future,
    Flash: You died.
    Thawne: Good to know.
  • When they realize that Cisco's vibe vision (induced by the goggles Harry built) of Thawne killing Dr. McGee hasn't happened yet:
    Cisco: Are you telling me I can see the future?
    Harry: That's exactly what I'm telling you.
    Cisco: Those goggles are getting named. Immediately.
  • Cisco confronts Thawne in his cell and demands to know how he puts his costume in a ring like it's the most important thing in the world.
  • When Barry and Thawne build up enough energy to open the portal and send the latter back, Barry sends Thawne through the portal by quite literally chucking The Reverse Flash head over ass through said portal like Thawne was just cheap luggage.
  • The show finally acknowledges how weird it must be for the people from Earth 2 to constantly hear it called that, with Wells saying "You realize that this Earth is my Earth 2, right?"

    Episode 12 - Fast Lane 

  • Cisco trying to be awesome.
    Cisco: Who's the greatest hacker in the world, people?!
    Barry and Caitlin: Felicity Smoak.
  • Harry getting progressively more irritated with Barry's Oblivious Guilt Slinging, until he throws an eraser at his head.
  • Barry asking for permission from Cisco when using Tar Pit as the name for their new foe.
  • When the succeed in the closing one of the breaches, Barry hugs Harry enthusiastically, and then gives him a friendly shove in the shoulders while telling him to smile. Harry just stands there, his bulky goggles having fallen down over his nose, completely nonplussed by the sudden physical affection.

    Episode 13 - Welcome to Earth- 2 
  • Barry speeds around Central City closing all the breaches connecting to Earth-2. which prompts all three of our young scientists to discuss their physical ability while they were students...
    Barry: Not bad for someone who got a C in gym.
    Caitlin: D+
    Cisco: Straight up F right here.
  • The first thing Cisco does in Earth-2's STAR Labs is to take selfies everywhere, with Barry deciding to join in.
  • Barry's and Cisco's reaction to Earth-2 Henry Hewitt, given their previous interactions with his double.
  • Earth-2 Barry has the same reaction to being in STAR Labs and meeting Harrison Wells that Earth-1 Barry did.
  • How does Team Flash incapacitate Barry Allen's Earth-2 counterpart? With a taser. Which would remind you of what happened to a certain god of thunder...
    • Even funnier is why they tasered him. It looked as if the team were about to reason with Earth-2 Barry when he started squeeing when he saw Harrison Wells. Earth-2 Barry was so annoying about it, that even Earth-1 Barry was rolling his eyes and he gladly fried the guy when he was handed the taser.
  • The casual mention of "Mayor Snart" in the news report at the beginning. Just the thought of Captain Cold as a politician is worth a laugh or two. Of course, it's entirely possible that it's Lewis or Lisa, which would be equally hilarious.
  • Earth-2 Floyd Lawton is a terrible shot. At one point he fires an entire magazine at a target less than 20 feet away, and fails to hit him.
  • Cisco encounters Earth-2!Cisco.
    Cisco: I knew there was another me here!
    Earth-2!Cisco: And I knew you were coming, Cisco. Even before you entered the breach and set foot on this world. See, we are all connected, Francisco.
    Cisco: The name is Vibe.
    Earth-2!Cisco: Reverb.
    Cisco: Actually not the worst name you could have come up with... but not the best.
    • Despite the dire situation, Cisco finds time to be weirded out by Earth-2!Cisco's style.
    Cisco: I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that you're part of Zoom's gang or that weird samurai situation you've got going on on the top of your head there.
  • When Reverb fires a sonic blast, Cisco complains that he has no idea how to do that.

    Episode 14 - Escape From Earth- 2 

  • Cisco and Harry finally decide to release Earth-2 Barry, who is desperately but politely horrified at what has happened to him. Harry, on the other hand, is just annoyed at his inability to resist imprisonment.
    E-2 Barry: Oh God... how long was I in there?
    Harry: Barely a day.
    • Also Harry keeps bringing up "barely a day" several times.
  • Earth-2 Barry's reaction when he finds out that Earth-1 Barry kissed his wife.
    E-2 Barry: I'm-I'm sorry, he got frisky with you? No no no no no, OK, I'm gonna have to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind.
    Harry: Don't give him too much.
  • When Cisco, Wells, Earth-2!Barry, and Earth-2!Iris try to get Killer Frost's help, with initially predictable results.
    Cisco: Gahhh, that did not go as planned.
    Earth-2!Barry: Her name starts with "Killer", this comes as a shock to you?!
  • Cisco calls Killer Frost "Elsa"
  • When Cisco says, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," his Earth-2 comrades stare at him in confusion, prompting him to complain that apparently, Earth-2 never invented that phrase.
  • Geomancer attacks Caitlin and Iris at STAR Labs. Caitlin manages to put him down by shooting a shock collar around his neck.
    Iris: Nice shot.
    Caitlin: I was aiming for his leg.
  • E-2 Barry tries to explain the situation to E-2 Iris by comparing it to an episode of a TV series called "Commander Carl, Space Marshal of the Galaxy". No one, including Cisco, has any idea what he's talking about.

     Episode 15: King Shark 
  • Every joke about everyone acting surprised that King Shark was alive, thinking that he died. Some of them are confused about him even dying! Kind of like how the fandom reacted that King Shark was dead after he was shot by Harrison. The best part? Harrison never says anything, suggesting that even he's just as confused about the whole thing.
  • After King Shark attacks the West's home, Wally calls him the Kool-Aid Man. Specifically, he lampshades Joe and Iris' blasé reaction to the attack by referring to him as "Jaws coming in here like the Kool-Aid Man", and expresses confusion at how they say that they've seen things stranger than a shark man in shorts.
  • Barry himself has become very jaded to all this weirdness. His reaction to hearing that Shark is gunning for him personally is an exasperated laugh. When King Shark makes his entrance, his expression is somewhere between "terrified" and "yep, this is officially my life now."
  • When Cisco complains about Caitlin taking the role of Quint in the trap for King Shark, Harry unhelpfully points out that Quint dies in Jaws. Adding to the humor, Jesse even shakes her head in annoyance at either her father's unhelpful nature, or at how much of a geek he is.
  • While waiting for King Shark to fall into the trap, Harry starts bugging Cisco about if he had programmed the satellite correctly for the trap. Once Harry finally quiets down at Cisco telling him he is insulting his intelligence, Jesse joins in, prompting Cisco to tell them to be quiet.
  • Dig continues to be awed by Barry's speed, and Lyla eventually agrees with him.
  • Caitlin trolls Cisco by pretending to be starting to turn into Killer Frost.
  • When Wally said "No one is faster than me", Joe has a laugh about it. It could also be a Mythology Gag given that in the comics, Wally IS a tad faster than Barry in the Pre-New 52 era comics.

    Episode 16: Trajectory 
  • Cisco was Crazy-Prepared enough to bring his drones to the training session. And when they did prove useful, what else would you expect but for him to brag?
  • When Wells grudgingly agreed to let Jesse hang out with Team Flash, he demands her to bring protection. Jesse got so flustered until Wells placed the meta-human detection watch on her wrist.
    • Wells then cracks a joke about building an "inescapable daughter cube."
  • When Barry introduces Wally and Jesse, he has trouble figuring out how to describe their relationship, him going through various forms of brother before giving up and calling him a friend.
  • When catching up on the history of Earth-1, Jesse is watching a video about Beyoncé's departure from Destiny's Child. Jesse apparently knows the pop singer as "Senator Knowles." Just try picturing Beyonce as a politician without laughing a bit.
  • Although it's a serious and dramatic situation, there's this exchange:
    Barry: What blood type is she?
    Wells: PZ-negative.
    Cisco: Yeah, that's not a thing on this earth, man.
  • It's a blink or you'll miss it moment, but while the group is standing at the bar, the couple right next to Cisco are really going at it, and into him, to which his face gives off the appropriate mixture of disgust and envy. Whether this was intentionally written in to the script, or an Ad-lib by Carlos Valdes, or just a natural reaction, it doesn't take away from just how hilarious the situation is in it's awkwardness.
  • Cisco briefly calls the new speedster "Bad Flash," before shaking his head in disgust. He later finds out that Eliza gave herself the name Trajectory.
    Cisco: Why do the crazy ones always name themselves?

    Episode 17: Flash Back 
  • E2!Wells insists Barry will screw up and give himself away while in the past. Cisco insists that Barry is very good at pretending to be himself. "You should have seen him playing Earth 2 Barry. I was like damn, someone get this guy an Oscar!" Except Barry did a terrible job of pretending to be E2!Barry, and he does similarly bad at pretending to be his own past self here.
  • In a cathartic sort-of way, there's Barry managing to fuck up the timeline from the word "Go"... by accidentally showing up when past him first met Hartley (roughly 14 minutes into "The Sound and the Fury") and managing to forget to turn his com-link off.
  • A meta example comes from Barry flashing back to Hartley using his earplug to blast his way out of the Pipeline... despite not being there to see it.
  • As seen in the promo, Thawne!Wells getting up from his chair and cold cocking Barry in the back of the head after realizing that he isn't his Barry.
  • Cisco plays the Rick Roll music in the music speakers. Hartley wants him to stop.
  • When Hartley and Cisco first met, Hartley sneered at Cisco's "Han Shot First" t-shirt. When he, Caitlin, and Cisco are cornered in a cell by the Time Wraith, however, he proves to be Not So Above It All.
    Hartley: Holy Harry Potter...
  • Just when everything is going wrong and Barry keeps screwing up the past, what is ultimately the final nail in the coffin for the original timeline? Past Barry showing up at STAR Labs after being knocked out (due to the sedative wearing off), wondering where the other him is. That's right. For all intents and purposes Barry unintentionally tipped off the others that he time traveled. Thawne can be seen facepalming in the background at this.
    • Thawne repeatedly trying to get everyone to shut up about time travel, before just admitting that's what's going on to get it out of the way. The "goddammit" look on his face when Future Barry mentions the Caitlin from his time period is total gold, plus him miming for Future Barry to shut up when the others aren't looking. And then there's this once the cat's out of the bag:
    Eobard (as Wells): I think what he's trying to say is he's from the future.
    Past Barry: The future.
    Eobard: Yeah.
    Past Barry: The future?
    Eobard: Yes.
    Past Barry: But, the fut-
    Eobard: Yes. [Death Glare]
  • Cisco freaking out over seeing two of Barry, and using a failed Trust Password since one Barry is, of course, from the future.
  • When Barry returns to his time, Pied Piper has become a fixture at STAR Labs, to his intense confusion. And he still dropping Latin phrases every once in a while, even though none of them speak Latin.

    Episode 18: Versus Zoom 
  • Turns out that while Barry was hanging out with Supergirl, none of the rest of the team even noticed thanks to his returning right where he left.
  • Cisco and Caitlin's best idea for opening up the breaches again is to detonate a nuclear warhead right next to the city's power grid.
    Barry: "Yeah, we're not gonna do that."
  • If Cisco's somewhat sour attitude at not being able to formulate how to reopen the breaches, then maybe the Frowny face on his glass board will.
  • Wally and Harry meet face to face:
    Wally: You kind of look like that guy—
    Harry: I'm not him.

    Episode 19: Back to Normal 
  • Every word out of Killer Frost's mouth is dripping with snark.
  • Jesse is a Quintuple Major in college.
    Jesse: What, is that not common here?
    Iris: Girl, no! That is not common anywhere.

    Episode 20: Rupture 
  • The team locks Jesse and Wally in the Time Vault to keep them safe from Zoom, but leave before Jesse has a chance to ask how they handle bathroom needs.
  • When they need a bolt of lightning for the new particle accelerator.
    Harry: Ramon, you have the wand?
    Cisco: The one I made for Mark Mardon?
    Harry: No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention! Yes, of course, the one for Mardon!
    Cisco: did you know about the Harry Potter convention?
    • And then, when he uses the wand, he shouts Expecto Patronum!

     Episode 21: The Runaway Dinosaur 
  • "We pretty much invented 'trippy' here." Straight from the Speed Force's mouth (albeit as Joe).
  • Cisco and Iris trying to explain what Wells/Thawne did to Barry during his coma to Henry.
  • When Cisco first sees that Girder has come back from the dead.
    Cisco: A zombie? For real?
  • Moments later, when Girder is advancing menacingly.
    Cisco: Get behind me.
    Iris: [shoving Cisco aside] You get behind me!
  • During Girder's shamble through the City, he comes across a smug show off and his date.
    Smug Guy: Big Belly Burger in Starling city is way better, this place sucks!
    (Girder approaches a sweet looking Hummer)
    Unimpressed Date: Oh my God, is that your car?
    Smug Guy: Oh Yeah!
    (Girder smashes his car)
    Smug Guy: HEY, that's my Mom's car!
    • Even better, director Kevin Smith brought in his old buddy Jason Mewes to play the role. Feel free to imagine that Jay came through a portal from the Askewniverse.
  • Joe's awkward conversation about the change from human to meta-human with Wally after the second particle accelerator explodes. Topped off with him dropping something just to make sure.
    Iris: I gave you that mug!
  • Iris and Barry's embracing each other after his return only for...
    Cisco: I'm so glad you're back, cause we're about to die!
  • Cisco proceeds to recap their half of the episode in a single long breath, topped off by him once again wondering if Girder is after their brains.
    • While Wells makes zany motions reacting to his explanation next to him, barely getting a word in edgewisenote .

    Episode 22: Invincible 
  • After Barry (as the Flash) rescues Tina McGee from the collapsing Mercury Labs, her response?
    Tina: Thank you, Mr. Allen.
    Barry: (looks shocked)
  • While at STAR Labs, Tina brings up witnessing Harrison Wells leaving Mercury Labs a few months ago, wondering if that has anything to do with the building collapsing. As the rest of the Team Flash (understandably) gets uncomfortable:
    Wells: (walks in, holding a mug, smiling) A few months ago? Sure. (Tina goes wide-eyed) Now? No.
    Barry: ...yeah, there are a few more things we can get you caught up on, Dr. McGee...
  • Doubles as a CMOA, but how does Wally help save the Flash when he's about to be killed by Black Siren? Mowing her down with his car.
  • Cisco's plan to distract Black Siren while Barry enacts the frequency plan? Cosplay!, seriously, Cisco and Caitlin dress up as Reverb and Killer Frost to distract Black Siren.
    • Some fridge funny here: Where did Cisco and Caitlin get those costumes? And in such a short time period?
    • Siren sees through the ruse by tossing "Reverb" a metal pipe who catches it with his right hand, when the real Reverb is a southpaw. Cisco tries to make up an excuse mid-sentence before he decides to just screw it.
  • In an otherwise very serious and dark scene, the Flat "What." expression on Wally's face when he realizes Barry is the Flash.
  • Likewise, when Zoom is about to kill Henry and is outlining his revenge plot to turn Barry into him, he gets an annoyed look on his face when Henry keeps spoiling it by being compassionate and forgiving.
  • How adamant Wells is to get the others to say a higher frequency rather than erratic.
  • Wells trolls the others by pretending to have no idea what the sonic device is. Then quickly describes it in incredible detail much to the annoyance the less tech savvy members of the group.
  • Cisco using Harry as a guinea pig for the weapon to incapacitate Zoom's army. You can tell Cisco's been waiting for a moment like this...

    Episode 23: The Race of His Life 
  • Barry trying to explain the whole thing with his time remnant to Wally.
    Joe: Is that what I look like when they start talking all that science?
    Iris: Yeah.


    Meta Examples 
  • In the first teaser trailer, Oliver's shooting in the woods when Barry does an Arrow Catch, to which Oliver snarks "Show off." Not 30 seconds later, the ad shows Oliver priming three arrows, and Barry smirking.
  • The Faces of Joe West tumblr page.
  • The implications of Barry's ability to vibrate parts of his body has not escaped notice.
  • In the Season Zero comic, Cisco's research into "all things shark" consists of him watching Sharknado.
  • The official Character Blog The Chronicles of Cisco, which follows Cisco taking care of the imprisoned metahumans. Of special note is Chapter 4, in which Cisco organizes a movie night for the metahumans, they booed at his choice of The Goonies, and then vote for and sit through Mean Girls.
    • He notes that after the viewing, none of the metahumans tried to murder him, and wonders whether it was Tina Fey or Lindsay Lohan that won them over. The blog ends with him debating whether he should stream Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt next time or show them The Parent Trap instead.
    • A couple of entries reference Cisco's repeated attempts to flirt with Peek-A-Boo.
    • Chapter 5 has Cisco delivering half a bottle of bourbon to Clyde Mardon's grave on his birthday, at his brother Mark's request. The other half? Cisco drank it, which is how he ends up in a rainy cemetery, swinging a baseball bat at imaginary weather ghosts.
    • The Mist kills one of Cisco's bees. For an assassin, he can be a little lame.
    • The Mist once had Cisco at his comes Caitlin, beating him with a vacuum cleaner.
    • Two words. Cisco. Disco. Especially when Barry and Caitlin walk in and see that Cisco is wearing a white disco suit.
    • Just how his profile on Bug-Eyed Bandit ends; "Cisco, OUT. And like Journey said, Don’t stop BEELIEVING…"
    • A hilarious bait-and-switch when discussing he breakout of the metas, he says that one of the things that he learned is:"Trust no Snarts. No matter how cute they are." He is, of course, talking about Captain Cold, with his steel blue eyes.
    • When considering how to help Caitlin and Barry heal from learning that "Jay" was actually Zoom, Cisco decides the best way is to make an enormous chocolate-chip cookie. He leaves it baking, goes out to get milk... and finds Harry Wells of Earth Two, of all people, with his hands and face covered in cookie dough, having been eating it unfinished.
  • Flash comics scribe Mark Waid's face when watching episode 17. Seal of approval indeed.
  • After Barry time traveled for the first time, fans spawned a Memetic Mutation about his current situation.
  • The title for 2x13 was revealed to be "Welcome to Earth-2". Then later the title for the following episode was revealed: "Escape from Earth-2".