Funny: The Flash (2014)

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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot  

  • Barry's last excuse for being late is car troubles. He does not own a car.
  • After waking up from his coma, Barry Allen notices a very nice benefit of being struck by lightning:
    Barry: Lightning... gave me abs?
  • The first thing Caitlin does when Barry wakes up is to ask him for a urine sample.
  • When they're testing Barry's speed, they put him in a red outfit that looks like it was designed to minimize wind resistance while still providing padding for falls, with a helmet to boot. The result looks completely ridiculous. The only consolation that Cisco can give is that he'll be (at that point hypothetically) moving so fast nobody will see him.
    Cisco: How's it fit?
    Barry: [embarrassed] It's a little snug.
  • Barry's upset that the first time he tried to help someone, it went wrong. The look on Oliver's face...
  • Oliver giving Barry some helpful advice that Barry once gave him:
    Oliver: Wear a mask.
  • And each of them making their showy exits.
    [Oliver jumps off a building and rappels to the next]
    Barry: Cool.
    [Oliver watches Barry zip off]
    Oliver: Cool.
  • Though it's played up as a serious moment, the scene of Mardon believing he is God was lightened by Detective West's snappy "Shut the hell up."
  • Soon after getting caught up to speed on the fate of the particle accelerator and STAR Labs, Barry makes a hasty exit to catch up with Iris after learning that she frequently visited his bedside during his 9-month coma. He ends up doubling back to ask Wells if he could keep the STAR Labs sweater.
    Wells: [exasperated] Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.
    • Even funnier is the tweet from Grant Gustin, stating that he did keep the sweatshirt and has it in his closet at home.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive  

  • Caitlin being the "stern older sister" walking into Cisco and Barry's superheroics.
    Barry: [unconvincingly cheery] Hey, Caitlin! How's your day?
    Caitlin: Get back to STAR Labs. Now. [Death Glare]
  • "Captain Clone"
  • Barry's reaction to the clone of Multiplex standing motionless in STAR Labs; Caitlin grew it.
    • Caitlin's Motor Mouth explanation of how she grew the clone. She sounds like a Technobabbling Genki Girl.
  • Cisco calculating that Barry needs to eat roughly 850 tacos. This is said completely seriously.
    Cisco: Unless we’re talking cheese and guac, that’s a whole other set of equations…
  • Barry Leaning on the Fourth Wall in the opening narration, saying he won't bore us with the whole origin story from last week.
    • Unintentionally, it becomes even funnier as the audience just sat through such an introduction seconds earlier.
  • Barry leaving his civvies behind in his rush to a crime scene, to which Harrison wonders how long it'll take him to notice. He has to buy a new outfit before heading in.
  • Just as the STAR Labs team figure out why Barry is suffering dizzy spells and fainting after using his super speed, Barry passes out... whilst running on a treadmill at super speed. Cue this blur of arms and legs suddenly stopping as Barry flops to the ground, then gets launched backwards into a pile of boxes filled with packing peanuts.
  • Barry learns that Danton's cells replicate in a way only found in babies.
    Iris: So what, your killer's a newborn?
  • Barry analyzes the scene of a robbery at a gun store, noting the perpetrator wears a size 10. Which he points out is just like the Captain. Cue him babbling to try and cover up what could have been perceived as trying to accuse the captain of armed robbery (Which he didn't mean)
  • Harrison Wells sarcastically applauding what he believes to be a two-faced Simon Stagg who had just said that he hopes Danton Black comes looking for trouble.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun  

  • Iris asks Barry what he could see in her phone's photo of the red blur. Eddie calls at that moment.
  • Cisco messing up codes.
    Cisco: We've got a two-thirty-seven in progress.
    Barry: ...public indecency?
    Cisco: Oops, I meant two-thirty-nine.
    Barry: Dog leash violation!?
    Caitlin: Bad man, with a gun, in a getaway car, go get 'im!
  • Eddie goes to the Wests' to meet Iris, but unfortunately runs into Joe, and had to quickly come up with an excuse that he wants to re-investigate the crime scene.
  • Barry asks which one is the north wing in the mall.
    Wells: It's the one with the Big Belly Burger.
    [Cisco gives him a weird look]
    Wells: I eat.
  • Iris and Eddie finally tell Joe they're dating... and he reveals he already knows. This conversation results:
    Eddie: So you're not mad?
    Joe: Oh I'm mad. If they hadn't confiscated my gun we'd be having an entirely different conversation right now.
    Eddie: ...I'll give you two some space. I'll be outside, looking into the Witness Protection Program.
    • He then gives his blessing on the relationship by promising Iris he'll do his best not to shoot Eddie.
  • "So, we're supposed to get used to living above a makeshift prison. Housing violent criminals with SUPERPOWERS?"

     Episode 4: Going Rogue  

  • Barry and Joe making fun of the name "Leonard Snart". Barry says that "Leonard" is almost as bad as his full name, "Bartholomew".
  • This episode guest stars Felicity Smoak, which means these come pretty fast and furious.
    • Barry is so eager to show off his powers for Felicity that he forgets his sneakers can't handle the friction.
    • When Barry brings Felicity to the lab, she promises Caitlin and Cisco that she can keep a secret. Barry immediately elaborates that she works with the Arrow. Felicity is understandably annoyed.
      • And then later, she makes an "...I'd be as rich as Oliver Queen" analogy, and immediately starts backpedaling in such a way that she actually makes it more obvious that the Arrow is Oliver.
    • "My team's setup is a lot like this...but with more pointy things."
    • When in the lab, Barry is on the treadmill showing off his speed, and says "Want to see how fast I can run backwards?" He immediately crashes.
      Caitlin:...he heals fast, too.
    • Eddie Thawne doing a Jaw Drop when Felicity walks into the trivia contest wearing a Little Black Dress.
    • Barry names the trivia team the incredibly dorky "E=MC Hammer," to the confusion of Eddie and Iris. Felicity gets it instantly.
    • Felicity is at a bit of a loss at an excuse for Barry's suddenly leaving—being used to saying Oliver is "on a date", or some other appropriate fib—and comes up with Barry having bad diarrhea. And then she berates herself for continuing to talk to the air after he runs off.
    • Her failing to dramatically crack her knuckles.
  • Joe and Eddie having a bit of an awkward time in the car while discussing Iris. Eddie turns on the radio...and gets "When a Man Loves a Woman". He switches stations...and gets "Let's Get It On". He promptly turns it back off.
    Eddie: ...quiet is good.
  • A blink and you'll miss it one: Wells proudly says that Barry (running a few hundred miles per hour) isn't even close to his top speed...before hastily tacking on a "Theoretically, that is." Yes, he forgot to hide his knowledge of the future for a second there.
  • Barry and Leonard Snart bantering in full-costume makes for a fun moment.
    The Flash: If you wanted to get away you should've taken something faster than a train.
    Captain Cold: That's if I wanted to get away.
  • Cisco threatens Snart with the prototype cold gun, which is so huge that Felicity and Caitlin have to carry around the power source behind him. After Snart leaves, Cisco mentions it's actually the lab's vacuum cleaner with a bunch of LEDs stuck on it.
  • Snart smiling at the "Captain Cold" moniker.
  • Iris telling Barry that Felicity likes him, since (in her own words) she's the only girl who sees him for the great guy she's always telling him that he is. Think about that for a second.

     Episode 5: Plastique  

  • When Barry realizes he can't get drunk (while they're having a pleasant night out at a bar), Caitlin squees about doing experiments and starts scrounging through her purse.
    Barry: ...you keep a blood test kit in your purse?
    Caitlin: Hey, you have your hobbies.
    • Then in a Brick Joke at the end of the episode, Caitlin reveals that she's cooked up a very potent alcholic beverage (She calls it roughly 500 proof, 200 proof is pure alcohol) for Barry. When Barry says that he's gotten buzzed from it, Caitlin gets all giddy - and then it wears off after 30 seconds.
  • Joe: So, human bomb? Must be Tuesday in Central City.
  • When Eddie gets an emergency call interrupting the night out at the beginning of the episode, everyone else instantly pulls out their own excuses as to why they need to leave as well.
  • Barry tells Joe the Streak met with Iris, and Joe warns that Iris would have easily been able to recognize his voice. Barry demonstrates his ability to vibrate his vocal cords to produce a reverb effect—and Joe bursts out laughing.
  • Plastique blows up the suit in her first encounter with the Flash. Cisco begins sulking like a child & declaring her to be pure evil because of this, until he sees her.
    Cisco: Nobody blows up my suit and gets away with it...unless they look like that.
  • Whilst the team are explaining meta-humans to Bette/Plastique, Cisco comments that none of them have looked like her. He immediately begins back peddaling, whilst a snickering Barry face palms & Caitlin threatens him with a lobotomy.
  • Whilst testing Plastique's abilities by giving her objects to throw & explode, Caitlin holds up a boomerang & gives Cisco a blank stare.
    • Could that possibly be a nod to the last question in this What-If XKCD?

     Episode 6: The Flash Is Born  

  • When asked what he hit to damage himself as he had done, Barry simply says a "A man." before making sure to clarify "A big, bad man." a few seconds later.
  • When Barry says the new metahuman can turn his skin into metal, Dr. Wells calls him a "man of steel". Doubly funny because said metahuman is called a "big bad man" just prior, so this might be a jab at the very divisive Man of Steel film.
  • When Barry recognizes the new metahuman as a childhood bully, Caitlin and Cisco starts reminiscing about theirs as well.
    Caitlin: I had a childhood nemesis, Lexi LaRoche. She used to put gum in my hair. [pouts]
    Cisco: Jake Pocket. If I didn't let him copy my homework he'd give me a swirly.
    Barry: Now that we've established that we're all uber-nerds, what are we going to do about Tony?
  • Caitlin interrogating Barry whether he is secretly meeting Iris in costume while preparing to set his dislocated shoulder.
    Barry: ...No.
    Caitlin: Good. [snaps his shoulder back in place with a loud crack]
    Barry: ARGH!
  • Cisco calculating the speed and the angle with which Barry has to hit the Girder (animated on a screen) while Caitlin looks worried.
    Cisco: [Technobabble] Bam.
    [Animated Flash explodes on impact]
    [Caitlin glares at him]
    Cisco: ...Ouch.
    Caitlin: "Ouch"!?
  • Cisco seriously wanting to also hunt down his and Caitlin's childhood bullies, regardless of whether they also have powers.
  • Cisco and Caitlin are exchanging some technobabble when Wells wheels in and asks what they're doing. Cisco answers with that the're calculating the average amount of bugs Barry swallows when he runs. Wells comments he'll look forward to him receiving his Nobel Prize.
  • This exchange after Barry and Iris land blows on Girder, successfully knocking him out:
    The Flash: Nice cross.
    Iris: I think I broke my hand.
    The Flash: [weakly] Me too.

     Episode 7: Power Outage  

  • The testing after Barry's been depowered.
    Cisco: He's slow even for a normal person...
  • After buying a cup of coffee, Barry - out of costume - gets pulled into an alley by a mugger who demands he give up his wallet. Naturally, the mugger gets a bit confused when his victim finds this hilarious instead of terrifying. Barry literally spends the whole "mugging" laughing at the mugger's terrible luck, telling him how much this is going to suck for him and advising him to just walk away, while the mugger has no idea why he's acting so nuts. When the mugger refuses to take the hint, Barry then grabs his gun and then pulls a cop over there from somewhere at superspeed, but not before stripping the guy down to his underwear for good measure.
    • A bit of Fridge Funny: the cop takes only a second to wonder "How did I get here?", before realizing that the guy in underwear is probably a criminal. Has Barry done this before?
  • When Barry tells Joe that he's lost his powers, Joe randomly tosses Barry's coffee mug to the floor in order to see if Barry will catch it. Barry is annoyed at this, both because Joe didn't just take his word for it, but because he "loved that mug". And when Iris comes in and sees the broken mess on the floor, she also bemoans it, citing Barry's love of that mug.
    • What makes it funnier is the implication that Joe did this mere moments after Barry told him about his power loss.
  • Eddie's last scene, high as a kite on painkillers.

     Episode 8: Flash vs Arrow  

  • "You mean the bank that was robbed of 1/2 million dollars, where a dozen people tried to murder each other, and you think our attention should be focused on catching Santa claus."
  • Diggle and Cisco get into a "Who would win" argument about whether Arrow or Flash would win in a fight, while Felicity watches the two in what could possibly be a battle to the death.
    Felicity: Please tell me you're not actually having this conversation right now.
  • After his first look at the Flash, Diggle just stares slack-jawed for a few seconds before saying "You're fast." He remains completely obsessed for a while afterwards, including wondering if Barry can do everything fast, like going to the bathroom.
    Diggle: I had a cousin who got hit by lightning once. He just developed a stutter.
  • Barry carries Felicity to Star Labs and moves so fast that her shirt catches fire. They quickly tear it off leaving her in just a bra as Cisco and Caitlin walk in. Felicity even stammers that she's glad that she decided not to go braless.
    Barry: You guys remember Felicity?
    Cisco: I'll always remember this.
  • Cisco playing around with a carbon fibre boomerang, and accidentally wrecking the lab. Made funnier by Caitlin screaming and trying to run from it.
    • Later he has it stuck in a clamp and tells it to stay.
  • Iris gushing to Barry over Oliver visiting Jitters and telling Barry that Oliver is on her freebie list, which she calls a "three list".
  • In a darkly funny way, Oliver telling Barry how he doesn't mind his surrounding while they're training. Barry doesn't seem to understand what he means until he's shot in the back with by two crossbows Oliver had hidden in the grass.
    Barry: You shot me!?
    Oliver: I hear you heal fast. [Cue him tearing out the arrows and making Barry scream in pain]
  • After Oliver parts ways with Team Flash on good terms, particularly Joe & Dr. Wells, he tells Felicity what the audience already thinks of the latter.
    Oliver:: There's something off about that guy.
  • Oliver says they're going to have to discuss Barry "giving his enemies silly code names." Barry responds accordingly:
  • Oliver calls out Barry on being late:
    Oliver: Barry, how can you have Super Speed and still fail to be on time?
  • Immediately after this, Oliver explains how he went to every crime scene that the Flash visited and looked at Iris' blog. Barry's response:
    Barry: Don't you sleep?
  • Caitlin learns that the bank being robbed is the one she uses. Cisco's opinions on banking?
    Cisco: Once super-thieves showed up, I went mattress.
  • Cisco going into his Motor Mouth fanboy mode when he learns the Arrow is Oliver Queen. Apparently, he was on Cisco’s list of 150 possible suspects. Then Diggle shuts him up with a hard look.
  • Ollie doing seriously the usual speech about how his secret identity must stay a close-guarded secret, and then Felicity "translating" that he had a lot of fun working with Team Flash, and can't wait to do it again.
    Oliver: My identity is a closely guarded secret known only to a few, and if it were to get out, would endanger my family, my friends and it would embolden my enemies to retaliate with me through them.
    Felicity: What Oliver is trying to say is that he had a lovely time working with you and getting to know each of you, and he can't wait to do it again soon.
    Oliver: ...right.
    Cisco: You know, it didn't sound like that's what he was saying.
  • When Cisco announces they've spotted Bivolo on traffic cams by facial recognition...
    Caitlin: Since when have we had facial recognition software?
    Felicity: Happy Hannukah!
  • When Oliver sees where Team Flash keeps their captured meta-humans in the Pipeline:
    Oliver: I have a prison like this. Mine's on a nearly inhospitable island in the North China Sea, but this works too.
  • Cisco gets an especially funny line when he rolls his eyes at Roy G. Bivolo raving about how he'll kill them all while he's in his cell:
    Cisco: "Blah blah blah. No fortress can hold me." I've heard it all before, pal. Adios, Prism.
  • This is immediately followed by an exchange between Caitlin and Cisco:
    Caitlin: I liked "Rainbow Raider"
    Cisco: Ok, you don't get to decide the names.

    Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 

  • Barry trims the tree at superspeed...until Joe glares at him, and he untrims the tree at superspeed.
    • Immediately followed by Iris chiding them for taking so long with it. Yeah, Barry was so done with this that he risked exposing his secret to her just to end it.
  • The repeated mentions that the old family eggnog recipe isn't as light on the bourbon as grandma pretended.
  • Cisco calls the man in yellow "Opposite Flash." A few minutes later, the man says (where Cisco can hear him) that he's nothing like the Flash. You might even call him the reverse.

     Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues  

  • Wells commenting that Reverse Flash isn't such a bad nickname.
  • Cisco excitedly telling Barry that the remaining training drones have lasers; Caitlin & Wells both immediately say no, as if they're telling a child not to do something stupid.
  • Snart making Mick wear a seatbelt.
  • Wells offers Star Labs' help in order to "catch Cold." Cisco is clearly about to make a Lame Pun Reaction, but Wells cuts him off:
    • Made even funnier when Cisco dubs Rory "Heatwave" and Wells tells him to cut it out.
  • Joe looking around at the mess Iris made and pointedly telling Barry they both know she's never going to clean it up, then simply turning and walking away when Barry protests he isn't going to do it.
  • Barry notes that to take both guys down, he's going to have to essentially recreate the climax of Ghostbusters.
    Cisco: That movie was surprisingly scientifically accurate.
    Wells: And really quite funny.
  • Really Mick in general is just a treat to listen to. Its like the more fire there is in a scene, the louder and hammier he gets, leading to...
  • Though it's played completely straight, the reveal that "Firestorm" is actually a very long acronym. You can almost hear Agent Ward saying "Somebody really wanted their initials to spell 'F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.'"
  • When Snart and Mick are being dragged through the station, Mick is thrashing like a wild animal and screaming about burning everyone, while in the background Snart just has a deadpan look that screams "Be professional for once, Mick."
    Joe: He's a real hothead.
    Snart: Funny.
  • Somewhat darkly funny, but in the past, Barry has been shown to be as gentle as possible when pulling innocent bystanders to safely (usually they only look a little confused and maybe a little off balance.) When he pulls Eddie out of the way of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Eddie ends up getting thumped against a wall... pretty roughly. Clearly Barry's petty jealousy isn't going anywhere.
  • Joe returning Iris' favorite stuffed toy from her childhood, after Iris says the only reason she stopped sleeping with it was Joe taking it away as punishment after she broke one of his vinyls.
  • After Iris moves out, Barry & Joe discuss the idea of Barry moving back in; Barry leaves, packs his belongings & returns, within seconds.