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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Flash (2014)
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    Pre-premiere theories 
The man in the wheelchair is Niles Caulder
  • No explanation necessary.
    • Unlikely, since the cast listing names the character as Harrison Wells.

John Wesley Shipp is Jay Garrick
It's only obvious that the previous Flash actor would be cast as the Golden Age Flash (though he doesn't have to be a speedster in this 'verse).
  • If that happens, then they should also cast Lynda Carter as Queen Hippolyta in Amazon. (They are still making that, right?)
  • Jossed: He's Barry's father, Henry.

Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang) will appear
As Boomerang is a perennial member of the Suicide Squad, it's clear he'll get a role eventually.

The bolt of lightning wasn't lightning at all
It was a manifestation of the Speed Force. Hence why Oliver said that it "chose" Barry.

The show will keep the New 52 power set of The Rouges
We already have shots of the weather wizard having genetic powers rather than a magic stick. It's more than likely they'll keep some more of those genetic powers in the show from the particle accelerator explosion. I can already see them keeping Captain Cold having freeze powers rather than a zero temperature gun as there's a comic prescedence for that.

Season 1 Plots
Guesses here for story lines in the new show.

  • Barry has his first encounter with Professor Zoom.
  • Barry endearing himself to the police, going the opposite direction from Arrow in having Barry be a pal of the department rather than an irritation.
  • The rise of The Rogues: As Barry continues to take on a Monster of the Week, slowly but surely, they start banding together to deal with the flash. The end of the season will be about them breaking out of prison, saying that they'll stick together in order to stand a chance against their scarlet speedster enemy.
  • Probably not a first season plot, but still possible: A "Flash of Two Worlds" story arc with Michael Rosenbaum as Jay Garrick.

There will be a Running Gag in which Apple devices don't work for Barry.
Because Apple doesn't support Flash.

The explosion of the particle accelerator was not an accident.
It was Professor Zoom traveling back in time to manipulate events so that he gets powers.

Flash is especially vulnerable to certain diseases and poisons.
His powers speed up his body's physical healing but also speeds up the spread of viruses or poisons in his body.

Captain Cold and Golden Glider will be introduced as a Brother-Sister Team.
Ties in with the idea that Captain Cold will be a meta, so will Golden Glider.
  • What exactly would her powers be then?
  • Super-agility, some kind of punch-dodging "aversion field"? Hopefully not "ghost" or "owns rocket-skates", anyway.

The color change in Flash's costume will be lampshaded
He'll still get his nickname of the "scarlet speedster", only for Flash to point out "technically, it's more of a maroon". It'll still stick.

There will be a Smallville tribute episode in which Barry Allen will meet Clark Kent
In Smallville, the reverse happened, with a young Superman meeting an even younger Flash. It would be poetic for them to do a parallel episode, with an older Flash meeting a new-to-the-job Superman, who is covering a news report on metahuman crime for a newspaper in Metropolis. One of them will probably lampshade this with something like "Haven't we met before in the past or something?".
  • And, in the grand tradition of Superman/Flash crossovers, they'll race around the world for charity!

The particle accelerator's creation of metahumans around Central City will be similar to the "Big Bang"
The usage of the word "metahuman", coupled by the fact that the particle accelerator explosion looks to be the source of where the show's enemies will come from, shows clear resemblances to the series. To add to this, one of Barry's scientific allies could be none other than Virgil Hawkins, and some of the metahuman rogues he faces may be from Static's rogues gallery (Hey, if they give Batman rogues to Arrow, then why not?).

At least, the future Justice League film will use Gustin and Amell as alternate universe versions of their characters
With new costumes.

This and Arrow will not be in the same universe as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman
  • Confirmed.

...But there will be a Multiverse episode or story arc down the line
Perhaps including every live-action DC thing legally possible to include. The Flash being the one to discover it would be a natural Mythology Gag to "Flash of Two Worlds".

Eddie Thawne is from the Future
He is Professor Zoom and hates Barry, and traveled back in time to ruin his life, first by killing his mother and then by stealing his wife

Harrison Wells is Professor Zoom
Eddie Thawne is a Red Herring, and Wells is the actual villain

Eddie Thawne is an ancestor of Eobard Thawne
Eddie isn't Professor Zoom, but his descendant is

Harrison Wells is Don Allen
Barry's son from the Future, traveling back in time to save his father and the future

Harrison Wells is Jay Garrick, the original Flash
His powers slow down his aging; the years of retirement have made people forget he existed

Harrison Wells is Impulse
He's gonna be an Adaptation Distillation/reinterpretation of the character. He travels back in time to save his grandad.

Caitlin will eventually become Killer Frost and turn against Barry.
Whether or not it's a case of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity or a genuine Face-Heel Turn, she will eventually gain her own powers and fight against Barry like the Slade/Oliver relationship in Arrow season 2. There will be one or more tear jerking moments involved.

The Flash will get new costumes periodically
Because each costume suffers from wear and tear and because Cisco and Caitlin constantly improve on the design on the initial costume in order to improve on both the durability and the streamlining.

Wally West will appear later on
He's initially Iris' nephew who takes an interest in and later idolizes The Flash. However, after an accident involving a villain and electricity, he's fatally wounded until The Flash rescues him, but both get electrocuted. As a result, Wally gains The Flash's powers (as the original comic story would be too contrived to work in live action), forcing Barry to make Wally his apprentice.

If/when Wally West appears
The writers are going to make him closer to the Pre-N52 Wally West, knowing how well the fans reacted to the way he is written in the comics.

Wally will have a slight Age Lift in the show
While still Iris' nephew, he'll likely be closer to his late teens than Wally usually is as Kid Flash, as Roy has had in Arrow. That way he can be closer to his comic self's age prior to the reboot but still young enough to be trained by Barry.

In spite of Geoff Johns comments, this and Arrow will be in the DC Cinematic Universe.
Because what better way to build up anticipation for the shared universe than to not reveal it until prior to the films?

Dinah Lance will appear at some point.
Incredibly out there prediction but she was said to be teaching at Central City university at some point in Arrow.

    Post-premiere theories 
Cisco will eventually become Vibe, with vibration-inducing powers
With the twist that this version is a HORRIBLE break-dancer.

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