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    Pre-premiere theories 
Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang) will appear
As Boomerang is a perennial member of the Suicide Squad, it's clear he'll get a role eventually.
  • Confirmed, sort of. He's appeared in Arrow, not Flash.

The bolt of lightning wasn't lightning at all
It was a manifestation of the Speed Force. Hence why Oliver said that it "chose" Barry.

The show will keep the New 52 power set of The Rouges
We already have shots of the weather wizard having genetic powers rather than a magic stick. It's more than likely they'll keep some more of those genetic powers in the show from the particle accelerator explosion. I can already see them keeping Captain Cold having freeze powers rather than a zero temperature gun as there's a comic prescedence for that.
  • Jossed - At least for Captain Cold and Heatwave since in 'Going Rogue' we see them get their respective guns. Though that might change later on in the series should the writers decide to make them metas/

Season 1 Plots
Guesses here for story lines in the new show.

  • Barry has his first encounter with Professor Zoom.
  • Barry endearing himself to the police, going the opposite direction from Arrow in having Barry be a pal of the department rather than an irritation.
  • The rise of The Rogues: As Barry continues to take on a Monster of the Week, slowly but surely, they start banding together to deal with the flash. The end of the season will be about them breaking out of prison, saying that they'll stick together in order to stand a chance against their scarlet speedster enemy.
  • Probably not a first season plot, but still possible: A "Flash of Two Worlds" story arc with Michael Rosenbaum as Jay Garrick.
    • Michael Rosenbaum as Johnny Quick, in reference to his role as the voice of the Flash and as a certain well known bald villain who has a problem with red and blue clad aliens.

There will be a Running Gag in which Apple devices don't work for Barry.
Because Apple doesn't support Flash.

The explosion of the particle accelerator was not an accident.
It was Professor Zoom traveling back in time to manipulate events so that he gets powers.

Flash is especially vulnerable to certain diseases and poisons.
His powers speed up his body's physical healing but also speeds up the spread of viruses or poisons in his body.

Captain Cold and Golden Glider will be introduced as a Brother-Sister Team.
Ties in with the idea that Captain Cold will be a meta, so will Golden Glider.
  • What exactly would her powers be then?
  • Super-agility, some kind of punch-dodging "aversion field"? Hopefully not "ghost" or "owns rocket-skates", anyway.
  • Jossed - When we meet Captain Cold he mentions his sister but we don't meet her and he is the leader of a criminal crew (not the Rogues)and at the end the first person he goes to form the Rogues is Mick Rory(Heatwave), and neither of them are metas.

The color change in Flash's costume will be lampshaded
He'll still get his nickname of the "scarlet speedster", only for Flash to point out "technically, it's more of a maroon". It'll still stick.

There will be a Smallville tribute episode in which Barry Allen will meet Clark Kent
In Smallville, the reverse happened, with a young Superman meeting an even younger Flash. It would be poetic for them to do a parallel episode, with an older Flash meeting a new-to-the-job Superman, who is covering a news report on metahuman crime for a newspaper in Metropolis. One of them will probably lampshade this with something like "Haven't we met before in the past or something?".
  • And, in the grand tradition of Superman/Flash crossovers, they'll race around the world for charity!

The particle accelerator's creation of metahumans around Central City will be similar to the "Big Bang"
The usage of the word "metahuman", coupled by the fact that the particle accelerator explosion looks to be the source of where the show's enemies will come from, shows clear resemblances to the series. To add to this, one of Barry's scientific allies could be none other than Virgil Hawkins, and some of the metahuman rogues he faces may be from Static's rogues gallery (Hey, if they give Batman rogues to Arrow, then why not?).
  • The part about the accelerator being the source of the shows enemies is confirmed. Though there's no indication so far that anyone from Static will appear.

At least, the future Justice League film will use Gustin and Amell as alternate universe versions of their characters
With new costumes.

This and Arrow will not be in the same universe as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman
  • Confirmed.

...But there will be a Multiverse episode or story arc down the line
Perhaps including every live-action DC thing legally possible to include. The Flash being the one to discover it would be a natural Mythology Gag to "Flash of Two Worlds".
  • Geoff Johns mentioned a possibility of a Multiverse to describe the TV shows and the films so it's likely that by the time the show renewed for a 4th or 5th season, the DCCU Justice League film and The Flash 2018 film will be out. By then, Gustin!Flash and DCCU!Flash will meet and either one of them would say (as quoted from the comicbook), "So you see, I became the super-fast Flash on my Earth much as you became The Flash on yours!" And there's plenty of time before 2024 Crisis. As theory below says, the sky's the limit!

Eddie Thawne is from the Future
He is Professor Zoom and hates Barry, and traveled back in time to ruin his life, first by killing his mother and then by stealing his wife

Harrison Wells is Professor Zoom
Eddie Thawne is a Red Herring, and Wells is the actual villain.

Eddie Thawne is an ancestor of Eobard Thawne
Eddie isn't Professor Zoom, but his descendant is
  • Eobard killed Barry's mom as revenge for what he did (or what he'll do) to his ancestor and ruining the Thawne family. But all he did is create a Predestination Paradox.
    • Part of this is confirmed. Eobard is Reverse-Flash and Eddie is his ancestor. Eobard wasn't trying to kill Nora, though, he was trying to kill little Barry; Flash traveled to the same point and time, though, and wouldn't let him do it, and Nora was just the next best thing.

Harrison Wells is Don Allen
Barry's son from the Future, traveling back in time to save his father and the future

Harrison Wells is Jay Garrick, the original Flash
His powers slow down his aging; the years of retirement have made people forget he existed

Harrison Wells is Impulse
He's gonna be an Adaptation Distillation/reinterpretation of the character. He travels back in time to save his grandad.

Caitlin will eventually become Killer Frost and turn against Barry.
Whether or not it's a case of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity or a genuine Face-Heel Turn, she will eventually gain her own powers and fight against Barry like the Slade/Oliver relationship in Arrow season 2. There will be one or more tear jerking moments involved.

The Flash will get new costumes periodically
Because each costume suffers from wear and tear and because Cisco and Caitlin constantly improve on the design on the initial costume in order to improve on both the durability and the streamlining.

In spite of Geoff Johns comments, this and Arrow will be in the DC Cinematic Universe.
Because what better way to build up anticipation for the shared universe than to not reveal it until prior to the films?
  • This troper is thinking Crisis Crossover, because it's such a DC staple that it wouldn't be extreme to see them attempt it among all of their on-going live action properties.

Dinah Lance will appear at some point.
Incredibly out there prediction but she was said to be teaching at Central City university at some point in Arrow.
  • Depending on what Wally's age will be, she could be a representative that comes to his high school to hand out pamphlets during an assembly.

    Future storylines/episodes 
Iris will find out her dad and Barry are hiding something.

There'll be a Bad Future episode.

There'll be an episode where he finds himself in a Mirror Universe.
His Evil Counterpart will be Johnny Quick.
  • Or possibly Jay Garrick, as a reference to the "Flash of Two Worlds" story.
    • Nooo, Jay is good.
  • An Evil Counterpart of Arrow will be mentioned. He'll be called the Archer or something.
  • His trip to the Mirror Universe will be caused by Mirror Master.

Barry will travel to the future
Where he will meet Wally West/Bart Allen/Jay Garrick, and will learn of the legacy he inspires, but will also learn about the Reverse-Flash legacy, and will wrestle with the idea of killing Reverse-Flash before he becomes evil, or try to make him a better person and inadvertently begin their rivalry.

Barry will tell Iris a half-truth as his "secret" at some point
He'll tell her about having frequent hypoglycaemia (perhaps saying it's because of hyperinsulinism), and she'll be mad about him not telling her sooner but, at least for awhile, she'll think she knows what he's been keeping from her.

In the Red Sky Crisis of 2024, copious use of Time Travel, both by Professor Zoom and The Flash, will tear the dimensional fabric enough for a certain being from the Anti-Matter universe to emerge...

Barry will eventually start traveling to the parallel earths
We will definitely see some kind of adaptation of the 'Flash of Two Worlds' story...with Jay Garrick as Flash. Also, Barry could possibly visit other DC TV and Film universes. So we could have a story where he meets the Flash of the DCCU (played by Ezra Miller). Or a story where he visits the Nolanverse (with Joseph Gordon Levitt guest-starring as Batman). Or the Smallville universe. The sky is the limit really!

Barry and Ollie will switch cities for an episode or two
It's already known the shows are connected, but there'll be episodes on both shows where Oliver tracks down someone to Central City and has Cisco, Caitlyn and Wells on his team while Barry has Diggle, Felicia and Roy, and maybe Laurel if she takes enough levels in badass.

There will be a second Particle Accelerator explosion in order to empower more characters
Either at the end of the first season or the second season, but there will be another explosion, resulting in a number of people, possibly including Cisco, Caitlyn, Wally, Eddie, and a few others gaining their own powers, along with revealing this stuff to the public completely.

Working with the other Rogues will make Capt. Cold take a level in kindness
Being around his new friends will get him to defrost.

Edward Thawne will die by the end of Season 1
In some respects, it seems like The Flash is following the same broad pattern as Arrow. Edward Thawne to my mind appears to be an Expy of Tommy Merlyn's. Both Edward and Tommy share last names with familiar villains, and both are dating the hero's canonical love interests. Tommy Merlyn was a kind of Red Herring in early episodes of Arrow until we find out that he's not the villainous archer 'Merlyn' - his father is. I think its going to be the same with Edward Thawne. He's not the Reverse-Flash - Harrison Wells is. Moreover, Eddie will actually turn out to be a nice guy, like Tommy, and a friend to Barry and possible ally of the Flash. And in the season finale, he will get killed somehow by the Reverse-Flash's actions, while helping Barry. Iris will be grief-stricken by his death, and this may lead to her and Barry getting closer and possibly starting their own relationship. Now Thawne's death could potentially cause a paradox if he's Eobard Thawne's ancestor...or it might simply 'untether' Eobard from the time-stream and allow him to continue to exist as a time anomaly, as he eventually did in the comics. Maybe the fact that he's no longer bound by the natural laws of time and space is what leads him to mess around with the past further, creating the Flashpoint reality.
  • Confirmed. Eddie kills himself in a last-minute Heroic Sacrifice, (presumably) erasing Eobard Thawne from history. Of course, who knows if this will actually keep him dead.

When Firestorm shows up, he'll reveal Harrison Wells' secrets.
Ronnie is completely aware of everything that happens in STAR Labs while he's a disembodied consciousness.
  • [[Jossed Jossed.]]

Plastique survived her explosion.
While she seemed to die of mundane wounds, she is a metahuman, and traditional member of the Suicide Squad. Her body will be recovered a revived by Amanda Waller and she'll replace Shrapnel on the Squad.

The show will adapt the "Flash of Two Worlds" story.
It's a no brainer, considering it's one of the most iconic Silver Age stories involving the Flash. And which world will he go to?
  • The world of the 1990 series, complete with John Wesley Shipp reprising his role as that show's Flash & an Actor Allusion to his playing Henry Allen in the 2014 series, with 1990!Barry receiving a confused "Dad?!" from 2014!Barry.
  • The world of Smallville, with Kyle Gallner reprising his role of Impulse. On top of that, thanks to the shared universe, Justin Hartley will reprise his role of Ollie Queen/Green Arrow to contrast with Amell's Arrow, and Tom Welling would make a brief cameo as either as Superman or Clark Kent.

Multiplex will return
With the death of the main body,t he consciousness controlling all bodies probably just jumped into another one. Alternatively, someone at STAR will regrow Danton Black-prime accidentally (Cisco/Caitlin) or deliberately (Wells).

The season will end with another, larger, Phlebotinum explosion
Leading to other characters becoming metahumans, including those not in Central City. Caitlin will get her ice powers, Laurel will get her canary cry, Ray Palmer will get his size shifting, etc. It could also revive Cyrus Gold as Solomon Grundy.

Joe West will die when he learns the truth behind Nora Allen's murder
Joe has a death flag above him when Reverse-Flash warned him to stop the investigation by threatening Iris' life. At some point, Joe would still continue the case and might die protecting Iris from Zoom. His death would affect not only Iris but also Barry, who might blame himself for not saving him on time and do a 10-Minute Retirement from being the Flash and Thawne, who would become obsessed his case, might blame the Flash for failing to save Joe and later, become Barry's worst enemy.

The CW-verse heroes will form the Justice Society rather than the Justice League
Without the use of Superman and Batman, and the mention of Golden Age characters in "Power Outage", they will form the Justice Society to take on the Rogues Gallery.
  • I heard that the upcoming Supergirl series will crossover with this show and Arrow. But since Superman and Batman are in embargo, it's likely that this Supergirl would be her Earth-2 version, who is a member of the Justice Society. But she's still called Supergirl because, according to the synopsis, she's raised by the Danvers.

Firestorm will pull a Big Damn Heroes during Flash's first encounter with Reverse Flash
Possibly because in the original timeline, Ronnie's Powers just consumed him and he never became firestorm, but somehow due to the time travel interventions of Wells, Ronnie is able to survive a bit longer and therefore help Barry. Reverse Flash wouldn't know how to deal with him because he never encountered him in the future.
  • Technically, Firestorm didn't show up until Barry's second encounter with Reverse Flash, but it was in the same episode as the first so the above still mostly counts as an accurate guess.

Barry will help Ollie during his missing five year gap.
Thanks to time travel, Barry will help Ollie while he's on the Island/Hong Kong/wherever, and possibly tell Ollie to give him an inspiring speech when he comes out of a coma. That's why Ollie is so unfazed by metahuman shenanigans, since he already knows it's going to happen and seen it first hand.

Jay Garrick will become Barry's mentor after Barry finds out about Harrison's schemes
and finds out that Harrison created the Flash on purpose.

Eddie will become Dark Flash using the Cobalt Blue power source

Barry will eventually discover that he can travel through time and build the Cosmic Treadmill to stop Zoom from killing mom
But.....it will create For Want of a Nail scenario where:
  • A) If he succeeds in stopping Zoom, it will create a Time Crash similar to Flashpoint or something else.
  • B) If he doesn't succeed in stopping Zoom, it might open a dimensional rift and reveal the existence of the Multiverse and the Anti-Matter universe which could explain the 2024 Crisis.

There will be an adaptation of Flashpoint
They can't use Batman, so he will be replaced with the Arrow. In the alternate universe, Oliver died in the shipwreck and Robert Queen became the Arrow. After finding out his wife re-married and worked with Malcolm Merlyn on a device that destroyed the Glades, he becomes a violent anti-hero. He would kill Merlyn, and Moira would end up becoming that universe's version of the Dark Archer, much like how Martha Wayne became the Joker.
  • Alternatively, in the Flashpoint timeline, Ivo killed both Oliver and Shado on the island. This prompted Slade and Sara to become Starling City's protectors to honor their memory. Slade still received the Mirakuru however, and the darker tendencies caused by it drove Sara away and leave him an angry, violent, shell of himself by the time Barry arrives in the new timeline.
  • Additionally, Atom and Firestorm can fulfill the roles Cyborg and Superman had in the original story, respectively.

There will be a Flash/Supergirl crossover...
Which will involve them running a race to see who's fastest.

Flash will propose going after Ra's al Ghul to avenge Oliver's apparent death
Harrison will prevent him from doing so to show that Ghul is so badass that even the Reverse-Flash is afraid of him.
  • More likely Ghul plays some important roles in the future/Flash didn't kill Ghul. Remember He's trying to maintain the future and Ghul's a major piece to remove from the game.

The Flashpoint Paradox
It's obvious they are building towards that at this point, it's just a question of how many seasons out. But when they pull the trigger that causes New 52 in the comics it will cause something similar in the combine Flash, Arrow and any other shows that exist in the shared universe at the time and will be used as an excuse to recast anybody who for any reason wants to be replaced and bring back from the dead anybody they deeply regret killing off again with a new actor if need be.
  • The Season Finale seems to be building toward this, as previews indicate that Barry will attempt to go into the past to save his mother. This could easily lead to Season 2 being a Flashpoint adaptation, with Barry attempting to fix the timeline after he messed it up by saving his mom.
There will be super powered children soon
Nine months is the exact length of human pregnancy. In a few months, when it's at least a year after the explosion, we might find out about children who are displaying unique abilities. These abilities would be due to being exposed to the energy while still in the womb.

When Pied Piper returns, he'll have had an upgrade
A new addition to his arsenal: devices that use sound to mesmerize people. Like his namesake.
  • Ideally, those devices will be in the form of a musical pipe, or at least are disguised to look like such, with him making a comment along the lines of 'Why do you think I called myself the Pied Piper!?' when he reveals it.

When Pied Piper returns, it'll will be because of Cisco
Perhaps as per above he'll use his abilities to mesmerize Team Flash but it backfires and activates Cisco's metahuman abilities. Clearly he's being set up to be Cisco's Reverse Flash/Captain Cold, this could be the catalyst for their rivalry going to the next level.
  • Or Hartley had a thing for Cisco. The twist being that Cisco had a thing for him right back but because he was giant jerkass it put Cisco off.
    • Doubt anyone could have a thing for Hartley. And Hartley very obviously only had a thing for Wells.

Wells is building a second accelerator in secret, which will activate in the season finale.
When Iris asks him during the press conference in "Sound and Fury" if he's planning on rebuilding the accelerator, there's an ominous pause before he denies it. Meanwhile, we know he's working with Grodd, whose first appearance has the sewer workers commenting that there have been power fluctuations in the area. My bet is that Wells and Grodd are building an accelerator in the Absurdly Spacious Sewer underneath Central City, using slave labor in the form of people Grodd is abducting and brainwashing. In the season finale, Wells will activate it in an attempt to use it to stabilize his connection to the Speed Force. As a side effect, there will be another Mass Empowering Event, and perhaps it will even be this event that causes Wells and Barry to be sent back in time to the night Nora Allen was murdered.

"Out of Time" will take place on Saint Patrick's Day.
That is the day on which it is airing. Maybe The Flash will meet with Arrow to get a green outfit in case he is unable to outrun the pinches.

Cisco will build Laurel a "Canary Cry" weapon.
Laurel is appearing in an episode and is shown to be speaking with Cisco himself in the Paleyfest promo for the shows remaining episodes of the season. As it is unlikely Laurel will actually become a metahuman with that type of ability and even more unlikely that she gained the ability somehow from the Particle Accelerator and has been hiding it this entire time, Cisco will use his technical skills to create her something that will enable her screams to be made extremely loud, at glass-shattering levels even.
  • Confirmed as of "Who Is Harrison Wells?"

The Rogues will end up in an Enemy Mine against Reverse Flash or Grodd
Not out of any charity mind you, and certainly not out of affection for the flash, since this captain cold is a much more directly ruthless villain by comparison. Rather, it's a kind of Pragmatic Villainy. Cold did talk about how with their weapons, only the flash could stop them from becoming the masters of central city. However, if the Flash is out of commission and Central City is taken over by another speedster or gorillas, then how are they supposed to be kingpins of the city? They'll let Flash know, "You get off lucky today, but once this is over, you're dead flash."

Every episode featuring the Rogues will use the word Rogue in the title somewhere, and similarly, will introduce a new member of the rogues each time with gradual Sequel Escalation
Pretty self explanatory. The first episode with a rogue was Going Rouge, with just their leader Captain Cold. 2nd was Revenge of the Rogues, and that introduced Heat Wave. Then following that, we'll get a new person joining the rogues each time, with their plans becoming slowly more elaborate as more members progressively join their "family". They could even have some of the other villains who didn't start as part of Cold's team gradually join up, whether it be Weather Wizard, Pied Piper or Cold's sister Golden Glider.

The Red Sky Crisis wipes out the universe
Or would have without the intervention of Future!Flash. This is why Wells/ Eobard Thawne freaks out in "Power Outage" when his records show that the Crisis is continuing and there's no mention of The Flash. While he needs The Flash to get him home, he has no reason to care about whether or not the Crisis is stopped...unless, that is, the Crisis wipes out the universe. His line about how Cisco has "been dead for centuries" from his perspective implies he's from much farther in the future than 2024, yet he focuses his archives almost exclusively on that year and particularly on the Red Sky Crisis. This is because he wants to make sure that the universe sticks around long enough that the time period he's trying to return to actually exists.

Every six episodes will feature the Rogues
So far Cold debuted in episode 4, "Going Rogue." He returned with Heatwave in episode 10, "Revenge of the Rogues." And episode 16 features those two plus Golden Glider (and Weather Wizard, in a carry over from "Out of Time") in a story called "Rogue Time." So, they'll likely reappear in the penultimate episode of the season, and then repeat the cycle of appearances next season as well.

The timeline will be drastically changed in the Season finale
Given the fact that Barry's mom evidently wasn't meant to die that night without the Reverse-Flash (a time traveller) attacking, and Barry now vowing to stop this happening, its likely the season finale will actually include that. However, while most assume he'll fail, what if he succeeds? Well, without the Reverse-Flash's alterations, the world would change to something remarkably different, firstly the presence of Barry's parents in his life, as well as the West family being different due to not having Barry fostered into it; Hartley's life would also be different, due to not having Wells as a poisonous influence, while both Caitlin and Cisco would probably have done different things than become part of Team Flash. While this could lead to something of a Flashpoint situation where Barry has to go back in time to fix it, its entirely possible they might, instead, forgo that idea and instead have Barry try to adapt to the new/original timeline. He could end up having to re-recruit Cisco and Caitlin, build a different relationship with the West family (as well as befriend Wally West), or even start parts of his life from scratch. There's still some things which can be similar, such as his relationship with Team Arrow and so on, but besides that, it could make for a big Status Quo shake-up.

The three CBS actors (Allen/Shipps, Trickster/Hamill, McGee/Pays) on the CW Flash are from the CBS Timeline... and are aware of that fact.
The Trickster Episode trailer makes frequent reference to what happened "20 years ago" and in fact uses CBS props, images, etc. It also implies that Hamill's Trickster has a grudge against John Wesley Shipp's Allen. Tina McGee was also surprisingly negative about Harrison Wells and was one of the first people to accuse him of sabotage and corrupting Barry. Shipps too picked up on Barry being Flash really easily for a TV show story. Trickster's episode comes right after introducing alternate timelines.


Because these aren't references to their CBS characters. They ARE the CBS characters. At some point after the CBS show ended, Shipps!Flash, Trickster, and McGee were together when something (probably Barry related) pushed the three into an alternate timeline. It also stripped Barry of his powers, similar to what happened with Harrison Wells. The three went their separate ways, Barry took over Henry's identity (depending on how old Barry is, he may have either married Barry's mom after she had him), Tina McGee went back into science and Trickster used the bombs to either lure the Flash out of hiding or as a way to get back to his timeline. Trickster was captured. Nora died and "Henry" was arrested and Tina just stayed out of it for now.

But history is repeating and they are all aware of it. Tina's coming back in a future episode and it would explain why out of every criminal in the prison... Trickster returns to kidnap Henry Allen.

  • Post episode: HOW did Trickster know Henry Allen was Barry's dad? I don't think Barry mentioned his father was in jail. Or where he was. And then when Trickster talked about how it was a really great trick, he was talking to Henry, not Axel. (Check the eyelines)

    • Also, there were flashbacks in this episode. Flash usually doesn't use Flashbacks. And these dealt entirely with altering timelines, alternate timelines, and identity theft.

  • Adding to this, the second Trickster's mother is this timeline's version of Zoey Clark. Or...

This series is a Stealth Sequel Series to the CBS show.
Barry's dad WAS the Flash, and his full name was Bartholomew Henry Allen, he dropped the name Barry later on. Paula Marshall!Iris West came back and she and Shipps!Barry got back together. Marshall!Iris found out Shipps!Barry is the Flash, and two eventually got married. She too changed her name to Nora. Similar to the theory above, something happened which caused Shipps!Barry to lose his powers and decided to focus on his job, eventually becoming a respectable doctor. Tina and Real!Harrison were colleagues, until Eobard replaced Harrison and pushed her away.

In the season one finale Eobard Thawne will finally be defeated by his ancestor Eddie commmitting a Heroic Suicide, thus erasing Eobard from existence.

It would allow an emotional finale, and also a way to gracefully get Eddie out of the picture so that the writers can ultimately tie together Iris and Barry.

  • Confirmed. I was indeed correct. :)

Wells and Eobard Thawne will be separated by the end of the season, somehow restoring Dr. Wells to life.

It has already been confirmed that Matt Letscher will reprise his role in the future. We will see that all the Pet the Dog moments we have seen from Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne so far have entirely been Wells' personality coming through, and that the true, undiluted Eobard Thawne is pure evil, much like in the comics.

The Rogues will form and be instrumental in stopping Grodd and Eobard Thawne.

Since Thawne has been so very careful in manipulating things, he's completely missed the Spanner in the Works of a bunch of crooks who aren't locked up or working with him.
  • In the comics those two are among the few to not be counted among the Rogues so this could be possible

James Jesse was lying about being Axel's father.
Manipulating and destroying some poor kid's life was the "perfect trick" he was talking about.

When told of the super villian name that Cisco came up with for her, Brie Larvan will instead decide to call herself Queen Bee
Because shes not really a bandit, I think she would take offense of being referred to as "bug-eyed" and she called herself "Queen of the hive".

Wells is deliberately creating metahumans for an army.
As the ending of Broken Arrow shows, Deathbolt was a metahuman despite not being anywhere near Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. Wells is creating a metahuman army which will likely be the enemy for the teamup between Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm we see in the "All Star Team Up" trailer.

The imprisoned metahumans will be released, likely by Wells in order to cause trouble for Barry. But not all of them will be evil.
The trailer for the final episodes of the first season seems to show the imprisoned metahumans escaping from their prison. This is likely Wells' doing. However, it would likely be virtually impossible for someone like The Flash to take them on all at once, and he won't have to, as some of them may actually aid him. Shawna/Peek-A-Boo was an Anti-Villain in her initial appearance, and she may do a full Heel-Face Turn here. Similarly, Farooq/Blackout will turn out to be Not Quite Dead, and will very much want to seek revenge on Harrison Wells yet again. etc.

A Future Episode will involve a Cast Showoff.
We already know that Grant Gustin has an amazing singing voice. I'm really hoping to see the Music Meister, either played by Neil Patrick Harris or Janelle Monáe.

In the season one finale, STAR Labs will be blown up.
There's no better way to raise the drama (not to mention the spectacle) than by having the heroes' base of operations be destroyed. Obviously, the imprisoned metahumans will be freed before this happens. This will obviously leave fans even hungrier for season 2, as it would be a fundamental paradigm shift to the general setting of the show, not to mention leaving the heroes with far fewer resources. Plus it would be a great book end given that it was an explosion at STAR Labs that started this all

Future Rogue-related episodes will include...
  • Mirror Master (likely a metahuman with power over mirrors, though that doesn't mean he can't still have laser-based weapons) and maybe the Top appearing
  • Captain Boomerang, Trickster, and Weather Wizard will join up with them
  • Pied Piper will join, becoming their new Gadgeteer Genius (they can't kidnap Cisco every time someone looses their gun, right?)
  • The group will start to show their usual Punch Clock Villain sides
  • At one point they'll end up fighting Grodd or Reverse-Flash

Tying together a few of the threads with what we know so far, here's how this troper sees the last three episodes of Season 1 going:
  • Judging by the titles, "Grodd Lives" will obviously be about Gorilla Grodd and the characters discovering his existence. The previews have shown General Eiling haggard but alive down there, and at least Joe going down there. This troper suspects that Wells/Eobard took Eddie down into these sewers as well in the Stinger at the end of "The Trap", given the lighting and overall atmosphere of the hideout. There will be a confrontation there, maybe with the characters fighting against Grodd. Ultimately, however, this will be a distraction for Wells to sneak back into STAR Labs and free all of the metahumans. The episode will likely end with Grodd beaten, but Wells escaping yet again with a small army of metahuman prisoners... who mostly have grudges against the Flash.
  • The penultimate episode will shift the focus towards the Rogues once more. I'm guessing this will focus on the logical aftermath of Snart taking up Barry's challenge to be a non-lethal crew. Maybe someone gets killed by accident? Maybe the other Rogues don't take well to this new restriction on their activities? Regardless, it will show Snart in a position of vulnerability for once, reaching out to Barry for help. And yes, by this episode's end we will see Pied Piper join the ranks, serving as their Gadgeteer Genius. I'm guessing that at the end, Snart will owe Barry one, leading into...
  • "Fast Enough". The season finale. I also really like the idea of STAR Labs getting blown up in the final confrontation between Barry and Wells. This is going to be the biggest episode, likely with the army of metahumans coming into play in a big way. Maybe Barry has the Rogues to help him now? Given the preview trailer, it will definitely mark the return of Oliver/Al-Sah Him, the Atom, and Firestorm to help. So yeah, big set pieces and lots of big, comic book fights. Things are going to go really badly. The heroes might not necessarily win (I'm guessing it'll be something closer to a Bolivian Army Ending), as the fight between the Flash and Reverse-Flash will ultimately rip a hole in space-time. At the critical moment, Barry taps into the Speed Force and uses it to kill Wells.
  • As to the ending of the season itself: I'm guessing Barry's fight will ultimately land him in an Alternate Timeline. His use of the Speed Force to kill will land him there without his speed, or at least greatly reduced, setting up the Flashpoint arc for Season 2.

Barry's attempt to save his mother in the finale will fail, however...
He will manage to save the real Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan. This will result in a few changes to the timeline, resulting in events similar to those from the original timeline (before Eobard's alterations), but with some differences:
  • For whatever reason, the real Wells will build the particle accelerator around the same time as in the first altered timeline. This will similarly result in Barry getting his powers, as well as presumably all the other metahumans under similar circumstances, though it'll be an actual accident this time around.
  • Certain characters may have different personalities, such as Hartley, due to the lack of Eobard's influence and For Want of a Nail logic.
  • Grodd will still have gained his powers / intelligence from the particle accelerator incident, but most likely didn't get his hands on General Eiling. Most likely had a similar first meeting with Barry as seen in Grodd Lives, though, since the sewer disappearances would probably reach the ears of Team Flash eventually.
  • Speaking of Team Flash, Cisco and Caitlin would probably still be around. Cisco would possibly have some memories of the previous timeline however, perhaps furthering the potential awakening of his Vibe powers.
  • Wally West will exist in the new timeline. It's one idea to bring him into the show, at least. Plus it'd be just like Eobard to make sure the Flash's sidekick didn't exist, not only so that Barry would have one less ally, but just to be a jerk.

    Future Heroes 
Cisco will eventually become Vibe, with vibration-inducing powers
With the twist that this version is a HORRIBLE break-dancer.

Caitlin Snow will eventually get ice powers, but she won't become a villain and will be just called Frost
Or even Ice, though that's a different character.

Hal Jordan (pre-powered?) will show up and become good friends with Barry
They're traditionally Heterosexual Life-Partners in the comics, and there have been references to him on both Arrow and The Flash.
  • If Hal ever appears, Barry and Ollie will compete who gets to be Hal's BFF. Played for Laughs, of course!
  • All but Jossed in "Rogue Air". In this continuity, Ferris Air closed down after "a test pilot went missing", which is about as clear a reference to Hal as you can get without dropping his name.

Another Flash (or Kid Flash) will show up from the future
Could be either Wally West or Bart Allen (the latter actually has Time Travel as part of his comics backstory). Wally/Bart will be from the same future that Harrison Wells has information about (or is actually from), from a point of time either during, or immediately after, the 'Red Skies Crisis' of 2024. If this happens in Season 1, maybe he's the one who warns the younger Barry about Harrison Wells.

The Particle Accelerator Explosion caused Ronnie to be fused with someone else (or some tech stored in Star Labs)
So he will still either be part of Firestorm or the Firestorm Matrix.
  • Or he exists as a ghost who can't be seen or heard unless he possesses someone. And then he's still only a voice in his host's head.

Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) will show up soon
He and Barry were friends in the comics and he might show up here probably in the later seasons. He might not have his powers yet and is probably single at that time before he meets Sue.
  • This is looking good as of "Power Outage." Ralph Dibny is among the names Wells lists as casualties of the particle accelerator. The fact that he supposedly died isn't even that bad considering Ronnie Raymond "died", but we already have an actor lined up so we know he's coming back.
    • Also consider that Harrison Wells could be lying that he died (it wouldn't be at all out of character for him) and that Ralph is alive and well, and his newly developed stretching powers have been a huge help to his struggling detective career.

Fire will show up
And basically be a green female version of the Human Torch with added Bi the Way for good measure.

Caitlin Snow will become Snow instead
In contrast to a WMG below but how she gets her powers will be after exposure to the actual Killer Frost's powers.

Jesse Chambers and her dad will appear and appear to have a similar backstory to Barry's
And Jesse will be a short time love interest for Barry or at least have a none Carrie Cutter One Sided Crush on him. Maybe she'll even get her powers in her introductory episode.

Max Crandall will appear and will simply call himself Mercury

The "other speedster" that was there when Barry's mother died was Jay Garrick
Arrow brought back Wildcat for a cameo, who's to say that Flash won't follow suit and bring back another JSA member?

The Ryan Choi version of the Atom will appear.
He worked at a Palmer Technologies facility in Central City and was experimenting with dwarfstar alloy the night of the explosion, which gave him size-shifting powers.
  • He won't use the name "Atom" and will take the codename of another DC size-shifter like Molecule or Micron.

Captain Atom will appear.
We've already have Eiling, Plastique, the alias "Cameron Scott" was mentioned; it's only a matter of time before Captain Atom himself shows up.
  • Well, considering Eiling and his scientists isolated the Firestorm Matrix from Stein's cells we may be one step closer to the Captain being made.

The heroes on the CPD mural.
"Hephaestus/Vulcan, Hermes/Mercury, Hera/Juno, Zeus/Jupiter, Hades/Pluto, Apollo, and Poseidon/Neptune. Obviously, Hermes = the Flash and Apollo (the archer) = the Arrow..." Vulcan is Cyborg, Juno is Wonder Woman, Jupiter is Superman, Pluto is Batman, and Neptune is Aquaman. Vulcan could also be Mr. Terriffic, but DC's been pushing Cy harder in their adaptations since the Teen Titans animated series; he fills both the "black guy" and "technology-based hero" slots neatly, being a founding member of the Justice League itself in New 52.

Alternatively,the lineup will be something like (taking into account the recent announcement of the Teen Titans and Supergirl shows who may be in canon to the main ones): Zeus- Shazam/Captain Marvel, or else Atom, just to shake things up a bit and wink at the fanbase. Hera- Supergirl Hades- Nightwing Hephaestus- GL (or Cyborg, or Firestorm, or Atom, all known for creating stuff for/with their powers) Hermes- Duh Apollo- Duh Poseidon- Aquaman or Aqualad

The Question/Vic Sage will appear
He will be introduced as a PI from Hub City helping Joe with a case, but is later revealed to be a superhero. This version will take queues from both his Justice League and Comic incarnations.

Booster Gold will appear
And he will introduce himself as a time cop sent from the future to keep the present safe from being exploited by time-traveling criminals (like Eobard Thawne), only to soon reveal himself as a time-traveling nobody who is trying to exploit the present by cashing in on the rise of superpowered heroes.
  • If not in The Flash then in the proposed Flash/Arrow spinoff series. Arthur Darvill has already been cast as veteran DC time-traveler and some-time Booster Gold associate Rip Hunter, so it's a distinct possibility.

Henry Allen is secretly Barry from the old show.
Tina and James Jesse appear to be the same characters, so why not, right?

The Russian speedster team Red Trinity will appear.

Old Timeline Cisco will travel to the current timeline and become Vibe
He gained latent metahuman potential due to the reactor's explosion, but due to the Reverse Flash vibrating his hand through him, it has activated his potential and gave him Super Speed-based vibrational abilities. He then travels back in time to warn everyone about Dr. Wells and teams up with the current timeline's Team Flash.

[[Green Lantern will appear at some point in this universe]]
  • Most likely in the upcoming 'Legends' Spinoff, but it'd make sense for Hal Jordan to appear at some point, given his close friendship with both Barry and Oliver. While it might be difficult, given the success the show's had with both Firestorm and Atom's abilities, a Green Lantern should be doable.
    • Hal Jordan is referenced in the episode "Rogue Air", when Barry mentions a Ferris Air test pilot who went missing.

    Future Villains 
Grodd's plan will be to make other gorillas super-intelligence as he.
In order to rule over the humans, making them their slaves and experiment on them as they've done to him. Though most of the gorillas will refuse to follow Grodd, especially Solovar who tells him that they shouldn't be like the humans. In the end, after Grodd's dead or defeated, the gorillas led by Solovar thanks Barry and leave for Africa.
  • So pretty much Gorilla versions of Caesar and Koba?
    • That's one way to put it.
    • Is it bad that I want this to be the case?
    • Not at all.

Pied Piper's introductory episode will be a Musical Episode
Grant Gustin (Barry), Jesse L. Martin (Joe) and Andy Mientus (Pied Piper) are all broadway vets, not to mention the latter two both appeared on Smash and the former on Glee. Add to the fact that Piper has Mind Control Magic Music, which could even justify why everybody is breaking out into song.
  • Jossed. Unless Hartley upgrades his equipment, he doesn't have the mind control aspects of his comic counterpart. In fact, he more closely resembles Batman Beyond's Shriek, or Spider-Man's Shocker.

The first season finale will be the forming of the Rogues.
And it'll end with Pied Piper pulling a Heel-Face Turn and joining Barry.

Mark Mardon will appear as a more traditional Weather Wizard
Clyde thought he had died, but maybe he was only unconscious or blown clear. After finding out that Clyde is dead, Mark will develop Weather Wizard-esque technology and try to avenge his brother.
  • It's also entirely possible Mark got weather powers too and like Barry was in a coma all this time.
  • Confirmed. Liam McIntyre has been confirmed to play Weather Wizard in episodes 15 and 16.

Clock King and Count Vertigo will work with Cold and Heatwave at some point
Because Prison Break.

Amaury Nolasco will play one of the Rogues
See above.

Caitlin Snow will eventually do a Face-Heel Turn and become Killer Frost
  • It's been confirmed by Danielle Panabaker that Caitlin will become Killer Frost sometime soon. However, whether or not her transformation will involve a Face-Heel Turn is still unknown.

Other evil speedsters will appear in the show
Aside from Reverse Flash, other evil speedsters might show in future episodes such as:
  • Savitar
  • Black Flash- the Grim Reaper of speedsters. They might put some Nightmare Fuel in it.
  • Johnny Quick- from the Crime Syndicate. If he appears, they might do the same thing in Smallville where Clark was transported to Earth-2 while his Evil Counterpart, Ultraman, went to his Earth and terrorizes his friends.
  • Blue Trinity - A Russian speedster team.

The people on Wells' List
are not actually dead. We already know that Ronnie Raymond probably didn't die. Also, Wells either has Future knowledge or he's from the future himself. So, the names on that list are the real names of heroes he might have known would get powers in the Accelerator Explosion. He might have gotten to them days after the explosion and subdued them. Possibly handing them off to Eiling or ARGUS.

King Shark will appear.
Central City is close to the water so it's possible a shark was swimming by when the particle accelerator exploded. Or perhaps Central City has an aquarium.

Captain Boomerang will eventually get off the island and join the Rogues
Maybe he'll get out when Deathstroke escapes planing to make good on his promise to Oliver, and he'll joing up with Snart's crew

The Music Meister will appear
He'll be an Evil Mentor for Pied Piper, since they have similar powers (the main difference being that Piper is gadget-based and Meister is a metahuman). And of course Neil Patrick Harris will reprise the role.

Vandal Savage will be a future Big Bad

Gorilla Grodd may already be in play
We may have already seen Gorilla Grodd in play (albeit offstage). Two scenes worth consideration. The first is in "Plastique" when Wells talks to Plastique in private back area and convinces her to go after General Eiling and kill him. The way Plastique responds in that scene seems very much like a suggestion that was reinforced by a telepathic mind control "push". The other scene is in "Flash vs Arrow" where (again in a private back area) Wells talks to Felicity trying to obtain the identity of the Arrow. He asks pointed questions that would tend to bring Oliver Queen's name to the forefront of her mind. Granted, Wells would have the resources (ie time travel, his future knowledge supercomputer, etc) to discover the Arrow's identity without using Grodd, but then the scene seems unnecessary because by then Wells would seemingly already have had enough basic information about Team Arrow he'd need to do his search.

Mirror Master will appear!
Mirror Master will be a man who steals technology to go to different planes of existence, and will use it for crime... Because he is a massive idiot. He will then join the Rouges, and be the comic relief!

Mister Freeze will appear
This version will be a metahuman endowed with superhuman strength but an inability to survive outside of subzero temperatures due to a cryogenics experiment during the particle accelerator explosion. He will start out with simply his suit, but will gain a Freeze Ray like in the comics after copying and improving Cold's gun. His plot involves him stealing a chemical needed to stabilize Nora, but he is defeated. Desperate, at the end of the episode he turns to Ras' al Ghuul for help, leading to Nora being reborn as Lazara.

Grodd and Wells will experiment on Eiling.
The end result will be the general being mutated into his monster form from the comics.
  • Or his soldiers will find him seriously injured and experiment on him to save his life. He thanks his men by slaughtering them. And then he rampages to Central City to get revenge on Flash.

Lisa's supervillain name won't be Golden Glider (or just Glider)
She doesn't glide so she can't be Glider. Instead she will be Gilder because she covers things in gold. Golden Gilder for redundancy.

Kadabra will show up once time travel has been elaborated on.
A time traveler from Wells' era, he'll be a successful magician in the present thanks to his future tech, but Wells' efforts to travel back to the future will turn his interests to Kadabra and somehow pit Kadabra against Team Flash.

The HIVE will have influence in this show as well as Arrow
It will turn out that Bug-Eyed Bandit was hired by HIVE to develop unique weapons for them, leading to HIVE starting to target the Flash and other metahumans.

    Harrison Wells 
He's Jay Garrick
The yellow suit is just a random plot twist.

Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash
He's the time traveler from the future, like Eobard Thawne, and his wheelchair recalls Hunter Zoloman. He'll find out he's in a Stable Time Loop and that will be his Start of Darkness.
  • He could already have superspeed, which cold be how how got into Stagg's office - He ran, and merely pushes the wheelchair around. While it coudl be justified as a Stealth Hi/Bye, the show specifically draws attention to how he got into the building.
  • This would explain how the Reverse-Flash knew Joe was looking into him in "The Flash Is Born". Joe had discussed his investigation with Harrison earlier.
  • Confirmed. He is Eobard Thawne.

Wells will turn Eddie into the Reverse-Flash
Wells could be the Reverse-Flash of the future, and thus he needs Eddie to become the Reverse-Flash so that Wells himself can. Wells will implant certain ideas within Eddie's head, which will culminate in him becoming the Reverse-Flash

Wells will mentor Barry to prevent his death
And will eventually realise that his methods aren't changing the future enough, and so creates the Reverse-Flash (himself or Eddie) in order to toughen him up for the Crisis. Eventually, he'll also adopt the idea that suffering builds character, akin to Hunter Zolomon.
  • Heck, Barry telling Wells what inspired him to become a hero could help encourage Wells in that direction

Harrison Wells is Barry Allen from the future
He traveled back in time to create a Stable Time Loop, creating and mentoring himself.
  • Barry's really not the type to murder a guy, even to preserve the timeline.

Harrison Wells is a Composite Character of Professor Zoom and Darwin Elias
Being both a time-traveler trying to help Barry "fulfill his destiny", and one of Barry's idols in the scientific community with a hidden sinister streak. This could lead to Wells giving the Rogues superpowers at some point.

Wells isn't Reverse Flash at all.
He's Pariah.

Even refers to himself as such in the second episode.

Instead of time-hopping, he comes from another dimension to try and help Barry get ready to defeat the Anti-Monitor before he destroys this world too.

Wells is Professor Zoom, Eddie will become Zoom
To be more specific, Wells is the nut who comes back from the future to make Barry's life miserable because he's a bastard like that. Eddie will get injured in an accident that will give him the reverse of Flash's powers and he'll dedicate his life to making Flash's life miserable so he'll be a better superhero.
  • Confirmed, Wells is Professor Zoom (though he's not called like that...yet). As for Eddie, we'll see..

Wells is Rip Hunter
In order to ensure that the time-line stays stable, he's come to protect Barry's life at any cost. Plus, seriously "Harrison Wells"? "HG Wells"? The guy who wrote The Time Machine?
  • Jossed, since Arthur Darvil will be playing Rip Hunter in another spinoff.

Wells is Abra Kadabra

Because we might as well hedge our bets with Barry's OTHER time-traveling villain.

Wells is a descendant of Barry from the 31st century
The comment he makes in a flashback in episode 3 is blatant foreshadowing at the least and it would explain how he had knowledge of how to create the particle accelerator which would be common knowledge in that time period. It would also explain his knowledge of Barry as the Flash, likely being part of the heroic Allen lineage found in the comics.

Wells came back in time to help Barry survive the Crisis
Tying in with the above theory if Wells is descended from Barry than he would likely know about the circumstances of Barry's "death" in the Crisis. Having figured out a way to travel through time Wells went to a point in time where he could give Barry his powers earlier than he would have gained them and planned to train Barry so he could carry out his role in the Crisis and live through it.

Wells is Vandal Savage.
Savage has been know to use his immortality to send information back to his younger self to change history for his benefit, all we know of Well's future knowledge is the holographic newspaper and his comment of "feeling like he's waited centuries" could be a more literal than most people's use.

Wells is Barry from a pre-flashpoint type timeline and found himself in the past
And he's pulling a Kessler

Wells isn't Pariah, he's one of the Monitors
He's collecting and creating superhumans to achieve the outcome he wants for the Crisis, and like any good Monitor, he's been observing everything for some time before choosing to act. This being a relatively grounded CW show, the Monitor is less a cosmic entity than a meddlesome time-traveler. Only time will tell if Wells is more like the main Monitor(s) or the Anti-Monitor.

Wells is T.O. Morrow.
Or at least the show's equivalent of the character. Wells has yet to display any actual powers, has been called "sincere" by the producers, and is closer to a Knight Templar than anything else. If he were a version of Morrow, it would explain why his future TV screen is there; it's one of Morrow's earliest gadgets. And having knowledge of the future would explain why he would fake his injury (he was hurt in the altered timeline, so he follows it now to avoid causing any major ripples) and why he is so obsessed with preserving what he can of the status quo. If he knows that the Reverse Flash is out there, and is already changing time, he might be the show's Big Good counterpart for a while.

Wells has mind-control powers
Which is how he managed to convince Plastique to kill General Eiling so easily.

Wells is trapped in a predestination paradox time loop.
Say that Wells is from the future but did not originally come back in time for the Flash. Instead, he met his wife and lost her in the accident. Knowing that the Flash would be a life-saving hero with the power to travel through time, he sets out to create the Flash to save his wife. When the time comes for the reveal, Barry will be wary of creating a paradox and will refuse. This will so enrage Wells that he will acquire the power of speed for himself and become the Reverse-Flash, travelling back in time to kill Nora Allen to teach Barry a lesson. Barry will follow him and they'll duel across time, causing not only Nora's death but also Wells' wife's death as well before Barry stops him. Thus leading the whole cycle of events in the first place.

Wells is not from the future but his wife was.
Wells in an unaltered timeline originally created the particle accelerator that gave Barry his powers. The Reverse-Flash went back in time to kill him before he could and Tess Morgan also went back to prevent that and became close to Wells as a result. She eventually revealed she was from the future and showed him futuristic technology to prove it while also telling him how history would play out. When Reverse-Flash attacked to kill him Tess pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to drive him off. Wells moved to Central City so he could protect Barry as a young boy and keep the time stream from being altered but something prevented him from stopping Nora's death and Henry's incarceration.

Wells is Michael Carter.
He's a time-traveler devoted to "fixing" history. Gideon is his version of Skeets.

Wells is Chronos.
A time-traveling supervillain

Wells is Metron.
A morally ambiguous time traveler who gets his powers from a chair.
  • Metron has disguised himself as a guy in a wheelchair before.

Wells is The Master
Someone had to say it.

Wells didn't figure out Arrow's true identity on his own
. He already knew, because of his knowledge of the future. He asked Felicity only to test the waters and see if she trusted him enough to disclose that secret (and also to give the impression that he didn't know and was 'working' on finding out).
  • Possibly. As of "Public Enemy", the Arrow's been publicly outed as being Oliver Queen. This piece of news could easily be in Wells' database, depending on how extensive it is and Oliver's future activities.

Wells replaced Professor Martin Stein.
In the original timeline, the particle accelerator was built by Martin Stein, the other half of Firestorm, and it was Stein, Cisco, and Caitlin who helped Barry become a hero.

Wells is a corrupted future Flash
. If you look at the key hole which he places his ring into, it has the Flash logo, not the Reverse-Flash's. Harrison could simply have modified the ring in order to mess up the colours on his suit as a sign of rebellion or the like. If he'd used the ring as intended, the suit would've turned red.

Wells is the future Eddie Thawne.
Like his comic counterpart, Eddie got plastic surgery in order to look like Barry, but for a reason other than being a fanboy. Instead of being a fanboy, Eddie decided to travel back in time to make the Flash better, in order to save Iris. That's why he spares himself the beating.

The man we know as Harrison Wells is a clone

WARNING: Spoilers for "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

  • The actual Harrison Wells (or whatever his real name is) is Reverse-Flash, the one who was wearing the Yellow Suit. The Wells we know is a clone of him. His job is to monitor the future and ensure things go the way that Reverse-Flash wants them to (and to keep Barry safe). Since Reverse-Flash needs to play the villain in this plan (seemingly to motivate Barry to become the hero who stops the Red Sky crisis), he sent his duplicate to kick things off by triggering the particle accelerator explosion. The duplicate also keeps the yellow suit in safe place when Reverse-Flash isn't using it. After all, there have to be some occasions where the guy has to do errands at normal speed (if his powers work like Barry's, he has to consume large quantities of food in order to avoid starving and unless he's constantly knocking over fast food joints and grocery stores at super-speed, he probably buys his food like everyone else), so he wouldn't be able to wear the suit all the time without attracting attention. This theory would explain how Reverse-Flash was able to be in a cage while Wells "interrogated" him. Even if you have super-speed, you can't be in two places at the same time, but if there's actually two of you, then you can.
    • Jossed. Wells is the only Reverse-Flash and their encounter was a combination of hologram and speed-trick.

Wells and Reverse Flash are temporal duplicates of each other

Harrison Wells has a split-personality disorder
One personailty is Harrison Wells the man who would do anything to protect the Flash and the other is The Reverse-Flash. It explains why Wells is Barry's mentor. He's training Barry to take himself down.

Wells will find out Joe and Eddie are investigating him and do one or both of the following
  • Kill Joe because happiness and superheroes don't mix these days.
  • Take Eddie under his wing and start him on his own dark path

Wells is training Barry to take his place.
Wells was the speedster in the future who originally vanished during the Crisis event. That sent him to this time. He's trying to subtly train Barry to do better than him once his connection to the Speed Force severs.

Harrison Wells is Reverse Flash, just not the one in the comics
In this universe before the future Flash died he made Reverse Flash promise to fix the future since only speedsters can time travel. RF decided that to do that Barry must live, so he went back and didn't know Zoom followed him. Originally RF had yellow lightning since he got his powers in a recreation of how Barry got his so they both had yellow lightning. RF and Zoom fought once they got to the past. Barrys mom just was in the wrong place wrong time, RF attempted to stab Zoom and Zoom used her as a shield. Then Zoom hauled it out and went into hiding while RF started his less then golden attempts to make Barry the Flash. However due to changes to the future he lost his speed so he remade the scenario that made Zoom, though this lets both him and Zoom feed off each other, explaining his speed malfunctions and need to siphon the speedforce. Zoom has now caught on to RF and is attempting to undermine him by making RF appear the villain... Wells (RF) knows this and has come to terms that to save his ward (Barry) he must be the badguy to make him better since he knows Barry will never trust him when he finds out, and knows he will.... Tragedy and tears will ensue, Wells given how he cares about Barry will likely take the "Zoom bullet" for Barry as his redemption equals death.
  • Jossed. Wells is Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom.

The "Red Sky Crisis" from Wells' future is caused by the Anti-Monitor.
  • In addition to the word "Crisis" being used and the mention that the Flash disappears during the event, in Forever Evil, a red crack appears in the sky as a sign of the Anti-Monitor's arrival.

Harrison Wells is the shows version of Hunter Zolomon.
Only his name is actually Harrison Zolomon Wells, with his nickname being Hunter. He is from the 31st century just like Eobard Thawne and the two were even friends. They were both fans of the Flash and dreamed of being heroes like him. But one day Eobard discovered that he would one day become the Reverse-Flash which warped his mind to embrace Because Destiny Says So. Eobard would recreate the accident that gave the Flash his powers to gain his own. Harrison, who was wheelchair bound, stumbled onto the experiment and tried to stop only for both of them to connect to the Speed Force. Harrison regained the use of his legs and Eobard was warped further than he already was and decided to go back in time to try and Screw Destiny by making it so Barry would never receive powers by killing the person who would create the particle accelerator. He also intended to take Barry's place as the Flash after he did so, setting things up so his trip to the past was one way. Wells was able to interfere, which sent both of them back further than Thawne planned. They arrived sometime during Barry's childhood. Thawne set out to find Tess Morgan who would create the accelerator so he could fulfill his plans while Wells set out to find her to thwart them. Harrison was able to convince Tess he was from the future by showing her the tech he brought with him and eventually they fell in love and married. Thawne was responsible for the "accident" that killed Tess but somehow the future remained unchanged. Wells and Thawne both realized that this meant Barry would gain his powers and become the Flash, so both would head towards Central City with the goal of protecting Barry or killing him, respectively. The night of Nora's murder however was one of the times when Wells' Speed Force connection was in flux so he couldn't intervene. Thawne failed that night because of a time traveling Barry and never tried again both because of his own unstable Speed Force connection and because he was worried by Wells' presence in the city. After the explosion Wells chose to pretend he was wheelchair bound so Thawne's arrogance would let him think Wells wasn't a threat and that he could make Wells be Forced to Watch as he killed Barry. But Wells in a moment of Crazy-Prepared designed the accelerator in such a way that the explosion would worsen Thawne's Speed Force connection, which kept him from going after Barry while he was comatose. It was Wells who appeared before Joe so he wouldn't be drawn into conflict with someone as dangerous as Thawne. It was Thawne who fought Barry and appeared at Star Labs but he was Outgambitted by Wells who prepared a fake tachyon device to fool Thawne while keeping the real one for his own purposes. The reason both wears the same costume is that Wells is mocking Thawne by acting as the hero he wishes he could be.
  • Jossed. He's Eobard Thawne.

Eobard Thawne stole Harrison Wells' Identity
After killing Nora Allen, Thawne killed Harrison Wells, the physicist who originally created the particle accelerator which gave Barry his powers. After killing him he stole his identity. That’s why the DNA test from the blood in Barry’s house didn’t match "Wells", they were comparing it to the original Harrison Wells.
  • CONFIRMED! (as of "Tricksters")

    Wally West 
Wally West will appear later on
He's initially Iris' nephew who takes an interest in and later idolizes The Flash. However, after an accident involving a villain and electricity, he's fatally wounded until The Flash rescues him, but both get electrocuted. As a result, Wally gains The Flash's powers (as the original comic story would be too contrived to work in live action), forcing Barry to make Wally his apprentice.
  • If it's a lightning bolt from a villain, Mark Mardon taking his place as the traditional Weather Wizard is probably the best way to go.

If/when Wally West appears
The writers are going to make him closer to the Pre-N52 Wally West, knowing how well the fans reacted to the way he is written in the comics.

Wally will have a slight Age Lift in the show
While still Iris' nephew, he'll likely be closer to his late teens than Wally usually is as Kid Flash, as Roy has had in Arrow. That way he can be closer to his comic self's age prior to the reboot but still young enough to be trained by Barry.

Wally West will eventually become Kid Flash whenever he appears
Because hey, Barry needs a Watson.
  • Bonus points if 'Kid Flash' is treated more like an Embarrassing Nickname rather than a codename, allowing them to keep the name without forgoing it due to cheesiness.

Wally will appear at the end of Linda's introduction episode
Possible, but it seems like Linda is shaping up to be a love interest for Barry Allen. Which is kinda weird, considering she's the wife of a grown Wally West in the comics.
  • Worth noting is that Linda in this show appears to be a contemporary of Barry (stated to be 25 at the start of Season One) - she is also seen (played by Olivia Cheng) reporting on the reactor explosion in Arrow when it's taking place, making it unlikely she's a teenager. Malese Jow, her actress (as of The Flash) is turning 24 in February 2015 and is less than a year younger than Grant Gustin... We also don't know how old Wally will be in this continuity if/when he appears (and relative to Barry's age), but it seems clear that unless he's in his 20s in the first 2 Seasons then a relationship with Linda, if it happens, would be a case of Likes Older Women (Not That There's Anything Wrong with That!)

Wally, if/when he appears, will be made Joe's nephew
There has been no mention of Rudy in any of the flashbacks meaning its unlikely Iris has an older brother, and Joe doesn't look old enough to have a teenage grandchild. If the writers decide to take Wally in they'll make Rudy into Iris' uncle and Wally will therefore be her annoying little cousin.
  • On the contrary, age doesn't necessarily equal appearance. Rudy West could be an estranged family member because he had a disagreement with Joe. Or, grew up under the care of Mrs. West after a divorce while Joe raised Iris. Two birds, one very big stone.
    • Joe seems to be roughly in his mid-to-late 40s when the show begins - his actor was 45 when he filmed his first scenes, and his onscreen daughter is implicitly close to Barry Allen in age (though Candice Patton is 26 in her first scenes). Unless he's actually in his 50s - with a son roughly 10 years older than Iris is - the likelihood of his having a teenage grandson is presently low. Not impossible mind you, but we haven't yet got all the necessary information to be sure of this one. Additionally, going on this track...
    • Joe might be Wally's maternal grandfather in this continuity - his older daughter Mary West (5+ years older than Iris) had a Teen Pregnancy which led to estrangement from her family (possibly involving a divorce). Raised Wally as a single mother, until something brings him (and possibly her as well) into Joe and Iris' lives.

Wally and Hartley will become friends when Wally is inevitably introduced, leading to Hartley calming down and taking a few levels in kindness until he has a Heel-Face Turn
I'm thinking that Wally will, probably by late Season 1/early season 2, have joined the cast, and like Roy did in Arrow, will join Team Flash once he's gained powers. Hartley will likely return and, by some turn of events, meet and befriend Wally (maybe he ends up in the Pipeline again and Wally ends up talking to him). When Hartley next goes on a rampage (probably against his parents), Wally will instead talk him down, showcasing his ability to stop villains by being friendly instead of powerful.

Wally will not be a West
He'll be Wally J. Garrick.
  • Unlikely. The creators outright said Wally will be a West.

The birth of "Flash Facts"
Barry and Wally will trade scientific facts with each other while running and/or talking at super-speed.

Wally will collect the spoils of war and keep them on a shelf as a Running Gag
Becoming a Kleptomaniac Hero as a nod to Young Justice.

Wally will team up/butt heads with Roy Harper
And possibly along with Thea and maybe Sin from Arrow. Forming a semi Teen Titans episode. They will both learn to see eye to eye and work together much like their mentors.

Wally will be get an comment about being impulsive
And he will be called Impulse instead of Kid-Flash as a result. And yes this idea did come from the Arrow episode evolving the Arsenal comment.

Wally's costume will be Blue and Yellow
  • I guess the yellow is obvious, but why blue instead of the classic red?
    • Apologies are in order. Forgot to add in the likelihood of the costumes being basically the same with minor aesthetic differences, like Oliver's and Roy's costumes. Though that just brings up why they wouldn't go with the Silver and Red colour scheme from the New 52 or a different pattern feature the red and yellow combo. But the main point is that it adds some contrast to the two.
    • Also the blue could be a shout out to another speedster known as Max Mercury who may not ever appear in the show.

Wally will have a Ship Tease with Thea
Nothing may actually become of it, but with Thea being similar to Young Justice's Artemis and Wally being...well, Wally, it could make for an interesting chemistry. Or they might just fight a lot.

Wally will, slowly, develop into the second main character, or even replace Barry, after he's brought in
Unlikely given how heavily involved Geoff Johns is, given he's the one responsible for Barry taking the Flash mantle back and is the biggest pusher of the 'Barry is the bestest Flash ever' parade, but here's how I see the show going. Over the course of Seasons 1 and 2, Wally will follow the same way Roy did in Arrow, being introduced and tied with other characters plots (likely Joe and Iris), develops a hero worship for the Flash, then after being exposed to the Speed Force, develops similar super-speed, which leads to Barry having to teach him how to control and manage his powers. Unlike Roy, however, he won't go crazy, and by the end of the season, Barry will give him a spare Flash suit to help deal with the Big Bad. Then comes Season 3, with both Barry and Wally now sharing the role of the Flash (maybe with them sharing the opening line; IE "My name is Barry Allen/and My name is Wally West....We are the Fastest Men Alive, we are, The Flash"), becoming his protege and partner (maybe, as suggested above, with 'Kid Flash' being used as a nickname to reference the fact he's younger). In Season 4 or 5, the Red Sky Crisis thing will happen (earlier than predicted), and by the end of it, Barry will end up giving his life to saving everyone from the Crisis, leaving Wally to take the mantle alone. In the following Season, Wally will continue as the Flash, now trying to continue Barry's legacy but with a noted lower success rate and displaying obvious signs of Stepford Snarker tendencies. From there, they will adapt the Return of Barry Allen storyline and end with Wally beating the Reverse Flash and the other awesome stuff he did in that story.

Wally will be the result of a Cosmic Retcon and Barry's time-travel.
Barry, the one we've been following, will travel to the past knowing what he knows now. Whether or not he saves his mom is irrelevant. What's important is that somehow, Barry causes Joe to end up with the woman who moved into the Allen house after the murder. They fall in love and have a son, Wally West, and Iris' half-brother. Barry comes back from the past and finds himself with an adoptive kid-brother he never grew up with.
  • Adding to this, its possible that in whatever was the 'original' timeline before the Reverse-Flash travelled back and killed Nora, Wally was indeed going to be born, but Zoom deliberately aranged for this to not happen so as to stop the Flash gaining a similarly powered ally after all, he needs a Flash for time travel, not two. By stopping Reverse-Flash in the season finale, Barry will remove his influence from the time stream and when he returns, find that the world is a very different place, complete with a young Wally West.

Wally West is The Flash of Eobard Thawne's time.
  • Instead of being Iris's nephew like in the comics, he's a distant descendant of Barry and Iris, just as Eobard is a distant descendant of Eddie. He inherited his connection to the Speed Force from Barry and became The Flash in his time. When Wally became too fast for Eobard to defeat, Eobard came up with a Plan B: Travel back and eliminate Wally's ancestor, Barry Allen, thus preventing Wally from ever being born. He tried it on the adult version (see the WMG below about Eobard trying to kill Future!Barry), it failed, so he moved on to 11-year old Barry, with the results we've seen in the show. Eventually, Wally will track Eobard to the present day and come looking for him, teaming up with Team Flash in the process. As for why Thawne wanted to get rid of Wally, the answer is spelled out right here: Barry ends up with Iris and Eddie doesn't, starting a long-standing blood feud between the Thawne family and the Allen-West family. Wouldn't be the first time a war started over a girl.

Wally will take over as the main character when the Cinematic Universe Flash is introduced.
  • Given what happened with Deadshot, when the films introduce Barry, he will be killed off, but Wally West (who would probably have been introduced before that), will take over as the main character to keep the show going.

Wally will be one of the Alternate Universe Flashes and end up stranded in the main universe ala Powergirl
This will give him his motivation throughout the season as just trying to get home, as well as allowing the writers to bring back Linda without having to worry too much about the characters' ages.

    The "Man in the Lightning"/Zoom/Reverse-Flash 

Zoom traveled back in time to kill Barry's mother
Eventually, Barry will go back in time to try to save her. The super-speed battle between him and Zoom created the red and yellow lightning young Barry saw around his mother.
  • And to add to the sense of tragedy and triumph, Barry will get to talk to his mom. It will turn out that his mother's cries of "Don't let him touch you!" were an order to an adult Flash, meaning that his mom knowingly sacrificed her life to save him.
  • This would signify that Barry went back in time to try to stop Zoom, but he elected to save young Barry's life by transporting him away from the house. Which gave Zoom the opportunity to murder Barry's mother.
    • As of "The Man In A Yellow Suit", possible. As noted by Cisco when he saw the fight, Barry generates yellow lightning while Zoom generates red lightning. Young Barry was carried away with yellow lightning when the murder occurred. But, it's possible that the speedster who whisked young Barry may not be Barry from the future. As noted by the theory below, he might be Wally or Bart. But still, it could be Barry from the future.
    • Cisco and Joe recovered overlooked blood at the scene, Cisco confirmed that one of the speedsters was an adult Barry, but the other one wasn't Wells.
    • That's actually true, he wasn't Wells—yet.

The Flash traveled back in time to try to save Barry's mother. But it wasn't Barry Allen.
May have been a different Flash (e.g. Wally West, Bart Allen). The Man in the Yellow Suit heavily hints at there being two speedsters at the time and location of the Murder.

Eddie Thawne will not be Professor Zoom.
Instead of him being Zoom he will be Colbalt Blue and kick off the feud between the Allen and Thawne families.
  • The secret in his past that they've mentioned could very well be his criminal family.
  • This would actually be similar to the kind of Bait and Switch the writers pulled in Arrow Season 1. They introduced Tommy Merlyn, Oliver's best friend with a familiar last name that almost guaranteed him turning out to be the villanous archer Merlyn...before revealing eventually that 'Merlyn' the archer was someone else. Its the same deal with Eddie Thawne and Zoom.

There will be a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs Pummel Duel between Barry and Reverse-Flash
And it will be awesome.

Thawne isn't 'The Man In The Lightning', it's the other Zoom.

Hunter Zolomon's reason for targeting Wally was because he felt that only through great pain and suffering could one become a better hero and so made it his mission to inflict hardship on Wally, so that he would come out of it stronger. Now go back and rewatch the scene where young Barry last sees his mother alive, The Reverse-Flash stops and looks directly at him then takes the half-second or so to take him away... Why would Thawne, who hates the Flash and wants him to suffer, not kill the boy's mother in front of him? No, Hunter revealed himself for a second and then took Barry away so he would be shielded from the sight of his mother's death knowing this hardship would inspire Barry to believe in the weird so that Central City would have a hero mentally ready to accept the idea of other meta-humans and the drive to stop them. Zoom killed Nora to make Barry a hero.
  • Confirmed, albeit with "Hunter's" name being Harrison.

Reverse-Flash interfered with the particle accelerator
If Wells created the particle accelerator so he could empower Barry than the Reverse-Flash could have found out about it and sabotaged the machine to cause more damage than Wells could have foreseen, which also had the side effect of creating several more metahumans than Wells would be familiar with.

Eddie Thawne will become the first Zoom
Pretty self explanatory. But some of the spy-photos revealing the fight between Flash and Zoom have the parts of Zoom's face looking a lot like Eddie's face.
  • Jossed. It's Harrison Wells.

There will be multiple Zooms, the first will look like Eddie but actually be Thaddeus
Going off the above WMG. Seemingly confirmed when close examination of the Reverse Flash in "The Man in the Yellow Suit" shows the Reverse Flash caught in the forcefield is much bulkier and seems to be out to kill Barry as opposed to the taunting of the football field one. Not to mention the fact that the lanky Harrison Well has a Reverse Flash suit but he was beaten nearly to death by the captured one. Even with super speed he couldn't be in two places at once, much less through a forcefield near impervious to super speed.
  • Apparently confirmed in "The Nuclear Man". The blood Cisco and Joe found at the old crime scene was apparently that of the two speedsters: one was an adult Barry but the other wasn't Wells.
    • Jossed, "Tricksters" shows that the other speedster was one Eobard Thawne, who used some form of future technology to transform himself into Wells, after engineering an accident that killed the original Wells's wife.

The Cobalt Blue equivalent will be the first Zoom.
This one would end really well

The Reverse Flash that killed Barry's mom was possessed by Parallax
Sorry but that thing was too freaky to be completely human.

He's going to have years of experience with his powers that Barry doesn't probably has already fought Barry thanks to time-travel, and he's going to beat the crud out of Barry.
  • Judging by some set photos that have been released, this theory may not be that far off.
  • As of "The Man In The Yellow Suit, he did. TWICE.

Reverse Flash will die in his first appearance.
And then, thanks to time-travel, Barry knows that no matter how far in his own time stream he is, he'll never be free of Reverse Flash because Reverse Flash can't die until the Reverse Flash goes back and kill's Barry's mother. And as Reverse Flash's body lies on the ground, we see who he is and know that inevitably, one of our regulars will become him...

Reverse Flash is actually Eobard Thawne from the future.
His backstory would be much the same as his comic counterpart with the exception that someone followed him back in time try and prevent his crimes. Edward Thwane also wonders why the Reverse Flash didn't try to kill him even when looking him direct in the face, possibly avoiding a Grandfather Paradox by killing an ancestor.
  • Confirmed.

Reverse Flash is working with Wells to ensure a Stable Time Loop
In order to keep his future from being erased, Wells needed to have Barry become the Flash. Reverse Flash was chosen to ensure that Barry had a purpose and motive to become a hero by killing his mother while Wells would begin work on the particle accelerator that would ultimately give him his powers.

Eddie Thawne wants the Reverse Flash as much as Barry does...
...because Nora Allen is Eddie's mom. Either Eddie was adopted, or he's Nora's son from before she married Henry. And since he knows this but Barry and the Wests don't, he came to Central City to look over his half-brother, and upon hearing that "man in lightning" is running around town, he begins to think that either the Flash is Nora's killer or is connected to him. This is why Eddie makes fun of Iris's Flash blog but also goes twice to his captain for an Anti-Flash task force before he even encounters the Flash. It also explains why he grabbed Barry for a gym workout after Girder gave them both trouble: he wants to connect with his little brother, even if only a little bit.
  • Secondary to this WMG, Eddie is Reverse Flash, and the cause of his initial feud with the Flash is because of the Flash's attack on him in the crossover episode, and he ends up becoming a Self-Made Orphan when they time travel back in time.

The reveal of the Reverse-Flash will have a case of Identical Grandson
And obvious looking like Eddie, who's full name will be revealed to be Edward Malcolm Thawne.

Eddie will become another Reverse-Flash but also be Cobalt Blue

Eddie will become Reverse-Flash to "protect" Iris from Barry
Due to either jealousy or a misunderstanding he'll believe The Flash is a danger to Iris and so seeks out a way to protect her.

Reverse Flash has Eobard Thawne's motivations played straight.
Thawne wanted Barry to become a better hero. By experiencing tragedy. Here, I see Wells' travelling back through time and messing with the timeline to see if Barry can actually overcome the Crisis of 2024. That's why he keeps looking back at it, to see if at some point, due to his training, the future can be changed.

Both Thawne!Zoom and Zolomon!Zoom were involved in Nora Allen's murder
Both would have motivations (Thawne to tear Barry down, Zolomon because he'd see it as a fit tragedy to shape the Flash). Plus, Zolomon doesn't have true super-speed, only the ability to slow down time to make it seem like he does. His time-slowing abilities means he could get Barry blocks away and be back at the Allen house and make it seem instantaneous.

Time travel allows Harrison to be Reverse-Flash
Harrison can be in two places at the same time because he's the Reverse-Flash, and that version of him is able to travel through his timeline. This stems from merging with the Speed Force (or whatever it's called in the show) and is how 2024 Barry learns to follow Reverse-Flash back in time to become the lightning bolt that hit him in 2014.

Wells and Thawne inspired each other to become Reverse Flash.
Wells used the electric meta's blood to give himself Barry's powers. He wanted the tachyon device from Mercury Labs, and so donned the yellow suit to steal the device to thwart the 2024 crisis while putting the blame on somebody else he knew would garner more focus and controversy. Eddie will eventually have a major grudge with Barry and also somehow inherit superspeed, adapting the Reverse Flash persona to retroactively torment Barry.

One of the Reverse Flashes is a Darker And Edgier Kid Flash / Impulse
Reverse Flash isn't the only speedster to wear yellow. The two Reverse Flashes in the show also seem to be at odds with each other with the bulkier one beating the snot out of Wells and trying to actually kill Barry as opposed to the slender one's taunting. Impulse's MO was traveling back in time to prevent a Bad Future, mix that with This Is Something He Has To Do Himself and Well-Intentioned Extremist...

Reverse-Flash didn't kill Eddie because he is Eddie's descendant
* This is confirmed.

The other speedster the Reverse-Flash fought at Nora's murder was...
  • A time travelling Barry
    • Confirmed as Barry's blood was found at the scene.
  • Jay Garrick

Eddie Thawne is Harrison Wells
We know that Wells is a time traveller, and that he, to an extent, is concerned for Barry's safety. It's not beyond the realms of conception that Thawne was somehow able to travel back in time (possibly using some appropriated time travel tech created by Cisco or Kaitlyn) and then use his more developed knowledge of physics to become a brilliant scientist. It would raise a question as to what happened to Iris in the future though...
  • Jossed. Wells' real name is Eobard Thawne, and he's Eddie's descendant.

The Reverse-Flash was there to kill Barry, not Nora.
  • It was the other Reverse-Flash, not the one we know as Harrison Wells. While Harrison is trying to ensure that The Flash becomes the hero who saves the future, this one was trying to make sure his old nemesis never came to be. Luckily, Future!Barry intervened. Unluckily, Nora got caught in the crossfire.
    • Half-right. While Wells is the only Reverse-Flash, in "Out of Time", Wells admits his intention was to kill Barry.

The Reverse-Flash also has an unstable connection to the Speed Force.
Only his is worse as he hasn't been able to treat it the way Wells has. He hasn't appeared much because his speed comes and goes so sporadically that he has to plan his actions carefully but still couldn't resist a chance to go after Barry.

The Reverse-Flash and Harrison Wells will have a showdown.
In front of Barry where both deliver "The Reason You Suck" Speech to each other. One exchange will probably go like this:
Reverse-Flash: "You have the same blood on your hands that's on mine."
Wells: "Not the blood of innocents."
Reverse-Flash: "By luck only."

  • Considering Wells and the Reverse-Flash are one and the same, this seems unlikely.

There are two Reverse Flashes...And Wells doesn't know it.
The man has access to time travel, or at least knows its possible. He knows about Nora Allen's murder, but thinks he hasn't gotten around to it yet. We're going to get two or three more Wells-and-RF-in-the-same-place scenes, and Wells is going to fake being afraid of Reverse Flash. And then either Cicso is going to mention that the murderer's blood wasn't a match for Wells', or Reverse Flash's mask gets knocked off in front of Wells and it isn't Wells' face underneath. Either way, Wells' reaction will be priceless.

Eddie will perform a Heroic Sacrifice to stop the Reverse Flash
Its pretty inevitable that Eddie is Wells' ancestor, or at the very least is connected to him in such a way that killing him wasn't an option. Most likely, it'll be that Eddie is the show's take on Cobalt Blue, Prof. Zoom's ancestor, only with Adaptational Heroism and a slight name change. Anyway, at some point, Eddie will, near the end of the season, get caught up in all the mess, and be basically stuck in the middle of a battle between Reverse-Flash and others. Like before, he won't kill Eddie, prompting Eddie to keep pushing until Wells reveals the connection. Burdened by this, when Wells/Zoom/RF/whatever tries to kill Iris as he did in the comics, Eddie will, like Tommy in Arrow, save her life and be mortally wounded. This will cause a time paradox of sorts which screws Wells' powers up, giving Barry the upper hand to beat him.
  • Given that in "Grodd Lives" Eobard taunts Eddie by saying that he's the only Thawne that history has forgotten, and otherwise seems to dismiss him as being of little importance, this outcome would be especially ironic.

There were two Reverse Flashes present during the events of "The Man in the Yellow Suit", and one of them was Barry Allen
. He steals the Reverse Flash suit and travels back in time to speak with his past self, so he can deliver some crucial clue that Barry can figure out in the future to defeat the real Reverse Flash.
  • Jossed. The Reverse-Flash who was apparently trapped in the forcefield talking to Harrison Wells was a pre-recorded hologram and Wells was faking having a conversation with him.

Eddie is Harrison's abusive grandfather.
Trailers for newer episodes are teasing that Eddie starts going down a bad path, and seems to lose Iris to Barry and form a grudge. Maybe he grows obsessively bitter, blaming everything on Barry and conditioning his future family to hate a total stranger and credit Barry to every minor problem they have trough emotional and physical abuse.
  • If you're referring to the trailer scene where Eddie shoots the two cops, that's been Jossed. It turns out that it was actually a shapeshifter disguised as Eddie who shot them.

Wells knows that Barry is on to him.
At the end of "Rogue Time", Barry finally becomes suspicious of Wells after the man who told Barry of his suspicions—in the alternate timeline—is "mysteriously" killed. Initially, Barry asks Wells "Hey, do you know what happened to Simon—" before seeing the aforementioned news report and leaving without finishing his sentence. The thing is, Wells isn't stupid. He knows that Barry was about to ask about Simon Stagg but that Barry stopped after seeing the news report.
  • Confirmed as of "The Trap", in fact it seems he anticipated it.

It wasn't Wells who killed Mason Bridge.
  • There's a brief moment where the Reverse-Flash drops his vocal blurring after killing Mason and speaks with his real voice, which sounds different from the one we usually hear when Wells speaks. Also, this Reverse-Flash seems to have much better command of his speed powers than Wells, who, as we've seen previously, has difficulty maintaining the stability of his speed. That second Reverse-Flash theory isn't looking so crazy all of a sudden. Though this does raise the question of why this RF would want to shut Mason up.

Wells' speed powers are artifically induced.
  • The reason that his connection to the Speed Force is so choppy is because he didn't come by it naturally. Maybe he found some way to copy the powers of the real Reverse-Flash from his time, but his powers are wearing out from overuse because he isn't really meant to have them. This would also explain why a second Reverse-Flash might have taken an interest, if that theory pans out. Wouldn't you be pissed at the guy who hijacked your powers and took them for a joyride?

The Reverse-Flash is actually a body-surfer.
  • In "Tricksters", we see in flashbacks that Harrison Wells and Eobard Thawne were two different people, played by Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher respectively, until the latter murdered the former and stole his identity. What if Matt Letscher's character was not The Reverse-Flash's original identity either? It may be that "Eobard Thawne" was either the name of that man or The Reverse-Flash's actual birth name (i.e. before he started bodyhopping), but in any case, it is possible that The Reverse-Flash has used the bodyjacking device he carries to go from body to body over the years, and Matt Letscher's character was only the second-most recent.
    • Jossed. When Eddie shot himself to wipe Reverse-Flash out of existence, he reverted to Letscher's form before turning to ash, indicating that that was his true form.

Eobard will escape in the season finale by replacing Eddie.
His device has to be a Chekhov's Gun that will show up later. Since he would be genetically identical to Eddie there would be no paradox if he became his own ancestor.
  • Jossed.

Eobard's transformation is limited
While we know that Eobard used technology to make himself look like Harrison Wells, we do not know if that is permanent. If he can lose the Speed Force connection, why not lost the transformation, it can also explain why he sounded different in "Rogue Time", he's changing back to his original form.

Barry and pals were able to access Wells's secret room without a hitch, with all his stuff in full view, because:
  • Since he's always one step ahead, Wells is just that cocky, and it's All According to Plan anyways.
  • The room responded to Barry's touch since future Barry was the one who created the Gideon AI controlling the room, which Thawne later stole.


The reason that Barry's Time Travel ability works differently in "Out of Time" is because past Barry recognized him
  • Cisco's analysis of the blood at Nora Allen's murder scene reveals that there were two speedsters present: Reverse-Flash and future Barry, meaning that future Barry was in the same place as his 11 year-old self. However, in "Out Of Time", Barry time travels back one day and briefly encounters his previous self (as seen at the beginning of the episode), then seems to merge with him in a form of Mental Time Travel. How do we account for this discrepancy? Simple: Past Barry seeing and recognizing present Barry created the risk of a paradox, so the universe/Speed Force/whatever-you-choose-to-call-it rectified the situation by merging the two Barrys into one. This didn't happen with future Barry and kid Barry because Future Barry was A) In costume and B) so much older than kid Barry that Kid Barry really had no way to know who he is or recognize him. There was no risk of paradox, thus no Mental Time Travel happened to prevent it.

Details of the "Particle Accelerator in 2020" timeline
  • Thawne-Wells seems to have started the "new age" of metahuman superheroes and supervillains 7 years early (2013 instead of 2020). Meaning everyone who applies is at least 7 years younger than they would have been.
  • The metahumans (and Grodd) in the old timeline had less of a Meta Origin. The 2020 particle accelerator didn't explode, no Mass Empowering Event, but the technology derived from it created metahumans anyway, through lower-key accidents Spider-Man style, and deliberate efforts from people like Gen. Eiling who was no longer working with STAR Labs.
  • In 2014-2015, Cisco, Caitlin, Ronnie and Hartley were still working for Wells and Tess Morgan.
  • Barry's mom never died so his dad was never jailed and he didn't become Joe's ward. He still becomes a CSI due to his nature.
  • The Rogues were metahumans.
  • Actual Harrison Wells interacting with Eiling led to Grodd (here "Gorilla Grodd") breaking free and forming a gang of gorillas which terrorized the city. His position as the 'old master villain' was filled by the Trickster in the changed timeline.
  • As a result of the theft of the centrifuge, the Arrow was instead helped by a young Starling City CSI named Rex Tyler.

Eobard Thawne first attempted his "murder-The-Flash" plan on Future Barry.
  • When we see Thawne and Future Barry fight at the beginning of "Tricksters", they both come through the same wormhole. Thawne's repeated use of the word "centuries" implies that he is from more than two hundred years in the future, while Cisco's analysis of the blood samples at Nora's murder indicates that Barry does indeed age like everyone else, meaning that he would likely be dead long before Thawne was ever born. Now, if Future Barry and Thawne traveled to the night of Nora's murder from their own respective timelines, then we should have seen two wormholes, not one. Proposed explanation: Thawne went to Future Barry's time first and tried to murder him. When that didn't work, he zipped back to the year 2000 to try and take out 11-year old Barry, preventing The Flash from ever coming into existence. We know the rest: Future Barry gave chase and thwarted the murder attempt, but Nora got caught in the crossfire and died. Future!Barry returned to his time, but Thawne burned up the supply of Speed Force in his cells, leavng him without his speed and Trapped in the Past.
    • Additionally, this Future Barry was not the Barry we know in the show, but the version who became the Flash in 2020 when the real Wells' particle accelerator blew up.

Future Barry will be seen without his mask at some point and will be played by John Wesley Shipp
  • This will give him a chance to play The Flash one more time. Plus, it would make sense for Barry to grow up to look like his dad.

A Firestorm Spin-Off is in the works
  • Let's face it, this show has done way too much to set up Firestorm for this not to at least be a possibility: Fusing Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein together, giving them Playing with Fire powers, having them develop the ability to fuse and de-fuse at will, and even having them move out to Pittsburgh, where Firestorm is from in the comics. This has "future superhero Spin-Off" written all over it.

Cisco's powers will be a direct result of Reverse-Flash's vibration-murder of him in the initial timeline.

If Iris chooses to marry, she will give birth to twins

All of this is leading to a Live-Action version of the Justice League
Independent of the one being formed in the films that is. Gideon nearly namedropping them was Foreshadowing for it. The members will be:

Iris is going to die.
The timeline has already been proven to be changeable. Thawne is going to kill Iris as a final Kick the Dog moment to upset Barry and send Eddie over the edge so he'll turn into Zoom to torment Barry some more, and so the writers can set Barry up with Linda Park.

Caitlin will become Killer Frost in an attempt to defeat Thawne/Wells.
  • She already knows that speedsters can be defeated by extreme cold, so in a desperate effort to help Barry take down The Reverse Flash, she'll develop a way to give herself ice powers.

The next Arrow/Flash crossover will lead to Ollie changing his name
  • We know the two will be crossing over soon, and we know that Oliver Queen's life as the Arrow is all but over, and he's going to need a new way to operate as a vigilante after what's happened. We also know that Barry has now seen the future news article, and probably noticed the fact Oliver is referred to as the 'Green Arrow'. As Barry had previously given him a You Are Better Than You Think You Are, he'll probably give him another one after Oliver's recent bout of LOA-induced brainwashing, and during it, when Ollie undoubtedly mentions that 'The Arrow is dead', Barry will probably show him the news article showing that he's going to live and continue, albeit with a different name.
    Possible Barry Dialogue: The Arrow? He may be dead, and his story might be over. But the 'Green Arrow?' His story's just about to start. Now, you want to just stay and be some retired, bitter vigilante who failed his city, or do you want to be the hero it needs? Get up Ollie, and go be a hero.

Eddie will try to ensure that Eobard is never born
  • After surviving his kidnap ordeal by Eobard, he will get a vasectomy to ensure that he never has children, and thus thwart Eobard by essentially erasing him from existence.
    • Confirmed in "Fast Enough", though he goes one better than even that. As in, he shoots himself.

Wells reactivating the particle accelerator
  • Is part of a gambit to cause another particle accelerator explosion and flood the city with even more Metahumans.

The reason Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many other heroes don't seem to exist...
  • ...is because Reverse-Flash has already prevented them from coming into existence. There clearly weren't other public metahumans before the particle accelerator explosion, precluding Superman or any other superheroes existing, yet his reference to a "Man of Steel" comes off as a conscious reference. The Wayne Family is around, but Batman clearly is not based on events with Ra's Al Ghul in Arrow. Reverse-Flash traveled back in time and stopped Joe Chill from killing the Waynes and the Kents from finding Kal-El - or he just killed them - and stopped many of the other heroes from appearing. This could also include Hal Jordan (the reference to him vanishing could as easily be Zoom having killed him as being whisked away by the Guardians to become Green Lantern) and Metamorpho (killing Simon Stagg to prevent the chain of events that would transform Rex Mason). He may have done it to get rid of any major opposition; we know he tried it with Flash, though he failed. Or perhaps, if the show is sticking with the comics interpretation of Zoom once having been a fan of the Flash, he killed them so that they couldn't steal the 'glory' from his hero.

The Multiverse's set up
  • Earth-0/Prime: 2024 Barry's Earth
  • Earth-1: 2014 Barry's Earth
  • Earth-2: Jay Garrick's Earth. Golden Age version of the heroes exist here or equivalent there of.(Thomas Wayne Batman, Robert Queen Green Arrow)
  • Earth-3: Obligatory Evil Universe. Also Four Is Death
  • Earth-4: Successor Universe. Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke.
  • Earth-5: Supergirl's Earth(if not simply combined with Earth-1)
  • Earth-6: Reverse gender equivalent-verse. Jesse Quick version of the Flash exist here.
  • Earth-7: Beyond verse. Danica Williams Flash.
  • Fill the rest in yourselves if you have an idea of course.

     Post-season 1, Pre-season 2 theories 

Barry will blame himself for Eddie's death.
  • He will feel that had he not reneged on his "deal" with Eobard Thawne, Eddie would not have been forced to kill himself to save everyone else.

The real Harrison Wells will return.
  • If Thawne was never born, then it follows that he never killed the real Wells and took his place, hence why he returns to his original form after Eddie's death.

Alternatively, Stein will take over Wells/Thawne's role as mentor for Team Flash
  • He showed himself to fit right in with the team during the finale, and it would allow for Ronnie to stay with his new wife while keeping close to Stein. Plus, it would be a nice Actor Allusion to Victor Garber's role in the early seasons of Alias.

Joe will get a new partner
  • And his name is Hunter Zolomon

The Season 1 ending directly leads to Barry discovering the Multiverse
He manages to close the wormhole but ends up being transported to an alternate earth in the process. Maybe the first couple of episodes of Season 2 will be set partially on this parallel earth, while on the Prime earth, everyone believes Barry sacrificed himself. Barry will return to his own earth soon, but this will kick off a whole season of adventuring in the Multiverse.
  • Partially confirmed. Grant Gustin has stated that they're exploring the Multiverse in Season 2.

Harrison Wells from an alternate earth/timeline will become a major character
Word of God has said that Tom Cavanagh will remain a series regular in Season 2. Its highly unlikely that they will undo the climactic death (or rather, erasure) of Eobard Thawne so soon. And even if an alternate Eobard Thawne were to appear, its more likely to be a version played by Matt Letscher. Instead, its far more likely that Cavanagh will play an alternate Harrison Wells from another earth or timeline...maybe even the Wells from the original timeline where the particle accelerator was developed in 2020. This will allow Barry to have a new mentor, while at the same time lead to a fair amount of drama, since Harrison's face alone will remind everyone of Thawne and his crimes.

Eddie will return
...albeit not as 'himself' exactly. We last saw his body falling into the wormhole. There's a very high chance he ends up in another timeline or parallel universe where he's either resurrected or cloned for whatever reason. His experiences in this other reality may leave him changed; he may either become Brainwashed and Crazy because of the traumatic experiences he's been through or through someone else tampering with his mind - if he's a clone he may just be designed with a new personality. He might even get metahuman abilities. Eddie (or his clone) then returns to the Prime Earth as either the new Reverse-Flash, or maybe someone else (Cobalt Blue?) and cause trouble for Barry and the rest of the characters. It would lead to some real emotional tension and drama, especially for Iris.

Barry Allen is his own grandfather.
There is time travel, and his mother says, "You look just like my father."

Eobard Thawne will return in some fashion.
Eddie killed himself to prevent Eobard from ever being born, so this SHOULD mean Deader Than Dead...except when dealing with time travel and multiverses, nothing is off the table of possibilities. From a narrative perspective, there's a lot we still don't know about Eobard Thawne, including why exactly he hates Barry so much; in essence, it feels like his story arc is not yet complete. Thus, to gracefully finish off the narrative, he will have to come back in some manner.
  • This is already pretty much confirmed considering that Tom Cavanagh is confirmed to return (as a regular) in Season 2. Though we don't know the details.

Barry is part of a Stable Time Loop
His future self knew he would be there, since he went through it already, and told his younger self not to due to he being told not to on his trip.
  • Probably Jossed because the 'older' Flash seen when Barry travels back in time is the version of himself from the timeline where the particle accelerator went on in 2020. Why he tried to stop Barry from jumping in is unclear, maybe his life had it's own tribulations and he's learned not to interfere with his own past (and is thus fully aware that what's going down that night will leave the timeline irrevocably altered, and thus shouldn't be changed further).

Possible Season 2 villains.
Feel free to add to this list
  • Double Down
  • Mirror Master
    • Confirmed
  • Doctor Alchemy/Mister Element
    • Confirmed
  • Blacksmith
  • Magenta (These two are generally Wally West villains, but then, so is Girder, so it's not impossible)
  • Cobalt Blue (Either a Came Back Wrong Eddie, or a relative of Eddie looking for revenge, thinking The Flash killed him.)
  • Hunter Zolomon (Would probably be introduced as a heroic character though.)
    • Confirmed
  • Black Flash (Probably not going to do this yet, but who knows.)
  • Johnny Quick of Earth-3 (They did say that the multiverse will be involved.)
  • In that same vein, Atomica, Deathstorm, and original counterparts of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Vibe.
  • Ragdoll

After Cold and Heatwave join the Legends of Tomorrow Golden Glider will lead a new team of Rogues.
Consisting of herself, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard.

Tess Morgan will be back.
If the real Harrison Wells was never killed by Eobard Thawne in whatever new timeline emerges in season 2 (as per the WMGs above) then neither was Tess.

Eddie will return as a combination of Cobalt Blue, Pollux and Daniel West
The Eddie we get back will be a clone but his genetic structure was bonded to the cobalt and he'll be able to achieve a blue variant of Daniel West's Reverse Flash form.

Caitlyn will be revealed to have a twin sister named Crystal Frost who will have some of Malcolm Thawne's origin story.
... What are you waiting for? How clear does that have to be?

It will be revealed that Nora died early in the original timeline as well but Eobard's interference made it happen sooner.
Hence why Alternate Future Barry told Younger Present Barry now to stop it from happening. Constants and Variables and all that.

The new rebooted universe will be mostly the same as the one we saw so far with some minor differences
  • Nora's death was no longer tied to the Reverse Flash but a random burglar. Henry is still in jail.
  • Wells and Tess still had a car accident, leaving Wells paralyzed though Tess survived.
  • The particle accelerator was built earlier maybe because Wells thought it could unlock a way to restore his legs. Tess dies as a result.(Finding out about Barry's ability to time travel will lead to Wells becoming a Hunter Zolomon type character.)

The Arrow will appear but it will be Robert Queen rather than Oliver.
Similar to Flashpoint, in which Batman was Thomas Wayne rather than Bruce Wayne, who was killed by the mugger instead.

"Wendy" will be a Patty Spivot Expy.
If Barry is set to get his own Felicity, then why not go for the blonde, glasses-wearing intelligent Love Interest he has in the comics (specifically New 52 range)? Wendy is stated to work for CCPD and Patty worked for them in the comics alongside Barry.
  • And it seems I was right! Flash details at Comic-Con 2015 confirms it, with Wendy now supposedly actually being Patty Spivot herself with the name and all.

Eddie will be Zoom
Eddie will be a combination of Hunter Zolomon's Zoom and Malcolm Thawne's Cobalt Blue. Hence why the shots of Zoom in the teaser had blue lightning. It's because of Eddie's connection to the blue singularity, combined with the cobalt time capsule. And he'll carry Hunter's resentment about the Flash not saving him.

The actual Big Bad, or at least the Final Boss, will be Killer Frost.
The Comic-Con previews have already announced that Zoom will be the main antagonist of season 2, and he will be introduced outright. However, in a 23-episode season, it is unlikely they will stick with the most obvious villain for the entire run especially given that, for a second season, they can shake up the formula more. Thus, to avoid once again having a speedster as the main antagonist, he will merely be a Disc One Final Boss, possibly dispatched as early as the mid-season finale. Once again, the show will follow a similar formula to Arrow's second season, in that it will introduce an obvious Big Bad early on only for the real Big Bad to be a former ally that was introduced in the first season. We already know that Caitlin will become Killer Frost this season, and given the emotional weight of this, it will not merely be a Villain of the Week, but something much greater. Similar to Willow in season 6 of Buffy, making a former core team member the Big Bad would be incredibly emotional, and a stark contrast to the first season's Big Bad (who was also part of the core team, but secretly Evil All Along and not a tragic character in the least).