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Headscratchers: The Flash (2014)
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    Knocked off mask 

  • How did Barry's mask get knocked off in the fight with Mardon? It managed to stay on as he ran without problems, and yet suddenly it gets knocked back.
    • Perhaps his own momentum was pressing it against his face and nose so forcefully, when he ran at his absolute maximum speed, that he had to remove it himself to be able to breathe.

    Speed mechanics 

  • This may be long-winded, but I'm confused as to how exactly Flash's super speed actually works in this series. You see, in pretty much every depiction of super speed ever from the original Spider-Man films to Smallville to the recent Days of Future Past film, from the character's point of view the character is shown moving at normal speed while everything else around them either moves in slow motion or stops completely. This makes sense since the normal application of super speed extends to the user's entire body, as they would have to perceive the world on a faster level than everyone else in order to react to the environment around them at that speed. We get a brief glimpse of this in the pilot, but for the rest of it his viewpoint is shown to be pretty much how the average human would see super speed, with everything else moving at super speed as well. So which is it? And if he does see everything that way, how on earth does he react to anything? Would he have to train his body to move millions of seconds before he could even think about it?
    • Rule of Perception. They do slow motion when they need to show what's going on (the coffee shop and when Flash rescues the biker from the cab), but they prefer to show how fast he's moving, which boils down to blurring either him or the environment. When we need to see him, we get the blurred environment.
    • FWIW, the blurring effect when he runs isn't that different from how Real Life tiger beetles, the fastest animals on Earth when adjusted for scale, can't see clearly when they're running full-speed: they move too fast for their eyes and brains to receive and process visual information about whatever's near them before they've already passed it. Barry presumably faces the same problem when he moves in a straight line at maximum speed, so has to slow down somewhat if he's got obstacles to navigate around or people to interact with.

  • So when Multiplex robs the gun store at the beginning of episode two, why is there only one of him seen on the security footage? Barry notes from the multiple sets of footprints that there were six robbers, obviously indicating that he used his clones for the robbery, so why weren't they in the video?
    • He shot the camera a few moments later. The other clones probably came in after he shot it.
    • Or, he budded them off after he shot out the camera to confuse people. The cops only saw one guy until Barry pointed out the multiple foot tracks.

    Magic Pants 

    Central City 
  • Where is Central City? Batman works out of Gotham, Superman out of Metropolis, both New York expys (bad/good respectively).
    • So, is Central city an expy of Chicago, and Starling City (Arrow) St. Louis?
    • Central City is located in Missouri according to most sources.
    • In the context of both shows, Starling City has slowly had its location narrowed down to the West Coast, (Felicity mentioned they're roughly 1,000 miles from Las Vegas, Robert planned to go to China by boat,) and the natural side effects of filming in Vancouver (heavy coats, overcast appearance) narrowed it down to the Pacific Northwest (for what it's worth, the current comics have him operate out of Seattle.) Central City is supposed to be at least 600 miles away from Starling, and they seem to be implying it's further inland (maps of Central don't show any coastline, only a river running through it,) so it's probably in the same general area.

    Prison logistics 
  • So they're going to keep Meta humans in the particle accelerator. Who's going to feed the prisoners? Do they get a bathroom?
    • I'm sure they'll add those to the cells.
    • Considering the very strong implication that Wells saw this eventuality coming, it's quite possible that they'll find that the accelerator is "conveniently" easy to modify for this purpose. The cells themselves are implausible enough (from the perspective of the team, not the audience), finding out that there are coolant pipes or whatever that they can jury-rig into waste plumbing isn't going to surprise them.

    Levitating Liquids 
  • Seems to be an Oh, Crap sign whenever it happens, but why does it happen? Is it the Speed Force? A sudden change in gravity?
    • Since it happened before Prof. Zoom's attack, I'm guessing Speed Force.

    Gas mask 
  • When they were planning to have Barry fight a bad guy whose sole power is to control poison gas, why did nobody suggest using the gas mask he pulled off back in the pilot? It might not have worked, depending on whether the Mist could exert enough force to pull the mask away from his face, but nobody even suggested it.
    • Maybe running at supersonic speeds, Barry's lungs go so fast that the gas mask would run out of air too quickly?
      • Gas masks only filter air. They don't require their own dedicated air supply.
    • He didn't seem more out of breath than the exertion merely of running would explain when he removed it in the pilot, though.

     What took them so long? 
  • Barry was in a coma for nine months, why did Multiplex and The Mist wait until he woke up to go after their targets. If they had attacked at any time before Barry woke up they would have gotten away with it.
    • They might have spent all that time getting used to their powers and the somewhat altered lifestyles that likely came with them. Heck, Multiplex could've been plotting his revenge for some of those months in order to get it perfect.
    • It's mentioned that there have been freak weather occurrences for months; apparently the Mist has been active for a while, it's just now someone (Barry) is finally in a position to realize what's actually happening.
    • Given it took Barry, who has a Healing Factor, nine months to recover from becoming a Metahuman, its possible the others didn't develop their powers to a usable degree until some time after the particle accelerator explosion.
    • In the pilot, Barry does some research and finds out that all kinds of strange things have been happening in the nine months he was in a coma. So presumably, there were dozens of crimes committed by metahumans, except, either nobody noticed them, or the people who noticed kept quiet because they thought they were seeing things or they knew nobody would believe them. As off episode 6, the Flash has for the most part kept his existence (and the existence of other metahumans) a secret from the wider it's more than likely the other metahumans have been successfully doing the same.

    Iron Heights 

  • Why are Central City's regular criminals jailed in Iron Heights, a prison located in Starling City, 600 miles away?
    • Its very likely that Iron Heights isn't located in Starling City, but rather, is located in between the two cities in order to serve as a local prison to both places.
    • Local? Central City is in Kansas, Starling City is somewhere in Washington or possibly California. That's like housing Texas inmates in Louisville, Kentucky.
      • Have they specified that in the show? The pilot showed that the two cities were close, given Barry was able to see a sign for Starling City after accidentally running to the edge of the city, so unless its specified that the two towns are several states part, so far it appears they're located not far from one-another.
      • Iris mentions that they're hundreds of miles apart, a few hours by train. Specifically, 600 miles, which, in the grand scheme of things isn't that far apart. Depending on how you drive it, it's roughly the distance between Seattle and Boise, Idaho. They could also be even closer together geographically, and they mean 600 miles in terms of miles traveled, which could mean the cities are closer than that in terms of a straight line, but it ends up being 600 as you travel over miles of long, twisting, winding roads (that area of the US is quite mountainous.) It's entirely possible that Central and Starling are in the same state, and Iron Heights is some kind of state prison where the worst of the worst are sent.

    Armored Truck Guards 

  • Why did the people driving the armored truck immediately leave their vehicle, and thus putting themselves at the mercy of Snart's crew?
    • I'd have to rewatch the episode to be sure, but didn't they get pulled out of it against their will?

    Barry's day job 

  • So I get Hollywood Science and all, but according to Arrow canon, Barry's an assistant, not even a full-fledged CSI tech. Yet he seems to have his own lab/office area. Who is he assisting, anyway? There are no other CSI techs. A city the size that Central City is supposed to be would have CSI techs dedicated to fingerprinting, bloodwork, fibres, et cetera, but the show only shows Barry doing...pretty much everything. Also, Barry doesn't even have a cool CSI windbreaker. Which he probably needs, given how young he looks.
    • It's possible they mean assistant in terms of an internship, meaning he does whatever anybody tells him to. Maybe they gave him his own work space simply to he can stay out of everybody's way as he does the grunt work nobody else wants to do that simply gets dumped in his lap (he was working with a busted centrifuge, so maybe his office is full of other people's castoffs.) Also, it's possible Joe keeps requesting Barry personally (he's already ran interference a couple of times to prevent Barry getting fired when Barry shows up late or shoves his foot in his mouth.)

    Innocent Bystanders 

  • I'm sure it's probably already been explained in the comics, but whenever Barry pulls innocent bystanders out of the way of a bullet/Snart's cold gun/whatever, how is he able to do that without the other person feeling like they just got hit by a speeding train?
    • The Speed Force, presumably, which allows him to rapidly accelerate and decelerate objects that he's in contact with. Really, every time you see wonky physics, just assume that it's the Speed Force.

     Secret. Identity! 
  • Even if he is locked up, why did Barry reveal his secret identity to a psycho thug like Girder? It's called a secret for a reason! If and when these guys get out, they are going to zero in on Barry now.
    • It admittedly does lead to the disturbing implication that Barry and the STAR Labs team have basically sentenced Girder, and all the other metahuman inmates, to life imprisonment, without a trial.
    • Most likely, the idea of them escaping just hasn't crossed Barry's mind; so far, supervillains are still a new thing, and none have proven to be able to escape, so he's just Genre Blind on this issue. There's also the fact that Barry just really wanted to rub in defeating him. Its definitely a What an Idiot moment, but a pretty understandable one for anyone who's ever been bullied and wants to show off their success to a bully years later. Of course, there's also the fact that, now that he knows how to beat Girder, he's probably just over-confident and isn't worried about fighting him again because he thinks he can just do the Megaton Punch again.

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