Heartwarming: The Flash (2014)

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Season 1

     Episode 1: Pilot 

  • The Arrow's cameo in the pilot - after Barry voices his doubts over being able to be a vigilante, Oliver tells him that whilst he's going to make mistakes, he can be better than a vigilante, as he can be a guardian angel and inspire people in a way the Arrow can't. And when they go their separate ways...
    [The Arrow leaps off the rooftop they're standing on, and fires an arrow in mid-air to grapple away.]
    Barry: Cool.
    [Barry races out of Starling City, with only a speed trail visible from a distance. Camera cuts to show the Arrow, watching Barry as he hangs from the side of a building.]
    The Arrow: Cool.
    • Even more heartwarming when you consider that 1) last time Oliver and Barry talked, the former was just beginning to acknowledge the latter as an ally (even if he did call him "a friend" later on) and 2) it's probably the most fun we have seen Oliver having so far while in the Arrow suit. He has come quite a long way from the "killer Batman with a bow" we first met in the Arrow pilot, even if he is still far from being the comic book Green Arrow.
  • The reason the Flash suit even exists? Cisco built it for firefighters in the hopes Central City would stop hating Dr. Wells after the explosion.
  • Harrison Wells giving Barry the encouragement he needs to defeat Mardon, even admitting that he's at fault for the particle-accelerator explosion and everything that's happened. All during the Darkest Hour no less.
    Wells: You can do this Barry. You were right, I am responsible for all of this. So many people have been hurt because of me and when I looked at you all I saw was another potential victim of my hubris. And yes, I created this madness but you Barry, you can do this. Now run, Barry, run!
    • That last line is especially heartwarming because it is an Ironic Echo to when Barry's father shouted the same thing when faced with Nora Allen's soon-to-be killer. The meaning here changes from a plea for a young boy to save himself to a demand for a young man to Dare to Be Badass.
  • Caitlin, who wasn't big on smiling due to the Star Labs explosion that led to the death of her fiancée, beams ear to ear when Barry emerges victorious and unharmed from the scrap against Mardon.
  • Joe finally learns that Barry was right about the strange going-ons in Central City all along.
  • Barry's reunion with Iris after his coma. She visited him every day while he was out and was so happy to see him awake again.

     Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive 
  • Dr. Harrison goes to see Joe after Barry calls off the heroics. He tells Joe that his doubt is what is keeping Barry back from being a hero, in an effort for Joe to reconsider.
  • After poo-pooing Barry's heroics, Caitlin changes her mind and joins Cisco in acting as Barry's Mission Control, and she's enjoying every minute of it, smiling ear-to-ear as she tells him to go save an armored car.
  • Caitlin's Anger Born of Worry when Barry admits to having black outs. Cisco states that the only other person he ever saw make her that mad was Ronnie, her deceased fiancée.
  • Barry saying that when he's out there doing his hero thing, his team are all out there with him, they were all struck by that lightning, and that they're all to thank for their victory.
  • This exchange:
    Wells: When some people break, they can't be put back together.
    Barry: And some people heal even stronger.
  • After a whole episode of conflict between the two, Barry thanks Joe for all he's done for him, including being a father. This said after Barry denounces Joe as a father-figure when Joe tries to get Barry to stop playing superhero. Considering that Joe has been told this repeatedly, and that he seems to believe that he's failed Barry as a father-figure, Barry's sentiments in the ending render him speechless, tears welling in his eyes!
    • Even better, Joe is going to help Barry prove his father's innocence. They even bond over pizza!
  • Barry in the ending scene explains (through narration) that aside from saving the day, heroes are just like everyone else. They love, fear, hope, and hurt and still need people to get them through those things. That, coupled with helping others, is the greatest feeling ever.
  • At one point, when Iris wants Barry to tell her what's going on, he goes into Bullet Time mode and starts zipping around talking to her about how much he wants to tell her. Not just about his powers, but about how he feels about her.

     Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun 
  • Joe visiting Henry in prison. He admits he was wrong in arresting him, and that he will get him free. And Henry thanks him for never losing his faith in Barry.
  • Barry noticing that Caitlin is uncomfortable with the thought of going down to the accelerator since it's the last place she saw her fiancé Ronnie alive. He immediately gives her an excuse to get away from the labs so that she doesn't have a breakdown.
  • Caitlin finally going down to the particle accelerator, where her fiance died, with Cisco providing moral support.
  • Caitlin and Cisco getting ice cream.
  • Henry retelling Barry the story of how he learned to walk. As a baby, Barry was the only kid in the neighbourhood who couldn't walk, but Nora insisted that her son would walk "when he had somewhere to go." One day, little Barry suddenly stood up and did not walk, but ran... straight into his mother's arms.

     Episode 4: Going Rogue 
  • Felicity using her experience with Team Arrow to reassure Barry the first time someone dies on his watch. Everybody Lives is far from guaranteed whenever he goes into battle, but the important thing is that he always tries.
  • Barry's opening narration about how now, on his days off, he can hang out with his friends.
  • Barry and Felicity express how they will always be there for each other, despite their hearts ultimately belonging to other people. Then they share a kiss goodbye.

     Episode 5: Plastique 
  • Joe telling Barry that he knows Barry's in love with Iris, and he's known since Barry was old enough to feel that way. Whilst one would expect Joe to give Barry a stern word about this, especially after his reaction to finding out Iris was dating Eddie, he instead tells Barry that he's been waiting for Barry to tell Iris and encourages him not to give up hope, as the universe has a funny way of making things like that fall into place.
  • Barry's determination to help Bette Sans Souci and his suggestion that she should join the team. Sadly, it doesn't work out, but he gets major points for trying.
  • Iris certainly falls in this category when it's revealed that BARRY is one of the main reasons she is pursuing news about The Streak, even against her dad's (and Barry's) vocal protests. She has seen Barry grow up with people calling him crazy for insisting on what really happened when his mom died, Barry seems to have been "losing faith" as of late, and to her The Streak is both proof to show that Barry isn't crazy and a sign for him to not give up hope. It is seriously touching how much she thinks of Barry, and she certainly earns points for being the best friend ever after this revelation.

     Episode 6: The Flash is Born 
  • Joe calling Barry "son" in the flashback.
  • After Barry gets knocked to the ground by a perp whilst working in the field, Eddie takes him to the station's gym & starts trying to teach Barry to throw a punch.
  • Barry and Iris reconciling at the end.

    Episode 7: Power Outage 
  • Caitlin holding Barry's hand while they're hiding from Blackout.
  • Barry talking about how much he loves being the Flash, especially refreshing in this era of angst-ridden superheroes who hate their powers.
    Barry: I haven't had my speed for very long, but now that it's gone it feels like part of me is gone too.
    Caitlin: With or without your speed, you're still you Barry.
    Barry: No I'm not. I'm not the best version of me. I love being The Flash. I love everything about it. The feeling of running hundreds of miles per hour. Wind and power just rushing past my face. Being able to help people. I'm not sure I can live without it Caitlin.
    • The beginning montage, in which Barry uses his powers to help out a new coffee shop employee and the line of customers he was holding up.
  • Barry and Tony's last moment together. Even though Tony was a bully and a criminal, Barry tries to help him and Tony's last deed is to tell Barry to run.
  • Blackout accuses Wells of not knowing the names of the people who were killed the night of the particle accelerator. Wells counters by proving that he knows every single one by heart. Whatever else may be true about him, it's clear that he doesn't just consider them pawns in his plan.

    Episode 8: Flash vs. Arrow 
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Felicity requests that Caitlin study and find the genetic markers in a DNA sample from Canary's murder. Caitlin promises to do her best, and they hug.
  • Oliver's first line in the episode: "Nice mask."
  • Despite their metahuman-induced fight, Oliver and Barry end the episode on a friendly note, complete with Oliver giving Barry advice on how to be a better superhero. It's been hinted at in the past, but this episode really cements a sort of big brother/little brother dynamic between the two friends and allies.
    • It also goes into a meta-level, as the crossover was hyped for weeks as a genuine falling out between the two, and Barry's frustration with Oliver's training led us to think some more that's how it was going to end. Instead the fight is entirely due to an outside factor, and once it's cleared up they're perfectly good friends again.
  • The episode starts off with Barry helping people with everyday tasks, like giving flowers to a fighting couple, helping a painter paint a house, and trying to get two shy people together.
  • Singh talking about his boyfriend, showing even otherwise cold and authoritative people have loved ones.
  • It happens for just a second but Iris getting through to Barry/ The Flash to stop his Rage influenced assault on Eddie by talking about how she believes in him. This of course crosses over to a particularly hilarious Moment of Awesome as one second after his calm he goes Red Eyed apeshit yet again on Eddie's face before being stopped by the Arrow.
    Iris: What are you doing? What has happened to you?
    Barry/The Flash: I feel fine!
    Iris: You are not fine!
    Barry/The Flash: How would you know because you write about me? YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!! You don't know who I am, you never did.
    Iris: I know that you have risked your life to help people, to save them! Someone who does that does not suddenly turn around and hurt people... Please!

    Episode 9: The Man in the Yellow Suit 
  • Dr. Wells is The Grinch since the particle accelerator accident happened around Christmas so Caitlin buys him a present to cheer him up.
  • Barry and Iris exchanging presents. He gives her a replica of her mom's wedding ring that she lost on a school trip, while she gives him a new microscope.
  • Barry finally confessing his love to Iris. He sincerely congratulates her on moving in with Eddie, not letting his love for her get in the way.
    • This could also double as a Tear Jerker; judging from her reaction to his confession, she actually does have feelings for him as well, but she chooses to move forward with Eddie anyway.
  • Joe's speech how he was nervous about Barry moving in with him and Iris since he was a single dad and money was tight, but young Barry brought such energy to the household, he can't imagine life without him.
    Joe: The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.
  • Barry, Joe, Iris, Eddie, Caitlin and Cisco all celebrating Christmas together in the West house. All that's missing is Dr. Wells.
  • The flashback to Barry's childhood deserves special mention. Nora and Henry Allen cement their position as a pair of most loving Good Parents, tending to Barry's wound and comforting him about his fear of the dark.

    Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues 
  • If you look closely, you can see Wells shifting one foot to the ground, ready to get out of his wheelchair when it looks like the drone will hit Barry. Whatever his motives are, he does seem to care about Barry—(not that's necessarily a good thing ).
  • Barry saying he thinks of Wells as a friend. Which is kind of a tearjerker, considering who he really is.
  • Eddie leaping in to save the Flash from Cold and Heatwave, showing that he's moved on from his distrust of him.
    • Later, at the police station, Barry overhears several cops talking about the Flash, and it seems like he's getting a much warmer initial reception than the Arrow ever did.
  • Captain Singh is initially hostile to the STAR Labs team, given their past mistakes. However, after Cisco's heat shields succeed in protecting his officers, he warmly thanks him for his work.
  • After Iris moves in with Eddie, Barry moves back in with Joe. They both seem pretty happy about it.

    Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury 
  • The flashback of Cisco and Caitlin meeting in STAR Labs. Caitlin tells him not to let Hartley get to him, since he treats everybody like dirt.
  • Barry letting Joe know that, while Barry has a lot of people he looks up to, his adoptive father will always have a special place in his heart.
  • Wells helping Iris establish her journalist cred by specifically calling on her at his press conference. As far as we can tell, there's nothing in it for him and for once he's just being nice to a friend of Barry's.
  • Cisco always felt second-best to Hartley because he was the favorite, or the "Chosen One." Wells tells Cisco that his genius wasn't the only reason he was hired; it was his humanity, his heart, and his humor made STAR Labs a better place to work at, while Hartley's arrogance made it a chore for everyone else. Whether or not he's being sincere is another question.
    There's no chosen one, Cisco. There's no second or third favorite. There never was. There's just us.

    Episode 12: Crazy for You 
  • While in Iron Heights analyzing a crime scene, Barry gets an unexpected visit from his father. Joe arranged for it, since a "guard owes him".
  • Barry and Caitlin enjoying a night out together.
  • Barry uses his superspeed to get a very drunk Caitlin home, and even help change into pajamas. When she asks if he sneaked a peek at her "goods" he replies he wouldn't be much of a hero if he did.
    • Topped off when Caitlin asks Barry to stay with her until she falls asleep. And he does.
  • Cisco confesses that he sealed Ronnie in the particle accelerator. Rather than getting angry, Caitlin tells him he has nothing to feel guilty over.
  • Henry saying what he'd say to Barry if, hypothetically, he were the Flash.
    Henry: If, the Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things. First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world, so be careful. Then I'd tell him he's a hero. And he's saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father's proud of him.
  • Barry saving the couple in the cold opening, being the hero we all know he is. When all hope seems loss, he mangages to save EVERYONE.
    • The man thanking him for saving their lives. It's the first time an ordinary citizen has thanked the Flash since his existence was made public. He even calls Flash by his preferred super name.

    Episode 13: The Nuclear Man 
  • After months of being separated from his wife Clarissa, Professor Martin Stein finally proves to his wife that he is indeed her husband in a body of another man.
    Clarissa: Martin, what is my favourite colour?
  • Professor Stein being willing to sacrifice himself (even though he's trapped in Ronnie's body) to prevent his self-induced nuclear explosion from destroying Central City.
    • And given that he's already done so, Ronnie would have done the same thing proving that both parts of Firestorm are truly heroic.
  • Despite the fact that he's the Reverse-Flash, Dr. Wells cares enough about Central City to delay his own plans in a desperate attempt to save Firestorm from going nuclear. There was no benefit for him to use the tachyon device as a method to separate Dr. Stein and Ronnie, but he chose that over killing them.

    Episode 14: Fallout 
  • In the aftermath of the nuclear explosion, Ronnie and Professor Stein are mostly separated, and are happily reunited with their loved ones.
  • Ronnie and Stein merging properly by both accepting the process, allowing them to retain equal control of the Firestorm body and work together perfectly.
  • Iris' colleague at the paper has overcome his irrational dislike towards her and points her towards a potentially big story involving STAR Labs.
  • Before he hand Eiling over to Grodd, Wells say that he "protects his own". It may be a twisted and horrible motive in a way, but Wells really does care about his friends at STAR Labs

    Episode 15: Out of Time 
  • Wells and Cisco bonding by watching an old Buster Keaton movie. Then Wells asks Cisco if his relationship with family has got any better. And it makes the scene where Wells kill Cisco all the more heartbreaking.
  • Remember early in the series when Captain Singh casually revealed that he had a boyfriend? They are engaged now. And nobody treated him differently for that. This come in direct contrast with the Rathaways, who disowned their son because he was gay.
  • Singh's fiancé reveals that despite of all of Singh's bluster he's actually very grateful for Barry's forensic work.
  • When Captain Singh's fiancé asks to be let in to see him, the doctor regretfully informs him that visitors are restricted to "family only". Joe tells the doctor that being a fiancé qualifies as family, and she agrees.
    • There's only a brief moment of surprise on her part before she tells him he can go in, and he shows no sign of offense at having been stopped, however briefly, from seeing his loved one. It's a minor moment, perhaps, but it's played very simply and with a sense of normalcy, giving it more impact as a social message than a truckful of anvils.

    Episode 16: Rogue Time 
  • Linda doesn't hold a grudge against Barry over having feelings for Iris. Instead, Linda told Barry to go to Iris in her workplace.
  • Cisco's Jerk Ass of a brother Dante admits that deep down, he respects Cisco to the point of being jealous of Cisco having the courage to pursue his scientific passion.
  • It's nice to see Caitlin help fix the turmoils between Barry, Eddie, and Iris by claiming that Barry's weird behaviour comes from experiencing side effects of the lightning strike accident. In particular, when it looks like Eddie is going up to punch him again, only instead he hugs him and apologizes profusely for hitting him earlier and clearly feels terrible about it.
  • Cisco expects to be reamed out by everyone for revealing the Flash's identity to the Rogues, but Barry just hugs him and apologizes for forcing him into that situation. Even Wells, whose plans are most threatened by Barry's secret identity being known by a vengeful supervillain, forgives him for it.
    • Even going so far as to repeat the same heartfelt declaration of viewing Cisco as like a son as he made in the last episode, those this time less regretful.
  • In a really twisted way, it's nice to see that the Snart siblings have a close and loving relationship. Considering that their father was abusive, Leonard was probably the one who actually took care of Lisa since they were kids.
  • Wells helps Cisco out of his Heroic BSOD by telling him that he loves him like a son (and he does use the word "love"). Wells may be a villain, but it's clear his friendship towards Cisco is genuine (as confirmed by Word of God). Of course, given that Wells still murdered Cisco in the previous timeline after the latter found out his secret, this also doubles as a Tear Jerker. Furthermore, their conversation takes place in the same room where Wells would have killed Cisco, and Wells had also likened Cisco to a son right before doing it.

    Episode 17: Tricksters 
  • In the flashback, the real Wells originally proposed to call his laboratory named after his wife T.E.S.S. (Technical Engineering Scientific Studies).
    • Tess prefers Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories (or S.T.A.R. Labs for short) because Wells is her one and only star.
    Tess: Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see.
  • In a very twisted way James' faith that Axel could be an excellent accomplice because he's James' son.
    • The scene where James told Axel that he was his father was very sweet, it really was a father and son having a touching reunion, it was also a Crowning Moment of Funny as well.
  • Barry is having a Heroic BSOD on how he let himself be blind to Wells' true nature. Joe tells Barry it was because he naturally sees the best of people, while Joe as a cop can only sees the worse.
  • Barry reveals his secret identity to his dad after rescuing him from Trickster's death trap. Henry hugs him and comments on how Barry looks good in red.
    • Followed by his being shown around the lab before being taken back to jail, in what plays just as much as John Wesley Shipp officially handing the reins of the character to Grant Gustin.
    • Hearing John Wesley Shipp ask Grant how it felt to run at super speed felt like a man asking his replacement how it felt to be a hero, how it felt to be out there. It was like a hero coming home and asking his replacement about the life, like Barry talking to Wally in an sense.It was also heartwarming for the fans of the 90s show who who got to see a character they grew up with talking to the new guy.
    • In general, the way Henry interacted with everyone in the lab. He laughed off Cisco putting his foot in his mouth, gladly accepted a sympathetic hug from Caitlin, made sure to let Barry know how proud he was, thanked Wells for helping Barry, and then left with Joe not as a prisoner and a cop, but as a pair of friends.
  • Caitlin's request to hug Henry Allan is granted without any questions.
    Caitlin: Dr. Allen? I feel the need to give you a hug.
    Henry: Absolutely. I will always accept a hug.
    • Followed by Caitlin hugging Barry as soon as his dad had left.
    Caitlin: You looked like you could use a hug too.
  • Henry lays out his wrists for Joe to handcuff him before taking him back to jail. Joe tells him it's not necessary and they walk out together.

     Episode 18: All-Star Team Up 
  • This line from Barry to Iris:
    Barry: Eddie makes you happy. All I ever want is for you to be happy.
  • Felicity reassures Barry that Cisco and Caitlin are good people, as she mentioned that despite Oliver Queen's questionable orders, she still follows him because of her faith in Oliver's good heart.
  • The friendship between Cisco and Ray is this and part crowning moment of funny considering how much they geek out while working on the suit.

     Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? 
  • Joe and Quentin hit off pretty quickly being both cops and having daughters. Quentin makes Joe realize that keeping Iris Locked Out of the Loop might damage their relationship, while Joe encourage Quentin to patch things up with Laurel.
  • Cisco's shameless fanboying when Laurel tells him that she's the Black Canary. He's so giddy about it that he even gets her to giggle and smile. After all the doubts that Team Arrow had over her taking up Sara mantle she was probably flattered.
    • Laurel then asks Cisco to modify Sara's Sonic Device which he does so with great enthuasism. He even gives it a name - "the Canary Cry" to Laurel's approval.
    • Cisco manange to get a picture with her in her Black Canary gear. The big goofy grin he has says how much he loves being part of the Superhero world.
  • When Eddie is remanded to custody and Barry's first attempt to prove his innocence is shot down, the second he has the chance to he busts Eddie out of custody. Being a cop, Eddie immediately shuts the idea down, and insists on Barry solving this the right way, showing just how much faith he has in Barry's abilities.
  • Captain David Singh's comment on the impossible shows how much gratitude he has for the Flash keeping Central City safe.
    Captain Singh: Luckily it's also a world where the Flash exists.
  • After Eddie's cleared of all charges, Iris embraces Eddie back with relief after giving him the cold shoulder since last episode. Eddie returns the favour by telling Iris the (half) truth that partnering up with the Flash in secret is why he's preoccupied with police work.

    Episode 20: The Trap 
  • Among the people trapped in fiery building, Captain David Singh's fiance Rob happens to part of the crowd that has been rescued by the Flash. David and Rob embraced each other with relief after averting a crisis.
  • Eddie's plan to propose Iris would have been romantic if it weren't for many factors interrupting his plans for a potential wedding.
  • Wells' pep speech on Barry going beyond his limit is genuinely heartfelt, even though Wells already knew Barry and the team figured out his secret identity and plans to kill the Flash.
    • Likewise, despite knowing what will eventually happen, Barry seems to genuinely be grateful to Wells for everything he has done for him and wants him to know that who he is today and who he will be is thanks to Wells.
    Barry: (to Wells) Thank you, Dr. Wells. You know, I couldn't have done any of this without you.
    Wells: I feel the same way about you.
  • During the flashbacks to Barry in the hospital after being hit by lightning, Barry starts seizing and Joe's immediate reaction is to yell "My son needs help!" Awwww.

    Episode 21: Grodd Lives 
  • Grodd constantly refers to Wells as "father". Considering how Wells of all people treated a captive animal like Grodd with decency, that means a lot from a killer gorilla.
  • While Caitlin and Cisco are panicking over Barry's plight, Iris taking the mic and calmly breaking through to a mentally paralyzed Barry with just the sound of her voice, talking him through how to fight off Grodd's psychic attack.
  • After Joe is rescued from Grodd, he reconciles with Iris after keeping her Locked Out of the Loop for the majority of season 1 and promises to always tell Iris the truth. In Joe's words, Iris has grown up as a brilliant young woman who is capable of making decisions.
  • Even though Cisco feels awful that his anti-telepathy headset didn't work effectively as he hoped, Barry insists that the three of them make a great team. Bonus points for Caitlin to include Iris as part of the team.
    Barry: The three of us took on Grodd and rescued Joe. Together, we can do anything.
    Caitlin: Actually, it was the four of us.

    Episode 22: Rogue Air 
  • Considering how Barry feels stupid after being betrayed by Snart for letting him sabotage the prison cells and letting the meta-humans escape Joe cheers Barry up by complimenting how strong of a moral compass Barry possesses contrary to other Anti Heroes like the Arrow; instead of blurring the boundary between what is right and wrong, Barry deeply cares enough about everybody including the prisoners' well-being despite conventional thinking otherwise.
  • Iris fighting to keep her relationship with Eddie. She doesn't care if some paper from the future says she marries Barry, at the moment she loves Eddie!
  • This exchange between Barry and Oliver:
    Oliver: I might need a favor from you.
    Barry: Wherever, whenever.

    Episode 23: Fast Enough 
  • Ronnie is willing to risk getting tracked down by the government or his power going out of control just to be with Caitlin. In his words:
    Ronnie: But I realized that although sometimes I am more than one man, I'm not whole unless I'm with you. I love you, Caitlin.
    • A Continuity Nod provided by Ronnie is also quite sweet since he remembers that Caitlin agreed to his marriage proposal.
    Ronnie: Once upon a time, and a particle accelerator or so ago, you agreed to marry me.
    Caitlin: Yes I did.
    Ronnie: What do you say we do that?
    [Caitlin nods her head and shares a kiss]
  • Eobard's twisted idea of love in a way. Despite everything that happened he still sees Cisco as the son he never had, and even comments that rebuilding the Accelator would have been more fun if he was there to help him. Of course that wouldn't stop him from killing Cisco if he was angry enough or if Cisco became a threat.
  • Eddie is still depressed about the Hannibal Lecture Eobard gave him. But Professor Stein gives him a pep speech. He's the most interesting thing inside STAR Labs - a coincidence, the one thing science can't plan for - and out of all the characters he's the one who definitely gets to chose his own path. This is especially heartwarming when you realize Stein doesn't even know Eddie that well and still cheered him up.
    Stein: Coincidence. There is no science to coincidence. You sir, are an anomaly of a wild card as it were. You are the only person in this whole story who gets to choose his own future.
    • Eddie and Iris restart their relationship, deciding to "screw the future" as a result of that speech.
  • Ronnie and Caitlin finally getting married in front of STAR Labs, with Prof. Stein as the minister rabbi.
    Ronnie: I owe you a real ring.
    Caitlin: I don't need one. I have everything and everyone that I could ever need right here. If all of the events of the past year have led to this moment, it was worth it. I love you, Ronnie.
    Stein: I now pronounced you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.
  • Eddie killing himself so Eobard can't kill Barry and his friends.
  • Barry asks his dad if he should try to fix the past so they can be a family again. Henry tells him they are a family and to not go through with it because he is proud of the hero and good person Barry is and assures him Nora would feel the same.
  • Before Barry tries to travel through time he hugs Joe and calls him dad, Joe tearfully calls him son in return.
  • Eobard protests that Barry could have had everything he wanted if he had changed the past. Barry's answer:
    Barry: I already do.
  • One of Cisco's biggest concerns with Barry is that changing the past would mean they'd likely never meet.


     Meta/Behind The Scenes 
  • This photo from Candice Patton which proves the show's casting is on point.
  • Some of the stuff in Cisco's blog about the metahumans is mostly humorous, but when Mark asks him to do him a favor (Because it's his brothers birthday, he wanted Cisco to go to the cemetery and pour a drink on the grave), Cisco does so. It really shows that he wants to help these people. It also shows that Mark genuinely loves his brother, begging Cisco to do this for him.
  • This photo from Grant Gustin, showing him and Melissa Benoist chilling out in costume. A crossover may not be likely, but it's nice to see them both enjoying themselves.