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    The Green Arrow 

Ollie will train Diggle as Yao trained him in order to create this universe's version of Conner Hawke.
After all, Conner, in the comics, is Ollie's son which in this universe would be difficult to put in (womanizing ways aside). But having Diggle become an Expy of it would work out fairly well. It may be that Diggle doesn't form his own identity, but they two use the identity interchangeable in order to be more effective and, as seen, to give each other alibis or accomplish things when the other can not.
  • Probably not happening.
  • Diggle has gone out in the green suit at least once.

Ollie's membership in the Russian Mafia will trip him up
He holds the rank of captain, which is a difficult thing to do. And it can not have escaped the attention of the gangsters he speaks to that a highly-placed member of Starling City society is technically their boss. Ollie will find himself trapped between his obligations as a captain and his desire to save Starling City.

Oliver will grow his beard out over the course of the series
Because it would be awesome. And it's already starting to look thicker than in the pilot episode.

Green Arrow, Huntress, Black Canary, and Red Arrow/Arsenal (Diggle) will form The Outsiders.
Certainly a driving point of the first season is how Ollie needs to trust people, so if nothing else, having a regular group of people he works with would be a natural conclusion.
  • Played with, as of Season Two, people who have allied and/or know about Oliver Queen - John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Barry Allen, Sara Lance and Roy Harper (so everyone but the Huntress). No official name yet, other than Team Arrow, which apparently puts Oliver in a funk. Team Arrow also includes Quentin Lance who knows about his daughter being Black Canary, but not Oliver Queen being the Arrow.
  • Now that Huntress has been related, she may join Team Arrow sometime next season.

Oliver always planned on recruiting Felicity.
That's why he didn't really care when his excuses became so transparent. He knew eventually he would need a hacker, and his shooting just pushed up her date of recruitment.

Ollie and Felicity will enter a relationship... but then Laurel finds out Ollie's the Hood
Tommy's prediction that Laurel will then run back to Ollie will come true. Ollie is then faced with a choice: go with Laurel, someone he may only love the idealized version he held on to and whom may only really be attracted to him because he's a 'bad boy', or go with Felicity, someone who knows and understands him as he is now and with whom the relationship is far more realistic in expectations.
  • Likely Jossed as of "Deathstroke", when Slade reveals Oliver's identity to Laurel.

Ollie will make his famous chili recipe
And it'll be a CMoF to see a badass like Diggle unable to keep it down while someone like Thea would just say "could be spicier."

The green hood is magical.
Its "magical power" being that it augments the badassery of whoever wears it at the moment. Let's look at the persons who have worn it until now:
  • Yao Fei: With it, able to defeat several guys at once, except on a bad day. Without it, still a good fighter, but much easier to defeat.
  • Oliver: Seems to have slightly more trouble defeating one guy (see ep 5 where Malcolm sends an assassin to kill him, it looks like this guy would have been dispatched in seconds if Ollie had worn the hood, and I am not talking about putting an arrow into the guy) when not wearing the hood.
  • Shado: I've got nothing for now.
  • Dig: Is able to defeat several guys at once barehanded (and with minor effect of surprise), that is his most badass moment so far (okay, going against Malcolm with Ollie was awesome too, but that didn't stop them from getting their asses handed to them)

Ollie'll get himself intentionally thrown in a hellhole prison
It would be something along the lines of getting to a target he can't get to as the Hood. It could also play like Batman: Arkham City.
  • Played with. Diggle gets himself thrown in a Russian gulag to break Lyla out.

Ollie's accepted as QC's CEO because of Verdant.
Oliver does not seem like someone who a board of directors would approve of as the CEO. He never graduated college, and while he was there, he was more interested in parties than studying. However, after he came back, he managed to open and run a massively popular club with no formal training. Clubs and restaurants are among the hardest business to run, and the board would know that.

Ollie will call Slade out on his vendetta by reminding him that Slade doesn't have to live with the guilt of feeling responsible for Shado's death every day
It would have absolutely no effect on him, but still...
  • Very likely, cause Slade intends to keep his promise to kill Ollie's loved ones before he kills him. But whether or not he'll escape Purgatory remains to be seen.

The Arrow (not Oliver Queen) will win the next mayoral election
Someone will nominate and enter the Arrow as candidate for mayor initially as a joke. Either that or a bunch of people decide to just vote for the Arrow 'off-ballot'. Due to the track-record for previous mayoral candidates and the lack of good choices among the current candidates, the Arrow ends up winning in a land-slide victory. Of course, unless Oliver reveals his secret identity to the public, he won't actually be able to become the new mayor.

Oliver will be revived by the Lazarus Pit
Ra's would have a pit nearby the place he duels. * The Arrow needs to die in order for the Green Arrow to be reborn and become the Messiah/he Hero. When he is revived he will have his scars and other injuries healed (Making him faster and stronger) and no more tattoo's ( the shirtless scene did highlight Olivers scars and Ra's lack of the same.
  • Perhaps by Ra's himself, and to demonstrate his own intelligence and manipulative nature, he will use the adjoining compromise of Arrow's sanity and willpower to convince Arrow to join the League as an agent, possibly by telling Oliver that he's going to settle the score with Malcolm one way or another, and it's Arrow's only chance to ensure his friends and family aren't caught in the crossfire. And the reason this won't break Ra's honor code about killing Oliver and blessing him? He killed Oliver Queen,but not the Arrow.
*Alternative : Ra's kicks Ollie off the cliff so he would find the pit himself ( he showed sadness when he saw how young Ollie was plus he still needs him to find Sara's killer.

Alternatively, Red Arrow will become the lead character as a result of Oliver getting killed by Ra's al Ghul, and Oliver will stay dead.
The show is just called Arrow, after all.

Ollie's inevitable resurrection
... ... Will result in the disappearance of all his scars and tattoos. It can't be easy for the makeup department to apply them all for every shirtless scene, which is probably why they've cut back on the shirtlessness in season three.

Ollie hated Sarah for leaving him.
It would certainly explain being best buds with Malcolm, her murderer, now and completely sweeping her death under the rug like it was nothing.

The event that will ultimately lead into Oliver becoming Green Arrow
. It's his time as a member of the League of Assassins. Look at his situation. He can no longer be The Arrow since Roy fakes his death after publicly exposing himself as The Arrow to save Oliver's reputation after Ra's revealed his identity to Quentin, who in turn exposed him to the public and was arrested until Roy's aforementioned sacrifice. Since The Arrow is considered Legally Dead at this point, what superhero name is left for Oliver to use? That and the League costume of this show looks eerily similar to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Green Arrow costume.

    The Black Canary 

Laurel will Take A Level in Badass and become Black Canary
She's already frustrated with the corruption of Starling City and might be inspired by Green Arrow to become a vigilante herself.
  • It might be revealed that her mother was a vigilante herself. Or was given the nickname "Black Canary". Quentin will tell about how he first met Laurel's mother, she was wearing a black dress, black jacket, fishnet stockings, and black boots at the time, and may have been a natural blonde.
  • Episode 3 shows that her father trained her in how to kick ass.
  • In "Betrayal", Tommy believes she drawn to dangerous men and at the end of the episode, she's no longer her contact. But later on in the series, she might have feelings for him again. Also, due to the law no longer working for her or too many boundaries, she feels the only way to take matters is to become a vigilante herself.
  • In "Blind Spot", she lost her career due to her drug addiction. This may lead her to become Black Canary in order to save the city from Brother Blood and Slade.
  • This becomes more likely now that her sister is Killed Off for Real.

Laurel, if she becomes the Black Canary, will eventually end up with Oliver.
The writers have hinted that Season 3 onwards will be about Laurel becoming the Black Canary. Meanwhile most of the series will be about Oliver and Felicity's relationship, because the producers know unlike Lauriver they're pretty popular together and will actually retain viewers. However in the final season Oliver will break up with her or Felicity will leave/die (possibly even in the final episode al la, HIMYM style) allowing Laurel to step in. The series will end with the Green Arrow and Black Canary standing on a rooftop, and Laurel saying she's always known Oliver 'like her own name/in her bones'. And fans will cry and start making eternally burning shrines to Felicity Smoak. But hey, if the writers are willing to kill off the awesome Sara for Laurel to fulfill superhero identity, there's no reason they won't kill Felicity for Laurel to fulfill her true love "destiny" with Oliver. After all her name is Dinah.

Starling will appear
In the comics, she's one of Black Canary's best friends. She could show up as a party girl friend of Laurels, Oliver stumbles onto the fact she's a vigilante/spy/mercenary, she proves to be at least his equal in hand to hand, the two team up to take down the villain of the episode (Who is also Starling's target), and as Starling gets ready to leave, she informs Laurel that maybe this "Robin Hood" Character has the cities' best interests at heart.
  • Original troper- actually it would be more interesting, and more in character, if she tracks him back to his hideout or his bedroom and surprises him there.
  • It's possible given the fact the city is named Starling, this character will not show up and, in fact, this suggested introduction was used instead for the first Black Canary. ("first" because she's not Dinah.)

Laurel Lance will not become the Black Canary.
Rather, she will die in a tragic event. However, as he is preparing to hunt those responsible Oliver is confronted by a mysterious girl who reveals that she is Dinah, Laurel's cousin, and Laurel was killed in an attempt to smoke out her aunt, the retired Black Canary. Instead of coming her self, the older Canary sent her daughter to take up her mantle, avenge her cousin's death, and teach Oliver the difference between being a vigilante and a hero, in preparation for recruiting him into a more developed world of superheros.
  • Episode 3 of season 2 shows that Black Canary is already present but can't be Laurel as they were in two places at once. Also, Laurel's full name is Dinah Laurel Lance, so I don't know why she'd have a cousin named Dinah. The Canary is probably her sister.
  • The blonde vigilante is confirmed to be Sara Lance.

Laurel's mom is Dinah Drake
So far, so good. Since Black Canary is a legacy character, and Alex Kingston is a confirmed Action Girl, I can see Dinah Drake Lance being the current Black Canary, but she'll decide she's too old for this (Badass though she may be, Kingston is in her late forties,) and the title will be passed down to Dinah Laurel Lance during the show. It might also explain what her mother's been doing all these years.
  • Jossed. The Canary is Sarah Lance and her name is a translation from one she had as a League Assassin

Helena and Laurel will become friends. Felicity will become the Oracle to complete the Birds of Prey layout.
Because Barbara Gordan with her Batman-connection may be off-limits, computer geek Felicity Smoak can work as this BoP team's Oracle.
  • This is also similar to Chloe Sullivan, who becomes the Oracle of the Justice League, calling herself "Watchtower". She's also blonde.

McKenna will become Black Canary.
  • Jossed for the time being.

Laurel will go through a massive case of Character Development, which includes transforming her into Black Canary, and her returning to the name Dinah
With 'the Hood' now cutting her off, and tired of being put in danger, she'll seek out more training to improve herself, and get it from former heavyweight champion boxer Ted Grant. During this, he'll take to calling her 'Canary' as a term of endearment, and a slightly insulting nickname to motivate her, until she fully becomes a badass on par with Oliver and Diggle (well they could explain it away as that Grant is just the latest of a log list of trainers, giving them room to name drop some of DC's Badass Normal characters as her previous trainers). During this time, she'll be presented with a case where she needs the vigilante's help, but has no way to contact him. Under Ted Grant's guidance, she dons her own costume to deal with it, coming face to face with the Hood.

Canary's origin will include Rape as Backstory
  • Given Sarah's particular interest in defending women and the constant mentions of "You don't know what I had to do to survive!", its not unlikely, but still unfortunate, that we may be heading towards this reveal.
    • Alternatively, it could be relating to her relationship with Ivo, which has a certain abusive boyfriend vibe to it. Its quite possible her experiences with him made her sensitive to men hurting/using women weaker than them.

Sarah did die in Year Two on the Island
She seems to be running from the League of Assassins, and they may be the ones who taught her everything she knows, as Oliver was surprised at her new fighting prowess. She may have been roped into joining the League after Ra's had brought her back to life. But she disagreed with their philosophy and returned to Starling City, and following Oliver's footsteps, she donned a mask.
  • If that's the case, now that she died in the Season 3 opener, Nyssa might come to get her body to revive her again.

Felicity and Canary will start a relationship
Canary is confirmed bisexual in the comics and the two did seem quite friendly (canary called Felicity cute) and Felicity went into motor mouth mode which she now seems to reserve for people she considers attractive (correct me if I'm wrong) and neither seemed to make a big deal over the fact Felicity saw Canary topless—possible foreshadowing?
  • Canary has been confirmed bisexual in the show, making out with Nyssa when she came to kill her. The same cannot be said for Felicity at the moment. Of course, same sex seeing each other minus clothes is not usually a big deal.

Sara's "friend" she mentions visiting in "Seeing Red" is Nightwing...
... and not Nyssa, though she is also a likely candidate. However, Nyssa would be back in Nanda Parbat, and Sara's departure from the League left too volatile a state for her to be seen keeping in touch with one of its members (and the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, no less). Backing out of Team Arrow may have been a result of her prevailing killing intent, but the situation with Slade is enough to at least convince Sara to at least leave town, if all she wants is to distance herself from Oliver, Sin, and her family. So it's likely she may have gone to Nightwing knowing Oliver is taxed and needs all the help he can get.

Though this WMG is based solely on the rumours that have been around since the start of the second season concerning the casting of Nightwing. Since nothing was confirmed, and considering that 3 episodes to the finale is a little late to introduce a brand new character. Though it isn't entirely impossible for him to make a cameo in the finale as someone who could show up for season 3.

Either Sara or Laurel will get get Black Canary's screaming power.
Trailers for the upcoming The Flash (2014) series, which takes place in the same universe as Arrow, suggest that an exploding particle accelerator will give several people superpowers. Sara or Laurel might be one of these people.
  • Now that you mention it, Laurel's Big "NO!" when she watches Sara die is akin to a very distinctive screech.
  • A highly unlikely theory, but thinking about it we didn't know if Laurel was either in Starling or in Central when the particle accelerator was turned on. Laurel could've have some how got caught in the explosion without knowing when she could have been visiting her mother during the time of the Particle Accelerator being turned on. But like mentioned before, this is a highly unlikely theory.
  • Laurel also took a DUAL dose of vertigo to the throat, specifically in the vocal cords.

At some point in the series Sara will be killed off for real and Laurel, who has received training from Ted Grant (Wildcat), will pick up the mantle, but will also add the word 'Black' to name.
Well this is depressingly Confirmed, right from the start of season 3—to an extent of course, but at this point it's pretty obvious where it's going. Laurel will most likely add "Black" as a sign of mourning.

Laurel breezed through law school on her looks.
It's the only way to explain how she managed to graduate without knowing such basic things as the definition of perjury or any of the things she did over the course of Moira Queen's murder trial that should have resulted in an instant mistrial, like hiding evidence from the defense.

Sara's killer
  • I'm thinking the person who killed Sara was Slade Wilson. He may have been put in an ARGUS prison on Lian Yu, but then Amanda Waller puts him on the Suicide Squad, even though he nearly got Starling City destroyed. One of his first jobs was to kill Sara, then soon work his way up the rest of Team Arrow. Of course the other suspects are Malcolm Merlyn or, hell, Ra's Al Ghul.
    • Probably not; Sara's reaction showed that not only did she know the person, but she didn't think that person would attack her. Had it been Slade, she'd likely have instantly gone into attack mode, not question mode. As well as that, Slade's not an archer, nor has he been shown to use a bow at all in the past, so its unlikely its him.
  • Tyrion Lannister: Who else has a penchant for shooting people in the gut with arrows? The reason Felicity's autopsy showed a weird angle of entrance was because Tyrion's a midget. And the increased force behind the arrow was because Tyrion was firing a crossbow.
  • Harrison Wells: The reason for the angle of entrance was because Harrison was sitting in a wheelchair. The force behind the arrow was because Harrison was using a hi-tech bow from the future.

  • Surprisingly, all Jossed. We learn in the mid-season finale, "The Calm", that it was Thea, drugged by Malcolm, with no memory of it. Maybe. Okay, it's not surprising that Tyrion was Jossed.

Sara will be revived via Lazarus Pit before the end of Season 3
. Based solely on the fact that Caity Lotz has been confirmed to have a role in a newly-planned spin-off series.
  • Jossed, she's not revived at all during Season 3 but in the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, she is confirmed to be returning via Lazarus Pit as the White Canary.

Barry will save Sara with time travel
Ollie has made certain that Sara's death will never be avenged, so why not avert it entirely? Considering the mess that Season 3 has been all because of her death, if Barry goes back and saves her, the entire disaster will be averted and Arrow can finally get back on track.


Thea will be Killed Off for Real and Roy takes her nickname in her memory
  • Dark.
    • Thea has been kidnapped by Slade... bad omens. Also, Ollie has already mistakenly called Roy Speedy (treating him with the same regard as he had his sister).

Thea will save Oliver's life in her first appearance as Speedy
Because it would be awesome.

Felicity will become Speedy.
She's secretly Badass. That's why she wears the loose blouses - to hide her physique.

Speedy won't be Arrow's sidekick. It'll be Arrowette.
And heck, for kicks and giggles, it'll be Rose Wilson AKA Ravage AKA Slade Wilson's daughter.

Thea will become the show's version of Cheshire
Malcolm will train her into becoming a super deadly assassin, who may already be pregnant with Roy's kid or will become pregnant when the two have a moment of passion when they next see each other, resulting in Lian.

Thea joined Malcolm at the end of Season 2
because she is planning to betray him. She will take his training, become the show's version of Green Arrow's sidekick "Speedy", and bring him to justice.

It won't be Thea who'll become Speedy, but Mia Dearden.
Since Dearden was Moira's maiden name, she would be Oliver's cousin who may serve as a foil to Thea after her heel turn, then join Team Arrow.

Slade Wilson's son will eventually become Jericho.
This one seems kind of obvious, but this troper figured that it needed to be said.

Slade Wilson will die, probably in a Heroic Sacrifice.
That's why Oliver has a hair cut similar to that of Slade. Incidentally, if ever Deathstroke does appear in the present, its gonna be a different person.
  • Billy Wintergreen is probably still alive. After all, he only had one of his eyes taken out, which is possibly survivable.
    • Possible, as Deadshot survived a mid-range arrow to the eye.
      • Jossed more or less, Slade's the big bad of season two.

Slade will eventually suffer Sanity Slippage and turn on Oliver
  • He wants to leave the island a lot, so it's possible that eventually he'll be so desperate to leave that he'll accept an offer by Edward Fyers to join him, leading to a fight with Oliver. Ollie will lose the fight, but escape death as Fyers gives Slade his promised ride home, reuniting him with his family, only for them to be unwilling to accept him after he's been gone for so long. He'll become an assassin to vent his frustrations and anger out, eventually coming to Starling City to kill the vigilante. The episode that has this even will be split in two, with the island section dealing with Slade turning on Oliver and escaping, with Oliver trying to fight modern day Slade, now known as Deathstroke.
  • In "Identity", he saw Oliver and Shado bathing together...
  • Seems, mostly confirmed. He wants to put an arrow through Ollie's eye as revenge for Shado in the present day as of the mid-season finale

Slade doesn't actually turn evil.
That's too obvious. Instead Shado is the one who turns on the Island gang and shoots Slade through the eye. Ollie doesn't take the mask down on the island because it reminds him of the cost of failure. Slade ends up amnesiac on a different Island on the chain and only regains his memory and escapes halfway through season 2.
  • It may possibly be jossed, as we've seen what happens in "Identity" and "Broken Dolls". And also the "Three Ghosts"
  • As of the mid-season finale, Slade has taken the freighter and is now an enemy to Oliver.

Slade won't become a 'villain' until the present day.
The mask seen in the pilot episode was Wintergreen's; Slade managed to get off the island before Oliver did (there might have been a scenario where there was an opportunity for only one of them to leave {example: a plane on the island only had enough fuel for ONE more passenger}, Oliver told Slade to go ahead and take it, wanting the man to be able to get back to his kid/kids). Chances are he'll show up at the end of season one, he and Oliver will greet each other like old friends...then at some point in Season 2 it will be revealed that Slade has been working as an assassin-for-hire, due to him being unable to adjust back to civilian life (just like how comic!Slade was after he was discharged from the army). Oliver will have a problem with that (perhaps Deathstroke will have been taking jobs from people on 'the list'), and a conflict between the two will ensue.
  • Looks like he's halfway there, except he started on the island AND he's the real Big Bad for S2
  • Jossed.

Slade will cross the Moral Event Horizon in the Second Season.
And it involves Sara/Black Canary somehow. She did ask if Ollie about Slade. OR
  • Confirmed. Shado's death happening due to Oliver stopping Ivo from killing Sara's putting him over the edge

Slade becomes intimate with Sara in the Island.
Exactly what it says on the tin. Maybe Slade's jealousy and resentment helps him bond with Sara or something?
  • Seems Jossed as of 'Three Ghosts'

Deathstroke's regeneration will appear
First of all, we know that Ivo is carrying out research to 'save the human race'. What if this research involves protection against injuries, like, for example, regeneration. And if Sara met Slade later on, what if he became a part of that experiment? The answer: the origin of the true Deathstroke.
  • Almost definitely confirmed; Ivo is looking for a WW2-era Japanese experimental super soldier formula which enhances the body's physical capabilities and healing abilities. After Sara describes what Ivo's looking for to Shado and the currently seriously injured Slade, Shado asks if it could help Slade. Think its only a matter of time before Slade ends up taking the formula and becomes his classic self. Assuming this is true, Slade will likely go on to escape the island and become his traditional self.
  • Partly confirmed in "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts". In the former he seemingly dies after Oliver injects him with the Mirakuru serum. At the end of "Three Ghosts" he comes back to life, his burn wounds from the mortar perfectly healed. If it wasn't clear to viewers already, the regeneration is further supported by Roy's arrow injury vanishing after he survives his own (unwanted) Mirakuru injection.

Slade will get his own spin-off show
If DC's method of introducing The Flash is successful then they'll do the same with Slade. he'll have a day in the limelight episode of after he got off the island. He would have stumbled onto some kind of research facility experimenting on kids to turn them into meta-humans. he'll save them and they'll start working together to find out more about who captured them, creating this universes version of the teen titans, combining Slade's villain team and the heroic ones from the comics.
  • Not likely.

Slade will be hit with the Mirakuru cure, but it won't cure him completely
He'll still be stronger, faster, and all that, but he won't be quite as strong as he is now, more of 'just beyond Oliver's ability' level strength, but it will remove his hallucinations and numb his psychological problems, which will make him let go of his obsession, though not his grudge, with Oliver.
  • Jossed. It cured him, but not his hatred and obsession with revenge. As he said, it wasn't the Mirakuru that made him hate Ollie.

At some point in the future, Slade and Oliver will be forced into an Enemy Mine situation
And given their shared history, it'll be one long Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Slade's going to be Killed Off for Real or suffer a case of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome
Deadshot's recent death was apparently because, with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, the character is now off-limits to Arrow. Deathstroke is rumored to make an appearance in the film as well. Perhaps he'll pull a Redemption Equals Death, or simply remain locked away on Lian Yu and never be spoken of again.

Slade will return in Season 4 as The Dragon to Damien Darhk.
Deathstroke originally worked for H.I.V.E in the comics, and this could give Oliver a personal stake in the conflict with Darhk.
  • It would also makes sense. For all we know, they were the ones who actually rescued him after his battle with Oliver (in the AMAZO). Heck, Slade may have even joined them already (after the aforementioned rescue). After all, he is super rich when he showed up in Season 2's present day.

    Roy Harper 
Thea will die and Roy Harper will be introduced.
Roy Harper will be a young orphan who's parents were killed by someone on Ollie's list. Roy knows the vigilante is tracking down and killing corrupt businessmen, so he runs away from his foster home and spends his nights looking for the vigilante. One night he spots him because of dumb luck and follows Ollie back to the warehouse, where he see's Ollie without his hood. Ollie sees a lot of himself in Roy, and Roy threatens to expose him unless the vigilante helps him, so he takes Roy on as a sidekick and trains him so Roy can be the one who takes down the person who killed his parents. Thea has died in a previous episode for some reason, possibly drug related, or getting in the way of a bullet meant for Ollie or the vigilante, so Ollie gives Roy the codename Speedy in honour of his beloved sister.
  • Possibly Jossed with the casting announcement of Roy Harper, and Roy being a Love Interest for Thea.
    • Its possible that they'll fridge Thea as a way to push Roy into joining Oliver's crusade. Maybe, she'll die due to the course of a season Big Bad (maybe Malcolm, maybe Season Two's bad guy), and the follow-up season will deal with Oliver and Roy both dealing with the loss of her, eventually making the two support one another as they work together to bring in her killer.
      • Jossed - Roy joins up without Thea dying, partially to keep her safe from his Mirakuru issues.
    • Thea has been kidnapped... bad omens.
      • Thea's fine. However, Roy lying to her has driven her away once and for all.

Thea will be murdered and Roy, after having fallen in love with her, will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
The Dark Archer finds out Ollie's secret identity and attacks the mansion. Ollie is able to save Moira, but Thea is killed. Since Roy is so young, despite Oliver wanting revenge for his sister, he will disapprove of Roy becoming a murderer and will try to stop him while taking him under his wing. Wanting to set a good example for Roy is what causes Oliver to give up killing and start working to being the non-murdering hero figure he is in the comics.
  • It could still happen, but this particular theory seemed to have been Jossed.

Roy Harper's heroin addiction will still be present.
Although Thea seems set up to be the drug-addled sidekick, it's possible that Roy will also take drugs, only harder ones. Similar to his comics-counterpart he will be heavily addicted to heroin. This will destroy him so much as a person that it will cause Thea to finally give up drugs, and convince Roy to go to rehab.
  • This could explain why he is afraid of needles. It would be understandable that someone who was trying to give up an addiction would have an aversion to something that reminded them of it. Seeing that might even cause him to take up the habit again.

Roy will teach Thea how to shoot

Roy will become a vigilante independent of Ollie, using red arrows
Which will lead to the SCPD nicknaming them Red/Green Arrow respectively, to distinguish between the two - Detective Lance already made the note that Dark Archer used black arrows instead of Ollie's green.
  • Possibly merging the above theory, Roy will start off as an outright Robin Hood, robbing the rich regardless of their morality to support his daughter and himself, and is purposely using his MO to hide who he really is and make it appear its just 'the Hood'. He at first tries to justify himself and make a Not So Different speech, resulting in Olly instead revealing who he is and training him, while recruiting him to his cause. They'll argue and disagree but they'll grow to be like brothers.
    • Partially jossed, Roy tries to make it on his own and almost kills a man and joins Team Arrow so Oliver can teach him how to control his anger.

Thea will make Roy a heroin addict
That kiss she gave him when he was given the needle will be the rush he's trying to get from it. That and Thea isn't exactly the best of influences.
  • As of Season Two, both Roy and Thea are clean and sober and Laurel's the one with the drug issues.

The reason Roy was hesitant to get that needle was because he's a recovering drug addict
Instead of heroin it'll be Vertigo, just because, and he sobered up to look after his daughter Lian, who Thea will help him take care of once the two finally warm up to each other proper.
  • In terms of Lian, jossed. When the Savior is preparing to kill him, Roy simply accepts his fate, citing that no one would miss him. Not something a single father would say unless she is in protective custody away from him.

Thea and Roy will become Artemis and Arsenal respectively
  • It would make sense that Thea would somehow learn her brother's secret identity and try to close the distance between them a la Danny Phantom. Even more likely with her love interest primed to become part of Ollie's fold. The title "Speedy" is thrown around as a mythology gag and "Arrowette" probably wouldn't work for a darker show like this. Plus Alliterative Trio (Arrow, Arsenal, Artemis).
  • Confirmed for season 3. Roy will be known as Arsenal.

Thea, and possibly Roy, have figured out Oliver is the Hood
Oliver's promise that Roy will be be saved, right before the Hood saves Roy, is just a tad suspicious, and as Thea already had some suspicions thanks to the arrow head, she'll check up and find out his story about getting it from a gift shop was a lie. Roy, meanwhile, when he finally actually meets Oliver, he'll click on who he is, possibly going from some things Thea has said.
  • So far doesn't seem to be the way their going with this, as Darkness on the Edge of Town has Roy meet Oliver out of costume for the first time with Roy telling Thea behind Ollie's back that he believes Ollie's a wimp. (Thea wasn't amused by this comment.)
    • Jossed for Roy, at least, Oliver finally tells him to get him to calm down at a crucial moment by reinforcing the fact that they both love Thea.

Roy already knows how to use a bow.
Though he wasn't using a bow at the time, he was surprisingly accurate when he threw that broken red arrow at Oliver in that alleyway in Season 2 Episode 2, "Identity". He's also quite skilled for his age, being able to take on a group of thugs by himself. This suggests that he already had prior training before his introduction into the series. In the comics, Roy was the son of a forest ranger. After his father died, he was adopted by Brave Bow, the shaman of a Navajo reservation and raised as a member the 'Tachini' tribe. It was only after Brave Bow died that Green Arrow took him in as his ward. It's possible that the Arrow-version of Roy Harper has a similar back story and was taught archery by a Native American during his childhood. In "Darkness On the Edge Of Town", he mentioned that he lost someone, but didn't say who. If this someone was actually the Arrow-version of Brave Bow, then everything falls into place. This would also mean that Oliver won't have to spend years training Roy, since Roy already has a foundation to work off of.

Roy will get his hand cut off.
And end up with a prosthetic that may or may not come equipped with a laser cannon.

Roy will go to Blüdhaven now that he's left Starling
And he'll meet Nightwing, who will give him some advice about mentor/protege relationships and convince him to go back, because running away from your problems doesn't solve anything.
  • Confirmed mostly, he was in Blüdhaven when Slade and Isabel found him.

Roy will be cured of the Mirikuru
And due to both his own guilt for the people he hurt and killed under his rampage and Oliver's for causing all this, Ollie will take him under his wing once more and train him to be Red Arrow, properly.
  • Confirmed "Unthinkable." He learns this the hard way.

When/if Roy returns to Starling
He will have already met Cheshire and fathered Lian.

     The League of Assassins 

When Ra's Al Ghul does show up on Arrow, he'll actually be immortal like in the comics
  • In the Batman films, his immortality is due to being a Legacy Character, but in the comics, it is the Lazarus Pits that keep him alive. Perhaps, with super powers being introduced to the show in season two, Ra's' comic-book immortality will be intact.
    • Confirmed, Ra's is hundreds of years old and prolongs his life through use of the Lazarus Pits.

Malcolm's revival
It's already growing pretty obvious at this point: there is a Lazarus Pit. Malcolm DID die at the end of season 1, as even Moira believed he was dead so there was a formal autopsy report confirming it. It may have been doctored, but his using "immortality" was on the nose. Malcolm died, his death was formally confirmed, the League took back his body, and they used the Pit on him.
  • We don't yet know how/if he was revived, but Malcolm is back!
  • Doesn't seem like Ra's revived him, as he wants to KILL him himself. Most likely, he never died.
  • It could be H.I.V.E who revived him. Ra's himself said that they also have a (limited) pit. Plus, their leader, Damian Darhk, was an ex-member of the League like Malcolm, so it would make sense if they're in cahoots.

Malcolm will try to get the League to revive Tommy too
Malcolm will try to use a Lazarus Pit to revive Tommy at some point, but, if successful, would result in turning Tommy insane and evil by the after-effects of the Lazarus Pit. Oliver will have to choose between letting Tommy be revived, or leaving him dead so his memory won't be perverted.

Malcolm Merlyn is dead.
Though it would appear he survived his apparent death at the end of season one, the only person he's really interacted with is Moira. What if he really did die, and his subsequent appearances are Moira's guilt-induced hallucinations? Jossed as of "streets of fire" he saves thea from some of Slade's soldiers.

The central plot of Season 3 involves a civil war within the League of Assassins.

Just as in the comics, Nyssa leads a faction of the League against her father, Ra's al Ghul. Presumably, she wishes to take over the League and remake it into a less extremist organization. This may well be the reason why she agreed to help Team Arrow stop Slade in the Season 2 finale, and why Sara agreed to return to the League (which many found jarring, because Sara's arc in Season 2 was one of redemption and trying to get over her violent past). This civil war within the LOA, and its implications for Starling City, will be the over-arching story of Season 3.

In the season premier, The Calm, Sara, just before she dies, tells Laurel she's back in Starling City for a reason she refuses to talk about. Immediately thereafter she is killed by someone she knows, who is definitely a League member. My guess is that Sara came to Starling for some mission that furthered Nyssa's plans to take over the League, and that one of Ra's loyal assassins found out her attempted betrayal and killed her.

This will bring Nyssa back to Starling City, and lead her to ally herself again with Team Arrow as recent promotional material suggests.

Laurel and Thea will join The League.
Let's face it, Ollie has proven he doesn't care about anybody but Malcolm, so there's no reason for them to stand by his side when he's proved he'll throw everybody else under a bus. On the other hand, The League, while not perfect, can give them the skills they'll need to punish criminals. For Laurel, she'll be honoring her sister's legacy. For Thea, it's the ultimate middle finger to her scumbag father and step-brother. They have nothing to lose, and can't trust Ollie anymore, so it's the most sensible action.
  • Ignoring the fact that Ollie has not 'proven he doesn't care about anybody but Malcolm' and he's mostly motivated by wanting to protect his sister (and while he's being a dick, treating it that way is blatant Ron the Death Eater), the League are currently attacking the city in order to punish Oliver for the 'crime' of refusing to join them, meaning that joining the League would be a Face-Heel Turn. Not to mention, Sara hated being with the League, so Laurel joining them would be the exact opposite of 'honoring her sister's legacy'.

Identities of Ra's Al Ghul's pre-LOA family.
  • Wife: Sora from Birth Of The Demon
  • Daughter:Talia
  • Son: Dusan

Actually the true heir will be Thea
  • Thea also survived Ra's blade and could even become his heir and possibily Talia Al Ghul.

"Ra's al Ghul" was actually Ebeneezer Darrk.
  • This version's name was Ebeneezer Dahrk, and was Damien's brother. He told Oliver that Damian was a friend because he's given up his ties to his past life. He acted as Ra's decoy so that the original Ra's could run the Demon in secrecy.

     Other Villains 

Amanda Chen is Fyers' employer.
She's mentioned multiple times but never seen. On top of that, it's mentioned that she was raped in the Glades. Her rapists were probably Triad members, which would explain her want of destruction to China.
  • Jossed. It was Amanda Waller who was his boss.

The Organization is a forerunner to the Secret Society of Supervillains

The Secret Six will appear as antagonists and eventual AntiVillains.
Their roster of morally ambiguous Badass Normals (mostly normal) will mesh well with the Arrow aesthetic.

The person who compiled the list is Mr. Merlyn
He was among the first to realize that "Green Arrow" is targeting the list.
  • Also, he seems to be running the whole organization.
  • In "Damaged" Moira specifically calls out him for trying to have her son killed.
  • As the evil archer he tells Ollie that the person who compiled it wants "Green Arrow" dead.
    • Confirmed - the list was a blackmail list of the city's worst and most corrupt criminals that Malcolm Merlyn and other elite people were using to "stop" crime. And then they wandered into mass murder territory, still using the blackmail list to fund their...endeavors.
There's a Bigger Bad.
This troper feels like there could be one, but he's not yet sure who it would be. Assuming that Malcolm didn't write the list, the Bigger Bad could be whoever did.
  • Some of the things said by Malcolm in "Dead to Rights" it seems to suggest that the Demon's Head may be pulling the strings.
  • Adding to this, activity in the island may be part of it all.
  • Possibly half-confirmed with the mysterious woman appearing in the flashback in "Darkness on the Edge of Town".

Edward Fyers is somehow tied to the list.
He probably didn't write it, but he may be working for Malcolm. Or, if the above WMG is correct, he could be working for whoever wrote the list. Either that, or he has his own agenda, and he's controlling the person who composed the list.

Bits of Malcolm Merlyn's back-story will be shown in flashbacks.
By doing this, they can work in the League of Assassins/Shadows, since it's tied to his background.
  • This seems to be supported by Malcolm's explanation for leaving Tommy in "Dead to Rights".

Malcolm Merlyn/The Dark Archer will pull a No One Could Survive That
He is played by John Barrowman/Captain Jack. It'll probably also be combined with Never Found the Body.
  • Confirmed

Billy Wintergreen is still alive and will be THE Deathstroke, and kill Slade.
Slade survived the island and is apparently a Big Bad in a bad way.

Sebastian Blood is the Big Bad of season 2, and Ollie will have to end the masquerade to defeat him.
Blood is secretly in charge of a conspiracy to use the Glades' destruction to cause a massive riot that will destroy the rest of the city, and is using Lance's superior and the DA to tear down the heroes and present the Undertaking as a preemptive strike in class warfare that needs to be avenged. Thus, Lance, despite saving half the Glades, is demoted and neutralized by the police department, and Moira, despite revealing the conspiracy and acting in full cooperation with the authorities, is being demonized and persecuted in an attempt to make a planned hung jury tick off the surviving Glades residents. Blood genuinely believes in the strike back, and is likely affiliated with a certain terrifying Bigger Bad that Malcolm answered to...
  • Secondly, this will leave Oliver with the dual goals of stopping Blood and rescuing his mother. The latter will unintentionally help Blood's plan, and in order to stop the former, Oliver will use the one iconography that Blood can't quite taint: he'll unmask himself and become the Green Arrow, who people do know put down Malcolm Merlin and helped save half the Glades.
  • While he's a Big Bad, He's working for Slade Wilson, the Bigger Bad

The Big Bad in a future season will be...
  • Steelclaw
  • Reverend Billy Miggs
  • Count Vertigo, who will conquer the vertigo side effects.
    • Very much confirmed. He'll be back and making a stronger version than before, but he won't be a Big Bad.
    • Very much jossed as he's now very much dead after getting arrows put through him by Ollie and dropped out a window.
  • Isabel Rochev
    • It definitely looks like she'll be the Big Bad of season two.
      • Jossed. Looks like Slade is the Big Bad of S2.
      • though she is working with him.
  • An Expy of Ra's Al Ghul
    • There's a possibility that it could be the man, himself. Although Nolan's Dark Knight Saga has made him more well-known to the mainstream, he's still a DC property, so there is no reason why he could not make an appearance on Arrow. He'd likely be played by another actor, with a different interpretation of the character, but he does not need an expy.
    • Confirmed. The Demon's Head is definitely in this world and may serve as one of the Big Bads of the season, if not a recurring one.
  • Daniel "Brick" Brickwell.
    • Confirmed. He served as an Arc Villain for the first three episodes after The Climb.
  • THE Deathstroke, be it Slade Wilson or Billy Wintergreen.
  • Rainbow Archer/Arrow Raiders
  • Cherry Noller/Four Horsemen
  • Professor Ojo

Trigon the Terrible will show up
We got Brother Blood so why not? He would be more subtle, like showing up at scenes of a murder, stalking Oliver then vanishing. He wont be obvious but we will know... and he will be flat f**king terrifying.
  • He will be more a guardian angel in the worst sense to Ollie or the bad guys.

We will see more Suicide Squad members
We've already been introduced to Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Amanda Waller. Dr. Light might appear in a future episode.
  • Also Ted Gaynor, Diggle's former C.O. confirmed for the Suicide Squad.
  • Shrapnel was shown in "Suicide Squad" before being "popped" due to an explosive implant.

Thea will not become Speedy, but the new Dark Archer
With Malcolm revealed to be her true father, her new obsession with discovering who the Arrow is, and her tendency to walk a sometimes dark path, I don't see this as being too farfetched if Malcolm manages to reveal himself to her, corrupt her, and train her.
  • Or, alternatively, through the training, she becomes Cheshire, which compliments her romance with Red Arrow.

Prometheus will show up.
He fits the atmosphere of the show, and would be an excellent opponent for Roy now that he's powered by Mirakuru. Maybe he'll take Roy's arm, and if they really want to please the comic book fans they could have Roy kill him (as a kind of meta-revenge).

Brother Blood will betray Slade.
As shown at the end of "Blind Spot", Slade killed four of Blood's men and threatened to kill him if he messes up again.
  • Confirmed in 'Streets of Fire', he handed over the Mirakuru cure to Team Arrow and was killed by Ravager as a punishment.

The Joker will show up to break Harley Quinn out of prison
Because as much as she gets on his nerves sometimes, nobody bosses his girl around except for him.
  • Or not. This could be an alt Harley with little to no connection to the Joker.
    • ... which changes so many things about her that by that point she wouldn't really be Harley Quinn anymore.

Dr. Ivo asked for a Mercy Kill because he's unable to save his wife.
From their conversion in "The Promise", her illness may have gotten to the point where it can't be cured.

Cheshire will turn up at some stage
In the comics and Young Justice she had connections to Roy, plus a martial-artist with a side order of chemical warfare would fit in with the tone of the show fairly well.

Another reason Robertn Queen stayed with his family is because Isabel Rochev was always a bitch.
He sees she wasn't the woman he assumed or she let on. But she blames his family for losing Robert.

Ray Palmer and Amanda Waller's actions will lead to the creation of Brother Eye.
At the end of "Corto Maltese" we see Ray Palmer examining blueprints of military drones labelled OMAC. OMAC drones are usually designed to fight metahumans, and after the events leading to The Flash, ARGUS is going to want some way to manage the growing metahuman threat. Amanda Waller has already shown a preference for using drones, and will wind up putting too much in the hands of the OMAC system before it goes full Skynet.

China White will end up breaking out of whatever jail she's in and seek revenge on Team Arrow
She hasn't been seen since season 2, though once she sees Ollie on TV fighting, she'll remember a particular way about how he fights that makes her realize who he was during his time in Hong Kong.

Malcom will continue to be a Karma Houdini
Despite all of the evidence of him being a monster, Ollie continues to defend him and let him slide and now he's even picked a fight with Ra's to defend Malcom. Putting all of the evidence together, this shows that Ollie will continue to find reasons to save and protect Malcom from ever having to pay for his murders and the death of Sarah.
  • Confirmed: Ollie is now buddies with Malcolm and he is going to be training with him to fight Ra's.

Deadshot isn't dead
  • The way the episode ended, it could end up being a case of Never Found the Body. With his death faked, Lawton gets his kill chip defused and he's able to go back to his business.

The Hive will be the main antagonists for Season 4

    Other Characters 

Thea will get HIV from a dirty heroin needle.
You know its coming.
  • Probably, but alas, Science Marches On. HIV is no longer the death sentence it was when the story was originally written. Terrible to be sure, but less impacting perhaps.
  • One could argue probably not as well. It seems unlikely on a TV show.
    • As of season two, Thea is clean and sober and running her brother's bar. The fall from grace seems to be Laurel's issue.

Connor Hawke will make an appearance
Although since Oliver's too young to be his father, he might end up being Oliver's half-brother—and Oliver will be a Big Brother Mentor to him rather than his father.
  • This could be a possibility. Moira claimed her husband was not who they thought he was.
  • Perhaps Connor will become Speedy.
  • Oliver is confirmed to have an illegitimate child as of "Seeing Red".
    • In the comics, Connor is multiracial and in the show, the mother of Oliver's child is Ambiguously Brown.

Diggle will become Arsenal.
  • In the Suicide Squad episode, he was referred to as Freelancer, though that's a generic title.

The Question (Vic Sage) will make an appearance.

Blue Beetle will show up as a foil
There are plenty of other billionaire vigilantes in the DC Universe; however, Ted Kord could be set up as a good foil to Ollie. Ted could be a serious businessman in his civilian life, reviving his company after his father's breakdown and trying to make amends for what his uncle did. Meanwhile, Ted uses his renown engineering skills to make himself weapons and vehicles to be a vigilante of the Thou Shalt Not Kill breed. This will serve to highlight the differences between the two, as Ted will be more friendly as a vigilante than he is in his civilian life.
  • They seem to be doing this with Ray Palmer/The Atom

Similar to the above, most of the cast will eventually form into the shows version of the Arrow Family
  • Laurel will become Black Canary, obviously, but more like the original Golden Age or Grell version, a Badass Normal without her Canary Cry, after taking a few more levels in Badass.
    • It's Sarah.
    • Nope. She's dead. She was just the Canary. Laurel will become the Black Canary in her memory.
  • Thea will become Speedy, after taking lessons from Ollie.
  • Roy will become Red Arrow after being officially adopted into the family as a surrogate little brother, and will incorporate his street skills into it.
  • Diggle will become Arsenal, after no Levels of badassery being taken, just him doing more physical work.
  • Tommy will eventually side with Ollie against his father, take a level in badass, and become a good version of the Dark Archer, or possibly the above suggested idea of becoming Question.
    • Tommy's dead.
  • Connor Hawke will come in, re-imagined as an illegitimate brother (assuming Moira was telling the truth about her husband's affairs).
  • Huntress will return, cooling down a bit and reconciling with Ollie and possibly teaming up with Tommy!Question.
    • Tommy's dead.

McKenna is Arrow's counterpart to Renee Montoya.
Even if she isn't a lesbian, it could work well. She's not a detective, but she works in vice, so she's used to digging up information on crimes. Something could happen that could inspire her to become a vigilante.
  • She may have experimented in college.

Since Yao Fei exists, various other re-imagined members of the Great Ten will show up.
Someone like the Celestial Archer would fit in nicely.

McKenna will become pregnant.
In a later season, she will give birth to Oliver's son, who, in the show, will be renamed "Connor Hall".

Felicity will become... someone.
Who she'd be is not yet certain, but she could possibly take up an identity as some sort of vigilante in later seasons.
  • Arrowette would be one possibility. Arrowette would be more adaptable with less iconic baggage than Speedy (already given), Canary (already given). Arsenal would be interesting though highly unlikely. Oracle perhaps though that might tread too closely to Batman. Though at the very least, the fact that she might become someone seems more likely since we're shown a short scene of Diggle training Felicity in hand to hand combat.

Felicity and Diggle will become a couple.
And we'll be treated to them attempting various dates only to inevitably get caught up in Ollie's vigilantism requests.
  • Jossed.

The real reason Laurel's mom left is because she's been searching for Sarah.

Lian Harper is alive
And is the reason Roy made up a sob story about his mother being addicted to Vertigo - If he said he was trying to provide for his daughter, SCPD would have her taken into care.
  • That idea is so great I hope its canon.
  • Damn, its been Jossed as of Salvation. He's shown with Thea in his apartment with no sign of any children, and later while held by The Savior, Roy claims no one will miss him, something he'd be unlikely to say if he had a daughter. Still, its possible that she may be brought in as a child he didn't know about until Cheshire, or a new in-universe mother, shows up and dumps the child on him.
    • Or perhaps, he adopts the child when Cheshire abandons her.

Laurel's mom will be killed off.
Someone knows about Sarah's survival, and will kill Dinah, so that the information won't spread. This would be because Sarah knows something that could put The Undertaking at risk.
  • Jossed: Sara knows absolutely nothing about The Undertaking at all.

After Oliver went for a kill shot at her, Helena will...
Either take it as a wake-up call that she's gone too far and work to redeem herself as a legitimate vigilante who only kills when needed, OR, she'll be spurred by his 'betrayal' and come at him again later, once her dad is definitely dead or out of reach.
  • If the latter, at some point she'll mention McKenna's injury to push his buttons.
    • Also about how he failed to prevent the Undertaking, and his family has now become the most hated in Starling.

The hostage-taking vertigo junkie in Ep. 19 was actually Aquaman
Not only was the junkie sporting a bushy beard, he was attempting to find solace in the city's aquarium. He was clearly talking to the fishes, but when the girl insulted him, he snapped and took hostages. This was obviously because Aquaman had become so fed up with people insulting him and calling him lame, evident by his yells of, "Don't laugh at me!" Furthermore, it will later be revealed that he actually survived the overdose due to his Atlantean biology. Since Arrow shot an arrow through his right hand, Aquaman will return with a hook in its place, just like the one he had in the Justice League cartoon.
  • Does the thought of Aquaman on drugs rape anyone else's childhood?
  • The junkie is actually Aquaman's human step-brother Orm.
    • Ooh, Ocean Master.

Moira wanted the salvaged yacht to be found.
That's the only possible explanation for her salvaging the "Queen's Gambit." We were led to believe at first that Tempest wanted to make sure no one salvaged the remains for investigation, because they would find evidence of sabotage. But now Malcolm wants Moira to dispose of the evidence, to make sure no one discovers it. In that case, why did Moira salvage the yacht if Malcolm thought it might lead to someone finding evidence of sabotage... unless she wanted someone to find it? By now, she's in so deep that there's no way out. But she can still leave a trail of breadcrumbs for someone to find and stop them.

Lian Harper existed in this universe but died.
In "Darkness On the Edge Of Town" Roy mentioned that he had lost someone but wouldn't mention who. It could possible be a daughter, who either died or was taken from him. This troper's pretty dark so I'm more likely to believe it's the former but lets all hope it's the later; Lian shouldn't have died in the comics, no need to kill her here too.
  • That 'someone' could be his little sister named Lian.

Tommy is the Joker
Based purely on how in "On the Edge of Darkness" he asks Ollie "Why so serious?". Plus, do you really think the Joker would let as little a thing as separate universes stop him from messing with a vigilante who is effective in stopping crime?

Shado taught Oliver more than just archery
She probably also taught him Yao Fei's style of fighting, presented him with the hood, and probably was also Oliver's source for learning Mandarin Chinese.
  • Confirmed more or less, Oliver wears the hood to honor her and her father, and S2 shows him learning Mandarin from her.

Super-powered characters will start appearing once the show has grown the beard a little
And when that happens, Ollie will become the eighth member of the Justice League (like how I did that?)
  • While the jury's still out on the show Growing the Beard, as it's only season 2, it has been announced that Barry Allen will be introduced in that season as a lead-in to his own spin off show. And yes, it's confirmed that super powers will be introduced through him.
  • Flash has appeared.
    • Barry Allen didn't have super powers during his stint on Arrow. Although they egged us with a shot of the accident that would lead to him becoming Flash.
  • The closest the show has to superpowers so far is the super-strength and regeneration provided by mirakuru.

Felicity has a thing for Oliver.
When she first appeared her motor mouth tended to lead to awkward nonsequitors, like the fear of kangaroos. After she began working for him, her babbling took a more sexual turn, due to the fact that she began spending her nights watching her hot boss work out shirtless. She's not in love with him, isn't pining for him, but he does tend to show up in her naughtier dreams and fantasies.
  • This is pretty much confirmed, not only by Word of God but just by the fact that's its obvious. Felicity never seems to have those Freudian Slips around Diggle, after all.
  • Three Ghosts more or less confirms this, with Barry's phone call to her.
  • "Keep Your Enemies Closer" made this a hell of a lot more serious, and let's not go into the rest of season two and the entirety of season three... In other words, confirmed.

Thea will discover the lair by accident
Now that she runs the club, she'll inspect everything and then force her brother to train her.

Felicity will get a day in the limelight episode this season.
And it will focus mostly on her troubles at Queen Consolidated after being promoted to Oliver's executive assistant.
  • Technically, confirmed. Felicity and Roy are appearing in a series of 30sec episodes known as Blood Rush.

Det. Lance knows that Oliver is The Arrow
In Broken Dolls he worked extensively with the Arrow and his team. Including participating in a sting operation with the Arrow, Felicity (Oliver Queen's secretary) and Diggle (Oliver Queen's bodyguard). If he hasn't figured it out then this troper can't understand how he ever became a Detective.
  • Lance doesn't seem to be aware that Ollie and the Arrow are the same person. When Sarah reveals herself to be alive, he quickly figures out that she is the female vigilante, has been alive for weeks, and is in touch with the Arrow (he uses the word Arrow rather than Hood).

Certain characters will make appearances from other DC properties.
With the introduction of Firefly, the possibility for additional Batman villains remains very open. They would be mostly be minor villains, most likely, but a chance remains that they might introduce a few major ones.

This doesn't just have to be limited to the villains, either. The Bludhaven reference gives way to a potential appearance of Nightwing. If he shows up a few times, he could become a rival to Arrow.

Also, despite the fact that Smallville had its own version of Green Arrow, some of its characters could make cameos, or even recurring appearances. Both shows are aired on The CW, after all. All of that being said, which characters from other DC properties would you like to see?

To make this easy, I will make a few categories to put characters in, by the property that they're from. Put the series in bold, and have the characters as bullets. Also, unless they're just that cool, try not to put in characters that would be too difficult to make realistic. If you can think of a way to make a character realistic, or to make him/her work better for the series, add a colon, after the character's name.

Batman/related properties:
  • Riddler: He could be an online computer hacker/terrorist who uses riddles as an MO.
    • They already did this general MO for Clock King.
    • Maybe Riddler will be a competitive PI.
  • Calendar Man
  • Hush
    • This troper believes the execs would save Hush's appearance for a possible live-action Batman series or another movie.
  • Victor Zsasz
  • Nightwing: If Dick Grayson doesn't become Nightwing, the role could easily be filled by a character in the show. Who, though, has yet to be determined.
    • Jason Todd will be Nightwing.
    • So far in "Dead to Rights", Bludhaven appeared.
  • Batwoman: Without using the Bat-name, Kate Kane could appear as an army acquaintance of Diggle's, perhaps discharged from the military when she defied Don't Ask Don't Tell.
  • Renee Montoya
  • League of Assassins/Shadows
    • "Broken Dolls" confirms that Ra's Al Ghul exists in this continuity.
    • The League of Assassins makes an official appearance, in the episode of the same name.
  • The Clock King: He was originally a Green Arrow villain before becoming Batman's. He'll be based on the Temple Fugate version, with William Tockman's backstory.
    • Confirmed. The William Tockman version of the Clock King has made an appearance.
  • Signalman: Dressed like Green Arrow, only in blue. A nod to his brief stint as the Blue Bowman.
  • Lex Luthor: He could show up as a cameo.
    • He and Queen had history in the Smallville version.
  • Starman: The staff can be some form of technology.
  • Shade (the antihero version): He could have a type of technology that allows him to manipulate a substance that resembles shadows, possibly a bio-weapon.
    • This one is doubtful.
Blue Beetle:
  • Ted Kord/Blue Beetle: Confirmed through mention.
  • Jaime Reyes's parents.
The Question:
  • The Question: Similar to an above WMG, Tommy could take up the mantle in this version.
    • Doubtful that it would be Tommy. But as McKenna has been speculated to be Arrow's Renee Montoya, maybe she'll become the Question.
Sandman Mystery Theatre:
  • Wesley Dodds/Sandman
Team 7
  • Various members: In this continuity, Slade Wilson is in Team 7, which, here, is an Australian intelligence unit. It's somewhat likely that additional members may appear.
  • Since Felicity comes from the same comic, Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond could appear as well, just re-imagined as a mixed martial artist or a former boxer with the nickname of Firestorm since he works up a "firestorm" in the ring. Martin Stein could also appear as a Mickey-like figure that only appears to him like a "spirit", giving him advice and it always looks like he is talking to himself. Also Ronnie and Oliver could become Bash Brothers, with Ronnie taking an interest in Felicity.
  • Travis Morgan: People will mistake him for Oliver, due to their uncanny resemblance.
  • Raven Roth: she was meant to get a show. maybe it will be after they establish the "Capes and Freaks" exist in-universe. Brother Blood will be involved.
    • The Monitor. The show turned Harbinger into an ARGUS agent, so maybe the Monitor will be something along the lines of a (human) information broker.
      • The Anti-Monitor: His evil twin brother. He'll be in some life-support system that resembles some trait of his comic counterpart's armor.
    • The First Wildcat, Ted Grant could appear as a mentor figure to Laurel should she ever decide to take up her sister's mantle.
    • Confirmed.
  • At least one magic user: Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Deadman, John Constantine

Dick Grayson will be Helena's boyfriend.
They're similar enough that it could work. It would be a nice way to introduce him, if he ever appears.
  • They did have a thing in the comics.

Diggle is this universe's version of Nightwing.
With the Bat-Embargo causing the exclusion of main characters (aka Bat-Family) from the Batman comics for the series, hints show that Diggle may be a suitable candidate to become Nightwing. Next to The Arrow, Slade and The Canary, Diggle is the character most often using Eskrima sticks and techniques to fight: his first training session with Oliver back in Season 1 was displayed in a scene using Eskrima drills, and in "Keep Your Enemies Closer" he picks up the stick weapon and uses it to disable the guards in the Gulag before taking the gun from Deadshot. His nickname, "Dig" also sounds like "Dick", which is Richard Grayson's nickname in the comics. He also needs a costume and a codename sooner or later, or someone is going to figure out that Oliver's bodyguard just happens to be poking around wherever The Arrow just happens to be investigating. His role as the butler/driver and sidekick to Ollie also mirrors the roles of Alfred and Robin to Batman. Lastly, Dig's subplot is that he's going on a personal vendetta against H.I.V.E., an organization that antagonized the Titans... and the Titans are led by Nightwing.

Felicity's father will appear.
After she pops up in tabloids as a fling of Oliver's (you know it's gonna happen), he comes back into her life in order to scam her and her presumed sugar daddy.

The Lance family has some sort of genetic face blindness
At this point, it's the Laurel and Quentin have.

Shado is alive
Her body was found by the League of Assassins and they threw her into a Lazarus Pit. Now she's an assassin, and the one behind Slade, since the revenge against Oliver is hers.

Felicity counted cards to put herself through school.
MIT is a freaking expensive school, yet neither she nor Oliver mentions student loans, which she would still be paying off. No IT department pays that well, and when Oliver promotes her in season 2, he never mentions outstanding debt, despite that debt and the pay raise being arguments Felicity couldn't really deny. And yes, she's a genius and scholarships exist, but you have to be a genius just to get into MIT. The requirements for a full ride are higher. Plus, most scholarships don't extend to room and board, meal plans or textbooks. Also, in The Undertaking, she knows how to count cards, and she's comfortable doing it. It's clearly not her first time.

Felicity's father will turn out to be a supervillain.
A mad scientist type, probably. We've been told that she inherited her intellect from him. We also know that he walked out on Felicity and her mother, suggesting that he is prone to selfish, narcissistic behavior.

A Pre-Nightwing Dick Grayson will appear in a Backdoor Pilot for Titans
Despite it airing on a different network, TNT is still owned by Time Warner, making it possible to be in continuity. When he appears, it'll be as Robin. He arrives at Starling City without Bruce's permission after finding out that Tony Zucco, the mob boss that killed his parents, was operating there. He and Roy will work together to bring down Zucco. When he confronts him, Dick will accidentally kill (or brutally beat him to near-death) Zucco in a fit of rage, causing him to have a Heroic BSOD and step down from the title of Robin. The pilot episode of Titans will be about Dick regaining his confidence to fight crime and become an independent hero.

The Atom
The producers have said before that the Arrow version of The Atom won't have his size-shifting powers, which lines up with the fact that Ray Palmer is filling the void left by Ted Kord when DC's higher ups nixed plans for him to appear. However, the producers have also had a very... inconsistent stance on super powers appearing on the show. My theory is, when The Atom initially appears, he will be nothing more than a guy in a strength-enhancing super suit, and his only ties to his shrinking ability will be the "impossibly miniaturized technology" that the suit is made of. Eventually, though, something will happen and Palmer will be forced to shrink to save someone (maybe the city, maybe Team Arrow, maybe just Felicity), and will "sacrifice" himself, allowing himself to undergo the same miniaturization process his technology underwent, knowing fully that it is most certainly going to prove fatal. He saves the person/people he was attempting to save, but as he is awaiting his imminent death from organ failure or whatever, he realizes that there were no adverse reaction — He is mysteriously immune to the fatal side-effects that plagued all other living tissue subjected to the miniaturization process, so naturally, he adds a shrinking device to the suit's armory.
  • Alternatively, Ray may remain a non size-shifter until he ends up on The Flash, and will be exposed to some dormant energy from the particle accelerator accident while wearing the suit, and will become a size-shifting metahuman.

The Absence of the Arrow will lead to Huntress' return.
She's trying to redeem herself now, and once she hears that Oliver is out of Starling she'll return and try to fill that void.

Diggle's full name is John Stuart Diggle.
Which will probably have no effect on the show or the franchise whatsoever.

Playing off the above, Diggle will be a Blue, not Green, Lantern
If Diggle was a GL, he would be way too powerful for Arrow and would overwhelm Oliver as the leading man. A Blue Lantern, though, has most of the main powers of a GL but dramatically weaker (unless they are near a GL, like maybe Hal Jordan?) and he could calm down fights before they start.

Now, in this last season, Diggle's played the peacekeeper (Blue Lanterns can remove red lantern rings) with Ray stepping in when Diggle is angry. Diggle also got several lines that talked about how his "hope" and Diggle was both more likely to wear blue this season and when in the Palmer Tech Cave only he would be surrounded by the blue lights. Most of the time the others weren't in the same shot, or were shadowed if they were.

     The Island 

Oliver was stranded on the Lost island.
Tommy's "They were all dead, I think" joke in the pilot episode wasn't a joke; it was a hint.
  • Seems jossed.

The island was actually a secret test facility for Queen Industry to create metahumans or some such.
Oliver isn't just trying to the keep the secret of his skills, he's also trying to keep the secret of the island itself. When he washed up on the island, he eventually stumbled upon the facilities and ended up getting sucked into whatever was going on. This facility is where he was taught a lot of his skills. Alternatively, it was a facility for something like the League of Shadows or something akin to that. Regardless, there's a lot of suggestions that the island wasn't exactly deserted and uncivilized.

There's another group on the island.
The Bratva has taken up an unexplored portion of the island. Oliver and Slade will go there for supplies, only to be ambushed. Oliver will plead that they don't kill him, and they will ask him to do something for them to prove that he is not a threat. He will do exceptionally at this, at which point they will recruit him into the organization. Eventually, he will rise to the rank of captain. Soon after, Oliver will point out the existence of Fyers' group. The Bratva will find their camp, and wage battle with them.
  • Jossed-the other group arrives on the island after Ollie and co defeat Fyers, and they're not Bratva. They're a research group looking for a serum called 'Mirakuru'.

    Post-"Climb" Theories 
The fall run of Season 3 was, in retrospect, The Death of the Arrow. The spring run will be Rise of the Archers.
They're the Arrow version of the Supermen.
  • Roy continues to be 'Arsenal'.
  • Helena breaks out of prison to follow Ollie's example as the 'Huntress'.
  • Ray will become the 'Atom' (The Arrow version of Steel).
  • Laurel will become the 'Black Canary'.
  • Thea will don the green hood as the 'Arrowette'.
  • Felicity will run them all as the 'Oracle'.

The Lazarus Pit will appear and is connected to Mirakuru.
Mirakuru was an unsuccessful attempt to artificially duplicate the Lazarus Pit's regenerative powers.

There will be a Time Skip between "Climb" and the next episode.
After the time skip, Oliver will appear resurrected but crazy due to the Lazarus Pit.

By the end of Season 3, Thea will become a vigilante.
Going by either Speedy (doubtful) or Artemis. After she discovers that Malcolm Merlyn brainwashed her into becoming a killer, she severs all ties with him completely. Horrified and guilt-ridden by what she's done, she seeks redemption by fighting crime and injustice alongside her brother and ex-boyfriend.

Season 3 will include a loose adaptation of Over the Edge.
It's no secret that Arrow borrows a lot from the Batman mythos, and the PaleyFest 2015 trailer shows Quentin and the SCPD storming the Arrow Cave, as well as a meeting between Quentin and Ra's. There's even a Scarecrow-like figure available in Werner Zytle. Perhaps Laurel gets another dose of Vertigo and hallucinates the entire episode?

    Other Theories 

The series so far has been All Just a Dream
The scenes that are happening on the island aren't flashbacks, they are what's currently going on.
  • Or, it's all in Quentin Lance's head. After Sara died on the cruise, he became an alcoholic, and thought of how Ollie "killed her". Ollie and Sara never found the island they died at sea. Ollie and Sara coming back was a part of this.

The show will have a Cowboy Episode in which Roger Parsons (a.k.a. Golden Arrow) will be referenced.

If the Booster Gold pilot is turned into a full TV show, Booster Gold and Arrow will be set in the same universe
They will have guest appearances on each show during breather episodes (Hilarity, of course, ensues), and Ted Kord will be a semi-regular in both shows.
  • Ted and Ollie could meet because Ted's father or uncle is on the list.

Reston's riot shield was able to stop Ollie's arrows (which had been shown to pierce metal) because Ollie wasn't shooting to kill.
By that point in time, Ollie had heard the father's story and so he lacked the emotional detachment he usually has needed to kill/he was hoping to resolve things peacefully (or at least, non-lethally). Thus he was both shooting to wound as well as not using a full pull on his bow.
  • The riot shield would stop them even at full power, and holding it at an angle would deflect the arrows easily. So, probably not.

Because it seems to be a running gag...
Tommy will get My Sister Is Off-Limits! or some variation thereof with every female character on the show.
  • Tommy's dead.

Gotham will be mentioned.
Bludhaven has appeared, and Gotham is adjacent to it. It would make sense.

There'll be other Doctor Who actors in the show
We've got John Barrowman/Captain Jack and Alex Kingston/River Song. This troper wouldn't mind Arthur Darvill/Rory as a guest star.
  • David Tennant for The Joker!

The list was written by the mysterious woman.
This goes with an above WMG, which states that the list was written by a Bigger Bad. Assuming that the mysterious woman is either a Bigger Bad or part of a Big Bad Duumvirate, then she could very well have composed the list.

Malcolm was paying off several highly-placed police officers to keep his activities as The Dark Archer secret.
The show's tie-in comic showed that Malcolm spent some time going after random criminals in The Glades as The Dark Archer yet nobody in the police department noted Oliver's activities as being similar to a hooded vigilante with a bow some 15-20 years earlier. Paying off various high-ranking cops to ignore any dead bodies turning up with black arrows in them would insure that Malcolm could continue The Undertaking undisturbed. This would also explain why Detective Lance's superior is so ambivalent about the tip-off that Malcolm Merlyn is plotting to blow up The Glades and more concerned with seeing Quentin Lance suspended or arrested.

The series so far has been All Just a Dream
The scenes that are happening on the island aren't flashbacks, they are what's currently going on.
  • Or, it's all in Quentin Lance's head. After Sara died on the cruise, he became an alcoholic, and thought of how Ollie ved with helping the underprivileged in Starling City.

The tennis balls are a nod to Shakespeare's Henry V.

The thing The Mayor was injected with was Venom.
  • It was green, and Blood called it a "miracle". With superpowers being introduced this season, Venom doesn't seem too unlikely. And it will be created this season. And while Bane probably won't be behind it, he could appear in future seasons.
  • Alternatively it could be Blockbuster formula.
    • Now it looks like it might be Miracle
      • …Which Venom is actually an improved version of, so not that far off.

The introduction of Mirakuru will tie Arrow to The CW's planned Hourman series.

Nightwing's possible appearance, combined with Roy Harper's development, the Flash show, and the, still-on-hold, Wonder Woman show will lead to a Teen Titans spin-off miniseries
  • Currently, Steven McQueen is currently campaigning for the role, and if allowed, he could very well appear in the show as Nightwing, and given his age, he'd likely make better friends with Roy than Oliver. Assuming Roy eventually gets trained, somewhere down the line, the two will likely become great friends and vigilantes. Meanwhile, the Flash Spin-off will hopefully include Wally West, and develop him into Kid-Flash, and he too will become great friends with the pair. Amazon will eventually push forward and will hopefully also include Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. Somewhere down the line, the four of them will team up for a mini-series, joined with other superhero teens, where they form the Titans.

The Man within the Blur Barry saw was his DCU counterpart
the comicbook Flash went back at the end of Flashpoint to undo the damage that has been caused but unfortunately he created several alternate timelines one of which is the Arrow Universe.

Oliver will be forced into an Enemy Mine with Malcolm
To take down Slade and Brother Blood; possibly they will reluctantly team up when Thea's life is on the line.
  • Malcolm will push Oliver's buttons every step of the way. In return, Oliver will tell him that his own son's death was Malcolm's doing.

A Green Lantern will appear in the series
  • I have two guesses as to how this could go down.
    • 1) Construction for a railway line starts to be mentioned, and we get introduced to one of the workers: Alan Scott
    • 2) An old army buddy of Diggle comes to Starling City to get some advice, at the end of the episode, a blue hand taps John Stewart on the back.
    • 3) Oliver met a boy who's father is a pilot at Ferris Airfield, where Robert was conducting business.

Brother Blood and Ivo aren't the only ones who've been working with Mirakuru
Namely, a project in the country of Santa Prisca called "Project Gilgamesh". They managed to reduce the side affects, but at the cost of making it only temporary. They called it Venom, and they got a test subject from Peña Duro prison.

Slade was checking out Thea
I could be wrong but the whole Terra thing has made Slade a Memetic Molester for this troper.

MacGregor's Syndrome was mentioned in "Time of Death" specifically in case they wanted to include Mr. Freeze
Come on, you were thinking that too.

Oliver's illegitimate child revealed in the "Seeing Red" flashbacks is Connor Hawke
And will probably make at least a cameo in the Flash spinoff, because Moira ensured the mother and her unborn child moved to Central City, and by the present day timeline, should be seven years old.

The Mirakuru cure is only temporary.
  • Eventually, Slade and Roy will get their powers back.
    • Probably not Roy, since he's a Badass Normal in the comics, but Slade's could given he had powers in the comics that were weaker than in the show. Given Roy's was driven from Slade's blood, its possible his sample was weaker and so easier to cure, while Slade, who's had Mirikuru in his system for years, would probably be strong enough to either regain his abilities after some time, or it'll turn out his powers were just nerfed, not removed completely.

Season 5 will be the final season.
Oliver was gone for 5 years. Each episode has a flashback to what he did 5 years prior.

The season 5 finale will lead into the Justice League movie.
Building on the previous WMG, season 5 could be the last season, and it would end in 2017, the year in which the Justice League movie is gonna come out. Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Green Arrow in the film.

The show will follow the broad trajectory of the pre-New 52 Green Arrow history and continuity

Despite the fact that Arrow is seemingly its own animal, from Season 2 onwards, the show is clearly making greater attempts to steep itself in the comic-book mythos. And with recent developments, certain patterns are emerging, which suggest that the aim of the showrunners is to loosely follow the trajectory of Green Arrow history from the comics.

Consider this. Green Arrow's history in the comics can be broadly classed into the following eras-

1. Origin and Solo Career: Oliver goes through his island experiences, returns, and becomes a solo vigilante. Covered largely in stories like Green Arrow Year One and the odd flashback here and there.

2. The Classic Era: Green Arrow gets a sidekick in Speedy. Covered mostly in classic Golden Age and Silver Age stories (along with miscellaneous flashbacks). The Green Arrow comics actually began In Media Res during this era.

3. The 'New Look' Era: Green Arrow grows a beard and becomes a liberal loudmouth. He and Roy split and he starts working with Black Canary instead. Covered in the stories of the 70's and early 80's, starting with the 'Hard Travelling Heroes' arc with Green Lantern.

4. The 'Urban Hunter' Era: The Mike Grell series, starting with The Longbow Hunters. Green Arrow becomes a more realistic urban vigilante and fights crime alongside Black Canary.

5. Post-Resurrection Era: After Oliver returns from the dead, he works alongside an extended Team Arrow, including Mia Dearden and Connor Hawke. Basically all the modern stories, starting with Quiver, up until the reboot.

Now compare this to the progress of the show so far.

The island origin is being covered throughout the series in the flashbacks. The Solo Career phase was covered in Season 1 and 2, with Oliver embarking on his career as the solo vigilante, and then later establishing the 'Arrow' persona. Starting with Season 2, the show starts to move towards the Classic Era, with Roy starting to get involved with the Arrow and more comic-booky elements being introduced. By Season 3, we're firmly in the Classic Era, since Roy is now in costume and working alongside the Arrow as his sidekick/partner. Now, with the hints we've been given that Laurel will be evolving into the Black Canary in Season 3, I think its a fair bet that by late Season 3/early Season 4, the show will have transitioned into something resembling the New Look Era, with Green Arrow and Black Canary working together, and Roy possibly leaving the team. And at some later point, in Seasons 4 or 5, if Thea, who is an Expy of Mia Dearden, returns to Oliver's side, then we could be in the Post-Resurrection Era.

Of course, none of this is set in stone, and the writers are mixing things from different eras. For instance, Season 1 clearly had the aesthetic of Mike Grell's Urban Hunter era thrown in. And I doubt Oliver is ever going to become a liberal loud-mouth on the show. But I think in a larger sense, they will be following this broad trajectory.

There will be an adaptation of Flashpoint
This theory has also been posted on The Flash. If they can't use Batman, then he will be replaced with the Arrow. In the alternate universe, Oliver died in the shipwreck and Robert Queen became the Arrow. After finding out his wife re-married and worked with Malcolm Merlyn on a device that destroyed the Glades, he becomes a violent anti-hero. He would kill Merlyn, and Moira would end up becoming that universe's version of the Dark Archer, much like how Martha Wayne became the Joker.
  • Since Aquaman and Wonder Woman won't likely appear, they replace the war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons with some huge war happening offscreen. Conflicts between the US, Kasnia, and China lead to World War III, that'll escalate into a nuclear war (possibly caused by the Brother Eye terrorist group). There'll also be references to Buddy Bank, "Command-D", and the Atomic Knights; and refers to the impending nuclear attack as a "great disaster".
    • The war could be between the League of Shadows and the HIVE.
  • If the adaptation is a multi-episode event between both shows, the first Arrow episode of the arc would open with a narration from Robert Queen like as if he's always been the Arrow.

Merlyn was lying about the mind control, and Thea was acting of her own free will
Just throwing it out there

Brick is a Mirakuru solider!

He survived a head shot from Diggle, and then beat up Diggle like he was a chump. He must have been someone strong enough to resist the General insanity, and escaped before Oliver and the others cured the other soldiers.

Season 5 flashbacks will be an adaptation Super Max.
The old proposed Green Arrow movie which would feature Oliver being locked up in and escaping from an ARGUS super villian prison. So Season 3 flashbacks will deal with Hong Kong, Season 4 will be Russia with Oliver going undercover with the Bratva. The aftermath will be Waller imprisoning him in the ARGUS supermax prison back on Lian Yu, which over the course of the season he will escape from leading to his rescue as seen in the Pilot.

Maseo and Tatsu's son is the DJ from Thea's club
  • Jossed. He was actually from the League of Assassins.

After Oliver returns, Roy will bring him up to speed, mentioning how Merlyn said Thea's problems were family business and telling Roy he wasn't family
Oliver's will just say "Merlyn was wrong."

By the end of Season 3, Felicity will leave Team Arrow
The whole of Season 3 has gone towards proving that she's a crusader in her own right, even without Oliver. And now, as off "Uprising" she's disillusioned with Oliver over his seeking help from Merlyn. That, plus the fact that she's getting closer to Ray and is going to help with the 'Atom' project does strongly suggest the possibility that by the end of the season, she will leave Team Arrow (at least temporarily) to work exclusively for Ray, or to eventually become an Oracle-like figure in this universe.

The theory about a Lazarus Pit resurrecting you-know-who won't apply.
My reasons for this guess are as follows- if such a method was available Nyssa would have done it with or without her father's approval, and also Sara Lance has been dead for a damn long while.
  • Apparently Jossed, as she looks to be coming out of a Lazarus Pit in the trailers for the new show.

The Senator from "Suicidal Tendencies".
Is going to be a problem for for Lyla and Diggle. He pretty much covered his tracks regarding the whole fake hostage thing. Except for two American operatives who know what he done and what he is capable of. I wouldn't be surprised he ends up trying to kill them both and ends up killing Lyla in the crossfire.

Brick isn't bulletproof
Every time we see him get shot, it's with his own gun. He could've loaded his gun with rubber bullets or something when that happened to give him the bulletproof reputation. This would explain why arrows managed to hurt him. It would also explain why at the Glades police station, when he gives the two mooks his "If you take me down you walk out alive" deal, he doesn't let them reach for the gun because it's loaded with live rounds.

Oliver will kill/usurp Ra's and defang the League.
A few bits of foreshadowing are going to come to a point at the end of Season Three. 1. Oliver has thus far lacked the killer instinct necessary to defeat Ra's, but he will gain it in the League after witnessing Ra's crossing the Moral Event Horizon. 2. Maseo's assistance during Team Arrow's daring escape shows that an assassin forgetting their past self isn't so easy. Oliver is still a good person at heart and will do the heroic thing when it really counts. 3. After his trouble with the Starling police, he said he can't be the Arrow anymore. The League now says he can't be Oliver Queen anymore.

It's Doylist to say this, but it's unacceptable storytelling to ever have Oliver commanding a legion of assassins, even if he tells them to not kill anymore (as Ra's previously suggested). No, the only option for a season finale is one where Oliver is forced to kill Ra's, he orders all the assassins to pursue a life of nonviolent charity and public works, and goes back to being a Team Arrow vigilante — without trying to be Oliver Queen at the same time.

Quentin Lance will die by the end of Season 3
His story has pretty much run its course on the show. All possibilities with his character have been exhausted. That's typically when the showrunners decide to kill off characters on this show. Its also worth noting that Quentin fits another pattern established in the previous two seasons with 'soon to die' characters. In Season 1, Tommy learns about Oliver's double-life and has a falling out with him. By the end of the season, he dies. In Season 2, Moira becomes estranged from Oliver, and later reveals that she's aware of his double-life, just before she dies. Likewise, in Season 3, Lance has turned against the Arrow, and also discovers that Oliver is the Arrow...so, as per the pattern (and the fact that there's nothing more which can be done with his character), he will die.
  • It will be A Death in the Limelight episode, with flashbacks showing him getting into SCPD and highlights his life with his family. I also want to guess young Quentin will be played by Dustin Clare cause a.) the actor looks a lot like Paul Blackthorne and b.) the show doesn't hide the fact that they love casting Spartacus alumnae.
    • Jossed, he's fine.
In Season 4, when Oliver returns to the crusade, he will pretend to be someone inspired by Roy Harper
So as off "Broken Arrow", the people of Starling City believe that Roy Harper was the Arrow and that he died in Iron Heights prison - or at least, that's what the official story is. When Oliver returns to the crusade as Arrow or Green Arrow (as he inevitably will because Status Quo Is God) in Season 4, he will pose as a 'new' vigilante taking up the mantle of the fallen 'original' Arrow, Roy Harper. This will serve a dual purpose - it will not only explain the Arrow's return after his official 'death', but it will also be a way for Oliver to acknowledge Roy's sacrifice by making him a martyr to the people of Starling City.

The fall of Ra's al Ghul will directly lead to the Season 4 story-arc
Word of God has confirmed that Damian Darhk and HIVE will be the central villains of Season 4. And in "Al Sah-him", Ra's explains the origins of HIVE, claiming that its a splinter faction of the League of Assassins formed when his rival, Damian Darhk, escaped Nanda Parbat with waters from the Lazarus Pit and his own band of loyalists. And its implied that the League and HIVE have been at war ever since, with the League countering HIVE's agenda. Now, when Season 3 ends, its very likely that Ra's will be out of power and the League will, if not totally disbanded, be in complete disarray, thanks to the efforts of Team Arrow. This leads to a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero situation, where the resultant power vacuum allows HIVE the opportunity to make a solid move for world domination (or whatever is Darhk's master-plan). And so, next season, Team Arrow (or whatever is left of it...) has to clean up the mess by going up against HIVE.

Damian Darhk will be revealed to be responsible for Malcolm Merlyn surviving the Season 1 finale
Merlyn told Moira that "There are places in the world where death is an illusion...I've been to one". It was always assumed that this was a veiled reference to Nanda Parbat and the restorative properties of the Lazarus Pit. But given that Malcolm was believed to be dead by the League until Moira informed them in "The Scientist", its highly unlikely he was able to take a dip in the Lazarus Pit. But, in "Al Sah-him", Ra's reveals that Damian Darhk fled Nanda Parbat, taking with him "water from the Lazarus Pit". So, is it possible that Merlyn was resurrected from his near-death state by Darhk for reasons as yet unknown? Perhaps Merlyn has been working as a deep-cover H.I.V.E. agent all along, and his Xanatos Gambit to manipulate Oliver into killing Ra's might not just have been part of his survival plan, but a H.I.V.E. mission.

What other Doctor Who/Torchwood alumni will join the DCW-verse
  • We've already got John Barrowman/Jack Harkness/Malcolm Merlyn, Alex Kingston/River Song and now Arthur Darvill/Rory Williams/Rip Hunter unless I'm missing any other names.

     Season Four Theories 

Oliver and Felicity will be targeted while they are away
And this will compel Oliver to get back into the game. Either they are attacked and Felicity is grievously injured, leading Oliver to seek vengeance...or Felicity is kidnapped, leading Oliver on a mission to find her. This will also lead to Oliver and Diggle reconciling and working together because of what happened to their mutual friend/comrade. And it will lead to them discovering that Oliver, Felicity or both of them were being targeted by H.I.V.E...kicking off the central plot of this season.

Felicity's father is connected to HIVE
Word of God says that we will likely learn more about Felicity's father in Season 4, so chances are he will be involved in the H.I.V.E. plot somehow. Either he's a genius computer engineer/hacker who is kidnapped by H.I.V.E. to do their bidding, or he has dealings with them, or he's a member. OR...

Felicity's father is Damian Darhk
It would make sense if one assumes that Darhk, being a rogue League of Assassins leader, lives and operates far more stealthily than Ra's. After all, the decoy Damian Darhk in the Season 3 finale was living in a Starling City hotel, something Nyssa says Ra's would never do. So its likely Darhk, unlike Ra's, doesn't live in his own fortress surrounded by an army, but instead lives quietly as a civilian, blending into the populace. And in this guise, he might have met a cocktail waitress named Donna Smoak and had a brief affair with her, resulting in Felicity's birth. Maybe he only stuck around for a while because he noticed that the child had inherited some of his genius and had so much potential. So he kept an eye on her from afar and now he's ready to be involved in her life again.
  • Normally, this would be great. But after she was written and depicted in Season 3, this could endanger her of becoming a full-blown Creator's Pet (if she's not one already). Having her father be simply connected would logically be enough.

In the flashbacks, Oliver will meet Andy Diggle
When Oliver first met John, he seemed to know all about his brother Andy's death. While he could have easily researched it, it might just be possible that Oliver knew Andy years ago. They might even have been friends. Then Andy was murdered by an unknown assassin (whom Oliver years later discovers was Floyd Lawton), and Oliver may have investigated it (albeit, he, like everyone else, believed that Andy's employer was the real target). So Oliver will have some involvement with H.I.V.E. in the flashbacks, but he won't really the true significance of those events until five years later, during the present-day story.

Andy Diggle was a former member of H.I.V.E.
Though any of these possible scenarios, he...
  • Realized what kind of people he was working for and left the organization, only to be killed since he knew a lot of integral matters, so the org hired someone (Deadshot) to ensure everything related to them will not get out, ala Robert Queen for Tempest. The similarities would be a good way for Diggle to realize that he and Oliver are Not So Different, leading to their eventual reconciliation.
  • Was killed simply because he has served his purpose.
  • Was forced to join by some circumstances he couldn't control, which is likely since this is what A.R.G.U.S. does and H.I.V.E. is an Evil Counterpart to the former (yes, that's the possible) and then found a way to leave and be killed for it.

Andy Diggle was not as good as his brother believes
In relation to the aforementioned former member of H.I.V.E. theory. He was a power hungry, high-ranking member and was ordered to be assassinated by members due to power struggle, either by those struggling to rise to the ranks or his contemporaries. John, Carly and his son were merely his Morality Pets. Either way, expect some Broken Pedestal Tear Jerker moments for Dig.

Season Four will establish Laurel and Thea's bond to be similar to that of Black Canary and the Mia Dearden Speedy in the comics.
They are already close, but the time they will spend together as They Fight Crime will bring them family-like closeness. Especially in light of Oliver leaving and Sara being apparently Killed Off for Real.

The Huntress will return this season.
With Oliver Walking the Earth with Felicity and Roy being forced to leave, it's the perfect time for her to start her Redemption Quest to be the Anti-Hero that she is in the comics. Plus, it will also be a good time to start dropping Birds of Prey Easter Eggs since majority of Team Arrow are now female.

Season Four will introduce the Green Arrow's most famous roadtrip partner, the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
  • Coast City has been creeping into the setting for both The Flash and Arrow, culminating in Ollie boarding a freighter bound for Coast City in the third season finale.
  • The Flash mentions that Ferris Air Field has been abandoned since "that test pilot went missing."
  • We're going to see Hal go missing in the Season 4 flashbacks, only for him to return in the present day storylines as a space cop.

Nyssa is the one who revives Sara.
  • Let's go down the list. Malcolm: Jerk Ass Villain Sue. He wouldn't do it. Olvier: Season 3 proved he didn't care about Sara, besides he's off with Felicity. He wouldn't do it. Laurel wouldn't dig up her sister or go near Nanda Parbat. That leaves Nyssa to dig up her lover's corpse and somehow get her to Nanda Parbat and sneak her into the Lazarus Pit and hope it works. Thanks to Legendsof Tomorrow, we know that it does and it makes sense that it would be Nyssa who brings her back to life.

Episode 7 will begin with a flashback to the Season 3 finale.
Much like how episode 7 of Season 2 ("State v. Queen") began with a flashback to the Undertaking, and episode 7 of Season 3 ("Draw Back Your Bow") began with a flashback to the Siege, episode 7 of Season 4 will also feature a flashback to the previous season's finale...one that will set in motion the appearance of the episode's villain (just as was the case with Count Vertigo and Cupid in Seasons 2 and 3 respectively).

Season Four will reveal that Dr. Ivo was actually hired by H.I.V.E. to find the Mirakuru
Just as Season 1 flashbak Big Bad Edward Fryers was revealed to be hired by A.R.G.U.S. in Season 3, Season 4 will do the same with Season 2 flashback Disc One Final Boss Ivo with H.I.V.E. It will actually makes sense though. H.I.V.E. is apparently at odds with A.R.G.U.S. and definitely with the League of Assassins, so in order to combat two powerful organizations, they would need something that will greatly enhance the organization and their fighters' offensive and defensive capabilities. According to Ra's, Damian Darhk took a decent amount of water from the Lazarus Pit, but obviously it's limited so they would need a better option. And what better option is there than the Mirakuru - a drug that (again) greatly enhance a fighter's offence (by dramatically increasing their strength) and defensive (Healing Factor) attributes? Around the time Ivo and his men encountered Oliver and company in Lian Yu, H.I.V.E.'s pit is already starting to run out so they hired the Mad Scientist to look for the miracle drug.

Season Four will reveal that Malcolm Merlyn was been in cahoots with H.I.V.E
Think about it, he mentioned that he "cheated death" in some place after losing to Oliver in the Season 1 finale. He's obviously referring to the Lazarus Pit, and according to Ra's, H.I.V.E.'s founder Damian Darhk stole a significant amount of water in the League's Lazarus Pit. He obviously couldn't bathe in the League's pit, so where else would he do it? Also, he's a League traitor just like Damian Darhk so it would make sense for them to get along. For all we know, H.I.V.E. was a major, if not the main, sponsor of Merlyn Global. Malcolm's ascension as the new Ra's Al-Ghul will probably make him some sort of a Double Agent, or he'll be Playing Both Sides.

Starling City will no longer be the focus of the series.
In the season three finale, Oliver felt he could retire as The Arrow because he realized that Starling City is in good hands. This remains true. However, we have also seen that H.I.V.E., unlike past villains, operates on an international scale. Oliver will realize that while Starling City may no longer need him, the rest of the world does, particularly when A.R.G.U.S. becomes overwhelmed. He and/or Felicity may be attacked directly when on vacation.

H.I.V.E. will take many cues from HYDRA in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
And much like HYDRA's arch-enemy is S.H.I.E.L.D., H.I.V.E.'s arch-enemy will be A.R.G.U.S., which will play a significantly greater role in the fourth season's main plot.

H.I.V.E. will take over the ARGUS prison on Lian Yu and will free Deathstroke and Captain Boomerang.
And just to add insult to injury, they may find a new source of Mirakuru and will give it back to Slade. They will want to stop the Arrow at all costs, and what better way than by recruiting his mortal enemy?
  • And Deathstroke could ultimately become The Starscream to H.I.V.E. and once again be the Big Bad of the season.