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"Up yours, cocksucker!"

Andrew "Dice" Clay, born Andrew Clay Silverstein, is an insult comedian who was once popular in the 1980s and 1990s known as the Don Rickles of his generation. Nicknamed "The Diceman", he is well known for his combination of Vulgar Humor and Refuge in Audacity that was controversially racist, sexist, homophobic and misogynistic, all done in a thick New York accent with his look resembling Greaser Delinquents. OHHHH!!!

Lorne Michaels reluctantly agreed to let Clay host the episode on a seven-second delay (which Michaels does not like to do, but had to on this and two other SNL episodes hosted by controversial comedians: Sam Kinison when he hosted during the 12th season, and Richard Pryor when he hosted during the first season).

Clay starred in films such as the bomb The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and the stand-up concert film Dice Rules. Later, he tried to soften his image by dropping his "Dice" nickname and appearing in the Short Runner CBS sitcom Bless This House. After re-adopting his vulgar persona, he Adam Wested as himself on a season of Entourage.

EMF used a sample of him yelling "WHAT THE FUCK!" for their hit single "Unbelievable". Ice Cube also sampled one of his punchlines ("Good ol' Mother Goose, remember her?... Yeah, I fucked 'er.") for "Gangsta's Fairytale".

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Alternative Title(s): Andrew Dice Clay