Fan Works: Pokémon

This is an index of Fan Works related to Pokémon.

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  • Bulbagarden (fan community best-known for their Pokémon wiki, Bulbapedia)
  • Boltbeam, a now-completed project, intended to create Pokémon based upon all of the then-unused type combinations.
  • Smogon (competitive community, considered the authority for the game's Character Tiers)
  • VirtualDex Project (online game and forums based on a discontinued webcomic written by the admin and a friend)
  • Global PokedeX Plus (aka GPX+): An online game based around completing the Pokedex by picking up eggs and released Pokemon that appear on the main page and in the Safari, and levelling them by interacting with them and other people's Pokemon. And also by breeding them. All the tedium, none of the violence!