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Drinking Game: Pokémon
Drinking games for Pokémon (the TV show):

The simplest game, only one simple rule:
  • Drink a finger every time a Pokémon's name is said. Yes this includes when a Pokémon says its own name or part of it e.g. "Pika!"

Alternatively if you like some variation. Take a sip when:

*Suicidal rule:
  • If marathoning from the first episode, take a sip for a cameo from each Pokemon that will not have a major impact on the plot until much later in the series.
  • Misty mentions her bike. You will die in the first season.
  • Someone utters, whether intentionally/unintentionally, a rather painful Incredibly Lame Pun (Dub only).
  • Someone/something facefaults.
  • Ash says a Pokémon's name and then whips out his Pokédex to check its data.
    • Take two if it was a Pokémon he already encountered.
      • Take four if it was a Pokémon he already caught.
  • Ash gets another badge.
    • A May or Dawn gets another ribbon.
  • Ash comments on how Gary is always one step ahead of him. Take two if Gary appears.
  • Ash explains to the person that he just met that he wants to become a Pokémon Master.
  • Brock hits on a pretty girl, only to be dragged away by Misty/Max/Bonsly/Croagunk.
  • Ash uses Pikachu in battle, even when the type is a disadvantage, and the other Pokémon is stronger then Pikachu.
    • Take a drink if Ash wins with a Pokémon with type disadvantage, or if he loses with a Pokémon with type advantage. Especially potent as of Black and White.
  • Every time Pikachu uses Thunderbolt.
    • Finish your drink if he uses Thunder.
  • Team Rocket shows up to steal Pikachu using a machine.
    • Take another if Pikachu is the first one to attack, only for Team Rocket's machine to turn out to be lightningproof this week. (What? Too specific to happen that often? Oh if you only knew)
    • Take another if they say their motto right in front of Ash and friends, no matter how many times Ash has heard it already.
    • Finish your drink if they are "blasted off again!" (Or, in ''Black and White', blast themselves off again.)
      • Are you sure you're not trying to kill us!?
  • Whoever answers correctly first on "Who's that Pokémon?" or "Pokémon Trainer's Choice" doesn't have to drink. Everyone else has to take a sip. Whoever gets it wrong has to take two.
    • If the Pokémon Trainer's Choice answer is incorrect, everyone takes two sips. If it's the "Arbok evolves into Seviper" one, everyone finishes their drink.
  • When Ash's Gym battle is interrupted by Team Rocket.
    • Chug if the gym leader gives Ash the badge right after.
  • Take a shot every time the type matchups are mentioned. (Did you know Grass is weak to Fire? Grass is weak to Fire! Fire-types have an advantage over Grass-types!)
    • Additionally, take a shot every time they still get it wrong, whether getting the matchup itself wrong or ignoring secondary types (or Levitate in AG and after.) Seriously, even if the Pokémon that are used by whoever's supposed to win were 10 levels higher, some of the outcomes would be incredibly unlikely.
  • Take a shot each time Meowth falls in love with someone. Take another if he only knows them for one episode and then never mentions them again.
  • Take two shots when a Pokémon is hit by an attack it is supposed to be immune to. Three shots if it's a poison attack on a Steel-type or an electric attack on a Ground-type (for the second case, if it was Ash's Pikachu who delivered the blow, MAKE IT DOUBLE!) Levitate and similar abilities are ignored pre-AG and the Magnemite family is considered pure Electric in Season 1 for the purposes of this.
  • If a rival appears and for every douche action he/she does, drink.
    • Drink 5 bottles if it's Paul, and don't count every action he does. Your kidneys would hate you if you counted them.
      • Yep, you're trying to kill us.
  • When someone makes a blantantly bad move just so that the writers can let the other person win, take a shot.
    • Two if it's during a gym battle or league match.
  • When Dawn has a problem with her hair.
    • And whenever she utters her Catch Phrase: "No need to worry!"
  • When Brock explains something that we can all see for ourselves.
  • Whenever Iris says her Catch Phrase: "What a kid!" or "You're such a kid!"
    • Or Cilan says his Catch Phrase: "It's tasting (or whatever variaton) time!"
  • When Ash has to save Pikachu, take a drink.
  • When Ash wins a league, go to ABC, buy every single bottle of Tequila they have, and drink every one of them.
  • Take a shot whenever James' grass Pokémon decide to get close and personal with him.
  • Take a shot for every released Pokemon.
  • Take a shot every time a character of the day mistakes Ash and the female travelling companion for being a couple.
  • Take a shot whenever someone gets Butcher - er, I mean, Butch's name wrong.
    • Take another if they call him something other than Biff (out of all the names they have for poor Bugs - er, I mean, Butch - Biff is the most common name used).
      • Take a triple shot if someone gets Butch's name right, and Butch thinks they got his name wrong.
  • Likewise, take a shot every time someone gets Best Wishes' rival, Stephan's name wrong. You'll be dead by the end of the episode you're watching!
  • Take a shot every time Barry or Bianca does a Crash-Into Hello to Ash or anyone else. Take two if Barry demands a fine.
  • If the fourth wall is broken, take a shot if Team Rocket did it, chug if it was someone else.
  • Take a shot everytime one of the main characters says their catchphrase when sending out their Pokémon. (i.e., "I choose you!", "Spotlight!", "Stand by for battle!", etc.)
  • Down a whole bottle everytime Ash loses the league because of a Diabolus Ex Machina.
  • Take a shot everytime Ash loses to a rookie trainer.
    • Take two if Pikachu was curb stomped.
  • Take a shot everytime Ash forgets the basics and does something stupid.
  • Take a sip every time Poor Communication Kills when the character of the week is introduced.
    • Take two if the heroes are mistaken for thieves.
  • Take a shot every time there's some excuse not to have the gym battle in the episode you're watching. Down the bottle if the battle starts only to be interrupted and resolved in a later episode. The Blackthorn episodes will have you under the table. There's a 'reason' Pokemopolis calls "Better Eight than Never" "No more excuses".

Drinking game for Pokémon (the games):

Take a sip when:
  • Every time you run into a Rattata or one of the other Com Mons. You'll die before earning your first badge.
  • Every time you face a Mook from that region's team using one of the Com Mons.
    • Take two sips if they mention how badly they are going to defeat you.
  • Take a shot every time a mook tells you that "it's hopeless to try and stop us!" or calls your character a little boy/girl.
  • Take a shot every time someone mentions shorts.
  • Finish your drink if the game freezes or crashes.
  • If you encounter a shiny, only for it to flee or faint before you can catch it, finish the bottle. (You'll need to drown your sorrows anyway.) If it faints from Struggle recoil or a critical hit, finish everyone else's shots too. (Roaming Pokémon don't count. The plot-relevant Gyarados and other encounters that are always shiny don't count.)
  • Take a shot for every reference to Something Awful and/or Internet memes.
  • Take a drink if your Pokémon hurts itself in confusion (finish your drink if it KO's itself from confusion damage.)
  • Take a drink every time a computer-controlled Mon makes a pointless or stupid move choice (Explosion on a Ghost-type, Rest or Recover at full HP, spamming 1/4 effectiveness moves, etc.
    • Take two if it was your rival.
    • Finish the drink if it was someone in a Wifi battle.
  • Take a drink every time a trainer-owned Pokémon uses Splash. This includes your own Pokémon and uses of Splash via Metronome or similar moves.
  • Drink when your pokemon and wild one take down each other.
  • Take a drink every time the opponent's Pokemon somehow survives with one HP left from a regular, damaging move and the opponent didn't use Endure the turn before. Take another drink if the opponent eats its held berry after surviving.
  • Take a drink every time the opponent uses Protect or Detect. Take two if the opponent uses the move and gets the protection twice in a row.
  • Take a drink every time the rival in DPP runs into you.
  • Take a drink every time a wild Pokémon uses Mud Sport or Water Sport.
  • Take six drinks (one for each Pokémon) when you encounter a Fisherman with six Magikarp.
  • Take a small sip every time you encounter a Goddamn Bat in a cave.Protip 
  • Take a drink every time the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway opponent's Pokémon dodges your attack or holds onto a Focus Band when by all rights your move should've KO'd it without fail. Finish your drink if you lost because of this. (You'll need it.)
    • Take two if it happens multiple times in a row, such as Quick Claw.
  • Now for the Kalos edition:
    • Take a shot whenever Mega Evolution is brought up. Take an additional for each use of Mega Evolution.
    • Take a shot whenever a character, particularly Viola, says "Fantastic!".
    • Take a shot whenever a Flare Grunt talks about their fashion clothing or says that when they lose they "go out in style".
    • Take a shot whenever you encounter a horde of Seviper and Zangoose or Heatmor and Durant, an additional sip for each attack made on the other over your Mon. Finish your drink if there's a shiny.
    • Take a shot whenever you meet Mr. Bonding in a Hotel or the Pokemon Center.
    • Take a shot when you engage in Wonder Trade and get one of the normal Com Mons, or a Gen I/Gen VI starter.
      • Take a big gulp and spit it out if you get a legendary or a shiny.note 
    • Take a shot whenever Tierno, Trevor, or Shauna appears, with one additional shot if they battle.

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