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Lets Play: Marriland
A guy that does Pokémon related walkthroughs and owns a website named after himself. In 2007, he started his Pokemon Diamond walkthrough. He left Youtube in 2010 because of the flagging that many Youtubers were going through at the time. However, in May 2012, he returned, all of his older videos remastered and with new content.

Some of Marriland's video series include:

  • Pokemon Diamond Adventure - The one that started it all and really got Devin his name.
  • Pokemon Platinum Adventure - This was meant to be a quick playthrough of the game mostly to show the viewers what was new compared to Diamond and Pearl, hence why he shortened nearly all Trainer battles except big ones like Gym Leaders, Cyrus and the Elite Four + Champion. He did a little bit of the post-game, including doing the whole Stark Mountain subquest and catching Heatran.
  • Pokemon Yellow Adventure - Originally meant to be an April Fools joke after finishing his Platinum adventure, but people loved it, so he continued. This is, to date, his only Let's Play where he doesn't nickname a Pokemon he uses on his main team, Pikachu in this case (unless you count Zekrom being used against N in White, though that was temporary), due to wanting to keep it like the anime on that note.
  • Pokemon Soul Silver Adventure - While originally meant to be a guided playthrough of the game that followed the same "shorten all non-important battles" pattern as in Platinum, it wasn't a big hit and didn't get many views, notably the last uploaded episode (before the Ice Path). It's been discontinued, though he has spoken of doing one final video as a summary of the following events.
  • Pokemon White Adventure - Another guided playthrough, that mostly helped through the main storyline. The final recorded episode had him abandoning the team he used there to send over four of his favorite bros in previous playthroughs note  and ended on a cliffhanger. Similar to Soul Silver, it has been discontinued but he plans to do a final video for a summary of what came after.
  • Pokemon Conquest Adventure
  • Pokemon Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy - He did this when his Japanese copies of the game came in, while he played the game completely blind and did live commentary (basically forcing him to not cut anything out or speed anything up) for the sake of mainly a coverage. He beat the game extremely quickly, but that was because immediately after that he had to begin his daunting walkthrough, which required him to cut back on all videos for a month, except for two important ones and two fun ones that he recorded in his Japanese White 2 version. When he did resume it, he did do Black Kyurem and a little bit of Southern Unova, but stopped at the P2 Laboratory. The series was basically cancelled there, due to him not resuming before the English release.
  • Pokemon White 2 Adventure - A guided video series of the game. He made videos of every individual section for the sake of convenience, and for his walkthrough. This adventure is overall very in-depth. It was also the first series of his to use a new recording setup with a modded DS that records in HD and allows for the sidebars, as opposed to post-commentary (another thing that led him to discontinue Soul Silver and White). Since X and Y have been released, it is unknown if he will ever do any of the remaining three things he has left (the Pokemon World Tournament, the Nature Preserve and the Therian Formes).
  • Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke - Having many of his fans wanting him to do a Gen III game like Emerald, and a Nuzlocke, he decided to combine them both, feeling this was the only way he could be compelled to do Gen III. Finished as of December 24th, 2012 and defeated Steven on May 10, 2014.
  • Pokemon HeartGold Wedlocke - After the popularity of his Emerald Nuzlocke, he uploaded his own variant on the Self-Imposed Challenge. After beating the game as of February 10th, 2013, and completed Kanto as of April 9, he defeated Red on September 28.
  • Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke, Set Mode + Item Restrictions - Following the many "item whoring" complaints he received in Emerald and Heart Gold, and given how a few people were taking their Nuzlockes up by putting the battle style on Set (leaves them unable to switch) and restricting items, he decided he was up next. Though he has it up as a thread on the forums but has mentioned that it will be uploaded to YouTube eventually. Meant to basically be a little side adventure to play alongside the HG Wedlocke. Can be found here. He later stated he would stop posting updates to the forum on account of the Fan Dumb constantly perstering him to update, despite him being busy with Heartgold grinding and other things. He has stated it will be uploaded to Youtube once the Heartgold Wedlocke concludes. Finished as of October 6, 2013.
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Adventure - A guided playthrough of the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. As with White 2, it is unknown whether he will show any more footage.
  • Pokemon X Adventure - A blind playthrough of Pokémon X, his first one of X/Y that was also a guide through the game. Similar to White 2, he seperated every individual area by each video. He completed the main game on October 18, 2013.
  • Pokemon Black Wedlocke: Redacting his previous decision to quit Nuzlockes on account of the Fan Dumb, Marriland kicked off a new Wedlocke challenge on February 22, 2014 to roaring fanfare. Concluded on April 20, 2014.
  • Pokemon Black 2 Wedlocke: At the same time he announced the Black Wedlocke, he confirmed he would continue with the sequel when he finished. The rules are the same as the Black Wedlocke, except he's playing on Challenge Mode and using Memory Link. Started on 16th of May 2014 and finished on September 7, 2014.
  • Pokémon Y WonderWedlocke Wednesday: A WonderWedlocke done on his Twitch TV stream that he has been doing on another copy of Y that he has. Started in April 2014 and done almost every Wednesday since, this challenge combines the Wonderlocke, the Wedlocke and the challenging item+level restrictions that the Platinum Nuzlocke had for a very intense playthrough. He has uploaded every episode to YouTube following their streamings. Data can be found here.

Other series include:

  • Walking Wonderlocke Y: "Get Fit or Die!" - His first forum exclusive Nuzlocke he has documented, this play through is a "Wonder Trade Nuzlocke" where he uses Pokémon obtained through Wonder Trade. But as a twist, he has to play through the game while exercising! May or may not have been discontinued, though, as nothing has been heard of it since early 2014.

Marriland's videos contains examples of:

  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: The Champion battles of his Nuzlockes and Wedlockes (including Lance, Blue and Red in Heart Gold, and N in Black) have edited sidebars with animated scenes in the background (except in the case of Wallace and Steven in Emerald, where he used white beams shooting through a black hole behind the screen). For Cynthia in Platinum, for example, he had a purple background with electricity shooting that would have an eclipse when one of his Pokémon would die. Ghetsis in Black and Black 2 used a very similar effect. Colress in Black 2 at the Plasma Frigate used a blue background with stars spinning. He also did the same thing for the Elite Four battles in his Black (2) Wedlocke, although they only used the same color shades as the battle backgrounds. Similarly, the Gym Leader battles of his Black 2 Wedlocke use a blue and purple animation.
  • And Knowing Is Half the Battle: Said word-for-word in Part 47 of the X Adventure (Poké Ball Factory) after discovering that the "beep-beep" sound comes after choosing which Pokémon to give a TM move to, and not before it like in previous generations.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: He does the entirety of the Mystery Dungeon postgame sequence, including his commentary, in-character as Broham. Until Tusks comes back.
  • Anyone Can Die: In the Nuzlocke and Wedlocke.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In Episode 38 of PMD: Gates to Infinity, describing Cryogonal:
    "These things can get kinda frustrating as well, because they can hit you from a distance, they can lower your Attack, they can use like Acid Armor and stuff, and...they can even join your team."
    • And his Pokémon Review for Corsola in the Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough:
    "It has very little redeeming factors (name one), doesn't evolve into anything better, is slow as tar, has really low overall stats, barely does damage when it attacks, and, uh, its breath smells of rotting fish (don't let its docile appearance fool you!)."
    • Part 68 of the X Adventure (Victory Road), upon encountering a wild Druddigon:
    "It's just a pure Dragon-type. But you know, it's pretty strong…hits fairly hard…" (It breaks out of Marriland's Quick Ball) "…And doesn't want to be caught!"
  • Babies Ever After: Carrot and Peach after beating Lance in the Heartgold Wedlocke. And after surviving that long, they damn well deserved it!
  • Badass Gay: As per Word of God, Salad the Bellossom in Emerald.
  • Battle Couple: The point of his Wedlocke challenge, as the pairs must always fight side-by-side and must be the only ones that can be used in a whole battle, and when one dies, the other must either avenge their fallen partner or die and be Together in Death.
  • Berserk Button: Any trainer who kills any of his Pokémon in Nuzlockes or Wedlockes. Except Red and Cynthia, anyway.
  • Big "NO!": Other than the ever so common ones upon deaths in his Nuzlockes, he also has one in Episode 93 of White 2 (Twist Mountain) when a Boldore uses Explosion on Scaleaf the Serperior. He then rants that things with Sturdy shouldn't get Explosion.
    • In the episode 21 of his Platinum Nuzlocke, this happens when P.I. Carlos's Goldeen lands a Horn Drill on Caesar the Roselia.
  • Big "OMG!": His Platinum Nuzlocke, upon encountering a shiny Magnemite. "Oh, another Magnemite... OH. MY. GOD."
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Basically what he views Scott from Emerald as, because whenever he is on screen or calls him, he'll have a freak attack saying that he's the reason Pokémon are always dying, because of how he calls at the weirdest times and such. Except in Episode 30 "Which Switch Is Which?!" when he calls him at the request of one of his viewers claiming it would be funny if he did.
    • He even has the same freak attack in Part 119 of White 2, Welcome to Autumn, when he runs into a male Worker named Scott in the Castelia Sewers.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The fight against Wattson in the Emerald Nuzlocke, and the Kimono Girls in Heartgold Wedlocke. See Wham Episode below.
    • To say nothing of the final battle with Wallace in Emerald, which saw the death of Frittata the Crobat.
    • To a smaller extent, the Double Team on Route 47 with Electabuzz and Magmar: Pear the Victreebel dies. Turnip survives a STAB Thunderbolt with 1 freaking HP. Just in time to evolve into Feraligatr, no less.
    • To a not smaller in the least extent the battle with Blue in the Heartgold Wedlocke, which resulted in the loss of Peach and Carrot, the Sole Survivors of the Elite Four until then. Not only that, Carrot had been around since practically the very beginning.
    • A similar situation happens with the final battle against Cynthia in Platinum. He wins, but ends up losing 4 of his Pokemon, including his starter Firebutt, in the process. However, Ninjarisu, the Pokémon he claimed to develop a connection with the best, survived.
    • Downplayed in the Black Wedlocke. There was only one death during the entire Elite Four and final battles, but it was Turkey the Garbodor, who'd gained a huge fan following for his performance, and had become a favourite of Marriland's too.
    • The Black 2 Wedlocke was another harsh one, he wins the fight but had 2/3 his team down, including Capoeira the Conkeldurr, who had been with the team the longest and had died before even reaching the Champion.
  • Book Ends: The final battle in Yellow against Gary has him using Pikachu against his Jolteon. That's how the series began, with him using Pikachu against it while it was an Eevee.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: In Episode 45 of PMD: Gates to Infinity, he takes on a 9-star mission in Smoking Mountain that has him going to the sixth floor to rescue an Archen. He "only" has to rescue an Archen. Right? Right? Cue frustration.
  • Broken Streak: The Black 2 Wedlocke is the first of his Nuzlocke/Wedlocke video series that has the Elite Four killing any of his Pokémon - in this case, Shauntal's Choice Scarf Chandelure kills Capoeira the Conkeldurr and Rumba the Drapion.
  • Butt Monkey: Quiet in the Platinum Nuzlocke is looking to be this, based on her name. "Quiet!" "Pfft...sorry!" Marriland also makes her fail most of the Jubilife clown quizzes.
  • Catch Phrase: While he didn't have one in the post commentary series, nowadays it's "Howwww's it going everyone, Marriland here!".
    • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "I will see you on the next episode of <series>. See ya next time, <name of trainer class that he fought during the video>s!"
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the Platinum Nuzlocke, he had a Persim Berry attached to Starwing the Staraptor prior to Part 30. Then, it gets its use against Cyrus' Golbat when it hits with Supersonic, and he lampshades the trope thinking Starwing would get confused eventually.
  • Complaining About Things You Haven't Paid For: Discussed in Part 30 of Emerald, when he realized that he wasn't doing anything entertaining in that episode, he was afraid that his fans would be angry and demand their money back, which worried him because his videos are available for free, so he'd be put out of business.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Subverted with the fight against Giratina in the Platinum Nuzlocke - with his prime option against it suddenly burned down against Cyrus, Giratina getting the boost from AncientPower left things going downhill quite fast. Had it not hurt itself in confusion twice in a row, he would have been on the receiving end of one.
  • Cursed with Awesome: In Emerald, he believes the Quick Claw is this: after Potato the Swalot is taken at the hands of a critical hit from Flannery's Torkoal with Overheat while at +4 Special Defense, he claims the Quick Claw is cursed, as all three of his Pokémon that died to critical hits at the time note  were holding the Quick Claw at the time of death. And that's interesting, considering how in his White 2 Adventure, Vesuvian (Camerupt) tends to get the Quick Claw off so often in a pinch.
  • A Death in the Limelight: Sushi the Tentacool in Emerald. Probably the biggest contribution he ever made to the team was his Heroic Sacrifice against Wattson, but it was one hell of a Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Episode 29 of the Platinum Nuzlocke begins with Marriland Tempting Fate (see below), going on about how awesome Ninjarisu is, and having Firebutt the Monferno finally evolve into Infernape. But on a route full of tough trainers, it seems obvious this is coming... Subverted, however, when the one who dies turns out to be Trapador the Gallade, who otherwise don't have much screentime in that particular episode.
  • Death Song: "Wounded" by Kevin MacLeod, which he plays in the final sendoffs he gives his deceased Pokémon in Nuzlockes before releasing them. He said himself that the song has become so symbolic that he wants it to be his death theme.
    • That being said, it seems highly overshadowed by "Go On" by Morgan Sadler, the song he chose to use instead for his final tribute to Turnip, Plum, Scallion, and Grape in Episode 31 of Wedlocke.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In his Platinum Nuzlocke, he's gotten several comments from people telling him that his "release a Pokémon if it exceeds the next Gym Leader's highest level" rule is this and it's silly that he should have to lose them permanently over something that's normal for people to do in Nuzlockes. Which may be why he changed it to simply not being able to use anything that exceeds said limit in his Black 2 Wedlocke and Y WonderWedlocke.
  • Drinking Game: See here.
  • Downer Beginning: The Black Wedlocke. His starter and its partner are killed in only part 3, and he then proceeds to lose all his females before Lenora (meaning his remaining males have to fight alone), and doesn't even get a Fighting type as his Pinwheel encounter. He manages to get through her, but Warbler dies, leaving him with only two Pokemon, and very few oppertunities for new encounters until after the 3rd Gym. While he does put in a successful attempt at rebuilding the team afterward, he has another massacre against Cheren and then a double battle on Route 5, knocking him below a full party again. Things do start to get better from there though.
  • Epic Fail: Part 74 of the X Adventure (the first one after he beats the game), where he says he chose Chespin at the beginning of the game, and Shauna trades you the starter that yours is weak against. But he picked Froakie, and she gives you the starter that is weak against yours. Assuming he was still playing blind, that would be excusable to make said mistake, but not remembering his starter is quite laughably silly.
  • Fatal Family Photo: In the HeartGold Wedlocke, this is usually averted in that getting his team's picture taken by Cameron the Photographer doesn't increase the probability of a death, but it is played straight in Episode 31.
  • Fatal Flaw: Trapador the Gallade's physical Defense ends up doing him in.
  • Fission Mailed: He initially chooses not to have Tusks return to the Pokemon world in Gates to Infinity, despite all Broham went through to get him back... then reveals it was all a fake out and "rewinds" back to the decision.
    • His entire team dies against Drayedn in the Black Wedlocke. April Fools!
  • Fun with Acronyms: Episode 26 of Heartgold.
    "ROLO, right? ...Or no, it's YOLO. I always love joking and saying ROLO. And I don't know what it means...but it's sure better than YOLO! That's for sure.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Part 68 of the X Adventure, in Victory Road. While he's looking for interesting Pokémon and has found more than his fair share of Lickitung, Graveler and Druddigon, while he's outside, out of nowhere swoops down a Level 59 Hydreigon. Since they're pretty rare and he was playing the game blind, it surely came off as a nice surprise for him.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: By default, and sometimes almost verbatim. He put in a Sound Effect Bleep after Trapador died in Platinum, but whether he actually swore or not is unclear.
    • In his Pokémon White 2 Adventure, he considered the phrase "shut your mouth" to be a bit much for a Pokemon game (although "shut up" would've been fine). He even went into a small lecture about it. When the phrase came up again several episodes later, he muttered about needing to talk about manners.
  • Happy Ending Override: He gets through the Elite Four in the Heartgold Wedlocke without losing a single member of his team. They all end up dying in Kanto.
  • Hero Killer: Wattson and Wallace in Emerald, and Arms in the Underground Basement and Mt. Moon, the Kimono Girls and Super Nerd Pat note  in Heart Gold, Giratina and Cynthia in Platinum, Cheren in Black, Burgh, Skyla, Shauntal and Iris in Black 2, and Black Belt Cadoc, Hiker Bernard, Grant, Korrina, Valerie and Lysandre in the Y WonderWedlocke.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sushi the Tentacool in Episode 15 of Emerald, who dies to Wattson's Manectric, but not without hitting with Supersonic, poisoning it with Poison Sting and lowering its Defense with Acid (in that order), all three of which were critical to killing it with Omelette.
    • Eggpie the Crobat in Platinum, who pulls off a similar feat to the above, confusing Giratina and single-handedly preventing a Total Party Kill.
      • Similarly, Firebutt the Infernape dies against Cynthia's Garchomp, but not without stripping it of almost half its health with Close Combat, after finishing off her Togekiss with a Blaze boosted Fire Blast at that. This allowed Slippers the Quagsire to beat Garchomp with a Quick Claw activated Blizzard.
  • History Repeats: In both his Emerald Nuzlocke and Heartgold Wedlocke, his first death was in Episode 15. Then, in both series, in Episode 28 he has two deaths and ends up with seven following them.
    • The Emerald Nuzlocke, Heartgold Wedlocke and Platinum Nuzlocke's final (technically) episodes all end with the death of the Pokemon considered The Hero note .
    • Also, in both the Black and Black 2 Wedlockes, the first to die was his Lillipup, in Episode 3. Similarly, his starter was the second death.
    • Episode 6 of both the Emerald and Platinum Nuzlockes have him being caught up in a crazy meme and it being the name of the episode.
    • Also, in both his White 2 Adventure and Black 2 Wedlocke, an Azumarill was the Pokémon that dealt the final blow to Iris' last Pokémon.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He runs into N's Darmanitan in the Desert Resort, which is Level 35. But the first time he uses a Poké Toy to get away from it. However, the very next encounter is that Darmanitan again! It kills Swing the Tranquill and nearly kills Capoeira the Gurdurr, but then after killing it, he realizes he had a Repel up, which made it the only thing he could have ran into.
  • Honor Before Reason: In his Nuzlockes, he refuses to sacrifice any Pokémon as death fodder. Many people told him that he should have sacrificed Fries the Zigzagoon in the battle against Wattson to save Waffles from his Magneton. It turned out to be quite the decision, as Fries lasted through the entire series and was never in the PC.
  • Hope Spot: In Part 29 of Platinum, he encounters a Double Team with a high-leveled Gyarados and Raichu, but manages to defeat them without a major disaster, dispite a Double Team kill one member of his team back in Heart Gold. The next trainer, however, claims one of his Pokemon on the very first move.
  • Irony: In Episode 28 of Emerald "The Awful Phone Rings!", Omelette the Illumise is taken at the hands of Fisherman Elliot's Gyarados, then Devin finds out that "BIG SERVICE" was replaced with "AWFUL PHONE" at Dewford Town. In the comments, someone mentions how ironic "awful phone" is, considering he called Elliot in the episode prior to that battle. Devin himself doesn't realize this until very late in the adventure, however.
    • In the same episode, he says that he will then try to catch something, to end the episode on a positive note. Said attempt resulted in Ravioli's death.
    • In Episode 33 of Heartgold "Oh no, Ho-Oh!", before revealing his new pairs (Cauliflower the Seel + Tangerine the Tangela and Spinach the Nidoran M + Banana the Krabby), he leaves them spoilered in the sidebar, even censoring one of their names while battling a wild Poliwhirl in Ecruteak City. The irony comes in when he uses Surf, which shows a Krabby using it.
    • Partridge the Lilipup in the Black Wedlocke found a Revive with the Pickup ability just after her death.
    • Played big time in Part 10 of the Black 2 Wedlocke. See Hoist by His Own Petard above.
    • Also, after the death of Disco the Swanna against the Bouffalant run by Almost, his rival, the fan art montage shows one of a Swanna and a Bouffalant dancing.
  • Karma Houdini: Played with in the final battle against Cynthia in the Platinum Nuzlocke - despite him losing 2/3 his team to her, he doesn't display an attitude that conveys a permanent grudge like he does to other Hero Killers like the Kimono Girls, Blue and Cyrus. Quite the opposite in fact - he even offered that Cynthia could come on the elevator with him since "there was room for two". Possibly because it's the final battle, and Cynthia is his favorite Champion, but still.
    • He's also rather light on Lenora, who killed Warbler the Tympole in Episode 7 of the Black Wedlocke. He stated on the forums that Lenora is his favorite Unova Gym Leader.
  • Kill 'em All: Let's just say Marilland's decision to take his Elite Four-winning team to Kanto may not have been such a good idea...
  • Large Ham: Oh so much.
    • Professor Rowan in the Platinum Nuzlocke, big time.
  • Last-Second Word Swap: In Part 2 of the Emerald Nuzlocke: "What a rich BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRCH!"
    • In Part 4, he tells the guy trying to make his daughter laugh to eat a...dill pickle.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Given that the Platinum Nuzlocke was realeased in text form on the forums before being uploaded to Youtube, this was inevitable. The forum version has a clearly-indicated R.I.P list, and for those who've read it the outcome of certain events becomes a Foregone Conclusion.
  • Mundane Object Amazement: Marriland can sit on BENCHES now!
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Episode 53 of the X adventure
    "There's a nice assortment of Ice-type Pokemon here. And there's also Delibird!"
  • Name's the Same: In Part 19 of the White 2 Adventure, where he's dragged into Join Avenue, he runs into a Youngster named Devin, who he invites to open a Flower Shop, but before that he's like, "WAIT, is that guy's name Devin?!" His title of "Florist Devin" causes him to rage, saying he himself is "Lord Devin", not Florist Devin.note 
  • No Sense of Personal Space: At the very end of Part 22 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, as he's about to give his Mad Libs Catch Phrase and sign off, he notices a Roughneck standing right next to Quiet, and backs off from him before continuing.
    "I think this is a good spot to stop, so I will... (notices the Roughneck right near Quiet) Get away from me." (walks a few steps right)
  • OOC Is Serious Business: After Peach and Carrot die against Blue, he stops reading out the game's text like he usually does. His Mad Libs Catch Phrase is usually delivered in a much more somber tone at the end of parts that don't go well.
  • One-Gender Race: In the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, Piggy the Emboar is the only male Pokémon on his team. All five of his others (including his Skarmory, which was mostly just an HM Pokémon) were female. Then, in the English White 2 Adventure, his entire team consisted of male Pokémon, save Magneto the Magnezone, which is genderless. This is repeated once again in his Platinum Nuzlocke, with every single teammate on his final team being male.
  • Overly Long Gag: Downplayed as Broham repeatedly uses Ember on a Litwick with Flash Fire in Episode 15 of PMD: Gates to Infinity after being seperated from Tusks and crew.
  • President Evil: Ghetsis aims to become one in the Black Wedlocke.
  • Properly Paranoid: In the Q&A segment in Part 20 of the Emerald Nuzlocke, when asked "when do you think another of your Pokemon will die", he answers against either Flannery or Norman, saying he's "a little nervous" about Flannery in particular. Not only did he turn out to be right on both counts, but the death against Flannery was every bit as bad as he could have feared.
  • The Quiet One: In his Platinum Nuzlocke, he plays as the girl and names her "Quiet".
    • No Indoor Voice: And he named his rival "Lowder", claiming "he's so loud he needs a double-u".
  • Really Dead Montage: He does this in his Nuzlockes when his Pokemon faint, giving them a final sendoff before releasing them.
    • This is used to particularly moving effect in Episode 31 of the HG Wedlocke, where the four Pokemon who died in the near-disaster that was Marriland's battle with the Kimono Girls are given a full-out funeral montage at the end of the episode, proper song with vocals and all.
    • And used to even more particularly moving effect in Episode 63, when Carrot and Peach, who died against Blue in the previous episode, get another montage complete with, in addition to the regular sendoff, 12 and a half minutes of fan-written artwork, including three proper songs, one of them with vocals added on.
  • Retired Badass: Aquaducked the Golduck in Platinum. Initially he began as a Psyduck with an overall not so good nature (Adamant, +Attack -Sp Atk) who was desperate to prove himself but often failed miserably. Marriland eventually brought him back around before he fought Byron, and it evolved into Golduck and fought very well, even avenging Polarity the Magnezone against Cyrus and coming to the rescue against Giratina. He wanted to bring Aquaducked into the Elite Four, but decided that Slippers and Vengeance were more needed, and gave Aquaducked credit along with the final team lookback after beating Cynthia.
    • While not "retired" per se, Cardinal the Simisear and Penguin the Vanilluxe did not get any screen time in the final battles of the Black Wedlocke when they had their final team art.
  • Retirony: Frittata and Taquito in Emerald, Peach and Carrot in Heartgold, Zeppelin, Vengeance, Firebutt and Slippers in Platinum, Turkey in Black, and Gangnam Style and Volta in Black 2.
  • Retro Gaming: He mentioned on one of his streams that he is into a variety of games from the 16-bit era with the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, such as the original Sonic the Hedgehog games on the latter (particularly Sonic 3 & Knuckles), and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which he has said is his favorite Zelda game of all time.
  • Running Gag: He names all of his starter Pokémon Marriland, except in his Yellow Lets Play where he didn't name his Pikachu that, his Pokémon White 2 Lets Play, where he names an actual Marill that, and his Nuzlockes, where he names them (as well as all his Pokemon) after food.
    • In most of the "yes/no" questions he is given in his White 2 Adventure prior to beating the game, he says "no", proclaiming that he "just wants to go back to bed". He even sarcastically tries to refuse getting a Pokemon at the very beginning of the game because of that, until his mother tells him Bianca is waiting for him, enticing Devin and asking her "why she didn't start with that".
      • The same can also be said about the Platinum Nuzlocke.
    • In the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, he sarcastically says many times throughout "Well, I really need another Fighting-type on my team!" even though he has two (Emboar and Lucario).
    • "DON'T BLOW FIRE ON THE CANDLE!" in the Gates to Infinity Adventure. See Too Dumb to Live below.
    • "FIRST! I'm first! No one else even stood a chance!"
    • Black Wedlocke: "VOTE GHETSIS 2012...I MEAN, 2016!"
  • Sacrificial Lion: Waffles' death in Emerald set the whole series off, and later Omelette's death seemed to be the mark where things started getting really grim. Likewise for Lettuce and Apricot, and later Cauliflower, in Heart Gold.
  • Second Love: The vast majority of Pokemon in his Wedlocke challenge end up having to find one, due to their original partners being Killed Off for Real.
  • Self-Deprecation: At the end of Episode 28 "The Awful Phone Rings" after in addition to Omelette being taken (see Irony above), Ravioli (Lombre) is taken at the hands of a wild Tentacool who breaks out of two Poké Balls then kills it with a critical hit, forcing Devin to release it, at the point he feels Ravioli was about to be awesome in the later fights, he is left in shock and ends the episode very depressed on this quote:
    "AHHHH! This episode! Is the worst episode ever! Why?! Why why why why why why why?! Stupid awful phone! STUPID AWFUL PHONE! Anyway, i'll see you in the next episode of Marriland's Horrible Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke Disaster! See ya next time, Trainers...
    • He takes several jabs at both the nature of a Nuzlocke and his "no items" rule in the first part of the Platinum series, which double as both this and Take That against those who complained about his use of items.
  • Sequel Hook: Based on what is stated in the official X and Y Guidebook, among many other issues that he discusses in this video, he thinks it's a fact, and not speculation, that the next Gen VI games will be in a region other than Kalos.
  • She's Got Legs: In his Emerald Nuzlocke, he was contemplating playing as a girl, but ultimately chooses the male and names him Devin, again. In one of the Q&A episodes, he states that he wanted to play as the girl and name her "Legs", thinking it would be a funny name. He then does exactly that in his Heartgold Wedlocke.
    • An Arm and a Leg: He then names his rival "Arms", and names the first episode exactly this.
  • Ship Tease: In Part 20 of White 2, some of what he says before and after he battles the Subway Bosses with Rosa suggest this. He even suggests that she might like him herself.
    • Bianca gets some with Cheren in the Black 2 Wedlocke.
  • Shout-Out: Part 41 of the Black 2 Adventure Let's Play Thingy, before he witnesses the events with Ghetsis and Kyurem:
    Oh man, i'm so nervous to go in there! But I gotta do it. ...For the band. ''For the band.'' For the band! For
    • In Part 23 of the Emerald Nuzlocke, the fourth Q&A episode, he mentions that his original inspiration for starting videos was The Angry Video Game Nerd, who he enjoyed the style and commentary of.
    • When he wrote the Pokémon Black 2/White 2 walkthrough back in summer 2012 using a Japanese copy of White 2, he played as the female character and named her Ginchiyo, which was a reference to one of his favorite warlords from Pokémon Conquest.
  • Sixth Ranger: Kholrabi the Dodrio to the original six hall-of-famers, brought in to be Tangerene's Second Love after Cauliflour died. He did pretty well for himself for a while until a certain Super Nerd with a Porygon came along...
  • Spoiler Title: Double subverted in Part 21 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, "Coin Flip!". The picture of the video has Quiet being confronted for battle by a PI. While at first you see that and think, "oh, that could mean anything", the double subversion comes in when Caesar the Roselia dies against that PI's Goldeen because of Horn Drill.
    • Part 3 of the Black Wedlocke is another Double Subversion. It's called "A Moment of Cilan's". If you know how Cilan's name is pronounced, you'll realise it's a pun on a phrase often used relating to someone's death, so things look bad going into the gym battle. But Marriland gets through the fight without anyone dying despite a level disadvantage. Then he fights Cheren on Route 3, and this battle results in the deaths of both Partridge and Bluejay.
  • Stealth Pun: Manages to sneak a pretty nice one into Part 12 of the Platinum Nuzlocke.
    "Endeavor? Quick Attack? I do not fear it."
  • Stupid Sacrifice: Considering the chance to beat the game was standing right in front of him, Taquito the Magneton against Wallace's Gyarados in Emerald is definitely this. Bar none.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Nightfox the Zoroark (formerly Zorua) in episode 44 of Gates to Infinity.
  • Super Speed: The "speed battle" in Episode 49 of the Wedlocke.
  • Tempting Fate: In Episode 15 of the Heartgold Wedlocke, he says he'll use Cantaloupe for the Bug Catching Contest, "because she's pretty much indestructible". Needless to say, she ends up dying.
    • And in Episode 26 "Deceit and Disguises", he mentions that he really loves Xatu, and is happy to be using one (Papaya) on his team. "I just hope nothing bad happens to her! That would make me really sad." Guess what happens not even 90 seconds later.
    • He spends a while going on about how surprised he is at only having one death so far at the start of Part 29 of the Platinum Nuzlocke. Naturally he gets his second death in that very part.
    • In Episode 42 of the Black Wedlocke (the finale), Turkey, after surviving a critical hit from N's Carracosta at 1 HP, and a critical Psychic from Ghetsis's Cofagrigus at 2 HP, and he's facing Ghetsis's Bouffalant, as it is using Rest: "Turkey, I can't believe what a bro you are!". No more than two or three seconds later, he ends up dying to a crit Head Charge. Cue silence.
    • In Episode 49 of the Black 2 Wedlocke, just at the beginning of the episode he isn't too worried about Shauntal, but he expected the fight to be interesting. "Thankfully I'm feeling alright about Shauntal here". Further into the episode, Capoeira and Rumba end up dying against Shauntal's Chandelure which had a Choice Scarf, and with that, the last of the original team members died, leaving Bergamask as the oldest in the team.
  • The Hero Dies: The way Emerald, Heartgold and Platinum all end, as far as the Pokemon themselves go.
  • The Reveal: Sort of. He had plenty of videos where he did show his face on his channel before he started doing playthroughs. But after the reboot of his channel, they since have become unviewable. As such, newer fans took his face shown on an announcement video to be this.
  • The Shiny One Dies First: Polarity was the first shiny Marriland EVER caught on-camera. Naturally, it ends up being the next one to die.
  • Theme Naming: Most of his Nuzlocke and Wedlocke video series have him using naming themes. These were what he had:
    • His Emerald Nuzlocke had him naming stuff after food.
    • The Heart Gold Wedlocke went with a theme of vegetables for male Pokémon and fruits for females.
    • While he did not use a naming theme for the Platinum Nuzlocke, he went back to it with the Black Wedlocke and named his team after birds.
    • For the Black 2 Wedlocke that followed that series, he used types of dances.
    • In the Y WonderWedlocke stream, he named his tradeaways "Have a _____" and then thought of his own nicknames for the Pokémon he was traded if they didn't already have one.
  • Throw It In: Potatoer the Numel's nickname was a result of this. Originally Marilland planned to name him Potatoes, but he misclicked and entered an 'r' instead of the s at the end. He found the name to be much better, so ended up sticking with it, and The Potatoer became a valued and much-loved member of his team foe a while. (Plus it prevented a One Steve Limit issue, he already had a Pokemon named Potato)
  • Too Dumb to Live: Broham the Tepig in PMD: Gates to Infinity. For one thing, he has a tendency to keep using Fire attacks on foes with Flash Fire. And in Episode 37 "Menacing Salamence!", he knocks out Tusks (the Axew, the character Devin is playing as) in confusion.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Fries the Zigzagoon in the Emerald Nuzlocke. Up to the intense Wattson fight, he was something that many viewers saw as nothing more than death fodder, which led Devin to train him up. Any trace whatsoever of it being death fodder was destroyed after the battle against Winona, when as a Linoone, it takes on her Altaria and survives a critical hit +1 Attack Earthquake with 3 HP, then kills her with Ice Beam. What makes it even more amazing is that the past three Gym battles had him losing team members to critical hits on the first usage of the move they were hit did three of the other deaths prior.
  • Tragic Bromance: Cardinal and Grackle in the Black Wedlocke, after the latter's death.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Given the random nature of pairings in Wedlocks, this and the inverse are bound to happen. By far the biggest example though has to be Chickadee the female Sawsbuck getting paired up with Turkey the Garbodor.
  • Undignified Death: Cauliflour the Dewgong, who managed to beat Ho-oh one-on-one as a Seel, and then proceeded to survive the entire Elite Four, ends up getting taken out by a Slakoth using Counter.
  • Unstoppable Rage: The Magikarp guy is the bane of his existence.
    • Also anyone who calls him on the Pokénav in Emerald, or the Pokégear in Heartgold. Unless they're female. Then he flirts with them.
    • The snowy routes in Sinnoh, particularly Route 217 and Acuity Lakefront. Part 37 of Platinum shows just how much he can't stand them.
  • Very Special Episode: After Episode 45 of his Emerald Nuzlocke, the tragedy shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred. Because of this, he made a special expressing his condolences to the families of the victims, where he went to the Mirage Tower and revived an Anorith from the Claw Fossil, deciding to name it Sandy Hook. He also put off the next episode until the following Monday, due to it not being in good taste after such an event.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Papaya the Xatu in Heartgold, made worse by the fact that she goes out just as Marriland was starting to like her. Only a few parts later we have Kale the Alakazam and Green Bean the Onix, who are brought in to replace Marriland's increasingly numerous losses against Team Rocket, only for them to quickly fall too.
    • Subverted somewhat with Scallion the Tauros and Grape the Jumpluff in the sense that while they came after Kale and Green Bean and didn't get that much action either, Grape actually managed to avenge Scallion and kill the Kimono Girls' Jolteon.
    • In Emerald, there was Potato the Swalot, who died shortly after he got her to evolve from a Gulpin who was left in the box untrained, which he prepared specifically for the purpose of beating Flannery. While it worked to an extent, she too was cut short.
    • Kiwi the Lanturn and Wasabi the Hariyama were both introduced before the battle against Red, and both died in the battle. But they contributed so well to the fight this trope was probably averted.
    • Warbler the Tympole in Black, caught one episode before his death. He never even had a partner.
    • The Y WonderWedlocke had some of these, but the most jarring were Zipper the Banette and Ladybug the Ledian, who were added to his team after Lysandre's final showdown. Unfortunately, they both died in their first real battle, against an Ace Trainer on Route 21. In their stead were Gabe Newell the Snorlax and Luchadorable the Hawlucha, who were trained up within two episodes only for the latter to die to the very last Veteran in Victory Road due to missing with High Jump Kick.
  • Wham Episode: In his Emerald Nuzlocke, he defines Episode 15, "In Shock and Awe!" (where he takes on Wattson) as this, claiming that his starter being killed was the catalyst for the series, and created a more rounded team that made the adventure what led him to really enjoy it.
    • In the same series, Part 28 brings us a huge episode in "The Awful Phone Rings!". En route to Dewford Town to get the Sludge Bomb TM for Frittata, Omelette the Illumise was abruptly taken at the hands of a critical hit from one of Fisherman Elliot's Gyarados. Shortly after that, upon arriving at Dewford Hall, he discovers that the epic "BIG SERVICE" saying at Dewford Hall was changed to "AWFUL PHONE", which he doesn't take very well. Then, near the end of the episode, he tries to make up for it and end the episode on a positive note by attempting to catch a Tentacool that would do good in Sushi's stead...but then Ravioli the Lombre is taken by that Tentacool from yet another critical hit with Acid. Needless to say, this episode left him pretty desperate.
    • On a similar note, Episode 31 of the Heartgold Wedlocke, "One Last Dance!" Marriland loses almost his entire team.
    • Part 44 of the Heartgold Wedlocke sees Cauliflour the Dewgong, one of Marilland's original Hall of Fame heroes, die in probably the most unexpected and undignified way imaginable. From then on things rapidly go From Bad to Worse in the journey through Kanto, culminating in...
    • Part 62, when Marilland loses Peach and Carrot to Blue, meaning that not a single member of his Hall of Fame party survived the trip through Kanto.
    • Part 35 of the Platinum Nuzlocke, but not in the way you expect... Marilland gets his first encounter in Fuego Ironworks, and it's a Magnemite. Then he finds another Magnemite right after... and it's SHINY!
    • Somewhat fittingly, the Distortion World in Platinum. Marriland's 13-part no death streak is broken, and he has more deaths there than he ever had before.
    • The Black Wedlocke has Episode 3, Episode 6, Episode 14 and Episode 34.
  • Wham Line: Episode 26 in Emerald "Dueling Daddy to the Death!": Foe Linoone used Belly Drum!
  • Also in Episode 49 "Victory Road: The Movie!", he accidentally walks into a 2v2 battle with two trainers that were hidden below the bridge at the very end, which costs him Lasagna the Sharpedo.
  • Episode 55, the finale against Wallace (though this one may vary depending on your interpretation of its usage of it): Foe Gyarados used Earthquake!
  • Episode 23 of the Heartgold Wedlocke: The foe's Magmar used Flamethrower!
  • Episode 44: The foe's Slakoth used Counter!
  • Episode 54: The foe's Porygon used Ice Beam!
  • Episode 56: Banana used Crabhammer! Banana's attack missed!
  • Episode 62 (in the fight against Blue): The foe's Arcanine used Roar! Peach was dragged out!
  • Episode 21 of the Platinum Nuzlocke: You are challenged by PI Carlos! note 
  • Episode 42: The foe's Honchkrow used Heat Wave! A critical hit!
  • Episode 34 of the Black Wedlocke: The foe's Accelgor used Giga Drain!
  • Episode 8 of the Black 2 Wedlocke: The foe's Leavanny used Aerial Ace!
  • Episode 10: A wild Darmanitan appeared!?
  • Episode 23: Leader Skyla is about to send in Sigilyph.
  • Episode 31: The foe's Krookodile used Dig!
  • Episode 40: The foe's Scrafty used Hi Jump Kick! A critical hit!
  • Episode 44: The foe's Bouffalant used Wild Charge!
  • Episode 49: The foe's Chandelure used Fire Blast! note 
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Take a sip every time he does this to Broham (see Too Dumb to Live above).
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He's been uneasy around Jolteons ever since the one belonging to the Kimono Girls killed three of his Pokemon in the Wedlocke. At one point, he even briefly contemplated turning Celery, his Eevee, into one, but felt that would be "joining the dark side" and not very nice. He did take considerations to using one in the Platinum Nuzlocke and PMD: Gates to Infinity, though.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Some of the people who watch his Nuzlocke series claim the haters are like this in the sense that if nobody on his team dies, the haters will find it boring, but if something dies, the haters will bitch at him saying he should have played it safe.
    • The trope is actually subverted entirely in Part 21 of Platinum "Coin Flip!", where in the comments, there are people who are actually happy about Caesar the Roselia dying to Horn Drill from PI Carlos' Level 30 Goldeen. Thus proving that sometimes, the deaths truly are what haters are out to see.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: In his Japanese Leafgreen version, while attempting to catch a Chansey with a Lucky Egg in the Safari Zone, he ran into a shiny Rhyhorn...only to have it flee after two Safari Balls.
    • In the Heartgold Wedlocke, Episode 15 "Bug Catching Blues!" where he encounters a Scyther in the Bug Catching Contest, but not only does he fail to catch it, but Cantaloupe dies as he tries to do so. However, some people declared that he was to blame for trying to catch it at full health without weakening it with Geodude's Rock Smash.
      • In Part 62, Peach take a critical hit from one of the random trainers in Blue's Gym... and not only survives, but activates Anger Point for the first time in the entire run. Too bad she wasn't so lucky against Blue himself...
    • Part 49 of Emerald. His first encounter in Victory Road is a Lairon, which uses Roar on the first turn. Then he catches another Lairon he sees with one Ultra Ball he declares he won't use, and nicknames it "Y U RAWR!!". Then, upon arriving at the Pokémon League entrance, he sees it has an Adamant nature (raises Attack, lowers Special Attack), which would have been the perfect nature for it.
    • The HeartGold Wedlocke finale. Red is down to his last Pokémon, and it looks like Marriland is about to win without losing anyone. Unfortunately, Wasabi the Hariyama is looking pretty beat, and Lapras has Psychic which kills it. Then Kiwi the Lanturn succumbs to a critical hit shortly after.
    • Part 50 of the Black 2 Wedlocke. Iris sends out Druddigon and Marriland has Gangnam S. stay in, and Blizzard was used in success. Unfortunately, Blizzard does not knock out Druddigon and Gangnam S. falls to a "not very effective" Fire Punch.

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