Fanfic / Crisis on Two PokéWorlds!

"In the beginning, there was one and ONLY PokéWorld. The original PokéWorld began to grow and develop as time passed by. Then something interesting happened; As the original PokéWorld was growing, unknowingly it gave rise to parallel and alternate PokéWorlds, each similar to the original PokéWorld but distinct on their own."

Solaris, Chapter 13: Grand Reunion, Hidden Revelations!

Crisis on Two PokéWorlds! is an Alternate Continuity and Crisis Crossover involving characters from the Pokémon anime and Pokémon Special. This fanfic involves the protagonists of each series being Trapped in Another World and eventually rounded up by beings known as PokéGuardians, so called Guardians Of The PokéWorlds.

The plot eventually revolves around collecting artifacts known as Dimensional Shards, to which if not assembled within a certain period of time can bring the end of the each Pokemon Worlds.

The Fan Fic is still a work in progress with chapter 16 in development. A mixture of different genres, mainly adventure and friendship, it is a good fanfic in itself. You just have to read this fanfic to see for yourself.

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