Video Game / Create-a-Pokémon

Create-A-Pokemon is a Pokémon metagame created by Smogon, which attempts to create Pokémon that have specific roles in the metagame. Eleven were created for Generation IV. The CAP process was then suspended until the Black and White metagame stabilized. A popular spinoff, Create-A-Pokémon Anime-style Battling (CAP ASB) was formed to keep the forum alive in the meantime. A new Create-A-Pokémon project for Generation V began in February 2011 and restarted the numbering system at 1. In addition, a new portion of the process was dedicated to creating a pre-evolution for the CAP. All CAPs so far can be found here.

Create-A-Pokémon gives examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Most Create-A-Pokémon Pokémon have fluff that makes them predators of Delibird. Even the shrimp and snail.
    • It's not even exclusive to the main forum. The Training mode of Battle CAPacity pits you against a sack that shows multiple signs of containing a Delibird. You're training against that thing.
  • Competitive Balance: All of the CAP Pokemon are made with the Pokemon metagame in mind, and hence, they attempt to fit in.
  • Fighting Game: A fan-made game using the CAP characters (and submissions CAP 6 from Wyverii and CAP 7 from DougJustDoug) called Battle CAPacity.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong:
    • CAPs do not always turn out the way the process hopes they do. The most notable example is Krilowatt, which rather than fulfilling its point of being a utility counter instead abused its ability Magic Guard to spam fast, recoil-less-Life-Orb-boosted attacks from its bizarrely expansive movepool. It even had the raw bulk to be virtually unkillable - and it was the last straw before the CAP Pokémon received a massive nerfing.
    • Voodoom is a subversion - it turned out to be nigh-incompatible with its intended partner Togekiss, but it worked very well with Zapdos. As its point was to inspect how offensive pairs worked, it is considered one of the best CAPs to date, despite failing the proposed concept.
  • Gone Horribly Right:
    • Several CAP Pokemon before movepool revisions were far more potent than the standard Mon, leading to teams made entirely out of CAP Pokemon that could do very well in the metagame. Additionally, the revisions for the first three CAP Pokemon were this as well: people were trying to buff up Syclant, Revenankh, and Pyroak. The results? Syclant generally averted this trope (thanks to Scizor still being more effective than it, although Syclant gained an interesting niche as a suicidal Spikes lead) but Revenankh turned out to be nigh-impossible to kill due to the increased bulk it gained, and Pyroak turned from a Master of None into a Dragon-Dance-spamming Game-Breaker.
    • Necturna dodged a bullet transitioning into Generation VI. The move re-learner allows Pokemon to relearn Gen. VI event and egg moves. Necturna would be able to have access to Sketch more than once, breaking its concept. Instead, Necturna still has access to only one Sketch move, provided by one of either two explanations; Sketch is no longer in Necturna's egg movepool, thus forcing it to be kept from a Gen. V-transfered Necturna, or that the Sketched move counts as the egg move, and hence Sketch can't be relearned until Necturna forgets the Sketched move.
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: The Gen. IV and V CAP Pokemon had a tendency to be in the Field egg group as to avoid egg move legality issues, no matter how non-mammalian the design was. Come Gen. VI, though, egg moves can be passed on through both genders, thus allowing new CAP Pokemon to have more reasonable egg groups.
  • Game Mod: The Create-a-Pokemon Project is a game mod for the Pokémon franchise.
  • Nerf: Movepool revisions were this for Syclant through Krilowatt.
  • Original Character: All of them.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Almost all CAP pre-evolutions tend to be cute.
  • Running Gag: Up until Generation V, Delibird tended to be a popular punching bag for CAP Pokemon.
  • So Last Season: CAP Pokemon released in old generations are not updated with moves from future generations, barring one Sketched move from Necturna. This usually leaves newer CAP Pokemon as more relevant to the metagame, but retroactive changes can cause old CAP Pokemon's roles to shift.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: One moderator's post answers the permissibility of the move Doom Desire for a concept as current policy states while he ends the post with "Dems be da rules, folks."
  • Spin-Off: The Create-a-Pokemon Project was a popular-enough Game Mod to acquire its own spinoff games.