Characters: Power Stone

Characters who appear in the MacGuffin collecting fighting game Power Stone.

Power Stone

    Edward Falcon 
The Red Whirlwind

The Cherry Blossom Dancer

  • Apologetic Attacker: Apologises to her opponent/partner when performing a combination attack.
    Ayame: Gomen ne! [I'm sorry!]
  • Badass Adorable/Cute Bruiser: One of the youngest fighters and certainly among the cutest, but definitely capable of laying a beating- with nothing but her bare hands in her default form, no less. She even lampshades it with one of her potential lines as she transforms into Power Change mode-
    Ayame: Kawaii, no? [Cute, no?]
  • Blade Spam: Her main form of attack in her Power Change (Cherry Blossom Dancer) mode, from giant-sized Kunai and Shuriken.
  • Blush Sticker
  • Double Jump: Capable of performing these, as can be expected of her ninja skills.
  • Flechette Storm: She can summon and throw a series of Kunai throwing knives as one of her special attacks in her Power Change form.
  • Fragile Speedster
  • Friend to All Living Things: One of her introductions involves her kneeling down with and feeding a small group of songbirds from her hand.
  • Fuuma Shuriken: As if the Kunai weren't enough, she can also summon and throw volleys of these in her Cherry Blossom Dancer form.
  • Genki Girl
  • Killer Rabbit: Both figuratively and literally. Easy to underestimate due to her young age and fragility, but still very much capable of pummelling foes much larger than her. Literally becomes one in her Cherry Blossom Dancer form.
  • Kid Hero: At 16 years old, she's the youngest character in the original game.
  • Kimono: Wears one that's tied up around her waist to prevent it from restricting her movement.
  • Giant Waist Ribbon
  • Ninja: Kunoichi, to be precise.
    • Highly-Visible Ninja: Debatable if she's this or actually a more accurate version of a ninja. Less debatable is her Power Charge, which involves her transforming into a brightly-coloured (Pink by default) rabbit-like form that can summon giant shuriken from thin air.
  • Parasol of Prettiness: Her other introduction involves her holding a traditional Japanese oil-paper umbrella, which she spins off to one side with her hands as she adapts a fighting stance.
  • Panty Shot: Is the only character in the series with visible panties- and although not visible on her model, the textures show that part of her midriff was meant to be visible beneath her dress as well. They vary in colour depending on which player she is, but just for reference, they're a dark red in her default green costume.
  • The Red Baron: The Cherry Blossom Dancer.
  • Third-Person Person: One of her possible lines in her introductions-
    Ayame: Ayame sanjo! [Ayame's here!]
  • Stock Ninja Weaponry: Especially in her Power Change mode, where she can throw volleys of giant shuriken and kunai.
  • Street Performer: Masquerades as one with a travelling troupe in order to keep her ninja identity a secret.
  • Waif-Fu / Muscles Are Meaningless: See Killer Rabbit.

The Agile Dragon

The Scorching Beauty

The Master Swordsman

The Heavy Tank

The Proud Eagle

The Mad Clown


  • Dem Bones: Becomes a skeleton in his Power Change.
  • The Dragon: Well, he is always the one you face before facing off against Valgas.
  • Gonk
  • Mechanical Claw Hand: Which he can extend in his Power Change mode.
  • Pirate
  • The Red Baron: The Ghost Pirate
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: He(and Valgas after him) prioritizes collecting the Power Stones so expect to see him in Power Charge mode often if you don't grab them as soon as possible.


Power Stone 2


    Julia Whitepearl 



    Pride Falcon