Characters: Power Stone

Characters who appear in the MacGuffin collecting fighting game Power Stone.

Power Stone

    Edward Falcon 
The Red Whirlwind

The Cherry Blossom Dancer

The Agile Dragon

The Scorching Beauty

The Master Swordsman

The Heavy Tank

The Proud Eagle

The Mad Clown


  • Dem Bones: Becomes a skeleton in his Power Change.
  • The Dragon: Well, he is always the one you face before facing off against Valgas.
  • Gonk
  • Mechanical Claw Hand: Which he can extend in his Power Change mode.
  • Pirate
  • The Red Baron: The Ghost Pirate
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: He(and Valgas after him) prioritizes collecting the Power Stones so expect to see him in Power Charge mode often if you don't grab them as soon as possible.


Power Stone 2


    Julia Whitepearl 



    Pride Falcon