Creator / Ryo Horikawa

Also spelt as "Ryou Horikawa", a very well known seiyuu voice sounds rather soft and a little wimpy, but when dialed Up to 11 in Hot-Blooded-ness, it's fabulous. Ryo Horikawa is best known as the voice of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, and has had some memorable roles here and there, making him one of the best known veteran seiyuus of the '90s. He's still sporadically active.

Horikawa also speaks fluent English, and sometimes uses his Kansai Regional Accent in his roles. (Specially as Hattori from Detective Conan)

Ryo Horikawa, Show Me Yo Roles!:

Thus concludes the description of...AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...