Creator: Hiroshi Kamiya

"This is a description extracted from Hiroshi Kamiya. If you add roles, it turns purple." note 

Hiroshi Kamiya is a man known for his dignified voice which makes him quite the go-to guy for those types of well spoken characters. About personalities, however, it's a different story. His character can be noble, cold, super smug, or even just plain hilarious. Truly a Man of a Thousand Voices.

Has a tendency to appear in works by Studio Shaft. He's played four lead roles in series they've produced, as well as a Relationship Voice Actor in some series with Chiwa Saito. He also seems to have a relationship with Kana Hanazawa. And considering they form the dynamic duo in Attack on Titan and Durarara!!, with Daisuke Ono as well.

His American counterpart is Johnny Yong Bosch.

Roles of note: