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Lana and Cia are an extended metaphor for the good and bad sides of fandom.
This just occurred to me after I realized that Cia is essentially a psychotic fangirl.

Let's look at what Cia has done here: after protecting the Triforce for a while, she's become the newest evil overlord to threaten Hyrule, all because she loves Link and wants to make him hers. I repeat, she declared war on another country just because she wanted to get in his pants. And to say she's interested in him is an understatement: she summons Dark Links to fight for her and she has a statue garden filled with various incarnations of Link. None of this is in anyway healthy behavior that leads to a good relationship. Whatever Cia might say, this isn't love, not really. It's an obsession, the kind that's going to get a lot of people hurt. She just wants what she considers to be hers and doesn't care what gets in her way.


Basically, Cia's creepy behavior towards Link and the people around him is a metaphor for the "bad fan"; the fan that takes their interest in a series to an unhealthy extreme. Just as Cia is obsessed with Link to the point that she'll invade his home country and kill his friends just for a chance to have him, the "bad fan" takes their interest in a series to unhealthy extremes, develops an entitlement problem and isn't afraid to lash out at lash out at other, friendlier fans or even the creators. (Heck, look at Cia's army. Her forces are a "Greatest Hits" of bad guys throughout Hyrule's history. Get some maladjusted, villain-obsessed fan to write a fanfic staring their evil self-insert, and the results probably wouldn't be too far off from Cia's forces.)

Now they seem to be setting up Lana as Cia's benevolent counterpart. As a counterpoint to the above, Lana will be a metaphor for the "good fan". For every crazy that throws vomit at Alan Dean Foster, there's someone out that who's experienced some media or other and let it become a positive influence in their lives. Lana is that someone: using her fangirl powers for the good of everyone.


In a lot of ways, Hyrule Warriors is a celebration of the franchise, bringing a lot of the series' best moments and characters as a thank you note to the fans. And if you've got a such a fan-centric game, doesn't it make sense to say something about them as well?

  • Definitely makes sense, especially now that we've seen Lana in action... and especially taking into account her Summoning Gate weapon. She summons iconic monsters from throughout the franchise... while singing and dancing to the series' theme song. Definitely a metaphor for the positive side of the fanbase.
  • Makes even more sense when you consider that Cia and Lana are effectively the same person.

The Guardian Of Time's name was "Selena" or a varient of it.

Cia and Lana, as two halves of the same person, each kind of got half of their original name. (At least phonetically speaking.)


Wizzro is NOT an Expy of the Poe Collector.

He IS the Poe Collector.

Volga is a Shaman of some sort, and he's channeling the departed soul of Volvagia

He's using Volvagia's skull, which he's wearing as a helmet, as a focus to do so. Volga may not actually be his name, but rather a derivative of Volvagia, which he has taken in place of his own name as a mark of his devotion to embodying the strength of the dragon.

  • While still possible that he's a shaman or channeling Volvagia's power, he actually is a dragon. He takes his warrior form to fight humans because he would otherwise get bored with how quickly he would win. The dragon form he takes for his finisher moves is his real form.

Volga was a Manakete of Fire Emblem lore all along
You may wonder where his dragon stone is... It's in his spear of course!

Probably unlikely, but come on, a crazy Stalker with a Crush who has a mental world that's a Stalker Shrine to Link? It makes a hilarious amount of sense.

Cia turned Midna into her imp form because of her relationship with her version of Link
Cia's main reason of villainy is to have Link for herself and remove anyone else close to Link. Using her access to time travel, creating a Time Wimey Ball, she personally went to turn Midna into her imp form, having her look for Cia all around, being tricked into villainy so that if she does encounter Link, he'd probably kill her instead of befriend her.

The narrator is telling the story of the game to her kids
The way she talks, quietly and as though she's reading it, almost comes off the way a parent tells a story to her young children. Perhaps this is either Zelda or Lana, telling the story of her adventure in the third person to her children.

Hyrule Castle Town has been abandoned because of Ganondorf's corruption.
This game follows after Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, so Hyrule Castle Town did exist at one point. But where is it now? Hyrule Castle in this game opens out directly into Hyrule Field, which it never did before. Clearly, this must be a new castle. So, where is the old castle, and the town?

That question is answered when you arrive at the Temple of the Sacred Sword. The Temple looks almost exactly like the Temple of Time, which is located within Hyrule Castle Town. Of course, the Temple itself is also about 1/3rd of the map, with the other 2/3rds being taken up by the crumbling ruins of a city which bears an awful lot of resemblance to Hyrule Castle Town.

So, what happened to the city? The most likely answer is linked to Ganondorf's presence. Remember, the Master Sword and the temple itself are being used to seal away 1/4th of Ganondorf's soul. But this seal isn't perfect - it didn't stop Ganondorf from being able to corrupt Cia, after all, and it didn't protect the city either.

The Hyruleans living near the Temple began to fall to corruption. Dark cults began to form, violent crime and suicide rates skyrocketed.

The royal family took notice, and first built the three Sealed Shrines in the city, hoping that would take care of the problem. It didn't. They quickly realized they could not live near the Temple anymore without their entire society falling into chaos. Moving the sealed portion of Ganondorf's soul was not an option, so instead they ordered the city to be evacuated, and have left it abandoned ever since.

Cia and (by extension) Lana are Time Lords.

Think about it: "Guardian(s) of Time"? Watching over and observing every chronological event as it all unfolds? It's definitely a possibility.

Also, Lana being a personification of Cia's purged essence could be seen as something similar to regeneration, or even more likely: an odd occurrence like the Valeyard or the Dream Lord.

Agatha, or at least the version of her seen in this game, is truly a princess of an "insect kingdom".
She's somehow descended from the Butterfly royal family.

Her attacks are incredibly powerful for someone who's not a known warrior or sorcerer, and seem to be directed by her parasol.Well, the most powerful queen of Mewni's wand was also a parasol, and she had a similar magical style to Agatha.

Agatha's special also bares a shocking resemblance to Star's golden Mewberty form.

And those dots under her eyes? Those aren't makeup, they're her cheek marks!

Possible Majora's Mask playable characters
As above, a place to guess which two Majora's Mask characters will be in the pack come January. Later guesses go below previous ones.
  • Tingle, using Ma Dai's moveset.
    • Yup, he's playable via DLC, though he has his own moveset.
  • Skull Kid
    • Confirmed for the 3DS version.
  • Fierce Deity (As a mask item or otherwise).
    • Confirmed, sort of - Young Link takes this form whenever he activates Focus Spirit. He also has several mechanics that make getting into and maintaining this form easier.
  • The Happy Mask Salesman
  • Young Link using the masks
    • Yes and no: He is playable via DLC, but the only mask he's seen using is the Fierce Deity's Mask.
  • Kafei, also could be using the masks. Maybe Keaton Mask being the 1st level weapon.
  • Deku Link or Deku Princess with the Deku Pipes as a weapon. It would be awesome to see Ruto and Darunia fighting with musical instruments from Majora's Mask too.

Saria was planned to be a playable character at one point
At some point in the game's development, there were plans to make Saria a playable character, and Lana's Spear moveset was originally designed for her. Eventually, for whatever reason, Saria had to be cut from the game, and they decided to give her moveset to Lana. Why else would Lana have a moveset based around Deku items?

  • Well, there is the fact that Lana is first met protecting the people of Faron Woods, but that's admittedly kind of a flimsy excuse.
  • I have a feeling she was taken out because if she were in Lana's role, there would be too much Squick between her and Link, unless she were to be paired with Young Link.
    • Lana could’ve still be in during that time.
Lana wasn't actually present in Cia's final Legend Mode mission in the Master Quest DLC.
The final mission added to Legend Mode by the Master Quest DLC sees Cia desperately attempting to defend herself against a full assault by Ganondorf. Toward the end, Lana inexplicably shows up, begging Cia to stop using so much black magic and accept her help in defeating Ganondorf instead. The thing is, Lana being there makes absolutely no sense. Lana was traveling with Zelda's forces and there's no reason why she would have showed up without them.

This is because Lana wasn't there. By this point, Cia's use of black magic has left her so exhausted that she's become delusional, as seen when she summons Dark Link and believes it's the real Hero. The fake Lana is another hallucination, or maybe a semi-real manifestation, which represents the last tiny shred of good left in Cia desperately begging her to turn back before it's too late.

  • Well, we know Cia has the power to create clones of herself, and Cia and Lana are two halves of the same person...
    • More likely that Lana is a hallucination. Cia is wracked with grief from losing so many times and weakened by using her life force to power her army. As mentioned, Lana is supposed to be traveling with Zelda. And no one else acknowledges Lana's presence.
      • In Legends, Ganondorf DOES acknowledge Lana. Considering Lana also shows the power to split into three copies as he attempts to reclaim his Triforce, plus how she shows up at the fairy fountain, it's entirely plausible Lana quietly slipped away and warped another herself to the battefield to try an make one last try to end things without violence. Then re-fuses the extra herself when Cia refuses to let her keep talking, and the rest of the story happens.

Midna is somewhat lying about saying Cia cursed her
She honestly doesn't know for sure who imp-ified her this time around, but she was witness to Cia marching in and taking out her and Zant, so she put two and two together and assumed that Cia cursed her from afar before taking her on. And who knows; that might actually be how it went down, considering how powerful Twili Midna is turning out.
  • Either that, or she knows Zant cursed her but doesn't want to admit that he was able to get the better of her twice-thus, she blames the next available bad guy.

Cia didn't actually curse Midna, she altered her position in the timeline(s)

Cia's powers are based mostly around spacetime and gravity manipulation, and she's never shown to cast anything that could reasonably be called a curse. If the Imp Form was Cia's personal curse, the odds of it turning her into the Imp Midna we know and love, with all the Twilight aesthetic that entails, are slim to none; as such, what Cia ACTUALLY did was swap the Twili-Midna version with a version after Zant cursed her, or with the alternate timeline in which Zant DID curse her (i.e. the original Twilight Princess timeline). This in turn explains why Twili-Midna and Imp-Midna will be able to exist simultaneously on the battlefield.

Majora's mask map 8-bit weapons and skins speculation
I can't believe no one has done this yet:8-bit weapons:
  • Link: 8-bit fairy for the great fairy (already confirmed)
  • Zelda: 8-bit recorder for the baton (Confirmed)
  • Impa: 8-bit blue candle for the Naginata (Jossed, Magic Sword on a pole)
  • Lana: 8-bit compass for the summoning gate (Confirmed)
  • Darunia: 8-bit food (either by grabbing the bone or putting the food on a stick) (Confirmed)
  • Ruto: 8-bit heart container (the scale itself would be a heart container, while the arm-thing has heart patterns) (Jossed, 8-bit stop watch)
  • Wizzro: 8-bit blue ring (Confirmed)
    • In addition to the above, Agitha gets 8-bit Rupees.
  • Link: orange tunic (to complete the hue) (Jossed, Fierce Deity).
  • Impa: Black outfit, like Sheik's master quest one, or simply based in HW Sheik (Jossed, OoT Impa and Mask of Truth)
  • Sheik: Based on Tetra (Jossed, OoT Sheik and Kafei's mask)
  • Lana: red outfit, to complete the mirroring of the "main" Link outfits (Jossed, Skull Kid and Deku Mask)
  • Darunia: Based on Skyward Sword gorons (Jossed, Goron Mask)
  • Ruto: Classic Zora (green skin and whatnot) (Jossed, Zora Mask)
  • Midna: Skull kid/majora-colored outfit (or at least mask), just to mess with fan theories (Jossed, Ordon Shield as a mask)
  • Zant: Either like Midna or just yellow markings (Jossed, Troupe Leader's Mask)
  • Fi: Since the TP pack outfit was based on the light spirits, maybe this one in the four giants? (Jossed, Stone Mask)
  • Ghirahim: Another one based in majora, but this one looking more like Majora (incarnation/wrath) itself, not just the mask. Or maybe Yuga. (Jossed, Kamaro Mask)
  • Ganondorf: Blue skin, like classic Ganon. Or Yuga. (Jossed, Odolwa's Remains)
  • Cia: Same as Lana (Jossed, Majora's Mask)
  • Volga: Based in Moldrom (Jossed, Giant Mask)
  • Wizzro: Red Wizzrobe (Jossed, Captain's Hat)
    • In addition to the above, Agitha gets the Don Gero's Mask.

Vaati will be a playable character in the 3DS version
He's been shafted for a while, but this could be an excellent chance for him to make a glorious comeback with a Blow You Away-oriented moveset. He could appear as his human form by default, but shift to the cyclops orb form for special attacks (or, alternatively, it could be a giant boss a la Ganon). His weapon could be his cap, referencing the fact that the Mage's Cap is what empowered him in the first place, with its element probably being lightning (Power of the Storm) or darkness (Dark Is Evil). However, he'd also use a sword for a few of his moves... or maybe that could be an alternate weapon. As for his strengths, well, being a wind mage and all, he'd probably specialize in restricting and controlling enemies' movements, such as using headwinds to keep foes at bay, violent wind blasts to blow them back, cyclones to trap enemies, etc. He'd probably be a borderline Game-Breaker, but very much Difficult, but Awesome.

  • Possible, but not likely unless there is another set of DLC planned after the current set. So far, Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds are the only games that are supposed to get DLC for right now.

Linkle will be added in the 3DS game
Based solely on the fact that a crossbow (which was supposed to be her weapon) appears on the splash image for that game.
  • It appears in two different trailers now. There's no way it was put there by accident twice.
  • Confirmed

Tetra and the King will look different in the Wii U Version
In the form of costumes that make them better match the games aesthetic.
  • Jossed. They look the same but with scaled up models.

The Wii U Version will be able to purchase any new characters the 3DS version gets.
because it would be really stupid to have to buy the same game twice.
  • Confirmed. The Legends DLC will come in three forms: 3DS only, Wii U only, and both 3DS and Wii U. The Wii U packs will only contain the new characters/weapons, as the other stuff pertains to 3DS-exclusive features. There's also going to be a Wii U-exclusive Legends Characters Pack, which will allow Wii U owners without Legends to buy all of the Legends characters/weapons (Toon Link, Tetra, King Daphnes, Skull Kid, Linkle and Ganondorf's trident weapon).

Marth will be a DLC character
Hey, considering how well Hyrule Warriors is doing, it wouldn't be far-fetched for the devs to consider doing a Fire Emblem-themed game next, and Marth would be a good proof-of-concept. Just like in Super Smash Bros., he would do more damage with the tip of his blade, making him a very technical but powerful fighter well-suited to one-on-one fights. He would have a full complement of weapons including both his own and the Awakening-era Falchion, along with some other famous FE swords like Tyrfing, Mystletainn, Mani Katti, the Sword of Seals or Ragnell, and top it off with an 8-bit Iron Sword from the NES version of Shadow Dragon.
  • He could even borrow Lucina's mask for a Majora's Mask-themed outfit.
  • Seems very unlikely now that more Legends DLC information has come out: there are four characters that will be coming that we don't know about yet: 1 in the Link's Awakening Pack, 1 in the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks Pack, and 2 in the A Link Between Worlds Pack.
  • Called it on Fire Emblem Warriors, though.

Toon Link'll be in Hyrule Warriors Legends' story mode, just not in a playable role.
Alternatively, he'll at least be namedropped by Tetra, questioning his absence.
  • Jossed. Toon Link is never brought up in the story mode.

Linkle is not her real name, just an alias.
Her story will later reveal her real name and her sister-like connection with Link: She is actually Aryll.
  • But she's not rendered in the Wind Waker art style.
    • More specifically, a new incarnation, just like Link, Zelda and Impa.
  • Jossed: Eiji Aonuma didn't approve of the idea of making her Link's sister, so they just decided to make her a separate character unrelated to Link. [1]

Groose will be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends.
With the announcement of Skull Kid and Linkle, it's clear that Legends isn't only drawing new characters from Wind Waker. As of the current roster, Skyward Sword is notably under-represented, with only two characters (Fi and Ghirahim) next to the three or four that Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have. Groose remains THE breakout character of Skyward Sword, and Nintendo has listened to fans before...
  • Highly unlikely now that we have more info on Legends DLC - 1 new Link's Awakening character, 1 new Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks character, and 2 new A Link Between Worlds characters. Barring a new line of DLC/new game, I'd say Groose is a bust.

The Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks character will be Byrne/Staven
Given that out of all the combat-capable characters in either Phantom Hourglass OR Spirit Tracks, he has the biggest role, plus with that arm of his, it makes sense.
  • Jossed: Toon Zelda takes the honor.

Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks DLC costumes
  • Link: Engineer outfit, or Alfonzo (Jossed; Spirit Train colours
  • Impa: Colour scheme based on Oshus (Jossed; Anjean)
  • Lana: A costume based on Fado (Jossed; no costume)
  • Zelda: Spirit Zelda (Jossed; Phantom Hourglass era Phantoms)
  • Ganondorf: A costume based on Malladus (Confirmed)
  • Darunia: Kagoron (Jossed; Goron elder of the same village)
  • Ruto: Laruto (Jossed; Cyclos)
  • Zant: A Phantom (Jossed; no costume)
  • Ghirahim: A colour scheme based on Bellum (Jossed; no costume)
  • Cia: One of the Cubus sisters (Jossed; no costume)
  • Volga: A colour scheme based on Byrne (Confirmed)
  • Wizzro: Wizzrobe's appearance or Chancellor Cole's colours (Jossed; Phytops)
  • Linkle: Aryll's skull dress (Jossed; Yeko)
  • Toon Link: Engineer outfit (Confirmed)
  • King Daphnes: Zelda's teacher from Spirit Tracks (Jossed; Linebeck's colours)

The Spirit of the Hero is not a single soul being reincarnated, but something that one is born with. That's why there are two Legendary Heroes in Legends
It's said that those born with the Spirit of the Hero are destined to save Hyrule, and that the Chosen Heroes are born with this Spirit. However, it's never specifically stated that only one person can possess the Spirit at a time, and in fact has been somewhat contradicted.

Hyrule Historia revealed that the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess is the soul of [[the Hero of Time,]] a hero that came before that game's Link, meaning that the souls of two heroes exist simultaneously. Spirit Tracks has Niko talk about Link and Tetra from The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks but doesn't seem to imply that they've died. There's also a strong hint that the old man in Kakariko Village in A Link Between Worlds is [[A Link to the Past's Link,]] another hero existing alongside the player character. Since it is specifically mentioned that every Link is born with the Spirit of the Hero, this means more than one can and have lived at the same time before, once for absolute certain.

The point of all this? Linkle was raised by her grandmother to believe she's the Legendary Hero of her time. While it's true that Link is stated point-blank to be the Hero in this game, and it's shown to be true, it doesn't mean he's the only one. Linkle shows that she has all the signs of possessing the Spirit of the Hero as well, facing many of the same dangers and showing the same unbreaking resolve to persevere that Link did. She also faces down Skull Kid during her first encounter without being overpowered by him. She may not be the Chosen Hero, but it doesn't mean she can't be Link's equal once she gains the same level of experience that he has.

Vaati Will be the main villain of the NX Hyrule Warriors game

The Wind Waker epilogue in Legends had Phantom Ganon wanting the Tri-Force of Power, wishing to take it from the newly revived Cia. It was left ambiguous as to whether or not Phantom Ganon was doing this of his own volition or whether or not he was a pawn of someone else. And according to Famitsu when the game was coming out, Phantom Ganon is not the one from Wind Waker, but Four Swords Adventures.

Therefore, Vaati will be revealed to have been pulling the strings behind Phantom Ganon form the Wind Waker epilogue, in an attempt to either bring Ganondorf back to life, or become his own Big Bad.

  • Makes sense... assuming of course that there will be a version on the game on NX, which hasn't been announced yet, and isn't even likely yet to exist, considering there's already two versions of the game already. Nonetheless, if a version on the NX does get made, it's unlikely they'll leave Vaati out again.

Linebeck will be the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks character
After all, he made his first appearance in Phantom Hourglass, was referenced through his grandson in Spirit Tracks, and is the only major heroic character from both games that hasn't appeared yet (Unless the devs consider Toon Zelda a different character, in which case she might also have a chance).
  • I don't think it'll be Linebeck; we've only seen him fight once, plus, he's quite the coward.
    • Good point, but not being seen fighting much (or at all) didn't stop Agitha, Marin, Medli, King Daphnes and lots of other characters from being playable. Also, despite him being cowardly, there's IMO potential to make him a good Fighting Clown character.
  • Possibly jossed, as this explains Turns out the devs think of Toon Zelda as a different character, after all.

The A Link Between Worlds characters will be Yuga and Ravio.
The former attacking with spells and frames, while the latter attacks with all the items he can sell Link, as well as his pet bird Shiro.

At least one of Medli's attacks will involve summoning Valoo
Given that she's his attendant, it only makes sense.
  • Jossed. She remains alone throughout her entire moveset.

Marin's moveset guesses
The bell will be used not only by itself, but also to summon seagulls and Chain Chomps. She'll be also able to turn into a seagull, as a reference to the perfect ending in her home game. And just for shits and giggles, one of her Focus Spirit finishers might involve the Shopkeeper popping up behind her and zapping her enemy to kingdom come.
  • Jossed. Her moveset does use the bell for swinging attacks, but she uses it mainly for water attacks, several attacks have her use the Wind Fish, and another one has her singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

Linkle's compass doesn't guide her to where she's going, it takes her to where she's needed
While she never does deal with the main threat, her wanderings take her to various parts of the country that are endangered, and once those regions are secured, the compass glows, and she runs off and ends up finding another area that's under attack. She's not the legendary hero she thinks she is, but she is a second-string chosen hero whose job is to clear the secondary fronts so that Link can focus on the main threat.

The Master Quest Map is a fallen Skyloft.

Judging by the amount of Skyloft clothes you find for your fairies, as well as the Skyward Sword items such as Stamina Fruits, Life Tree Fruits, and Pumpkin Soup, I'm willing to speculate this is the case. It also might as well be, since Skyward Sword doesn't have an (official) exclusive map.

Vaati is the Zelda equivalent to Geno.

Think about it: Geno is constantly requested for Super Smash Bros. but couldn't make it in due to being owned by Square Enix, and the closest he got was being a Mii Costume. Likewise, Vaati's iconic humanoid appearance appeared in Minish Cap, a Capcom developed game. And considering Capcom's recent approach to the gaming market nowadays, it'll be a while before they'd ever (if at all) collaborate again.

There will be more DLC in the future

We have an upcoming Zelda game. Maybe promotional DLC for that game?

Hyrule Warriors takes place in the Twilight timeline

Let's ignore the fact that the Powers That Be already weighed in on this, saying that Hyrule Warriors is outside the continuity of the series proper. HW does fit very well within this timeline.

Consider the three eras that Cia selects. Skyward Sword is part of all of the three timelines, and some part of Ocarina of Time is part of every timeline. The third era is... Twilight Princess, which is only part of the Twilight timeline.

The only problem here is the addition of the Wind Waker era in Legends/DLC.

  • The difference is actually explained in the game. The trips to the first three games mentioned are all talked about as if they are time travel, whereas the Wind Waker characters are referred to as coming from another dimension entirely.

Cia/Lana is a Gerudo

If we assume that Hyrule Warriors is part of the Twilight timeline, it makes a lot of sense that Cia/Lana was a Gerudo.

First, we know that, while they're commonly called thieves, there have been quite a few Gerudo magic users. Kotake and Koume being the most prominent examples.

Second, we also know that, in the Twilight timeline, the Gerudo king was captured and executed. I'm guessing that this didn't happen without some kind of war; extraordinary rendition and summary execution of their leaders tend to upset people. Plus, considering that the Arbiter's Grounds (the cite of Ganondorf's "execution") is inside the Gerudo Desert, it's a good bet that this took place after the end of a long war.

Third, it explains how Cia/Lana could be so completely ignorant of Link for so long. The Gerudo were likely wiped out, with only a small few surviving the purge. Those who survived would have done so in the shadows, staying away from civilization and thus not learning about things like a destined hero. All while keep their magical traditions alive.

Fourth, it explains more directly why Ganondorf was able to connect with her. After all, he is technically the King of the Gerudo. It also explains Cia having dark skin while Lana is pale; Ganondorf essentially expelled all of the non-Gerudo parts of her, to more directly contact and control her.

  • Lana's and Cia's Guardian of Time outfits (presumably what they looked like when they were still one person) don't appear even vaguely Gerudo. They have lavender hair, violet eyes, and a much lighter skin tone, meaning Cia's darker skin was a result of them being split apart.

Possibles ways a sequel would implement The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • A map or two. Possibly Hyrule Field.
  • Playable heroes.
    • It's guaranteed we'd be getting at least one Champion.
    • Hopefully, Sidon will be also there, as we still don't have any princes yet.
  • Enemies from that game. Such as Guardians and Lynels.
  • The Yiga Clan.
  • Master Kohga as a playable villain and part of Ganondorf's possible Five-Man Band.
  • Either the Bot W version Link being playable or his outfit for the Main Link.
    • Not confirmed for a sequel, but for a Definitive Port, there will be a costume for him and Zelda.
  • The game being a Wide Open Sandbox Warriors game. Like DW 9.

    • In a roundabout way, the first three points have been confirmed: The sequel will center entirely around the backstory of BotW.

In the Definitive addition, amiibo will be more varied
The Majora's Mask Link amiibo will unlock items for Young Link, the Wind Waker Zelda amiibo will unlock items for not only Toon Zelda, but also Tetra, and the Breath of the Wild amiibo would work too.

The Mipha, Revali, and Daruk amiibo would unlock weapons for Ruto, Medli, and Darunia, respectively, and the Urbosa amiibo will either do the same with Ganondorf (both Gerudo) or Impa (Urbosa is basically a Gerudo Young Impa). Bokoblin and Guardian could double as Ganondorf's weapons or his minions.

In the Definitive edition, there will be a few more gold skulltulas providing a Rewards Map challenge
This challenge is based on Breath of the Wild, and involves you fighting Ganon or Ganondorf then Ganon. He's even harder to beat than usual, but will be weakened by saving Darunia, Ruta, Medli, and Impa, who are scattered throughout the level, possibly being attacked by giant bosses, such as Phantom Ganons.

Linkle is Tingle's daughter
Hence why her getup looks closer to Tingle's than Link's, and her name sounds like a combination of Link + Tingle.

     Pre-Release Speculation 

This game comes chronologically in the "Fallen Hyrule" timeline, after Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
As time healed the wound that was the hero of time's defeat at the hands of Ganon, the majestic look of Hyrule Castle implies people have been working hard to restore Hyrule to its former glory, akin to the rebuilt Hollow Bastion. However, Ganon's legacy lives through the hordes of mooks flooding the realm. Which is why this Link is so badass - his skills simply match the army in sight. — by Alex Sora 89

This game comes chronologically in the Child timeline after The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.
The events of Skyward Sword, the Young Link parts of Ocarina of Time, and the events of Twilight Princess would only be known by people in the Child timeline... Ganondorf's soul was also split into four component parts, which is something that the Four Sword that Ganondorf had been left sealed in at the end of Four Swords Adventures could logically do. In addition, DLC plans to add characters from Majora's Mask, also part of the Child timeline. Meanwhile, the few elements from the other two timelines like the 8-Bit weapons and the Wind Waker in the game are used as bonus content.
  • Although technically the game isn't in any timeline as it's non-canon, this is the closest that fits, especially considering that ONLY the games along that continuity make any appearances here.

This game is in a new timeline
Perhaps one where humanity was always on Earth? Either way, it'd allow it to be canon without messing with anything in the current timeline.
  • Somewhat confirmed, see above WMG.

It will take place during the Hyrulean Civil War
Thus harvesting the plot seeds that lead into Ocarina of Time.
  • Jossed.

It will take place during the Demon War.
We already have the Skyward Sword manga, which shows a version of Link that exists prior to the respective game.
  • Jossed.

All major villains and protagonists will be reunited.
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 did it, so why shouldn't this one? It's likely we'll see and maybe even get to play as Ganondorf, Agahnim, Zant, Ghirahim, Yuga, and other baddies, as well as protagonists like Zelda, Sheik, Skyward Sword Impa, Midna and Wolf Link, and several others. There's more than enough characters to pick from to make a decent roster.
  • Not all just the more prominent ones with Zelda, Sheik, Impa, and Link are from the Zelda Musou/Hyrule Warriors verse/timeline.
    • Only confirmed for Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess so far.
    • Along with Wind Waker for the 3DS version, though that is stated to be a different dimension, rather than a different timeline.

Link will actually be a "secret" character
Since the Dynasty Warriors series is known for its Loads and Loads of Characters, having Hyrule Warriors focus solely on Link would be weird, as would having Link readily available together with other characters. So, maybe Link will be some sort of unlockable character, and we'll be introduced to a series of interesting other playable characters, from many of the races that populate the series' lore. Link is shown exclusively in the trailer only for his iconic status.
  • Not Jossed yet, but it seems that (it sounds like) Impa gives Link his gear fairly early in the game. At worst, it may have a Justified Tutorial level where you play as Impa before Link is "unlocked".
  • Jossed. Link is unlocked from the start. However, the plot focuses on the entire group's efforts, including at places Link never goes to.

The game takes place during the Imprisoning War
After Ocarina of Time and before A Link to the Past. This Link might be the same Link from Ocarina of Time, seeking to atone for his earlier failure to stop Ganondorf by serving in Hyrule's army against Ganon's invasion. His defeat at Ganon's hands is what has motivated him to Take a Level in Badass and become what he is in this game.
  • Not only is it jossed because Word of God confirms Hyrule Warriors is not part of the official timeline, but the official Zelda timeline states that the Decline Era — which A Link to the Past is part of - begins when the Link from Ocarina of Time is killed.

Ghirahim will make a return.
Since this spin-off isn't linked to the current timeline there's nothing stopping him from coming back, it can be assumed that the horde of Bobokins from the trailer were spawned by him.
  • Confirmed by Famitsu: he and the Imprisoned will be enemies.
  • Not only that: He's playable.

The final title will be...
  • Zelda Gaiden: Scarf of [Insert name of an important character here]
    • I doubt Koei will drop the Musou or Warriors. So it'll be Zelda Musou: Scarf of [Insert name of an important character here]
    • Scarf of Link
    • Scarf of Zelda
    • Scarf of Ganon
    • Scarf of Hylia
    • Scarf of Tingle
    • Scarf of Dodongo
  • Jossed now. It's just Zelda Musou or Hyrule Warriors with no subtitles.

The game will be fully voiced
It's just how Koei operates, they haven't left a Warriors game silent since Dynasty Warriors 2.
  • Jossed, at least for gameplay (cutscene voice acting is neither confirmed nor denied), but technically Midna does speak in Twili language.
    • Lana does speak some phrases (in Japanese) when attacking. (It's in the Japanese trailer showing off her attacks.)
    • There is also narration.

The game will be fully voiced...except for Link.
None of the other characters will ever acknowledge this.
  • Jossed; See above. Even in the story context Link never speaks, but one of his "special gifts" is communicating with fairies (apparently non-vocally), so the fairy Proxy speaks his mind for him.

Zelda will be a skilled chessmaster.
Koei has precedent in this sort of character, and she represents the Triforce of Wisdom.
  • Jossed. The Chessmaster is none other than Ganondorf.

The scarf is Roc's Cape
And the Link in this game is a conglomeration of all the previous ones, using all of their weapons.

Cia, Valga, and Wizzro are not servants of Ganon, but another.
(The names for the Volvagia-armored warrior and the wizard resembling the Poe Collector from a website, may change when brought to America)Since this is a spin-off, instead of the usual villain (much like how Mario spin-offs like the RPGs don't have Bowser as the bad guy) they might be serving a villain made specifically for Hyrule Warriors.
  • Jossed.

A giant hammer-wielding Goron and a dual sword-wielding Zora will be playable characters
After The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask proved what fun playable characters they could be, Hyrule Warriors could borrow their combat models. It'd be a good time to finally have them playable again.
  • Partially confirmed and partly jossed. Darunia is playable and he uses a large hammer. Ruto is playable, but she doesn't wield a weapon and only uses water magic.

Cia will pull a Heroic Sacrifice near the end
Whatever this evil entity that corrupted her is, Cia will realize her feelings for Link outweigh her hate for Zelda and sacrifice herself to help them.
  • Jossed. Cia is defeated and dies. Lana lives on and she wants her beloved to be happy.

There will be mounted combat.
It is a Zelda game that has wide open lands outdoors and Koei makes the Warriors games that also include mounted combat. Link of course gets Epona while other characters could also get generic horses or Bulbos for certain enemies.
  • Not quite:
    • Technically Midna rides a twilight wolf when dashing or attacking sometimes.
    • Then we have Agitha riding a giant golden butterfly as part of her attacks.
    • Lana rides a Deku Sprout for one of her attacks with the Spear moveset; Lana rides Argorok in one of her moves with the Summoning Gate moveset.
  • Did happen, but it's DLC. The Master Quest pack includes Epona as a new weapon for Link.

There will be Multiple Endings.
Cia will Heel–Face Turn in the end and ask Link if he returns her affections or not. The player gets to choose. If they reject her, she won't mind and become a Shipper on Deck of Link and Zelda. If they accept, there will be a Maybe Ever After for them.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Gerudo playable character
Other than Ganondorf (if he is playable). The Gerudo would dual wield like the one you fought in Ocarina of Time, just with more variety in moves.
  • Not just any Gerudo, but Nabooru will be playable, and she will be something of a mix between Shiek/Ninja and a dual-wielding graceful rogue. Also, since everyone seems to have some sort of element about them (Link=Fire, Zelda=Light, Impa=Water, Midna=Darkness) Nabooru will be elementally aligned with earth, or more specifically, sand (a nod to the Gerudo Desert).
    • Ganondorf is going to dual wield Great Sword. Elements are determined by weapon of the character though some weapons have multiple elements associated with it.

Zelda will be playable too.
That's why she hasn't appeared in trailers yet. Because it's gonna be the big reveal at the E3.
  • Bravo. She is indeed playable, and was revealed as such at the E3, along with Midna.

The Grand List Of Possible Playable Characters
  • Zelda - Confirmed
    • Young Zelda (maybe as part of a Fountain of Youth side-story, after which she could be unlocked)
  • Hilda - Confirmed as Zelda's DLC costume.
  • Midna - Confirmed
    • Humanoid Midna - Confirmed as DLC
  • Zant - Confirmed
  • Ganondorf - Confirmed
  • The Skull Kid (with Majora's Mask) - Confirmed for 3DS
  • Ravio
  • Dampe
  • Kafei
  • Yuga
  • Agahnim
  • Nabooru
  • Demise
  • Ghirahim - Confirmed
  • Groose
  • Ralph
  • Saria
  • Darunia - Confirmed
  • Ruto - Confirmed
  • Deku Link
  • Darmani - Confirmed as Darunia's DLC costume.
  • Mikau
  • Ezlo
  • Vaati
  • Linebeck
  • Anjean
  • Byrne
  • Cole
  • Samus (as a Guest Fighter)
  • An Iron Knuckle
  • Toon Link (Secret Character) - Confirmed for 3DS
  • Tetra (Either as a secret character in the vein of Toon Link, or as a disguise that Zelda takes during the story) - Confirmed for 3DS
  • Tingle - Confirmed as DLC
  • Pit (Also as a guest fighter, to promote Smash Bros 4)
  • Sheik (Similar to Tetra; in this timeline Sheik may or may not be a different person from Zelda) - Confirmed
  • Wind Waker Ganondorf - Confirmed as Pre-Order DLC costume
  • Koume and Kotake / Twinrova
  • Majora's Mask Link - Confirmed as DLC
  • Din, Nayru, and Farore (The oracles, not the goddesses)
  • Veran
  • Onox
  • Malon
  • Lu Bu (As a Guest Fighter from one of the series this game is based on) - Confirmed(?) as Volga's Twilight Princess DLC Costume
  • King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule - Confirmed for 3DS
  • King Harkinian, mah boi.
  • Pipit
  • Ashei
  • Yeto
  • The Hero's Shade
  • Epona (Because why the hell not?) - Confirmed as Link's DLC weapon.
  • Batreaux
  • Error

This game will be Hijacked by Ganon
Read Cia's profile. Who else could it be!?
  • The E3 2014 trailer adds more fuel to the fire with a cut-in of a green-skinned man laughing manically. Gee, I wonder who that could be?
  • As of now, Ganondorf has been confirmed to be playable, though is exact role in the story has yet to be confirmed.
    • Confirmed, Ganondorf does hijack the plot after Cia dies.

This game will be confirmed to be part of the official timeline
Since Aonuma has said Hyrule Warriors is about trying to change up the playing traditions of the Zelda series, (, but *didn't* say games like this wouldn't be considered part of the overall mythology, the game will be given a place in the offical timeline.

This alternate world was created by the Goddesses as an idea of merging all the timelines together
Watching all the three timelines and what they go through, the three decide to create a new Hyrule, unconnected to the others, in order to see how so many ideas from the different timelines would work together.

All the Heroes/Main Playable Characters will be aligned to a specific element
So far with four characters revealed, all four of them have an affinity to a specific element, Link with his Fire Rod is, of course, Fire, Zelda with the Arrows of Light are Light, Impa's attacks are Water aligned, and Midna, being the Twilight Princess, commands Darkness. Therefore any remaining primary heroes (possibly not including any secret characters) will be aligned to elements of their own. For instance:

  • Earth: Nabooru (Sand/Desert)
  • Wind: Groose (With his Loftwing)

    • Partially jossed. Each weapon type has an element, with Link having Light, Fire, Electricity, and Water, for instance. Some other weapons (like Sheik's Harp) can use attacks with different elements.

Cia and Lana are connected somehow
First. They're both new female characters with whitish hair, their titles are The Black Witch and The White Witch, and Lana's hairband is apparently similar to Cia's clothing. Not saying they're the same person, but the have SOMETHING in common... sisters perhaps?

  • I say either:
    • Lana is Cia from the past before corruption, trying to stop herself from conquering the world.
    • They're two halves of the same person. Cia's face would look just like Lana's under her mask.
    • They're sisters, probably twins.
  • Or maybe Cia is Lana's Lorule counterpart?
  • Or Cia is Lana's Enemy Without?
    • Or vice versa?
      • Thanks to a livestream from someone who got the game early: The second one is true. Lana is Cia's goodness.

Lana will eventually become a Knight Templar; she can be nothing else

Lana represents altruism and pure intention, intention which needed to be purged to allow Cia to embrace pure selfish desire and claim the power needed to "take" Link for herself. Cia was an aberration, having nothing but selfish desire; but Lana's state of pure altruism in human form is just as unnatural and dangerous. It's likely that, now having put right her own evil and then Ganon, the Ultimate Evil, Lana will seek to "fix" other errors in the timeline by eliminating ALL villains, starting with the world conquerers such as Zant and perhaps eventually going as far as jaywalkers or layabouts. With her mastery of time and the Summoning Gate in her hands, such a feat would be quite concievable.

Some of these new characters will appear in future Zelda games.
Unless Techmo Koei decides to the same thing Square Enix did with Geno, and claim exclusive rights to all the characters created for the game.

Lana is actually the main character
A new character who has a mysterious connection to the game's main antagonist? Maybe it will turn out Lana is actually the main heroine of the story, and Link and Zelda are reduced to Supporting Protagonists.
  • This doesn't totally happen. Cia simply dies, and Lana lives on, but the story never totally focuses on her.

Wizzro is Ganon's Dragon, not Cia
It's his nature to be a parasite of power. He is just manipulating Cia to get enough power to revive his master. Once she is defeated in the semi-final boss battle, he'll drain her power and give it to his true master.
  • There's a chance that Wizzro hijacks the plot from Ganon after that.
  • Alternatively, there's a possibility that he will defect to Ganon's side when he realizes he's stronger than Cia.
    • Right on the money. Wizzro betrays Cia for Ganondorf, but is Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves before he can do anything actively harmful to Cia's interests.

Just in case the player doesn't want to pair Link with either Zelda or Cia.
  • There are no love interest options/convos in this game, sadly, so it'll all have to be in fanon. Moreover, Cia dies and Lana lives on, but Lana just wants her beloved to be happy.

Shiek really is a man this time
Given we're in a different universe, Shiek and Zelda may not be the same character, and if they aren't, it'd be a magnificent display of trolling to make Shiek a dude after years of arguments and discussion. For bonus fun we could have a case of The Bus Came Back for Zelda's brother from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link''
  • Alternately, it could actually be another Zelda. This game is pulling together tons of characters from various timelines after all, so why not have two different incarnations of Zelda in the same place?
    • Unlikely at this point. Recent screenshots have shown Sheik and Impa facing an "Evil" looking Zelda in the Water Temple, in what is likely a call back to Dark Link's appearance there. The "Evil Zelda" looks like the playable zelda, just paler. If Sheik was the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Zelda, dark Zelda would use the DLC "OOT Zelda" model.
      • Jossed. The Hyrule Warriors Direct refers to Sheik as a woman, with female pronouns.
      • And finally Nintendo's Bill Trinen confirmed that Shiek is female.

The reason for the Timey-Wimey ball
It's not for shits n giggles or Rule of Cool. The backstory explicitly states the evil sealed away prior to the events of the game had one piece sealed in the Master Sword, and then three others strewn throughout space time. Cia or whatever dark power is possessing her is purposefully trying to bring back those other three pieces. Which may or may not have conveniently ended up in the eras Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Skyward Sword.
  • Confirmed to the letter as early as chapter 3.

Concerning Link(s) and Zelda(s) in the Timey-Wimey ball
Perhaps there will be no confusion whatsoever and we'll stick with HW Link and Zelda, or maybe we'll have their alternate selves crop up outside of DLC costumes. Maybe even those DLC costumes will have an in-plot explanation that Link and Zelda's alternate selves are adhering to HW Link and Zelda because of the Timey-Wimey situation. We could also get some interesting reactions from the characters who have already met one version of Link and confusing HW Link with their own incarnation (like already knowing his name, Fi referring to him as "Master", if Midna is post-Twilight probably getting a little choked up, etc.)
  • Fi does call Link "Master", but she acknowledges that HW Link != SS Link. Midna does not actually call attention to it, mainly because she gets pushed out of the limelight before they can interact.

The situation with Sheik and Zelda
  • 1) This Shiek is from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time continuity and HW!Zelda doesn't get a Shiek setup. OoT!Shiek is aware of HW!Zelda's situation in more detail than the heroes, and HW!Zelda herself is possessed or brainwashed. Shiek is basically trying to save his/her alternate self.
  • 2) Shiek is HW!Zelda who somehow managed to become two people- considering that the heroes believed Zelda was dead/missing until Shiek showed up and corrected them, probably something involving Cia and a curse. Perhaps split into two forms with her princess self going on a brainwashed evil rampage while the Sheikah is the true Zelda trying to rectify the situation.
  • Or, the "Evil Zelda" is an impostor and Sheik only knows this because she herself is the real Zelda. Sheik is using the Lens of Truth to see who or what the impostor really is.
    • Confirmed that Evil Zelda is an impostor. Zelda disguises as Sheik in the meantime.

Link and Zelda fall in Love at First Sight
The Hyrule Warriors Nintendo direct (around the 7:30 area) has Link looking up and Princess Zelda, who is on top of the castle walls, looking back down. Dialogue during the Hyrule Field stage suggests this is the fist they've met (at least in the E3 gameplay). It may play a part in Cia's obsession with Link and removing Zelda. The look they have, namely Zelda, opens this possibility.
  • Confirmed, the second they see each other it's clear there's... something they recognize about each other. The backstory confirms that the Spirit of the Hero and spirit of the Princess are bound to each other in every reincarnation, the futility of it is what made Cia susceptible to dark whisperings.

Cia is an unlucky childhood friend
Or she's at least known Link for some time but felt heartbroken when he showed an interest in Zelda.
  • Jossed, she is not a childhood friend and knows Link through observing his different incarnations through out time.

Lana is a manifestation of Cia's goodness
Cia turning evil caused her good side to split off from her and manifest as Lana. Eventually, Lana will have to merge back together with Cia to make her turn good again. This will be played as a Heroic Sacrifice.

Impa, Lana, and Cia are connected
Lana and Cia is obvious, as per the rampant WM Ging above, but what connects Impa? Check out the feathers on all three of their costumes. It goes well with the rule of three motif Zelda has, and if it turns out Cia is actually one character split into parts, it makes sense that a guardian of the Triforce would have themselves split into Power (Cia), Wisdom (Lana), and Courage (Impa).

Ghirahim and Zant will appear in the story at least once together, and will engage in Ham-to-Ham Combat
Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please...
  • Confirmed. They are Ganondorf's Co-Dragons and work together in several missions. They sadly do not actually converse with one another, let alone engage in Ham-to-Ham Combat. They do have funny interactions with Ganondorf though.

The game will have DLC characters.
The game has a fairly limited character selection. Outside of Link, Zelda, Impa, Ganondorf, and Lana, every playable character is from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or Skyward Sword. The game is going to have DLC, so we can have a wider range of playable characters.
  • Yes and no, apparently. The developers stated that they plan on releasing long-term updates and a large scale mode expansion, so it's very likely that we'll indeed get new characters, weapons and stages, but as updates rather than DLC.
  • Maybe yes, by Koei Tecmo said: “Hyrule Warriors is expected to get its 1.2.0 update on September 1. We’ll have a [more] major update for it sometime after, but what if (with a lot of emphasis on the ‘what if’) we said ‘a playable character will be added’. Who would you like to see?”
    • And one supposed part DLC is Linkle (female link character) and also said: “she was a rejected story character featured in the art book, but it looks like she got a quite lot of attention… maybe we should have included her in the main story…”
  • Nintendo of Europe recently announced that there will be four DLC packs, which include 3 new characters in total. They also announced free DLC that lets you play as Cia, Wizzro and Valga.
  • The game will have Hero's Shade from Twilight Princess, or Gramps (who is hinted to be Link from the Link To The Past, Ocarina of Seasons, Ocarina of Ages, and Link's Awaking games), from A Link Between Worlds, as dlc or in future games.
  • Nintendo of Europe has announced 4 DLC packs for Legends (and the Wii U version) that will bring 4 new characters - 1 from Link's Awakening, 1 from Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks, and 2 from A Link Between Worlds.

Possible Twilight Princess playable character
We'll be finding out soon, but I want to put up ideas on who it would be. New ideas go below previous ones.
  • Fyer, Falbi, or both together
  • The four adventurers who helped Link out as a roaming party
  • Yeto, the male yeti
  • Zora prince
  • Telma
  • Fortune teller
  • Postman- kind sorta confirmed; the Postman's uniform is Link's new costume.
  • Wolf Link
  • A darknut
  • Long dead hero who taught you new techniques
  • The three girls who fawn over Link once he's beaten the star minigame
  • The owner of the star minigame
  • The woman who lets you fish
  • Oocoo and or Oocoo Jr.
  • All Jossed — it's Midna's true form.

Amiibo gains new uses this time round due to characters either existing. or Amiibo actually existing. or at least in Hyrule Warriors Legends
The Wolf Link amiibo would unlock a Wolf Link character moveset for Regular Link in a similar vein to the Great Fairy, whilst Toon Link could probably gain the Deku Leaf which will be reimagined for acrobatic wind-based attacks including typhoons and slicing razor winds. Ganondorf will instead get Demon Channeling; a Barefisted form, a playful reverse-throwback to Smash, instead of having a Sword and using it, he foregoes his sword and uses his brute force instead.
  • The Link Amiibo unlocks the Spinner weapon, but other than that, Amiibo of characters simply give you a really nice weapon for that character (with non-Zelda Amiibo just giving you random presents). The Legends Amiibo trailer looks like it will allow the Toon Link Amiibo to get you Toon Link weapons (pre-Legends, it was considered the same as the Link Amiibo) and the Wolf Link Amiibo will give you Midna weapons. Other than that, Amiibo in Legends will work the same.


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