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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Anything involving Cuccos:
    • When answering a fan-submitted question about whether or not Cuccos would appear, Aonuma responded by getting up and strutting around like a chicken.
    • Under certain conditions, it's possible to have Cuccos fight for you during adventure mode. Cue an entire army of chickens fighting against your enemies.
    • It's possible to encounter two Cuccos fighting each other over a keep. If the fight's not been intervened with in time, one of them will win, populate the keep with an army of Cuccos, and then act as a third faction, complete with them trying to conquer other keeps. (If you do intervene, you get locked in the keep with a horde of angry Cuccos.)
    • Golden Cuccos may sometimes spawn looking for food within keeps. If left on their own for a while, they'll eventually turn giant and attack.
    • At the end of one trailer, Lana apparently incurs the wrath of the dreaded Cucco's Revenge Squad. This turns out to be one of her weapons called the Summoning Gate, the August Nintendo Direct showed her using it to summon a humongous Cucco out of it to attack enemies as a special move. In addition, they affect gameplay. One mistake, and the entire screen is filled with murderous fowl. Doing something right, however, allies an army of chickens with you.
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    • The Boss Pack has an unlisted unlockable: Cucco's Fury. You play as a giant Cucco, and it's as hilarious as it sounds.
    • Linkle's army in story mode is made up of Cucco ground troops. And, without any hint of irony, she uses the phrase "poor, defenseless Cuccos."
    • On the subject of Linkle, her Boots victory scene has her performing the legged versions of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and then stopping a kick inches from the camera. As she starts to put her foot down, she realizes there's a Cucco there and immediately withdraws her foot, letting herself fall to the ground instead of risk angering the fowl. It proceeds to jump onto her head and perch there.
    • Ganondorf's Boss Pack costume recolors his hair and armor in white, with his armor accented with red and gold. Yes, the King of Evil is dressed like a Cucco.
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    • Adventure Mode mission: "Attend the Festival of Cuccos! Limited: Ganondorf"
  • The Ball and Chain/Gauntlet's Musou attack has Link literally turn the world upside-down. It has to be seen to be believed.note 
    • It's particularly funny when the camera doesn't accompany him due to cramped spaces, and you see Link doing... nothing for the special attack, and still dishing out a lot of damage.
    • Also worth mentioning is when Link pulls the giant pillar from Ocarina of Time out of the ground and starts using it as an actual weapon. By suplexing it.
    • The victory pose for the Ball and Chain/Gauntlets is Link causually tossing the ball in one hand. He tosses it to the ground, and it lands with enough force to pop him into the air. Link looks at a gauntlet in amazement, as if to say "Geez, how powerful are these things?"
  • Using the Hookshot results in your warrior getting dragged towards the target. Using the Hookshot as Link using the Horse weapon results in Epona getting dragged along with him.
  • The Moon attack is darkly funny. There once was a time where players did all they could to keep it from falling out of the sky. Now they're the ones making it crash, just to kill enemies.
  • The first mid-battle cutscene in the game? Proxi vanishes into Link's chest. Something just flew in me!
  • Ruto is carried into battle by a Hyrulean soldier.
  • In the cutscene where Lana resummons the heroes from the different eras, Fi does a cute little twirl in the air as she floats into the fray.
  • Ganondorf's opponents in his first playable level? A bunch of Mooks and Elite Mooks.
  • In the Hyrule Warriors Direct, at one point, Eiji Aonuma says that he heard that there was going to be a stage where you do nothing but cut grass, but it was cut in development.
  • Ganondorf opening a treasure chest. Even funnier is that he casually kicks it open.
  • Ghirahim's playable demo at the Nintendo direct showed him doing his infamous "Happy Dance", except unlike Skyward Sword where he did it because he was about to revive Demise, Ghirahim seems to be doing it for absolutely no reason. He's dancing about in preparation to use the Gate of Souls to call in the Imprisoned... and cuts it short when he realizes his Turncoat Soldiers have been found out.
  • The fifth of Link's possible weapons/movesets, and the game's hidden playable character... are one and the same, since the Great Fairy fights the enemies herself while Link is trapped in a bottle carried by her, letting him out occasionally to dodge attacks thrown at him (or rather, the enemies behind him) by the Great Fairy, before she scoops him back up! Also hilarious when the game announces "Link has defeated 500 enemies!" and he receives high praise when in reality he has no control over the situation. Link's facial expression in the Great Fairy's victory pose. The poor kid can never have his own personal space!
  • Zant's fighting style in general is pretty funny.
    • One of Zant's attacks involves him growing giant and doing a belly flop.
    • The official guide even describes it as being more like throwing a tantrum than actually fighting.
    • The fact that he will yell "Ow! Ouchies!" sometimes when he gets hurt...
    • The Majora's Mask DLC gives him the Troupe Leader Mask to wear... which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that he's wearing it over his helmet.
  • Ganondorf's disgust at Zant's childish begging for help when in danger.
    Ganondorf: Help? Aren't you a king in your own right? And you need help from me?
  • One the new features from the upcoming Ver.1.2.0 update of the game is a new sword and shield set for Link. Said set is the original wooden sword and shield from the very first Legend of Zelda game, accurately depicted as they originally were... as literal 8-bit items. The Master Quest DLC has 8-bit weapon unlockables for other characters now as well. Impa's is labeled "8-Bit Boomerang?", and yes, the question mark is indeed part of the actual name. Sheik, on the other hand, can get an 8-bit Ladder that is somehow utilized as a Harp, while Ganondorf gets 8-bit keyblades.
  • In the North American version, the fairy who warns Impa and Sheik is identified as Navi, complete with "Hey! Listen!"
  • In Darunia's victory video, he tosses his hammer into the air before a remix of Saria's Song plays, making the Goron bust out the iconic Happy Dance. After dancing for a minute, the hammer finally lands, causing a shockwave that tosses the still dancing Darunia into the air.
  • The scene with Great Fairy in Skyloft. She has a bunch of fairies hold a fishing rod with a giant pumpkin on the end, and Levia comes up and bites it like a fish. Then he proceeds to rain lightning onto the battlefield, weakening Volga in the process. Then he complains that he's given you enough divine intervention.
  • When Link meets Fi in Skyloft, he looks... generally confused.
    Fi: You are not the master, but I can consider you a master.
    (Link looks at Fi with a "what the hell are you talking about?" expression)
  • The way Cia loses her mask. She confronts and challenges Midna and Lana, prepared for their magic. Midna employs her Prehensile Hair and punches her. Even funnier? Word of God says to think of this game as "Zelda meets The Avengers". With that line of logic, this moment of interrupting a bad guy right before a no-doubt hamtastic Evil monologue is the equivalent of Hulk's Metronomic Man Mashing of Loki.
  • When Link, Lana, and Zelda are saying goodbye to the rest of the group, Midna chimes in.
    Midna: Well, that's that! See you next crisis!
    • Note that she does indeed wind up being called back along with the other heroes from other Eras to help take down Ganondorf. Her entrance is funny, too, as she floats in while in pretty much a relaxed position, summing up her character perfectly.
  • Some of the things your allies say can be very amusing depending on who you're playing as:
    • Sheik telling one of the villains that they are surely Hyrule's salvation, or Ghirahim telling Agitha or Fi that they remind him of Demise.
    • If you are playing as Ghirahim during certain levels of Adventure Mode, the other Ghirahim that is supposed to be helping you will quickly betray you. They may then proceed to have a verbal jousting match with each other.
    • Having both Zelda and Sheik in the same battle is also hilarious, especially if they start complimenting each other.
    • Proxi telling Link not to blush after receiving a compliment from Ghirahim or Ganondorf?
    • Fi tells Ghirahim that he's a true hero of Hyrule during one Adventure Mode situation, to which he responds, "Of course! Would you expect any less of me?", yes?
    • Volga's reaction to having to save Skyloft during Cia's conquest in the Master Quest DLC; he's very obviously not happy about having to help a bunch of humans. ("I'm here to... ugh... rescue you.") The funny part comes in the Skyloft Captain's extremely cheerful response to this offer.
    • Twili Midna and Imp Midna in a battle at the same time is just about as funny as with Sheik and Zelda if they compliment each other or give each other some back-and-forth banter. It's even better if they're on opposite sides.
    Midna: You think you can beat me? Heh, you can't be serious.
    Twili Midna: You think you'll defeat me? Oh my, that's rich.
    • In the case of Link and Young Link, neither of them speaks a word, all their dialog comes from Proxi. So when both of them are in the game, you get to see Proxi having back-and-forth with herself!
    • Sometimes, Marin will exclaim that she's "really feeling it".
    • There are times where you're fighting Zelda, and she'll say that she'll "cut you with her bare hands" even if you're Link or Impa. Either it's actually Wizzro again, or someone needs a Snickers.
    • After beating a playable opponent, Ravio will say "Phew... I'll admit, I had a moment of crippling panic, but I guess I won!"
  • This video presents a glitch where Zant is able to spin around for as long as he wants.
  • "Gorons for the victory!"
  • Darunia's line during the Water Temple: "Let's pour into the Water Temple! Get it? Water puns!"
  • A little bit of Fridge Humour: the locations of the pieces of Ganondorf's splintered soul. In the Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess eras, the location is the Disc-One Final Dungeon of those eras… and the location in the Ocarina of Time era is the Water Temple.
  • There's a glitch where you can make characters switch weapons with other characters. The effects range from humorous (Darunia using Shiek's fighting style, or Ruto's fighting style) to awesome (giving Zelda or Lana the Master Sword) to terrifying (giving Ganondorf the Master Sword... or Agitha's dainty Parasol), and even outright silly (giving any of the female characters, Zant, Ghirahim, and even Ganondorf Link-in-a-bottle). If you swap Zelda's moveset with Lana's Summoning Gate, she'll even sing Zelda's Lullaby!
  • Lana's Summoning Gate is funny even when not involved in the weapon-swapping glitch. Almost every summoned boss causes Lana to fall over when called upon, and when working with Manhandla, Lana will launch into a little song and dance the whole time!
  • Fi is pretty confident when entering combat with the player, declaring that the player's chances of defeating her are 0%... Even when she's one inch away from death and you are at full health.
  • Cia's reaction to Wizzro's first betrayal is to snarl, "Am I really being betrayed by evil jewelry?!"
    • Earlier in that same stage, there's Volga's response to Cia's initial attempt to recruit him:
    Volga: No. Leave.
    • Also, when playing as her in Adventure Mode and fighting Link as a boss, it's quite hilarious to hear her say this, considering she's such a Stalker with a Crush to Link.
    Cia: I don't like you. Goodbye!
  • Using amiibo Link with this game gives Link a new weapon that's essentially a rideable spinning top resembling the Amiibo's base.note 
  • Link's costume for the Twilight Princess DLC pack is... The Postman. Complete with booty shorts and a befuddled expression on his render clearly saying "Who asked for this and why."
  • One of the rewards that can be gotten by scanning an amiibo is 1 rupee, as in, a single rupee in a game where you'll get several thousand in every level without even trying. It's lucky that each amiibo yields a new reward everyday.
  • Ruto has a specific portrait that only appears during certain situations involving Link (for instance, if he rescues her when she's at low health), which has her folding her arms while blushing. It's pretty clear she still carries a torch for the Hero of Time, and this Link reminds her all too much of her own. Midna has a similar portrait, but it appears to have been Dummied Out.
  • Young Link's C5 has him dash about with a pair of Pegasus Boots in the shape of the Triforce. This attack... doesn't change at all when he puts his Fierce Deity's Mask on. An adult-size Hylian dashing about like a kid on a sugar high looks hilarious.
  • Tingle's attack animations have the Japanese weirdness he's known for along with Tingle himself getting hurt in humorous ways. One attack involves his Balloon springing a leak and flying out of control. Hitting the Heavy attack again causes it to slam Tingle into the ground, taking out all enemies around as the 35-year old "Fairy" twitches in a Tingle-shaped hole.
  • The new pack includes extra costumes of the characters bearing masks. Cool and all, like Impa with the Mask of Truth, Link with the Fierce Deity's Mask, etc. What is Midna's? A Continuity Nod to Twilight Princess' Ordon Shield when she wore it like a mask! And Fi's? The Stone Mask!
  • Playing through action-packed missions with the Bazaar theme playing. It is a very different experience.
  • In the 3DS version, one of the King Of Red Lions' attacks is to transform into his boat form and ride over enemies, while hopping around similarly to how the boat could jump in Wind Waker. It's as goofy as one would expect.
  • Linkle's No Sense of Direction. For the majority of her campaign, she tries to go to Hyrule Castle, only for her to aimlessly wander into other areas despite having a map. It takes a total of five tries before she finally arrives at the castle.
    • Her victory animation with the Crossbows even makes fun of this, with Linkle pulling out a map and going in the opposite direction of Hyrule Castle as indicated by a sign. She does this after every successful battle, even after battles on Hyrule Field with the castle in plain sight.
    • Which gets even better when you finish the battle right in front of the castle and you expect Linkle to STILL miss it....but then she DOES go to the castle and the sign is pointing the wrong way.
  • Linkle's second level takes place in the Water Temple, and it starts with Darunia closing the front gate. A tactical decision to keep the enemies from coming in? Nope, he accidentally broke the door.
  • In Linkle's third stage, when she confronts Ghirahim after stumbling upon and subsequently foiling his plot to release the Imprisoned, he angrily demands to know who she is... and what is she wearing? In addition, Linkle's rebuttal is a Call-Back to one of Ghirahim's lines from Skyward Sword, referring to how the sight of Groose's appalling hair makes his gorge rise.
    Ghirahim: Have you no sense of style?! Ugh!
    Linkle: But... these clothes are really important to me. And... the sight of your hair makes me laugh!
  • Medli's Special Attack does as much damage as it needs to...before Medli falls on her face and does her classic dizzy animation from her home game. Same for Toon Link, who gets winded after using his weak point smash attack, and dizzy when using his Special Attack.
  • The Link's Awakening Pack has Grandpa Ulrira as an Item Card. You heard that right: you are using a shy old man as an item for progression.
  • Linkle's victory animation with the Boots has her performing badass kicks and moves, before a Cucco sneaks up under her foot and causes her to lose balance. After she falls, the Cucco wastes no time in jumping and setting on her head. It's as funny and adorable as it sounds.
  • In a case of Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Skull Kid occasionally proclaims that he can't be beaten because he has fairies.
  • Skull Kid's costume from the Link's Awakening pack is a hard reference to place, but his green hat and bright yellow clothes lead some to theorise he resembles a banana (which was indeed an item featured in Link's Awakening).
  • The tutorial for the Ravio Board begins with Ravio introducing himself as a "totally normal, not-suspicious travelling merchant."
  • The Reward Map for the Koholint Island DLC has a couple of moments: The image is Marin singing blissfully unaware while Link and Lana are rushing to intercept Wizzro and a series of Giant Bosses. In the level itself, Marin is the Allied Commander, and has this reaction when the enemy begins to directly attack the Allied Base.
    Marin: The monsters are heading this way? I'll take them on! I mean... Eeek, help!
  • Ravio's victory animation has him swing his hammer twice, barely able to stay upright. After the second swing... he kinda just decides that it's fine where it is and lets go of the handle, then sits down and reclines the way he does after he's sold all his items.
  • In one mission in Legends Mode, you're facing Zant when Argorok comes out and starts shooting fireballs at your base. After two attempts to chain it down failed, you try a third time using the fairy fountain. At first, it just breaks free again, until a final chain comes out and pulls the freaking moon from Majora's Mask down. It's later revealed to have been made of fairies and seemed to be a nod at how sick everyone was that it kept getting away that magic itself got fed up! Considering how annoying Argorok was up to that point, you can consider this a hilarious Take That, Scrappy!.
  • One of the possible quotes Aryll has when the player encounters Toon Link is a confident boast about how her big brother can easily defeat you. The funny part? The portrait it uses has Toon Link absolutely dreading what's to come, suggesting that she's writing checks his courage can't cash.


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