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    About the Game 

Zelda: Link, as evil repeatedly threatens our land, you're once again the only one who can stop it.
You and Impa.
And, well, me...
And the little girl who likes bugs...
Ganondorf: Don't forget me!
Zelda: Oh! Of course!

Cia: Link is such a hunk and I wanna be his girlfriend so bad but he'd never go for someone like me.
Ganondorf: Hey now, what kind of an attitude is that? You know what they say, "You WANT a man, you TAKE him!"
Cia: Yeah! I'm gonna go for it!
Cut to Ganondorf standing in the ruined battleground of Hyrule Field
Ganondorf: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! This turned out so much better than I ever could have imagined!

"This is almost completely without exaggeration the plot of Hyrule Warriors."
Kelly Turnbull on the above quote.

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