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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • The first trailer alone is full of these.
  • The E3 2014 trailer brought yet another one by revealing two beloved additions to the roster: Zelda and Midna!
  • Remember those huge bedrock pillars Link chucked a grand total of twice in Ocarina of Time, which even then was a tremendous spectacle? Guess what he beats hordes of monsters with when he's got the Gauntlets on?
    • The Gauntlet Musou attack, wherein Link apparently flips the world, literally, to attack a horde with the Iron Ball.
    • Link's victory animation while using Gauntlets has him tossing the Iron Ball in his hand, the same way an average person might toss a tennis ball or baseball, with no effort. Just to drive home how heavy the Iron Ball is (and, as a result, how absurdly strong Link is with the Gauntlets), he then tosses it a few feet away from him, and the resulting impact launches him a few feet into the air.
  • During the E3 demo, we're shown a level based on the Twilight World. At some point, they have to fight a dragon. The player has to awake a Great Fairy, who summons chains to make the dragon flee. When it comes back, you fire an upgraded version. First it's the same as last time, which the dragon shrugs off. Next, a giant one is fired, which is dodged. However, the chain latches on to the moon from Majora's Mask and pulls it down, knocking the dragon out of the sky.
    • And not just any dragon. It is Twilit Dragon: Argorok, the last of the "Mirror Shard" bosses from Twilight Princess.
  • Impa's video presentation on Tecmo's YouTube channel, which showed her clearly fighting for the first time. Fans already expected her to be a badass, but this video surpassed their wildest dreams!
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  • Bow-Wow the Chain Chomp is back!
  • Several villains are playable, including Zant, Ghirahim, and Ganondorf.
  • The first stage, we are introduced to Link as but an exceptional soldier of the Hyrulean Army. Impressive, but altogether a mere Red Shirt. However, when Cia's army launches its attack, he takes a sword and shield and races out there to help them, where he quickly runs into Volga. Link puts up his best fight, but Volga summarily brings him down. Impa, the Captain of the army and far higher than Link is, emerges to defend him, to which Volga responds by engulfing her in a wave of deadly flame...but, at the very last second, Link gets back up and puts himself between her and harm's way. A golden light fills the area, and cue in the Legend of Zelda theme as this selfless bravery awakens the Hero within, the crest of Courage appearing on Link's left hand.
  • The group meets Cia in person early on, but she defeats them, takes the Triforce pieces, and opens doorways to the other eras of Hyrule.
  • When Link draws the Master Sword. Wizzro realizes now may be the best time to get the drop on him, and attempts to kill Link from behind whilst distracted via a blast of dark energy. Link proceeds to No-Sell it with an Offhand Backhand via the Master Sword. If an evil sorcerer born from a dark artifact is capable of wetting himself, Wizzro's reaction may indicate he did just that.
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  • Midna punching Cia in the face is ever so cathartic.
  • Fi's You Shall Not Pass! scene towards Volga during the battle in Skyloft. Until this point, Volga's been knocking your forces around like dominoes, so Link has to head to the local Great Fairy shrine to get the latter to nerf Volga down to fightable levels. Problem: Volga is right on Link's ass the entire time. So Fi solves the problem by charging right at him and fighting him one-on-one to buy time for Link to summon the Great Fairy. Keep in mind that Volga is so powerful is takes the freaking Great Fairy to weaken him enough just to fight him, and he's still a tough enemy nonetheless, and Fi is fighting him alone. Not only does it scream badass, it cements Fi's Undying Loyalty to Link.
    • After playing through Skyward Sword, Fi's first lines even before Link encounters her in Skyloft are all of this, a Moment of Heartwarming, and a Tear Jerker:
      Fi: Master... Link... I am here...
  • Just the fact alone that the heroic roster bands together in one big Badass Crew of True Companions.
  • After Cia returns from the Era of Twilight, Ganondorf uses his three spirit fragments to restore his physical body then tries to take the Triforce from Cia. Cia's response? To send the pieces of Courage and Wisdom back to Link and Zelda and use the Triforce of Power to seal Ganondorf away once more, all done in a big "screw you" to the King of Evil. The Badass Boast she gives makes it all the more awesome.
    Cia: I will reclaim the Triforce! It shall be mine alone... as will the Hero.
    • Making it more awesome is that Ganondorf is fine with this, and amasses an army while he's stuck there so he can get the drop on Hyrule when Cia is defeated.
  • This incarnation of Link, canon or not, may be one of the most powerful and most badass Links we have ever beheld. Not only does he have to contend with forces of evil spanning three eras apart from his own — each taking their own hero to defeat on their own, mind you—and not only does he have to fight literal armies constantly, but he takes on a Ganon powered by the entire Triforce, and wins.
    • For added awesomeness, the Majora's Mask DLC pack allows Young Link to get in on the action. That's right, the Hero of Time himself gets a chance to join the fight and wipe out monsters by the hundreds. Why is this awesome? Because this incarnation of the Hero leads the fight as a kid!
      • It sounds even more awesome when you think about Young Link's background: He's defeated two evils before, one of which was Ganondorf, and has saved both Hyrule and Termina from said evils. In turn, he's the most experienced fighter in the roster, right next to the King of Evil himself!
  • For an "evil triumphs" variant, Ganondorf executes a flawless Xanatos Gambit so that he wins no matter what, and as soon as he revives, gathers up an army and successfully assails Hyrule Castle. The end result? For the first time since A Link to the Past, Ganondorf has the entire Triforce and all of its power at his beck and call.
    • The cherry on top? For the first playable time in the entire series, Ganondorf faces Link in open combat, and WINS. This Link is able to actually use the Triforce of Courage, plus he has an entire army to back him up, and Ganondorf still beats him into submission alongside Zelda and Impa, all three of whom can get battered to a pulp at least twice each during the siege level. It's a monumental achievement for the Demon King of Evil, even if it doesn't stick.
    • And speaking of Ganondorf, after being restored to full power thanks to the aformentioned Xanatos Gambit, Ganondorf heads to Gerudo Desert where he summons Zant and Ghirahim as his followers. The awesome part? Without Ganondorf saying a word, without him having to so much glance at them, the two immediately bow to him. And when he finally speaks to them, he only says one sentence and he has their Undying Loyalty. In other words, despite Zant and Ghirahim being terribly powerful in their own right, Ganondorf's power so eclipses theirs that they know full well to bow to him. Now that is true badassery.
    Ganondorf: Follow my every command or else perish again.
    • The first thing they do after that one sentence? Gerudo Desert eats greatsword note  And to really make you feel like a Demon King, there is no defeat condition. You can only lose if Ganondorf note  gets his health depleted, and that stage is designed to be able to be cleared by a Level 1 Ganondorf.
    • Then there's their whole Villain Team-Up in general, particularly if you're playing in Free Play mode. Taking over Hyrule with the three baddest villains in the Zelda universe at your disposal? Video Game Cruelty Potential at its finest.
    • Zant of all people gets one in the Valley of Seers level. To elaborate, the three of them are attempting to take the Triforce of Power from Lana, but Impa has arrived and has made clones of herself to distract them. What's Zant's response? To advise Ganondorf to attack Lana and some of the Gorons to draw out the real Impa. The awesome part is that it was such a good idea that even Ganondorf compliments this strategy (And it comes from Zant)! It goes without saying that when the King of Evil's giving you props, you know you're a badass.
    Ganondorf: That's not a bad idea.
    • In that same level, Lana shows just how clever she truly is. First she draws in Ghirahim and Zant, then traps them in separate keeps. Then, when Zant proposes the above strategy, Lana finds a way to remain untouchable, thwarting it. Then, when Ganondorf fights through a horde of Gorons to fight and defeat Lana, it's revealed to be a magic clone made to distract him while the real Lana flees. And then when Ganondorf catches up to her, she splits herself in two (three in the 3DS version) and Ganondorf has to defeat all of them or else he'll lose if a single one of them escapes. It's enough for Ganondorf to start bordering on a Villainous Breakdown.
    Ganondorf: How hard must it be to capture ONE LITTLE GIRL?!
  • The way Ganondorf gets the Triforce. Cia got the pieces by essentially sucker-punching the heroes, but Ganon fought Lana, Link, and Zelda in open combat and won.
  • Three words.!
  • How does the game introduce us to Link? He's training among a bunch of other new recruits, and defeats his opponent by jumping around twenty feet in the air and hitting him on the head as he comes down.
  • The Hyrulean Army even has a chance to get in on the action, on the occasion that they manage to seize a keep completely unassisted. Bonus points if they happen to kill an Elite Mook in the process.
  • Opening level after the fight with Volga. After Volga takes some damage, he decides he's had enough and uses his dragon arm to KO Link. Impa shows up to try and help him and Volga tries to roast both of them. It seems he's killed them both, but when the flames clear, Link and Impa are both unharmed, protected by the awakened Triforce of Courage in Link's hand. The scene is so awesome, Volga is forced to withdraw from the fight.
  • You have GOT to give Volga some credit. Despite being The Brute for the villain B-Team, he commands some serious chutzpuh. You might be able to fight him head-on but his berserker fury makes him one of the most fearful situations for the heroes. It takes a Great Fairy assault and multiple Master Sword beatdowns to finally put this guy down for keeps! On top of that, he's often the one to fight Link specifically, giving him shades of The Rival on top of it!
  • On the first level, simply hearing a rock remix of the franchise theme kick in.
  • The amount of character development Link gets, especially since he's still a voiceless protagonist. It also deconstructs the One-Man Army idea that's typical of Links.
  • For fans of the 2D games, there's the Adventure Mode map, rendered in 8-bit style.
  • At the end of the first level, you get news that Zelda has disappeared. Has she been kidnapped again?! Nope! She slipped away during the fighting and later entered the fray, herself, as Shiek. That's right: in this game, Zelda doesn't get kidnapped!
  • The Master Quest DLC allows you to play as Cia as she meets the other villains, assembles an army, and attempts to conquer Hyrule.
  • DLC characters are planned, including a Dark Link costume, two characters from Majora's Mask, and one from Twilight Princess.
    • Some of those DLC characters are Cia, Volga, and Wizzro.
    • We just got word that the Twilight Princess Pack will include Midna's true form; she wields the Mirror of Twilight, which provides players with the opportunity to see that she's just as powerful in her true form as in her imp form.
  • More DLC additions are more modes of gameplay, new weapons, and new types of weapons.
  • Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf can wear their Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword appearances as preorder bonuses.
  • During the final level, when Ganondorf- who is powered by the entire Triforce, no less -takes to the field, all of your allies fall back and keep a wide berth... except Darunia, who despite not being armed with the Master Sword stays behind to cover them and to fight Ganondorf head-on. To get the Hard Mode Skulltula to appear, you yourself have to play as Darunia and recreate this moment, too.
  • Cia's additional Legend Mode levels do end on a downer for her, but the last charge against Ganondorf in her final level is pure, unadulterated awesome as she teams up with Lana to remove his magical barrier and the two fight him together.
    • If you are playing as Cia, Volga is pretty awesome in this level. When Cia has lost most of her sanity, he decided to CHARGE THROUGH THE BATTLEFIELD AND FIGHT GANONDORF! He is tricked, but it's awesome that he tries.
    • Cia's entire storyline is wall to wall awesome. But what gets it on this page is that she managed to utterly defeat Volga, Wizzro, Zant, and Ghirahim and get them all to join her army. Keep in mind that all four of these guys are powerful in their own right, and two of them took their own hero to take down but Cia did it like it was just another day at the office for her.
  • Princess Zelda herself can be playable for Cia's final fightnote . The series has been going on for almost thirty years and the princess it's named after gets a chance to shine as the one who takes out the Big Bad. It is immensely satisfying to finish off Ganon with Zelda's Light Arrow finisher. It took 30 years, but the princess can finally take her kingdom back herself.
  • One of Young Link's attacks involves transforming into Fierce Deity Link, and slicing the moon in half!
  • Tingle, of all characters, finally gets the chance to show off how awesome he can be, and can he ever!
  • The Boss Pack DLC for the game introduces a new character to play as. Who is it? Oh, just some guy named Ganon. Yes, that one. And every single one of his attacks absolutely devastates the battlefield, allowing you to dominate both opposing armies like never before.
  • It's incredibly rare, but in missions where Ganondorf is a enemy captain (Such as Darunia's lv. 3 hammer mission), you may just get to see the message "Hylian Captain has defeated Ganondorf!" appear on your screen.
  • If you play as Cia in her last campaign level, Volga breaks out of her mind control and charges the King of Evil. And unlike Darunia, he actually believed he had a shot.
    • And that's not the only time we see him break the control; In the final mission you fight Volga, he breaks control to prove he can defeat the heroes without magic powering him up.
    Volga: "I lose, but I do so without regrets..."
  • Hyrule Warriors for 3DS gets announced and immediately starts with a bang, showing Tetra finally proving her worth as a pirate, using BOTH a sword and a gun to blast enemies. And King Daphnes' moveset is capable of using the King of Red Lions to powerful effect.
    • Toon Link also joins the fray, not only using a sword, but also the Deku Leaf, to show exactly why he's called the Hero of Winds.
    • Speaking of the 3DS, Skull Kid is confirmed to be a playable character. Now we can play as the tragic villain fans know and love.
    • The 3DS roster also added a character from the cutting room of the initial game; Linkle. She dual wields cross bows, and kicks with fire. And, a minor bit from her reveal, she slams her foot down when she steps outside, ready for adventure.
    • The last Nintendo Direct prior to the release of the 3DS version dropped another surprise for Wind Waker fans: Medli is playable!
    • In an even bigger surprise announcement, the summer DLC pack for the Link's Awakening set will feature Marin as the new playable character!
    • With the release of the aforementioned Link's Awakening pack, data miners have found the last three DLC characters to be released later this year. Representing Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks is Toon Zelda, with Ravio and Yuga hailing from A Link Between Worlds.
  • At about the same time as the 3DS announcement, the Wii U game got a new costume for Link, transforming him into his 1980's NES incarnation. Bear in mind, this is not Link turned into an 8-bit sprite (though that would be nice too), but rather the actual character model, previously only seen in instruction manual art. Better yet? It comes free with the new update.
  • A bit of a Meta one, but one none the less. Hyrule Warriors quickly became Techmo Koei's best selling games in quite a while, if not ever, selling over a million.
  • One of the Adventure Mode missions has you try and defeat Ganon, flanked by Gohma and Dodongo, with none other than Ganondorf himself. That's right, you get to fight your own One-Winged Angel form, flanked by two other powerful bosses to boot!
    • A mission exclusive to Legends ups the ante by having you fight Ganon with Ganondorf again, but this time flanked by The Imprisoned and Phantom Ganon. Now you can fight your own One-Winged Angel form, your preincarnation, and your spirit-double to prove that you are the true Demon King.
  • Linkle's story is one long fight scene with interchanging background characters, and never once does she even think about giving up. Faced with multiple miniature-yet-still-dangerous Imprisoned? She fights. Seeing the rampaging Twilight magic devouring everything it touches? She fights. An invulnerable King Dodongo dropped in front of her? She FIGHTS. The legendary hero she may not be, but there's no denying that she's a hero in her own right.
    • When Linkle's theme plays near the end of a scenario, you know the battle is pretty much won. Especially awesome if you're going for the Hard Mode Skulltulas and this plays.
  • The Lorule Rewards Map is the only mission in the game where Link and Linkle canonically team up to take down the enemy. Bonus points for Ravio joining in as well.
  • Completing an Adventure Map with all A Ranks will make you feel like a badass. Completing the Rewards Map with all A Ranks will make you feel like a true master!
    • Completing all of the Adventure Maps, from the first one to Lorule, plus all of the Rewards Map spaces, will make you feel like your adventure is complete.
  • Bought the Wii U version? Oh dear, you don't have the fairy companions or the side stories for the new characters, only gaining new Adventure Mode maps, costumes and characters with the DLC.
    Bought the 3DS version? Lower quality graphics, no 8-Bit Weapons and no Ganon's Fury mode...
    Buying the Switch version?... When it says Definitive Edition. It's not kidding, the first trailer confirming the fairy companions and Ganon's Fury mode are both intact, plus content based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in the form of the latest Link and Zelda.


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