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Illance, it is a land ruled by a wise and brave Queen where two factions, the Aristocrats and the Knights, have vied for power for generations. Tonight is the fateful night where Lucrezia Viscounti, the top student of the Aristocrat's Besier academy and the protagonist of this story, will undergo through the ritual of "the Adjuvant Trial". It is a ritual held since the founding of the country that will decide which faction will hold millitary and political authority, as well as protecting the Queen. Of course, she will not undergo this trial alone; representing the Knights is top student of the Scelta academy and her former friend, Francesca Storaro.

Cröixleur is an arcade-styled Beat 'em Up by the doujin circle of souvenir circ. where you will test your strength against waves upon waves of enemies. The gameplay is very reminiscent to the Bloody Palace found in the later entries of the Devil May Cry series as you must slay your enemies quickly as possible and take various routes to fight the next set of enemies. Lucrezia can take with her to four different swords before each game, each with their own strengths and unique special attacks to help her chain effective combos. There's also a Score Attack mode to test how much points you can rack up in three minutes, and an Endless Mode where you fight an endless wave of enemies 'til you drop.

Originally released in Japan for Windows PC, Cröixleur was released overseas by Nyu Media on January 24th, 2013 on DESURA and GamersGate. The English release also features new HD filters and widescreen support, in-game Achievements, and personal rankings. After being greenlit on Steam, an Updated Re-release titled Cröixleur Sigma was released on April 30th, 2014. Sigma includes new features not seen in the original such as Steam-integrated features (Steam Achievements, online leaderboards, trading cards, etc.), a new story, new weapons, new modes, fully-voiced cut-scenes and the ability to play as Francesca; This version will also be available on Desura without the Steam-integrated features. You can find Nyu Media's homepage for the game and the trial version here.


Another Updated Re-release has since been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch, this time by PLAYISM. This version features more extras than the PC version such as two more characters (Katerina, sister of the Queen and Sara-Annika, foreign exchange student) in an alternate story that sees them investigating a recent surge in monster attacks, customization options, alternate outfits and the option to chat with the characters in the game.


This game features trope examples of:

  • Achievement System: Cröixleur Sigma features Achievements that can be unlocked through gameplay. The Steam version integrated them into Steam Achievements.
  • Boss Warning Siren: When you enter a boss room.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Francesca.
  • Cool Sword: How 'bout ten of 'em at your disposal? Sigma has even more of them.
  • Combos: Of course!
  • Combo Breaker: Your Chain counter will go to zero if you get hit.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Lucrezia.
  • Endless Game: Endless / Survival Mode.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Lucrezia.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Subverted. You can obtain ten different weapons (or more in Sigma), but you only carry four with you.
  • Item Get!: Whenever you acquire a new weapon, and you also get a description of it and it's abilities.
  • Lag Cancel: Your attacks can be canceled by dashing or using special attacks, though they will consume MP.
  • Life Meter: The HP meter.
  • Lucky Charms Title: The updated re-release, Cröixleur Σ.
  • Multiple Endings: In the Story Mode, depending on your performance in the game.
  • One-Word Title:
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: Lucrezia.
  • Real-Time Weapon Change: To switch weapons, you perform a weapon's special attack to switch to the desired weapon.
  • RPG Elements: As you beat up enemies, you get experience points to level up Lucrezia and raise her stats although your stats. Your weapons also level up as you use them, becoming more and more powerful as you play the game.
  • Regional Bonus: The original game received HD filters and widescreen support for its overseas release.
  • Spin Attack: In the form a Smart Bomb attack where Lucrezia attacks surrounding enemies. Some of your weapons gives you the ability to perform one as a special attack.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: In Cröixleur Sigma, performing your expandable spin attack will show a portrait of your character.
  • Timed Mission: The Story Mode is on a time limit of 15 minutes. Time Attack mode gives you 3 minutes to score as much points as possible.
  • Title Scream: "Cröixleur" / "Cröixleur Sigma"
  • Updated Re-release: Cröixleur Sigma has been bumped up to 1080p in the visuals department, more weapons, a new Challenge Mode, promoted Francesca to playable, and a fully-voiced Story Mode.
    • An enhanced version of the rerelease has since been released on consoles, complete with two more playable characters, customization, alternate costumes and a mode where you interact with the characters.
  • Video Game Dashing: You can dash around the arenas as if you were Dante using his Trickster style from Devil May Cry 3.


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