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Every new faerie gets a little gift

Déraciné is an Environmental Narrative Game with light puzzle elements, developed by FROM Software and SIE Japan Studio, and released by Sony Entertainment in November 2018 for Playstation 4 VR.

Its premise is that in the countryside, a group of young children are raised by the headmaster of an old boarding school. One of these children, a girl named Yuliya, can talk to faeries, and a new one has recently arrived at the school. The Kind Faerie goes around the school, helping and playing with the children, but it soon becomes apparent that there is something odd about the inhabitants of this school. The headmaster seems obsessed with the past, trying to undo some mistake he made.. One of the children has a wounded leg, said to have been hurt several years ago and have yet to recover, and no-one except the Kind Faerie seems to acknowledge Yuliya's presence.


Déraciné provides examples of the following tropes

  • Arc Words: Every new faerie gets a little gift.
  • Back from the Dead: Using their red ring of life, a Faerie can drain Time from someone and give it to someone else of roughly similar size. By draining a snake, the Kind Faerie can resurrect a mouse. The Kind Faerie can also resurrect Yuliya, but... See Came Back Wrong.
  • Came Back Wrong: Yuliya is resurrected by you in the past. She comes back as some kind of faerie, calling herself a "Wicked Faerie", and drains the life from her family, unable to stop herself.
  • Dead All Along: Yuliya died the night you became a faerie. You killed her.
  • Don't Go Into the Woods: Robb's Forest is the site of many disappearances. The Evil Faerie is responsible.
  • The Fair Folk: You play as the Kind Faerie, one of the three faeries we see in game.
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  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Headmaster asks the Kind Faerie to take his time and use it to help a young girl. Laurence tries the same to save his friends, but it's unsuccessful.
  • I See Dead People: Yuliya can't see Faeries, but she can interact with them. It's because her life-force was used to make you a faerie.
  • Meaningful Name: Déraciné means someone that has been uprooted and removed from their natural environment, much like Yuliya is.
  • Mythology Gag: The name Yuliya has made appearances in all recent FROM Soft games.
    • During a trip to the past, you can find a doll that looks like the Bloodborne doll.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Faeries are invisible fey who were originally human (the ones we see in the game, at least). Every faerie carries a blue ring of time, and a red ring of life. Using a golden wand, they can drain the life from humans and use it to travel in time. However, since most faeries have regrets from their human lives, they're drawn to kill people, so that they might undo those mistakes. Three faeries are seen in game:
    • The Kind Faerie was a baby in its human life, and has no regrets, so it has no incentive to kill.
    • The Evil Faerie was presumably an adult, and kills many times to go back in time.
    • The Wicked Faerie is Yuliya, who became a faerie after you resurrected her using a red ring.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Humans can become Faeries (who are invisible, and partially incorporeal) after dying.
  • Our Time Travel Is Different: Faeries can travel in time by using time taken from a living being. The time can also be used to resurrect the dead. It's implied that the time travel is the main reason for people to become faeries, as they can undo their past mistakes.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Laurence gives up his remaining time so that the Kind Faerie can go back in time to prevent the others from leaving, and thus save them from the Evil Faerie. It's hopeless.
  • Theme Naming: The faeries gain nicknames based on their actions. The Kind Faerie is kind, while the Evil and Wicked Faerie kill senselessly.
  • Was Once a Man: All faeries seen in the game were once human. The Evil Faerie was presumably one of the Rhonian scholars, the Wicked Faerie was Yuliya, and you, the Kind Faerie, was Alexis.


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