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Armored Warfare is a free-to-play multiplayer online shooter video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment until early 2017. The game will be operated by in North American and Europe, and by Mail.Ru in Russia and Central Asia. The game features tanks from the 1950s through modern day and includes fully destructible environments. It's similar to World of Tanks, but with modern tanks, the inclusion of other types of vehicles (wheeled IFVs and tank destroyers) and more advanced battlefield technologies (smoke grenades, guided anti-tank missiles, explosive-reactive armour) to the formula.

It's currently in public beta. In February 2018, it was given a beta release on the Playstation 4.


This game provides examples of:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Since the players are running their own PMCs, any semblance to 'normal' military doctrine is probably accidental at best (see No OSHA Compliance below). That aside, the gameplay itself also naturally has its own breaks:
    • Like World of Tanks, penetrating hits remove hit points instead of obliterating the tank in a single shot. This is particularly noticeable when a HEAT round from the M551 Sheridan'snote  152mm Gun/Launcher smacks into a thin-skinned target like, say, a CVR(T) Scorpion, which in real life would probably cause the poor little AFV to be smeared across the surrounding area like butter.
    • Mixed male and female crews are common. Although, the game's setting is 20 Minutes into the Future, and the players are members/owners of a PMC as opposed to a regular military force.
    • Some of the ATGMs in the game, or currently planned, are fire-and-forgetnote  or Manual Command to Line Of Sightnote  (MCLOS) missiles in real life. However, all missiles in the game require that the player maintain line of sight and keep their aiming reticle on the target in order to hit them, functionally making them all Semi-Automatic Command to Line Of Sightnote (SACLOS) missiles (in fairness, most of the ATGMs ingame are SACLOS to begin with).
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    • Many guns have much lower penetration in game compared to real life, as real life tank engagements take place much farther away than in the game. If the tanks were given their real life penetration values, armor would basically become useless.
  • Action Girl: Some of the tank crew members are female, as are two of the currently available commanders.
  • Amazon Brigade: If the player chooses, they can have an entire crew of female tankers. This has no real effect on the game, but it does change the voices you hear in battle.
  • Armor Is Useless: One of the more realistic aspects of the game. Light tanks, self-propelled guns, and light armored fighting vehicles have just enough armor to stop small arms fire, or maybe some autocannons. Some Main Battle Tanks, such as the Leopard 1, also suffer from this as they were developed in a time when it was believed that armor was effectively useless against dedicated anti-tank weaponry.
    • At the same time, there are a few light tanks and armored fighting vehicles that avert this - some can equip explosive reactive plates which will nullify the first shot fired at them, or composite armor which can and will block HEAT shots.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Zig-zagged with unmanned turrets. These are almost always less-armored than the vehicle's hull, but shooting them does less HP damage to the vehicle than a shot to the manned parts. On the other hand, it also makes them prime targets for HESH shells, which can knock out several modules (including critical ones such as gun breech or ammo rack) in a single shot, effectively crippling the vehicle for several seconds.
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • ATGMs which lack their own separate launcher and thus are fired from the Main gun barrels, such as on the Starship and Sheridan tanks. Immensely powerful damage, and armor penetration values, but their slow travel speed and increased reload time, combined with the need for the player to keep their tank immobile while using them hardly outweighs the advantage of faster firing HEAT shells. Since the player can't quickly swap to a seperate launcher system while the shells are being reloaded, that means swapping the standard shell for a missile is considered a normal ammo swap reload. The ATGM on such tanks is best reserved as a last resort against extremely well armored fronts of an enemy MBT, or when out of regular shells.
    • Likewise, AFVs which have the option to completely replace their auto-cannon for ATGM launchers. An AFV is generally designed to be a fast, highly mobile vehicle, which only ever stay in place when flanking completely unaware enemy tanks, and putting entire clips of shells into the enemy side and rear armor or when hidden by sufficient concealment to spot and mark targets, while taking a few shots before moving to a new position. The ATGM requires vehicles to stand complete still to fire and maintain aim, while having significantly long flight and reload times. Additionally, by Tier 6, most vehicles have some form of Shaped Charge munition resistance, be it composite armor, ERA and cage type spaced armor or APS.
    • Commander Ioannis Sanna is considered something of a Joke Character by the community, as his skills heavily revolve around either causing enemy vehicles to catch fire, or his own vehicle being on fire. Even with his perk that boost the chance of inflicting the Fire status effect on enemy vehicles, it's extremely rare for it to happen. Even his ability to have increased damage inflicted to enemy vehicle modules and crew fails to make up for it, as other commanders have those perks and others that have less or easier to achieve activation conditions, like Freja.
      • Although his skills are all but useless in most vehicles, he's actually a perfect fit for commanding Artillery Vehicles. The increased chance of module and crew damage on enemy vehicles hits well with SP Gs if you can get a direct hit, and even failing that, it increases the chance that a splash hit will knock off the other guys tracks, making them an easier mark for your own team to take down.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: The M60A2 Starship, the tier 4 American MBT equipped with a 152 mm cannon.
  • Awesome Personnel Carrier: There are many different examples in game, such as the M113, the Warrior, the BMP series, the AMX 10P, and more. Ingame their troop compartments offer bonus to their ability to capture objectives. A later patch gives them the ability to deploy infantry squads at the cost of other active abilities.
  • Badass Adorable: The Wiesel is such a cute little AFV. It's also designed to stay hidden from (or simply outrun/outmaneuver) anything bigger than itself, while lighting them up for artillery to open fire on them or main battle tanks to come and engage them. Oh, and if so desired, it can also mount a TOW missile launcher.
    • Same goes for the FV721 Fox IFV, an adorably stubby-looking recon vehicle that looks like it belongs in Advance Wars due to its proportions. It's also comically speedy and packs a respectable 30mm autocannon in its default configuration, with the option to mount a pair of anti-tank missile launchers when upgraded; this is enough firepower to put low-tier light tanks out of action with a single salvo, to say nothing of other scouts.
  • Big Good: The International Security Department, which regulates the PMCs the players are part of, and dispatches them to handle major crises all over the globe.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: Can happen quite frequently in PvE matches when the objective is timer based. Most or all of your allies killed, sitting alone at the objective defiantly clinging on to life with a literal army surrounding you and closing in. Then the clock runs out and you win, no mention of what happened to your hapless tank-crew facing insurmountable odds.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • Sabrina Washington, one of the initial commanders available to players starting out, lacks skills which boost damage inflicted to enemy crew and modules. But she does come with a variety of vision range, aim time, and stealth enhancing skills, making her the prime go to candidate for commanding Light Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, and Tank Destroyers.
    • AP shells in general are not very flashy. They have the highest penetration and muzzle velocity, yes, but also the lowest damage, and they can bounce or even shatter if the impact angle is too obtuse. Even the APFSDS-DU subtype (which contains depleted uranium) only tacks a meager 25% extra chance to start fires, compared to the 300% multiplier that HEAT and HESH shells have. On the other hand, their sheer penetration is exactly why sabots are so reliable, as they allow you to consistently deal damage against any kind of armor, including ERAs and composite armor which would stop a HEAT charge dead on its tracks.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: "Lieutenant" enemies in PvE are identifiable by their golden nameplate and even higher health pool than Superior vehicles.
  • Cherry Tapping: Autocannons, such as the ones used on two of the four tier 1 and 2 vehicles, cannot hope to penetrate a main battle tank from the front. However, High Explosive ammo doesn't need to penetrate to do damage... and has a pretty good chance to do module damage to modules outside the tank, which includes tracks. It's entirely possible to just get stuck, with your tracks being blown off faster than they can be repaired, while enemy autocannons whittle down your health bit by bit without being able to fire back.
  • The Chew Toy: One of the maps, River Point, starts with a C-130 being shot down by a SAM, every single time, without fail, the wreckage becoming a feature in the town in the middle of the map. About half the time this map comes up, expect someone to mention it.note 
    • There's a similar moment at the start of one of the PVE missions, Operation Cavalry, which provokes similar comments.
    • In some PVE missions there is a mentioning of a "Blue Company" mentioned as failing the mission, forcing Black Company to complete it.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The ammunition in AW is sorted into three categories. Blue is armor-piercing and sabot rounds; Green (formerly Yellow) is mainly high-explosive shells that explode on impact and Red is shaped-charged ammunition (high-explosive anti-tank round) that can deal a lot of damage.
    • As far as the new commendation system goes: Red is related to the death of an enemy. Orange's prerequisite is to damage an enemy tank. Yellow is rewarded for reconnaissance activities. And blue commendations are awarded for tactical successes.
    • Enemies in the War Games mode come in two varieties: Red, which have increased damage, and Green, which are tougher than usual.
  • Cool Boat: The Zubr-class Landing Craft is prominently featured in many PvE missions.
  • Cosmetic Award: There are in-game avatars and titles available as you progress through the tech tree. But the catch is that they're tied to certain tanks like the Chieftain Mk.5 or an T-64.
  • Crapsack World: The setting is 20 Minutes into the Future, with a notable difference being that the Great Recession and other crises were much worse, resulting in much more unrest across the globe. As a result, nations the world over have much less authority in their own countries, with numerous paramilitary or criminal organizations scrambling for power of their own with their newfound arsenals, with the International Security Department and the PMCs working for it being all that remains between civilization and total chaos.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: As far as Commanders goes, Ioannis Sanna is the only one who leans on this trope from an gameplay perspective. On paper, setting an enemy tank on fire is an good thing. But out of someone who's focuses on being around teammates and an set abilities that helps kill off the enemy, an second guy who provides bonuses for being next to teammates and is generally focused with ATGM use, someone who's geared towards stealth, another pro-firepower guy who provides bonuses by damaging enemies in an specific manner while passively improving his crew's performance, an commander who provides reload and aiming speed bonuses, and another who mainly improves your reload speed; this guy is just focused on setting shit on fire, which is one of the harder things to do in Armored Warfare. Because the fire mechanic is heavily dependent on not only the RNG to set an tank on fire, but where you shoot the victim and what ammo the player is using. And without using an specific type of ammunition and aiming for the engine. What makes this scenario this trope is that where the other Commanders have abilities that are triggered by simply being within an certain distance of an ally, damaging the enemy's crew or modules, or it's just an bonus; Ioannis has to jump through an few hoops in order to activate his abilities, which can be easily mitigated in PvP by the opponent having the right items, gets an lucky roll by the RNG for an few seconds of partying...And then he goes back to being nearly useless with most of his abilities inactive, while most of the other commanders have nearly all of their bonuses active at any given time.
  • Crutch Character: Downplayed with Sol Schreiber's line of Israeli MBTs, which are specifically tailored for newer players. Not only MBTs are the easiest class to play, the Merkava line's characteristics makes them especially forgiving even compared to other tanks, having excellent armor, a great gun with Ready Rack mechanism, and reliable defensive systems at higher tiers. Certain vehicles also offer temporary unlock tokens for higher-tier vehicles, and progressing on the tree will allow branching to other dealer's tech tree. To top it all off, all of his vehicles gain twice as much XP up to Tier 6. This doesn't mean Merkavas are bad in the hands of a skilled player, just that they have lower skill floor and ceiling compared to other vehicles.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: As far as PvE goes, the meme is something along the lines of "Drive an well armored MBT into PvE. Meet an substandard or average rated AFV with an autocannon. Start laughing when nearly all of it's shells richochets off your armor. Then kill it for ruining your paint job."
    • The A.I. artillery on the other hand, doesn't requires an specific class to pull this off. They usually lack enough health to survive an single round from an tank. But with this being artillery, this comes after a few minutes of being shelled by these guys.
    • In recent patches, the dev team has been tweaking the AI so that they're not just cannon fodder for the players. Adding new spawn points, and adjusting the types of vehicles that spawn in the battles has made it slightly more difficult all-round for players to complete the missions. It's not surprising for players to be defeated in even medium-difficulty missions because of this. All of this does mean that if the players don't work together, they will lose.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: AW's wheeled vehicles control pretty much like you'd expect a wheeled vehicle to control: very differently from anything with tracks - in other words, very differently from every other vehicle in the game. Considering the first wheeled vehicle players can control is the Tier 2 LAV-150, which is very fast and agile, expect first-time LAV drivers to be driving into things a lot before they get a handle on the controls.
    • To clarify: unlike tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles cannot rotate on the spot. They can only turn when moving forward or in reverse. Moreover, the way that turning works for them is slightly different as well: how much the vehicle turns depends on how long you hold down on the left or right directional key. In contrast to driving games like Grand Theft Auto, steering is in degrees rather than instantaneous. They also brake very poorly compared to tracked vehicles, leading to many crashes.
    • Artillery in AW does not work at all the same way it does in World of Tanks. In WoT, a player can effectively sit in a bush on one end of the map, and click the mouse every 90 seconds assuming he has a target. People that try to do that in AW however, will be counter batteried before they can even blink.note  More importantly, target tanks get a warning when ever they're being targeted by artillery so that they have a chance to move out of the line of fire. Something that World of Tanks players could only dream of at this stage. However, artillery in this game won't do as much damage as their WoT counterparts, but in return, they tend to all have much faster aim times, reload speed, and better accuracy. Direct hits tend to easily take 3 or more modules or crew down, and a combination of commander and crew skills can greatly increase module and crew damage. They may not be able to deal One-Hit Kill via direct damage, but the Fuel Tanks, Ammo Racks, and Crew are still fair game, if rare.
    • Damage and ammo types as well. as AW uses WoT's arcade style HP and modules system, but War Thunder's method of punishing players who either aim at non-vital areas on a tank (I.E. Tracks, the commander's cupola, unmanned turrets, etc), or over penetration with too much armor penetration for weakly armored targets by those who just fire nothing but the highest AP round. In these cases, HP damage inflicted is reduced.
    • In addition, WoT veterans will often be cursing when they are trying to use repair kits and first aid kits by pushing the keys normally associated with the older game.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: A majority of the tank commanders available for the player to use have some not so pleasant pasts, or personal problems.
    • Philipp Holzklau (one of the starting commanders) was dishonorably discharged from Germany's Mechanized Infantry Brigade for causing trouble off-base. He's also noted to be a Military Maverick, being brazen and cocky, and has issues in his personal life.
    • Viktor Kirsanov (credit unlock) had a rough childhood living in a Northern Russian village. he joined the military to find a better life, excelled greatly, but was wounded by an IED on a mission, and retired from service. However, he realized he missed the military life, so he joined back as a contractor.
    • Rashid Al-Atassi (Sheridan proven Reputation) grew up in Syria. His family died in the war, forcing him to flee to Egypt, where he signed up with their military, before becoming a contractor. While he appears calm, cool, and collected, truth is, once in battle, he's really in the midst of a Tranquil Fury (himself) Roaring Rampage of Revenge (his tank).
    • Ioannis Sanna (LAV-300 proven Reputation) is a mystery of a man. His place of origin is unknown. The accident or battle that supposedly has disfigured him, is unknown. The rest of his personal history is unknown. What he looks like is also unknown, because he covers most of his body up, and keeps a gas mask on his face at all times. And he's known to keep himself detached from everyone. All that's known, is that he's damn good at what he does, pulling off near impossible victories, and that if his skill sets are any indicationnote , a penchant for fire.
    • Joshua Seagrove and Kathryn Grey (campaign characters). They are former members of the Clayburn Seahawks, which rebelled against their corporate master after a failed campaign in the Balkans when they received orders to retaliate against local civilians. They fought their way through Balkan militias and Middle Eastern mercenaries to find a way to the US, which was at the time outside of Clayburn's controls, only to find Clayburn's private army always in hot pursuit right behind them. Clayburn executed Joshua's parents, Kathryn was forced to leave her family behind to distract Clayburn from doing the same to them, and the journey ultimately left the Seahawks completely annihilated. But the worst part of it outside of their loss of families and friends is that their commanding officer is Andrew Clayburn- the head honcho of Clayburn Industries himself- in disguise; through orchestrating the exploits of the Seahawks, Clayburn was able to weed out incompetent corporate officers (by having them killed in combat against the Seahawks) and expand his influence into North America. Joshua and Kathryn are one of the few survivors and eventually went on to offer their service to the ISD and found the Black Company.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • The Fox AFV is known for the difficulty of controlling its extreme maneuverability, having a bad habit of spinning out if it hits a rock or bump in the path the wrong way while driving at near it's top speed of 105 km/h, and a slightly lower than average for an AFV camo rating. However, it packs the 2nd best view range of it's tier, sports a combination of a powerful 30mm Auto-cannon and 2-salvo Missile Launchers after upgrades to put out massive burst damage. And as mentioned above, it also drives extremely fast while sporting a small profile, making it a pain to even hit one after it builds up some speed. This means a player can rush ahead of their team, find a good area to spot most of the map from, and earn tons of spotting assist and designation credit, and once a gap is punched in the enemy's line, rush through it quickly, and begin flanking them from the rear.
    • HESH shells and its subtypes has the highest potential damage out of all ammunition types, on top of boosted damage to modules and crew members as well as high chance to start fires. The problem comes from its very low penetration, often about a mere tenth of an equivalent AP or HEAT shell. Shots that does not hit the target's weak point are likely to be absorbed completely by the armor instead, making vehicle knowledge and positioning vital to maximize the damage done by these shells.
    • This is Oscar Faraday's main shtick. The vehicles he sells are unlocked by fulfilling certain (grindy) objectives or progressing in other Dealer's lines, and for good reason. These vehicles are usually overspecialized to the extreme, some of them having unparalleled damage potential tier-by-tier but having no armor or even concealment in return.
  • Elite Mooks: "Superior" enemies in PvE is one tier higher than standard (so a Superior M1A1 Abrams is a Tier 8 vehicle instead of Tier 9) with beefed up stats to match. There is also special "Lieutenant" enemies with even higher stats and better AI. They only spawn on Hardcore difficulty or above, and certain mission objectives require taking them down.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: The M60A2's nickname of "Starship" is an insult due to the vehicle's complexity and difficulty to maintain.
  • Epic Tank-on-Tank Action: Like World of Tanks and War Thunder Ground Forces, this game runs on this trope. Later Special Operations add aerial, naval, and infantry forces into the mix, but the main focus is always armor on armor fights.
  • Experience Meter: One of the more prominent aspects of the garage scene is an orange meter that provides an visual display of how much reputation you have on a given tank and the percentage needed for it to be upgraded to "Hardened" status.
    • And the crew and the commanders also have their own progress meters that explains how long it takes for them to advance to the next level.
  • Excuse Plot: The plot in PvE operations is mostly there to justify why your platoon of five is busy shooting up droves after droves of tanks and AFV. Averted with Special Operations, which feature full-blown storylines that connect each mission to one another.
  • Fragile Speedster: Most of the AFVs in the game are fast and lightweight, often scout vehicles, APCs or infantry fighting vehicles. They can rocket around the battlefield like crazy - however, they tend to be very lightly armoured, and as such, if someone so much as looks at them funny they'll explode in a glorious fireball. Considering that these vehicles are practically made of fuel tanks and ammo racks, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise when their turrets fly off.
    • This is averted with the Terminator and Ranka-99 - despite being classed as AFVs, they're actually main battle tanks with the turret swapped for dual autocannons and ATGMs, and as such are quite well-armored and relatively slow. They are later reclassified as Tank Destroyers to better reflect their immense firepower.
  • Gatling Good: The T249 Vigilante and M48 GAU-8 mount full-on rotary cannons instead of regular autocannons. As one might expect, they output immense amounts of damage per minute, only limited by the Overheating mechanic, mediocre mobility, and complete lack of protection against anything.
  • Glass Cannon: Generally, Self Propelled Guns, lower tier light tanks, wheeled tank destroyers and AFVs sporting tank guns: they can hit hard, but can't take a beating, and need to rely on mobility for protection. The Scorpion could well be the Trope Codifier, being a fast zippy tiny little tank with a hard-hitting 76mm gun that can be killed by machine gun fire.
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: The Gold Supply Crates normally have an better yield than an Steel, Bronze, or Silver Crates in terms of quality; but they're only outdone by the rare Platinum Crates.
    • Also, the various Boosts that they provide are ranked the same way in terms of quality.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Magnus Holter, or rather, you, pull this off in the final mission of Caribbean Crisis. Faced with a Clayburn kill team bent killing everyone in the island, you are left with no choice but to join forces with Magnus and his army.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: The bread and butter of any good Light Tank player. Most LTs feature good camo on the move, ensuring they're able quickly sneak behind enemy lines, deal devastating burst damage thanks to their autoloading gun/ready rack mechanism, and then use their superior agility to retreat before the enemy can react.
  • Interface Screw: Your screen shakes if you are near another vehicle that loses all it's health.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Generally, light tanks are somewhere in between AFVs and MBTs. They have less health and armour than main battle tanks of similar tiers, but they often still carry similar guns, or even the exact same ones - and they have the speed and mobility to get around the battlefield rather quickly, not to mention the class ability to maintain perfect accuracy while moving forwards and backwards or rotating the turret, which is really useful for fast drive-by attacks, ambushes, or pop-up firing. They may be (relatively) thin-skinned, but they can be dangerous.
  • Joke Character: Anthony Diaz, a commander given to closed beta players, focuses entirely on Crew Based skills. This might sound like a sign of commander who works well with any vehicle, as he's not bound by what weapons it may have. And you would be right that he doesn't rely on his vehicles weapons, because three of his five skills are reactionary skills that trigger when his crew members are killed. Granted, one of them, is a free instant health kit on the first incident that happens in battle, but neither of the other "Activates on Crew Disabled" skills are particularly useful and are high situational benefits in return. Of the only two skills of his that don't focus on his crew being knocked out are Leadership,note  which is a skill that Viktor Kirsanov also has along with far better skills in general. The other being Accelerated Training, which boosts the crew's XP earned after the match by 10%. It has absolutely no benefits in battle and crew bonus XP can be gained by upgrading your base's barracks.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Higher tier main battle tanks - such as the Leopard 2A5, M1A1 Abrams, T-90, Challenger 2 become this, being decently fast and mobile, with strong armor and powerful guns.
    • Bonus points go towards the M551 Sheridan, which gets a 152mm gun that hits like a freight train, and can launch ATGMs as well. Any thoughts of light tanks being weak combatants will go out the window rather quickly when one of these shows up and starts completely obliterating anything it can lay eyes on.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The SBS Pindad AFV carries a humongous rocket rack that can launch 16 missile volleys in short order.
  • Mighty Glacier: Main battle tanks - especially the lower-tier ones, such as the T-62 or the first model of M60 Patton - tend to be relatively slow (unless moving downhill) and sluggish, and are broadly comparable to heavy tanks in other games, though their mobility is more comparable to medium tanks of the era those games take place in.note  They are also the only vehicles with any significant amount of armour, and use large-calibre gunsnote  that can take off half the health of a same-tier AFV in a single shot, and (at least at lower levels) tend to go right through that thick armour on opposing MBTs. At higher tiers, MBTs turn into Lightning Bruisers.
    • The British Main Battle Tanks note , part of Marat Shishkin's Western Main Battle Tank lines play this trope straight as possible in this game. Slower than just about everything else in the same tier as them, that even an SPG can keep up, or overtake them in a straight line drag race. They also have rather lackluster guns, with only access to Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) and High Explosive Squash Head rounds (HESH). However, once they get their armor upgrades, they can effectively No-Sell just about everything that hits the front of the turret and most frontal hull hits, while shrugging off Shaped Charge and HE munitions that hit functioning ERA plates. Demonstrated here by Jingles in an armor package upgrade equipped Challenger 1, facing Tier 9 tanks.
  • More Dakka: This is the stock in trade of autocannon-armed AFVs. The cake is taken by the BMPT line, which are essentially main battle tanks carrying two rapid fire 30mm autocannons.
  • Multi-Track Drifting: Take something like the Scorpion up to high speeds and you can easily do this.
  • Noodle Incident: At the start of Operation Tsunami.
    Peter Sabri: I hope it's not a human trafficking site like last time...
  • No OSHA Compliance: Any OSHA inspector to enter the player's garage would have a heart attack. There's hardly any safety gear in sight, equipment is just lying around, somebody just left the arc welder and the acetylene torch standing in the middle of the room where they last used them - oh, and the latter is maybe twenty or thirty feet away from a giant stack of live ammunition about the size of the tank itself. On the other side of the room is a rack with two aircraft bombs, for no apparent reason. Safety first, kids!
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Smaller light tanks definitely count, but bonus points go to the Scorpion (which isn't even a tank at all, but a recce vehicle), which is tiny enough to be hard to hit at anything beyond point-blank range, can zoom across the battlefield like a hamster on crack, and while it doesn't get any actual armour-piercing ammunition, the HE and HESH rounds fired from its low-velocity 76mm gun will reliably do at least a bit of damage even to main battle tanks, and have a good chance of damaging or destroying tracks and other modules, or even killing crew members.
    • The ERC-40, and AMX-10P-90 can certainly count. Both Tank Destroyers can pump out a shell every 4-5 seconds, which can result in your commander calling out the effect on target almost as fast as they're calling out next shell going in the breach. They both however have paper for armor, but their small size, and powerful engines make them able to dodge incoming fire.
  • Point Defenseless: At Tier 6 and higher, MBTs and AFVs have the option of mounting active protection systems to shoot down ATGMs. APS has a recharge timer after use, so it's possible to coordinate with allies and ripple fire ATGMs to overwhelm the APS. Or, if you have certain vehicles, fire four missiles at one go.
  • Powerful, but Inaccurate: ATG Ms can lean this way, since they are superior to standard HEAT shells. But due to their unique targeting mechanism, they require an lot more attention in guiding them to their target (which is better off immobilized or stationary, since an it's rather diffcult to connect with an fleeing AFV) or they will miss by an wide margin.
    • The accuracy of mobile artillery in Armored Warfare isn't as bad as it was i World of Tanks, but the price of disabling an few modules on an MBT is an few new misses every now and then.
  • Precision F-Strike: Your driver will occasionally utter "Shit!" when your tank loses a track to enemy fire.
  • Private Military Company: The setting has players as members of a group called "Black Company", who take up various missions for their paying clients.
  • Ranged Emergency Weapon: Coaxial machine guns are introduced in the same update that adds mechanized infantry. While they obviously won't do much against armor (their primary purpose being killing aforementioned infantry), they can still do some damage to exposed modules, destroy certain PvE objectives, or even punch through especially light-skinned vehicles.
  • Rare Vehicles: Much like World of Tanks, a number of vehicles that were either limited-production, prototypes, or blue print "Paper" designs.
    • The Begleitpanzer 57 "Light Tank" only ever had one prototype ever made, designed around mounting a Bofors 57mm auto-cannon originally built for Naval ships onto the Marder IFV chassis. No potential buyers, not even it's home nation of Germany, were interested as it lacked a clearly defined role. Doesn't stop the various insurgent and rebel groups in game from sending a half dozen at you per mission though, or the same situation to happen in PVP matches.
  • Single-Use Shield: Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) plates will detonate when struck. This negates the damage done by the incoming projectile, but also leaves the underlying armor exposed to further fire.
    • The BM Oplot is special because its ERA kit is Double-Use Shield; the aptly-named Duplet ERA can withstand two consecutive hits before being consumed.
  • Shown Their Work: Tanks with fume extractors on their guns will show the excess exhaust gasses venting after every shot.
  • Spider-Sense:
    • About two seconds after you've been spotted by an enemy vehicle, a warning icon appears near the top of the screen. There are also similar (but larger and more obvious) icons for when you're being targeted by artillery or an ATGM. Of note is that there are no commander skill requirements for any of these spider senses. Everyone gets it by default.
      • This is an actual feature of many real tanks. Modern tanks have a series of sensors that dot the turret and hull that are designed to warn the crew of laser range-findingnote , or laser-guidancenote  equipment is painting them. This is done since the most important rule of tank survivability, is to not be hit in the first place. The break from reality however, is that these sensors will also tell the crew where they are being painted fromnote . To get that down, players will have to rely on their maps.
    • Taking a hit from a concealed tank within your vision range will cause that tank to appear in your view, and your view only, for five seconds.
  • Splash Damage: Although most high-explosive shells have an burst radius of half an meter; the real contributor are the ones that are used by the mobile artillery, whose shells has an much wider burst radius.
  • Splash Damage Abuse: Self-propelled guns don't have to connect with an direct to connect with an direct hit, fire at an immobile target or need their target to actually be spotted to cause damage. Why? Because an educated guess or two plus the wide burst radius of their shells means that even an near miss can ruin the enemy's day (and occasionally bruise their ego).
  • Take That!: Being in direct competition with World of Tanks and War Thunder, Armored Warfare has been willing to take a number of not so subtle shots at them. They often point out their quality of life conveniences of receiving or unlocking some features or vehicles in their game.
    • This promo for a free gifted Type 59 takes direct aim at Wargaming's handling of it as a high tier premium tank in World of Tanks. Namely, it's incredible combat ability, being kept behind a paywall, then removed from being purchasable completely.
  • Tanks, but No Tanks: Averted at first with the Scorpion: it's got two tracks, a turret, and a main gun, yet it was an AFV - because that's precisely what it was designed to be, and what the British (who built the thing) call itnote . However, it's classification has since been changed into a light tank. The devs have mentioned in one of the dev blogs that they'll sacrifice realism for gameplay purposes when necessary, however, and should any of the early-Cold-War heavy tanks be put in, they'll go into the MBT category, because that is where they would fit best (and there is no heavy tank category to begin with).
  • The Hero Dies: Alpha One, the character that you have been playing as in the last three Special Operations, is unceremoniously killed in the very first mission of Moscow Calling.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Averted in regards to a shot's penetration. Unlike in World of Tanks, shooting high-penetration AP shells at low-armored targets will result in an overpenetration, lowering the damage dealt.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Artillery in PvP is subject to being hit by the opposing artillery every time it fires an shell due to the class having ability that ferrets out other SP Gs with sonar-like pings on the minimap. All it takes is three shots fired from an general area to fully reveal an SPG to their counterparts. But the previous two hints that the sonar provides are also accurate enough for an skilled player to deduce the location of the enemy team's SP Gs, as well. So it boils down to this, either rain down an volley of high-explosive shells on the enemy front line and risk getting killed by the enemy artillery or fire an shot or two and relocate do an completely different area unless you'd killed off the enemy artillery. Either way, you're going to suffer by either impeding your team without your dedicated bombardment or yourself for giving your position away.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Sometimes occurs when the next vehicle up in a particular category is a different class than the preceding one.
    • Notably, the shift from the XM-800 T at tier three, as a lightning fast auto-cannon armed scout vehicle, to the rank four Swingfire Anti-Tank missile carrier which is relatively sluggish, and can only attack while sitting completely still. This also used to be the case in earlier patches, with the tier one tanks often leading into completely unlike vehicles.
    • The Shishkin line of Light Tanks is filled with this. At Tier 3, you have the FV101 Scorpion, a fast 76mm howitzer carrying box of a light tank, with an effectively powerful HE shell, useful against the weaker armors in it's tier range. But it has armor so thin it would be lucky to stop a Heavy Machine Gun round such as a .50 caliber/12.5mm round. Tier 4, players switch to the M551 Sheridan, which is decently armored for a LT, but much slower acceleration to the Scorpion, and a reload time comparable to the Self-Propelled Guns. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that it mounts a 152mm gun that fires HE, HEAT, and ATGM munitionsnote . Then at Tier 5, the gameplay shifts again with the Begleitpanzer 57, which goes back to semi-fragile but fast LT armed with a 8-shot magazine 57mm auto-cannon, along with a 152mm TOW missile launcher. It may not put out huge numbers on each shot from the auto-cannon, but it has very good DPM. And unlike the Sheridan, the Begleitpanzer can swap to it's ATGM while the main gun reloads, and fire a shot off from that for a nice chunk of burst damage.
      • And then, at Tier 6, it changes again, with the Stingray, at which point it finally becomes a representation of what the rest of the LT line will be like. A fast, agile tank, decently armored for dealing with auto-cannons in the front, while packing a powerful 105mm cannon.
    • Francine De Laroche's line of French vehicles. Tiers 3-5 have you drive fast, hard-hitting, but fragile MBTs. Moving up to tier 6, and you'll suddenly introduced into the C13 TUA; a tiny missile-armed TD with no armor or health pool to speak of. Tier 7 returns to the style of support MBTs with the Leclerc prototype briefly, as the very next tier is the VCAC Mephisto, a wheeled missile TD, before settling again with Leclerc variants in tiers 9 and 10.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: The Main Battle Tank class. Most posses no active or passive ability. They just simply have the strongest guns and typically the best armor ratings in the game.
  • War for Fun and Profit: As noted in the game's tag-line: "Conflict is business".
  • Weather-Control Machine: A played for fun version during the 2015 holidays. From inside the garage, it's got all the standard holiday trappings and decorations, complete with snow falling outside the open door. But if you go to the 'Base' tab, you see that the snow is limited to just the area outside the garage door, and is created by a snow maker machine.

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