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Feb 22nd 2017 at 11:13:28 AM •••

Alternate Character Interpretation - Petre Sabri, Fedor Volkov: Are they really the good guys?

So I was just playing on Erebos, on Petre's payroll and I had a strange thought: What's the point of evacuating from the airfield after you wreck it? I mean, it shouldn't matter at that point if everyone dies. Other missions get to justify the sudden endings by something like "we took control of their ship" and "You bought us enough time to evacuate" or "GG all enemy commanders are dead even though the other 20 tanks are more than enough to cause trouble"

But what's the reason in Erebos? I mean, sure, you could say that they don't wanna bomb the crap out of you so they don't kill the commanders and crew of the tanks you drive, so the presumably wounded crew can be extracted by spec ops, but they're still more than happy to bomb you if even one of your teammates gets away... Okay, dick move.

And THEN there's Fedor in operation Prometheus where he requests that we transmit the Encryption codes to him... why? Wouldn't it be safer to just wipe them and not risk them getting into the enemy hands? Sure, they still got their hands on the warheads but without launch codes the nukes wouldn't be nearly as dangerous, right? And even if, wouldn't they just be burried with the tank crew if we fail? The whole step seems entirely pointless from the safety-keeping front... unless... He wants to use those nukes himself. Are we sure we're working for the bad guy? Out of curiosity I decided to check out what other missions he gives you, just to see if there's a possibility he's using the missions as a powergrab for himself. Banshee - Take over a refinery commandeered by Lions of Nequiel Cerberus - Eliminate enemy Cartel commanders attempting to hijack a train shippment Ghost Hunter - NPAA forces are trying to capture a town for its missiles. Meltdown - Defend a nuclear powerplant from the Project Militia Rolling Thunder - Defend civilians as the ISD prepares a gunship raid against the PLM holding up in the castle, dropping missiles on it like they're getting paid for it, otherwise the city will be razed. Snake Bite - PLM forces are invading a neighboring town. While they are engaged, move in and take over their supply depot. Starry Night - Lions of Nequiel are trying to capture the town. If they can't occupy it, they're going to burn the surrounding farms down to the ground and the locals won't have a food source. Umbrella - Takeover a NPAA airport to disrupt their operations.

While SOME of these operations seem legit, a lot of them COULD easily be coverups for him grabbing more power... Are we sure Fedor doesn't have connections to the underground? -Mikoc 5

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