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Abby Normal Axe
Circa 2004 - January 13, 2018
A rescue dog
We met in October of 2005
We said goodbye all too soon
But we did not say goodbye forever
May you run free in Heaven and enjoy all the chicken your little happy heart desires, my wonderful Abby Pup.

Rest well sweetheart, rest well.

Greetings. This is the realm of Maddoxsort, the ultimate Serial Tweaker. Tread lightly.

My very own Maurader's Map awaits you. Read as you wish.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. 

I bid you welcome.

What is the meaning of "Maddoxsort"?

Simple. It is an anagram for "Dr. Max stood." It'll make sense when you get to a certain scene in my story.

From "The Memorial of Todd Maxwell", later depicted in "The Diary of Todd Maxwell".

"While all of the other men fell to their knees, Dr. Max stood. He stood even after the bitter end, cold and stiff and stern, as though his spirit refused to let his body fall, and would squeeze one last use out of it rather than letting it clutter the war zone amid the rest of the fallen. His lifeless frame stood gazing motionless upon its enemies, casting down a defiant look at them, telling all that not even death would bring him to his knees. And even though the soul of the man was gone, the last gaze of that empty mortal coil bore down on the battlefield like a spiteful ghost... with eyes so fierce that the entire army retreated. Five years after that fateful day, a memorial was erected in his memory, depicting him in his fearsome final glory- his last moments before going on to another, greater glory. He was an inspiration to us all. The epitome of never giving up. The last one to remain, where all others had been lost. The one who proved himself the mightiest that day was not a soldier, but a doctor. Not a warrior with a gun or a sword, but a humble man with nerves of steel and his wits about him. He was the only thing that stood between that town and its total annihilation. He saved all our lives that day, even though it meant his would go in our stead. I promised myself if I ever had a son, I would name him after the man who refused to fall, and hoped that maybe... one day, you, too, would inherit his bravery, his tenacity, his vibrant spirit.... the best qualities a man should have to offer. My best friend... your namesake. And I believe... I was right. No... you're even more mighty than he was. You're my son. And I am proud of you... my mighty boy."

My Top-Secret Project!

I have chosen to create my own Webcomic named Interstellar Tempo, which features the following characters:
Maxwell "Max" Gregor Skybolt: The Human Supercell - THUNDERSTREAK.
Sophia "Sophie" Millinina Angelique Sharpp: The Barefoot Angel - SNOWDIAMOND.
Nathaniel Jackson "Jack" Winder: The Wrath of the Internet/The Wrathful Net - FIREWINDER.
Michelle "Bridget B." Belle Mirapho: The [Unshakeable, Unbreakable] Magnetic Hunter - SNAPSHOT.

My Other Top-Secret Project
The adventure isn't over yet. It's only just begun.
Eureka Seven: Paradox Makers

It is the year 12030. Fifteen years have passed since the day the Scubs migrated away from the planet Earth, the Second Summer of Love. But all is not well. Since then, society has changed dramatically and faced the consequences left in the wake of a tyranny. It is still reeling, and crime has broken out all over the world. Faith in the military has been crippled, so it became clear that the world needed to solve the problem itself. Don't beg for a solution, find it yourself. Someone left these words behind for them to follow.

Following this, a new order came into play, and the countries of the world split back into individual rule. With the outbreak of this new era of chaos, it was evident the world needed new strongholds to curtail its disorder. Thus, an agency that had long since sat it the background and operated in private decides to step up to the plate. The world came to know the presence of AIGIS (Abnormal Incidents Global Investigation Service), who finally stepped into the limelight, revealing their dominance after a longstanding policy of non-interference was overrode by a growing need to restore order, which super-ceded the fear of the organization growing out of control and becoming a tyrannical force of its own. "The world needs AIGIS, now more than ever. It is time to step out of the shadows. We will open our doors to those in need and those who feel lost. We will become the caretakers to this world and its healers." So it was that they took to the difficult task of reestablishing peace. And now, a new generation is out to protect the planet again, but it needs guidance, which is what the deepening footprint of AIGIS is meant to convey to them all.

Little did they know another world-shaking power was going to emerge. The world was going to pay for its mistakes, and learn that not even death can stop someone from exacting payback. Those lost in the past destructive cataclysmic events return brimming full of hate and anger and irresistible feelings of revenge. With the growing climate of fury, a cover-up hatched to avoid even more bedlam. It was discovered that the ethereal force known as Transparent Light Particles, or Trapar had a polar opposite: the power of entrophy... Nothingness Particles... Mupar. The power to transmute energy from destruction, and even call back souls from the afterlife and place them back in their reconstituted bodies, and go as far as to evolve them into much more sinister forms with an amplifier called the Vengeance Drive. And it has been buried under the Earth this whole time, now loosed with the departure of the Scubs which worked to suppress it. Those reborn from death, or those who rely on chaos energy follow the banner of an overlord, refer to themselves as "Forsaken"- those who were cast aside and allowed to be maimed or even killed once before, mobilizing as the Forsaken Legion, with a raging desire to claim the world as their own and force out the light which did them no good in their time of need. They are led by the insidious Famine, a demonic hoarder of monsters bent on expanding his collection and using it to conquer reality. Invoking evil across the world, this legion threatens to devastate all light-based life and bring about a new world governed by the darkness.

Meanwhile, 29-year old Claire Hannah is attempting to break free of her home just as the boy Renton Thurston did. The odd part? She has a comfortable lifestyle and prestige as well as opportunities, something the boy did not have. However, Claire suffers from an immense heartache that transpired in the years to follow the Second Summer of Love. Her guilt and pain has grown so severe that it suffocates her to be stuck in her small world any longer. She is seeking answers. However, her search for the truth to ease the suffering in her heart leads her to a cruel disaster, striking her down dead. However, fate relents and grants her a second chance at life, opening her eyes to the broader scope of the world she lives in and allowing her to become a being of great power, and befriend other people who have been outcasts and wanderers of this troubled existence. This is all possible thanks to a not-so-chance encounter with the enigmatic entity Thirst, a wafting angel of death with mysterious origins and a gnawing desire to learn where it came from, who brought Claire back to life because it would help Thirst learn about itself. Thirst has revived many, and Claire was lucky to be inducted into that rare grouping, as it usually takes a major interest to convince the Angel of Death to spare a lost life and invest in it. Why put stake in someone who got killed? Aren't they unworthy of life in that they failed to survive? No. They are more worthy in that they fought to the end and deserved more than what they got.

A thrilling third installment to the legendary Mecha series that spices up the mix by adding elements of Crime Drama and a hardboiled cast, diving into the lore of the world and a higher conspiracy at work. It answers the burning questions left unanswered, attempts to piece together the gaps, and introduces us to characters who had a close proximity to Renton Thurston from his hometown of Bellforest, Peru... as well as reaquainting us with our old favorites, and the inclusion of ones we never knew, but were at one point or still are pivotal to the lives of these people. Joining her is the mysterious orphan known only as "Robin", a young man with the strange latent power to manipulate magnetic forces and Police-Grade LFO known as TYPE-7: Godspeed.

The time which Nirvash spoke of has arrived. The evolution of the human race is beginning. But it needs someone with a pure heart to lead it out of the despair threatening to engulf it. It needs a hero, and then some. It is clear that times are changing yet again, and an even deadlier force is coming. One that could ignite the very destruction of everything. Yet, the forces of light are also capable of imbuing great power of their very own, and have graced upon a select few. These light-empowered ones are the "Soulkeepers". They are the ones who will counteract the forces of evil. To become one is to be a force of grace and love. Someone who can take control and shape their very destiny. There have been false positives in the past who greatly affected the course of the future, but couldn't stop the end times from descending. But the time of prophecy is nigh. Now, there are indeed people who can stop doomsday's advance!

This is the story of the most prized Soulkeeper the Earth bore witness to- the first one, who started a great revolution. Follow Claire as she finds herself thrust into the very heart of this chaotic world and becomes an agent fighting against the darkness surfacing from underneath the crevices of the Earth and even beyond! But the story does not stop with her... there are sure to be many more individuals who rise with her and follow the trailing light. Robin, the one who stands beside her in the throes of his own personal darkness and anguish, has his own tale of lament. So do the Thurstons, and the Novaks, and the Gekkostate, the AIGIS, even the military. Even a whole separate universe. And beyond that.

It all comes to a head in this gripping tale of universal turbulence!

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    Claire "Hotfoot" Helena Hannah 
"I know I've made mistakes, and I've gone through life brokenhearted and afraid to do more because of it, but today I stop running. Here, I make my decision. No more excuses, no more tears. Before the light of this world dies... I'm going to become the flame that sets it alight again!"

A 29-year old lady with a knack for acting rambunctiously, whose parents are both highly decorated people of authority. Claire is also a former classmate to Renton and witnessed the moment NIRVASH underwent the Seven Swell Effect and heard all of his exploits through ray=out. She is deeply haunted by a horrendous event in her past and blames herself for the death of her grandmother due to former vanity. After becoming too sorrowful and feeling neglected for the millionth time, she finally acts out in a destructive manner that leads to her going to jail for a night, storming out of her house, and then storming out of a friend's house. Then, in the middle of her distraught tirade, she encounters a cloaked man in a dark street, who shoots her to death. However, after being brought to the morgue, her spirit is visited by the Angel of Death, Thirst, who bestows an otherworldly power unto her that undoes the fatality she experiences, and Claire comes back to life, now filled with an incredible energy that lets her purify darkness. That energy is the very same essence behind the Seven Swell. Now reborn as Angelfire, Claire assumes the role of bringing the light of hope back to the darkening world around her.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Claire has been said to have a knack for making people quickly fall in love with her because of her innate kindness. Except a select few who find that sprightly attitude more annoying than anything.
  • Back from the Dead: In keeping with the theme of second chances. Claire is killed by a rogue gunman in a dark alleyway of Bellforest, but spared death when an otherworldly force reaches out to her soul before it crosses over into the afterlife and uses a mystical energy to push it back into her body and alter reality so that her body isn't mortally wounded.
    • Came Back Strong: On top of that, a mysterious figure also enters inside Claire's body and gives her the power to become a living evil detector as well as essentially a human Compac Drive. She has the ability to emit Trapar like a magical energy and uses it like an energy weapon as well as a force to exorcise the darkness of corrupted Mupar energy.
  • Brutal Honesty: Claire has absolutely no reservations in speaking her mind and tends to say things without thinking. She gets it from her extremely domineering mother.
  • My Greatest Failure: Two. Her boorish comment about Renton she made as a junior high schooler, which came back to bite her hard, and neglecting her grandma, to which she blames contributed to her sudden death.

    Special Agent Robin (Bipolar Warrior: Magnazine) 
"Sometimes, not knowing is hell. Other times, the knowledge itself is hell. But if you're faced with hell either way, suck it up and muscle on through. At the end of that hell is hope. But if you're one of the people who sends others down that horrid path, be warned. I'm coming for you. You have a hell in store for you, too. Your hell... is ME!!"

A mysterious young man with a very unknown past and a star combatant working for law enforcement. He is a high-ranking agent of AIGIS South, and the pilot of TYPE-07, the Godspeed, a Police Grade Light Finding Operation (PG-LFO). Robin has the power to channel magnetic forces through his blood, and uses two specially-designed guns that fire homing bullets using his magnetic manipulation, Northwind and Southwind. True to his name, he runs hot and cold. Aloof but insightful, Robin is often the source of many strange theories from Jackson and has an inconstant rivalry with him. He has an evident hatred of crime and a deep dislike for cloudy morality because he feels it corrupts the message that law should send, outlining everything in black and white, and chastises himself when he dips into the gray pool in between, as well as others. His sense of direction is decidedly terrible, unfortunately, reflecting his conflicted state.

An apparent orphan, Robin was raised by Hokan who found him in a rescue operation as a baby and taken into the hands of the law enforcement to be raised like his son. A "son of the law". It was there that he discovered he had been born with unusual powers and could hone them with training, so he went to a police academy as well as a research institute to gain control over his powers, and they equipped him with his current arsenal of devices to help him use them safely and efficiently. However, they had to place a limiter on his body because great bursts of anger can cause his power to run wild, so he needed a mechanism installed to stop him from going out of control. The last time he did was about five years ago, in a fight against a certain man among LFO units that he was on the losing end of, causing his temper to flare, along with his powers.

    Chief Investigator Shotoko Hokan 
"Honestly, I've stopped seeing these phenomenon as wild and started wondering what things aren't out of the ordinary. That's what this line of work does to you- makes you see the crazy side of everything, brings you near crazy people... and you fall in love with it all the same. Welcome to crazy town, Claire Hannah, population us."

The veteran Special Agent in Charge of AIGIS South investigations. There since the founding of the service, he has helped uncover many secrets, such as the primordial force used to engineer Compac drives. A keeper of many secrets, he is quiet and reclusive, but will generally defrost after an icebreaker over a cup of coffee and a morning newspaper at his favorite diner, the Starlight Express Cafe and Grill. Hokan has his thoughts preoccupied with a certain criminal who runs everything from guns to drugs and is responsible for destroying his previous place of operations and slaying several of his agents after a sting operation went awry and he executed the spies.

He has a very unknown past because he rarely, if ever, speaks about it. From what he has let on, he apparently went through a romantic fling that fizzled out in a failed marriage caused by the stress of his important and dangerous job, and now has a daughter out in the world somewhere.

  • Da Chief: The special agent in charge of the southern AIGIS branch, who usually does most of his commanding from the office, preferring to remain secluded and secretive and let things run themselves, but he does get involved if the crime or case perks his interest.
  • Good Is Not Soft: He may be a good guy, but he does monitor his agents' activity for good reason and grilled Jackson for his obsessive search history on the whereabouts of the Sapphire Triton, calling it a major derailment of his duties as an agent and only abstaining from getting on his case because he, too, has a mysterious connection to the gemstone and finding curiosity getting the better of him as well.
  • Ironic Echo: One of his main goals in life is to create a safe haven for people to go to. His daughter got mad at him for having that aim and called it a pipe dream, and they constantly argued that there was no safe haven for anyone except a parent's arms, which she didn't have... at least thought she didn't have.
  • It Runs in the Family: It turns out he's the source of all of Talho's bossy traits (save a few credited to her mother) and her difficult personality... as well as a nasty body odor.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames his stubborn attitude and broken marriage to his wife as the instigator of the accident that knocked him and baby Talho to a foreign Earth, declaring himself an unfit father who couldn't adapt to such a new world and giving her up to the system so that she could learn to live in it like an ordinary inhabitant.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Has a very iron-sided personality and can be quite stiff and harsh at times as well as bull-headed, but Sho is a genuinely kind human being at heart.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Talho is devastated when she learns the man who took care of her as her ward was her father all along, and is now murdered, and that because of his charade, they never drew close as father and daughter. It is such a horrific discovery that she runs off to drink away her pain at a bar late at night when nobody's around to see her or talk her out of it, forcing Holland to go confront her when he notices she's been gone to an ungodly hour. When he finds her, she is very drunk and belligerent and yells at him about how it was wrong to start a family and starts making unpleasant remarks about her dad's death. Holland finally retaliates by grabbing hold of his wife, dragging her outside the bar with her fighting back, and then bellowing at her to let out all her repressed anger at her father and begs her to admit he left her, the one thing she won't let herself acknowledge, because it's tearing her apart inside. Talho resists even harder, but Holland is adamant and tells her he won't let go of her until she does, because he can see it's destroying her and it's necessary to be harsh to make her release the pain weighing on her and help her heal. Talho quavers and begins to admit the truth... and collapses into her husband's arms sobbing.
  • The Pigpen: Often cited to have atrocious body odor, which he develops from neglecting to bathe because he gets so wrapped up in casework that it just seems like a waste of time to him. People try to make him bathe and hose him down, but know from experience a pissed-off Sho is a force you do NOT want to reckon with.
  • Reality Ensues: His staunch adherence to low-tech ways ultimately gets him killed when he's unable to pinpoint the presence of several cloaked enemies who ambush him and perforate him with bullets.
  • The Reveal:
    • He's from the Earth that Ao hails from.
    • He is Talho Yuuki's long-estranged father.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Carries with him an old peacemaker.
  • Right Behind Me: Seems to always know when to surprise someone. Ironically, his last mission sees him surprised in the same way.
  • Technologically Blind Elders: Sho hates technology. He is extremely antiquated and uses devices which don't run on trapar at all. [[spoiler:Later justified in that he's brought with him tech from the 21st century of an alternate Earth and hates trapar for causing the warp accident that catapulted him into the 1021st century.

    Senior Special Agent Jackson "Teller" O'Connel (Mad Batter) 
I swear to God, one of these days I'm just going to haul off and hit every single stinking crook in this dump we call society.
If you did that, Jackson, we'd promptly go flat-ass broke from all the fines we'd have to pay.

AIGIS South's chief interrogator and "resident s#it-eater". The incredibly snarky, cynical, and ultra-violent hothead who makes a spectacle of himself like it were his own religion. Most find him near-insufferable and utterly irreverent, and fear getting on his bad side... of which he has many.

A long time ago, he used to play the villain on Claire's favorite cartoon, Homage Squad, along with his beloved baby sister. While he has many fine stories to share to an open ear, he tends to showboat and glorify himself so much, however, that it gets old fast, and his presence gets too grating for most except the most patient few.

He has a strange power he calls "Tattletale" from exposure to a quartz knife when he was protecting his little sister from being mugged by a crazed fan, due to a desire to want to understand people better and know their hearts. The quartz interacted with his soul and gave him this inadvertent power that lets him know the thoughts of another person and act as a Living Lie Detector. Because of this, people are very skittish around him, and most treat him like a louse and a major pain in the butt because they don't know if he is trying to probe them for answers or just pushing their buttons.

Known for a massive obsession with wild theories and conspiracies because of his compulsive need to find the truth in everything, he bears a tattoo that reads "TRUST NOTHING" as proof of his refusal to accept anything at face value as an absolute, and is quick to chide anyone who does. He is also a lover of vice, and thanks to his power, he has been able to make a killing at many casinos- and has subsequently been banned from many who accuse him of cheating... or schmoozing up the women. Also a man of mechanical expertise, he likes to tinker with inventions, to varying degrees of success. He uses a Trapar-powered jetpack and a baseball bat that doubles as a trapar machine gun as his choice of gear.

Perhaps the most intriguing side of him is his background, which he hides with immense effort. He will lose his cool if the subject is broached, and is reluctant to bring up his family. He claims to have worked with Gekkostate as a crewmember, but lack of evidence, and his reluctance to talk more on the subject because "they piss the hell out of me", and his expert ability to manipulate leave that notion highly dubious. That, and his habit of self-aggrandizing make him look like a phony making a false claim to the name of the crew.

He was once a recurring villain on Homage Squad, named LeBouf McCann, alias Blackwing Anarchy, Purple Glory Angel's brother and a Fallen Angel turned archenemy.


  • Big Brother Instinct: Insanely protective of Lila to the point he will bash your head in with a baseball bat like a human metronome if you threaten her.
  • Control Freak: The fastest way to anger him is to attempt to limit his freedom and dictate his life. Jackson has constantly struggled with that from both his father and Holland, creating enormous animosity.
  • Dark Secret: He instigated the notoriously infamous "Fight Night" aboard the Gekko when he challenged Holland for authority over the ship and beat him solidly, still angry over the loss of Becca. He followed this action by stealing Talho's Sapphire Triton pendant left behind by her mother.
  • Dramatic Irony: When he betrayed the crew, Holland spitefully turned his room into a closet. Later, Renton joined the crew and reminded Holland of Jackson, receiving several beatings meant for him instead. Renton did NOT take kindly to that revelation, so Jackson let Renton take a revenge shot at him... and Renton promptly broke Jackson's nose.
  • Jerkass: Sweet Mercy. He is completely and entirely obnoxious. Holland couldn't take him. He was easily the very worst disposition among the entire Gekkostate crew and a pain in everyone's ass. Among AIGIS, he's more at home due to it being composed of more rowdies like him, yet his tendency to outshine them in that regard really speaks volumes... he's the king d-bag of TWO badass crews.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: On the outside, he's MEAN, but he's a total softie on the inside.
  • Unperson: Is actually an unofficial member of Gekkostate who periodically dropped in on the crew, but because of the awful, awful thing he did to Talho and the beating he gave Holland, nobody mentions him. It's even a rule on the ship not to bring him up, which is darkly ironic considering none of them knew his very sister was brought on board the ship, by him. He also does not appear in ray=out at his own request to be kept secret, fearing his connection to MIWICorp would be exposed, and because he wasn't officially among their numbers.
  • Scary Black Man: Of Hispanic ethnicity on his mother's side, and an absolute THUG when enraged.
  • Start of Darkness: He went off the deep end for the while when his girlfriend was murdered. Jackson spent several years repeatedly getting into fights and in and out of prison for minor offenses, but each time funds would mysteriously get him out of trouble sent from his mother, who refused to give up on him. Eventually, Jackson got the attention of AIGIS when he was caught racing for pink slips in an illegal street race and cuffed, this time faced with Hokan, who was not going to let Jackson off like others had done and would ensure all his other charges stuck, as he took a swing at him and would go up on a federal crime for attempted assault of a federal agent, something that not even bail could stop. He worked out a deal with Jackson to join AIGIS after sympathizing with his pained attitude toward life and promised him a place to call home, offering him a badge as long as he kept to the law, and Jackson, tired of fighting the opposite side of it, finally decided to give up and take the other side. That, and Hokan had impounded his pretty new ride and a side condition was he'd get it back... after AIGIS officially designated it a legal vehicle of their service and had it sent in to be reconstructed into a PG-LFO at Tresor, because Jackson wanted to pilot one.

    Rita Lancaster Ziko 
"It's not wise to make the gun girl draw her gun, y'know. She might have a few rounds to spare, and that doesn't necessarily apply to the guns alone."
Communications officer of AIGIS South, and the one who does much of the legwork with research and case files, with a penchant for boxing and night life. Also an expert sharpshooter and munitions officer, graduate of Northshore Academy, a magnate school for military women that is now shut down and defunded due to public loss of faith in militarism, as well as a former trained bodyguard for a once prestigious family. Rita is very sharp-tongued and feisty, and for that reason, her boss has forced her to pad her office equipment with foam due to repeatedly taking her aggression out on the stuff. Her younger sister is Nora.

Later revealed to be a clone among the "Ziko" line.

  • Bi the Way: She's gender-fluid and proud of it.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Her girlfriend Faina was the person she was meant to protect. However, Faina was reluctant to admit she was gay and was caught kissing Rita, resulting in her parents casting Faina out into the street and Rita being ordered for execution. Faina's brother left the family in disgust at what their parents did, concerned only with wealth and nobility, and brother Peter publicly denounced his family name. Karma saw to it that the country would rebel against the tyranny of the Alexandroviches and make them starve to death in imprisonment, while poor Faina would end up taking up Rita's craft of assassination despite Rita's warnings that it was not a pretty profession ("I want to be more like you") in the Ageha Squadron.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Sometimes takes her flirting to... extremes, shall we say?
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Nora's girly girl.

[[Nora Bea Bismuth "Busy-Bee" Ziko (BB Ziko)]]

"Ah, you can just pay me in cookies. Or brookies! ...Anything with sugar!!"

A former classmate of Claire's at Bellforest Middle School, Nora is a geeky forensic scientist who rarely knows the meaning of the word "quit", and that includes her mouth. When she's not being a total chatterbox, she works tirelessly to find concrete evidence for AIGIS in some of its most bizarre and disturbing crimes. Also has an impeccable Sweet Tooth.

Later revealed to be a clone among the "Ziko" line with Super Intelligence. She was forced to hide her genius in school to appear normal.

  • Cloning Blues: She and her sister are artificially-grown human beings. She was designed to be intelligent, while her sister was born to be a fighter.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Had to pose as an average student to avoid special treatment.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: She didn't need to go to school, but insisted on enrolling for the sake of meeting friends because she was lonely.
  • Sweet Tooth: She even turns sweets into work! Just as an excuse to eat more!
    Nora: Oy! I've got so many mysteries on my plate.
    Jackson: ...Those are cookies.
    Nora: Yeah! They sure are~~ and I have yet to find out what flavors they are. Boss sent me a hodgepodge.
    Jackson: So how are cookies so mysterious?
    "Well, I just gotta crack the secret recipe to these babies... I have no idea why each and every cookie is so good, but that's another mystery for me to extract!"
    Jackson: (bewildered) Ahahaha... To each his, and/or her, own, I guess?
    Nora: Yeppers! One thing's for sure. This mystery was baked with love... (rubs her tummy) Mmmmmm~~ strawberry stripe delight... my favorite.
    • Her quote is her yelling to Jackson with her hand cupped up to her mouth as he walks off, progressively leaning more and more to try and stay within earshot.

    Blau Iglasias Thurston 
Renton and Diane's late mother, who went largely unmentioned in the original series. Here, she receives very close attention and becomes a prominent figure of the series.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Adrock called her "Sunshine", and she called him "Rocky".
  • Anime Hair: Her hair kinda resembles a flame, befitting her personality and her role as Adrock's flame/sunshine.
  • Badass Bookworm: Spent a lot of time indoors as a child due to being limited by her condition, but as a result is very adept at books and is obsessed with making sure her children carry on that legacy. She actually demands in her will that her children both get proper educations. It makes Renton dropping out a rather sorrowful thing. Blau later demands Renton get a GED when she learns he's a dropout.
  • Deal with the Devil: Blau became a bondsmaid in order to have her medical treatments paid for, selling her life to the Saban Cartel as one of their lookouts and a dancer.
  • Death by Childbirth: When she was pregnant with Renton, her condition was worsening and she was nearing death. She held on long enough to give birth to her son, but the stress caused her deteriorating aortic valve to finally tear open and she bled to death.
  • Distressed Damsel: Fell in love with Adrock once he rescued her from a life of bondage and wiped out the Saban Cartel.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She had a strong penchant for running around barefoot, almost never ever wearing any shoes anywhere, even to Bellforest's Starlight Express Diner. Justified in that the dancing shoes she was made to wear as a bondsmaid had explosives loaded into the ankle cuffs and would detonate if she tried to flee outside a set perimeter of Contralado or disobeyed orders, thus blowing off her feet. Blau remarks it completely ruined the experience of wearing shoes, and she would prefer to never wear them all and likes the feeling of the earth beneath her feet, anyway.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Adrock was in love with her the minute he saw her, and totally smitten when he learned about what she'd been through.
  • Fiery Redhead: She had a mild temper and richly red hair.
  • Fourth-Date Marriage: She married Adrock after knowing him for about two months. Justified because Adrock recognized she was a sickly woman whose lifespan was uncertain and she may not have much time to live, so he resolved to marry her as soon as possible and make her dreams come true in the time she had.
  • Freakiness Shame: Felt unwanted by men because they didn't want to be around a sick girl.
  • Genki Girl: Had a highly energetic personality when happy, which her parents and brother found endearing because it was in spite of her sickness.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: If she got angry enough, she'd lapse into a rant of rapid-fire Spanish!
    Adrock: English, Blau!!!
    Yucatan: It's no use... when she gets this mad, she assumes her native tongue.
    Adrock: If it's not Spanish, then I hate to think what that tongue is... She almost sounds possessed.
    Yucatan: Is it bad that you're not the only one here that thinks that?
  • Ill Girl: Blau suffered from chronic aortic valve stenosis from a young age, and it severely limited her life expectancy and her ability to function in the world.
  • Incurable Cough of Death: Begins choking up blood on and off, before finally succumbing to an aortic rupture when Renton is born.
  • Irony: She loved the carnival. Later, her adopted grandchild Maeter joined the circus and became Maeter the Magnificent.
  • Meaningful Name: "Blau" is German for "blue". Her mother named her this on account of her blue eyes and the words of a traveler who gave them a book of old legends. Unfortunately, this name leads her to be abducted by the Cult of Blauzerzorn at a young age, who implant the Yang Dialeth seed inside her body.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father attempted to pay off her mounting medical bills by dipping his hand into the dealings of the Saban Cartel, but then tried to swindle the money for his daughter's sake. He and his wife were summarily cornered and assassinated in the streets as punishment, and Blau and Yucatan were forced to fend for themselves.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Blau had a swirling mass of ponytailed hair matted in curls atop her head.
  • The Reveal: She's NOT dead after all. She's been transformed into Queen Thirst.
  • Spicy Latina: A Peruvian redhead with a knack for speaking her mind and getting overly excitable.
  • Tears of Joy: When Adrock admits he's in love with her and doesn't care about her sickness getting in the way of it, Blau collapses into his arms sobbing.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: She wanted a world like a carnival, a wonderland where people could be happy and merry all the time. She also wanted a daughter with whom to tell stories to, and honored Adrock's wish to have a son even when she knew her condition was becoming very grave. She didn't live to see Renton grow up. Everyone mourned her immensely when she died because they thought it was unfair that someone as sweet as Blau could be cut down so suddenly, and the one who brightened their lives was gone. It also badly messed up Diane, who thought it was so unjust that she eventually lost faith in the world she lived in.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: She adored homegrown tomatoes. Adrock joked that was why her hair was so red.

    Diane Thurston 

  • Awful Truth: Diane bears a secret grudge against Renton, Adrock, and Axel. She admits she's angry at Renton for what happened to their mother. As for her father and grandfather, she's outraged at how they didn't acknowledge her mother's loss and tried to sweep it under the rug and told her to suck it up, thinking she was too young to understand better.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: She convinced herself that she didn't need the world she was born in or anyone else because she kept losing the people close to her. Eventually, she managed to dupe herself- with the added manipulating of Hideon- into going into Bibliodrome and never coming back, thinking that was okay.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: When Hideon takes control over her to "give her the words she needs when she can't find them".
  • Broken Bird: It turns out the Diane we saw in the original series wasn't a very happy camper. Huge revelations uncover that she is a severely damaged and emotionally tormented soul on the inside.
  • Escapism: Diane is not happy in the Bibliodrome: she's actually running away from reality.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After Jackson pushes her hard enough, Diane finally snaps and screams at him in a fit of rage, ventilating a lifetime of buried anger in front of him and concluding with an outraged statement that she actually hates her brother for speeding up their mother's death, after years of trying to make him think she still cared for him (which she did), and was trying to protect his innocence as a child. Jackson then points to an open comm mic in his ear and reveals Renton was listening the entire time. As soon as Renton speaks and Diane realizes she's exposed her true, ugly feelings to her brother, she loses it. Diane panics, attacks Jackson with the ring Hideon is inhabiting, and this finally allows Hideon to tap into her rage because she's put it on, allowing him to perform his Puppeteer Parasite fusion.
    Renton: I'm not a child anymore... I understand. She's been bottling up this pain because no one ever showed her it was okay to let it out. She thought the world didn't care that she was hurting, so she pushed it back and ignored it. But it's like trying to squeeze the sides of a balloon filled with water. It'll shift to another place and come gushing out at the wrong time. That's what happened to me when I went berserk on the battlefield.
  • Oh, Crap!: Elicits this reaction from Jackson when he uses his Tell ability to check if she's lying. As soon as he activates his power, he tries to feel out the temperature of her soul... and it is insanely cold. He discovers the single-most enormous lie he's ever caught in his entire life, and its magnitude is so huge that he quietly freaks out.
  • Tears of Remorse: Bawls her head off when she finally returns home, feeling entirely ashamed of what she did and how she hurt her loved ones by running away.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Hideon has her dancing around his fingers on a string. Worse, she actively lets him control her when she feels unable to deal with reality, and she had him use her as a puppet to speak to Renton momentarily out of fear she was going to unleash her repressed anger on him for her mother's death and break his heart.
  • Wham Line: The moment Jackson calls her out on her staying in Bibliodrome for so long, underlying uncovering the reason why.
    Diane: I don't need to come back to the natural world... I told you, I'm happy here!
    Jackson: ......Then why are you lying?

    Sandra "Gidget" Annette O'Connell Emerson
Voiced by: Fumie Mizusaka (JP), Jessica Straus (EN)

A former member of Gekkostate, Sandra is the wife of James Emerson. For a while, they remained with Ken-Goh and ran a shipping company, until a talent spotter took a liking to Jimmy and signed him up to produce a film together. Because James got a movie deal (loosely adapting the adventures his crew had together with creative liberties), he was able to make enough money to buy a ring and proposed to her. After this, the two left the company of Ken-Goh had and started a family together. They now run the Emerson Entertainment company and have been marginally successful. However, later events bring Sandra back into the fray, with AIGIS. She has a background as a child actress under the guild name Lila Victoria Fields McCann.

  • Accomplice by Inaction: Pretended not to find Jackson on radar just to help him make a clean getaway. She knew where he was, but wouldn't tell a soul.
  • Action Fashionista: Gets this from her eldest sister, Agatha ("Aggie"), who is a fashion designer. She believes that no matter the situation, one must always look "glam" or one is a "sham".
  • Ascended Extra: In the original series, she was more or less a side character, but here, she plays a much more major role.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest among twelve brothers and sisters.
  • Badass Adorable: This is not the Gidget we grew up with. She is a lot Older and Wiser and competent, as well as highly skilled at thinking. Yet, she's a total dork on the inside and she knows it. She still has plenty of silly and ditzy moments.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her shirt still shows off her stomach area.
  • Berserk Button: Hates it when Jackson humiliates her by telling embarrassing stories about their childhood.
  • Black Sheep: Along with Jackson, she is one of two "screw-up siblings" to the rest of the O'Connels. Her big mistake was costing her dad a client among the private circle of researchers, when she knew that it was very hard to secure funding in their family's line of work due to a lack of knowledge about what they do and classified information.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Sandra's arrival on the Gekko was not as smooth as one would think. She had it really bad back at home. Also lampshaded when her time at Tresor is acknowledged considering she hails from a family who runs a similar facility. Sandy brushes it off saying that she didn't mind because she's a lousy inventor and was never really into inventing, so she can't feel bad about something she lacked interest in, and preferred to focus on other things, like chasing Moondoggie, the one thought that occupied her head at the time.
  • Cool Big Sister: Resumes this role to Claire where she tried to be one to Eureka. Claire happens to be Sandra's number-one fan both as a former Gekkostate member and former child star, finally allowing Sandra to have a real and warm sisterly friendship because Claire absolutely adores her.
  • Covert Pervert: Turns out to have been one when she was little, having been exposed to sexual content in soap operas as a kid because most of the family grew up around the TV while their parents worked all the time. She became curious and started engaging in experiments, as it was natural for a family of experimenters to approach new things this way, and unfortunately, with lack of guidance from her neglectful parents, she developed bad habits and they got worse over the years until she had to be put in a rehab camp for girls.
  • Dark Secret: She helped her older brother steal the Sapphire Triton pendant Talho had as her only keepsake of her disappeared mother. It has torn her up in private with guilt for many years, but Sandra held on to it because of how afraid she was if the truth got out, knowing she would likely be cast out of the ship and have no place to go.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Has apparently gotten off before. Subverted in that she means she was trying to seduce a client named Mr. Kahuna at her dad's business.
  • The Ditz: Deconstructed; She once had to take a medication in secret to prevent herself from having sexual urges, and it made her "loopy", and once missed a dose in the caves when the Gekko needed to be repaired, causing her to get frisky with Jimmy.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Like her other siblings, she used a TV-themed code name to avoid having the connection to Miwicorp revealed. She stopped using this code name when she and James became professional filmographers and wanted their real names out in the open and had spent enough time distanced from their old and messed up lives to use them with clear consciences as a take that to those who shunned them as outcasts.
  • Easily Forgiven: Thanks to Jackson demanding that no one punish her for what she did because he coerced her into doing it, Sandra is given a very loving and forgiving reaction from Talho as Lila weeps inconsolably in her arms, obviously so ashamed of what she did that she doesn't deserve to be chastised.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partner: Jealous of Talho and Hilda being this, she wanted this kind of relationship with Eureka as the only other teenage girl in Gekkostate. She didn't really get it... but upon meeting Claire, her wish was finally granted.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Doesn't shut up when she should, which Jackson cites as one of her biggest flaws because she'll just say whatever's on her mind and insults people. She fires back by reminding him that well over half of everything he does is perceived as insulting to people.
  • Irony: She's always had a love for film and media, and ended up falling in love with a guy who wanted to tell the world the truth over television about a lot of things but disguised it through fiction so they'd eat it up and wouldn't call it ham-fisted.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: She was kicked out of her house due to "raging nymphomania" and sent away to a rehab camp. It tapered off after she got married and had children and got older.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Has ELEVEN older siblings. The reason the family is so huge is because her father was experimenting with a way to enhance fertility, and got his wife pregnant MANY times and in twins and even triplets. By Sandra, she was done with childbirth, and even broke alphabetic naming conventions to declare "S" for "STOP".
  • Meaningful Name: Her acting name, "Lila", means "Purple". Her surname O'Connell means "wolf". And her acting surname means "wolf cub". Both of these point directly back to her husband and create a thematic connection, whose nickname is Moondoggie. Her family is also known to be extremely tenacious and has the nickname "The Fighting O'Connells".
  • Nice Hat: Has traded her pink visor cap for a beret like that of a film director's.
  • The Reveal:
    • She's Jackson's baby sister, and that's not even a shred of the whole brood.
    • Her real name is Sandra, and apparently all the siblings use TV-themed code names to keep their company and family name secretive.
    • Her asymmetrical left earring is actually a special gadget given to her for good luck by Jackson that acts as a key to a treasure box that contains her hidden pills, photos of her family, some good luck charms from her siblings, and a special makeup kit given to her by Aggie to attract boys, and unlocks with a secret series of turns. It is also a tracker that lets Jackson know exactly where she is at any given time and only responds to the matching earring he keeps with him and wears as a belt buckle, obviously unable to rock it on his ear like a guy. Furthermore, the treasure box contains a hidden engraving: "No matter how far apart we are in time or space, these earrings will always unite us. No matter how much trouble I get into or cause, and no matter how many friends and acquaintances come and go, I won't ever forsake you, baby sister. All my love, your brother, Jackson." This meant that Jackson was spiritually with the Gekkostate the whole time Sandra was there. She'd go open the box to find strength when she needed it.
    • When she whispered in Jimmy's ear, it was "Why don't I show you how grown-up I really am?" James stopped her and took off his shirt to reveal an unsightly scar on his back where his tracker was removed, and hugged her bare-chested. Sandra got nervous and ran away to her room, realizing she was suffering a pang of sexual fury, sneaking off to pop another dose of her pills in private. Moondoggie later quietly approached her room and heard her whimpering inside, and begged her to let him in because he was really worried about her. Gidget reluctantly opened the door and showed him the pill fob she keeps hidden away inside her earring, quietly breaking down in tears. She revealed her long struggle with sexual frustration to him and her secret prescription that only Mischa knows about.
    • She had a hand in one of the worst things to ever happen on board the Gekko, the theft of Talho's pendant, which is extremely horrifying considering she was the most innocent-seeming person on board the ship.
    • She is the television character Purple Glory Angel from the Show Within a Show, "Homage Squad". Her character was Put on a Bus when Gidget got sent to rehab, but given a proper and very touching farewell episode that is Claire's all-time favorite.
    • The private conversation she had with James in the cave was an open admission of their backgrounds, where he told her about his connection to Warsaw and she told him about her relationship to Jackson, done at Sandra's request.
    • She is the youngest daughter of a family of twelve who run a top-secret innovation lab called MIWICorp.
    • Her obsession with style comes from her eldest sister, who, ironically, has a very weird sense of fashion. Renton immediately calls her out on it when he realizes her sister's sense of style is absolutely ridiculous, remembering how she dissed his lack of taste.
  • Secret Relationship:
    • Not even the Gekkostate knew Jackson and Sandra were siblings, just from the same region (can't hide the shared skin tone), and when Sandra joined, Jackson realized that if two of them were on the same ship, their family might get traced and caught by enemies... worse... he discovered a black market pirate was wanting a hefty price for a gem called the Sapphire Triton that just so happened to be in Talho's possession.
    • Was obviously very much in love with her Moondoggie, but they kept their romance behind closed doors because they knew they were in the middle of a war against the military and were afraid Holland would disapprove and send them away, knowing they couldn't go anywhere.
  • Stealth Pun: "Gidget" and "gadget". Ironically, she is a self-admitted terrible inventor.
  • Tears of Remorse: She bawls when she tells Talho her involvement in stealing her pendant. The poor girl is so brokenhearted she can't help but cry.
  • Tender Tears:
    • She cried buckets when Jimmy proposed to her.
    • Sobbed and hugged Claire upon being told her good-bye episode, "Find Your Wings", means the world to her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: "Gidget" was a goofy teenager who hung back on the Gekko like a tagalong... Lila, on the other hand, is one of the most dangerous and feisty ass-kickers out there and has effectively become as competent as the other LFO combatants.
  • Weakness Turns Her On: In regards to Moondoggie, she mentions that looking at him makes her want to "scoop him up and help him along." Justified, in that Lila's own older brother is extremely protective of her, and Jimmy went through hell before ending up at Gekkostate, initially having a stutter. Additionally, Lila is the youngest of 12 children, all of which baby her, and she had no one to baby herself, and wanted to assume that role.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Lila's dad makes up with her when she gets badly hurt in the Warsaw Liberation arc, and tearfully tells her she is his best invention. She embraces him in a tender, emotional hug.


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