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    Anime and Manga 

Machine guns? That's even better!
Ladd Russo, Baccano!

    Comic Books 

Give me the Sixty.
Captain Frank Castle, The Punisher: Born


    Fan Works 

If they went badly… well, I’d gone to war with Brutes and Shakers before. A Thinker might be more dangerous, but… if in doubt?
More bees.

    Film - Live-Action 

"I much prefer the Thompson."

Overkill is underrated!
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, The A-Team


I'm ready, man. I am the ultimate badass. State of the badass-art. You do not want to fuck with me. Hey Ripley, don't worry. Me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect you. Check it out. Independently targeting particle-beam Phalanx. VWAP! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic-electronic BALL BREAKERS! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks...
Pvt. William Hudson, Aliens

LET'S ROCK! (opens up with her smartgun)
Pvt. Jenette Vasquez, Aliens

Now I have a machine gun. Ho... ho... ho.
— Note from John McClane, Die Hard

Hale Caesar after unleashing his AA12, The Expendables

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
Eames, Inception

AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.

Hitgirl: It's even better than in the picture!
Big Daddy: That's because in the picture, it didn't have gatling guns.

Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947. More commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It's the world's most popular assault rifle. A weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand. It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people's greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars.
Yuri Orlov, Lord of War

Tank: So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
Neo: Guns. Lots of Guns.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, do you see this gun? It fires 750 rounds of 9mm ammunition per minute. In other words, if all of you simultaneously were to rush me, not a single one of you would get any closer than you are now.

Your time for revenge is at hand. Voila! The ZF-1. It's light; handle's adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties; breaks down into four parts, undetectable by X-ray, ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger; 3000-round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. And with the replay button, another Zorg invention, it's even easier. One shot... and replay sends every following shot to the same location. And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies-but-goldies. Rocket launcher. Arrow launcher, with exploding or poisonous gas heads, very practical. Our famous net launcher. The always-efficient flamethrower, my favorite. And for the grand finale, the all-new 'Ice-cube System'!

I want every gun we have to fire on that man.
Kylo Ren, The Last Jedi

    Live-Action TV 

Two guns? You brought just two guns? I mean - I thought you were the Great Crichton & D'Argo! (brief clip of D'Argo and John high-fiving each other on Moya) I mean, you blew up a shadow depository! I mean, I thought you'd bring pelshfer charges! (clip of detonation in space that looks like a small sun) And a plasma bomb! (clip of the explosion that obliterated Scorpius' Gammak Base) And a really big gunship! (clip of nothing less than a Peacekeeper Command Carrier complete with its cloud of small fighter craft) BUT NO! YOU BRING NOTHING! YOU BRING TWO LITTLE WEAPONS THAT WOULDN'T KILL A NEGNIK! (clip of a negnik)
Raxil, Farscape, "Scratch 'N Sniff"


Leaving a trail of destruction
That's second to none

    Tabletop Games 

Mo' shooty! Mo' choppy! Mo' Dakka! WAAAAAGHHHHH!
Nagderz, Ork Warlord, Warhammer 40,000

Though my guards may sleep and ships may rest at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.
The Tyrant of Badab, Warhammer 40,000

I believe in three tenets of battle: firepower, firepower, and more firepower. Should the Omnissiah have wished otherwise, he would not have provided me with such a mighty tool as the Razorback. I long for the day in which my entire Chapter can ride to war in transports such as these, vehicles whose rage can be given voice through their sanctified armament.
Kardan Staenos, Warhammer 40,000

Krukfang pushed the control stick forward and steered Deffblasta down into a straffing[sic] run. The words of Gobstikk came back to him from when the Mekaniak had been teaching the young Krukfang how to fly. Long, uncontrolled bursts, the clever Mek had taught him...

Trained troops would fire short bursts so that they could "track" their firing onto the target before unleashing a full burst for maximum effect. This conserves ammunition and reduces the chances of weapon jams, both completely boring and pointless considerations to an Ork. Orks simply point their weapons in vaguely the right direction and let rip with everything they’ve got!
Gorkamorka rulebook on firing full-auto

The Bunker Suit in turret mode, Sentinels of the Multiverse


    Video Games 

Vladof! You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!
Marcus Kincaid, Borderlands

Ork Flash Gitz, Dawn of War

Ready to unleash eleven barrels of hell!

Usually the good Lord works in mysterious ways. But not today! This here is sixty-six tons of straight up, H-E-spewing dee-vine intervention! If God is love, then you can call me Cupid!
Sgt. Avery J. Johnson, Halo 2, "Metropolis"

EDI, patch the quarians to the Normandy's weapon systems. I want the targeting laser synced up to the whole damn fleet.
Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3

That's why I love hanging out with you guys. Why shoot something once when you can shoot it 46 more times?
Urdnot Wrex, Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC, after he and the entire Normandy crew unleash hell on a roomful of CAT-6 mercs

I don't need luck. I have ammo.
Grunt, Mass Effect 3

HK-50: Unnecessary Statement: He has obtained the access to the munitions area.
Another HK-50: Rhetorical Query: But that makes no sense. He's already fully armed.
HK-50: Mocking Statement: Fully armed? One can never be armed enough.

The team at Qirex stripped out the loading bays from their ship, replacing it with an experimental rack of 50-cal miniguns. While unable to pick up any other weapons, the Qirex Prototype carries enough ammo to last any type of event, making it one of the most deadly ships out there.
Flavor Text of the Qirex Prototype, WipEout 2048

How am I gonna stop some mean ol' mother hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer: Use a gun. And if that don't work...use more gun.
The Engineer, Team Fortress 2

I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And this, is my weapon. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon... for 12 seconds.
The Heavy, Team Fortress 2

Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe... maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.
The Heavy, Team Fortress 2

If it's worth shooting once, it's probably worth shooting alot!
Tristana, League of Legends

See these weapons I picked up in the Rift? They let me predict the weather: bullet showers and rocket storms!
Gilgamesh, Final Fantasy XIII-2

Do you have ANY idea how much firepower you need to take me down? A LOT. A WHOLE GODDAMN LOT!
Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2 Come Get Me trailer

There is no such thing as overkill. There is only sufficient casualties and time to reload.
Anonymous, Tom Clancy's End War

The upper windows used to be for aiming. Then we thought: "Hey! MORE cannons!"
Flavor Text of Blackhowl Gunspire, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Subtlety is a thing for philosophy, not combat. If you're going to kill someone, you might as well kill them a whole lot.

"Maxim #37: There is no "overkill". There is only "open fire" and "I need to reload."
Schlock Mercenary, "The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries"

Ebbirnoth: Sorry. Captain's orders. We need to keep collateral damage down. The shotgun is a good compromise.
Schlock: I didn't grab the shotgun. I grabbed the shortbarrel rotary fifty and six cases of ammo.

    Web Original 

Dakka: Ork slang for rapid fire capability, based on the onomatopoeia for automatic guns shooting. You need moar of it. No exceptions.

1. The number of shots that hit when you autofire is (Margin of Success/Recoil). Recoil 0 would mean that INFINITY SHOTS hit each time. Is dat enuff dakka?
2. Never enuff DAKKA.
3. Of course, the maximum number of hits can't exceed the number you fired. This is GURPS, we're not retards. But any grot firin' less den 'finity shotz is mukkin about!
4chan, GURPS: Enemy Unknown discussion

It's good if you subscribe to the 'spray enough bullets so you don't have to aim' theory of battle.

The theory goes like this: You pull the trigger on a machine gun until the whole world turns into blood, and it is awesome. You can't argue with that; that's science.

You don't need surprise when you've got a 200 pound nuclear cannon attached to your hip!

On the other hand, do I really need four guns? Hell yes I do it's a fucking alien invasion!

At the point in time when bullets can pass through the inter-dimensional walls, when firepower takes up the entirety and eternity of space and time, all being stuck in a never-ending life and death cycle as bullets recover and destroy their bodies in quick succession, no-one able to think about anything but the sheer force of the bullets rapidly flying literally everywhere in the Materium, turning the Warp itself into nothing but a sea of semi-automatic weaponry... then, there will be enough dakka. Or, at least, almost.
The Emperor explaining whether there is such a thing as "enough dakka", If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

Woo-hoo-hoo! (laughing like a goon) This gun has SO MUCH BULLETS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH hAHahAhaHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
JonTron enjoying his "mobile lawnmower" in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Then there's the Megafrakker III, a triple-barrel electrically-fired stacked-projectile weapon with a firing rate so high they had to enslave an entire parallel universe just to make the ammunition.
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

This film takes a firm stance: guns are AWESOME!
Mike Nelson, in the Rifftrax of Predator

We're firing everywhere. Better safe than sorry. We can't miss if we hit everything.

The conclusion as Kino works to win the arena without killing an opponent. Dropping all of her guns on them would do it, assuming they could still breathe.
SF Debris on Kino's Journey: Coliseum, part 2

    Real Life 

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not.
Hilaire Belloc, during the Matabele War, 1893

It occurred to me that if I could invent a machine, a gun, which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease would be greatly diminished.
Richard J. Gatling

Each of us six officers had a shotgun and an automatic rifle and pistols. We opened fire with the automatic rifles. They were emptied before the car got even with us. Then we used shotguns... There was smoke coming from the car, and it looked like it was on fire. After shooting the shotguns, we emptied the pistols at the car, which had passed us and ran into a ditch about 50 yards on down the road. It almost turned over. We kept shooting at the car even after it stopped. We weren't taking any chances.
— Dallas County Sheriff's Deputies Ted Hinton and Bob Alcorn, describing the Real Life takedown of bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde

Quantity has a quality all its own.
Josef Stalin (attributed)

Battalion orders were brief and clear: "Paste hell out of the bastards."
Again next night the lone Itie was on the prowl. In obedience to orders, every machine gun and rifle in the vicinity opened up at him, with an enthusiasm that can be judged by next day's amendment: "The order to paste hell out of the bastards must not be interpreted as justifying uncontrolled fire."


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