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  • From the moment it was announced that Greg Weisman was involved in the series, it was treated as a preemptive cancellation notice, due to the tendency for his shows to last only two seasons (and in the case of Gargoyles, Greg is enforcing Canon Discontinuity on everything post-Season 2). As it turned out, he left the production team after they finished work on Season 1, and then the meme became that Greg left the team to keep the "Weisman Curse" from catching up to the show after the second season.
    • Became a bit of a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment for those who read Kanan: the series was originally planned as a five issue limited series, but after the success of "Spark of Rebellion" it was given an extended run... only to be cancelled after the conclusion of its second story arc.
  • Kallus's sideburns are a constant fountain of jokes, ranging from them being the most badass thing in the entire series, to them getting an entire series of spin-off movies.
    TFN Forum Comment: Episode 1: The Sideburn Menace, Episode 2: Attack of the Sideburns, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sideburns, Episode 4: A New Sideburn, Episode 5: The Sideburns Strike Back, Episode 6: Return of the Sideburns, Episode 7: The Sideburns Awaken.
    • And now we can add Episode 8: The Last Sideburn.
    • The crew behind Rebels is behind it too. Absolutely Everything You Need To Know even has an info box that acknowledges his muttonchops.
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    • Some fans even worried that Season 3 would have him either grow them into an actual beard or cut them for whatever reason, due to worrying if the news that the main characters would get updated looks would also apply to Kallus. Luckily, he still has the same appearance from Season 2.
    • ...and now, as of the Season 3 finale, it comes with a lock of hair. Scoll down this entry for more information.
  • When a preview for "Fire Across the Galaxy" appeared showing the Grand Inquisitor getting awfully and creepily close to Kanan's face had edits making its way through Twitter, from Patrick licking Kanan like how he did in "Smoking Peanuts", an Alien, to just having a tongue edited to lick all over Kanan's face.
  • The amount of eye-jokes after Kanan gets blinded was inevitable.
    "Kanan didn't see that coming."
    "Is he a Miraluka now?"
    "Ezra is sure getting dark in these. Kanan needs to keep a better eye on him."
    • And of course, it happens in-universe, where Hondo accidentally drops some eye jokes that are treated as Dude, Not Funny! by the others and just annoys Kanan even further. Though it's worth noting they only get mad when Hondo realizes he just dropped an eye joke, since they're everyday phrases and either Hondo's over-sensitivity was just making it seem like the contrary or Hondo was screwing with him.
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  • A joke that Thrawn has a tic for overanalyzing simple things is gaining some tract.
  • Similarly, Kalani's variation on Never Tell Me the Odds! ('X has Y'd, as they do n% of the time.') is a bit of a joke.
  • The ending to the midseason trailer for Season 3 showing a scene from "Twin Suns" with Obi-Wan at a campfire and being confronted by Maul quickly got into jokes about how they're instead just going to roast hot-dogs and marshmallows over the fire before the latter gets into a petty reason to fight the former, or literally just hang out by the campfire and nothing more.
  • As of Season 3, you will occasionally find a user on /r/starwarsrebels that will call an obviously important episode or moment as 'filler' in what hopefully is sarcasm, in response to the numerous complaints throughout the Internet that the show is chalk full of 'filler'.
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  • "Kallus Simulator 2017"/"Kallus's VR Experience", 'Kallus has a GoPro', and so forth for Rebels Recon's preview for the intro of "Through Imperial Eyes", which basically shows Kallus waking up and rinsing his face after being informed of an attack on his ship. The manner in which he doesn't react to the situation and remains quiet for the entire sequence is reminiscent of how gamers tend to play silent protagonists that digress from the situation by doing mundane things that are irrelevant to it.
  • "Those aren't pens?!", when "Through Imperial Eyes" answered the age-old question of what the code cylinders in the shirt pockets of Imperial officers are, often jokingly referred to as pensContext 
  • David Oyelowo's vocal range as Agent Kallus whenever Kallus has a Not So Stoic moment like in "The Honorable Ones" and "Through Imperial Eyes", due to the agent being a Badass Baritone and being one of the last people you'd expect to suffer from Inopportune Voice Cracking (and this is not out of malice, just poking fun at the agent's surprising ability to not be stoic).
  • The Imperial specialists in "Double Agent Droid", due to apparently being like the IT department/security in work places and wearing the rarely seen Nerd Glasses in Star Wars, are noted as having resemblance to Gordon Freeman, being Apple Store employees, and so forth.
  • "KENOBIIIAUGHAUGHAGHHAGH!", for Maul crying out Obi-Wan's name in "Twin Suns".
  • Making jokes about Thrawn and Galen Erso secretly being related or interacting together, as a reference to the fact that Mads Mikkelsen plays Galen and his brother Lars plays Thrawn.
  • The Bendu foreseeing that Thrawn will lose when he is "surrounded by many arms in a cold embrace" inevitably led to jokes about Bor Gullet (which was already memetic itself) and Thrawn being subjected to tentacle hentai. Made even worse when it turned out that the Bendu was referring to the back tentacles of the purrgil — which are essentially space whale-squid hybrids. As a consequence, what happens in the finale is frequently referred to by names along the lines of "Ezra and Thrawn's Space Hentai Adventures."
  • Kallus's single lock of hair from when his hair got tussled after getting beat up by Thrawn and his Death Troopers in "Zero Hour", similar to Obi-Wan in the last Mandalorian arc released from The Clone Wars. It also ended up being a source of Fanservice towards his fans, and this was acknowledged by Filoni and the crew at Lucasfilm (and at least some of the staff thought it was attractive too; in fact, Tracy Cannobeo arguably started it by coining the phenomenon as '#HotKallus').
    • Likewise, Kallus's smirk as the door closes before his offscreen Elevator Action Sequence in the same episode, which also made some fans happy.
    • Similarly, an establishing shot of Kallus with his arms cuffed to a pipe over his head after Thrawn and his Death Troopers beat him up, which just so happens to be showing off his muscular arms while he's visibly bruised.
    • Usually some comment about his hotness along the lines of "I watch Rebels for the plot.", "I'm not gay but dang, Kallus is on FIRE, baby.", etc.
    • Became memetic enough that Kallus got a day dedicated to him by the fandom: March 25th, the day "Zero Hour" aired. Tracy Cannobbio approved of it.
  • Filoni revealing Kallus's first name is Alexander, or "Alex" for short immediately became a source of laughs out of Narm Charm. Tracy Cannobeo later clarifying that the spelling is Alexsandr immediately prompted jokes about calling him "Sasha"note , how Anakin hates sand, Hamilton jokes, and that Kallus has a name shared by many a Star Wars fan.
  • "Metal Gear Duchess"/"A weapon to surpass the Death Star.", as the modified AT-ST for using Sabine's weapon, the Duchess, looks like a cross between Gekko and Metal Gear Rex.
  • R.I.P. Kanan's ponytail. When the midseason trailer revealed that Kanan would cut off his iconic ponytail in the second half of season 4, the fandom immediately mourned its loss. Memes range from comparing the scene to Mulan, joking about how terrible it looks (something Hera apparently agrees with in-universe, pointing out that it's what you'd expect from a blind man cutting his hair with a knife, and theorizing that shaving his hair was what the loth-wolves actually wanted with him.
  • "UNLIMMMITTTEDDD PPPOWAAAHH!!!" and "I can't believe Ezra's going to fight the Senate.", referencing two of the many popular memes delivered by the character among the fandom when it was announced that Ezra was going to fight Emperor Palpatine in the back half of Season 4.
  • Actual Disney Prince Ezra Bridger. A meme that's been around a while, comparing Ezra's Friend to All Living Things abilities to that of Disney princesses, but it grew particularly popular after "Flight of the Defender" revealed that he'd grown powerful enough to attract wild animals and make them behave like pets even when he's not consciously trying. Taken Up to Eleven when he summons an armada-sized flock of purrgil to shred Thrawn's fleet in the climax of the final episode.
  • "The Blind, Dead Force Wielder Club" has become a common joke for people referencing the similarities between Kanan and Chirrut Imwe .
  • Given the prevalence of wolves as Author Appeal, there's a lot of jokes about Filoni secretly being a furry and the wolves being his fursona that he snuck onto the show.
  • The first Season 4 trailer revealing the existence of lothwolves associated with the Force as well as Filoni revealing that Ahsoka is alive immediately spawned the "Ahsoka is the [white] wolf" theory. This theory was met with scorn by some circles, who felt that it would overdo the symbolism like with Mortis (especially since this would mean that Ahsoka's transformation happened offscreen, which would inevitably lead to exposition and accusations that Filoni purely did it for fanservice), leading to some fans reciting the phrase sarcastically.
  • The oft-mocked theory of Ahsoka being a lothwolf similarly led to jokes about Ahsoka being a furry. Carried over to Kanan when it turned out he became a lothwolf.
  • The internet understandably exploded with memes about time travel after the release of "A World Between Worlds". Since Ezra could save Ahsoka but not Kanan, some people went so far as to joke that Dave Filoni introduced time travel to Star Wars solely for the purposes of making his fans cry about Kanan again.
  • Some fans have proposed their own versions of the scene from "A World Between Worlds" where Ezra hears voices from the entire past, present, and future of the Star War franchise, with Ezra seeing and hearing scenes from the franchise's most infamous moments like shirtless Kylo Ren, "I don't like sand", Luke and Leia kissing in Empire or even the dreaded holiday special.
  • "AH-SHOW-KAH TANO!", in reference to Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine mispronouncing "Ahsoka" with a "sh" sound in "A World Between Worlds".
  • "THEY FUCKED!", "THEY HAD A KID?!", and "Practice safe sex, kids." was a common response to the reveal in the epilogue that Kanan and Hera have a illegitimate son who was conceived shortly before Kanan died. Mostly due to confusion over how Hera apparently had a hard time telling Kanan that she loved him a few episodes ago despite Word of Saint Paul stating they had already "been getting some" by then (and in hindsight, she was likely referring to said pregnancy rather than confessing love), in combination with joy that Jacen is now forever a symbol of Kanera. Another common joke on the same subject is "SPOILER ALERT: Hera gets impaled by a lightsaber. "
    • On the same subject, many people afterwards questioned the logistics of Hera having sex with a blind man, or joking about how everyone else on the Ghost failed to hear the two of them going at it on a cramped and not particularly roomy spaceship. An alternate theory is that they had sex on Ezra's tower during "Flight of the Defender", which would explain why Hera felt the need to bring a blind man on a lookout mission.
  • Jokes about "Kalluzeb confirmed" spread rapidly after the finale, where it's revealed that Kallus goes to live with Zeb on Lira San.
  • "Ahsoka the Grey/White" was a meme ever since theories about Ahsoka transcending into the Force came about after her disappearance at the end of "Twilight of the Apprentice" combined with the fact that she was technically a Grey Jedi or at least a very light-sided Force user ever since her debut in the show, but it became even more popular when Ahsoka's new appearance in the series finale was a blatant Shout-Out to Gandalf the White.
  • A wild but popular fan theory pre-The Last Jedi was that Supreme Leader Snoke was actually an elderly Ezra. note  When the Grand Finale ended with Ezra hyperspace jumping into the Unknown Regions, where Snoke is confirmed to originate from, a number of fans joked that their theory had been validated.
  • Jokes about Ezra and Thrawn getting on each other's nerves during an Enemy Mine team-up while they're stranded in the middle of space-nowhere after the series finale.
  • The line "Godspeed, Rebels!" took on new meaning after the Grand Finale for several fans, who used this quote as a way of saying goodbye to the series.
  • Fans of the old EU have frequently joked about how their reactions went from joy to panic once they realized the potential implications of Jacen Syndulla's first name...
  • The idea that Chopper is Jacen Syndulla's actual father is a popular joke, since the camera pans to him when Sabine says "as for his father, well, we all know what he was like". Similarly, people have jokingly theorized that it was actually Chopper who killed Kanan so he could have Hera all to himself.
  • Thrawn is Pierce Brosnan.Explanation 


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