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    I HATE 

I HATE deviantART

  • Some might find the whole drama caused by MinorElite's picture being used in a negative way humorous.


  • When Alex reads out the definition of a smiley-face licking its lips, the line "to devour the last remaining morsels of flour" is re-read in a deep voice as a fiery pit surrounds a clip of someone licking their lips.
  • "Speaking of lowest common denominators, if we take a look at Smosh's website..."



  • The beginning of the video:
    IHE: *shows a drawning of an weird creature* Oh hey look, you are a half-chicken... half-goblin man. Also, the Don't Judge Me challenge is the stupidest thing ever.


  • IHE: Vine is a terrible video sharing service, that lets you upload videos of what's it? 6 sec- (cuts to intro).


  • Pretty much the entire video in which he goes into madness as he showcases the gigantic amount of Minion merchandising that he saw during his travel, literally everywhere, culminating with him putting a Minion plush on fire.
    IHE: It has come to the point that when I close my eyes all that I see is...
    Shows a picture of a baby on a Minion costume.
  • The insane Minions sightings.
    IHE: The Da Vinci Mystery *pans camera down* Oh wait, I meant the Minion mystery.
    IHE: Winnie the Po- *pans camera down* Oh wait, there is a minion in there.
  • This gem:
    [Camera shakes in front of a Minion's face as he shouts]


  • The Subscriber Special Checklist.
    Say that you never though you'd get here.
    IHE: "When I started this channel, I never though I would be here, as in literally, I never thought that I would be on the top of a mountain GET ME THE HELL DOWN HERE".
    Be funny and randem XD.
    IHE: "Uhm... Watermelon, David Jeff, Gorilla. Is that funny enough for ya?"
    Drink bottle of bleach.
    IHE: Okay. *puts bleach on cup* Hey, wait a second I didn't write that one.
    Kiteman: Oh shit.
  • Q: What was your style of video making influenced by?
    IHE: "I'm definitely inspired and influenced by RedLetterMedia, I think they are funny, JonTron, because I like his editing a lot and Pewdiepie, because he told me how to do clickbait thumbnails."
  • Q: What in the world you hate the most?
    IHE: This fucking question.


  • IHE devoting the beginning of the video trying to piss of Tumblr extremists, even having the title say "Don't get your privileges in a twist".
    IHE: So I guess I might as well start this off by giving the butthurt, oversensitive pussies exactly what they want to hear to purposefully stoke the flames. [clears throat] Women are not equal to men. In fact, white men, like me, deserve to be paid more because we are cooler AND stronger, and in general, are just much more awesomer. Calling people "retarded" is not insulting to disabled people. It's actually super hilarious and uber awesome! And you know what? Scientists have proven that being gay is a choice! So stop being gay, you freaks!
    ...Is that enough? Should I keep going? These comments...these comments are gonna be...they're gonna be wonderful.


  • The entire video consists of him going over the downright bizarre fan requests Alex gets from "I Hate Eric Cartman's Hat From South Park" to the utter classic of "Make I Hate Mars Bars".
  • The final request he goes over: I Hate When I Take A Shit And Toilet Water Hits My Ass.
    IHE: Fucking glorious.
  • The fact that he doesn't even show one request because it's "Too good".


  • The fact that, one week after he says "I'll see you fuckers next week, when Durr Plant is a fucking meme," he released a video about how much he hates the "Durr Plant" meme he made as an "unfunny anti-meme."


  • Alex buys a few celebrity gossip magazines for this video, and finds an advertisement for a chatline. He then calls it and messes around for a while and eventually has his number blocked by the line.
    • This segment ends with Alex burning the magazines.


  • While trying to describe, IHE mentions that he wants to avoid using a certain word due to how overused and meaningless it's becomenote , but he makes an exception.
    (The word appears onscreen, blurred out)
    IHE: This word in question, of course, being...
    (The word is revealed to be "heteroclite")
    IHE: ... Heteroclite. The only word to contain both "hetero" and "clit". is quite the heteroclitoris of an a- (Smash Cut to next scene)
  • The guide to becoming a star:
    No. 1: Be conventionally attractive.
    No. 2: Be conventionally attra- (Smash Cut)
  • During the following list of what you don't need to be a star, IHE audibly moves closer to the mic to put emphasis on "work".


  • IHE discovers the parody channel "I Fuck Everything". His reaction after watching a single crude shitpost? Completely straight-faced approval.
    (Video ends, followed by a Beat)
    IHE: far, this is, this is a strong thumbs up.

I HATE SING (2016)

  • Nick Kroll says that Sing is unique as an animation because he finds it's funny, has great songs, is beautiful to look at, and touches the audience in a special way. As he lists these reasons, Alex displays collages of posters for various previous animated features that match his points.
  • Alex overlays clips of Nick Kroll voicing Gunter over a clip of Kroll explaining why he thinks Sing is a great movie.
    • For that matter, the clip consists of Kroll attempting an answer, getting stuck mid-sentence and then needing to start over.
  • When Alex says "dough", you can see a picture of Homer Simpson for a split second.
  • "Why can't you just have a name like John Smith that's easier to pronounce?"
  • "There's the arrogant mouse, he's played by Family Guy..." "PEETAH?"
  • Alex adding an explosion when Meena drops the microphone and when her grandpa blows out his candles on his birthday cake.
  • "Aww...I wish I could fuck a mouse that hot!"
  • Alex saying that Sing could've been the same movie if the characters were things such as humans, aliens, bugs, and grey goo people.
  • IHE uses a clip from RalphTheMovieMaker's Reasons Why Minions Sucks video to illustrate how generic and uninteresting he considers Sing's character models to be. He thanks Ralph for letting him use the footage, by saying that he stole it. There is a shot of an instant message chain between them, consisting of IHE sending taunts (his first is: "hey ralf im gonna steal ur gay minions video and take credit for it >:)) and Ralph responding with pleas to give him due credit and calling IHE mean.
  • “If you take a shot every time you see the same crocodile, bison, giraffe, or sheep character model, you’d probably be dead in 10 minutes. They don’t play around with the colors or any discernible features. It’s literally the exact same model!”
    • Following this, Alex shows every time in the film that the same crocodile model appears.
  • There is a running gag where Alex refuses to say what Johnny reminds him of until the end of the video: Conehead Harambe.


  • Time until The Emoji Movie: 4 Hours.
    • Time until The Emoji Movie: 3 Hours.
    • Time until The Emoji Movie: 30 mins.
    • Time until The Emoji Movie: I HATE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU.
  • “Oh no! How terrible! Alex sends the wrong emoji to the girl he likes! He meant to send a “meh”, but instead he sent something else!”
  • Alex calling Jailbreak Wyldstyle.
  • Using “Some cunt” as the source for the quotes in the film.
  • Him discussing about a conversation he heard after the movie ended.
  • “Thanks for the fat paycheck, you fucking morons! And remember to download Dropbox and Just Dance. Fuck you, idiot!”
  • Alex coughing while trying to say “fat, annoying sidekick”.


  • His disinterested rant on the newest entry soon devolves into him desperately begging Youtube to invite him to star in the next one.

    Comment Comeback 

    The Search for the Worst 

The Room

  • This film gets the fastest FUCK THIS MOVIE Flipping the Bird of any on the list - given the second Tommy Wiseau enters The Room saying, "Hi, babe!"

The Bat People

  • Batdoctor's (IHE can't be arsed to remember the guy's real name so he gets called this instead) narmtastic screaming used as a transition shot/ weak jumpscare.
  • Willfully misinterpreting the rabies vaccine scene (a big syringe of clear fluid slowly injected into Batdoctor's abdomen) as the doctor giving his patient a handy.

Baby Geniuses

  • The Running Gag where a canned audience laughs at the inappropriate jokes in the movie.
  • A fart sound and people laughing playing when a criticism of his Bionicle: Mask of Light review is shown on screen.
  • "AND OH MY FUCKING CHRIST! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? What the hell is that? And why is it here?"
  • IHE making fun of the movie's rating after going over the scene in the alley.
  • IHE showing an edited scene where Baby Boo-Boo calls his dad a cunt.
  • When he tries to say the movie's title during one part, he calls it "Pequeños genios, son los Rugrats en vivo!"note .

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

  • IHE being completely repulsed by the film. He finds that the garbage pail kids themselves are horrifying and awful devil creatures, evil spirits from another dimension, and he wants to burn, purge, and eradicate them if they existed in real life.
    • During his "Making of..." video of the episode, he acknowledges that the film started off as a straight horror film, and it shows.

Jurassic Shark

IHE: So the ladies jump into 6 inch deep water, you know, the perfect habitat for 16 meter long sharks.
  • Painteen.
    IHE: Those people are a bunch of criminals who stole a valuable painting, or painTEEN as she likes to say.
    Female Criminal: You damaged that painteen?
  • The main cast.
    IHE: Here are the really cool and interesting characters. You have: WOMAN 1 , BITCH 2 and THE OTHER ONE , and you also have DEAD MAN , because he's gonna be dead in a second.

The Little Panda Fighter

  • All the bear puns. His delivery of the lines makes him sound utterly Adorkable even though we never see his face.
    IHE: I only BEARly made into the end of this movie.
    (cue pic of winking brown bear)
  • IHE talking about the awful animation.
    IHE: Why do the pecks on this polar bear thing, like, bend and fold over? Is that intentional? That's kinda gross.
  • The description of Little Robots on IMDb being "This is a shitty movie about a dumb thing".
    IHE: The company gives this little of a fuck, that they let some public description that describes their movie as "shitty".
  • IHE actually bought every copy of the mockbuster in the video store he found it, so that people wouldn't buy it by accident for Kung-Fu Panda, saying that he did humanity a service in getting rid of them.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids

The Amazing Bulk
  • IHE breaks down during a stilted scene with General Darwin hating dust. With error messages popping up.
    General Darwin: I hate dust!
    *cuts to IHE introduction scene at high speed*
    *IHE presents: multiple General Darwins appear, saying:*
  • His reaction towards the first three minutes of the movie's camera panning.
  • IHE interrogating the DVD case of the movie, trying to understand it.
  • IHE's complete disgust with Dr. Kantlove, whom he despises the most in the film.
    IHE: Then this weird cartoon character villain waddles in, and is awkward, painful and boring! And the worst thing ever! I hate! I hate!! I HATE!!! I HA- and then he shoots the guard and turns him into a skeleton.
  • IHE hates this movie so much that he has an entire thesaurus of the word "hate" spoken all at once how much he despises this "film."
    IHE: But if you haven't guessed, I...
    *shouts multiple words at once related to hate, such as "hate, loathe, resent, abhor, detest, object, scorn, despise, and cunt"*
    ... this movie.
    Random person: ''Well WHY? It's just a movie!
  • While describing the sequence where the police chase the Bulk, he rants about a scene focusing on random characters in a car who get killed off. Said shot, however, was something he created, and yet it fits into the film perfectly. Even funnier is the driver holding his hands to his face before crashing into the Bulk, while some CG hands are still holding the wheel.
  • After trying not to question a CGI monkey coming out of the rocket landing on the moon, IHE watches some terrible green screen settings, until he sees the cgi leprechaun. The leprechaun becomes a big rage breaking point for IHE, which causes him to bring up a deleted scene with a toy dragon wondering why the leprechaun was kept in.
    IHE: A leprechaun?! OKAY DUDE! You CLEARLY do not care anymore!!
  • IHE trying to comprehend the insanity that is the last few minutes of the movie, including an alien landing, the bulk running around in the most awkward pace possible through numerous random settings, while trying to escape from the military and random things attacking him, including Robin Hood and Zeus the God of FUCKING THUNDER.
  • IHE flabbergastedely admitting that The Room, Troll 2, and even Garbage Pail Kids (which used to be the worst movie he watched on the list), were at least movies, labeling Bulk as the new worst movie. Even when spinning the wheel on the next movie for search for the worst, IHE is apathetic, denying any possibility that it's worse than The Amazing Bulk.
  • The entirety of Trying to Watch The Amazing Bulk, as IHE's slowly devolves into angrish.
    IHE: Ruben a-are you fucking... *slams fist* Ruben are you fucking?!!
    Ruben: I wish I was fucking, but here I am, watching this.
  • His first comment on the film
    IHE: The Amazing Bulk is a death sandwich... I don't even know what that means!


  • His opening words: "Laser the most adorable thing ever" and suddenly a strange baby drawing flies onto the screen with a baby laugh. To be fair after The Amazing Bulk a lot of movies would be cute.
  • IHE pointing out that none of the "teenager" characters in the movie actually resemble teenagers.
  • The two bullying cops often get on IHE's nerves. He plays up being worried when the two make someone flip their car over to avoid getting hit, the skinny cop was smoking weed, he's worried about the passenger being an older person while a laugh track starts playing.
  • Alex begin tallying the number of times he's confused by a plot point or lack of one. These quickly add up.
  • IHE gets way too into Laserblast's protagonist playfully tackling his girlfriend, adding in crunching sound effects and looping the bit many times.

The (NOT DISNEY) Collection

  • Alex and Reuben from JAR Media spent four days watching eight horrible movies. According to Alex, Reuben died from it, and he hasn't yet gotten rid of the body.
    • However, Alex calls Reuben at one point, and challenges him to describe the plot of Whats UP! Balloon to the Rescue. Reuben fails.
  • While watching Fantastic 4orce, Alex and Reuben correctly predict that the Gasshole kid is going to fart his way back onto a spaceship some time before it actually happens. They spend the next minute or so in anticipation of this, with Alex becoming increasingly desperate to see the kid fart.
    Alex: Fuck it- He's gonna fart, isn't he? Is he going to- Something in this scene is going to involve a fart. [...] Is he gonna get out of his problem by farting? [...] Now he's gonna fart his way towards it, isn't he? Fucking leave him there to die! Fuck you! He's gonna fart his way up- he has to fart, he has to!
    Reuben: He's gonna jump and fart.
    Alex: He is gonna fart, he has to.
    Reuben: Maybe he'll shart instead.
    Alex: He fucking has to fart, or I'm going to fucking burn everything!
    Reuben: Alex isn't joking, he will raze this-
    [Kid farts]
    Alex: There it is!
    Reuben: Yeah!
    • Alex then decides that Fantastic 4orce went from his most hated movie to his favourite movie he's ever seen, just because of that scene.
    • Later in the film, Alex decides that instead of a plan the developers of the film just have a billboard with the word "fart" on it.
    • Reuben changing the line "Soft, cuddly pussy cats!" to "Soft, cuddly pussy!".
  • "If I ever need to describe anything as being boring ever again, instead, I'm gonna use the words Frozen Land as an adjective instead of boring. Boring, boring Frozen Land!"
  • Alex shows and describes scenes in A Car's Life where death, murder and other dark themes are shown or brought up... while showing the DVD's U rating.
  • His bewilderment at Tangled Up, from its bizarre intro and music, to the fact that it doesn't start with anything to do with Rapunzel, to the realisation that it's nothing more than stolen educational cartoons made by Encyclopedia Brittanica put into one DVD disguised as a Tangled ripoff.
    IHE: Hey, this intro's kind of cool, what's this about?
    [The intro continues, until it transitions to a title card that says 'Hansel and Gretel']
    IHE: What?? What the Fu-What the Fuck-Who?? Is this Real?? Wait, Tangled Up, is a rip-off of Tangled which is based on Rapunzel right? N-not Hansel and Gretel. N-Not Hansel and Gretel! Not Hansel and Gretel what-what is going on? What is this? Hello??? Hello?? Am-am I in Purgatory? hegh, Is this even a movie?? Is this even a fucking mov-what is this? Wha-What on earth am I looking at!?? Why is this Hansel and Gretel? I didn't pay for Hansel and Gretel! I paid for Rapunzel!
    [Then, jump-cut to the end credits after a short period of time]
    IHE: Oh it's over, but wait th-there's still another thirty minutes left!
    [The same intro from earlier plays again]
    IHE: Okay ma-maybe the next one is Rapunzel let's calm down. Okay it's this intro, again. This music really hurts my brain!
    [It then transitions to the title card of the next cartoon, 'The Woodcutter's Wealthy Sister']
    IHE: What??? What?? The Woodcutter's Wealthy Sister? what kind of fairy tale is this? Who made this Rapunzel DVD? I want my money back!
    • Speaking of the intro, you might notice a tower that swoops by, with two bushes each on either side of it.
    • Alex and Reuben's original reactions from the Trying to Watch are pretty great as well, as soon as they see the title "Hansel and Gretel" instead of Rapunzel they burst out laughing, and don't stop for a good twenty seconds.
    • One of the characters in Tangled Up is named Reuben and can speak to birds. Cue jokes about how Reuben from JAR Media talks to all the birds.
  • A reindeer from Braver (A.K.A. Fairy Tale Christmas) says, "Not getting one of your ridiculous ideas". IHE edits it so it sounds like, "You're a dick", and plays it at various points as a Running Gag.

Shark Exorcist

  • The movie is so horrible that Alex pretty much couldn't find a word in the entire English language that could express his immense hatred for this movie, so he had to do it through a bunch of incomprehensible noises.
  • Of all things, Alex actually gets pissed off after seeing a character playing the slide improperly. He then ranted about the particular scene and declaring that this scene is the number one reason why this movie is horrible.
  • Alex's reaction to the post-credits scene, which makes no sense and has no purpose at all, but still lasts for seven entire minutes. It pretty much cements the movie's spot as the worst of the worst for IHE.

The Fred Trilogy

  • The opening to the video:
    Fred: Hi, it's (video slows down and zooms in on Fred's face) FREEEEED!
  • The part where Alex tries to mess up the last few minutes of the movie by adding fart sounds and people angrily yelling "FUCK YOU!!" at the final scene in the movie where Fred gets back together with Judy.
  • After Alex finishes reviewing the first film, he has a seizure (complete with flashbacks to scenes from the first Fred movie). When he wakes up in a hospital, he asks Ralphthemoviemaker to review the second film for him while he recovers.
  • Ralph's fake PSA that tells the viewers that they don't have to watch the Fred movies if they don't have to, and he tells the audience that if they do choose to watch it, they have to use proper protection (as if they were going to have sex with someone).
  • Ralph making fun of the movie's editing:
    "You-have-to-constantly-move-around-the-fucking-room...'cause it's funny!"
    "This is Talia, ding! Insert Stock Sound Effect here, ding!"
    "Now-I'm-going-to-do-dissolves...'cause I'm an amateur!"
  • Ralph making fun of what Kevin is wearing by saying he wore a similar outfit to Kevin when he was in high school.
  • Ralph reacting to Lucas Cruikshank's claim that he has no memory of doing some of the Fred videos by comparing it to repressing a memory of a traumatic event, which then leads to a lengthy and very dark child-molestation joke.
    Ralph: [numbly] ...and then he took me in the back seat...and he took out his ding-dong and said..."yeah, can you play whack-a-mole?" Do it again, just...just do it on my ding-dong this time. [suddenly normal] But anyway I've repressed that, so it's totally fine.
  • Ralph shooting himself offscreen during a scene where Fred sings a song, which cuts to an Imagine Spot in the film where Fred's teacher, who is in a stack of pancakes, warns Fred about Mr. Devlin.
  • Ralph noticing the blatant Product Placement in Fred's fridge:
    "Yeah, have some SunnyD, dude! SunnyD is the shit! Drink that shit all the time when I'm hanging out with the ladies in my cool R hat and "Me" shirt! Picking up some Cherokee chicks on the Trail of Beers, you know what I'm saying?"
  • Ralph putting a picture of Adolf Hitler during Fred's speech about how to tell if someone's a vampire.
  • Ralph's jokes about how the movie has sexual undertones, since he thinks that Mr. Devlin is actually a sexual predator:
    • "You-you look like a kid in my class! Turn around and take off all your clothes! They don't know it's you!"
    • "Everyone in my office! We're going to play a game of Musical Chairs...except I'm one of the chairs!"
  • There's a series of jokes where he censors dialogue about Mr. Devlin with Sound Effects Bleeps to make it sound sexual:
    Bertha: I think he said he's gonna suck the [BLEEP] outta those kids!
    Fred: What makes you think we'd give you any of our [BLEEP], Mr. Devlin?
    Mr. Devlin: For the [BLEEP] drive! I'm going to get a pint of [BLEEP] from each of the kids! Kevin gave a pint this morning! He's giving the gift of life to someone who needs it!
    Fred's Dad: You gotta suck his [BLEEP]! Suck his [BLEEP] before he sucks yours! Grab his neck like this! Turn his head sideways like this!
  • Alex talking to the Fred 3: Camp Fred disc in a high pitched voice before he starts reviewing the film:
    "Come here, Camp Fred! It's time to make you SQUEEEAAAL like a little pig! Come here! Ooooh! Come here!"
  • Alex saying that Fred 3: Camp Fred was so bad that even the film didn't want anything to do with itself. This is proven when he states that after he opened the Fred Trilogy DVD set, the disc tried to escape from him and he had to hunt it down.
  • At the end, it is revealed that when Alex was younger, he made a series of Fred-inspired videos about a cowboy named Pisser Dick. Unfortunately, he couldn't show the videos because they got deleted off of his iPhone.


Yummy Gummy Search For Santa

  • IHE asking his dog to eat the DVD.
  • IHE making fun of icanrockyourworld's avatar being Gummi Bear's butt.
  • Gummi Bear's butt being shown as a running gag at random points.
  • A scene from Aliens being spoofed as a "secret recording session" for the movie.
  • IHE saying he'd rather look at pictures of John Travolta than Gummi Bear.
  • An explosion being shown when a Christmas tree falls on Santa.
  • A fake laugh track being played during one of the cat's jokes.
  • "I didn't think consumption of alcohol and gambling —was allowed in children's movies!"
  • During "Nuki Nuki", the wrong defintion of "nuki" according to Google is shown.
  • "Tell you what, these guys have balls to put their names on this bullshit!"
  • IHE asking the viewers to visit Gummi Bear's Twitter since people like to post negative things on their posts, like rating his humor a 1/10.

The (NOT DREAMWORKS) Collection

  • Chris Stuckmann sardonically overanalyzing the DVD to An Ant's Life:
    Stuckmann: I am immediately drawn to the tagline: "What really goes on in your backyard." So I'm curious. Is this a statement, or is it perhaps proposing a thought-provoking scenario?
  • Stuckmann being confused by the moral of the movie:
    Stuckmann: What's the moral to An Ant's Life? Don't trust someone who says they're your sister because they might be lying to you to force you to do hard labor? (very long beat) That's a very complex message for a child to understand. (half-laughs)
  • Upon learning that the length of An Ant's Life is less than half of what its DVD claims, he silently gets up from his chair and disgustedly chucks the DVD to the ground.
  • investigates what's on the Ratatoing DVD, and finds a link to a website. What's on the website? An "index of" page, linking to an icon and literally nothing else.
  • Alex and his brother Jim get so bored and irritated during the Trying to Watch that they start entertaining themselves and completely ignoring the movies.
    • Jim is annoyed by the protagonist's name in Little Bee (Bee-nard), so Alex looks up a list of names they start with 'B.' They come across "Bodmod" and Hilarity Ensues.
    Alex: You name your child Bodmod when... when you resent them in every way.
    • They eventually decide "Slit Bodmod" is the worst possible name for a child.
    • When the bees break into a musical number:
    Alex: I feel like I'm watching Big Mouth.
    Jim: (singing) Life is awful...
    Alex: Life is like a bee! (Jim cracks up laughing) My Name is Bodmod!
    • At one point in Little Bee, there's a scene transition that Alex calls a "Star Wars screen wipe." Jim says that George Lucas must have directed the movie. Almost immediately afterward, Beenard says "I have a bad feeling about this," causing both Alex and Jim to freak out.

Woody Woodpecker (2017)

  • IHE comparing Woody Woodpecker's low quality audio with a Go-Pro.
    IHE Go-Pro: "You all right mate?! Its Woody the Woodpecker innit?! Heh-He-Hah-HAAH-HA!"
  • "Three minutes, and its already this much wrong. Oh mama..."
  • After Woody does his signature laugh while farting in unision, this is IHE's response:
    IHE: "Well, that's possibly the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm bumping this film 14 places down in the list just for that alone."
  • IHE watches in horror Woody Woodpecker assaults everyone: burying several workers in wet cement, causing a crane to crash an occupied portable restroom, and electrocuting a worker.
    IHE: "Woody doesn't like his home being destroyed, in return, he destroys the builder's lives, by... murdering them."
  • After Woody Woodpecker leaves the gas stove running...
    IHE: "Woody's kind of a serial killer..."
  • Woody strips a couple of bullies:
    IHE: "Looks like we found the next Hollywood scandal waiting to happen."
  • After the rock song plays the bird
    Kids: "Everybody's heard, about the bird-"
    Screaming Silhouette with burning movie cover: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-"
    IHE: There are endless songs about birds, that exists. And this is the one they choose."
  • After another fart joke is made...
    IHE: "Farts are funny people! Wake up!"


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