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  • Approval of God/Dear Negative Reader: Alex got both reactions from Anthony and Ian for his review of the Smosh Movie, with Ian rather angrily telling him not to dismiss the efforts of multiple people while Anthony admitted that it was so accurate it hurt. Ironic considering he admitted he found Ian's acting better.
  • Blooper:
    • In the [NOT DISNEY] episode of The Search For The Worst, you might notice that after A Car's Life, he forgets to remove the movie from the Wheel.
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    • The title card for ''Trying to watch: The (NOT DREAMWORKS) collection" reads: "IHE presents: Insert title here". It's acknowledged in the video's description.
  • Colbert Bump
    • The Amazing Bulk gained a considerably large one after I Hate Everything talked about it in his "Search for the Worst" series. Director Lewis Schoenbrun thanked IHE for his support of indie films, and welcomed comments about it good and bad, even though IHE admitted that Bulk was the film he savaged the worst on Search for the Worst.
    • Convertly, IHE's review of Cool Cat Saves the Kids only had just over 110,000 hits before Derek Savage had it pulled from YouTube. When it was restored, the video proceeded to hit over 1.7 million views.
    • After IHE said "I Hate Green" was his favorite IHE parody channel, it went from only 62 subscribers to over 2000.
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  • Creator Backlash: A week after uploading "I Hate Damn Daniel", IHE made a video about how much he hates the DURR PLANT meme he used in his "I Hate Damn Daniel" video once it became an actual meme. Doesn't stop him from deadpan referencing it whenever it can, however.
  • Old Shame:
  • Trolling Creator: On December 24th, 2016, IHE finally revealed his face... or rather, that of ColossalisCrazy (who also did a "face reveal" at the same time, which was of IHE himself). He has finally revealed his face regularly on Jar Media however, but given that not all IHE fans are aware of that channel, Alex's trolling can still get a large number of his fan base.
  • What Could Have Been: IHE has noted on several occasions that he planned a I HATE video on religion, but didn't due to the backlash he would receive from doing so.
  • The Wiki Rule: I Hate Everything Wiki.

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