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  • IHE showcasing the rampant hypocrisy of the Don't Judge Challenge. He pointed out that the phrase "Don't judge me based on how I look" is to present that the person in question that despite how different they look, they shouldn't be mocked or be ashamed of what they're born with. IHE basically pointed out that the "challenge" is doing the exact opposite. He showcased on how this whole thing was born from a real problem, which is to highlight the issue of people who want to achieve "the perfect body/looks" since that's what some of social media tells them to, and that the people who aren't "normal looking" wouldn't be able to film themselves on camera in fear they would get judged. The ones that participated in the challenge are just ordinary people who purposely made themselves look hideous only to reveal what they're really like, as if they're doing this just to make themselves look good. Following this train of logic, the Don't Judge Me Challenge accomplished nothing and it turned a serious cause into a mean-spirited trend.
  • Destroying the pedestal of Derek Savage, creator of Cool Cat Saves the Kids, by showcasing him threatening to file DMCA claims against IHE and showing the utter hypocrisy of him sending threats of taking down channels, when his masterpiece is all about avoiding bullying in real life. Not only that, he may be angry, but he stays perfectly calm over the whole thing, and deals with it in quite a mature manner.
    • The fact that he overcame Savage's copyright claim also counts.
  • The complete roasting of The Amazing Bulk, while bringing up valid points about the limited effects and budget, the difference between trying and failing, and trying to fail, and if you shouldn't go for a prospect that is pointless and impossible.
    • Then there's the fact that the director of The Amazing Bulk sent IHE an email praising him for the criticisms he had given the film.
  • Him and Pewdiepie having a mature discussion about the "Youtube Drama" that Felix wanted to stop but inadvertently spread the entire thing like wildfire. And that Felix acknowledging that he jumped the gun too fast without going to the point of his video (which was about the internet mob mentality, something IHE does note that is a problem). Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
  • The amount of effort put into The [NOT DISNEY] Collection episode of The Search for the Worst is amazing. Especially when Alex utterly tears apart Brightspark Productions for repurposing random, near-unrelated properties they have the UK rights to and selling them as Disney mockbusters.
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  • The Woody Woodpecker review ends with him giving a strong endorsement of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, pointing out that unlike the target of the review, the latter does an excellent job of integrating live-action and animation, while also being a clever and well-written story.


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