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    Episode 1 
  • The introductions of the other characters.
    Monokuma: My name's Monokuma! I'm half hope and half despair! Des... Bear... Bear, y-you get it?
    Naegi: I don't get any of this.
    Monokuma: Ah, you know what, I don't care. Go talk to those other losers.
    Naegi: Wait, what are you talking abou- GAH! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!
    • Ishimaru's introduction.
    Ishimaru: (shoving in front of Yamada) Do not listen to such poison! Games are not welcome in a school environment! This is a place of grave seriousness! Do you not agree, classmate?!
    Naegi: (staring at Ishimaru's finger in his face) ... you're scaring me.
    Ishimaru: Fear is not welcome in a school environment!
    • Oowada's introduction.
    Oowada: Hell with that! Those iron walls don't scare me! I'm sure if I hit 'em a bunch, it'll solve our problems, and yes, that is my answer to everything!
    • Naegi's monologue during Fujisaki's intro.
    Naegi: At this moment, I was aware of how adorable this girl was and how me wanting to hit that was totally acceptable and something I'd never regret.
    • Celes' intro (and title too!)
    Celes: (Celestia Ludenberg: Super Duper High School Hellspawn) Oh there's no need to bother with such trifles. We should simply make ourselves comfortable and I will watch you burn! adapt to our new environment. Your days are numbered! Don't you agree?
    Naegi stares in abject horror.
    Celes: Ahaha!
  • Naegi trying to hide after Monokuma's announcement.
    Naegi: It occurred to me at this time that I could die at any moment. I figured the most prudent thing to do was lock myself in a room where nobody could find me.
    (camera pans to Maizono sitting next to the bed)
    Maizono: I found you~!
    Naegi: *screams*
  • Maizono put knives in Naegi's bed to protect him.
  • Ishimaru's Running Gag backfiring on him.
    Ishimaru: This school environment is not welcome in a school environment! I mean... Um...
  • Another gem from the cafeteria meeting:
    Kirigiri: It's only a matter of time before one of us commits murder. If I had to guess, I'd say it will be me.
    Togami: (as Fukawa throws a fit in the background) You're underestimating my rising desire to kill.
    Monokuma: Why are you all still alive?!
  • Monokuma's attempt to get people to kill each other by offering (presumably) naked pictures of Maizono to everyone, then threatening them with pictures of itself in a bikini.
    Totes Sinister DVD: Find out after you kill someone.
    Naegi: (narrating) I was both horrified and aroused. Horroused, you might say.
  • Directly after that when Kirigiri stands and confronts Monokuma.
    Kirigiri: Intriguing. You offered us all the same incentive of a naked, adolescent girl.
    Monokuma: Don't act like you're not curious!
    Kirigiri: You're more perceptive than you look.
  • Naegi's attempt to get a Super Duper High School Title for himself. First he gets Super Duper High School Good Luck (which Naegi stated to be stupid and inaccurate), then Super Duper High School Average Joe (Because he's generic as hell and sounds like every anime protagonist ever) and finally ends up with Super Duper High School Screams Like a Bitch.

    Episode 2 
  • Naegi's Running Gag of having blue balls the entire episode.
  • Enoshima's suggestion of killing Monokuma to get out of the school and Oowada's attempt to do it, as pointed out by Oogami.
    Oowada: FUCK YOU TEDDY! (Oowada throws Monokuma)
    Monokuma: OH GOD! (Monokuma explodes, then reappears) What the hell do you think you're doing?! (Oowada picks him up and throws him again) OH GODDAMMIT!
    (Flashback ends)
    Oowada: Yeah, after sixteen tries, I called it quits.
  • Oowada's complete obliviousness regarding both Maizono's absence and the horrified screaming once Naegi discovers her body.
    Yamada: Is that Master Naegi?
    Oowada: I bet he's fine. (thump of Naegi's fainting body hitting the ground) Yeah, he's good.
  • Kirigiri's logic for why Naegi isn't the killer of Maizono.
    Kirigiri: If I had to guess, I'd say you're not the killer. I don't believe someone who screams like such a bitch would ever be able to commit murder. In fact, it is startlingly obvious who the real culprit is. Let's show these dense motherfuckers some logic, shall we?
  • The Stinger:
    Naegi: Okay, am I tripping here or is all the blood pink?
    Celes: Of course it is, Naegi. Blood has always been that color.
    Naegi: What!? No it hasn't! It—
    Celes: Just like the humble strawberry. Want one?
    Naegi: Strawberries aren't supposed to be pink!
    Naegi: YAUGH! OK, I'll take it!
    Celes: *giggle*

    Episode 3 
  • Ishimaru's sapiosexualism, or his bizarre arousal at the mere prospect of debates:
    Naegi: Wow, Kirigiri, you're really good at this deduction stuff!
    Kirigiri: Also, if I had to guess, I'd say Ishimaru's getting quite aroused by all of this debating.
    Naegi: Wha-?
    Oowada: Always knew there was something weird about you, man.
    • Extra Hilarious in Hindsight with the revelation that Oowada has a tiger fursona.
    • As the group continues to get closer to the truth behind Maizono's death:
    Ishimaru (sounding incredibly flustered on the last word): YES! BY ALL MEANS, CONTINUE DEBATING! Please.
    • And then, after Kuwata is proved to be the guilty party:
    Ishimaru: This debate was very much welcome in my pants environment.
  • Fukawa's insisting that Naegi is the culprit:
    Monokuma: Just bear in mind that if you pick the wrong one, the real perp goes free and you all get axed! Maybe even literally...
    Fukawa: A-as if we run that risk! It has to be that cis white male scum!
    Naegi: But I'm Japanese.
    Fukawa: STOP derailing my argument with FACTS!
  • Any time Hagakure gets shot.
  • Kirigiri's making everyone shut up when they all try to blame Naegi from the get go.
  • Naegi's shooting the words out of people's mouths.
  • Maizono luring the culprit to their room with the offer of a "sugoi booty call".
    • Say nothing of hearing Kirigiri say the words, "sugoi booty call" aloud.
    • Followed by Naegi's reaction:
    Naegi: (shrieking) She did what? In my room?!
    Hagakure: Haha, sucks to be you, man—AAGH!! VISHNU, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?
  • Naegi reminds everyone that Maizono had a motive, namely the pictures of what she looks like under those clothes:
    Leon: Hey, that's a good point. Yo, Mono-dude, what's the status on those pics?
    Monokuma: Huh? Oh yeah, whoever wins this trial gets 'em... bear's honor...
    Yamada: We must find the culprit posthaste!
  • Naegi figures out who Maizono invited over by thinking like her.
    Naegi (attempting to think like Maizono): Ehem, Konnichiwa, I tried to kill a man, desu. Sumimasen, silly bakas. [...] Maizono-hime chose the most kakkoii ningen she could find to be her ichiban victim, desu. [...] NANI?! Sore wa chigau yo!Rough translation from the weeaboo 
    • While Naegi was trying to figure out how to think like Maizono above:
    Byakuya (still debating): Only one of you destitute layabouts could've done it.
  • Oowada insisting he was watching the crime-scene and didn't see Maizono's dying message:
    Oowada: Dying message?! I don't remember nothin' like that, an' I was watching the crime scene!
    Chihiro: Um, Mr. Oowada? Well, when I came by, you were fast asleep.
    Oowada: Sleeping?! I don't remember nothin' like that, an' I was asleep!
    Byakuya: Can we revoke his right to speak from now on?!
    Monokuma: Sure thing! Oowada, shut your trap or face the penalty!
    Oowada: Penalty?
    • Also from that scene, Monokuma eating out of a honeypot, marked "Hunny."
  • Naegi cleverly turns the Dying Clue upside down. Cue amazed chorus of comprehension from the rest of the class.
    Naegi: We just turn it around, and, uh—
    ("11037" turns into "LEON")
    Others: Oh!
    Asahina: To be fair, we are Japanese.
  • Naegi's snarktastic Climax Inference.
    Naegi: After being attacked by the person she invited over, Maizono retreated into the bathroom. The killer, who was suspiciously gray and naked, broke in and stabbed her, but was too stupid to realize that she was writing his goddamn name in her own blood. He then disposed of the evidence the only way he knew how: throwing a round object at something. But of course, while I assume he was walking away grinning like an idiot, he left a piece of his shirt behind. Only one person could've done such a sloppy job of covering up their crime. Leon Kuwata... you're the dumbass who did it!
  • Kuwata's breakdown and Naegi snarking at his digging himself deeper.
    Leon: First you all keep cutting me off and now you're accusing me?! Like hell I did it!
    Naegi: (flat) Yeah, this yelling is really convincing us, keep it up, man.
    • Also, Byakuya and Celestia's initial commentary on Kuwata's breakdown.
    Byakuya: What is he even saying?
    Celestia: I think he's broken.
  • As in canon, the final piece of evidence involves demanding to see Kuwata's tool. Like so:
    Naegi: Leon. As a high school baseball star, you have fans. And those fans obsess over the slightest details about you. Maizono must've heard their rumors, which is why she mentioned your special piercing in the invitation. She wanted to see your Prince Albert. So if you're not hiding anything, drop your pants and prove it!
  • Kuwata explaining why he did it. All the sympathetic and tearjerking voice (which is dissonant to begin with given that he's sobbing that he hasn't been laid in forever), until it suddenly pulls a Mood Whiplash with a side of Tumblr meme:
    Maizono: *flashback* Get away from me, you big weenie! WEENIE!!
    Kuwata: *present* NOBODY CALLS ME A WEENIE!!!
  • Kuwata's entire execution, particularly his flat "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me..." when he sees the pitching machine.
  • Monokuma's Exact Words of "what Maizono looks like under those clothes." It's just a photoshopped picture of her with her head (barely) covered up by her idol outfit.
    Naegi: I fucking hate that bear.

    Episode 4 
  • Monokuma ruining Naegi's Shower of Angst by admitting that he IS taking portraits of him naked, and ending it with "Nice Butt!" with Naegi screaming in rage.
    • Followed by the newly voiced opening, which is Monokuma cheerily sing-songing to the closing notes of the Monokuma Ondo, "You're all gonna die, NEH!"
  • Upon the revelation that more and more of the school gets opened up to them with each successful Class Trial, we get this little exchange:
    Kirigiri: New facilities for passing the Class Trial, hm? That's quite the reward system.
    Naegi: Yamada, no. Bad Yamada.
  • Byakuya's inability to turn on his own laptop, and Kirigiri's snarktastic commentary on it.
    Togami: Blasted thing won't even switch on.
    Kirigiri: Yes, it's hard to believe that pressing the same button over and over isn't yielding any results.
    • Then he refers to Naegi as "the help" and tries to make him operate the computer.
    Naegi: Not your slave Togami.
    Togami: We'll see about that.
  • Naegi's commenting on Togami and Celes' Unholy Matrimony and Asahina's saying she ships it and Fukawa immediately asking her not to.
    Naegi: Oh my god, would you two just get a room already?!
    Celes: Excuse me, Naegi?
    Naegi: You both just keep agreeing about horrifying things and relishing everyone else's misery! So seriously, when's the wedding?
    Aoi:.........I ship it.
    Fukawa: CAN YOU NOT?!
  • When Fujisaki and Naegi try to rally everyone to stick together when Byakuya insists they drop the pretense of friendship for the sake of playing (and possibly surviving) Monokuma's game.
    Fujisaki: We all have to stay on the same side! We can't play right into Monokuma's paws!
    Naegi: See, that's what I'm always saying! This is exactly what Upupu-Bear loves to see!
    Monokuma (appearing on a nearby monitor): Yeah, pretty much. I also love seein' ya'll in the shower.
    • Following that, when Togami insults Oowada's hairstyle when the latter agrees with Fujisaki that they stay united.
    Togami: As if I would associate with someone whose hair resembles a corncob.
    Oowada (enraged, & cracking his knuckles): HEY! This is a baguette, you son of a bitch! (Leaps at him)
  • Ishimaru's hilariously hypocritical accusations that reason they aren't working as a unit is because of Oowada's inability control his temper and his lack of an "indoor voice."
    • When Oowada gets up into Ishimaru's face, his hair bends as it collides with Ishimaru's forehead... and honks.
    • Naegi's snarktastic nature continues in his commentary of Oowada and Ishimaru's ensuing "Bro-Off."
    Naegi: You guys are aware of how this looks, right?
    • Oowada and Ishimaru's bromance and constant use of the word "bro."
    Oowada: I got new respect for this crazy SOB now!
    Ishimaru: Yes! I am an SOB!
    • And after, the take on the famous "Forget Beam" scene.
    Naegi: Well, seriously, there was some moaning and—
    Naegi: ... Something about it being very much welcome in a school envir
    Naegi: ... Okay then.
    • And Naegi has an awkward smile on his face the entire time.
    • Asahina adds her two cents to the whole ordeal:
    Asahina: After all the junk-swinging between those guys, I'd actually welcome amnesia.
  • When Monokuma tries to shake things up again, after everyone's starting to get along.
    Monokuma: So, I heard you guys had some hope. And you know how I feel about that.
    • When Monokuma reveals the envelopes with the print-offs of the student's browser history, each one has a little nickname written on them to indicate who it belongs to. Among these include "Hoodie" (Naegi), "Bread Head" (Oowada), "Hamster Grill" (Yamada), "Krispy Kreme" (Asahina), "Frills" (Fujisaki) and "Seto Kaiba" (Togami).
    • We actually get a look at Naegi's print-off, and the bulk of it is his continued, desperate search for nude pics of Maizono.
    Makoto Naegi's Browsing History
    April 2nd, 2014
    5:06 AM- Hope's Peak Fan Forums -
    9:12 AM- "Ahoge styling tips" - Google Search
    11:33 AM- "why won't my hoodie unzip?" - Google Search
    13:45 PM- "sayaka maizono" - Google Search
    2:23 PM- "Girls With Cup Noodles On Their Heads -
    4:10 PM- "sayaka maizono naked" - Google Search
    5:38 PM- "please show me sayaka maizono naked" - Google Search
    8:21 PM- "sayaka maizono without socks for the love of god i beg you" - Google Seach
    11:20 PM- "sayaka maizono with cup noodle on her head - Google Seach
    11:48 PM-
  • When Fujisaki turns up dead, Naegi and Togami are the first ones to find her, which leads to more of the latter's referring to this entire situation as a "game."
    Naegi: You've got a real boner for that word, don't you?
    Togami: Oh, yes.
    • Naegi screaming at the Genocider files
    Togami: This is the work of a twisted Serial Killer known as 'Genocider Syo'. Look familiar?
    Togami: Stop that.
    Naegi: Gee, thanks for the trauma!
    • Togami and Naegi working together on Fujisaki's murder and Togami telling Naegi about Genocider Syo and making him tag along again.
    Togami: Come along, Naegi.
    Naegi: What're we gonna do now, dissect a puppy?
    Togami (smiling): Worse.
    Cut to outside Fukawa's room with Asahina there
    Asahina: Hey Fukawa, Togami's here to talk to you.
    Naegi: Oh god, you weren't kidding.
    • When Fukawa shuts the door in a panic after Togami asks her about Genocider Syo.
    Naegi: This is going exactly where I think it is, huh?
    Togami (smiling): Yup.
  • The title card for the next Class Trial now reads, "Yeah It's Trial Time BITCH!"
  • Togami trying to make Naegi tell people what he wants them to hear.
    Togami: The crime scene says it all: This murder was textbook Genocider Syo. Tell them, Naegi.
    Naegi: You've got that wrong! (Screen shatters from Truth Bullet)
    Togami: ... that is not what I wanted you to tell them, Naegi.
  • The fact that Fukawa literally told Togami the truth that she was Genocider Syo on tumblr, solely out of her manic obsession with him and her desire for him to "acknowledge her existence." The way she did it was just as hilarious.
    • Everyone's reactions to this revelations are just as funny.
    Yamada: Miss Fukawa is a serial killer? What an exciting hobby!
    Asahina: 'Kawa, is it true?! Did you stab holes in those victims just like delicious donuts?
    Togami: Go on, off you pop.
    Fukawa shrieks and passes out.
    Togami: And, three, two, one.
    Fukawa pops right back up, now with Genocider Syo in full control, tongue lolling out like an idiot.
  • Genocider Syo in general, what with it being full on crazy, that doofy face, and the outrageous British accent.
    Genocider Syo: How's it going, sluts? Genocider Syo is in the hooooooouse!
    Everyone promptly freaks out.
    • Her title is revealed to be "Super Duper High School Stabby McMurder."
    • Genocider Syo lampshading her own name.
    Genocider Syo: Because what's a Genocider? Who fucking knows?
  • Kirigiri's Motor Mouth speech on Fujisaki's gender, everyone gasping together in shock once she stops to take a breath, and Monokuma immediately saying to never speak of it again.
    • Apparently to prevent the reaction that Fukawa embodies, even when Genocider is in control.
    Genocider Syo: Ugh! I don't know why, but I can just feel my other self chomping at the bit to write an angry blog post about this.
    Kirigiri: Well, she can get over it.
  • After Oowada slips up at the trial:
    Naegi: Where did you get that information about Togami's browsing history?
    Togami: N-now listen, that is not my—
    Naegi: Yeah, shut up. Oowada, how did someone like you find out about that?
    Oowada: I-I don't know anything! I don't even know about how you search for pictures of that dead chick all the time!
    Naegi: ... Thanks for that.
    Ishimaru: Bro! What is the meaning of this? I do not like the way this is proceeding! You are acting like the murderer and I do not approve! Why are you not debating with them? That is what you are supposed to do!
    Oowada: That's 'cause, uh... yeah, I kinda did it.
    Ishimaru: ... what?
  • Oowada's death scream, if you listen closely? Turns out to be an elongated version of his old Madness Mantra: YIIIIIIIFFFFF!!!!!!
  • The reaction to Oowada being turned into butter.
    Naegi: ...What just happened?
    Naegi: No wait, seriously, WHAT J- *episode ends*
  • The Stinger, where Genocider Syo stabs Hagakure for criticizing her name choice (if she had a choice she'd rather be Jane), and laughs maniacally.
    Hagakure: AAAGHOW! MY THIRD EYE!
  • With the deaths of Maizono and Fujisaki, Naegi is starting to get frustrated.
    Naegi: Man I can't believe we lost all the cute girls.
    Kirigiri (dangerously): What was that?
    Naegi: Oh, uh, nothing.
    • Points for having Kirigiri on one side and Celes on his other side.
  • Togami and Fukawa sum up their relationship.
    Fukawa: B-B-Byakuya my darling! You really do care!
    Togami (hilariously blunt): No I don't.
  • The bullets that Naegi send out say "Yeah Except No," "Nope," and "What."

     Episode 5 
  • Monokuma closes out his latest ultimatum with an Upupupu~" twist on Shave and a Haircut.
  • After Monokuma delivers this round's ultimatium, Asahina introduces us to Alter Ego as thus:
    Aoi: You guys wanna see something fucked up?
    • And Naegi's response when it's revealed to be a laptop.
    Naegi: Uh, Hina, this is a laptop. Is technology that frightening to you?
    Asahina: No, no, no, it was on the laptop!
    Naegi: Is this porn related? Because, I got my fill of that last time.
  • The reason for Aoi's crying the night after the last episode's execution.
    Aoi: I can't take this any more! Why do they only have yellow-sprinkled donuts here!
    Monokuma (still watching from the cameras): Nice butt!
    Aoi: QUIET YOU! That's it! I'm gonna make my own pink sprinkles, or else I'll die.
    Monokuma: I like the sound of that.
    • The dissonance of the dialogue above, Asahina scolding and threatening Monokuma while still crying.
  • The introduction of Alter Ego, and Naegi's lampshading of it.
    Naegi: Chihiro, made a fully-functional artificial intelligence. We're just accepting this?
    Kirigiri: Yes.
    Naegi: Okay.
  • The very brief inquiry into why Alter Ego calls Chihiro "Onii-chan."note 
    Alter Ego: Hai! That is what my creator asked me to call them. Why do you ask?
    Kirigiri: ... let's move on before we hit another shitstorm.
  • Naegi rather apt comparison/description of Alter Ego's speech patterns.
    Alter Ego: Ohayou minasan! My name is Alter Ego. Hajimemashiite.
    Naegi: (Exasperated sigh) Oh good, the language is set to "Maizono."
    Kirigiri: That's gonna be the first thing to go.
    Types in "Cut that weeb shit out, please."
  • First Sakura thinks that "Fujisaki's head is being held captive by that computer machine." Then Ishimaru is under the impression that Chihiro and Oowada have been trapped in the Internet, and asks Alter Ego to find Oowada with a search engine.
    • To which Kirigiri responds by asking Alter Ego to help him overcome his trauma, which they do by running a program called "Placebo.exe," which alters the avatar's appearance and personality to that of Oowada's temporarily. This only further complicates things by inadvertently causing Ishimaru to slip into further insanity by following the A.I.'s suggestion (as Oowada), that he do the "manly thing" and bury his feelings, leading to the creation of "Kyondo Ishida," an "amalga=freaking-mation" of their "bro-iness."
    Ishimaru somehow goes Super-Saiyan.
    Naegi: Ishimaru... How are you doing that?
    Ishimaru: I AM NO LONGER ISHIMARU! I AM THE ME WHO HAS ABANDONED FEELINGS! I'M FREAKIN' MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (Runs screaming from the room like a nutcase.)
    Kirigiri types "Do not speak to anyone else" into the computer.
    Alter Ego: Oh, okay. Wari wari.
    • Alter Ego's impression of Oowada is so spot on, it's almost frightening.
    "Oowada": Heya, broski, the fuck are you doing?
    Ishimaru: Bro! You did not get turned into butter after all!
    "Oowada": Nah, man, that was real! And you gotta deal with it!
    Ishimaru: I have yet to understand how that even happened so how can I do that?!
    "Oowada": Listen, brofree, now's the time to be a man! And the only way to do that is to bury those feelings of yours! Ignore 'em! Pretend they're not there! Real men don't feel! They punch! They dominate! They devour!
    Naegi: This simulation is a little too accurate.
  • "Yamada, no."
    Aoi: Not the fat guy. He was so funny, 'cause of his weight.
  • Ishida's explanation of his current state:
    Ishida: From now on, I'm Kiyondo Ishida! The amalga-friggin-mation of Bro and I! All thanks to that laptop—which is also Bro!
  • Kirigiri's reaction to Yamada's and Ishida's desire for the AI is gold.
    Kirigiri: No. Hands off the artificial intelligence. If either one of you so much as looks at it, so help me, I'm going to (Even later that day) crush your collective testicles like grapes where the hell is it?
  • Naegi's utter irritation when Togami starts talking about how no one can trust anyone again.
    Naegi: Are you people seriously listening to him? He's an asshole.
    Naegi: Dammit, nobody asked for your opinion, Hagekure.
    Hagakure: I know.
  • All of Aoi's donut related exclamations/explatives. All of them.
    Holy donut holes!
    Hosy honut doles!
    What the glazed Hell is that supposed to mean?
    Doughy hole-butt rolls!
  • When they find Celes and she's revealed to be okay, save for some scrapes and bruises.
    Celestia: I'm fine, there's no freaky music after all.
    Naegi: Wait, so I'm not the only one who hears that? Thank god for that.
  • Celes' personality seems to change after being attacked, when she starts acting incredibly well-mannered.
    Celes: [Being attacked] was truly terrifying. I asked them nicely to show me mercy and I even offered to bake them a cake! (others gasp) But they still struck me.
    Naegi: Wait, you did all that?
    Celes: I did. Is that really so odd?
    Naegi: YES!
    Celes: (points) I think I saw the creeper!
    Celes: Alright gang, let's split up and look for clues.
    Naegi: ...Just how hard did that guy hit you anyway?
    • When she's attacked a second time, she suddenly becomes a Southern Belle
    Celes: I do believe I've suffered a case of the vapors.
    Naegi: And now your accent's changed. What is even going on?!
    • Upon hearing Yamada scream in pain:
    Celes: Quickly, we must help Yamada!
    Naegi: Who are you?!
  • Naegi recruiting Togami for the search:
    Naegi: Hey Togami!
    Togami: (sighs)
    Naegi: We're looking for a creeper. You wanna come along?
    Togami: Not even remotely.
    Genocider Syo: Yeah, piss off! My White Knight's spending time with me!
    Naegi: ... how about now?
  • Fukawa declares the mysterious creeper "cis robot scum."
    Aoi: Jeez, would'a pick a personality and stick with it?
  • Naegi is ecstatic when Togami suggests working together for once to find the missing corpses...
    Togami: (Points at library shelves) Search there!
    Togami: (Points at infirmary beds) Now, search there!
    Naegi: (groans)
    Genocider Syo: (pops out behind curtain) I'M HELPING!
  • Upon discovering that Yamada had been taken:
    Celestia: What she means is that Yamada vanished when we went to get donuts. Oh my stars, this serial murderer is crazy as a pissant!
    Togami: Urine insects aside, it would appear that the killer is playing this game most unconventionally. Well played, whoever you are...
    Naegi Togami being a prick aside...
  • Aoi's weeping over Yamada's corpse.
    Aoi (crying): Oh, Yamada. I barely knew you... Intentionally, but you and I had a lot in common! We both liked food... and our boobs were enormous...
    • When Yamada temporarily comes back to life, he "remembers everything": World War II, Vince McMahon revealed as the Higher Power and Komaeda, all while Flight of the Valkyries plays.
    Yamada (Weakly): That was sick brah.
  • Faulerro's rendition of the "Yasuhiro" mixup: Yamada dies in the middle of a dramatic "Bum-bum-bum!"
    Naegi: The bum?
    • Also, accompanying's Yamada's death is the Super Mario Bros. death jingle.
    • The "Bum-Bum-Bum" turns out to be Celestia's true identity as The Bumphor.
  • At the end of the episode, Hagakure is not only found wearing the Justice Robo suit, without an alibi for the murders, but there's signs saying "Wow! It's the killer!" and "Vote for this guy!" with arrows pointing to him.
    Naegi (Utterly deadpan): Oh, wow.

     Episode 6 
  • Hagakure does his best to support Naegi's arguments in his defense.
    Naegi: Besides, how could he kill anybody? Like you said, he's the bum! He can't even button his shirt right!
    Hagakure: It's true! I'm useless!
  • Celes finally being done with Naegi telling her she's full of shit.
    Kirigiri: Oh. Looks like you don't need me to babysit you for once. Alright, Naegi. Why don't you crack this case wide open?
    Celes: Yes, Naegi. Explain to me precisely how I'm full of shit, as you so eloquently put it.
    Naegi: Oh my god, you're so full of shit.
  • Naegi confronting Celes about her Voice of the Legion thing.
    Celes: What thing ? I have absolutely no idea what you're saying, none.
    Naegi: You're just gonna do it any second-
    Naegi: ...Fucking...
  • The Reveal of Celestia Ludenberg's true identity: Grand-Spite Demon Thebumphor, Super Duper Hell School Actual Demon.
    • Naegi was the only one to figure this out, meaning that Kirigiri, for once in her life, was caught entirely flat-footed.
    Kirigiri: I saw through literally everything else, because that made sense. Naegi, kindly explain this fucking nonsense.
  • The end of Naegi's hope speech.
    Naegi: Look, we need to move forward. As classmates, hell, as friends. And there's only one way we can do that.
    Celes: Where are you going with this?
    Naegi: (as the inspirational background music halts) And that's by ignoring everything that comes out of her damn mouth.
    Celes: Ah, there we go. Long trip to get to that one.
  • It turns out that the only person that Thebumphor liked out of the entire cast was Kirigiri, who is less than pleased by this fact.
    Thebumphor: Actually, there is one exception amongst you. One person I legitimately relate to.
    (walks towards Kirigiri)
    Kirigiri: ...Wait, what? No.
    Thebumphor: Kyoko, you're just as cynical and done-with-everybody's-shit as I am. I love that about you.
    Kirigiri: Stop this. Stop this right now.
  • Monokuma turns to his dub voice to kill Thebumphor, and she is less than pleased.
    Celes: Monokuma, if you would?
    Monokuma: Oh, finally. Just one sec. Ahem! (dub voice) Now then, I prepared a very special punishment for the ultimate hellspawn, Celestia Ludenberg!
    Celes (not happy): What the grandpa are you doing, not that voice!
    Monokuma: Let's give it everything we've got. It's punishment time!
    Celes: Monokuma, I do not care for you.
  • Just how done Naegi was with the trial. He continually refuted everyone's stupidity and continually calls Thebumphor out on her shit.
    Naegi: That evidence is fabricated. What's abundantly clear is that you're full of shit!
    Celes: Am I now? Fascinating.
    Naegi: (directly after she finishes speaking) Full of shit!
    Celes: (waiting a beat for him to be done) Fascinating.
    Naegi: Fuuuullll of shit.
    Celes: Naegi, I do not care for you.
  • Apparently Elsie and Haqua are part of the Dangan Ronpa universe.
    • And Thebumphor is apparently good friends with Scorpion.

     Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing- Future 
  • Naegi's first words when he wakes up in the building where the killing game takes place, especially due to the segue into them.
    Naegi: (to Chisa) Sorry, I'm just used to life taking a turn for the worse any time I f(scene change)uuuuuuuck!
  • Monokuma steals the show the moment he shows up.

     Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing- Despair 
  • Meet The SDR2dents. Really, the whole thing counts as one long string of hilarious introductions to the show's cast. As such, we wouldn't know where to start in order to elaborate on the hilarity of this video. But we shall try. Here are some highlights...
    Owari: "LOOK AT MY BOOBS! YEAH!!!"
    • Yukizome consoling Soda... while having Pepsiman's Nightmare Face and holding a can of Pepsi.
    • Mioda's song "Snowflake Cinnamon Serenade". It's an amazingly loud metal song that starts with Mioda yelling "All Those Fuckers!".
      • Her other classmates' reaction to the aforementioned song: their ears are literally bleeding like geysers.
    Mioda (offscreen): Oh, damn! What happened to you guys? You should get that looked at.
    • Pekoyama's internal monologue about her Dark and Troubled Past being punctuated by music from Shadow the Hedgehog. Can someone say "Ow the edge."?
    • Saionji's exasperated reaction to Yukizome having effortlessly dodged Pekoyama's strike, among other things throughout the episode.
    Saionji: Seriously, how is she able to adapt to every situation? Is she a Mary Sue or what?
    Yukizome: Of course not! I'm a Mommy Sue!
    • Soda helped Komaeda get soda, a fact that fills him with... happiness.
    Saionji: What, not bringing up hope?
    • When Hinata insults Nanami's Sonic game, she demands he apologize... to Sonic.
    Hinata: I'm... sorry Sonic?
    Nanami: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
    Hinata: I'm sorry Mr. Needlemouse!
    Nanami: There. Sonic forgives you.
    Hinata: ...Well thank goodness for that.
    • Chiaki Nanami's boyfriend is... Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3.
  • Izuru Kamukura shows up in the DR3 Abridged short "Komaeda's Got a Gun". Faulerro decided to give him a voice similar to the voice of... Jerry Lewis. We're not joking.
  • The aftermath of Komaeda's getting shot. With game show music and celebratory sounds, followed by "RIP Komaeda 2012-2016".
  • The 'How To Reconnect With Your Daughter' article (|=screen cut-off):

    How to reconn|
    your daughter
    Boy, where do I even begin with this on|
    such a douche. This should be the first t|
    hadn’t thought of that, right? Of course n|
    a failure of a parent. Kind of sad really,|
    Except, actually do, Cause like... wow. Yo|
    if you tried. Where have you even been al|
    as a principal? This is just an example obv|
    isn't an excuse. A job is not a reason to star|
    and blood. If anything is supposed to help|
    hell is your problem, buddy? Like, for real.|
    talking to you, Jin Kirigiri. This too is|
    But I'm literally|

  • Most of the snarking at Greg's hands about each character, in particular Oowada and his Anime Hair.
    Greg: Mondo Oowada is an unmitigated ball of rage, which makes him the ideal leader for a stereotypical Japanese biker gang. His tendency for needless violence knows no bounds, and is almost as ridiculous as his hairstyle. Seriously, look at that thing.
  • "We would elaborate on Chihiro further, but Tumblr would get very angry with us."
  • Togami having so much prickery that they'd be there all day to explain how much of a prick he is.
  • While Greg is talking about Kirigiri, Monokuma interjects out of nowhere with:
    Monokuma: Mention the fact that she's emotionless as crap!.
  • One of the traits Greg mentions about Hifumi Yamada is that he's an artist, which he follows up with:
    Greg: And by "Artist," we mean "Amateur Pornographer."
  • Aoi's love of donuts is also touched on.
    Greg: It is widely believed that if she is deprived of the baked goods, she will die. Fortunately for her, she has a steady supply of donuts, and a fast track right to diabetes.
    • Plus, the clip of her used during this segment includes her holding up three fingers, implying that's how long she can live without them.
  • Monokuma expressing concern about Trigger Happy Havoc's literal translation of "Blackened."
    Monokuma: Just wanna state for the record that this game isn't about ethnic cleansing! [...] Oh God, you are not doing us any favors get that off the screen already jeez! Tumblr will be all over our asses!
    • Monokuma's attempts to say Dangan Ronpa's name and deciding to just call it Shootey Refutey.
    • Monokuma telling everyone to buy Trigger Happy Havoc (Which sounds like a first person shooter, not a murder mystery game.) because if it does well, it means the West gets more stuff and asks if people like stuff. He then mentions to buy a Vita, which might be a hurdle.
  • Togami and Fukawa's Tumblr accounts (found here and here, respectively), especially when they interact.
    EsteemedTogami: None of you are on first name terms with me. I will not stand for casual “Byakuya”s as though we were on even ground; a ludicrous concept for certain. Get it through your thick skulls: I am above all of you, in every meaning of the word. If you must address me, I will only accept “The Esteemed Lord Togami”, and even then the chances of me acknowledging you are slim. Understood? Good.
    EsteemedTogami: What did I just bloody tell you, Fukawa?
  • The Double DRAT short, "Summoning". It pretty much sums up the relationship between Hinata and Komaeda in less than 15 seconds.
    Hinata: You know this situation I'm in right now? I have no idea how I'm supposed to cope.
    Hinata: NO!
    Komaeda: Because I sure hope so! (laughs hysterically)

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