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     Honest Trailers 
  • Happy Man: I like Honest Trailers. And I like Wreck-It Ralph. So when the former did an honest trailer of the latter, I was pretty happy. For most part, it was pretty good and funny, the Take Thats weren't too mean... until the "Starring" part, in which Sergeant Calhoun is credited as "Gamergate's Worst Nigthmare". Um, what? Does the guy who wrote this trailer has ANY idea of what Gamergate is about? And the worst part is that Calhoun, being tall, slender, blonde, white, heterosexual, attractive and the most important part of her backstory being losing her fiance the day of her wedding would enrage Anita Sarkesian and other people who oppose Gamergate if Calhoun was actually an actual video game character.
    • Tropers/JEFFWONTLEAVE: Plus there is also the fact that this joke is a year and a half late to the whole Gamergate fiasco. And the fact that both jokes related to both Pro and Anti members of that Group were beaten into the ground to the point where nearly everyone found them stale.
  • Doctor Sleep: I think this may be happening against my will, since I still watch Honest Trailers but feel like something's missing ever since this one trailer. Their trailer for the animated version of The Jungle Book came across as unreasonably harsh, considering that Disney studios was entering a period of uncertainty when the movie was being made. Some of the criticisms included making a song that sounded monotone (it was a military march, so it's justified) to recycling animation (more common than you'd think), then saying that Talespin was way better even though it came out during Disney's most successful period. Given that it came out at the same time as the live-action remake, it makes those Disney-bribing conspiracy theories almost sound plausible, since a movie that's been on DVD for years wouldn't make quite as much revenue as one that's just been theatrically released.
  • Riley1s Cool: I hated their trailer for Terminator Genisys. Not because I necessarily like the film, but because they make it very clear their Nostalgia Filter is getting in the way of their comedy. They become, effectively, a group of angry old men ranting about the "Good old days" and how everything new is terrible. Among other things, they criticize Arnold, the PG-13 rating (which they did for Robocop as well, and it wasn't funny then either.) And, their reason for the film sucking boils down to "It sucks because it's not the first two." So, it just all rubbed me the wrong way, and is by far, in my opinion, the worst Honest Trailer. I was happy when Deadpool called them out on it though.
    • Retloclive: The Stinger for the Terminator Genisys trailer was probably one of the worst cases of Critical Research Failure I've ever witnessed since it claimed that John's father being sent back in time to have sex with John's mother was an example of incest. Someone clearly let it fly over their heads during the writing process that John's parents are completely unrelated.
  • troper/legomaniac90: I like Honest Trailers, but their take on Man of Steel made me quit watching them. It wasn't the thuddingly unfunny "ships that look like wangs" joke or the pointless jab at Zach Snyder or even the part where they misrepresented Pa Kent's advice to Superman as him being a monster. It was the end, where they said Superman murdered General Zod, and if that wasn't enough, called everyone who liked it a psycho... First off, Zod was about to remorselessly kill a family with his heat vision (which you can see in the clip they showed) and wasn't about to surrender peacefully. Second, Superman clearly didn't want to do it, and crosses the Despair Event Horizon after it happens, with the implication that his no killing policy began because of it. Third, Superman has killed people in other continuities (Injustice, A Better World) and those actually were murders, while this was clearly a last resort. Finally, calling anyone who liked the movie psychos is childish and immature.
  • Erin582: While for the most part, I am a fan of Honest Trailers, there are times when I question the obvious bias or otherwise they have during their trailers, such as giving excessive praise to a creator/project that is divisive at best, going after an actor's looks or age or just downright baiting (i.e., in their Entourage trailer when they made it a point of bringing up the fact the series features no black people, which makes me wonder "Just who exactly is your audience?") However, what I consider to be their DMOS moment was their The Wolf of Wall Street trailer, which should be renamed Yet Another Person Complaining Over Why Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Have An Oscar and in particular the ending. Upon looking at the trailer and bemoaning the fact that Matthew McConaughey has one, I thought, fair enough, whatever, but what really aggravated me was at the end how they complained about how several other "undeserving" entertainers have an Oscar instead, more than half of whom were women and/or black. First off, if I remember, the majority of the winners mentioned not only weren't competing in the same category as him, but a good number of them won their respective awards in years where Leo wasn't even nominated. I have to ask why no complaints were made about the people who did win over Leo (or ask more specifically, "Are they just going after easy marks that they think that "everyone" will agree with, or were they just afraid to piss off the really "big" names who won Best Actor?") And secondly, it's totally the actor's fault they got the award in the first place! I just found it to be just bitching and Padding, something Honest Trailers is rather good at. Plus, now that Leo finally has a damn Oscar, the tirade is rather pointless in hindsight.
  • Tommy Tiger: After thinking, I'm replacing my former entry with the Beauty and the Beast trailer, which guarantees I will never watch this show again. There's almost nothing funny about this video. I only got some laughs from the parody of "Belle" and that "wooly mammoth's shaved behind" thing, but we get a comparison of the Beast to Gaston that treats them as the same (they're not), a boring comparison to Silence of the Lambs and a parody of "Be Our Guest" that discussed the Enchantress' Disproportionate Retribution. Oh, and guess which joke they relied on for most of the video? Come on, you'd never guess. Give up? It's that f***ing Stockholm Syndrome crap everyone (even people who hate this film) are sick of by now. All in all, thanks Honest Trailers, you've just lost a loyal fan, and I won't be watching your videos ever again.
  • Hub Pie: I find Honest Trailers pretty funny, but I think they missed the mark on their Spider-Man: Homecoming video. Despite having more positives than negatives to say about the movie, there was one huge oversight, and that's when they claimed that Peter doesn't have any consequences for his actions. Uh... no, that's not true at all. What happened when Peter decided to investigate an explosion? He followed Vulture's men, the Vulture infiltrated Peter, and Peter almost drowned after falling into a lake. What about that part where Peter picked up the Chitauri reactor core and brought it with him to Washington where it would later be the reason as to why the Decathlon team almost died? Or what about when Peter went after Vulture again, but ended up being locked inside the Damage Control facility and was stuck there all night trying to get himself out, while learning the ropes of his new suit? Remember when Peter got his suit taken away because he decided to go after Vulture's crew on that ferry and almost died when he couldn't save that ferry? What about when Peter lost Liz when he stopped Vulture, causing her to move out of New York and wanting nothing to do with him? Geez guys, how did you miss those?
  • dsneybuf: The Thor: Ragnarok trailer lost its replay value right before the "Starring..." portion. Bailey calls the movie proof that Marvel Studios shouldn't fire "weirdo" directors, while showing an article about Edgar Wright getting booted off of Ant-Man. This reeks to me of a false equivalency; Taika Waititi's humor seems much sillier than Wright's, so it feels kind of insulting to lump them both into a "weirdo" category, just because their sensibilities differ from the standard American comedy. Plus, Edgar Wright schemed to unambiguously fridge The Wasp and her title, just because he doesn't know how to write women. (Meanwhile, Taika Waititi managed to turn Valkyrie and Hela into some of the Thor series' most fascinating characters.) Additionally, a year after Baby Driver helped Wright find success away from Marvel, and roughly one month after the release of the teaser for the Wright-free Ant-Man and the Wasp, it felt too late to continue griping about his boot from the Ant-Man series. Now that ...The Wasp has earned more critical acclaim and money than did its predecessor, and one of Peyton Reed'snote  most significant additions to the Ant-Man movies — the Quantum Realm, the setting of the first installment's weirdest-looking/sounding scene — played a major role in the fourth Avengers film, it feels even more futile to wish Wright stayed.
  • Alex Is Out Here: The honest trailer for Breaking Bad showed Jane's death scene and labeled it as "Jimi Hendrix-ing". Uh, no, that would mean that she choked on her own vomit from consuming sleeping pills and booze, not choking on her own vomit from a herion overdose, induced by Walt accidentally moving her on her back as she was passed out. This serves as a Critical Research Failure—and a completely disrespectful one at that.
  • Dr Zulu 2010 It's been a long while since I've watched Honest Trailers, but one thing I remembered was, during their video on The Little Mermaid, they made a parody song of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" where they say that the villains songs are boring. Subjective opinion aside, who says that? Wasn't the reason The Hunchback of Notre Dame was consider a cult classic because of "Hellfire"? A song that shows the darker, lustful side of Frollo while thinking himself as a pious man? What about "Be Prepared", "Trust in me", "Shiny", "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" (a personal favourite of mine), "Friends on the Other Side" or "Gaston"? If villain songs are bad, then most of the time the composers would make the less effort on them.

     Honest Game Trailers 
  • Animeking 1108: I generally love their Honest Game Trailers, but their video on Kingdom Hearts was poorly done. It's clear that whoever wrote that video didn't play an entire KH game, as it was filled with Critical Research Failures. Since I'm not allowed to put in more than one dethroner in the same episode (because I definitely have more than one), I'm going to have to complain about how the narrator said that they repeat the same worlds over and over again, complete with a montage of repeated worlds that include Deep Jungle (which only appeared once) and Space Paranoids (which only appeared once, twice if you count The Grid). Clearly, the only amount of research that went into this video was what you read on forum arguments.
  • Kablammin 45: While on the subject of the Honest Trailers, the one for Super Smash Bros. (specifically 3DS/Wii U), was already mostly boring and unfunny, but what really kinda irritated me was when they get to the subject of clones and show various picutres/clips of the clone/semi-clone characters...and display a clip of Lucario among them, apparently implying that he/she/it's a clone of Mewtwo which has long since been dis-proven (they share very little in common). I dunno if this was a case of them intentionally trying to annoy people, but by this point, it's pretty common knowledge among the fanbase.
    • shonengirl: One moment pretty much sums up what I like to call the MURICA-twits: The bottom of the barrel joke. The sheer stupidity of it made me cringe. The narrator talks about how Smash used to be a "Nintendo Hall of Fame", but now includes third-parties and choices from the "bottom of the barrel". Excuse me, but even the original Smash 64 had obscure B-list characters. EarthBound, as hard as it is to believe, did not sell well at all. And what about the fandom's golden boy Captain Falcon? Admit it, many people had no idea what F-Zero, or at least the character Captain Falcon, even was before playing Smash. So, we've always been digging at "the bottom of the barrel". To add insult to injury, he follows it up with poking fun at Xenoblade saying "Who knew who Shulk was? If you did, you are now Japanese." or something to that effect. One, the game was made in Japan. Two, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Xenoblade sold much better in the west than Japan. Not to mention it's one of the hands-down best rated RPGs on the Wii, and won a WORLD RECORD. In my opinion, one of the great things about Smash is that it exposes people to lesser known franchises and shows Nintendo history, with a wide variety of characters from almost every genre imaginable. Smash fans, please stop taking potshots at franchises you don't know. It's getting tiring and very irritating.
  • themaniclandofpage: I understand that there are a lot of people who hate the Five Nights at Freddy's series. I may be a major fan of the series, but I understand why some people keep getting annoyed with the hype surrounding it. However, in an Honest Game Trailers video about Five Nights at Freddy's 3, the way he slammed the game felt a little biased, in my opinion. He mainly just insulted people who like the game series by calling them "dumb kids who still care about the lore" and even took Markiplier's comments about the third game out of context, saying that even he is getting sick of it when, in actuality, Mark just said that he didn't imagine a fourth sequel being able to top this game. I didn't completely hate the video. I agreed with some of the criticisms he had for the game and I did like the bit of self-deprecation at the end, but the way he went about this just really rubbed me the wrong way.
  • vermp12334: For me, it was the Honest Trailer of Counter-Strike. While I generally enjoyed it, one thing that raised my eyebrows was the fact that they called Counter Strike Online 2 a Shoddy Knockoff Product in The Stinger. Seriously, that's wasn't actually a ripoff! It was actually having oversight by the creators themselves! All I could say is what the heck was that for!? That was very insulting!
  • cricri3007: The Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer. Critical Research Failure is too kind. At the Starring section, none of the characters appear! Not Reznov, nor Alex Mason, Frank Woods, Dragovitch, Section, Karma, Farid, Menendez, Player, Hendricks, Taylor, or even Corvus. And who do they choose to describe in the Nazi Zombies "starring" section? The orginial crew, the characters that are in over three-fourth of the maps and who the Nazi Zombies storyline center on? The Green Run one, that are in a little under a fourth of them? Or the Mob of the Dead crew, which map and characters are quite popular? Nope. The characters in the section are one that appear in only one map! Although "the bloated corpse of George Romero" was quite funny.
  • Skapokon: Their Trailer for Mario Party 10 rubbed me in the wrong way and reminded me why I hate "90's Kids" so much. There's a part where they state how "this isn't the Mario Party you played in the 90's, it's much much worse". The only Mario Party that came out in America during the 90's is the first one, and it was released in 1999. Yeah, "Classic" Mario Party is totally 90's.
  • Melancholy Utopa: This may be my Nostalgia Filter talking, but I absolutely loathe their Banjo-Kazooie honest trailer. One thing I've observed, and appreciated, with Screen Junkies is that when they're tackling a film/game that is positively recieved by fans and critics, they acknowledge its highlights as well. You'd think they would do the same with a well-regarded classic such as BK? Nope. Everything is nitpicking (like the characters' Narm Charm Speaking Simlish voices), no legitimate criticisms, no acknowledgement on how well-made it is taken as. Then they outright call it "bullcrap" at the end and say we should play Metal Gear Solid instead. I don't care for MGS but it felt random and out of place to mention it, other than it's mature-rated and BK is not. Fyi, Honest Trailers, I'm 20 and I prefer "kiddie games" over mature ones except for a select few, because I find quality more important than age-rating. It doesn't make me or anyone else immature for choosing something family friendly.
  • Who Needs A Mango: My enjoyment of Honest Trailers has decreased exponentially as they abandon any sense of real comedy to fill up the video with their rants (often disproved by footage in the same video). But their video for Mass Effect: Andromeda, at its very best, was four minutes of garbage and has made me avoid any of their videos. There is absolutely no attempt to hide their disdain for the game, to the point of blatantly false claims. A comparison is made between the original trilogy's mass-extinction stakes and Andromeda's "search for a place to build a house". Just... no. Andromeda's goal is to make sure that 100,000 rather, 120,000 people have a place to live and food to eat so they won't die within two minutes of arrival. Add to that the Angaran population (they make no secret of their large families) and the brutal nature of the Kett (whose subplot is obnoxiously simplified) and other Remnant threats. That just leaves the painfully lazy "jokes" sprinkled through the video, like calling Peebee "blue Shrek" or Cora "Tumblr hair" because it would be too much trouble to actually put some thought into things. Let's not forget the joke about the Tempest being a rehash of the Normandy, because apparently having similarly shaped vessels (with wildly different interiors) in similar organizations is just too far. That's not even all on why I despise this video, so I'll just summarize it once more as a lazy waste of four minutes based on ridiculous or outright false claims.
  • SenorCornholio: And here, I thought their Banjo-Kazooie video was bad; they had yet to show their true Bias Steamroller until their video on Crash Bandicoot. Sweet merciful Aku Aku, was this an embarrassment. You know the usual complaints that "this game probably won't be as good as you remember, and it's most likely gonna suck now that you're older"? You know, the kind of mentality that ends up becoming a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Nowhere is that anymore obvious than it is, here; they call the linear platforming of these games far inferior to Super Mario 64's perfecting of the 3D formula months earlier despite the two games being uniquely different, they compare the basic plot to Sonic the Hedgehog or Megaman (Sonic, I can understand, but Furry Megaman? Really?), and they pretty much say, flat-out, that "classic doesn't always mean better" while also stating that the very re-release of the original trilogy gave Accolade the idea to revive Bubsy instead of other factors like, say, its ironic fandom. Honestly, you know the episode's going to be bad when it starts off mentioning Naughty Dog's other works, Uncharted and The Last of Us, and then cut to Crash and immediately have nothing good to say about him despite the huge fanbase this franchise had garnered back then, and the constant clamoring for Sony to bring him back. Also, am I the only one who finds it extremely hypocritical that these guys would throw these games under the bus for not being as good as Super Mario 64, but Banjo-Kazooie gets a bad rep from them for being too similar in their eyes? At this point, I shouldn't be surprised if they botch up a video of Spyro the Dragon in this regard. I'm just gonna avoid them from now on, if I can help it...
    • Dr Zulu 2010: I agree. For me, however was how he called Crash "a failed 90's game mascot" even though they said early that it was Naughty Dog's first hit. Also, how can he be a failed mascot if people remember him fondly even to this day, has game released to the entierty of the 2000s (with the last game released in 2010 nonetheless) and reason why the N-Sane Trilogy was made because of the love the fans has for the marsupial? Also, for the whole "thanks to Crash we have a new Bubsy" thing, this was very farfetched; especially since the reason why he gets a revival was thanks to the jokes and memes regarding that annoying bobcat (which makes Monsoon's speech about memes very apropos). This is like how The Nostalgia Critic calls Pokemon a fad despite the games still going strong after 21 years and still going. This really shows how ignorant they are towards the gaming community despite what Smosh Games (Which I assume are the ones who wrote this tripe) claims to.

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