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The Grumps may be fun to watch as they generally grump around, but they're not without their flaws. These are the moments that make you go "WHAT IS THIS!?"

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  • fluffything: I like Game Grumps. I find their videos to be either funny, engaging, or both. But, sometimes, their commentary just isn't good. But, until now, I never found it to be insulting. That's changed in "Part 15" of their Banjo-Kazooie LP. To put it bluntly, at one point in the video, Jon and Ego (Mostly Jon, though, as far as I can tell) start making jokes about Asperger's Syndrome (Even using the cliched "Ass Burgers" joke) and Jon saying how Asperger's is (paraphrased) "The new ADD for parents to explain why their kids are socially awkward". As someone with Asperger's, I can utterly say that I'm absolutely disgusted by this.
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  • InTheGallbladder: Super Mario Sunshine, part 43. They misinterpret an obvious suggestion to do something very simple, then spend a good chunk of the episode helplessly scurrying about as though the answer weren't right in front of them. In the end, they resort to consulting an online walkthrough, over something the game made all but completely unambiguous.
  • Tropers/klom99: The Game Grumps are usually pretty funny. Even when they make mean jokes, it's done in good spirits. But the ending of Guild Grumps #2 just left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I understand that the "Ross as overbearing coach" joke is the crux of the mini-series, and it got quite a few laughs out of me; but seeing him revel in Arin's legitimate frustration without even a hint of sarcasm tanked the mood of the whole thing. Not helped by the implication he makes that the segment was made solely for him to play that role. I get what they going for, but it came off needlessly cruel.
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  • Tropers/Oliveira: Their Sonic Adventure playthrough has been pretty problematic overall. However, while you can argue Arin is entitled to his opinion on the needless amounts of bashing he gives to this 16 year old game, you can't argue things got a bit out of line. I'm talking, of course, about the Knuckles stages, where Arin and Dan check an walkthrough and proceed to mercilessly mock the writer for not giving the exact location of the emerald shards, never mind that said locations are randomized at every attempt on a given stage. Instead of wondering why the writer would make his walkthrough that way, they immediately assume he's just lazy. This comes to a point where Dan actually reads out the name of the writer in the episode and he and Arin proceed to mock him more, and most baffling of all, Dan jokes about their fans giving the writer of the walkthrough shit for writing said walkthrough back in 2004. Guess what happened, on the same day even. They were quick to delete the episode and re-upload a version with the name bleeped out (PIZZA!), but by that time the damage had already been done. I know Arin and Dan are good people, but in this particular case they were way out of line.

  • metamaster54610: Y'know, I was excited to see they were playing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. That game is a huge part of my childhood. It's an incredibly fun platformer that still holds up to this day. However, my hopes for a fun series were very quickly dashed. Arin spent most of the time either not focusing on the game, allowing Dan to comment on the strange events that happen, or whining and complaining about it for literally no reason whatsoever. TEN PEOPLE sent them that game, and they only played for four episodes because Arin was being closed-minded and not paying attention. I shrugged off EVERYTHING that happened up above, but this leaves a very poor taste on Arin's record and cements Dan's status as my preferred Grump. At least he was willing to give the game a chance...
    • Melancholy Utopia: This is the main problem my brother has with Arin, as do I. He either doesn't pay attention or his Bias Steamroller clouds his judgement. Another good example of his closeminded-ness is episode 19 of their playthrough of "Sonic Boom", where Arin's stupidity and blind hatred of Sonic reaches a new low. Dan correctly points out that certain parts of the stage are Colour-Coded for Your Convenience; that pink poles means that you should somehow use Amy's specialty there. This is something a kindergarten student could figure out, but Arin insists that Dan is wrong, having the gall to call him out on being "insane" or "over-thinking it" for having the audacity to use his brain. Sonic Boom is awful, so I am in no way defending it, but blaming a game for your own idiocy doesn't count as constructive. Arin, how did you manage to beat any of the Legend of Zelda games, again? You know, games that require actual brain power to beat?
  • Bearded Troper: The entire Ocarina of Time Let’s Play is one. Arin’s clear Bias Steamroller to the game was enough to deter a fan but what made unbearable is that he cannot seem to grasp 3D gameplay. Platforming, Z-Targeting, inability to remember puzzle and boss scenarios. There is a reason this is the only video series on This Is How You DON'T Play. The only saving grace is Dan trying to lighten the mood but absolutely letting Arin take the controller.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: For me, it has to be the whole Water Temple segment. At first, Arin claims that the Water Temple isn't that hard. So far, so good; even I can find myself breezing out into some of the hardest bosses or levels. But he also claims that he's using a walkthrough during the whole of the temple. And to that I say: "No shit things will be easier if you already know what to do or where to go!" And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, most of his deaths in this particular dungeon is not against Dark Link, but with freaking clams! Clams! One of the less threatening enemies in the whole game. Annoying, yes, but even I don't have this much hard time against them. Between this humiliating showcase of skills and admitting to use a walkthrough to arguably That One Level who reinforced the reason why Water Levels are seen as the worst, he lost any credibility and respect as a Zelda player in my eyes.
  • Keyblade333: Like the above, the The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask playthrough is what really killed any enjoyment possible with their content. They take the chance to criticize the graphics (ignoring the games date of release), treating the game's development time as a negative aspect of the game's quality, in addition to all the same problems they had with their Ocarina of Time playthrough like controls and getting lost. What really killed it was Arin's attitude during it; actively being sour about the game, doing obnoxious voices to sour the experience all while complaining about the game again. There was no passion, no emotion, it was just Arin being as dour as possible for no reason.

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