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Γεια σας. Welcome to my userpage. My normal name is Christos Oikonomou and I logged in on August 2016 as Tommy Tiger, but made this account when I couldn't access the old one anymore.

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    Favorite works and creators 
Stuff I'm really crazy about is in bold italics

Comic Books


Fan Art

  • Almost all of the fanart of my favorite works.
  • Animesque fanart.

Film - Animated

Almost (if not) all the films of my favorite creators mentioned above (I'm only writing my favorites in here due to wanting to leave out Department of Redundancy Department)


  • Most of them are Greek, so it makes sense you don't know them.
  • Mr. Men

Live-action TV


  • A lot of music in general.

Video games

Web Original

Western Animation

Quite honestly, we'd be here all day if I tried to list all of my favorite animated shows, so here's a small selection...

    Former favourites 
  • A Goofy Movie: The (relative) lack of emotion in the Greek dub (Max yelling "DAD" as he's at the waterfall sounds like he's just annoyed instead of terrified), Goofy's Narmish Greek voice and his behavior (granted, he learned his lesson, along with Max, but still) made me ignore the film from Nov. 2018 on (reading someone's comment on the film making him hate teenagers even more was the last straw for me).
  • Arthur (Original Greek dub episodes only): I got tired of the voice inconsistency (sometimes, Binky sounds normal for a 9-year old, other times his voice is too deep), the voice of Francine being too annoying (seriously, try watching the Greek version of "Locked in the Library" without feeling aggravated as all hell) and lack of emotion (compare this to this) and stopped watching the old dub altogether.
  • The Little Lulu Show: Get my problems with Arthur's Greek dub, add Blind Idiot Translations and Dub Induced Plot Holes and put it all in a show that's already bad with its Protagonist-Centered Morality (the girls are always right, and the boys are always wrong) and especially the episode "Green Girl" and you'll see why I now dislike the show.
  • Mickey Mouse (2013): A few episodes where Mickey was too much of a Designated Monkey turned me off.

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