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"Hey! You got your DC in my Marvel!"
"No, you got your Marvel in my DC!"
"Hey! Wait a minute... "

In 1996, Marvel Comics and DC Comics co-created a Limited Series called, oddly enough, Marvel Versus DC, in which the Superheroes of the two powerhouse Comic Book companies met, fought, and came out friends— then had their memories of the whole affair erased. Except for a very few, who remembered.

It seems that The Multiverse of each company's main continuity was in fact the creation of two Sufficiently Advanced Aliens known as "The Brothers". For eons, they were ignorant of each other until the first Intercontinuity Crossover brought them to each others' attention. Each wanting to be the singular Anthropomorphic Personification of the Multiverse, they decided that in true Superhero fashion, the matter could only be settled with a Fight Scene. Or rather, a series of one-on-one battles between the most similar heroes. Some of these fights were between characters who would later be Amalgamated, such as Spider-Man and Superboy. Some were matched by ability; the Badass Normal Batman versus the Badass Normal Captain America, for example. The loser's universe would be destroyed, so both sides had plenty of motivation to kill each other. At the same time, a young man named Axel Asher, A.K.A. Access, discovered that he was a shard of the original joined reality. This was apparently a mantle that was passed down from generations (he acquired the abilities from a homeless man who died soon after). Access could only stand by and watch as the two universes did battle. Marvel was ahead six to five, when suddenly...


The Powers That Be named the Living Tribunal and The Spectre try to take the pressure off by merging both universes into an Amalgam where the iconic main characters of each world merge into single beings with aspects of each— Wolverine and Batman become Dark Claw, Superman and Captain America become Super Soldier (he really was one, too). Some were merged because they were similar in powers or purpose, others because their names sounded alike (resulting in some awful punny names) and still others for the heck of it (see the list below). Each had a "remembered" history that splits the difference between the merged characters— there was a Golden Age Super Soldier who joined the All-Star Winners Squadron, a Wild West team of mutant "malforms" called Generation Hex, etc.

The Brothers quickly pulled themselves apart, thus separating the Marvel Universe and DC Universe once again. Angered, they decided to forego the contest and simply battle each other. This would've surely resulted in the destruction of both universes.


Access managed to bring Cap and Bats to the interdimensional battlefield between the Brothers, and showed the big boys a first-hand look at the beings whose realities they were planning to eliminate— and they liked what they saw. Impressed by the iron wills of these two mere mortals, and seeing that they were Not So Different, the Brothers called off their grudge match, the Reset Button was pressed, the limited series ended, and all was good... for a while.

Turns out Access can't stay in one universe too long, or his powers go haywire and begin transposing inhabitants from one universe to another. And in the sequel All Access, it turned out the Amalgam Sorcerer Doctor Strangefate had hidden himself in Doctor Strange's mind, and burst out to try to re-create his universe by merging the Big Two. So once again, cue fight music as the JLA and X-Men throw down, only to be saved by the original Doctor Strange creating an independent Amalgam Universe without affecting the original two (though based on the first one). This Amalgamverse was safely tucked away inside Access and again all is well. Except for a few whacky Time Travel adventures in the Unlimited Access miniseries, but those had no plot effects and were apparently just for fun.

Several sets of Amalgam comics set in the merged universe have been published jointly by both companies. The titles include Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Lantern, Bullets & Bracelets, Justice League Avengers, and many others.

In the Marvel Multiverse, it was originally listed as Earth-692 before being retconned to Earth-9602.

Characters in the Amalgam Universe note 

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  • Abominite (Hellgrammite + Abomination)
  • All Highfather Odin (Highfather + Odin)
  • Amanda Deathbird (Amanda Waller + Deathbird)
  • Amazon (Wonder Woman + Storm)
  • Ambush the Lunatik (Ambush Bug + Lunatik)
  • Angellhawk/Warren Hall (Hawkman/Carter Hall + Angel/Warren Worthington III)
  • Antimony/Debbie Walker (Platinum of the Metal Men + Debbi + Scarlet Witch + Hellcat/Patsy Walker).
  • Apollo/Ray Summers (Ray + Cyclops)
  • Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman + Namor)
  • Arrowcaster (Speedy + Nightcaster)
  • Aurora Trigger/Cinnamon (Aurora of Alpha Flight + Cinnamon + one of the Trigger Twins)
  • Banisher (Bane + The Punisher)
  • Baron Zero/Wolfgang Von Strucker (Mr. Freeze + Baron von Strucker)
  • Bat Trask (Boliver Trask + Bat Lash)
  • Beastling (Changeling + Beast)
  • The Big Question (The Riddler + The Kingpin)
  • Big Titania (Big Barda + Titania)
  • Bismuth/Snapper Jones (Tin of the Metal Men + Snapper Carr + Toad/Mortimer Toynbee + Rick Jones)
  • Bizarnage (Bizarro + Carnage)
  • Black Bat/Barbara Gordon Hardy (Batgirl/Barbara Gordon + Black Cat/Felicia Hardy)
  • Black Orchid the Unknown (Black Orchid + Omega the Unknown)
  • Black Vulture (Vulture + Black Condor)
  • Blob (Blob + Chunk)
  • Bouncing Ball (Bouncing Boy + Speedball)
  • Bronze Tiger (Bronze Tiger + Black Panther)
  • "Brooklyn" Barnes (Dan Turpin + "Brooklyn" of the Boy Commandos + Bucky Barnes)
  • Canary/Dinah Barton (Black Canary + Mockingbird)
  • Cannonfire (Cannonball + Wildfire)
  • Captain Marvel/William Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel + Captain Marvel)
  • Captain Sam Makoa (Sam Makoa).
  • Catsai (Elektra + Catwoman)
  • Chameleon (Chameleon Boy + Chameleon)
  • Chaos (Spitfire + Havok)
  • Circe (Circe + Sersi)
  • Cobalt/Lucius Richmond (Gold of the Metal Men + Lucius Fox + Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde + Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond)
  • Colonel Bruce Wayne of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Batman + Nick Fury)
  • Dare The Terminator (Deathstroke + Daredevil)
  • Dark Claw (Batman + Wolverine)
  • Deadeye (Deadshot + Bullseye)
  • Deathborg (Cyborg + Deathlok)
  • Deathlok/Jason Todd (Robin/Jason Todd + Deathlok + Midnight/Jeff Wilde)
  • Dial H.U.S.K/Paige Guthrie (Dial H for Hero + Husk/Paige Guthrie).
  • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). Depicted as adoptive sister of Amazon and ex-wife of the Punisher.
  • Doctor Bongface (Doctor Bong + Scarface)
  • Dr. Curt Connors (Lizard/Curtis Connors). Depicted as a member of Project Cadmus.
  • Dr. Doomsday (Doomsday + Doctor Doom)
  • Dr Strangefate (Doctor Strange + Doctor Fate + Charles Xavier)
  • Doomnaut (Doomsday + Juggernaut)
  • Elastigirl (Elasti-girl of Doom Patrol + Domino of X-Force + The Wasp)
  • Ferro Man (Ferro + Colossus)
  • Fin Fang Flame (Fin Fang Foom + Brimstone)
  • Firebird/Beatriz Grey (Fire + Phoenix)
  • "Flash" Thompson ("Flash" Thompson). Depicted as a member of the New York Special Crimes Unit.
  • Galactiac (Galactus + Brainiac)
  • Goliath/Oliver Queen (Goliath + Green Arrow)
  • Granny Harkness (Agatha Harkness + Granny Goodness)
  • Green Guardsman/Kyle O'Brien (Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner + Guardsman/Kevin O'Brien)
  • Green Skull (Lex Luthor + Red Skull)
  • Guardian Angel/Dr. Tom Harper (Guardian/Jim Harper + Angel/Thomas Halloway)
  • Hawkeye/Clint Archer (Green Arrow + Hawkeye)
  • H.E.C.T.O.R. (Hector Hammond + M.O.D.O.K.)
  • Huntress/Carol Danvers (Huntress + Ms. Marvel)
  • The Hyena (The Joker + Sabretooth)
  • Impossible Mod (Mad Mod + Impossible Man)
  • Insect Queen/Mary Jane Watson (Insect Queen/Lana Lang + Mary Jane Watson)
  • Invisible Girl (Invisible Kid + Invisible Woman)
  • Iris Simpson (Iris West + Roxanne Simpson)
  • Iron/John Henry Steel (Iron of the Metal Men + Steel/John Henry Irons + Unus the Untouchable)
  • Iron Lantern/Hal Stark (Green Lantern/Hal Jordan + Iron Man/Tony Stark)
  • J. Jonah White (J. Jonah Jameson + Perry White)
  • Jade Nova/Frankie Rayner (Nova/Frankie Raye + Jade/Jennie-Lynn Hayden + Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner)
  • Jimmy Urich (Ben Urich + Jimmy Olsen)
  • Jocasta (Platinum of the Metal Men + Jocasta + the Sentinels + Millie the Model)
  • Johnny Random (Random of X-Factor + Johnny Thunder [Western version])
  • Jono Hex (Chamber/Jono Starsmore of Generation X + Jonah Hex)
  • Kang, the Time Conqueror (Kang the Conqueror + the Time Trapper). Once unmasked, Kang is revealed to be Chronos-Tut, the Time Pharaoh (Chronos, the Time Thief + Pharaoh Rama-Tut)
  • Kid Demon/Wally West (The Flash/Kid Flash/Wally West + Ghost Rider/Danny Ketch)
  • King Lizard (King Shark + Lizard)
  • Kokoro/Tatsu Braddock (Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro + Psylocke/Betsy Braddock)
  • Kultron (Kobra + Ultron)
  • Lady Talia (Lady Deathstrike + Talia al Ghul)
  • Lethal/Sergei Minerva (Cheetah/Barbara Ann Minerva + Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff).
  • 'Lectron (Live Wire + Electro)
  • Living Lightning Lad (Lightning Lad + Living Lightning)
  • Living Lightning Lass (Lightning Lass + Living Lightning)
  • Lobo the Duck (the titular character of Lobo and the titular character of Howard the Duck. Seriously.)
  • L'ok D'saad (Loki + Desaad)
  • Madame Banshee (Banshee + Madame .44)
  • Madame Cat/Selina Luthor (Madame Hydra/Viper + Catwoman). Mentioned being a daughter of Green Skull and Lois Lane.
  • Madame Sapphire/Pepper Ferris (Madame Masque + Pepper Potts + Star Sapphire/Carol Ferris)
  • Madman Jordan (Green Lantern/Hal Jordan + Madman)
  • Magneto/Erik Magnus (Will Magnus + Magneto). Depicted as the brother and archenemy of Will Magnus.
  • Mandarinestro (The Mandarin + Sinestro)
  • Martinex 5 (Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes + Martinex of the Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Maxwell Hodge (Maxwell Lord + Cameron Hodge)
  • Mercury (Impulse + Quicksilver)
  • Merlin (DC Merlin + Marvel Merlyn).
  • Miss Miracle (Mister Miracle + Crystal of the Inhumans)
  • Mistress Maxima (Maxima + Black Queen/Selene)
  • Mister X (Martian Manhunter + Professor X)
  • Moonwing (Nightwing + Moon Knight)
  • Mutiple Maid (Triplicate Girl + Multiple Man)
  • Myriad (Triad + Madrox)
  • Mystallo (Mysterio + Metallo)
  • Myx (Mr. Mxyzptlk + Wong)
  • Nickel/Lance Vale (Mercury of the Metal Men + Lance Bannon + Quicksilver + Vicki Vale)
  • Night Creeper (The Creeper + Nightcrawler)
  • Night Spectre (The Spectre + Nightmare)
  • Niles Cable (The Chief/Niles Caulder of Doom Patrol + Cable)
  • Oa the Living Planet (Oa + Guardians + Mogo + Ego the Living Planet)
  • Paste-Eater Pete (Paste-Pot Pete + Matter-Eater Lad)
  • Phantom Cat (Phantom Girl + Shadowcat)
  • Phoenetix (Kinetix + Phoenix)
  • Professor Kang/Chronos-Tut (Kang the Conqueror/Rama-Tut/Immortus + Professor Zoom + Chronos)
  • Psi-Girl (Saturn Girl + Psylocke)
  • Puck (Puck of Alpha Flight + Oberon)
  • Punisher/Trevor Castle (The Punisher/Frank Castle + Steve Trevor)
  • Ras-A-Pocalypse (Ra's Al Ghul + Apocalypse)
  • Razormen (Sentinels + Scissormen)
  • Red Vision (Red Tornado + The Vision)
  • Retribution (Penance of Generation X + Firehair)
  • Roxy Leech (Roxy Leech).
  • Runaway (Gypsy + Rogue)
  • Savage Shaw (Vandal Savage + Sebastian Shaw)
  • Scarecrow (DC Scarecrow + Marvel Scarecrow)
  • Scott Free (Scott Free). Mentioned as the deceased consort of Big Titania.
  • Sgt. Rock of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sgt. Rock + S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Shatterstarfire (Shatterstar + Starfire)
  • Siliconman (Sandman/William Baker + Plastic Man)
  • Silver Racer (Silver Surfer + Black Racer)
  • Skinhunter (Skin of Generation X + Scalphunter)
  • Skulk (Incredible Hulk + Solomon Grundy)
  • Sparkler (Sparx + Dazzler)
  • Sparrow (Robin + Jubilee
  • Speed Demon/Jay Garrick (The Flash/Jay Garrick + Phantom Rider). Briefly seen as a predecessor to the current Speed Demon.
  • Speed Demon/Blaze Allen (The Flash/Barry Allen + Etrigan + Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze + Zarathos)
  • Spider-Boy/Pete Ross (Spider-Man/Peter Parker + Superboy/Kon-El + Pete Ross)
  • Spider-Boy 2099/Mig-El Gand (Mon-El/Valor/M'Onel/Lar Gand + Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara)
  • Spiral Harley (Harley Quinn + Spiral)
  • Star Charlie (Starman of the Legion of Super-Heroes + Charlie 27 of the Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Super-Soldier (Superman + Captain America)
  • Terra-X (Terra + Terrax)
  • Trigger (Northstar + one of the Trigger Twins)
  • Thanoseid (Darkseid + Thanos)
  • Thorion, the Hunter (Thor + Orion)
  • Timber Wolf by Night (Timber Wolf of the Legion of Super-Heroes + Werewolf by Night)
  • Two-Faced Goblin (Two-Face + Green Goblin)
  • Uatu the Guardian (Uatu the Watcher + Guardians of the Universe)
  • Ultra-Metallo (Metallo + Ultron)
  • Universe Boy (Ultra Boy + Captain Universe)
  • Vance Cosmic (Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes + Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • War Monarch (War Machine + Monarch/Hank Hall)
  • White Witch (Zatanna + Scarlet Witch)
  • White Whip (White Queen + The Whip)
  • Will Magnus (Will Magnus + Bolivar Trask). Depicted as the brother and archenemy of Magneto.
  • Winterstick (Wintergreen + Stick)
  • Wired/Nathan Chase (Manhunter/Chase Lawler + Cable)
  • Wraith (Obsidian + Gambit)

    Issues published 
  • Amazon (1996).
  • Assassins (1996).
  • Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1996).
  • Bullets and Bracelets (1996).
  • Doctor Strangefate (1996).
  • JLX (1996).
  • Legends of the Dark Claw (1996).
  • Magneto and the Magnetic Men (1996).
  • Speed Demon (1996).
  • Spider-Boy (1996).
  • Super Soldier (1996).
  • X-Patrol (1996).
  • Bat-Thing (1997).
  • Challengers of the Fantastic (1997).
  • Dark Claw Adventures (1997).
  • The Exciting X-Patrol (1997).
  • Generation Hex (1997).
  • Iron Lantern (1997).
  • JLX Unleashed (1997).
  • Lobo the Duck (1997).
  • Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto (1997).
  • Spider-Boy Team-Up (1997).
  • Super Soldier: Man of War (1997).
  • Thorion of the New Asgods (1997).

Tropes demonstrated by the Amalgam Universe:

  • Action Politician: Ben Grimm is a U.S. Senator in this continuity, as well as members of the Challengers of the Fantastic.
  • Adaptation Amalgamation: Basically characters and backstories from Marvel Comics and DC Comics are combinated into a new shared universe.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Doctor Octopus, in the Spider-Boy titles.
    • Thunderbolt Ross is depicted far more sympathetically, as he adopts Spider-Boy and plays a role similar to Uncle Ben.
    • While neither of his component characters are outright villains (usually), Niles Cable is more unambiguously good. He doesn't seem to have either the Sociopathic Hero traits of Niles Caulder nor be a Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Hero like Cable started out as.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Kyle Rayner's counterpart in Iron Lantern, due to being amalgamed with the Face Heel Turned Guardsman.
    • Cable and Manhunter are both heroes in their respective universes, but become the villainous mercenary Wired.
    • Deathlok (a cyborg who, in every iteration, wishes to break free of his killing machine programming) and Jason Todd (the then-thought-dead Robin, whose Red Hood Anti-Villain days wouldn't be for another nine years) are merged into a ruthless cyborg HYDRA agent.
    • Mr. Freeze lacks the redeeming qualities he has in the comics, due to being merged with Nazi scientist Wolfgang von Strucker.
  • All-American Face: Super-Soldier.
  • All There in the Manual: See Letters to the Editor. This includes also the Crisis Crossover mentioned below.
  • All Women Are Lustful: White Witch.
  • Animated Adaptation: Dark Claw Adventures was drawn in the style of The Batman Adventures and billed as being based on the animated version of the character.
  • As You Know: Played with. Most of the comics go into a flashback in the first half to explain the origins of their titular characters, but in-universe it is treated as the comics existing for years.
  • Atrocious Alias: Some of the portmanteau names are just painfully stupid.
    • At least in one case, it was done on purpose due to the Rule of Funny: there's a merge of two characters who already had each one separately– DC's Matter-Eater Lad, from Legion of Super-Heroes, and Marvel's villain Paste-Pot Pete (who changed his name to Trapster) were combined into... Paste-Eater Pete.
    • Plus calling the Flash/Cannonball amalgam "Cannonflash" instead of "Flashcannon" because Cannon comes first in his name.
  • Badass Normal: Most of the characters in the title Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Catsai from Assassins, Trevor Castle from Bullets and Bracelets. The whole eponymous team of Challengers of the Fantastic also qualify, although Rocky Grimm temporarily became an Empowered Badass Normal.
  • Cliffhanger: Several of the one-shots had twist endings or left plot points seeking resolution. For example Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has an ending which implied that most of the featured heroes and villains were killed in an explosion. Their fate was never clarified. X-Patrol ended with a major character crippled and the rest of the team reacting to it.
  • Composite Character: The whole point of the universe is that pretty much every single character is a combination of a DC character and a Marvel character.
    • Two examples that really stand out here are Magneto and Will Magnus. As if it wasn't enough to make one character out of the original two, they decided to make two characters, explain them as brothers and put them on opposite sides of the law. Even more interesting, the one who took the name Magneto ended up becoming a hero, while the one called Will Magnus became the villain (who, funnily enough, is a Donald Pierce-esque mutant persecutor), in a reversal of their namesakes' usual roles.
    • Dr. Strangefate is the only character to be fully aware that the Amalgam Universe is not "real", and so attacked Access to prevent the universes from being restored. The ending of his issue was a Tearjerker.
    • Although most characters are the fusion of only two characters (one from Marvel, one from DC), some charters are the amalgam of more than two characters: Dr. Strangefate mentioned above is one DC character (Dr. Fate) merged with two Marvel ones (Dr. Strange and Charles Xavier); Speed Demon is the merge of two DC characters (The Flash/Barry Allen and Etrigan) with one from Marvel (Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze).
      • The Magnetic Men are an interesting case: in the 1996's title Magneto and the Magnetic Men, they were just Marvel's the original Brotherhood of Mutants' members merged with the Metal Men. In the 1997 title Magnetic Men featuring Magneto, however, they got human disguises and civilian identities. This made them be the combination of three or four characters, like Iron/John Henry Steel (Iron of the Metal Men + Steel/John Henry Irons + Unus the Untouchable) and Bismuth/Snapper Jones (Tin of the Metal Men + Snapper Carr + Toad/Mortimer Toynbee + Rick Jones).
  • Crisis Crossover: The Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour.
  • Crossover Alternate Universe: Since it's a crossover between Marvel and DC, we get this universe.
  • Death by Adaptation: Peter Parker did exist in here, and contributed genetic material for the creation of Spider-Boy (his own DNA and, probably, spider DNA), but since the experiment was rigged, he was killed in an explosion.
  • Decomposite Character: In some cases, a single Marvel or DC character originated more than one amalgam: Marvel's Daredevil originated Dare (merged with Deathstroke, in Assassins) and Deaddevil (merged with Deadman, in The Exciting X-Patrol); DC's Batman originated the titular characters of Legends of the Dark Claw (merged with Wolverine) and Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile, Diana didn't become Wonder Woman, rather becoming the lead of Bullets & Bracelets, while Aurora (Storm) became Wonder Woman. And Cable was merged into both Niles Caulder (to form the heroic Niles Cable) and Manhunter (to form the villainous Wired).
  • Depending on the Artist: Shatterstarfire's fingers. In X-Patrol, drawn by Roger Cruz, she had four fingers per hand, as Shatterstar; In The Exciting X-Patrol, penciled by Bryan Hitch, she had five fingers per hand, as Starfire (and most humans).
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: The Hellfire League of Injustice summon Fing Fang Flame to destroy all the mutants, only to be reduced to skeletons for their troubles because Flame considers all humanity to be mutated.
  • Expy Coexistence:
    • Thanos, an Expy of Darkseid, not only met the source material, but also got fused with him.
    • The Fantastic Four, created as Expies of the Challengers of the Unknown, also merged with them.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Firebird, for whom some of Phoenix's story was used, including the Dark Phoenix Saga.
  • The Fantastic Faux: The Challengers of the Fantastic are an amalgamation of the Fantastic Four and the Challengers of the Unknown.
  • Framing Device: About half of the original comics are flashbacks giving exposition to the merged characters' origins.
  • Gender Flip: Marvel's Daredevil and DC's Deathstroke are both male, but they were merged into a female character: Slade Murdock/Dare from Assassins.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Super-Soldier, the combination of both universes's biggest All Loving Heroes, has blonde hair.
  • Hulk Smash: Inevitable with The Skulk (Hulk + Solomon Grundy).
  • Letters to the Editor: Some of the one-shots had faux letter columns with letters from portmanteaus of DC/Marvel creators (such as Simon Siegel) referencing earlier issues of other comics in the Amalgam line. There were also other characters that were only mentioned in the letter pages.
  • Mutants: A given considering this universe is half-Marvel. Except they are called "metamutants", as they are called metahumans in DC. Considering they used to be called "malforms" in Jono Hex's time, this may be a step up.
  • Mythology Gag: Robin and Jubilee being combined to make Sparrow, aside from working due to both of them being protégés of the heroes that make up Dark Claw's being, is doubly cool due to part of Jubilee's look being inspired by the Carrie Kelly Robin from The Dark Knight Returns.
    • Spider-Boy's secret identity takes the first name of Peter Parker and the last name of his father, General Ross. Thus, it's Pete Ross, which was name of Superboy's best friend and Secret Keeper.
    • One of the artifacts Strangefate collected is Sir Kal's sword from Elseworlds' Superman Kal.
    • In Exciting X-Patrol, Niles Cable discusses a Morton's Fork situation he finds himself in, and tells Raveniya the Healer that it's a matter of which doom will hurt the patrol the least.
    • The Challengers of the Fantastic are basically the four members of the Fantastic Four without powers, but they have access to tech that allows them to emulate the powers of their Earth-616 counterparts (such as Prof Richards using one of Doc Ock's metal harnesses to invoke the original's Rubber Man abilities) to combat Rocky Grimm, who gets turned into (what else?) a monster made of orange rocks by Doctor Doomsday. The Challengers manage to reverse the transformation, but Rocky later asks Prof to find a way to make him transform into the rock monster again, except with him in control which, humorously enough, is the inverse of how the Thing usually gripes that Reed can never find a way to turn him back to normal or, if he does, it doesn't last long.
  • Palette Swap: A few of the amalgams, such as Beastling and Thanoseid, have the body of one component, and the color scheme of the other.
  • Space Police: The Starbrand Corps that were mentioned in Iron Lantern. They are suggested to be one due to being an amalgamation of The New Universe's Star Brand and the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Super Soldier: Super-Soldier, natch.
  • Trenchcoat Brigade: Bruce Banner
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Doctor Strangefate wants his universe to be kept together, even if he has to make two others collapse into it. Since the DC and Marvel universes are incompatible with each other (even the size of the Earths is different), we would later see the potential consequences of doing so in JLA/Avengers.


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