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    The Blairs 

Shanna Blair

She's really Daimakaicho Hild. Or is she?
    The Burkes 

Darnell Burke

A popular, outgoing young man who spent his weekends volunteering at the local firehouse. Upon waking from his coma, he became cold and withdrawn to just about everyone except a single person. His true identity is Isa. Or is it?


A man with many subtitles and twice as many women on his cell phone contact list. He and his uncle are a duo of ladykillers. He's a law student currently, but after the incident he started acting...well...odd. Now he's claiming he's a turtle named Donatello. Needless to say his uncle is annoyed.
    The Casinos 

Rachel Casino

She's really Sara Sidle. Or so she thinks.
    The Kosts 

Chloe Kost

A teenager with a passion for technical, hands-on problem solving who enjoys adventurous daydreaming with the company of her friends. While not the most open and outgoing teenager, arguably due to the loss of her parents in an accident only a few years back, Chloe still wanted to make something of herself. This included moving from her aunt's to live with Tiffany for the sake of her current shadow project. Could her real self be Xion, or was that just a dream?
  • Quest for Identity: After receiving her concussion.
    • Identity Amnesia: Thinking she's part of an Organization and was best friends with people who look like Walter and Donald (or Axel and Roxas, respectively).
    The Oppenheimers 
They are The Clan. They are many and seem to be among the Blue Blood families of Kon Ran, and as a result have some influence over the Viceroy. Said family is implied to have members with questionable judgement due to the family's reaction towards the imprisonment of one of their own. An unusually higher proportion of them have been affected by the Incident. Word of God suggests that they are in fact the same Oppenheimer family that are diamond moguls in the real world.

Arthur Oppenheimer

A kindly, eccentric history professor at one of the universities, Arthur was the third Oppenheimer to awaken from his coma. He's adjusted relatively well to his new/old life, though he sometimes suffers relapses.

Jesse Oppenheimer

A single father and ghostwriter who works from home. After becoming the first Oppenheimer to awaken from his coma, he seems to have adjusted fairly well to his "real" life, though he has become noticeably more reclusive. His main problem appears to be figuring out how to handle his teenage son Casey, with whom he shared a slightly strained relationship even prior to his illness. He was recently in prison for the kidnapping and Cold-Blooded Torture of Sally Ross and Casey Oppenheimer, but the charges were cleared. He's really Mechakara. Or is he?

    The Rosses 

Sally Ross

A quiet woman who, before the incident, worked as a judge for over three years, until after her recent kidnapping. She was one of the first to awaken from her coma, and has since become suspicious, sarcastic and even somewhat aggressive. She seems absolutely convinced that whatever she experienced in her coma was real and intends to find a way to return to it. She's actually Iron Liz. Or so she thinks.
  • Action Girl
  • Asleep for Days: When she was finally sent home from the hospital after her kidnapping, she was so physically and emotionally exhausted that she passed out in the car as Rob drove her home and didn't get back on the network for several days. It was probably the most sleep she had gotten in a long time.
  • Big Damn Heroes: When Arthur is menaced by Jesse, who should show up in the nick of time to save him but her?
  • Bookworm: Her entire life. Lately she seems to have more interest in rulebooks for tabletop roleplaying games.
  • Catapult Nightmare: Sally woke up from her coma screaming. Who can blame her after dreaming about being absorbed by a horrific Elder God?
  • Declaration of Protection: The promise she made to Dr. Kwan shortly after she was rescued from Jesse when he revealed some information about the incident that caused her condition.
    • In fact, ever since her kidnapping she has become extremely protective of her peers, sometimes to the point of desperation when disaster strikes.
  • Drop the Hammer: Does this to Jesse.
  • I Should Have Been Better: Sally was extremely brave and determinedly active during the bomb threat from the KIM, driving straight into danger and doing her best to make sure everybody she loved got out safely. But Chloe Kost's bomb detonated while she was too far away and too tired to come help. Tear Jerker ensues.
  • Married to the Job: Subverted; before the incident, her boyfriend Robert would often find playful means of distracting her when she was getting too involved in her work.
  • Pungeon Master: Not very often, but she is known to occasionally spout of bad puns.
  • Sleeping Single: Ever since she came back from the hospital, she'd taken to sleeping on the couch because she's not comfortable sharing a bed with the boyfriend she doesn't remember. More recently they moved a separate bed into the apartment's office so she at least has somewhere comfortable to sleep.
  • The Insomniac: Sally has admitted to not sleeping well since she left the hospital. It could be because she's sleeping on the couch instead of in her bed, or the stress of trying to re-adapt to her normal life.

    The Scotts 

Jared Scott

A young, sociable (if kind of a jerkish) man that barely made his way out of high school who worked as a realtor before his coma. Since he's woken up, his IQ has rocketed and his social skills have dropped considerably, to the point where he pretty much ragequit his job first day back. He's also developed a bit of an attitude. He's really Neku Sakuraba. Or is he?
  • Emo Teen: Only after the coma, especially after that incident with KIM and the bombs...
  • Jerkass -> Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jared, though social and pretty charming when he wanted to be, was kind of a jerk in reality. After his coma, he's still a bit of a jerk, but seems to be way less malicious about it.
    The Werners 

Nathanial Werner

He's actually Vyers. Or is he?
    The Williamses 

Zachary Williams

He's really South Italy. Maybe.
    Non-player Characters 

Ann Jin

The Viceroy of Kon Ran, who is adored by all of her subjects and rules with a kind heart. Or does she...?

Dr. Lisa Owens/ Karen Oppenheimer

Dr. Ang Kwan

Dr. Victor Nolan

Li Oppenheimer

Kon Ran's chief of police.


A gamer girl from Beijing who hacked into the comm system by mistake near the end of March. An avid player of the MMO Armageddist who seems to know something about the situation in Kon Ran. If only she wasn't disconnected before she could tell them more. Perhaps she'll be seen around again?


A terrorist organization that hates the Viceroy and intends to overthrow her. They are completely anonymous when they speak, the voice electronically distorted and referring to itself as "we," and not even the other members know who exactly is in charge. They can and will resort to violence to make their demands known, and indeed have on several occasions. They are so dangerous that even speaking to them is a criminal offense punishable by death.


Jesse Oppenheimer's awkward but attractive next door neighbor. She has a crush on Jesse, whose son Casey has been trying to set them up.

Robert Robinson

Sally Ross's boyfriend. A sweet, playful, redheaded family man who met Sally in their last year of school. They've been dating for six years, living together for three. The situation between them has been a lot cooler since the incident, but he hopes that soon she'll be back to normal and they can rekindle their relationship. As it stands, the two of them are still living together but have put the relationship on hold.

Casey Oppenheimer

Jesse Oppenheimer's son. A senior in high school, Casey always rebuffed his uncool dad's attempts to form a closer relationship with him. Since the illness, though, he's begun to be intrigued by Jesse's odd behavior and - though he'd never admit it - a little concerned. He's too fun-loving and relaxed to worry "too" much about it, though; his dad's always been a little weird anyway, right? Nobody suspected this level of weird, though.]He's been living with his Cool Uncle ever since, though he doesn't remember when Arthur stopped being so boring...
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: When Jesse gets shot by Sally.
  • Break the Cutie: After his father kidnapped and tortured him and Sally Ross. It's a situation that he is quite clearly not coping well with. Not only that, but in the past, he had to deal with both Jesse and Arthur slipping into comas in rapid succession, leaving him alone.
  • Candid Camera Prank: Together with his Valentine's Day matchmaking attempt. It was the only part that actually worked as intended.
  • Distressed Dude
  • Face Your Fears: Sure, he's terrified of his insane father, but that won't stop him from, say, knocking him out with a wrench in order to save his uncle.
  • The Insomniac: Ever since his dad went Ax-Crazy and tortured him and Sally Ross to near death, Casey has been having nightmares so severe he barely gets any sleep.
  • The Matchmaker: He tries, for his dad. It didn't work.
  • Trauma Conga Line: And how!

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