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Imperial Japanese Army Vessels

The Imperial Japanese Army never had a good relationship with its naval counterpart. While many armies more or less possess naval vessels to facilitate their operation, it is unlikely that anyone would exceed the level that the IJA had due to its rivalry with the navy, which was very reluctant and hesitant to provide any support to the former, from landings to transport to escort missions. As it became obvious that relying on the navy for protection was unlikely, and doing without one proved to have an extremely high fatality rate, the IJA decided to work around the problem by starting their own naval units.

The lack of know-how and the worsening war draining the remaining resources meant that most of them were barely sea-worthy. However, because of their upbringing, in the game they tend to have unique functions that no IJN ships can perform. The first batch of them were introduced in 24 December 2013 along with the Large Ship Construction features.


     Imperial Japanese Army Vessels 

Akitsu Maru (Landing Craft Carrier/Escort Carrier; Amphibious Assault Ship in-game)

Artist: Kuuro Kuro

Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
Click here to view her remodeled art 

"My name is Akitsu Maru. It is an honour to be part of this fleet."

Akitsu Maru is the personification of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akitsu Maru. Generally considered the world's first Amphibious Assault Ship, though in real life she never had an opportunity carry out an amphibious assault.
  • Fanservice Pack: Gets noticeably bustier in her remodeled form, and the remodeled form's "damaged" illustration has some of the most extreme Clothing Damage in the game, with almost her entire shirt and bra destroyed.
  • Lampshade Hanging: A few of her hourly lines are dedicated to how practically wasteful actually getting her through LSC is.
    Akitsu Maru: 1400. Such a large amount of resources!
    Akitsu Maru: 1500. You could build a battleship with what you used for myself, yes?
    Akitsu Maru: 1600. That was quite reckless Admiral. One such as I is specialized in amphibious operations. Now that you've spent so much I shall have to... what!?
  • Loophole Abuse: One of Akitsu Maru's major benefits is that an admiral can take her onto certain event maps that don't allow the use of conventional aircraft carriers. She doesn't count as an aircraft carrier, but since she's able to carry fighter aircraft she's often used in such maps to gain air superiority in battles.
  • Paper Talisman: After remodeling, she gains a scroll as well as the ability to launch plane shikigami. Her style is closer to Buddhism compared to Ryuujou and the Hiyou-class' being in the Shinto style (also by the same artist), what with the Siddham writing all over her scroll...
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin/Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Appeared as one with chalk-white skin in unimpressive grey clothes both before and after remodelling. However, she gained a bit more colour from accessories (and a black outfit) after remodeling and her remodeled form's damaged sprite reveals that she has normal-coloured skin, implying that the white skin could be due to make-up. It is speculated to be based on a combination of army camouflage and the grey colouring scheme that warships in the period used. Fanworks sometimes depict the Abyss Fleet mistaking her for one of their own because of this.
  • Running Gag: in the 4koma, Akitsu Maru constantly tries to get her remodel in order to carry planes. She actually does remodel a couple of times, only to revert back to her base form by the end of the chapter. Lampshaded in a later chapter where Verniy, addressing the concern of her sister ships, tells them that she could become "black again" by learning from Akitsu Maru.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman:
    • Being the only ship who has a Daihatsu Landing Craft by default, she often helps in expeditions to make it more effective.
    • Even when remodeled, many players often ignore Akitsumaru due to the fact that she can only carry green (or Combat Air Patrol) planes. However, two events in a row — Summer 2014 (Midway) and Fall 2014 (Operation Kon), whose real-world plans had amphibious landing components — have unusual branching requirements that make her useful on certain maps for providing extra fighter power while sending the fleet on a less random and less battle-intensive path. Events that followed (specifically for the finale of Summer 2015) practically required Akitsumaru to get safely routed to installation bosses.
    • She also used to be a necessity for getting Air Superiority if you were using Transport Combined Fleet, due to the fact that CV/Ls are not allowed, and trying to use BBV, CAV, or AV to achieve AS tends to get the seaplane bombers heavily damaged, or wiped out, resulting in complete rank loss, since seaplane bombers participate in bombing and thus are affected by AA, while Akitsumaru's fighters aren't. However, starting from Spring 2017, the concept of actual escort carriers started appearing, beginning with Taiyou and then being implemented outside of the event zone with Zuihou's third remodel turning her into an escort carrier that outclasses Akitsu Maru in just about everything. While a shadow of her former self nowadays, she still gets a small niche in being able to equip Daihatsu-based equipment that Light Carriers cannot.
  • Verbal Tic: ~ De arimasu, along with how she pronounced "2" (ni instead of futa) in her hourlies. Part and parcel of her militaristic formalities as it is based on Yamaguchi dialect from western Japan, where the IJA found its root and thus became its lingua franca.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Barely visible Type A thigh-highs in her basic form, and a little less obscure in her remodeled form.

Maruyu (Transport Submarine; simply Submarine in-game)

Artist: Kuuro Kuro

Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

"Nice to meet you... Maruyu, reporting for duty. Huh? You haven’t heard about it? ...Oh no...!"

Maruyu is a Composite Character and personification of the Type 3 submergence transport vehicle. She tries to do her best at everything she does, because she is conscious about the fact that all the other ships look down on her.
  • Composite Character: Uniquely for a Kanmusu, she's not an individual ship, as dozens of Maruyu were operated during the war. She's not based off any individual one, though.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: She is often called a "Mole" or a variant thereof (since she was used for mole runs, which were covert supply missions done with submarines). She doesn't like it all that much though.
  • Friendless Background: Hinted through some of her lines. Likely due to the fact that, as an Army ship, all the other Kanmusu would look down on her (although in the 4-koma, they avoid her for a different reason, namely trauma from historically being sunk by submarines).
  • Good Luck Charm: As the only shipgirl that can become "luck fodder", she's often seen as one, particularly for the Born Unlucky ships such as Fusou and Yamashiro.
  • Not Completely Useless: As a transport submarine, her stats are abysmal, and she is the only ship (as of her introduction) not to have an equipment slot until remodel. However, as modernization material, she can boost a ship's luck, which no other ship currently can. For this reason, Maruyu as a luck boost is actually a desirable outcome of LSC over common battleships/carriers, since anyone experienced and conduct LSC would have abundance of them and have no option other than scrap/modernization on these battleships/carriers.
  • Odd Friendship: With Kiso. According to her hourly lines, Kiso even teaches her to cook curry for herself. See Kiso's section for details.
  • School Swimsuit: A white swimsuit with her name painted in red on her chest.
  • Super Drowning Skills: Implied to have this as she almost drowned herself when taking a bath (repairing at dock), which is pretty impressive given that she was a submarine taking a bath. It is a historical reference to a real Maruyu-class ship sinking during its ceremonial launch, of all things.
    Maruyu: Whew, I’m so tired... I’ll just go take a nice bath and... Huh? N-No! I keep on sinking!
  • Verbal Tic: She has a tendency to say "Mogu-mogu", it's another reason why she is often referred to as a mole.
  • Visual Pun: There is a yu hiragana on her swimsuit that is circled. "Circle" is translated as "maru" in Japanese. Ergo, "maruyu".

Shinshuu Maru (Landing Craft Carrier/Escort Carrier; Amphibious Assault Ship in-game)

Artist: Parsley

Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi
Click here to view her remodeled art 

I'm the IJA landing craft carrier Shinshuu Maru. I was built with the capability to provide force projection through combined arms landings, and am the predecessor of full-fledged amphibious assault ships. Please leave the landing operations to me.

Shinshuu Maru is the personification of Japanese amphibious assault ship Shinshuu Maru. She's introduced as the E-4 Map Reward in the Fall 2019 Event.
  • Artistic License – Ships: Despite having an aircraft stat, she never loaded any operational planes historically as the catapult she was once equipped with was removed some time before completion.
  • Girlish Pigtails: They poke out of her hood.
  • I Have Many Names: Lists the multiple nicknames she's had in her career, including but not limited to R1note , GLnote  and MTnote .
  • In the Hood: Her most distinctive trait is her hood. As the first ship of her kind, featuring many innovative features, she was shrouded by a veil of secrecy throughout her existence due to her capabilities. The hood serves to symbolize this veil of secrecy.


The naval arm of Axis-era Germany, the Kriegsmarine (literally War Navy) historically focused much of its operations in the Atlantic Ocean, and barring commerce raiding in the Indian Ocean by U-boats of the Monsun Gruppe, had little to no overlap with its allies in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Three of its ships are the first non-Japanese ship personifications introduced to the game, added during the March 14, 2014 White Day update.

  • Author Appeal: The first batch of Kriegsmarine ships were designed by Fumikane Shimada (of Sky Girls, Strike Witches, and Girls und Panzer fame), and as such display a distinct lack of skirts or pants of any kind.
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  • Dangerously Short Skirt: As explained in the Author Appeal entry above, every German Fleet Girl (with the sole exception of U-511) sport these, or at least a variation thereof with their clothing. Though the trope is skirted a bit with Graf Zeppelin since she wears a pair of pantyhose underneath.
  • Gender Flip: In contrast to most other countries in the world, Germany calls their ships as male (a "he"), thus their portrayal here is a case of this trope.
  • Germanic Depressives: Zigzagged: Bismarck, Z3, and Graf are portrayed as being stern and serious. U-511 plays it straight at first but averts it after being remodeled. Z1 and Prinz, by contrast, are portrayed as being more open and emotional.
  • Gratuitous German: Sure, they are supposed to be German but, due to lacking voice actors that can speak German well, they speak barely more German than I-8. U-511 even drops most of it after becoming Ro-500.
  • Named After Someone Famous: Currently all but one of them are named after someone famous - though not necessarily famous in Germany. Prinz Eugen is named after Prince Eugen of Savoy, a field marshall serving under the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy in the late 17th and early 18th century. As Austria had been annexed into Germany at the time, famous Austrian figures like Eugene were retroactively considered German.
  • Nice Hat: They all come with nice military hats, from the destroyers' simple berets to the capital shipgirls' Commissar Caps.
  • No Swastikas: Instead, they have the German Ritterkreuz on their uniforms where the former would have been placed.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: All of them but Z3 have blue or aqua eyes and varying shades of blonde, going from U-511 and Z1's platinum blonde to Prinz Eugen's medium strawberry blonde.
  • Team Pet: They are sometimes drawn with Unsinkable Sam, a ship cat what was on board three different ships and surviving after all three of them sank, one of them being Bismarck. Bismarck adopted a black cat which she named Oskar in the 4koma and he also appears in Z1's Autumn 2015 artwork.

Destroyers (DD)

    The Zerstörer 1934-class 

The first class of destroyers built by the German navy after World War I, these ships were fraught by design problems by virtue of being built in a hurry. From engines that required excessive levels of maintenance, to limited operating range (half of that of contemporary British Royal Navy destroyers), to limited ammunition stores, it's no wonder that most of the class did not survive to the end of World War II.

  • Born Unlucky: Have the lowest Luck scores of any Destroyer, at least when unremodeled. A reference to the ill-planned way they were designed.
  • Necessary Drawback: Both have above-average durability, three equipment slots from the beginning and a base ASW rating of 69, which is equal to those of both Yuudachi and Shigure Kai 2, and joint-second only to Verniy's 74. However, their other stats are lacking and they have the lowest evasion amongst the Destroyers. In their "zwei" (German ships' equivalent of Kai 2) incarnations, besides a minor upgrade to most stats, their AA stats become second and third only to Shigure Kai 2's.
  • Theme Naming: All named after male Imperial German Navy personnel who were killed in action during World War I. In the case of Z1 and Z3, they shorten these names to something more manageable for the admiral.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Sea mines, to be specific, which contributed to their sinking. Played for Black Comedy in Z3's damaged art for the summer event where she's getting harassed by an Abyssal version of a sea mine... which has tentacles all over it.

Z1 Leberecht Maass (1st)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Aya Endo

"Guten Morgen. I'm Leberecht Maass. Lebe is fine, yep."

Z1 Leberecht Maass a.k.a. Lebe is the personification of the German destroyer Z1 Leberecht Maass. She particularly dislikes mines, as her historical counterpart ran into and was sunk by mines after having her steering gear knocked out from friendly-fire damage by a Heinkel He 111 bomber.
  • Bokukko: It's hard not to think of her as a little boy from first glance. Her name and speech mannerisms don't help either, leading the IJN destroyers to mistake her for a boy.
  • Born Unlucky: 8 luck when unremodelled, due to the ill-planned way she was designed, as well as how she sank.
  • Boyish Short Hair: It doesn't go below her ears, adding to the confusion about her gender.
  • Culture Blind: If the Admiral pokes her.
    Lebe: "Admiral, what is it? Is this one of this country's greetings? It's going to be difficult until I'm used to it."
  • Face Death with Dignity: If she gets sunk.
    Lebe: I'm sinking, once again, huh. But, this time... it was in a real battle...
  • Happy Holidays Dress: She has new CG for Autumn 2015. Unlike the Japanese shipgirls, who are dressed in yukata, she is dressed up for Oktoberfest instead, wearing a dirndl and "equipped" with beer and German food.
  • Named After Someone Famous: She is named after Leberecht Maass.
  • Poor Communication Kills: How her historical counterpart was sunk. The Kriegsmarine had failed to notify its destroyers that the Luftwaffe (the German air force) was making anti-shipping patrols at that time and had also failed to inform the Luftwaffe that its destroyers would be at sea.

Z3 Max Schultz (3rd)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Aya Endo

"Guten Tag. I am the Destroyer Max Schultz. But, Max is fine. Pleased to meet you."

Z3 Max Schultz a.k.a. Max is the personification of the German destroyer Z3 Max Schultz. Like Lebe, she also dislikes mines, due to her historical counterpart being sunk by the same mines that may have sank Z1, in the process of trying to rescue survivors from the latter.
  • Born Unlucky: Like Lebe, due to the ill-planned way she was designed, as well as how she sank. However, her unremodelled luck is lower at 6, possibly due to sinking with all hands while Z1 had 60 survivors.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Just like her sistership Leberecht-Maass, but with longer hair in the front, making it easier to identify her for a girl.
  • Holiday Mode: Gains a very skimpy two-piece bikini during an update for the Summer 2016 event, shared with Lebe.
  • Named After Someone Famous: She is named after Max Schultz.
  • The Stoic: And truly icy at that.

Heavy Cruisers (CA)

    The Admiral Hipper-class 

Prinz Eugen (3rd)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Ari Ozawa
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Good morning! I'm the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. Nice to meet you!"

Prinz Eugen is the personification of the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen.
  • Big Sister Worship: Despite not being an actual sister, she treats Bismarck as if she was one. This goes together with her rigging being designed similarly to Bismarck's, which, as her artist points out, is a reference for Prinz Eugen (the ship) being mistaken for Bismarck once by the British. Ironically, the only time she sortied with Bismarck (Operation Rheinhubung) is also where Bismarck sank.
  • Blood Knight/Genki Girl: She get's pretty excited when entering battle, cheerfully shouting "FIRE! FIRE!" in German when she attacks.
  • Born Lucky: Contrast to the other German ships who appeared before her, she starts with high luck. Considering she survived the war and tests Able and Baker at Crossroads. She only sank because of damage unrepaired only because she was too radioactive to be able to do so.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Which makes her more fully dressed than the other Kriegsmarine ships, because at least she has a skirt. But only barely.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Perhaps the most glaring case among the Kantai Collection characters, as she is named after an Austrian prince complete with the masculine title. "Eugen" is exactly what it sounds like, the German equivalent to Eugene.
    (4koma chapter 77) "I'll just get this out of the way: I'm not a boy."
  • Mistaken Identity: In the 4koma chapter that introduces her, Fubuki thought "Bismarck got smaller" when she sees Prinz Eugen for the first time.
  • Necessary Drawback: Like the other German ships however, she has excellent durability but a lower maxed base AA compared to comparable Heavy Cruisers.
  • Nice Hat: A peaked hat almost identical to Bismarck's.
  • Rare Random Drop: Finally added as an obtainable drop for the Fall 2015 event, but as it was on a non-boss node it was not a guaranteed drop regardless of result. While she was discovered to be obtainable on Easy, enterprising admirals soon discovered through experimentation that she only drops on a specific enemy formation (line ahead), which spawns very rarely on Easy (where resource consumption would be the lowest) unless specific conditions were met (the boss being in the killzone).
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type B.

Battleships (BB)

    The Bismarck-class 

Bismarck (1st)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Aya Endo
Click here to view her drei art 

"Guten Tag. I am Bismarck, the nameship of the Bismarck-class battleships. You should remember it well."

Bismarck is the personification of the German battleship Bismarck. A dutiful and prideful girl.
  • Achilles' Heel: For a battleship, Bismarck has a ridiculously low Anti-Air score. To give you an idea of how low it is, Akigumo, a destroyer, has a higher AA score than her, at least until her zwei form, and even then Z1 and Z3's zwei forms, generally regarded as relatively weak destroyers, have better AA than hers. The real-life Bismarck did indeed have unimpressive anti-aircraft armament, and was also crippled in a torpedo attack by hopelessly obsolete biplanes.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Very proud of her own abilities, and shows it in her quotes.
  • Boobs of Steel: One of the overall strongest ships, and she even wears a Breast Plate.
  • Born Unlucky: Initially at least; she starts with below average luck due to being sunk in her first operation. On the other hand, her zwei remodel gives her above average luck, presumably due to her being able to sink the world's largest battlecruiser HMS Hood during said operation.
  • Historical In-Joke:
    • Phenotype Stereotype is played even straighter when you realize that this is supposed to reference Hitler's requirements for being part of the Master Race, which is the Aryan race (blonde, blue-eyed, and "pure" German). In fact, the only thing Hitler may have been iffy about is the fact Bismarck here is also a girl (at least her commanding officer, Capt. Ernst Lindemann would) note , but she's otherwise the perfect representation of what Nazi Germany truly wanted.
    • The 4koma has her being haunted by "swordfishes" in her dreams. It's a reference to how she was crippled by a torpedo strike from a British Fairey Swordfish biplane bomber. This gets even more pronounced when Ark Royal - the one who launched said Swordfish - gets added to the game.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Has a listed speed of "Fast", like the Kongou-class. Furthermore, her health when remodeled (94) is third only to the Yamato-class (96 and 97) and second only to Musashi (97) with her zwei and drei remodels (96). Her third remodel further extends the Bruiser aspect of her by giving her the ability to launch (relatively weak) torpedoes. Since night battle firepower is calculated by adding the Firepower and Torpedo stats together, the relatively weak torpedo combined with her higher than average luck gives Bismarck night battle power only slightly behind that of the Yamato-class.
  • Named After Someone Famous: She is named after Otto von Bismarck.
  • Nice Hat: A Kriegsmarine peaked cap with radar wings on its sides.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Played straight, as she's drawn as tall, blonde, and busty.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She is the only ship with a third remodel (aside from Chitose-class seaplane carriers, and later Kasuga Maru/Taiyou), which gives her torpedo stats that boosts her night battle firepower.
  • Vanity Is Feminine: She talks in a feminine way and takes care of her appearance.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: A grey Type A pair.

Standard Aircraft Carriers (CV)

    The Graf Zeppelin-class 

Graf Zeppelin (1st)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Saori Hayami
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Guten Morgen. I am the carrier, Graf Zeppelin. You are the Admiral overseeing this fleet, yes? Is that so? Roger!"

Graf Zeppelin is the personification of the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. She's introduced as the drop for E-4 and E-5 of the Fall 2015 Event.
  • Born Unlucky: Has a luck of 4 (7 when remodeled), only above Taihou and Mutsu, for a good reason - at the time of her introduction, she was the only fleet girl whose real-life counterpart was never even completed! note 
  • Cards of Power: According to Fumikane, she stores her planes within metallic cards inside her waist pouch which then can summon the plane once inserted into a slot behind the deck elevator.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Not as quite glaring an example as Prinz Eugen (Zeppelin is her namesake's last name and thus gender-neutral), but she still has the male title Graf (Count). The female equivalent would be Gräfin.
  • Master of None: Frankly, she doesn't do much well. Her pathetic plane capacity means any other standard carrier and even some light carriers are better at the air superiority/opening airstrike role. While she can attack at night, giving her two guns for double attacks just means depleting that already poor air wing even further, meaning she can't be good at direct combat either.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Her hourlies shows this.
    "0300. Right! You desire coffee? Leave it to me. Be ready to taste the greatest of coffees. I am quite confident when it comes to aroma and flavor of coffee."
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Named after Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Graf was von Zeppelin's noble title, which roughly translates to "Count".
  • Necessary Drawback: She has strong stats, being offensively on par with Akagi and Kaga while also having a base range of Medium (previously only available on the second remodels and armored forms of the Shoukaku-class) and having guns which allows her to attack at night. However, she also has a paltry 43 plane capacity (56 when remodeled - even lower than some light carriers or the already pathetic Unryuu-class).
  • Nice Hat: A white version of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen's peaked hat.
  • Oddball Doppelgänger: The 4koma (her introduction chapter) notes that, even though she was made by studying Akagi's design, the two don't really look like each other.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Like Bismarck, she's the Aryan ideal of beauty, albeit even paler.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: Wears pantyhose, unlike the socks of the other Krigesmarine surface girls.
  • Rare Random Drop: She was only available as a drop at the boss node in Fall Event 2015 E4, at least when she was first introduced. The devs have all but explicitly confirmed that she will be a drop again for the upcoming Winter 2016 event.
  • Sempai/Kohai: She is sometimes depicted as the Kohai to Akagi, since some elements of Graf's design (the ship, that is) were copied from Akagi's. In fan works, however, she's depicted as Sempai to Aquila's Kohai (related to how Aquila herself views Akagi and Graf).
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Despite her cold exterior as can be seen from her in-game art and a strict attitude not unlike Bismarck's, she is far from an Ice Queen in need of a defrosting once you listen to her voiced lines. She will be wary about you poking her a bit too much as well as using a fiercer tone when in sorties, but in the rest of her secretary lines she speaks in a soft, soothing tone of voice. Being voiced by Saori Hayami certainly helps in that aspect.

Submarines (SS)

    U-Boot Type IXC 

U-511/Ro-500 (41st)

Artist: Shimada Fumikane

Voiced by: Ai Kayano
Left: U-511, Right: Ro-500

"Submarine U-511 of the German Navy, please call me Yuu. I've come a long way, so I'll be in your care..."
"Submarine Ro-500, formerly U-boat U-511. I'm Ro, formerly called Yuu! Admiral? I will be in your care."

U-511, a.k.a. Yuu, is the personification of the German Submarine U-511. Originally a stoic girl who is trying to adapt to her new surroundings, her second remodeling turns her into Ro-500 or simply Ro, a cheerful girl who reflects the name change she received once she was transferred to Japan.
  • Animal Motif: A wolf pup. Her initial uniform's radio headset resembles dog ears, and when remodeled, she sometimes growls like a "little wolf".
  • Ascended Meme: One of her hourly lines has her asking if she's going to visit Orel or Bashi. note 
  • Born Lucky: Indeed, she had to travel from France to Japan, and she survived the war.
  • Character Development: As U-511, she's very quiet and shy, and struggles with her Japanese a bit. Once she's remodeled to Ro-500, representing adapting to her new home, her Japanese is fluent, her personality is much more cheerful and outgoing, and she seems to have become very good friends with the other submarines.
  • I Have Many Names: Is referred to "Yuu" or simply "U" as U-511, Satsuki #1 note  as an alternate name when remodeled, and "Ro" or "Ro-chan" as Ro-500.
  • Flower in Her Hair: As Ro-500.
  • Going Native: Her transformation into Ro-500 is heavily implied to be this.
  • I'm Cold... So Cold...: If she gets sunk as Ro-500.
    Ro-500: No... Nooo... It's cold... So cold... And dark...
  • Nice Hat: As U-511, a garrison cap with a radio headset that looks like a dog's ears.
  • School Swimsuit: Exchanges her uniform for the requisite swimsuit of the Japanese sub-girls with the addition of a cropped German-style sailor uniform (similar to Z1 and Z3) as Ro-500.
  • Tan Lines: Ro-500 has these around the edges of her swimsuit.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: After being remodeled to Ro-500. While still quiet and soft-spoken, she also becomes confident and cheerful.
  • Verbal Tic: She tends to end her sentences with "-tte", which is mainly used as a form of Japanese case-making particle.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Her design and personality suddenly change after her conversion, from being an unemotional pale girl in a uniform-like wet suit to a cheerful girl with a tan who looks far more like her Japanese submarine peers (but without denying her actual roots).

    The Marconi-class 

Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504 (4th)

See her entry in Regia Marina section for more details. She's listed here for her service to Germany as UIT-25 after Italy depose Mussolini and signed Armistice with the Allies, which resulted in Germany capturing her.

Regia Marina

The naval arm of the Kingdom of Italy, who were allies of Germany during the Second World War, the majority of the Regia Marina's operations were centered in the Mediterranean Sea, which Mussolini infamously declared "Mare Nostrum" (literally "Our Sea"). It had limited operations in the Atlantic, the Middle East, and the Baltic, before Italy eventually surrendered to the Allies in 1943.

The first Italian ships were added on April 2015, during the 2nd-Year Anniversary of the game, as rewards for the Spring 2015 event.

  • Author Appeal: Jiji, the artist who drew both Littorio and Roma, is a regular contributor of lolicon or mecha musume art (the former showing in the design of the Maestrale class, alongside Luigi Torelli), but when he does draw adult women, he draws them busty and plump, with the most blatant example in Duca degli Abruzzi. He also has a thing for Mami Tomoe of Madoka Magica fame, who Littorio oddly reminds people of...
    • Another Author Appeal point reveals itself with the increasing number of Italian ships: exposed armpits. All of them wear outfits that expose their armpits, either by having armpit cutouts (Aquila, the cruisers) or by being sleeveless to begin with (the Maestrale-class and the Vittorio Veneto-class).
  • The Battlestar: As of 24th February 2016 live update, the Italian battleships and heavy cruisers can now equip seaplane bombers and fighters post-remodel, effectively turning them into aviation battleships in all but the official classification. They are not classified as true aviation battleships or cruisers for a reason though, as they were unable to send their seaplanes for anti-submarine warfare and their plane slot capacity were nowhere as spacious as that of an aviation cruiser, let alone the actual aviation battleships such as the Fusou or Ise-classes, which puts them at significant risk of being depleted in an aerial engagement.
  • Gratuitous Italian: Similar to the Kriegsmarine shipgirls, they speak very few Italian and the little they say usually makes sense considering the context they are used.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: On some levels, all Italian ships (except Libeccio and Luigi) are this, since currently they are the only ones that have alcoholic beverage appear on Anchorage Bar Counter furniture after 5am. Pola is the only one who has alcohol appear on counter 24/7, however.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Land of the pasta" (パスタの国; lit. pasta country) for Italy, in the description of the Italian equipment and in Littorio/Italia's library intro line. As a result, the Italian equipment and the Vittorio Veneto-class have been given the Fan Nicknames of Pasta equipment and Pasta BBs respectively.
  • Lethal Joke Item: The Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter. First introduced as January 2016 ranking reward, it's a seaplane that was intended as a fighter aircraft. However, true to their historical plane, they comes with a very poor stat, to the point that even a regular Zuiun is comparatively far superior. It was initially regarded as a Joke Item as they behaved similarly to seaplane bombers, until the next update reclassified it as proper fighter planes and allow it to be equipped on the Nagato and Yamato-class. Still a poor aircraft nevertheless, but they no longer participate in air bombing phase, thus increasing their survivabilities at the expense of their functionality as artillery spotters, allowing your fleet to reliably secure air supremacy and enable artillery shelling in maps that otherwise denied any air power to both sides.
    • It gets better during the Spring 2016 Event, as proficient seaplane fighters now gain the same air power bonus as fighter planes. In fact, one of the event maps would be much easier if you were Crazy-Prepared enough to upgrade one of the seaplanes into a seaplane fighter.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Averted as much as they are the most diverse foreign shipgirls in the game. Many of them (those with reasonable hair colors) can plausibly pass as Italians of different regions.

Destroyers (DD)

    The Maestrale-class 

  • Nice Hat: Each of them has a hat resembling a part of their superstructure.
  • Theme Naming: All 4 of the Maestrale-class are named after the intercardinal winds of the Mediterranean, Maestrale herself being named after the north-westerly winds or what is more commonly called the Mistral in English. Grecale is named after the north-easterly winds, Libeccio is named after the south-westerly winds and the unreleased Scirocco is named after the south-easterly winds. Lampshaded in the 4koma where Libe is excited at meeting Japanese destroyer girls with "wind" on their names.

Maestrale (1st)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Akari Kitou
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Buon giorno♪ I'm of the Maestrale-class destroyers! Eldest daughter, I'm Maestrale! Admiral, here I am! Please treat me well! I'll do my best!"

Maestrale is the personification of Italian destroyer Maestrale of the Maestrale-class. She's introduced as the E-4 reward of the Early Fall 2018 Event.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Several of her hourlies mention on serving cappuccino to the admiral.
  • Shown Their Work: Anchor hair clips on both sides of her head, although they're more noticeable in her damaged art. It's a reference to how after her stern was destroyed by mines in 1943 (something she mentions several times), prompting her crew to use two anchor chains to form a longer chain so as to reach deeper waters and to prevent her from drifting towards any more mines.
  • Tan Lines: Unlike Libeccio, who appears to be naturally dark skinned; she has a swimsuit tan similar to Ro-500.

Grecale (2nd)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Yurika Moriyama
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Buon giorno! I'm the second of the Maestrale-class destroyers, Grecale. Admiral, am I cute too? Ufu, you're cute!"

Grecale is the personification of Italian destroyer Grecale of the Maestrale-class. She's introduced as a drop for the E2 and E3 maps in the Summer 2019 Event.
  • Born Lucky: Shatters all Luck caps introduced until now by sporting a hefty capped luck of 120 at Kai, surpassing Colorado and Jervis' previous records by 10 points. Her luck likely owes to the fact that she is the Sole Survivor of her class and served in the Marina Militare long after the war, partly as a temporary command ship for Duca degli Abruzzi, but even with some other ships that had far heftier war involvement, participated in far more dangerous battles and are also the only survivors of their class (say, Kagerou-class' Yukikaze), such luck levels are questionable.
  • Sole Survivor: Of the Maestrale-class.
  • The Tease: Constantly sweet-talks the Admiral, invites him for kisses and flips her skirt before him, to name a few. Due to that, she's genuinely surprised at the Admiral's Marriage line, not actually expecting him to like that kind of behavior.

Libeccio (3rd)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Akari Kitou

"Good morning! I'm Libeccio, a Maestrale-class destroyer! Just Libe is fine. Nice to meet you Admiral!"

Libeccio is the personification of Italian destroyer Libeccio of the Maestrale-class.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Her skin is noticeably darker than Italia and Roma's, and she doesn't appear to have any tan lines like similarly dark ships Ro-500 and I-401.
  • Big Sister Worship: She and Roma aren't sisters, but Libeccio admires Roma and wants to become a battleship like her, much like how Kiyoshimo admires Musashi. Naturally, Kiyoshimo and Libeccio become friends. In her Kai form's 1700 hourly, she thinks that Warspite is the strongest battleship. note 
  • Girlish Pigtails: A pair of long ones.
  • Happy Holidays Dress: Gains a special Halloween costume during early November 2015 along with Roma, apparently for trick-or-treating.
    • Holiday Mode: She also gains a two-piece bikini for Summer 2016.
  • Necessary Drawback: She has tremendous ASW and above average AA but overall weaker Torpedoes. Her other stats are otherwise similar to an average destroyer.

Light Cruisers (CL)

     The Condottier-class 

Duca degli Abruzzi-subclass

  • Named After Someone Famous: Abruzzi was named after Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi, while Garibaldi's namesake is Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Both sisters have incredibly high firepower (Abruzzi's even being equal to Jintsuu Kai Ni, who's already known for being a heavy hitter among the CLs) and they are the most durable Light Cruisers introduced until now, making them the queens of surface combat. Even their middling ASW is barely an issue, as they have 4 slots like Ooyodo, allowing them to abuse ASW synergies easily; And their non-zero aircraft stat allows them to perform Artillery Spotting as well, further enhancing their combat abilities.
  • Overly Long Name: Both sisters abbreviate their names for the admiral's convenience. While Garibaldi's full name is reasonable enough ("Giuseppe Garibaldi"), it's less snappy than simply "Garibaldi". On the other hand, Abruzzi's full name is "Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi" (literally "Luigi of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi") and on her card, this is abbreviated as "L.d.S.D.d. Abruzzi". As she is fully aware of how unwieldy this is, she asks the Admiral to simply call her "Abruzzi".
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Both sisters have incredibly pink hair with streaks. Abruzzi has two dark pink streaks on her bangs and a few others on her back hair while Garibaldi has a dark pink one and a white one on her bangs.

Duca degli Abruzzi (1st of the Duca degli Abruzzi-subclass)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Yurika Moriyama

"Buon giorno! The up-and-coming light cruiser from Italy, I am Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi. A bit long, isn't it? You may call me Abruzzi. Admiral, please guide both my sisters and I."

Duca degli Abruzzi is the personification of Italian light cruiser Duca degli Abruzzi, introduced as the E-2 Map reward in the Summer 2019 Event.
  • Born Lucky: She starts out with 20 at base and 30 at Kai before maxing out to 88 at base and 98 at Kai. Fitting as she survived an aerial torpedo in 1941, and served post-war until her scrapping in 1972.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Her 2100 to 2300 hourlies involve her getting drunk, to the point of seeing Grecale triple and outright passing out a while later.

Giuseppe Garibaldi (2nd of the Duca degli Abruzzi-subclass)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Haruna Asami
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Buon giorno! State of the art light cruiser from Italy, I'm Giuseppe Garibaldi! Too long? That's true. Garibaldi's fine. Take care of me!"

Giuseppe Garibaldi is the personification of Italian light cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi, introduced as the E-3 Map reward in the Spring 2019 Event.
  • Born Lucky: Sort of while starting with 20 at base and 30 at Kai, she maxes out to 89 at base and 100 at Kai. Part of her luck was surviving past the war, being reconstructed into a guided missile cruiser in 1957 before her scrapping in 1971.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Of the light cruisers. Her Kai remodel has equal firepower as Jintsuu's Kai Ni (though less torpedo stat), equal base luck to Ooyodo and Sakawa, and the highest HP and armour of all light cruisers, on top of being one of a very few four-slot CLs.
  • Nice Hat: A miniature shako designed after her bridge.

Heavy Cruisers (CA)

    The Zara-class 
  • Awesome, but Impractical: They are Long ranged by default, which allows them to be chosen to fire in the first shelling round in the same turn as most battleships. However, this also means that they might end up being chosen to fire over a battleship. Given that battleships usually have higher firepower, this could well cost you an opportunity to cripple or sink a foe, which might have happened if a battleship got to go first instead.
  • Necessary Drawback: To compensate for the class' very low torpedo stat note , they are the only Heavy Cruisers with Long range by default. Their main guns also gives Long range to any ship that is equipped with it but, like the Italian battleship guns, it comes with lower accuracy. In addition, they are the only standard Heavy Cruisers capable of fielding Seaplane Bombers and Fighters, though it is still ill-advised (at least for bombers) due to the pitiable capacity of their equipment slots.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: The real life Zaras were the best-armoured heavy cruisers in the world until the late/post-war American Des Moines, but their armour and HP value in-game falls short compared to Prinz Eugen when they're first released. The Due (second) remodel gives significant boost to their armor that allows them to live up to their reputation, but they required a very high level and a blueprint for said remodel.
  • Theme Naming: All four are named after cities which were taken by Italy from Austria-Hungary in the aftermath of WW1: Zara, Fiume, Gorizia and Pola. Of all of them, only the city of Gorizia wasn't given back to Croatia.

Zara (1st)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki
Click here to view her Due art 

"Buon giorno! I am the first of the Zara-class heavy cruisers, Zara! "Tenacity" is my motto. Please to meet you, Admiral!"

Zara is the personification of the Italian heavy cruiser Zara. She was introduced in the Winter 2015 Event.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Towards her younger sister Pola, who she often worries about due to Pola's drunken antics.
  • Catch Phrase: She frequently mentions her tenacity, and she outright states in her introduction that "tenacity" is her motto. This is due to the real Zara ship's motto being "Tenacemente" (Italian for "tenacity"), which was displayed prominently on her Y turret.
  • Cool Guns: Her seaplane launcher is based on WW2-era Italian light machine gun, the Breda 30.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: She's the responsible one to Pola's foolish.
  • Liquid Courage: Zara in the 4-koma takes a leaf from Pola's book and gets drunk in an attempt to steel herself for Warspite's arrival. Sort of works as she's too busy trying to not puke to be afraid when she finally greets her old killer.
  • Nice Hat: Similar to Libeccio's and it's also based on a part of her superstructure.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: In her Due remodel, emphasizing her larger breasts with being the strongest heavy cruiser in shelling firepower and armor. She even have a torpedo bulge as one of her stock equipment. note 
  • Plucky Girl: Comes with her tenacious personality.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: She has this look in her standard form. After being remodeled, she no longer wears tights and has a single leg garter instead.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The 28 February 2016 update introduces her second remodel which gives her the best shelling firepower note  and armor note  among the heavy cruisers, Her anti-air stat receives a significant boost as well as increased her plane slots to usable levels and enable her to equip Skilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance Personnel while retaining her heavy cruiser classification. To top it all off, she gets an Art Evolution which includes her Boobs of Steel. That said, she has a very high level requirement for a heavy cruiser, requiring Level 88 note  and a blueprint for the remodel.

Pola (3rd) note 

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki

"Buon giorno. I'm the third ship of the Zara-class heavy cruisers, Pola. I'm at an age where I want to challenge myself with everything. I'll do my best."

Pola is the personification of the Italian heavy cruiser Pola. She was introduced in the Spring 2016 Event as the E5 reward.
  • The Alcoholic: Many of her lines are about her wanting to drink and some of her hourlies actually has her drunk. This was also implied from Zara's lines even before making her in-game debut. In fact, she is the only ship to have the Bar Counter furniture filled with booze 24/7. In the 4-koma, her meeting with a fellow alcoholic Junyou has been described as "a meeting of destiny" (and they proceed to drink together).
  • Born Unlucky: She has slightly below average luck both before and after remodeling. This likely has to do with the circumstances of her getting sunk during the Battle of Cape Matapan note 
  • Clothing Damage: Downplayed; though her skirt is slightly ripped, none of her other clothing appears to be torn due to the strong implication that she actually stripped off most of her clothes before they could be damaged at all. This is, of course, a reference the Historical In-Joke that her crew took off their clothes after they abandoned ship during the Battle of Cape Matapan.
    • Averted with the damaged version of her Fall 2016 seasonal art, in which Pola's clothes are completely intact but her wine glass is empty. It is completely in-character that Pola would consider running out of alcohol to be "heavy damage".
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: She's the foolish one to Zara's responsible one.
  • Historical In-Joke: Her drunken and stripping characteristics are a reference to what her crew did during the Battle of Cape Matapan in 1941. The crew had abandoned ship, drinking enough wine to get drunk beforehand to keep warm in the icy waters, and stripped off their soaked clothes.
  • Naked People Are Funny: A couple of her lines indicate that she sometimes strips when drunk.
  • Nice Hat: Identical to Zara's except with a different decoration.
  • Toplessness from the Back: The result of removing her top in her damaged portrait.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: A white Type A pair.

Battleships (BB)

    The Vittorio Veneto-class 

Built as a response to the French-made Dunkerque-class of battleships, the Vittorio Veneto-class (also known outside of the game as Littorio-class note ) ships were some of the most modern for their time. Unfortunately for them, their tours of duty were cut short at the capitulation of Italy to the Allies.

  • Awesome, but Impractical : The 381mm / 50 Triple Gun Mount, which was initially available as one of March 2015 ranking rewards, and are the default equipment of the Vittorio Veneto-class battleships, is regarded as this. It is very powerful note  and long-ranged for its modestly-sized 381mm caliber note . However, the gun itself comes with a significant loss of accuracy and slight reduction of evasion despite being less than 16 inch (40.6cm in metrics) in caliber, making it all the more impractical in the Combined Fleet due to the huge accuracy penalty imposed for mobilizing such a massive fleet, meaning that this already inaccurate gun is unlikely to hit enemy ships with reliable accuracy. Since there are no in-game restrictions up to 46cm for the caliber size of the main guns for fast battleships, many players have regarded it as a joke armament and opted to replace the stock Italian BB guns with more accurate guns. The gun itself is upgradeable into its Kai version, fortunately, though the gun remains somewhat inaccurate note .
    • This is pretty much what the Italian 381mm guns were like in real life, which fires very high-velocity shells (muzzle velocity of 870 meters per second, a good 50 m/s faster than the Bismarck's guns and indeed faster than any other battleship's main guns of any size) which resulted in a theoretical maximum range on par with the 46cm guns equipped on Yamato-class battleships, but also resulted in excessive barrel wear and poor accuracy. Even brand new barrels had extremely variable accuracy, because only some of the Italian munition factories were actually producing quality shells that matched the design specs, with the rest producing absolute garbage. When the ships were unlucky enough to receive the bad ammo, the best that could be said about it was that it could fit into the chambers of the guns.
  • Lightning Bruiser: True to their historical counterparts, they are classified as fast battleships and they have both excellent firepower note  and durability as well as decent AA.
  • Necessary Drawback: In exchange for such impressive firepower, range and speed, they are fairly resource intensive to maintain, having a much higher fuel and ammo consumption rate than the Nagato-class battleships. They also require a blueprint for their (single) remodel as well.
  • Nice Hat: Technically a diadem, which is shaped like the bow decoration of the ships they are based on.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: And used to accentuate the Littorio-class' impressive... fuel tanks.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Despite being battleships, Littorio and Roma have very high-pitched voices, in the same range as the high-pitched destroyers.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Both sport a Grade-A with their striped thigh-highs.

Littorio/Italia (2nd)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Misaki Kuno
Click here to view her remodeled art 

"The second ship of the Vittorio Veneto-class battleships, Littorio. note  I have confidence in my speed and firepower. Nice to meet ya ~"
"I'm Italia, the second ship of the Vittorio Veneto-class battleships and previously known as Littorio. Nice to meet ya ~"

Littorio is the personification of the Italian battleship Littorio.
  • Born Lucky: She starts with above average luck due to having survived the war.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The foolish to Roma's responsible. This applies to both in-game and 4koma.
  • Happy Holidays Dress: Has two so far; first in the Summer Season where she wears a swimsuit and in the Christmas Holiday where she wears a Santa outfit, complete with a snowman looking like Roma.
  • Meaningful Rename: She was originally named after the Lictor, which were symbolized with the fasces. As the fasces was a symbol and namesake of fascism, when Mussolini was kicked out of power, she had to be renamed to something else. Thus "Italia", a name would be acceptable to all Italians.
  • Supreme Chef: Strongly implied to be this with all food she cooks.
  • Weight Woe: Implied in her resupply line as Italia, possibly in reference for her weight being well beyond the Washington Naval Treaty's limit for capital ships.

Roma (4th)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Misaki Kuno

"I'm the fourth battleship of the Vittorio Veneto-class, Roma. note  Nice to meet you. What? Please don't stare at me, okay?"

Roma is the personification of the Italian battleship Roma.
  • Born Unlucky: She's the first major warship to be sunk by a guided bomb attack after one of the Fritz-X radio guided bombs launched by the Germans struck one of her magazines. The force of the explosion was so powerful it blew her number 2 turret clear off of its mountings off the ship, which is why her damaged artwork is missing a turret.
  • Don't Look at Me!: She seems to hate being stared at as her quotes seem to indicate.
    Roma: I'm going to need a little repair. What? Don't stare at me.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The responsible to Littorio's foolish. This applies to both in-game and 4koma.
  • Happy Holidays Dress: She gains a Halloween-themed sprite along with Libeccio for November 2015. In her case, it's a Cute Witch costume complete with Jack-o-Lantern cannons.
  • Meganekko: A pair of Pince-nez.
  • Rare Random Drop: Unlike her sister, who was a reward for clearing map E4 of the Spring 2015 event, Roma can only be obtained as a random drop after getting an S rank on the boss node of E6 (or on a node along the way, for a much lower chance) for the same event. She's such a rare drop that many frustrated admirals have declared that Roma is a myth. After often more than a hundred runs, many admirals have also spent a multitude looking for her than they did on the entire event combined. If you hardly had any resources left to begin with, the hunt for Roma gets all the more difficult since you also have to carefully manage your resources and are often forced to pause to let your resources recover a bit which costs valuable time.
    • For the Summer 2015 event that followed, where Roma was not only a drop at a map that had guaranteed routing, even admirals playing on Easy difficulty had a chance to get her, but she was still a very rare drop.
    • It only got harder in the Fall 2015 event. Roma isn't a drop at the boss node this time, she's on a dead end node, which has an installation boss and several PT Imp Packs. S-ranking on a node that isn't the boss doesn't guarantee a drop, so it's possible to go through a perfect run and not get any sort of drop whatsoever.

Standard Aircraft Carriers (CV)

    The Aquila-class 


Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki

"Buon giorno! I'm a Mediterranean born aircraft carrier, Aquila! I am battle ready... supposedly~ But do look forward to it!"

Aquila is the personification of the Italian aircraft carrier Aquila, converted from the ocean liner SS Roma. She's introduced in the Summer 2016 Event as the E-3 and E-4 boss drop.
  • Archer Archetype: Like most of the Japanese carriers, she uses a bow to launch her planes, though hers is a composite bow.
    • The Re.2005 Kai fairy also qualifies, since the historical plane is named as Sagittario note  by Regia Aeronautica. Unfortunately, Aquila doesn't have it as her stock equipment, as it was an event-exclusive reward for clearing Summer 2016 Event at Normal or Hard difficulty.
  • Born Unlucky: Much like Graf Zeppelin before her, she was an incomplete ship that was never commissioned. To make it worse off, her own countrymen (in diving suits) sabotaged her when she was taken over by the Kriegsmarine in dry dock. It's possible that her luck is actually lower than Graf's for that reason, despite being further along in construction.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: She references her own lack of combat experience, as seen in her Introduction and Library lines.
    Aquila: I was a passenger and cargo ship converted into an aircraft carrier but, in a large-scale remodeling, my performance is close to an standard aircraft carrier... Supposedly.
  • Joke Character: She would have decent stats... if she were a light carrier. note  For a standard carrier, it's unbecoming. note  The only thing she has going for her is her low resource consumption, which is lower even than the Unryuu-class.
  • Joke Item: Her stock planes are not great, all things considered. Re.2001 OR Kai fighter has same AA stat as Type 0 Model 52 fighter, and Re.2001 G Kai torpedo bomber has the worst torpedo stat in the game.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: Her stats do not reflect how she would have been had she been completed. She was more armoured than Jun'you and would have had more anti-air mounts than Jun'you or Graf, but her armour, HP and AA stat are inferior in-game.
  • Rare Random Drop: As noted above, at the time of her introduction she is only available as a boss drop from Summer 2016 E-3 and E-4.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: She is the Red Oni to Graf Zeppelin's Blue Oni, her fellow uncompleted European carrier. Aquila is considerably more cheerful and upbeat despite her unlucky history.
  • Unknown Rival: A couple of her lines indicate that she wants to be a rival to Akagi and Graf Zeppelin. However, they don't seem to take her that seriously.
    Aquila: Hey! Graf, Akagi... Are you listening?!
  • Verbal Tic: Frequently uses the expression "yoshi yosh" when speaking.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A with her violet gartered stockings.

Submarines (SS)

    The Marconi-class 

Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504 (4th)

Artist: Jiji

Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Click here to view her as UIT- 25 
Click here to view her as I- 504 

"Ciao! I'm Luigi Torelli. That's right, Torelli... Hmmm, just Lui is fine!"

Luigi Torelli is the personification of the Italian submarine Luigi Torelli. She was first transferred to Germany and renamed UIT-25, before being moved to Japan as I-504. Luigi's introduced in the Summer 2017 Event as a drop reward in the E6 map.
  • Anti-Air: She is notable as the only submarine in the game that has an anti-air stat. This is a reference to how Italian submarines had slower diving speeds compared to other nations' submarines, which led to their crews becoming proficient at shooting at enemy aircraft. As I-504, she was allegedly responsible for last known success of an Axis naval ship in the war, where she shot down a USAAF B-25 bomber over Kobe, Japan. In-game, she can also perform anti-air cut-ins as UIT-25 or I-504 if equipped with any anti-aircraft machine guns.
  • Born Lucky: Quite high. As Luigi, base stat starts at 25, her Kai at 30, as UIT-25 at 35, and as I-504 at 40. This is due to her historical record of: being part of a Wolfpack attack on sinking multiple Greek, Norwegian, and British ships throughout 1941; surviving heavy damage in 1942 and yet still making back to port for repairs; and survived two air attacks in 1943 before her transfer to the Kreigsmarine to become UIT-25. Then she was acquired by the Japanese after Germany surrendered. Then she managed to survive the war.
  • I Have Many Names: 3 different names while in services with 3 different navies. In fact, she has a problem choosing a nickname for you to call her (and which language she's supposed to use for greetings) on each name change. For the record, she goes from "Lui" to "Ui" and finally "Go-chan".
  • Power-Up Letdown: Remodeling Luigi Torelli to her Kai form gives her a base torpedo stat of 0, similar to Maruyu, with this state persisting when remodeling to UIT-25, and she only gets her torpedo stat back once she remodels into I-504. This unusual feature is likely based on Luigi Torelli's history: when she sustained critical battle damage earlier in the war, her torpedo tubes were replaced with extra fuel tanks to turn her into a transport ship carrying supplies to and from Japan.
  • School Swimsuit: As I-504, she sports a white one.
  • Verbal Tic: She tends to append "Hanya Hanya~" at the end of her sentences.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: A pair of Type B black ones as Luigi and UIT-25.

United States Navy

The naval branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the largest naval forces in the world. While they participated in much of the Atlantic Theater, such as Operation Torch, the Sicily, Italy and Normandy landings alongside the other Allied forces, they were more famously known for their actions in the Pacific Theater, as the vast majority of their engagements were present there.

  • Eagleland: Beautiful variety. They're depicted in a sympathetic and very patriotic manner, not to mention being on the side of the good guys.
  • Gender-Blender Name: All USN destroyers and destroyer escorts fall under this, due to the US Navy tradition of each ship being named in honor of a fallen serviceman.
  • Gratuitous English: Of varying degrees. Iowa is an even bigger user of this than Kongou, judging from how many English words are in her introduction quote alone. Of course, when read in Japanese, it's not actually very good. Some have speculated that her speech pattern is modeled after Bonin English. Saratoga, Gambier Bay, and Intrepid are similar to Iowa, sprinkling English in their lines, though less frequently and with much better diction. Samuel B. Roberts doesn't have as much English in her lines compared to her earlier shipmates.
  • In-Series Nickname: Averted. For some reason, the US has Odd Name Out in that their equipment descriptions are the only one that uses the proper country name to indicate country of origin instead of some kind of nickname or oblique reference (for Germany and USSR) for other countries' equipments.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Helena, Houston, Colorado, Hornet, and South Dakota mentions serving coffee to the admiral in both their married secretary and hourly lines. It's both parts Serious Business and a running joke that coffee is the lifeblood of the American military (since the American Civil War, at that), much like how tea is Serious Business for the British military.
  • Named After Someone Famous: Mostly applied to the destroyers and destroyer escorts, as some of their namesakes are well known members in the USN's history books.
  • Nice Hat: Stylized versions of the Dixie cup hat, a garrison cap, or an officer's combination cap.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: It used to be that most of them were curvy blue-eyed blondes. As the American fleet grew, so did the number of exceptions: Saratoga and Intrepid have hair of different shades of brown; Houston has golden yellow eyes; Johnston has brown hair and eyes; Atlanta has brown hair and grey eyes; Helena has modest proportions, brown hair and green eyes; Hornet has gray eyes; and Samuel B. Roberts is flat-chested (she is a child) with blue hair and yellow eyes. South Dakota has ludicrous American flag-colored hair but it's unknown if it's dyed or not.
  • Rare Vehicles: Ironically, the Grumman F6F Hellcat qualifies as this despite Grumman producing 12,275 examples for the US Navy and Marine Corps note , as you could only import up to two early model Hellcats (F6F-3) from the quest while the rest had to be upgraded from Wildcats. There are two variants of Wildcats and Hellcats in-game for a four-stage upgrade, so upgrading a F4F-3 into F6F-5 would require you redo the 10-star improvement three times, costing massive amount of improvement material in the process.
    • The Night-Fighter Hellcats plays this even straighter, as you need a 10-star F6F-3 or F6F-5 to get their night version, which is lost upon upgrade. This is attributed to the APS-6 aircraft radar that were so delicate and complex that each unit had to be made by hand.
  • Theme Naming: US battleships are named after American states (Iowa, Colorado, South Dakota); cruisers after cities and towns (Houston, Atlanta, Helena); destroyers and destroyer escorts after late servicemen (Samuel B. Roberts, Johnston, Fletcher); carriers after old ship names and famous battles (Intrepid, Saratoga, Hornet); escort carriers after bays, sounds, rivers and islands (Gambier Bay); and submarines after marine creatures. There are exceptions, of course.
  • You Are Number 6: Their hull numbers, specifically, which are used by the US Navy in Real Life to identify each respective ship. They're typically painted on the bow of the ship, but on late-war aircraft carriers, they're painted on the flight deck.

Destroyers (DD) & Destroyer Escorts (DE)

    The Fletcher-class 
The first USN destroyers built completely free of any Treaty restrictions, and also the most numerous class of destroyers ever built, at a whopping 175 ships launched between 1942-1944. Compared to their predecessors the Gleaves-class destroyers, they were longer, more heavily armed, and had a much longer range, the last of which was necessary in crossing the vast Pacific Ocean. Other advantages included being able to fit as many Anti-Air guns as possible without the need to remove main battery mounts. The first Fletchers would see combat off the waters of Guadalcanal, and would be present in virtually every naval engagement in the Pacific onward. 19 were lost during World War II, and following the end of hostilities, they continued to serve in the US Navy until the 1960s. Many were later modernized, sold to foreign navies, or scrapped. Four ships of this class continue to survive to this day: USS Kidd (DD-661) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; USS Cassin Young (DD-793) in Boston, Massachusetts; USS The Sullivans (DD-537) in Buffalo, New York; and Greek destroyer Velos, aka the former USS Charette (DD-581), in Palairo Faliro, Greece.

  • Rare Random Drop: Both ships in this class are currently available only as event drops during limited time events.

Fletcher (DD-445) (1st)

Artist: ZECO

Voiced by: Yuki Utami
Click here to view her Kai art 
Click here to view her Kai Mod. 2 art 
Click here to view her Mk.II art 

"Thank you for your hard work. Nameship of the Fletcher-class destroyers, Fletcher, reporting for duty. A mother? Oh no, that's not... I'll try my best to be of use to everyone!"

Fletcher is the personification of the US destroyer USS Fletcher. She's introduced as a drop in E-4 of the Spring 2019 Event.
  • 13 Is Unlucky: While some consider the number "13" to be unlucky, she is the total opposite of the trope: Her crew developed what was called the "triskaidekaphilia" (love for the number 13). The Battle of Guadalcanal (which she took part in) took place on Friday the 13th of November 1942, with her being the 13th ship in a 13-ship line of battle. Her hull number (445) sums up to 13 as does Task Force 67 (which she was a member of at the time). All that and she escaped the battle unscathed. This means that for her, 13 is lucky.
  • Black Bra and Panties: Her damaged Mk. II art reveals that her underwear is black instead of the whites worn in previous versions.
  • Born Lucky: Starts off with 30 at base and 40 at Kai, maxing out to 99 at base and 100 at Kai. Considering the amount of action that her historical counterpart saw, from the mess that was the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal to the Battle of Tassafaronga, various fire support missions, and to being converted to an escort destroyer (DDE) for anti-submarine warfare in 1949 until her scrapping in 1972, it's well deserved.
  • Buxom Is Better: Rivaling Hamakaze in terms of "displacement."
  • Historical In-Joke: The nets references how her crew used cargo nets to save USS Northampton's survivors after the Battle of Tassafaronga.
  • Shown Their Work: In her Kai Mod.2 and Mk.II update, both her choker has a silver star and she has a silver star hairclip, referencing the battle stars she earned during WW2. Her metal hairband is modeled after the bridge of the earlier Fletcher-class destroyers in her default form, while the Mk.II hairband is modeled off of her bridge after being recommissioned for anti-submarine duties.
  • Took a Level in Badass: With the 20 May 2020 update, she obtained two new remodels: Kai Mod.2 and Mk.II. Mod.2 improves her surface combat capabilities while Mk.II improves her soft stats for the price of having a base Torpedo stat of 0 (which can be raised back through Modernization).
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A white leggings covered by metal plating.

Johnston (DD-557) (74th)

Artist: ZECO

Voiced by: Nao Shiraki

"Hi! I'm USS Johnston of the Fletcher-class! I’m going to be a fighting ship! That means I'll keep on fighting until I run out of shells! Once again... I'll protect all of you!"

Johnston is the personification of the US destroyer USS Johnston. She's introduced in the Winter 2019 Event as a drop in E-3.
  • Born Lucky: Like Samuel B. Roberts, she has high luck of 42 after remodel, but with only 82 max luck. Again, this is due to the same reason as Sammy B.: she fought way above her weight class in a very lopsided battle off Samar note , and managed to eventually win even when sunk.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: Her Summer CGs have her sticking her tongue out at the viewer.
  • Foreshadowing: She first appeared for October in the 2019 Kancolle calendar with Sammy B. trying to teach her how to use chopsticks, which was her commissioning month. She was also foreshadowed by 3 ranking equipments: the 5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37, the 533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Initial Model), and the SG Radar (Initial Model).
  • Girlish Pigtails: Tied up by hair ribbons bearing her flag hoist/radio call sign, "NIKZ".
  • More Dakka: Her night battle lines invoke this with "More shells!" note 
  • Necessary Drawback: While Johnston is a poor surface combatant, she excells in other roles instead, including the ability to perform OASW without any gear in her base form note  and, with right gear, having AACI that's among the strongest in the game, at least rivaling the Akizuki-class.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: Despite her historical showing where she unambiguously pulling of a feat rivaling or even surpassing Yuudachi, her surface combat stat is pitifully low, only barely higher than Sammy B. (which only puts her pretty much dead average in night battle power compared to other DD) even though a Fletcher-class has way more firepower than destroyer escorts.
  • Only Sane Man: Johnston has some moments of this in her hourly lines, like askng Yukikaze if she's cold running around without pants. This is more prominent in fanworks.
  • Pint Sized Power House: A destroyer who considers heavy cruisers to be suitable sparring partners.
  • Shown Their Work: She wears a silver star and a bronze star choker, symbolizing the six battle stars she was award with, and wears a glove only on her left hand, most likely referencing that her commander Ernest E. Evans took massive damage to his left hand (including losing 2 fingers) during the Battle off Samar. She also wears the Navy Medal of Honor on her left arm, referencing to Evans receiving the medal posthumously.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A with gray and black thigh-highs, and garter straps.

    The John C. Butler-class 
A Destroyer Escort class originating from World War II. Also known as the WGT (Westinghouse Geared Turbine) type due to their powerplant. Originally intended with 293 ships built, only 83 were ever completed, with the rest being cancelled due to the end of hostilities.

Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) (46th)

Artist: ZECO

Voiced by: Nao Shiraki

"I am the John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escort, Samuel B. Roberts! Remember it! Ah, it's long? Sam is fine, too! Nice to meet you!"

Samuel B. Roberts is the personification of the US destroyer escort USS Samuel B. Roberts. She's introduced as a limited-time quest reward for the game's 5th Year Anniversary Patch.
  • Born Lucky: For a ship who's sunk in her only major combat operation, she does have 40 luck after remodel, although her max luck is only at 80. note  This is probably because she managed to punch way above her weight class in a job she's not supposed to do at Samar. note 
  • Cool Guns: Her 5-inch cannon is mixed with the trigger, receiver, and magazine of the Fabrique Nationale P90. Also counts as Anachronism Stew seeing as the P90 did not even exist in World War II.
  • Cute Little Fangs: It's barely noticeable in the game art, but the June 2018 issue of Comptiq features a much larger image of her base art that shows it.
  • The Determinator: Thanks to her real-life counterpart's stellar Last Stand, her damaged lines portray her as this.
    (Minor Damage line): Haaa! You~! / L-Like I'd lose!
    (Major Damage line:) Huaaa! I... I can still go on. One more attack!
  • Do Not Go Gentle: As a Historical In-Joke to her epic Last Stand at Samar, her damaged art has all of her armament empty save for her depth charges (which were the only things she couldn't use in the battle), implying that even as a shipgirl she's not going down without giving her all against the enemy.
  • Foreshadowing: She's foreshadowed by the appearance of the 5-inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 as monthly reward, with the equipment fairy looking like her eventual reveal.
  • Historical In-Joke: The mini-whale in her front pouch is in reference to the incident where the real-life ship killed a whale by accident during her shakedown cruise.
  • I'm Cold... So Cold...: Her Sinking line.
    Sam: If I get shot this much... I... it hurts... it's cold. Everyone... Admiral... bye... bye...
  • Necessary Drawback: To compensate for her mediocre stat, she can perform OASW without any gear or stat requirement in her Kai form, like Isuzu Kai Ni or Tatsuta Kai Ni. She also can improve her speed to Fast with only a single turbine, while others need a turbine and boiler together.
  • Nice Hat: A stylized USN Dixie cup hat, to be precise. The ribbons attached to her hat has four international maritime signal flags spelling out "NTIK", which was her flag hoist/radio call sign.
  • The Nicknamer: Calls Gambier Bay "Gamby" in her post-remodel idle line, and in one of her hourlies:
    Sam: (Idle) Ah, yes, Gamby! What is it? Ah, so, if it's this then, this goes like that, there you go. Eh? It's no use. I'll go with you. Damn, always needing help. It's fine though.
    Sam: (14:00 line)It is two- ah, hi, Gamby! Gambier Bay! What's up? Ah, really? Me too, me too! Ehehe.
  • Odango Hair: Has a subtle-looking pair, obscured from view.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Her Kai form gives her offensive stats rivalling most Light Cruisers.
  • Shown Their Work: Her hairband has a battle star, and she wears a Navy Cross medal on her left arm, signifying her single battle star and that her namesake received a Navy Cross posthumously, respectively.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: In contrast to the other ships of the USN, she gets blue hair.

Light Cruisers (CL)

     The Brooklyn-class 
A further refinement of the New Orleans-class heavy cruisers, the Brooklyn-class light cruisers had a subsequent influence on later USN cruisers, both heavy and light in terms of armament, engines, and armor. Nine were built: Brooklyn (CL-40), Philadelphia (CL-41), Savannah (CL-42), Nashville (CL-43), Phoenix (CL-46), Boise (CL-47), Hononolulu (CL-48), St. Louis (CL-49), and Helena (CL-50). Due to the modifications St. Louis and Helena went through, they're occasionally classified under the St. Louis-subclass. Only Helena was the one to sink during WWII, Savannah and Honolulu were later sold as scrap, while the rest were transferred to other navies note .

St. Louis-subclass

Helena (CL-50) (9th under the Brooklyn-class, 2nd under the St. Louis-subclass)

Artist: acea4

Voiced by: ???
Click here to view her Kai art 

"My name is Helena. I'm the third of the St. Louis-class light cruisers, USS CL-50 Helena. Pleasure to work with you!"

The personfication of the light cruiser USS Helena. She's introduced as a drop in the E-5 and E-6 maps of the Rainy-Summer 2020 Event.
  • Born Unlucky: Starts with 9 at base and 13 at Kai. It's a possible reference to how her crew wasn't familiar with the advanced SG surface search radar that was installed after her repairs from the attack on Pearl Harbor, leading to chaos during the Battle of Cape Esperance.
  • Cool Guns: The stock and grip of her 6"/47 caliber gun resembles that of the Remington Model 11 riot gun.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Several of her hourlies mention serving coffee to the admiral.
    Married: "How about you take a break? If pushing doesn't work, try pulling! Here, coffee! Don't push yourself too hard."
    04:00: "It's 4 o'clock now. It got this late just dealing with documents. It's almost morning, Admiral. How about we take a coffee break? You do drink coffee, right?"
    05:00: "It's 5 o'clock now. Do you need more coffee? Roger, here you go. Oh! Look, Admiral, the sun's rising!"
    13:00: "It's 1 o'clock now. Here, hot coffee. I've added plenty of milk and sugar. This will pick you right up."
    20:00: "It's 8 o'clock now. Admiral, was that enough for dinner? The dessert will be heaps of vanilla ice cream! Do you want chocolate on yours? Oh, coffee...? Hah, affogato style? Alright! Heh, I'll do that too."

    The Atlanta-class 
Originally intended as flotilla leaders or fast scout cruisers, they were instead used as carrier escorts due to their excellent dual-purpose main armament, as well as their lack of sufficient armor protection. Eight ships were built both before and during the Pacific War, with the last four being part of the slightly-improved Oakland subclass. Two ships, the Atlanta and the Juneau, would be lost during the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on the 13th of November, 1942. The rest would continue to see action throughout the Pacific War, mainly in the aforementioned carrier screening role. The surviving six ships would then be decommissioned between 1946 and 1949, before being struck and scrapped in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Atlanta (CL-51) (1st)

Artist: Shizuma Yoshinori

Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka

"How is everything? I am the Atlanta-class air defense cruiser, Atlanta. I'm from Brooklyn. You're the admiral? Nice to meet you."

The personfication of the light cruiser USS Atlanta. She's introduced as the E-6 Map rewards in the Autumn 2019 Event.
  • Anti-Air: As is her historical role, she excels at this, having the highest AA stat in the game at 128 in Kai and dethroning Maya as the AA queen with even stronger AACI, Maya maxing out at 106 in Kai Ni.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Played straight and then averted. Her 20:00 line has her accepting curry cooked by Hiei, and 21:00 Atlanta says that it's actually delicious. Then her 22:00 line reveals that it was one of Kongo's recipes.
  • Boobs of Steel/Buxom Is Better: Despite being a light cruiser, Atlanta's impressive "displacement" is rather fitting in part of having the highest anti-air stat in the game.
  • Fingerless Gloves: The no-thumb-and-index-finger type.
  • Necessary Drawback: She suffers the same problem as Isuzu: they are AA specialist CL that are unable to equip seaplanes, thus unable to double attack in daytime.
  • Nice Hat: One modeled after a USN sailor's garrison cap, which includes her hull number on it and searchlights.
  • Shown Their Work: A reason why she introduced herself with "air defense cruiser" could be due to having been designated as CLAA-51 in some works, given her primary guns were mostly AA. Her earring reflects the five battle silver stars earned because of Guadalcanal.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Not as large as Gambier Bay's, though.

Heavy Cruisers (CA)

    The Northampton-class 
The second class of American "Treaty Cruisers", or cruisers heavily influenced by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, built. Compared to their predecessors, the Pensacola-class, they were lighter, had more armor, and had rearranged armament. However, due to the treaty restrictions, they still suffered from lack of sufficient armor, and as a result were still vulnerable to torpedoes and gunfire, which was proven when they saw combat during the Pacific War. Six ships were built, with three, the Northampton, Houston, and Chicago being sunk in action from 1942-43, while the Chester, Louisville, and Augusta would be refitted and upgraded throughout the war, with all three being decommissioned by 1946.

Houston (CA-30) (5th)

Artist: ZECO

Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka
Click here to view her Kai art 

"My name is Houtson. I was flagship for the Asia Fleet as a keystone of the military power in the Pacific Ocean theater. Admiral, I entrust to you."

The personification of the heavy cruiser USS Houston. She's introduced in the Fall 2019 Event as a drop in the E-4 Map.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Has a pair of dark yellow eyes and hair. (See sidepic)
  • Foreshadowing: The 8inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.9 introduced as one of the August 2019 Ranking Rewards, and the 5inch Single High-angle Gun Mount Battery introduced as one of the October 2019 Ranking Rewards had fairies in a white USN uniform, hinting at a USN CA. Houston's historical self did use 8"/55 caliber guns, as well the 5"/25 caliber guns.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Her hourlies have her serving multiple cups of coffee to the Admiral.
    (7:00) It's 7 o'clock. Come, Admiral, I've made my special breakfast for you. Is coffee fine with you?
    (8:00) It's 8 o'clock. Admiral, would you like another cup of coffee? Here!
    (12:00) It's noon. Here, my special sandwich. Would you like some coffee? Here, enjoy!
    (13:00) It's 1 o'clock. Admiral, I'm glad you liked it. Would you like another cup of coffee?
  • Nice Hat: A stylized USN officer's cap with her gun director in place of where the cap device would be.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Modeled after her bridge and emphasizes her "displacement".
  • She's Got Legs: Shows quite a lot of her pantyhose-covered thighs, thanks to her high-cut skirt.
  • Supreme Chef: is capable of cooking for the Admiral, from her special breakfast to a steak dinner.

Battleships (BB)

    The Colorado-class 
The first US battleships built prior to the Washington Naval Treaty, with originally four planned, USS Colorado (BB-45), USS Maryland (BB-46), USS Washington (BB-47), and USS West Virginia (BB-48). Due to the Treaty, Washington was canceled despite being 75% completed. The rest would go on to serve the US Navy during the Interwar Period with slight modifications. During the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Maryland and West Virginia, who were part of Battleship Row, would be damaged and sunk, respectively, with the latter later being refloated and extensively modernized. Colorado, fortunately, was undergoing a refit in the Puget Sound Naval Yard, and so was spared damage. She and Maryland would also be modernized, albeit not to the same extent as West Virginia. All three would go on to serve in the shore bombardment role, covering the landings of US Marines and Army soldiers throughout the Pacific from 1943-45. In addition, Maryland and West Virginia would see action in the Battle of Surigao Strait, the last battleship-on-battleship action of World War II. Following the end of hostilies, Colorado and West Virginia would be present in Tokyo Bay in time for the Japanese surrender. They would then participate in Operation Magic Carpet, with all three being decommissioned in 1947. All three would then be scrapped in 1959.

Colorado (BB-45) (1st)

Artist: Parsley

Voiced by: Haruna Asami
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Hi, I'm one of the Big Seven from the States, first of the Colorado-class battleships, USS Colorado. So you're the Admiral? Not too shabby. Make sure you stick real close to me. What do you say?"

Colorado is the personification of the US battleship USS Colorado. She's introduced as the E-5 Reward of the Spring 2019 Event.
  • Born Lucky: Starts with 30 at base and 40 at Kai, maxing out to 99 at base and matching Jervis with 110 at Kai, and for good reason. Her high luck was based on the fact that she wasn't present during the Attack on Pearl Harbor, getting overhauled at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in Washington at the time. She also survived two kamikaze attacks during the war, up until her decommissioning in 1947 and subsequent scrapping in 1959.
  • Foreshadowing: The 16inch Mk.I Twin Gun Mount was introduced as one of the March 2019 Ranking Rewards, which the Colorado-class battleships used, alongside one of the fairies resembling Colorado. Tweets from the official KanColle Twitter account pre-event also hinted a Colorado-class battleship.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Her married secretary line and two of her hourlies note about bringing coffee to the admiral.
  • Nice Hat: A stylized gray USN sailor's garrison cap, as well referencing her real life radar spires.
  • Opera Gloves: Gray ones covered by normal black gloves.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Compared to her fellow Big 7 members in terms of their historical counterparts' ship length, Nagato at 215.8 meters (708 feet) and Nelson at 220 meters (710 feet), Colorado's currently the shortest battleship at 190.27 meters (624 ft 3 in). In-game terms, Colorado's firepower can either be lesser or stronger than Nagato and Nelson, be it at base or at Kai between all three of them (the second remodels for the Nagato sisters are a different matter).
  • Precision F-Strike: Lets out a random "shit" when she gets slightly damaged.
  • Supreme Chef: Some of her hourly lines portray her as this, from preparing sandwiches for lunch to cooking some New York-cut steak for the Admiral's dinner.
  • Tsundere: Not as blatant as most examples in the game, but there are hints of it in her hourlies.
    Colorado: It is 11. Look how late it's gotten. Tomorrow? I'll help you with whatever you want tomorrow. ...Ah! Because... I've got no choice!

    The South Dakota-class 
Succeeding the North Carolina-class battleships, and the second class of battleships to be named after the 40th state of America when the first class of South Dakota battleships were canceled in 1920 due to the Washington Naval Treaty. Four were built, South Dakota (BB-57), Indiana (BB-58), Massachusetts (BB-59), and Alabama (BB-60), to which Massachusetts and Alabama are now museum ships in Fall River, Massachusetts, and Mobile, Alabama, respectively.

South Dakota (BB-57) (1st)

Artist: ZECO

Voiced by: Misato Matsuoka
Click here to view her Kai art 

"Nice meeting you! My name is South Dakota! Admiral, glad to work with you."

South Dakota is the personification of the US battleship USS South Dakota. She's introduced in the Rainy-Summer 2020 Event as the E-6 map reward.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her "jacket" is buttoned closed under her bellybutton.
  • Black Bra and Panties: Her Autumn Festival Damaged Art reveals a black bra underneath her Yukata.
  • Blowing a Raspberry: Her Kai Autumn Festival Damaged CG has her sticking her tongue out.
  • Born Lucky: Somewhat. While her starting stats are average at 20 at base and 36 at Kai, that she maxes out to 98 at Kai points to her surviving post-war until her scrapping in 1962. Pieces of her are preserved at the National Museum of the USN and a memorial in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • Flipping the Bird: Her raised right finger in her Autumn Festival Damaged CG.
  • Foreshadowing: She resembles the fairy on the 16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 that was released as part of the 29 May 2020 ranking rewards, the gun's description mentioned South Dakota, and the developers had changed their Twitter profile picture showing her hull number, 57.
  • The Jinx: She references herself as such in dialogue, and considering her real-life counterpart's service history, it's well fitting. Two examples: a miscommunication of steering control during the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands caused her to move out of formation and almost hit USS Enterprise, while a later incident had her colliding with USS Mahan.
  • Made of Iron: She has one of the best armor stats in the game, maxing out at 108 at Kai, putting her above every non-Yamato-class battleship. The is most likely a reflection of Guadalcanal, where she weathered a bombardment from at least half a dozen Japanese vessels with comparatively little damage.
  • More Dakka: Well, artwise when compared to her fellow battleships Colorado and Iowa on displaying more of her dual purpose 5-inch guns.
  • Multicolored Hair: Red, white, and blue being the most prominent.
  • Must Have Caffeine: A lot of her hourlies mention serving the admiral her "special coffee."
  • Nice Hat: Based off of her rangefinder.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Like Colorado, South Dakota's one of the shorter battleships at 680 feet long (210 meters) note , but her firepower still isn't something to sneeze at, with 81 at base to maxing out at 100, 86 at Kai before maxing out at 109.
  • Shown Their Work: Two pins on her right shoulder are the maritime flags for "N" and "E", the first two letters of her radio call sign, "NEBC." Interestingly enough, her default form's jacket is brown, similar to what was worn by the Women's Army Corps, whereas her Kai form's jacket is the more traditional navy blue.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Her hair is the coloration of the American flag, even having stars on it.

    The Iowa-class 
The first US battleships built without any of the Washington Naval Treaty restrictions, as well as the last US battleship class built and commissioned. They are also the longest and fastest battleships in the world. All four served in World War II as carrier escort ships and in the shore bombardment role, and would continue to do so in The Korean War, The Vietnam War note , and well into The Gulf War, when the last would be decommissioned in late 1991. All four ships are now museums in different parts of the United States: USS Iowa (BB-61) in San Pedro, California; USS New Jersey (BB-62) in Camden, New Jersey; USS Missouri (BB-63) in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; and USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Penultimate Weapon: The 16inch Triple Gun Mount Mark 7 note , which was initially available as one of December 2015 ranking rewards - and being the default equipment of the Iowa-class battleships it certainly qualifies - as the gun itself has outstanding firepower note  and accuracy note , making it a very practical armament to be equipped on virtually any battleship in Kancolle should the player manage to obtain it note .
    • The gun itself becomes even better with 30 June 2016 update, as the gun is not only improvable from Akashi's Arsenal, it can also be upgraded further with an integrated gun fire control system, further increasing its accuracy note  and grants slight increase to evasion. For all the perks however, the gun itself doesn't get any extra firepower or range, and it takes massive amount of resources to upgrade the gun (with 12 46cm Triple Gun Mount for each gun) in the first place. The gun also Broke the Rating Scale by being the first six-star equipment in the game until Spring 2019 event, which introduces another 6-star and even a first 7-star equipment.

Iowa (BB-61) (1st)

Artist: Shizuma Yoshinori

Voiced by: Chinami Hashimoto

"Hi! It's me of the Iowa-class battleships, Iowa. You are the Admiral of this fleet? Not bad! Take care of us!"

Iowa is the personification of the US battleship USS Iowa. Introduced in Kancolle Kai, the spinoff game on Play Station Vita. She's a reward for clearing the final stage on Kai hard difficulty of the Vita version, and is the E7 reward in the Spring 2016 Event on the browser version.
  • Anti-Air: Exceeds even the Akizuki-class destroyers at their maximum base stat, due to the real Iowa having a high number of AA guns when air superiority and defense became increasingly important by the time she was launched and commissioned. This is referenced by the Bofors 40 mm cannons and Oerlikon 20 mm cannons mounted on top of Turrets 2 and 3.
    • Her unique (at the time of her introduction, at least) equipment all have a good amount of anti-air stats as well. Special mention goes to the 5inch Twin Gun Mount Mk.28 mod.2 and the Bofors 40mm Quadruple Autocannon Mount, both of which can activate anti-air cut-ins under the right conditions.
  • Badass Boast: Her night battle line is this, referencing how her class was the last class of battleships active in the entire world.
    Iowa: If you think battleships are outdated, watch this. Fire!
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her short corset accentuates part of her shapely abdomen.
  • Big "OMG!": In her sunken line.
    Iowa: Oh my god... I lost...? The water is... My consciousness is... Admiral...
  • Boisterous Bruiser: As seen by her attack line:
    Iowa: Fire! Fire! Ahahaha! Let's go! Yeah!
  • Boobs of Steel: Which is comparable to the Yamato sisters. note 
  • Born Lucky: Well, she's still around today as a museum ship. She even managed to survive being accidentally fired on (twice) by one of her own escorting destroyers during her time as the personal transport for Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as a a turret explosion, unlike Mutsu.
    • Notably, despite having outlived most of the ships from World War II, she still has lower base luck stat than a couple other Born Lucky ships such as Yukikaze and Shigure, with her base luck among the battleships being second only to Haruna at her second remodel. This may be because of the aforementioned turret explosion, as well as her not taking part in as many battles as the latter two that weren't Curb Stomp Battles.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Being the completion reward for clearing hard mode on KanColle Kai, and later the last stage of the browser version's Spring 2016 event, she kind of comes off as this, particularly for seasoned Admirals of the latter who somehow cleared the said map on Hard.
  • Cleavage Window: Her knotted shirt-corset combo makes for quite an "impressive" view of her "displacement".
  • Cuteness Overload: She has this reaction upon seeing the Kongou sisters in her 16:00 hourly line, being shocked at how pretty they are.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Her skirt is only twice as long as the belt used to secure it.
  • The Dreaded: Only in the 4-koma, but Katori and Maikaze (who Iowa - and New Jersey in the latter's case - sunk at Truk) tend to suffer panic attacks when anything related to Iowa is shown or mentioned. They managed to get over it via group therapy before meeting Iowa proper, however note . Nowaki (who was pursued by Iowa and New Jersey while escaping Truk), while didn't suffer panic attack, feels uneasy with things related to Iowa.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Stars as her pupils.
  • Flower in Her Hair: Roses placed alongside her Mast Hat in her 2017 New Year CG (see Pretty in Mink entry below.)
  • Foil: To Yamato. A Boisterous Bruiser to Yamato's more shy and polite demeanor, lead ships of their respective navies' largest and most powerful battleship class, being the latest battleship classes of their countries, and dark blues to Yamato's reds. And they were more or less like hotels in their respective navies - Iowa has a bathtub and elevator due to ferrying President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Tehran, while Yamato's nickname of "Hotel Yamato" was because she had better living conditions compared to other IJN ships.
    • Also serves one to Warspite. While Warspite was the pioneer of the fast battleship concept, and also one of the oldest fast battleships built, Iowa is the last, youngest and most advanced of the fast battleship designs. Also to Kongou for the same reason (and she's even older than Warspite).
  • Foreshadowing: Both in the game and 4koma, her 16inch Triple Gun Mount appeared before she did, heralding the arrival of at least one Iowa-class battleship, which turned out to be the nameship herself.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: While she historically equipped the 16-inch Mk7 Main Guns, for some reason the MK7 initially caused the same overweight penalty as the 46cm guns from the Yamato-class, resulting in an accuracy penalty. While this could've been chalked up due to her guns being unusually large for a fast battleship note , it should be noted than none of the other fast battleships suffered the same penalty. Thankfully, this was resolved in the June 30, 2016 update.
  • Going Commando: Her damaged art seems to show her not wearing any panties underneath her already Dangerously Short Skirt. Her Figma model, however, has a thin black piece of cloth on her waist, just to the right of where her damaged skirt is. This is actually the remains of what appears to be underwear.
  • Gorgeous Gaijin: Her outfit invokes this, due in part to being based on pin-up girls found on Nose Art of American planes, American propaganda posters, and in war bond drives during World War II.
  • Idiot Hair: Right in front of her cap, although it's more noticeable in official art featuring her shaking hands with Yamato.
  • Innocently Insensitive: In some of her hourlies, she refers to Yamato as the Yamato Hotel while complimenting her cooking. In the 4-koma, this seems to stem from her not having much problem with people calling her Iowa Museum, and think that that's equivalent with Yamato Hotel.
  • Interface Spoiler: Her existence was spoiled by the Kancolle Kai Platinum trophy listing, as the trophy for acquiring her is simply called "Iowa".
  • I "Uh" You, Too: Evoked with her marriage line
    Iowa: Admiral, what's this ring? An engagement ring? For me...? Thank you... me too...
  • Lightning Bruiser: Even moreso than any other fast battleships, as her base stats aree second only to Yamato-class in the game, and her real-life maximum speed was approximately 33 knots (38mph/61kmph). To put it simply, she's the Infinity +1 Sword of fast battleships.
  • Marshmallow Hell: In chapter 127 of the 4-koma Iowa hugs Shimakaze and Yukikaze in gratitude for rescuing her from the Abyssal ships and their faces get squashed right into her cleavage. The two flustered destroyers later can only describe the experience as "amazing..."
  • Necessary Drawback: Her stats were outstanding for a battleship, bearing outstanding anti-air stats and her firepower and armor stats are well over 10 points above any battleships apart from the Yamato-class. In return, her stats were somewhat inferior compared to the latter, and although she retains the "fast" speed and similarly fewer resource consumption in comparison, her resource consumption is still leagues apart from an average battleship. note 
    • Her gun range is limited to plain "Long" as well, unlike the "Very Long" range of the Yamato and Vittorio Veneto-class battleships note , meaning her shelling commences after both battleship classes during the first shelling phase.
    • She also has lowest evasion among all remodeled fast battleships, at 70.
  • Nice Hat: A USN sailor's garrison cap designed to look like her rangefinder and funnels.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Which emphasizes her Boobs of Steel and bears her hull number, 61.
  • Opera Gloves: White ones that are combined with navy blue Fingerless Gloves that has large cuffs.
  • Patriotic Fervor: Her outfit comes off as this, in part due to being based on pinup girls from World War II-era Nose Art and war bond drives.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Most of her art shows her smiling or having a happy expression. Ever in her damaged art, she's still not frowning.
  • Pretty in Mink: Her New Year 2017 CG has her wear a fur scarf over her very America-themed Kimono.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Notably has reds and blues on her costume, particularly her leggings, and is firmly on the side of the good guys.
  • Rare Random Drop: Her remodeled version has the same rarity level as the Yamato class, i.e 8.
  • "Silly Me" Gesture: She does this in her damaged portrait.
  • Sole Survivor: At the time of her introduction, she's the only ship in the game to have not only survived through WWII but to have lasted intact to modern times as a museum ship.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She's often portrayed as being considerably taller than even other battleships, due to her class historically being the longest battleships ever built.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfit is already highly revealing by the game's standards, with only Musashi beating her in this department. Interestingly enough, she looks to have been based off of old American WWII pin-up posters, showing that her design does actually have some historical basis.
    • Another possible reason for this is due to the Iowa-class battleships using the "all-or-nothing" armor layout, where the armor only covers the important parts of a battleship, such as the magazine or ship's citadel.
    • Averted by her New Year's art, where she wears a modest American Flag-patterned kimono instead.
  • The Tease: Her equipment lines border on flirty and outright sexually suggestive, due to how the lines are pronounced.
  • This Is Not a Drill: Says this word for word in one of her secretary lines. note 
    "This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! Hey, Admiral?!"
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Her leggings feature American flag colorings. Fanartists even sometimes portray her undergarments as an actual American flag.
    • Her New Year's kimono is also patterned after an American flag.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A with red, white and blue thigh-highs and garter straps.

Standard Aircraft Carriers (CV)

    The Lexington-class 
Originally designed and built as battlecruisers, their production was halted midway due to the implementation of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. Thus, they were converted into aircraft carriers under compliance. As a result, when both were commissioned in 1927 as the second and third carriers of the USN, they emerged as one of the largest and best aircraft carriers of the time. Both would go on to serve during the early parts of the Pacific war, with Lexington sunk early in 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea, while Saratoga would receive numerous refits and serve in both combat and training roles until 1945. The latter, along with several other US Navy ships deemed too old for service, would be expended as part of Operation Crossroads in Bikini Atoll.

  • Super Prototype: At the time of their commissioning, they were the biggest and fastest aircraft carriers in the world. note  Even at the outbreak of World War II, when given AA and artillery refits, they proved able to compete even against some of Japan's newer aircraft carrier designs.

Saratoga (CV-3) (2nd)

Artist: Shizuma Yoshinori

Voiced by: Shizuka Ito
Click here to see Kai art 
Click here to see her Mk. II art 
Click here to see her Mk.II Mod. 2 art 

"Hello! I am Saratoga, an aircraft carrier. Admiral, please call me Sara. Pleased to meet you."

Saratoga is the personification of US carrier USS Saratoga. She's introduced in the Fall 2016 Event as the E-5 reward.
  • All There in the Manual: Official design sketches of Saratoga's weapon describe how it works: her gun consists of a dual-trigger system composing of a small trigger that loads planes from the magazine onto one of two elevators to be sent up to the flight deck, with the position of weapon's fire selector switch determining which of the two elevators will be used, and a large trigger that launches all available aircraft currently on the flight deck.
  • Big "OMG!": Exclaims this at times.
  • Boobs of Steel: Her chest size is very close to Unryuu's, and she's one of the strongest carriers in the game.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: She does this whenever she suffers medium or heavy damage.
  • Born Lucky: She's one of three pre-war USN carriers note  to survive through World War II, the others being Enterprise and Ranger. However, her base luck stat after remodel is 35, only 5 higher than Katsuragi. This is most likely due to the fact that she didn't participate as much in more famous operations and, like Hibiki, was frequently getting repaired from damage.
  • Cool Guns: Her flight deck looks like it is designed after the Thompson submachine gun. Aside of having the signature grips of one, she has both regular magazines and drum magazines what presumably hold her planes. But due to the size of her flight deck (and how she wields it) it goes well into BFG-tier.
  • Cryptic Background Reference: Her reference to Operation Crossroads is only a mention of the "certain experiment" alongside Nagato and the others in her library line, and her line about not being good at making breads in her married secretary line.Note 
  • Fingerless Gloves: Gains one on her right hand in her Mk.II forms.
  • Foil: To Akagi and Kaga. All three were originally built as battlships or battlecruisers for their respective nations, only to be converted into aircraft carriers under compliance of the Washington Naval Treaty. But while the Japanese carriers emphasize an old, traditional motif, Saratoga has a more modern motif. It's even evident in contrasting choices of weaponry between them.
    • Also serves as one to Ark Royal. Both of them are the first representative carrier girls for their respective navy. But while Ark Royal is a Flawed Prototype who was lost early in the war, Saratoga is a Super Prototype who served throughout and survived the war. Heck, their bust sizes and choice of weaponry both contrast.
  • Foreshadowing: She was mentioned by nickname ("Sara-chi") in I-26's 1400-hour line months before she was introduced.
  • In-Series Nickname: I-26 calls her Sara-chi. Saratoga refers to herself with diminutive form of her name: Sara.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats:
    • She has the best overall stats of all the standard carriers ingame: upgraded to Kai, she boasts a massive aircraft capacity of 90, split into nearly even slot sizes (one 36-plane slot and three 18-plane slots), and also sports the highest health and 2nd anti-air of all carriers, along with firepower and armor second only to the Shoukaku-class second remodels and Intrepid. All of these make her a Master of All that is highly effective at both opening air strikes and bombing. Also, at least in her base form, she is capable of attacking enemy ships at night with guns like Graf Zeppelin.
    • Her Mk. II remodel forms improve everything further, with her standard Mk. II which turns her into a Night Carrier that allow her to perform plane attacks at night without Night Battle Personnel, and her Mk.II Mod.2 version which is an Armored Carrier with the plane capacity equal to Shoukaku-class at regular Kai Ni and the 2nd heaviest armor of all carriers ingame.
  • Joke Item: While her stats as an aircraft carrier are outstanding, she is only equipped with early WW2 era planes as her stock equipment, namely the SBD, TBD and F4F Wildcats. The Wildcat's stat in-game has lower AA stats than a standard issue Zero fighter, much less a skilled one. Both TBD and SBD are slightly better than their Japanese counterparts, but experienced Admirals would've already have more than enough later generation planes (such as Reppuu and Ryuusei Kai) with better performance available in reserve.
  • Marilyn Maneuver: Her regular CG has her doing a pose similar to this. Particularly odd, considering that she keeps drum magazines inside her dress. Even in her Mk. II CG arts, she's still posing like this.
  • Multicolored Hair: Has black streaks in her mostly brown hair.
  • Necessary Drawback: In exchange for her combat power, she has the second highest resource consumption of all the standard carriers after the remodeled Shoukaku-class, the lowest evasion score of all the standard carriers even after her Mk. II remodel, and her Kai remodel downgrades her starting "Medium" range to "Short", along with losing the ability to perform night attacks, though the medium range is regained when remodeled further. Also, both of her Mk II and mod 2 remodels has the highest resource consumption of the classes she belong to (standard carrier and armored carrier, respectively) in the game.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Unlike other carriers, she starts off with "Medium" range, but after her Kai remodel her range is reduced to "Short" instead as well as losing her night combat capability. This is most likely due to the historical removal of her 8-inch guns and replacing them with 5-inch dual purpose guns. Inverted in her Mk. II remodel, however, which gives her back her medium range and even better Night Combat ability which allows for night aircraft attack, and she has an alternate remodel which turns her into an Armored Carrier.
  • Signature Headgear: Uses her distinctive smokestack as a scrunchy to form her hair into a side ponytail.
  • Shown Their Work: With Saratoga having her flight deck held in her left hand, her smokestack as her hair tie on the right side of her head, and her 8-inch guns on her right hip, her overall design is identical to her real life counterpart's layout.
  • Surprisingly Good English: While she speaks less English than Iowa, the few lines she does utter are second only to Warspite in quality.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Downplayed. She received her Mk. II remodel on 2017-09-12 update, but due to her stats at Kai being extremely good to begin with, her Mk. II remodel only gives minor improvements in most areas. However, she comes with 2 reversible forms: Her Mk.II version, which is a Night Battle Carrier capable of launching aircraft at night using night fighters and the ability to perform night battle cut-ins without Night Battle Personnel; And her Mk.II Mod.2 Armored Carrier form, which exchanges the night battle capacity for the ability to perform shelling at Medium damage (though still unable to operate jets), grants the largest plane capacity of all Armored Carriers. note  She still has horrible evasion, however.
  • Trouser Space: A female variation, with her planes stored in stacked and drum magazines underneath her dress.

    The Yorktown-class 
Succeeding USS Ranger and building up what the USN learned from the Lexington-class carriers while still restricted by the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, the Yorktown-class carriers saw most of the early action of the Pacific War after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Three were built, USS Yorktown (CV-5), Enterprise (CV-6), and Hornet (CV-8). Yorktown and Hornet both sank in 1942 during the war, while Enterprise was scrapped in 1958.

Hornet (CV-8) (3rd)

Artist: Konishi

Voiced by: Ai Fairouz

"I see. So you're the Admiral I've been hearing about. Pleasure meeting you. I'm USS CV-8, Hornet. I'm looking forward to you."

Hornet is the personification of US carrier USS Hornet, introduced in the Rainy-Summer 2020 Event as the E-7 map reward.
  • Cool Guns: Like Saratoga and Gambier Bay, she gets a US firearm for a launcher, in this case the M1903 Springfield rifle like Intrepid. And similar to Intrepid, Hornet's flight deck isn't integrated with her gun but carried on her side like a carrying case.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Her married secretary line and several of her hourlies mention serving coffee to the admiral.
  • Office Lady: What her overall design brings to mind, although her jacket resembles more of the flight jackets worn by pilots/naval aviators, that of the 1st Model Deck jacket.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: Wears pantyhose, unlike the garters or thigh-highs of her fellow USN carriers Saratoga and Gambier Bay.

    The Essex-class 

The most numerous class of fleet carriers built during World War II for any nation, at a whopping 24 ships launched between 1942 and 1945. Developed from the preceding Yorktown-class ships, they were 7000 tons heavier, had longer range, and had flight decks which were 10 feet wider than their predecessors. 15 of these ships would go on to serve during the Pacific War, with the rest being completed and commissioned immediately following the end of hostilities. None were lost during the war, although at least two of these ships would never be recommissioned following heavy damage they had received late in the Pacific War. They would later see service in The Korean War and The Vietnam War following repeated modernization, and would also play a role in The Space Race as recovery ships. They would gradually be phased out of service starting in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with the last, the USS Lexington (CV-16) being decommissioned in November 1991. Four ships of this class, the aforementioned Lexington, Yorktown (CV-10), Intrepid (CV-11), and Hornet (CV-12) survive as museums throughout the United States.

Intrepid (CV-11) (3rd)

Artist: Shibafu

Voiced by: Hikari Kubota
Click here to view her original Kai form 
Click here to view her new Kai form 

"Hi! Fifth ship of the Essex-class aircraft carriers, I'm Intrepid! You're the admiral? How lovely! Now, shall we go forth together? Is that alright?"

Intrepid is the personification of US carrier USS Intrepid, introduced as the E-7 Map reward of the Winter 2018 Event.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Refers to the Admiral as "Honey".
  • Born Lucky: Still around today as a museum ship. Also, despite her nickname of "Decrepit" and "the Dry I" due to her spending a lot of time in docks due to damage, she still starts at 45 luck on base form and 50 remodeled, equal to that of other lucky carriers like Zuikaku and Hiryuu, maxing out at 100.
  • Cool Guns: Like Saratoga and Gambier Bay, she gets a US firearm for a launcher, in this case the M1903 Springfield rifle. Although unlike the former two, her flight deck isn't a part of the launcher. Instead, her flight deck for receiving aircraft is placed on the side of her body much like Houshou and the members of CarDiv 1, 2, and 5, attached to her backpack.
  • Foreshadowing: A minor example, but her appearance was foreshadowed with the addition of the F6F-5 Hellcat and F4U Corsair, aircraft types that Saratoga never flew from her decks historically, but types that Essex-class carriers like Intrepid flew from late 1944 and early 1945, respectively.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: With the primary exception of her HP, night battle ability, and firepower, her Kai form is basically a supercharged version of Saratoga Mk. II, boasting the highest armor in the game at 90, the highest carrier AA, good firepower, cavernous hanger size with 112 aircraft total and having medium range right from the start that doesn't get downgraded partway unlike Saratoga.
  • Necessary Drawback: Her great stat comes with great resource consumption, with second highest fuel and the highest ammo consumption among the carriers.
  • You Wanna Get Sued?: An artfully-timed cough interrupts her saying Area 88.

Light (CVL) & Escort Aircraft Carriers (CVE)

    The Casablanca-class 
The most numerous class of aircraft carriers built during World War II for any nation, at a whopping 50 ships. Of interesting note is that all ships of this class were built by one manufacturer: the Kaiser Shipyards. Five were lost during the war, while all surviving examples were later mothballed and scrapped. None of these ships survive to this day. Due to their small size and status as mass production type ships, they were called "jeep carriers" or "Kaiser jeeps", with varying degrees of affection.

Gambier Bay (CVE-73) (19th)

Artist: Akira

Voiced by: Shuu Uchida

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Gambier Bay... Eek! Do-don't shoot! Phew... Th-that's a relief!"

Gambier Bay is the personification of US escort carrier USS Gambier Bay. She's introduced in the Winter 2018 Event as the E-4 reward.

She is one of the focus characters, alongside Commandant Teste and Tashkent, in the KanColle spin-off comic Tonight, Another Salute!

  • Breakout Character: She's just another ship in the game, but the main character in one of the spin-off comics.
  • Cool Guns: Her flight deck is similar to Saratoga's, with a layout complete with a rifle stock and pistol grip. It is unclear what it is based off of.
  • Foreshadowing: She's foreshadowed by December 2017 ranking reward FM-2 which bears Gambier Bay's VC-10 squadron tail marking during Battle of Leyte Gulf, and thus her subsequent sinking off Samar.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Despite repelling a much larger fleet alongside the Taffy 3, Gambier Bay has very low self-esteem, likely stemming from the fact that she was the only carrier sunk during this battle.
    Gambier Bay: "I'm... not good..."
  • Iconic Item: In various arts and merchandises, official and fan-made, she's very likely to be shown with horned Abyssal lifebuoys. The ironic thing is that it doesn't actually belong to her, it's her Abyssal counterpart's, yet she's the one being associated with it.
  • Master of None: While she is an escort carrier and her lower stats are counterbalanced by anti-submarine warfare, she's hopelessly outclassed by Taiyou and Zuihou K2B; the former due to Taiyou's monstrous ASW stats in later forms and her ability to equip many ASW-related items, and the latter by her far superior combat ability. What she has going for herself though is her lower resource consumption in comparison to the two other ASW-capable light carriers available as of the Winter 2018 event, and the fact she is remodeled more easily than the other two. Harsher in Hindsight when you consider her self-deprecating behavior...
  • Mega Twintails: Her pigtails are almost as big as her head.
  • No Sense of Direction: An official piece of art work shows her in confusion while looking at a map, implying she isn't good with direction. Like many traits, this got flanderized by the fandom of her losing her way very easily. Even official derived works also amplifies this trait, like in Tonight, Another Salute! where she has problem even getting out of a building she's in.
  • Shown Their Work: A hairband in her Measure 32 dazzle camo and her radar as a sort of hairpin.
  • Shrinking Violet: Rather timid and tends to stutter.
  • Stereotype Flip: While Gambier Bay fits the physical stereotype of American women in Japan, her timid personality is in stark contrast to the stereotypical boisterous American personality.
  • Surprisingly Good English: Befitting a Shuu Uchida-voiced ship.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: As she was sunk in Leyte by The Kurita fleet, she's downright scared of them.
    Gambier Bay: "The Kurita Fleet is terrible! There's no way, no way I could fought against them. Super scary... Super dangerous... I'm just couldn't..."
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A. She wears thigh-high white boots with her hull number on her left leg.

Royal Navy

The naval arm of the United Kingdom and the most powerful naval power in the world until late World War 2. They participated in pretty much all theaters, but after the collapse of ABDA Command, the Indian Ocean raid and the need of fleet in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meant that they didn't participate much in major Pacific engagements until 1944.

  • Gratuitous English: Jervis and Janus don't use as much as their fellow Brits, but the quality doesn't reach their level - it's more akin to Kongou's usage. note  While Nelson has a smattering here and there in her lines, it's not to the level of Warspite or Ark Royal's diction.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Country of black tea" is used as UK's nickname in various equipment descriptions.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Warspite pronounces "admiral" as "ad-mire-al", the only outlier to her otherwise flawless English. This is an extremely archaic pronunciation. The trope is subverted in regards to Ark Royal's pronunciation of "Admiral" being correct this time, a clear difference with her fellow British comrade Warspite. However, Ark Royal does sound like she also has slight Rhotacism (pronounce R's as W's).
  • Surprisingly Good English: Apart from her odd pronunciation of "Admiral", Warspite's English is very fluent, moreso than other shipgirls who use Gratuitous English. The same applies to Ark Royal's lines as well. Both even have a proper British accent when they speak it. Justified, since their voice actress spent a significant amount of time overseas (Australia, to be specific.) However, the English lines tend to slow down a bit.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: As with Iowa and Bismarck that came before, Warspite, Jervis, Janus and Nelson are blondes with blue eyes. Ark Royal's the outlier of being a redhead.
  • Theme Naming: Unlike other nation, British theme naming only applies to a specific class and not across the whole ship type. It's also pretty complicated on how each class is assigned naming scheme. For example, this is for destroyers.
  • You Are Number 6: Pennant numbers, which are used by the Royal Navy to identify their ships, much like how the US Navy uses their hull numbers.

Destroyers (DD)

  • Theme Naming: Royal Navy destroyer classes during the war can be divided in two naming styles: "Letter" and "Concept". "Letter" classes like the J-class use Alphabetical Theme Naming, where all ships of a class have names (a random mix of nouns and proper names, leaders uses names of famous admirals) that start with the same initial. "Concept" classes like, as an example, the Tribal-class uses names that are based on that concept (Obviously, names of tribes from around the world for the Tribal-class. Canadian and Australian Tribal-class uses names of aboriginal tribes from their respective countries).

    The J-class 
  • Foreshadowing: In a fashion, as the HF/DF + Type144/147 ASDIC (developed by the RN for anti-submarine warfare) that was part of the August 2017 Ranking Reward had two fairies that would resemble the later released Jervis and Janus.

Jervis (F00 from 1937-1940, G00 from 1940-1946) (1st)

Artis: Konishi

Voiced by: Nao Touyama

"Nice to meet you! Lucky Jervis has arrived! Yup, that's right! Leave it to me!"

Jervis is the personification of the British destroyer HMS Jervis, introduced in the Winter 2018 Event as a E-4 drop.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Refers to the Admiral as "Darling".
  • Born Lucky: Matches Yukikaze with starting at 50 as her base, 55 at Kai and reaching 110 when maximized, one point higher than Warspite and making her the ship with the absolute highest maximum luck stat in game until Grecale appeared. Given that she was one of the most awarded RN ships for Battle Honours (second only to Warspite), she also never lost a crew member throughout the entire war, hence her nickname "Lucky Jervis".
  • Named After Someone Famous: Her namesake is RN Admiral of the Fleet John Jervis, who was also a patron of RN Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson.
  • Nice Hat: A white hat with a black ribbon.
  • Rare Random Drop: She is first introduced as one of the Winter 2018 E4 drop, along with Daitou. Said map in particular is noted for its fairly long path to the boss, not to mention the wall of Ru-classes at the node right before it. To top it off, she would appear in the Friend Fleet as part of the European Combined Grand Fleet reinforcement at the boss node, making her farming attempts at E4 a potentially tantalizing experience unless if you bring one of its potential participants. She is also available as E5 drop, albeit with lower drop rate.

Janus (F53) (5th)

Artis: Konishi

Voiced by: Ari Ozawa

"Hi! My name is Janus! That's right, sister ship of Jervis... Wha? You don't know? Total quackery. Alright, make sure you remmber it"

Janus is the personification of the British destroyer HMS Janus, introduced as the E-3 Map reward in the Summer 2019 Event.

Battleships (BB)

    The Queen Elizabeth-class 

The very first warship class to be designated as Fast Battleships, and has served heavily both in World War I and World War II.

Warspite (03) (2nd)

Artist: Konishi

Voiced by: Shuu Uchida

"My name is Battleship Warspite, of the Queen Elizabeth-class. Admiral, thanks for having me."

Warspite is the personification of the British battleship HMS Warspite. She was introduced as the E-4 map clear reward in the Summer 2016 Event.
  • All There in the Manual: Official supplemental material and the arcade version show that Warspite's rigging has a battle mode where she stands up.
  • Big "OMG!": One of her minor damage quotes has her exclaim this.
  • Born Lucky: Even more so than Yukikaze, as she has 55 Base luck, which reaches up to 70 upon remodel. Capable of hitting 109 when fully-modernized. Considering that she had fought in World War I, including at Jutland, and survived World War II (including two hits from the same Fritz-X bombs that sank Roma), thus becoming the most decorated ship in the Royal Navy, she certainly deserved such a high luck stat. note 
  • Clothing Damage: Downplayed; her damaged portrait is rather modest in comparison to other characters. The only parts of her clothing that are torn are her stockings and one sleeve, providing very little Fanservice as a result. Her being Born Lucky is one possible reason for this.
  • Cool Chair: Her rigging is based on the Coronation Chair.
  • Cool Crown: Keeping with the royal theme, she wears a tiny crown off-center on her head, attached to a hairband.
  • The Dreaded: Zara and Pola run from her in her 2100-hour line, due to her involvement in sinking them in the Battle of Cape Matapan.
  • Flower in Her Hair: A red rose attached to her ribbon in her 2018 New Year CG, which happens to be England's national flower.
  • Foil: To Iowa. While Iowa is the last, youngest, and most advanced of the fast battleship designs, Warspite is the pioneer of the fast battleship concept, and also one of the oldest fast battleships built.
  • Foreshadowing: Warspite was mentioned in Libeccio's 1700-hour line.
  • Handicapped Badass: Quite a number of fanarts depict her as being disabled in the legs, requiring her rigging or a wheelchair to move around. While this makes sense (the ship got some damage in the rudder that was never fully fixed), an official concept art shows that she can in fact stand up well, albeit she uses a part of her rigging as a cane. In the Arcade version, she stands upright in the home screen; during a sortie, she'll normally sit down, but if she gets a cut-in attack, there'll be a special animation where she stands up before firing.
  • Lady of War: Conducts herself in a dignified and composed manner, in keeping with her nickname, the "Grand Old Lady."
  • Necessary Drawback: To compensate for her excellent firepower, her ludicrously high luck and one of the lowest resource consumption amongst battleships, her speed is listed as "slow" note  and her actual durability is equivalent to a Second Remodel Kongou-class (lower health but decent armor). She also has the highest level requirement for a single remodel note .
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Although it doesn't emphasize her "displacement" as much as Iowa's does.
  • Older Than They Look: Has the appearance of a young queen, but is historically one of the oldest battleships in the game, being only two years younger than Kongou, and three years younger than Gangut. note 
  • She's Got Legs: Not exactly apparent due to the positioning of her Cool Chair, but her art does show her classy hips and thighs well.
  • Shown Their Work: Warspite's Christmas seasonal line has her greet "Happy Christmas", which is the proper British way of greeting the Christmas holidays instead of the more North American "Merry Christmas".
  • Staff of Authority: Her sceptre, based off of her mast, and her orb, which has a sword in lieu of the cross.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A with her white gartered stockings.

    The Nelson-class 

Nelson (28) (1st)

Artist: Konishi

Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
Click here to see her Kai art 

"I am Nelson. So you're my Admiral? Humph, I see. Good. Show me how you command. I have high expectations."

Nelson is the personification of the British battleship HMS Nelson. She's introduced as the E-5 reward in the Early Fall 2018 Event.
  • The Alcoholic: Justified, as the RN used to give rum rations - also called tots - to their sailors until it was abolished in 1970 out of fear that the sailors wouldn't pass a breathalyzer test and the lack of steady hands on complex machinery (save for special occasions in the modern day). Her Equipment 3 line suggests that the admiral serve some rum, and many of her hourly lines make mention of drinking - can't sleep, take a drink; dinner time, drink; noisy torpedo squadrons, drink.
  • Antiquated Linguistics: The "I" - 余 yo - she uses throughout her lines is an archaic-formal way of saying "I" in Japanese.
  • Boobs of Steel: Her Firepower in base form maxes out at 102, while 114 in Kai, just shy of matching Iowa's max Firepower of 105 in base form and 115 in Kai.
  • Born Lucky: Not to the degree of her fellow Brits Warspite or Jervis, but Nelson does max out at a respectable 89 at base and 98 at Kai. She survived past the war until her scrapping in 1949.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: To reflect the asymmetrical placement of the main guns on her real-life counterpart (all her main gun turrets were lined up in front of the bridge tower), her main art has her wielding her main guns on her right side. This also mirrors her closest contemporary in the Marine Nationale, Richelieu. However, her rigging is designed to be able to avert this by docking her gun rigging in front of her, resembling the original ship at the same time. This is her "Nelson's Touch" form.
  • Foreshadowing: One of the July 2018 Ranking rewards was the 16inch Mk.I Triple Gun Mount gun with a fairy wearing similarly horned-headgear and the white sailor suit of the RN.
  • Limit Break: If you have her as flagship, not damaged down to orange health or lower, no submarines in fleet, in PVE battle, and no carrier in 3rd and 5th position, you can activate her special attack by choosing double line formation where she and ships in 3rd and 5th position will attack 3 targets with Nelson's 1 shelling attempt. This can only be activated once per sortie.
  • Named After Someone Famous: Her namesake is RN Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, one of the British's most legendary naval heroes.
  • Signature Headgear: Her head gear references her real-life radar spires as well part of her superstructure.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A with her gray thigh-highs

Standard Aircraft Carriers (CV)

    The Ark Royal-class 
The first purpose-built aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, serving as a prototype for future British carriers such as the Illustrious-class.

Ark Royal (91) (1st)

Artist: Konishi

Voiced by: Shuu Uchida

"I am Her Majesty's Ship, Ark Royal. Are you the Admiral? Take care of me."

Ark Royal is the personification of the British carrier HMS Ark Royal, introduced as the E7 Map reward of the Summer 2017 Event.
  • Anachronism Stew: She uses a compound bow as her launcher, which was developed in the 1960s, long past World War II.
  • Artistic License – History: Her introduction line mentions "Her Majesty's Ship". However, at the time she was laid down in 1935, Edward VIII was the King of the United Kingdom. When she was launched in 1937 and sunk in 1941 , it was George VI. She's most likely instead referring to Elizabeth II, the current monarch of the UK at the time of Ark Royal's introduction in Kancolle.
  • Big Eater: Averted. Her 20:00 and 21:00 hourly line even asks if Hiryuu was eating too much.
  • Born Unlucky: Has one of the lower base luck stats of any carrier, having 7 luck in her standard form, and 13 in her Kai form. This is most likely due to the circumstances of her sinking, which was caused by a multitude of various errors compounded by design flaws.
  • Cool Crown: A tiara.
  • The Dreaded: Bismarck runs away fast upon seeing Ark Royal.
    • History Repeats: Historically, Ark Royal's Swordfishes crippled Bismarck's rudder with torpedoes, which eventually resulted in the latter's doom. So when Ark Royal meets Bismarck according to her 14:00 hourly line, Bismarck runs away immediately, which results in Ark Royal sending her Swordfish to try to stop her again in her 15:00 line. The 16:00 line however revealed that this time, Bismarck escaped.
      Ark Royal: (14:00) It's 2. Isn't that... Isn't that Bismarck? Did she join us here on this sea too? She's an ally! Oi, Oiii~! Ah, why's she running away!? Wait!
  • Fingerless Gloves: A maroon pair.
  • Flawed Prototype: As the first purpose-built aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, this is to be expected. These flaws were evident with the loss of the historical ship in 1941 to flooding caused by torpedoes fired from a German U-boat.
  • Foil: To Saratoga. Both are the first representative carrier girls in their respective navies. But while the former is a Super Prototype whose historical counterpart served throughout and survived the war, Ark Royal is a Flawed Prototype who sank early in the war. Their choices of weaponry also contrast, with the former wielding a gun instead while the latter uses a modernized bow. Heck, even their bust sizes contrast sharply.
  • Necessary Drawback: Ark Royal is capable of launching aircraft during night battles, but only when she is equipped with her signature Swordfish aircraft.
  • Oblivious to Love: Surprisingly enough in her marriage line:
    Ark Royal: What's wrong, Admiral? Your cheeks are a bit flushed. You're running a temperature too. Do you have a cold? You best get some rest. ...Ah, this is for me? Understood, I'll open it later. First, you need to get lots of rest. Go on.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Designed after her bridge.
  • Tights Under Shorts: Her damaged artwork reveals she's wearing tights.
  • Why Did it Have to be Submarines?: In this case submarines, particularly U-Boats. She even asks the Admiral about Ro-500 (formerly U-511) in one of her hourly lines. This is in reference to her fate at the hands of the German Submarine U-81.
    Ark Royal: (11:00) It's 11. Wait a minute, what about her? Isn't she a U... What? She's a Ro-type from our fleet you say? What?

Marine Nationale

The naval arm of France, they rivaled Great Britain in dominating the sea for centuries until the 20th Century, where it was left behind in the arms race between the budding global superpowers, and further weakened by the fall of France during the Second World War. Many of their ships were either captured by the Germans, destroyed by Allied attacks, or scuttled at Toulon in 1942 to prevent German capture. Some ships, however, managed to defect to the Free French Navy, and saw limited participation in the Atlantic theater, including some rare actions in the Pacific theater as part of British Eastern Fleet.

  • Everyone Looks Sexier If French: Seeing as they are Moe Anthropomorphisms of the Marine Nationale's ships, this trope is in full effect.
  • Gender Flip: The French ships' gender pronoun is dependent on their name: masculine named ships are he, feminine named ship are she. This means that masculine ships are being gender flipped into female here.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Tricolore country" is used as France's nickname in various equipment descriptions.

Battleships (BB)

    The Richelieu-class 

Richelieu (1st)

Artist: Akira

Voiced by: Yumi Tanibe

"A pleasure to meet you, Admiral. It really is. Battleship Richelieu, reporting for duty."

Richelieu is the personification of the French battleship Richelieu, introduced as the E-4 reward in the Summer 2017 Event.
  • Artistic License – Ships: Her 38cm quadruple gun turret historically had very poor accuracy note  and serious design flaws, though these were later fixed after the war note . However, in-game even the turret's non improved version has a positive accuracy stat. This is in contrast to the Italian 381mm triple gun turret, which has a negative accuracy stat to represent the turret's historical poor accuracy.
    • Her main guns is measured in centimeter metrics (similar to the Kriegsmarine) in-game, but historically the French had used the same millimeter metric as the Italians, and as such was referred as 38cm Quadruple Gun Mount in accordance to the Japanese sources.
    • The Kai version of her gun applies as well due to it having Medium range. Historically, when Richelieu was refit in America in 1943, her guns got new, properly functioning shells with less propellant charges that dropped her max range from 41.7 kilometers to 37.5 kilometers. However, 37.5 kilometers is still further than a few other guns that have Long range in-game, such as Bismarck's 38cm/52 guns, Zara's 203mm/55, and Warspite's 15in/42.
  • Badass Boast: She refers to her self as "the strongest battleship to be ever born in the country of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". Her Attack line also makes a mere introduction come off as boastful.
    Richelieu: You're facing battleship Richelieu. Out of my way!
  • Beauty Mark: She has one underneath her left eye, as well as a harder to see one under her mouth.
  • Born Lucky: She has a luck of 22 in her base form due to surviving the war.
  • Expy: She has a glaring resemblance to her fellow French ship Commandant Teste. On top of that, Akira drew them both, and they're both voiced by Yumi Tanibe.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Lampshaded in her library line. Indeed, Richelieu was captured by the Axis during the war and was used to defend Dakar against the British forces, before eventually being returned to the Allies.
    Richelieu: That's right, I had to fight against friends during that battle. Well, things just happen. That's life.
  • Flawed Prototype: Her 380mm guns were not properly tested before they were used in the Battle of Dakar against the British. It was found that the ammunition used had excessive gas pressure that exploded when firing, ruining several of Richelieu's barrels, in addition to the guns themselves have bad reloading gear and having excess vibrations due to the guns being too close together if the guns are fired at the same time, resulting in poor accuracy. These problems were later fixed after the war.
  • Gratuitous French: As expected from a French ship, and in much larger quantity than Commandant Teste. Oddly enough, her introduction line has her repeating 'nice to meet you' twice, the first time in French, the second time in Japanese (only the 'Admiral' part is repeated in French in both lines regardless).
  • Named After Someone Famous: She is named after the Cardinal Richelieu.
  • Nice Hat: As with Commandant Teste, she wears a cross between a beret and the Marine Nationale's standard issued hat.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: She has rather mediocre Anti-Air, which is in fact worse than many of the Japanese battleships and only slightly higher than Bismarck's. This is despite her real-life counterpart being historically retrofitted with dozens of advanced Bofors and Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns after modernization.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Blonde hair and a light eye color, following the trend of many other Allied ships.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: She does that in her third secretary line and battle start one.
    Richelieu: Admiral? Stop. Screwing. Around. Are you crazy?
  • This Cannot Be!: If she gets sunk.
    Richelieu: Eh, I'm... sinking? Farewell... my Admiral...

Seaplane Tenders (AV)

    The Commandant Teste-class 

Commandant Teste

Artist: Akira

Voiced by: Yumi Tanibe

"Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Commandant Teste. Admiral, I'll be in your care."

Commandant Teste is the personification of the seaplane tender Commandant Teste, introduced as the E-3 reward in the Fall 2016 Event.

She is one of the focus characters, alongside Gambier Bay and Tashkent, in the KanColle spin-off comic Tonight, Another Salute!

  • Breakout Character: She's just another ship in the game, but a major character in one of the spin-off comics.
  • Gratuitous French: Speaks broken Japanese with French mixed in.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her blonde hair has large streaks of red and blue hair mixed in, with a small streak of white. Fitting, since these are the colors on the French national flag and the French tend to be very attached to "le Tricolore."
  • Named After Someone Famous: She's named in honor of French Navy officer aviator Paul Teste, who pioneered French efforts to design aircraft carriers.
  • Necessary Drawback: She has the largest aircraft capacity among Seaplane Tenders, along with having 4 equipment slots as well as being the hardest-hitting Seaplane Tender to date (surpassing Mizuho with 58 firepower compared to the latter's 45) though at the cost of having no torpedo attack power.
  • Nice Hat: A cross between a beret and the Marine Nationale's standard-issued hat.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: She has blonde hair and blue eyes, similar to the other Western nations' introductory ships Bismarck, Iowa and Warspite before her.

Voyenno-Morskoy Flot SSSR (VMF)

The naval arm of Russia. It originally existed as the Imperial Russian Navy at the beginning of the 20th Century, but by that time was unfortunately languishing behind its peers in terms of capability, with their few successes being relegated to actions in the Black Sea. Their defeat at Battle of Tsushima also helped propel the Japanese navy up to the world stage. The Russian Revolution of 1917 resulted in the dissolution of the Imperial Russian Navy for the new Soviet Navy, which saw limited action compared to their peers during the Second World War, with their activities primarily focused on providing support for ground troops and defending port cities. The name Voyenno-Morskoy Flot ("Military-Maritime Fleet") was used for both the Imperial Russian and Soviet navies, and remains in use for the modern Russian Navy, the only difference being whether it's appended with "of Russia" or "of the USSR".

  • Gender Flip: As with the case of German ships, Russians refer to their warships as "he", thus making their portrayal here this trope.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Land in the North" is used as a nickname for Soviet Union / Russia in various equipment descriptions as well as in some official medias.

Destroyers (DD)

     The Akatsuki-class 

Verniy (Ex-Hibiki) (2nd)

She is listed along with her classmates. As noted in her entry, her second remodel turns her into her post-war self; she was given to the Soviet Union as a war prize in 1947, rearmed with Soviet weapons (which is not fully reflected in her portrait, and not reflected at all in her gear.) and renamed Verniy. A year later, she was renamed "Dekabrist" and in 1953, she was decommisioned. She was finally sunk as a target off Vladivostok some time in the 1970s.

     The Tashkent-class 

Tashkent (1st)

Artist: Yadokari

Voiced by: Wakana Miyagawa

"Hello! I, destroyer leader Tashkent, have arrived from a long way! Comrade Admiral! Take care of me!"

Tashkent is the personification of the Russian destroyer Tashkent, introduced as a drop in the E-6 Map of the Winter 2018 Event.

She is one of the focus characters, alongside Commandant Teste and Gambier Bay, in the KanColle spin-off comic Tonight, Another Salute!

  • Born Lucky: While not as high as Yukikaze or Jervis's 50 at base, Tashkent starts at a quite high 40 when compared to other destroyers, 43 at Kai. This seems to represent her superlative firepower compared to other destroyers (by allowing her to crit more often) instead of actual luck (she sank after less than two years in service).
  • Breakout Character: She's just another ship in the game, but a major character in one of the spin-off comics.
  • Foreshadowing: She's mentioned in Gangut Dva's 2200 line.
  • Gratuitous Russian: Occasionally sprinkles some Russian in her lines.
  • Hidden Buxom: Her damaged art shows that she has a B-cup like chest.
  • Necessary Drawback: She has excellent firepower with excellent luck but limited torpedoes, limiting her night battle capabilities. However, she's the first (and currently, only) destroyer to have 4 equipment slots, ultimately making her very versatile. She also has the highest maximum HP of all destroyers at 39 (41 with modernization, 44/46 when married) with excellent durability, one of the best evasion stats along with turbines and boilers as stock equipment as well as having Medium Range by default, again representing her superlative firepower as the "Blue Cruiser".
  • Nice Hat: What looks like a kubanka.

Battleships (BB)

    The Gangut-class 

Gangut/Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya

Artist: Yadokari

Voiced by: Asami Seto
Click here to view her art as Gangut Dva 

"So you're the Admiral here. Hmph. I'm the lead ship of the Gangut-class, Gangut. You've got a good look on you. Alright."

Gangut is the personification of the Russian battleship Gangut, introduced as the E5 reward in the Spring 2017 Event.
  • Artistic License – History: Some Japanese and English literature claims she was renamed back from Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya to Gangut in year 1942, and this is also reflected in her remodeling status and lines in Kancolle. However there are no supporting evidence about the claim from other reliable/first hand Russian or English sources. note 
  • Badass Arm-Fold: Does this as Gangut Dva.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Is very loud and enthusiastic about getting into the thick of battle.
  • Born Lucky: Is one of the battleships with a high base Luck stat, having 35 on her second remodel, due to her having survived the Second World War. Her luck isn't any higher though due to seeing very limited action in both World Wars.
  • Coat Cape: Wears her white coat as a cape in her Dva form.
  • Contralto of Danger: On par with Nagato and Musashi. She is a battleship.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She's initially cold and hard to approach, but as you upgrade her more, she'll slowly open up to the Admiral.
  • Distinguished Gentleman's Pipe: Holds one of these in her non-Dva form.
  • Gratuitous Russian: She occasionally peppers some Russian into her speech.
  • Hidden Buxom: She looks flat at first glance, but her Dva damage art shows she does have breasts.
  • Master of None: Her stats are overall the poorest out of all the battleships in the game, having the weakest firepower, pitiful anti-air, average armor, and a speed of "Slow" despite her "Fast Battleship" classification. Her only saving grace apart from her low maintenance cost (she's cheaper to run than Warspite) is being a torpedo-carrying battleship that gives her good night battle power compared to her peers (and unlike Bismarck does not require two blueprints to achieve this ability), but even then she's only third to Bismarck and the Yamato-class in this ability. note 
  • Meaningful Rename: Initially named after the Battle of Gangut in 1714, she was later renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya (October Revolution) after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Her second remodel in-game changes it back to Gangut, though it's doubtful that her name was returned to Gangut historically.
    • Overly Long Name: However, her new name is noted to be very long and quite the mouthful to pronounce. She even has a line dedicated to that point.
    Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya: My name is too long!? Hmph!
  • Nice Hat: Wears a distinct naval captain's hat.
  • Older Than They Look: Even more extreme than Warspite. She looks like a teenager while historically being the oldest ship in the game. note  She does, at least, have white hair.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Has white hair that's stereotypically associated with Eastern Europeans in most other Japanese media.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Considering her look, she's definitely this compared to her peers. She's still a battleship after all.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Her conversion into Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya removes her torpedoes, which means that despite her increased firepower, she has less night battle power than her base Gangut form. Averted with her Dva remodel, which returns her torpedoes for use.
  • Rugged Scar: Has a visible scar below and behind her left eye.

Svenska Marinen

The naval arm of Sweden. As Sweden was neutral throughout the war (unlike their neighbors, who ended up being occupied by the Germans or allied with them to keep the Soviet Union at bay), their navy never really did anything of significance and served essentially as a contingency against a naval attack by the Germans or the Soviets. However, even if they were neutral, a certain Swedish cruiser did gain some significance...

Light Cruiser (CL)

    The Gotland-class 

Gotland (1st)

Artist: drew

Voiced by: Kanon Takao
Click here to see her Kai form 
Click here to see her Andra form 

"Visiting from Sweden of Northern Europe. I am seaplane cruiser, Gotland. Admiral, I am pleased to make your acquaintance! Scouting the waters during combat... I will do my very best!"

Gotland is the personification of the Swedish cruiser HSwMS Gotland. She's introduced as a drop in E-4 and E-5 of the Early Fall 2018 Event.
  • Beauty Mark: A small dot under her left eye.
  • Boobs-and-Butt Pose: In both of her damaged art.
  • Born Lucky: She has slightly higher luck than average, with 20 at base and 24 after remodel, which maxes out 89 at base and 98 at Kai. note  This is because her historic counterpart was the first one who spotted Bismarck at the start of Operation Rheinübung, which triggered the British chase when the message she sent back to Sweden was intercepted by the British, and she also survived past the war until her scrapping in 1963.
  • Cool Guns: What looks like a pistol being used in her Andra form to launch her Ospreys, although it's hard to tell which type by the grip alone.
  • Foreshadowing: Two of the July 2018 Ranking rewards foreshadowed Gotland's arrival. One was the Bofors 15.2cm Twin Gun Mount with one of the fairies resembling her petting a sheep that references her badge, while the other reward was the S9 Osprey that's based off the Hawker Osprey that she carried. The fairy in Osprey is also cuddling a sheep, which is on Gotland County's flag
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: A smattering of Swedish sprinkled throughout her lines. It's pronounced correctly, although with a clear Japanese accent.
  • Master of All: Compared to other 4-slot light cruisers, Gotland Kai is this: she has good combat capabilities and toughness for a CL, unlike the Katoris, can double attack and has good toughness unlike Yuubari, and have serviceable torpedo power unlike Ooyodo, while possessing higher than average luck (though lower than Ooyodo) and superlative AA values. She also has a unique AACI after remodel.
  • Necessary Drawback: For all the qualities listed above however, she is held back by her armor rating; six points lower than Nagara and Kuma, two light cruisers that are relatively easy to obtain. Her firepower also doesn't compare to these two. In exchange for her increased Anti-Air capabilities upon her remodel, she loses her seaplane-carrying capacity, down to only one plane per slot.
    • Given comparison between her four-slot contemporaries, however, she is very well-rounded for a light cruiser as well as having access to some certain quirks she can use to her advantage (like gaining use of Skilled Carrier Aircraft Maintenance Personnel to boost her firepower by 10 and maintain an artillery spotting loadout).
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A blue-gray tinge.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type D of navy blue socks in her base form, a stylized version of Type A thigh-highs in both her Kai and Andra forms.

Royal Australian Navy

The naval arm of Australia. The RAN participated in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, following the British's declaration of war against Nazy Germany on September 3, 1939.

Light Cruiser (CL)

    The Perth-class (modified Leander-class or Amphion-subclass) 
The Perth-class were originally the second batch of Leander-class cruisers, the Amphion-subclass. However, all three of them were sold to the Australian Navy before the start of the war.

Perth (1st)

Artist: Kusada Souta

Voiced by: Shuu Uchida
Click here to view her Kai art 

"How are you? I'm Perth of the Perth-class light cruisers. HMAS Perth! I was born in England, raised in Australia."

Perth is the personification of the Australian light cruiser HMAS Perth. She's introduced as the E-3 Map Reward of the Fall 2019 Event.
  • Awesome Aussie: As part of her Kai Introduction line.
    Perth: HMAS Perth is here. Don't underestimate my strength - I was raised in Australia. Well, shall we get started?
  • Foreshadowing: The 6inch Twin Rapid Fire Gun Mount Mk.XXI from the October 2019 Ranking rewards had a blonde fairy with a koala hanging off of her back, Perth resembling the fairy upon release. note 
  • Surprisingly Good English: She is an Australian ship voiced by Australia-raised Shuu Uchida. She finally gets to use her real accent.

Koninklijke Marine

The naval arm of the Netherlands participated in both the Atlantic Ocean theater as well parts of the Pacific Ocean theater alongside Allied forces.

Light Cruiser (CL)

    The De Ruyter-class 

De Ruyter

Artist: Sara

Voiced by: Yurika Moriyama

"Hoi! So you're the rumored admiral of this fleet! I'm light cruiser De Ruyter of Holland! Did you get that? Did you, did you? Yes, how wonderful, don't worry about me! Leave it to me!"

De Ruyter is the personification of the Dutch light cruiser HNLMS De Ruyter. She's introduced as a E-3 Map drop in the Fall 2019 Event.
  • Born Unlucky: She starts with 9 luck and her remodel has 10 luck. She is the result of a lot of cost-cutting thanks to the Great Depression and the pacifist movement in the Netherlands. As a result, she isn't particularly well armed or designed.
  • Catchphrase: "Yabai!" is her adjective and exclamative of predilection. It's translated as either "awful" or "awesome", "terrific" or "terrible" and similar doublets depending on the context.
  • Named After Someone Famous: Named after Dutch Admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter.

Event-exclusive ships

The Fleet of Fog note 

During the Fall 2013 Anime season, the anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel aired, coinciding with much of Kantai Collection's rapid rise in popularity and recognition. Naturally, a collaboration between the two franchises was inevitable. It started with a few endcards in the anime with some Arpeggio ships paired with their KanColle counterparts, and culminated in a crossover event in the KanColle game running from 24 December 2013 to 8 January 2014. During this time, certain ships from the Fleet of Fog were usable as temporary allied units, which were removed when the event ended.

All ships of the Fleet of Fog retained their anime voices, had hourly lines, and could not be remodelled. The ship library did not include them either. They also retained their personalities, and a number of their lines were references to the anime (although there was no mention of Gunzou).

For the tropes depicting the Fleet of Fog in the Arpeggio anime, please see here.

  • Big Eater: In fanon, considering the massive amounts of resources required to resupply and repair them, even more so than the likes of Yamato and Musashi (although that's only because they're used a lot more frequently; the Yamato-class ships actually cost more to fully repair or resupply). Commonly attributed to the nanomaterials.
  • Born Lucky: At least, they get higher starting luck than their KanColle counterparts, but their maximum luck is lower as well (except for Iona). In particular, Iona's starting luck was 50, which was equal to Yukikaze's. Then again, it capped at a relatively average level (59) if you fed her with Maruyu (not that you'd be likely to).
  • Guest-Star Party Member: At least they averted So Long, and Thanks for All the Gear.
  • Lightning Bruiser: With the exception of Anti-Air and Evasion for Takao and Haruna, all of them had much higher stats than their KanColle counterparts (including a longer range), and all had a listed speed of Fast. Iona is a particular case, because as a submarine the damage she took was already naturally reduced, and all the KanColle submarines (including her KanColle counterpart, I-401) have a listed speed of Slow, and nowhere near the giant HP pool (by submarine standards) that she had.
  • Necessary Drawback: Their soft stats note  never increased regardless of level. For Takao and Haruna, they also had the Graviton Cannon in exchange for reduced Anti-Air and evasion. Takao also got only 3 equipment slots (a remodelled heavy cruiser has 4). These, coupled with their high consumption, are pretty much the only drawbacks they have. In addition, when it came to recon seaplanes, their slot size was 0. This did not affect much when they were around (in fact Iona was missing her aircraft complement anyway), but if they were in the game now, they would be unable to conduct artillery spotting.
  • No-Sell: The Klein Field, at least in theory. In practice, they were just fancy miss animations. And unlike the anime where the Klein Fields were all of different colours, every Fog ship's Klein Field in the game (both enemies and allies) was pink.
  • Target Spotter: Again, they all started with high Line of Sight, far exceeding that of equivalent ship classes in KanColle (except for the Tone-class heavy cruisers' LOS beating Fog Takao's, and even then only at high levels).
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Except Iona.

    The Fleet of Fog 


"Submarine I-401, Iona. Crash dive~"

The Fog ship obtained from completing the event-exclusive quest which also unlocked Event Map 1 (E1), Iona was arguably the most useful of the usable trio, both in event maps and in normal maps. As a Fast submarine with incredibly high HP (70 to be exact), her uses outside of the event maps included submarine cheesing for map clearing and farming purposes, being used to avoid the submarine node in 5-3 as well as to draw enemy attacks (due to being a Fast submarine), and completing the submarine fleet composition quests. Due to being a submarine, she also repaired very fast, and consumed the least resources of the three (although still a lot by this game's standards).
  • Catch Phrase: Crash dive~ (急速せんこ~, Kyuusoku senko~). Contrast the anime, where she said the line only once (in episode 1), and nowhere in the same cutesy tone as in here.
  • Flight, Strength, Heart: So Iona had a high Torpedo stat, high Armor, high Luck, high Line of Sight, fast Speed, high HP, some Anti-Air... wait, what was she doing with long Range and high Firepower, again? note 
  • Hates Being Alone: Her idle line.
    Iona: Where are you, Admiral? I don't want to go back to that dark dock. I hate being alone.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Poking her would make her lampshade the rarity of Submarines (although with 1-5 coming out some time after the Arpeggio event ended, this may no longer be the case).
    Iona: Are submarines that rare for you, Admiral? When it's just the two of us, why do you want to look at my stomach?
  • Sorry That I'm Dying: If she got sunk, although you really had to be trying for it to happen.
    Iona: Sorry... I wanted to fight with you to the very end, but I can't surface anymore... Farewell, Admiral.


"Heavy Cruiser Takao, launching! All those who would call me the 'Tsundere Heavy Crusier', get out of here now!"

The Fog ship which first appeared as a boss in E1. Upon defeat she disappeared from the boss node and became available as a usable unit upon completing the quest which unlocked E2, in the same manner as Iona. As a heavy cruiser, one of her most notable uses outside of the event maps was manipulating the compass to clear maps like 4-4 efficiently.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: One of her hourly lines.
    Takao: "Erm.. Admiral? If you're going to take a siesta you can use my... my... la... It's too embarrassing to say!" note 
  • Determinator: Her line when heavily damaged.
    Takao: "Love... will never sink!"
  • Tsundere: Natch, with a classic tsundere line to boot. She even knew of her fame as the "Tsundere Heavy Cruiser", as shown in her introductory line and the quest to find her.
    Takao: Don't misunderstand me! It's not like I'm fighting for you or anything!
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Her E-1 boss form couldn't touch subs so the easy way to beat her was to just send subs against her.


"Battleship Haruna.... is here."

The Fog ship which first appeared as the E2 boss. Similarly to Takao, she disappeared on defeat and was obtained together with access to E3. As a battleship, she consumed the most resources of the three (repairing her to full took over 1000 steel; thankfully she still consumed less than the Yamato-class, though one can only wonder just how much resources the Fog Yamato-class would consume). However, as a battleship, she also hit really hard (in fact, she is to date still the only ship that can exceed the maximum firepower soft cap for day battles even in red T engagement). A notable use outside of the event maps was for getting a second shelling phase to clear maps more easily.
  • Badass Longcoat: As in the anime. Interestingly enough, getting heavily damaged would make her lose her coat, although repairing her somehow let her get it back.
  • Cry Cute: If repaired while heavily damaged. Also one of her hourly lines where she had to take a bath.
  • The Stoic: Most of the time, except her Cry Cute moments.


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