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Characters / Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu

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The Crew of the Daiku Maryu

Daiya Tsuwabuki

Voiced by: Mayumi Tanaka

Member #47 of the Daiku Maryu's crew.



Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami


Puria Richardson

Voiced by: Reiko Kiuchi

Member #23 of the Daiku Maryu's crew.

Lee Jenshin

Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao

Member #14 of the Daiku Maryu's crew. Formernote  pilot of Gaiking, before the show begins he demotes himself to piloting the Serpent. Later pilots Vulking.

  • Ace Pilot
  • All Chinese People Know Kung-Fu
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: After capturing it, Lee becomes the main pilot of Vulking.
  • Passing the Torch: A variant. Lee was Gaiking's pilot before Daiya was, until an experience with a particular Demon Beast traumatized him enough to retire from it. He teaches Daiya his kenpo techniques along with Shinryu Hydro Blazer. Eventually his ability to pilot Gaiking becomes a plot point, as it means he can also pilot Vulking.
  • 10-Minute Retirement

Captain Garis

Voiced by: Toru Okawa

The masked captain of the Daiku Maryu, with many similarities in his mannerisms to Daiya's father. Formerly the Director of Science of the Darius Empire, he helped develop the Daiku Maryu and its sister ships alongside Daiya's father and Professor Sakon. He's also Ruru's father.

Shizuka Fujiyama

Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino

Member #13 of the Daiku Maryu's crew.

The Forces of Darius

The North General, Nouza

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

The South General, Suspage

Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka

The West General, Vestaanu

Voiced by: Naomi Shindo

  • Iron Lady: Fitting given her status as commander of the Iron Beasts.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After finding out just how dishonorable Proist really is, Vestaanu defects and becomes captain of the Daichi Maryu.
  • Lady of War
  • The Stoic

The East General, Proist

Voiced by: Haruna Ikezawa


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