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Akane Usui

Super High-School Level Sniper

A renowned mercenary specializing in long distance sniping, Akane Usui is a rather infamous name you’ll hear. At the tender age of ten, Akane has trained in long distance shooting and has shown she was almost born with the talent of precision marksmanship along with camouflage, infiltration, and observation. At the age of thirteen, Akane was registered as an official member of the mercenary organization, the “Crimson Corps”; an organization that is close with the Japanese government as well as its military too, acting as Japan’s Special Forces Group.

On her reveal as the youngest person to be conscripted in the armed forces, this caused quite a bit of controversy as parents and adults alike claimed the government was advocating for child soldiers, seeing how young Akane was at the time when she was considered a full-fledged mercenary. Despite all of the claims and controversy, Akane went ahead with her job, aiding the Japanese military. Her service and skill as a sniper was duly noted by Hope’s Peak Academy scouts and it wasn’t before long that she received a letter inviting her to Hope’s Peak as the “Super High School Level Sniper”.


  • Action Girl: The most experienced when it comes to combat and weaponry, which is to be expected from someone whose part of the military.
  • Adorkable: Surprisingly enough. She likes sweets, flowers, and tea. She also reveals to like wearing comfy sweaters and shows to have a more kinder side to her as some have discovered.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Her skin is definitely on the darker side, but it hasn't been confirmed if she has a mixed ethnicity or not.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her default clothing has her wearing a crop top.
  • Big Sister Instinct: She feels this way towards Spuds and Shizuko. She also reveals in some posts that she does actually have a younger sibling herself, which would also explain it.
  • Birds of a Feather: Felt this way with Suzu Suzuki since both were quiet and wore eye patches on the same side of their faces. The feeling was mutual.
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  • Child Soldier: Joined the military when she was only thirteen years old.
  • Cool Big Sis: Has this kind of attitude when some people talk to her one on one.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Has one that covers her left eye and can pack a punch.
  • Flower Motifs: Her theme song in the group playlist is "Red Like Roses", her prize after the first trial is a sunflower hair clip, and the highlights in her hair are shaped to be cherry blossoms. The flower motif goes further when the player of Akane posted a photoset of all of the different outfits she wore so far with one of her casual outfits being called Sweet Pea.
  • Last-Name Basis: Politely refers to everyone by their last name along with the suffix, "-san". The only exceptions to this are Spuds and Allen who do not have given last names, but she also uses, "-san", when addressing them.
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  • Luminescent Blush: First shown when first receiving a cupcake from Higanbana. Later shown again multiple times when around Travis.
  • Meaningful Name: "Akane" means "deep red". Her scarf as well as her clothes are at least a shade of red.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her default clothes really gives off that kind of vibe.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: She's very quiet and keeps to herself, making her quite intimidating when you also take note on what her talent is too. She's much more kinder and talkative when she's talking to someone one on one.
  • Sweet Tooth: Loves any kind of sweet but likes cake the most.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Has her hair up in a ponytail for her default sprite.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Has a very rough and mature appearance to her, but come Chapter 2 where her alternate clothes have her wearing a pink sweater and a sunflower hair clip. She also has an affection for the cute sweets she receives and likes to cut her apples into rabbit shapes.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Who the hell teaches a ten year old to shoot a gun??
  • When She Smiles: Her smiling sprites are absolutely adorable.


Super High-School Level Poet

There have been many famous poetry authors out there - William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Kobayashi Issa, the list goes on and on. A recent addition to this list, however, is an online author that goes simply by Allen. Not much is known about him other than his gender and his overwhelming talent at writing poems, the majority of which are known to be centered around dark themes. Appearing seemingly overnight, Allen runs a blog called ‘Musings of an Everyday Doombringer’ where he posts his works. Soon after starting the blog and getting positive reviews on it, Allen got contacted by a publishing company and began publishing his poems in volumes. A new volume comes out every two or three months, and there are currently 9 volumes out. Though most of them are in Japanese, many of them are written in English and, his most famous work, ‘Black Notes’, has been translated into dozens of different languages by fans.

Blas Fernández Castillo

Super High-School Level Linguist

Raised out of anonymity by teachers who were amazed by how quickly he picked up English, French and German, Spanish-born Blas Castillo was quickly headhunted by Hope’s Peak Academy. Considered a complete natural prodigy who can easily master the grammar, alphabet and even slang of any language; modern or ancient, he may not be entirely happy about being in the public spotlight.

Eri Narukami

Super High-School Level Translator

Eri is a young translator who recently came into fame within the past few years. There’s no source on just how many languages she knows – just that she knows many, and her ability to give accurate translations is truly something to behold. Due to her work with celebrities and political figures, she’s made quite the name for herself at her age. Despite her height, Eri always seems to be shrinking into herself. Most people note that, when she’s not working, she seems extremely meek and shy, stuttering her way through sentences and becoming easily flustered. The Eri that translates and the one that has to do everything seem to be very different people. It’s almost as if a switch goes off in her mind. Beyond those things, being a translator isn’t a job that tends to bring a lot of fame, so she’s relatively unknown amongst the common public.

  • Big Brother Instinct: Sister, actually, but same principle. Has a younger sister who she loves a lot. And who also might be dead, but don't even worry about it.
  • A Friend in Need: She cares immensely for her friends. When Koji died, her first instinct was to go right to Yumiko.
  • Friend to All Living Things: "When we get out, I want to adopt 5 dogs, 2 cats, 4 birds, a rabbit, a hamster, a snake, and a..."
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Eri isn't one for swearing. It's questionable as to whether she even knows how to.
  • The Promise: After the chapter 2 motive, Eri promises Yumiko that no one will die. She'll be wrong, of course.

Higanbana Furusawa

Super High-School Level Confectionary Decorator

Have you heard of the Furusawa Bakery in Odaiba? Even if you haven’t, you’ve most likely heard of their daughter and decorator, Higanbana. With an eye for colors, patterns, and composition, Higanbana rose to fame practically overnight when a member of the Diet requested a local, family-owned bakery to provide confections for his daughter’s wedding. Despite the huge order, Higanbana perfectly decorated all the pastries, sweets, and even the wedding cake by herself overnight. Quickly, people were raving about the skill and speed of this decorator.

  • Hair Decorations: It may not be noticeable, but her hair-horns have heart-shaped pins in them. And they appear to be glowing.
  • Nice Girl: In the prologue, Higanbana is one of the contestants to not get a bed. Her response? Bake enormous cupcakes for everyone who did get a bed as congratulations.
  • Rapunzel Hair: When down, her hair reaches her waist.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: So far averted, as she hasn't killed anyone yet.
  • Stepford Smiler: Soon after Suzu is found murdered, Higanbana reveals herself to be this. The post suggests she believes she's supposed to be smiling regardless of how she really feels, but the reasons for this are yet unexplained.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Wears hearts in her hair and on her apron.
  • Unfortunate Names: Higanbana are red spider lilies...a flower that Japan commonly associates with death.
  • Wing Ding Eyes: One of her sprites has heart eyes with stars inside.

Ru Hui Chen

Super High-School Level Rube Goldberg Machinist

Similar to his contraptions, Ru Hui’s reputation progressed one step at a time, eventually escalating to his current esteem. In spite of winning competitions years in a row, including several Chain Reaction Contraption Contests and Rube Goldberg Machine Contests, his ventures in the states are often unaccounted for. Instead, Ru Hui garnered his fame when he transferred to Minato, Tokyo. Working alongside Keio University students, his combined efforts with them have been featured on the children’s educational show, Pitagora Suichi [Pythagora Switch]. While his face wasn’t known at the time, his complex contraptions were. It was only until he took a solo dive into his biggest project that he became a sensation in the world of kinetic chain reactions. After a long and grueling 6,500 hours, Ru Hui broke the world record for the largest functional Rube Goldberg machine with 367 steps in hand.

  • The Nicknamer: Addresses almost everyone by a nickname rather than their actual name.
  • Troll: In the first trial he outright declares the top suspect, Meihua Bao, is innocent...and then adds that maybe he's telling the truth, or maybe he's just bs-ing everyone.

Kai Midori

Super High-School Level Internet Musician

Kai is a hard person to get along with; other than his endless supply of sassy one-liners and painfully hilarious attempts at flirting, he’s practically impossible to sway on a decision. It may be hard to look past his initial behaviour, but deep within he’s a pretty decent guy with an aspiration to become a nurse.

  • Empty Eyes: His eyes grow hollow and emotionless quite often. During his conversation with Ru Hui, he revealed this is his 'true self' that is too tired to bother acting 'interesting'.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Kai is desperate for company. Simple as that.
  • Nature Lover: Borderline aquaphile, he works best in nature.
  • TV Never Lies: For unknown reasons, Kai was practically "raised by the TV". Most anything he knows about social norms and interaction come from what he's seen on TV.
  • Visual Kei: While not exactly a visual-kei supporter, Kai's vivid hair, flashy dressing style and tattoo are all part of his idol persona.


Super High-School Level Cosplay Idol

If you’ve been around on the internet long enough or are deeply rooted into geek culture, then the name Kokoro❤Ashi will surely stand out to you! Taking the world by storm with their spot-on detailing and attention to character, Kokoro❤Ashi quickly caught the eye of several fans of manga and anime, and they became a sensation over time. Kokoro❤Ashi has made several appearances at fan conventions, and their personable nature, along with how they seem to embody the very character, has caused several people to proclaim them their real-life headcanon for whatever character they cosplay next. Spanning costumes from the very start of manga all the way to the latest hit anime, they have something everyone can appreciate. In fact, they’ve even gotten requests from people asking them to lend their hand to stage plays and movies! Keeping a record for making quality costumes incredibly speedily while still keeping an air of alluring mystery about themself, it’s no wonder that Kokoro❤Ashi is destined for greatness!

  • Couldn't Find a Pen: Beneath their body is a message written in their blood. The message is "Never Got Caught <3" and is inside a heart.]]
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: With her body cut open, organs in a trash can and mouth stapled into a smile.
  • Glasgow Grin: Played with. When her body is discovered, it's revealed the culprit has stapled her mouth into a huge smile.
  • Precision F-Strike: "Shut the furruck up!" during the first trial.

Meihua Bao

Super High-School Level Guzheng Player

With her graceful movements and an enchanting melody, Bao Meihua has captivated the hearts and souls with her beautiful music. At the age of 15, she started uploading videos of herself playing the guzheng, an instrument played similarly to the koto, covering and making arrangements of both classical and pop songs. The mixture of traditional and modern, as well as the strange choice of instrument, caught the eyes of many listeners from all over the world, including the West. It didn’t take long for Bao Meihua to become a name circulating throughout the internet as a famous cover artist, and after three years of playing and uploading, she received a letter from Hope’s Peak Academy, inviting her to attend as the SHSL Guzheng Player.

  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Stabs herself in the shoulder after killing Suzu and claims the culprit caught and tried to kill her too, hoping to throw the others off-track. It didn't work.

Nayeli Kikuchi

Super High-School Level Reggae Dancer

Moving with the rhythm and dancing her way into the top spots of all reggae dancers, Nayeli Kikuchi is more known as Nay❤Nay online, after doing many tutorials and being videoed at many performances. She’s a famous reggae dancer and has risen to fame from her small living area in the Caribbean. Her smooth way of working with the rhythm and catching attention from passerby and reggae enthusiasts alike make her an amazing person to watch dance, and she has been appreciated for her kind language and willing to communicate with her fans.

Ritsuka Kamata

Super High-School Level Mobile App Developer

Born in Sakura, Chiba; Ritsuka Kamata is one of the most renowned young software developers in the world. Even if the name doesn’t ring any bells, you’re likely to have heard of her project: Neko-shi. A mobile app that tracks the vital signs of its users and sends alerts out to loved ones and the authorities upon their death via a small cat-shaped chip that recently swept the nation. In spite of the recent controversy revolving around her work, not much is known about this young prodigy due to her rather reclusive nature...

Shizuko Hayashi

Super High-School Level Somnologist

Very few understand the sheer willpower emanating from Shizuko Hayashi’s very being. Renowned for being a prodigy, as well as the youngest student to lead studies towards new happenings in the field of somnology, there’s very little for faer not to have an ego about. Born and raised in the Akita prefecture, Shizuko grew up learning to oppose everything that was hammered into faer brain; increasing faer likelihood to branch off from any career choice faer parents had set out for faer on a silver platter. Nobody quite knows where the inspiration for faer passion towards somnology even started, but many believe that Shizuko would stop at nothing to increase knowledge within the field.

  • Teen Genius: Being the leading individual in somnology studies at age fourteen is sure to qualify for this.


Super High-School Level Potato Farmer

An energetic boy from Ireland, Spuds was not known for any notable skill in school, he wasn’t famed for his athleticism, and god knows he’s no artist. So what is Spud’s claim to fame? Potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Born on a potato farm, Spuds grew up with a strong work ethic and a love of potatoes in his heart. One day, a team of scientists approached Spud’s family for help. Not wanting to put a kink into the farm’s potato production, his father had Spuds, rather than one of his full time employees, work with the group. Spuds worked with the scientists to create a breed of super potatoes able to grow in hot, dry soil, as well as resist pests. The efforts have yielded minimal results so far, but his participation in the experiments made this young man a prominent name in agriculture. Hope’s Peak took an interest in the young potato farmer working to end world hunger and speedily invited him to the school where, with help from the scientists, his effort to end world hunger continues.

Suzu Suzuki

Super High-School Level Stunt Double

Suzu was very young when she found how interested she was in doing stunts for the movies. Her mother, Momo Suzuki, has been doing stunts for years, often for famous action Actress, Shiho Minazuki. She would often watch her perform these stunts and face danger for the people she did stunts to protect. In a way, while it looked like fun and games, it also was a form or protecting someone else. Suzu liked that aspect of being a Stunt Double most of all, and so pursued it after her mother suffered a most near-fatal wound that kept her from doing her work. Now that her mother’s out of the spotlight, will Suzu defy the most death-defying of stunts in her place or crash and burn?

  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: Sort of. After hearing what the motive is, Suzu chooses to die...but she can't bring herself to do it on her own, so she asks Meihua to do it for her.
  • Not Afraid to Die: The moment it's revealed that they're locked in the house and might die, Suzu proclaims that she's willing to die for the rest of them. And she does.

Travis Dell

Super High-School Level Defense Attorney

The man behind Dell Law Offices is still in his prime, solving cases one by one,like a true ace. He hasn’t been doing much work now, due to his time as a student, but people still look him up for any legal help. His past is shrouded in mystery, with the only known info about him being that he was born in Texas, and he came from a long family of lawyers. Despite that, he’s still a very trustworthy guy, and he’s a lot more special than you may think.

Wakana Suzuki

Super High-School Level Harpist

Pluck and strum, pluck and strum. As diverse as the instrument before her, Wakana Suzuki is a name well known in the musical world, for she truly loses herself in her music, and has the capability to bring the emotion of her pieces to the people she is playing for, and allow them to feel what she is feeling when she is playing. Her crowning piece was performing Alberto Ginastera's twenty minute long Harp Concerto Op. 25, backed by her middle school chamber orchestra. This, combined with her polite and shy personality, has labeled her as a bit of an ice queen... but who or what is she really?

  • Child Prodigy: Played a twenty-five minute concerto as the solo harpist... at the age of fifteen.
  • Shrinking Violet: Entered the house and immediately hid in a corner in the bedroom to get away from the crowd.

Yumiko Hayashi

Super High-School Level Florist

Yumiko is a well known florist, known for her colorful personality and her flower arrangements. She got her start at a young age arranging flowers that she collected from neighbors lawns and making gifts out of them. Shes as well known for using colorful and exotic flowers in unique ways in her arrangements. She once made an arrangement for a prominent business mans wedding, which turned out to be a big success for her. He spread the word of how great her arrangements were, and she became well known in the florist world. Shortly before her 17th birthday she was sent an invitation to attend Hopes Peak, and began attending that fall.

Zeta Umbriel

Super High-School Level Horror Mangaka

The child of a renowned scream queen and a special effects makeup artist, Zeta Umbriel inherited her parents’ strong affinity for all things grotesque and macabre and decided to follow them into the horror genre at an early age. While his parents have chosen to work with the silver screen, Zeta has embraced pen and ink as his medium of choice, combining his love of the horrific and naturally morbid imagination to great effect as a horror mangaka. She was able to get her first one-shot published in a monthly horror magazine while she was still in junior high and quickly attracted glowing praise for her bold blending of psychological terror with visceral scenes of horror. While Zeta’s successive works have earned him an incredibly strong and increasingly-large fan following, very little was known about the mangaka himself until very recently. Shortly after the tankobon of her first serialized work, Ill-Starred Girl, hit store shelves, Zeta chose to finally reveal her identity to the public, a move that netted the young mangaka a rush of media attention and with it, an invitation into Hope’s Peak Academy.

  • Creepy Good: Looks and acts rather creepily but is generally a pretty amicable and kind-hearted person.
  • Dies Wide Open: Her body is found with her eyes open and a shocked expression.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: If it's bound to terrify and/or squick out anyone else, Zeta is into it.
  • Pen Name: Goes by the one she created for herself almost full-time. He’ll respond to his given name if addressed by it but prefers not to give it out freely.
  • Pungeon Master: Loves dropping puns into her speech, especially if they're horror-themed.
  • Scary Teeth: Sports a mouthful of pointed teeth, further contributing to her creepy image.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Wears grade A-length black stockings in conjunction with a pleated skirt when presenting as female.


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